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A fairly relaxed group of 60+ members focused on Valorant. Most members are around silver/gold/plat in competitive.
We have a few members in lower ranks, and we run custom 10 man scrims often. Most members are active from 5 pm-1 am EST.

On top of the Looking-For-Group Valorant channels, we have:
Self Promo channel with a bot to notify when our members go live.
Gameplay Clips channel to showcase your best clips.
Patch notes bot to update for each game.

Other Games include:
Overwatch - Role, Channels, LFG, Patchnotes
D&D - Role, Channels, Avrae Bot
Minecraft - Role, Voice, Realm
Jackbox - Voice

Feel free to swing by, hop in a game, and tell ChopChop that he's cringe. It will be appreciated!
Are you looking for teammates in the new free battle royale game Warzone... that aren't bad at the game? Or maybe just teammates to fuck around with? Well no matter what skill you are, this is the place for you.

We offer:
Teammates for warzone
Friendly community and staff
Active chat with lots of joins everyday
Nitro boosted server, meaning lots of custom emotes.
great community features like a meme channel and more!

The staff team is dedicated to give you the best experience in our discord! Join to be a part of a new, growing discord and regiment. Help by supporting and sharing (:

500+ member warzone Discord. If you need teammates in Warzone, this is the place for that. We also have lots of good community features. Help build our community and join the server!
League of Legends (EUNE) server with purpose to find duos, form teams, play together and make friends! We're a pretty small server looking to grow into a nice and friendly little community. <3
The biggest middle East fortnite discord server. We host customs, scrims, Cash Tournaments, Skin + Battlepass Giveaways. Or you can just look for people to 1v1, 2v2, Boxfight with etc.
We are a growing community focused around smite, everyone is welcome at every level of skill. We provide guidence for new players. And veterans and newcomers can find friends alike.We are partnerd with 2 EU Tournament Discords.We work with Olympians and Streamers,Content Creators to help them connect with the Community. It whould be amazing if you consider stoping by.
Are you gonna purchase the new call of duty coming out in 2020?
Well if thats the case, join up. When you get it, you will be ready to find people to play with, and already get settled in a cod community!

Join up and come talk. Invite your friends and lets be the biggest and first CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR COMMUNITY!
** 500 COD Points GIVEAWAY at 75 members! **

This is a new and upcoming Discord for players who want to play COD Warzone or Multiplayer with other players with similar stats, gameplay, strategies, etc.
It is also for players who want to casually play, no matter what the other persons play style is.

* Patch bot instantly releases the latest COD MW patch notes!
* Stats bot to show off your insane K/D!
* Self role bot to rep the platform you play on!
* Community events and giveaways!

Aren't you tired of empty squads? Running solo on Warzone? Tired of no communication?
This is the community for you.
Looking for a right group of people to play a variety of games? Look no further! We have been playing together for a year now! And love accepting new people to the family!
Looking for friends to play PS4 games with?

This is the place for you!

Like the server name says we are here to play ps4 and chill with laid back, relaxed and friendly people.

Players between noobs and pro, everyone is welcome!

What we offer:
- Very fun bots to play with
- Useful bots to track stats etc
- Channels for your favourite games
- Easy ways to find friends
- Regiment for Modern Warfare
- Lots of banter
- Toxic/rude people get banned
Hello! We are a new xbox server community open to all xbox players and EVEN other people of other platforms! We have many channels and plenty of activities to do such as gaming, karaoke, chatting, and so much more! Check out our server, we love to meet new people!
If you're looking for friends and awesome people to play with or just want to chat about VALORANT or other things, feel free to join!

Doesn't matter where you're from. Be respectful and mature. :)
A VALORANT Middle East Discord server mainly for players located in the Middle East and North Africa to play together and form teams, but anybody is more than welcome to join. The server is still brand new, but we are planning on hosting events and tournaments once it accumulates a good number of players. Feel free to invite your friends and spread the word.
We are a Sea Of Thieves discord server with an Xbox Club. As we grow, we will hold events, tournaments, fleets + server alliances, PvP competitions, live-streams on mixer, twitch, and YouTube, a rewards system based on activity and leveling, Etc. We have LFGs to find people to play with and are looking for new members, so join us!
GTA Grinders is a discord server for people who like to legitimately grind Grand Theft Auto Online.

It is a place to find people to help with jobs, heists, businesses, and daily challenges or to just chat about GTA.
꒰ ⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒ ꒱
꒰ Welcome to... ꒱
꒰ The Virtual Reality Cafe ꒱
About Us:
┊❝We are a growing server that is infatuated with Virtual Reality and passionate about the growth and community of the Virtual world ❝┊

What we Offer:
> `☽ Gulag Hours: Friday to Sunday, 10pm to 5am central time, you may join the Gulag hour voice chats and hang out/make stupid jokes with the rules being loosened, but Discord's TOS still applies.
> `☽ LFG For VR Games such as Pavlov VR or VrChat
> `☽VR-Chat friend groups
> `☽ Active and Nice Staffs
> `☽ Partnerships :)
> `☽ Level 1 Boost
> `☽ Friendly
> `☽ 12+ only :)
> `☽ Fun Bots
> `☽ Topics of, art, anime, gaming, and etc.
>`☽ Open to suggestions <3

Looking For:
.┊New members to be active

.┊Hiring Active PMS <3
A nice friendly community based around the Sea Of Thieves, Setting up Fleets everyday from 4-6pm BST! see ya around pirate.
Our Server Offers:
- An active LFG to find players
- A community to talk about trending topics and subjects
- LIVE updates on all valorant news
This is a discord server for all Destiny 2 players to find fireteams, find clans, and just chill with other Destiny 2 fans. (For PC, PS4, Xbox, and Stadia players)
The Universal Gaming Group
- It's a server you can talk about any games on!
- Active & Attentive moderation towards its members!
- We have very appealing and interactive channels for any:
- Means of communication.
- Meeting new people.
- Advertising to the community to grow your portfolio.
- We have chosen the best bots in the game to help make it a better place:
- This includes Mee6, DankMemer, Rythm & Rythm 2, YAGPDB and Dyno!
- It's got a fantastic program to help answer the queries to its members using ticket systems!
- Nonetheless, it's a place where you can meet new people and look for fellow gamers!

So what are you waiting for?
Join the Universal Gaming Group today:
**Timber Mill Titans Community**

Timber Mill Titans is primarily an EU paladins community hosting (soon to be) pro team 'Impulse'. We have multiple teams across all ranks in the community that participate in scrims and tournaments, both in house and externally. We are a positive, non-toxic and inclusive Paladins community for players of all ranks and skill-levels. While this server's main function is to run our various teams, we welcome all gamers to join and play with other members in the general and lfg sections as well as participate in our server events.

**What we offer**

> - Teams of all skill levels that you may tryout for.
> - Active community to play casual and ranked with.
> - Weekly community events including PUGs (very soon)
> - Community Coaches for players in all ranks - free!
> - A place to share your clips to get advertised on our socials
> - Non toxic, engaging and friendly environment.

**Interested? Yeah, me too!**
Join our discord server and read the messages in the 'must read channels' to learn more about us. Read the faq section to learn how to get involved!
Warzone Discord. Join the fastest growing Call of Duty Warzone LFG Community. Our community is a Warzone Discord and Warzone LFG Looking For Group server dedicated to providing you with the infrastructure you need to squad up and find a partner. We are a Looking For Group (LFG) community server committed to providing a fun experience for all. We cater to all major platforms (PC, Xbox and PlayStation) and all regions.