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A nice chill place to have fun and relieve stress. 13+ pls
If you wanna you're looking for gaming, dating, and fun Come on in!
NSWF: For you naughty people ;)
Gaming VC: for teaming in games
Roles: Set em up guys (DM for admin apps)
Chillzone baby!
LFG: Free to join
Friendly server with same minded people that like memes and like to chat with others. We organize meme contests with rewards and giveaways.
Stuck in low elo because of bad teammates? Want to find good people to team with? Look no further! Join, invite your friends, team up, and conquer Overwatch!

1.4k+ Discord server dedicated to helping you find teammates in Overwatch.
Hey there!
We created this server for gamers to have fun and chat with other ones.And we post some gaming news in the #news channel which are about upcoming games and the latest updates like:"New game is coming in 2019!",or at least something like that.We also have our Facebook page where you will find even more stuff,and yeah we have our Youtube channel too.There we post some gameplays and game reviews.
Anyone is welcome and you meet new people and very friendly, helpful staff 💲Free games available on steam
📣 Links to huuuge giveaways.
⤴ Growing
🙌Helpful Staff
🙂Friendly people👋
👥Anyone is allowed
🔊Music 🎵
😂Fun Bots 🤖
✅Role abilities
👥Good Community
✅Friendly People And Kind Staff ✅Owner Is A Youtuber
📢You may advertise
Become a part of a community of gamers who are all about gaming in community!

This is the official Discord server for Twitch streamer "NerdRageQuit". However, it also acts as a great place to look for groups of people to play a variety of games with!
It's better to play together. Nexus is a server devoted to gaming, tech and entertainment. Looking for gamers to play with? This is the place for you.

- Create parties with the new Nexus Client bot (Voice Chats)
- The more you chat, the more you get rewarded.
- Weekly game nights every Friday (we're taking suggestions!)
Hello this is "Nerd Con" this server is for misfits, nerds, weebs, gamers... whatever you can imagine. This server has a bit of bots that you can play around with as well, as well as LFG, and anime/comic talk. We will try are best to help you guys out if anything goes South. And we hope you enjoy it like we did making it.
The world has prioritized pros for too long. We, have been left out. We, have been left to rot to dust. We, are the failures that don't get seen. We are strong and large together, and its time we unite to build a community unlike any other, special with our own digital footprint. We are the noobs, our fate by default is to be gone... But there is a solution to this fate, and its time to leave our mark!

Noobz Gaming, it is its name...... You know why your're here, you know why I'm here. We all in common suck, suck at gaming. However that's ok, we're a community that is willing to play games, play regardless of skill. We accept each other for the fact that we suck. We have been left in the dust, by our friends, our communities, even, sometimes our family... But there is a solution to our problem, and each person who hits that green join button is building onto something, this community. We are small, but we stand large. If everyone and your friends say you suck and don't want to play with you, PLAY WITH US! My fellow noods, welcome to Noobz Gaming! It's time to find a place to truely call home...

Welcome Home, My Fellow Noobs.
Cat themed Rocket League server. Do you want to make friends? Need a partner? Join this server~ see you there! US-W & US-W Only!
PC only!
Wanna chill, game or meet new friends? The Potatoes! is a server all about that and more! You can game and create groups using our Temporary Channels, or just chill it out in our Chill Section!

Global Emotes!

Cool Bots!

Stress and bully free!

Temporary Channels!

Custom Suggestions!

Staff Applications!

Weekly Competitions!

We’re the perfect community for those who wanna game or just chill! Join us now and enjoy!
Looking for a fun server to hangout and chill at? Well then join **Slavinator’s Hut**!

🔴 **Category**: We are a chilling, Hangout, Gaming, and LFG (looking for a game) server.
🔴 **Self assign**: We have self-assign roles and chats, mostly about gaming stuff.
🔴**Bots**: We have fun bots such as Dank memer, box bot, reaper bot, etc.
🔴 **Gaming**: Big selection of LFG Channels, voice channels, so meet new people and team up!
`Come, make new friends and have fun!`
Owner: Slavinator#3179
Hello everyone! Do you like relaxing servers that support gamers and streamers to otakus and artists? Fixed in Place is a public clan discord server for all people! Whether you are a gamer, an otaku, or just like to socialize, you are welcome here! We are a growing community and I do take suggestions on what the server should have! So come in and help our community grow!!
We are accepting applicants for the clan, moderation, and admin! Just pm MrMarki (the owner) for more information! (Also, please say hi when you do enter the server, it's okay we don't bite!)
Welcome to Anthem Game LFG. We are welcoming community for the upcoming game Anthem. This server is going to focus on LFG and clans. We will have other areas you can talk in. Feel free to join so you have a place to have when the game comes out.
SpawnPoint is an eSports organization fostering any and all gamers casual and competitive. We provide a community of professional teams and fellow gamers that are active in an environment with people of the same interest. We love to host events on the regular so come check us out!
Europe's hub for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Regular events and services supporting players from the United Kingdom & Europe. Not affiliated with PUBG Corp.

Hey its me Astolfo! And welcome to the Yeeters!

This server is used for some fun chatting, getting to know others, playing games, listen to music and many more things.

a place where we can all play together without stupid rules./ un lugar en el que todos podamos jugar juntos sin reglas estúpidas.
Javelin Junkies is a mature and welcoming Anthem Community.
What sets Javelin Junkies apart from other Communities is our experience in running Guilds, clans, and communities on Discord. A lot of our leadership has a Destiny background, so we know what we're getting ourselves into. Our Discord has everything it needs without being riddled with bots, we work closely with our Community members and want to grow together. Join us and find it our yourself!

This server is still a WIP so we are starting out just with Blackout LFG bit when we get a solid foundation going we will switch to a community Looking for hardcore players/casual players looking for a home We are HardCore bandits hope to see you around
Autonomy Gaming Community is a brand new community which aims to branch out to all our fellow friends in E-sports and allow them to LFG, talk to their fellow gamers, and just enjoy themselves. We strive to allow friend creation and we are a very non-toxic community.
A Rainbow Six Siege discord that is essentially a social space that is built around, playing and hanging out with others of all platforms
WE want you! yes you!
Welcome to Fortnite: Battle Royale | Groups! Here you can meet new friends, and compete against and play with new people! We have:

Fortnite Stats!
The Daily Itemshop
Live Twitter Feed
Fun Bots

And much, much more! Join us and enjoy the fun!
we are a newly made discord server community looking forward to making new friends in league of legends EUNE servers, where the main goal of it is finding partners and teams and making new friends and sharing your accomplishments