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Looking for more gamers and friends? join our server ! age range 13-18 <3
We have just launched Team Glory! We are esports oriented team for the game Rainbow Six Siege. we are now ranked only team for now!
- Gamesense and Aim up to Diamond level. (MUST be Plat 3
or above)
-Age: 16+ Will be dependent on your maturity. (Toxicity, Criticism, Calmness, etc.) These things will be judged.

We're A Brand New Gaming Server! Come Hangout With Gamers Everywhere! We Don't Exclude Anyone Instead We Encourge You To Join!

We don't just focus on one game, no we focus on games that all gamers alike. And if you don't see a game in our gaming updates? Let us know and we'll add it straight away! Just send a dm to LordWolfy and he will make sure its added right away! Are you a gamer girl always getting picked on? Well here you will never get picked on because we don't tolerate bullies. We are a gaming community and gamers stick to get and we grow as a community. Our goal is to become the top gaming community while having fun and meeting new gamers along the way! Its not a competition, we should have fun while growing! And we plan on growing everyday! Furry gamer? Anime gamer? Girl or Boy or Trans gamer? Join us! Even if you're a new gamer we will accept you! We even have some discord games you can play while you stay! Its not a gaming community without games to play as you talk to your fellow gamers! (We also have NSFW for those gamers with your kinks ;) we won't judge you) Join us today and become part of an everlasting growing community.
Willkommen auf "GROM EU" ^-^ Wir sind ein Server der sich rund Gaming dreht und freuen uns, euch bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen!
╔====== Welcome ===================╗
╟▬╢Chill Chats
╟▬╢Interactive Community
╟▬╢Focus on small streamers and viewers.
╠▬▬▬╣Dedicated roles and channels for streamers
╟ Too Many Memes
╟ Come join us!
Resonant is a Rainbow six siege North American eSports team.
A server for anyone wanting to play games in a competitive setting. This is the official server for the -=DeadSet=- clan and respective team members.
Tactical Gaming Discord. For old school and new gamers alike who appreciate tactical teamwork and strategy. Especially old school coop Rainbow Six 3. We also play Vanguard 1944, Siege, Ghost Recon, Swat4, Battlefield, Insurgency, ARMA 3, Ground Branch, Squad, CSGO, PUBG, Company of Heroes 2, Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum & a lot more!
The Wolf Pack - An Australian Based Gaming Server

We are a gaming server hosting a small but growing range of games ranging from, Rainbow Six Siege all the way to Call of Duty.
We have select Voice Rooms and Text Rooms for each game category we have currently. We also have a General Games tab, so you can play and talk about whatever you like that is game related.
We have shit posting, and simple rules to follow.

So come join us, and let the games begin.
2 language in the server ( ARABIC , ENGLISH )
Rainbow Six Siege server for exclusively NA and PC players. Starters and low ranking players are welcome. No rank requirements or level requirements or anything of the sort, all we ask is that you're active. Toxicity is allowed so long as it's tasteful or funny.
Discordioso is a chill server where we talk about gaming and memes
There is a place to promote your youtube or twitch or any other social media
We have a ranking and awards system
We have gaming and general voice channels
There is a place to share your gaming clips
We have an active community
Welcome to IQ's Temple, the server where we prey to the goddess herself - IQ.

Oh and you can talk about Rainbow Six Siege here too.

◼️ 🗣 Discuss Rainbow Six Siege
◼️ 📰 Rainbow Six Siege and Esports News
◼️ 🏅 Rank Roles
◼️ 🔎 Easily find people to play with, by rank, region, and platform
◼️ 😡 Rant about Rainbow Six Siege
◼️ 💡 Learn Tips and Tricks
Welcome to the coolest place for gamers and artists alike. Wild Veterans
If you are looking for gamers to play with or artists to finish your project or maybe just have a good chat, you are in the right place. We are a friendly community based in India.
We're a fun and caring community who can get along with pretty much anyone. We have games, discussions, ranks, and much more. Come hang out and make some new friends!
things you can do in my server
-do rainbow tournaments
-meet new people
-have lots of fun
-see some different servers
-be as competitive as wanted
Welcome to Siege Customs!
This server revolves around custom matches on Rainbow Six Siege - member count is quite low as we are a new server, but we are hoping to populate that and start to expand it.
Enjoy! ;D
Howl eSports is a discord ran by HowlUnit. Our main goal is to help small, underrated players win some prizes and receive exposure. If you're looking to join a tournament, whether it be Fortnite, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six: Siege, Counter Strike or even more, join this discord and let's decide your future.
Come and Have fun with other Rainbow Six: Siege fans, and many other games. Do challenges, advance in ranks, and have fun.
A Chill out Place with many people to hang around chill with, talk with and unwind at the end of the day
After a break down in an old server the lounge was made to help us all come back together
Sounds personal and all but after consideration the new staff have introduced the idea of going public
so after a long delayed wait and a lot of server building here we are better than ever and on our feet again
Feel free to join chat around mess with some bots, strike a conversation buy a drink, play games and much more
Now the lounge staff is back and better than ever ready to start over and make more friends, our other partners can be thanked generously for helping us achieve this
going for 100+ in the beginning thank you to all that contribute
current Owners are @Rák The Bartender and @Shirolock Holmes
And Remember to __*Have Fun!*__
Copper IV Squad
This Server is a New Rainbow Six Seige Based Server, we are currently developing a bot and looking for Staff + Partners
(Not all Players are Copper IV)
✰ Game Chat
✰ Meet New People
✰ Get a new Squad
✰ Meet Other Copper IVs
✰ PC + Console Players
✰ Looking For new PMs
✰ Bot in Development