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-Everyone is welcome
-Boost lv.1
-Very Basic rules
-Nationality doesn't matter
-Server for all Gamers
Welcome to S1FS Stream Team we are a community of talented individuals if your reading this you were invited to join our community and we welcome you to S1FS we help people grow and we grow together we are all great people and we like to have fun we are happy to have you join us here on the stream we have formed this team to help people with their stream and anything stream related I myself love to support others and I believe that everyone has a chance to do what they dream to do and I love to help people fill their dreams and if your dream is to become a popular streamer that's what the staff here at S1FS stream team are here to help you do being here when your live your stream will be announced automatically right when you go live you can also find other streamers to stream with and collaborate with we are glad to have you here now get out there and give the people a stream that's worth watching
Based on the popular franchise this roleplay is fun, new and interactive! If you can't play as your favourite character from the game, you can create your own character!
✖️ hello virgins, want to have a fun ass time gaming? ✖️
🍄 THIS is the place for you! 🍄
👨🏿‍🦲 join to vibe in vc, or just play games! 👨🏿‍🦲
⚫️ we have a small but active community that can only grow from here ⚫️
New! server)
Looking for friends? Looking for a squad to play with in such games as Rainbow Six Siege? Then Join R6 Squad Finder. We are a friendly community just trying to grow. You can advertise on our server but must be in the correct chat room if not followed could result in a mute or possible ban.
This is a roleplay server dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege.
In this roleplay you will be able to rp from one to four of the Canon Operators in the game, Rainbow Six Siege.
You'll be required to roleplay these characters with the use of bots

With your character(s), you will be able to build on lore that Ubisoft hasn't expanded on, make headcanons and relationships with other's.

This is primarily not a action/mission roleplay, but they can be done voluntarily.
**We focus on character development.**

The age limit is 16+, containing a few NSFW channels for ERP.
OC's are allowed under certain circumstances which can be found under the Rules in the server.

Besides roleplaying, we discuss current Rainbow Six Siege news, art and other events.

☀️So in all, this server offers:
-ERP (18+)
-Multiple characters or just one
-OCC channels
-Mission roleplay
-Ships (Gay, straight, poly, doesnt matter)
-Paragraph rps between two or many characters
-One liners in certain channels
-OC's allowed under circumstances
-Building on characters and lore
> Gaminghub is a __multi-regional competitive organization__ with branches in various games. We are recruiting, so I encourage you all to check us out.
**__What do we have to offer?__**
> Our team currently houses competitive branches for the following games over various regions *(NA, EU, Asia, ANZ, and SA regions)*.
> **|** ``Rainbow 6 Siege`` **|** ``Super Smash Brothers Ultimate`` **|** ``Minecraft`` **|** ``Overwatch``
We're more than just a competitive team, we're a community. Come join Gaminghub and be part of the legacy.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello, If you want to hang out with your friends and chill with other people of all varieties, then join SpiritWarriorsZX now and with a female owner it adds something new into the mix.
-This server has a lot of people, is almost always active, has helpful staff that talks in the chat as well and are willing to answer any questions.
- A really well build community that's always friendly even with new people and the founder is active and is kind and helpful.
-The server doesn’t have a strict purpose, just a place to hang out and meet new friends.
-Another thing we used to do is something called game nights, where someone will host a multiplayer game and you can jump in and join. However, that has stopped for the time being and may return soon.
- We do have a growing number of people who play Rainbow Six Siege on PC and would be great if we could continue to grow that number and hopefully, we can get bigger stacks for ranked and a rotation system.
If you want to join a friendly community to chat with, play with and just generally have a good time, come and join ༒ §S̷p̷i̷r̷i̷t̷ ̷W̷a̷r̷r̷i̷o̷r̷s̷Z̷X̷§༒ today.
[PHILIPPINES] This server is as comfy as any server can get! Biscuits, tea, sunset, and cute things. Join the party and meet new friends while playing games and having fun throughout it all!

There is only one general rule in this server. Don't be a party pooper! Be nice to your fellows or be thrown out!
Welcome to the R6 Ranked Community!

We are an amazing community designated for all Rainbow Six Siege players, especially those who play ranked.

What we have:

- Ranked Roles
- Special Events
- Amazing Staff Team
- Active Community
- Fun Bots
- Looking For Team Channels
- Much, much more!

Join now, you won't regret it!
We are a chill community going with the name Brain Drain. We play many FPS games like Rainbow 6, CSGO, Apex Legends and we also own a minecraft server.
𝘑𝘰𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘰 𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘦𝘷𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘥𝘺.
Hi All! We're a mixed Discord server and play a wide variety of games (PC predominantly) and we're looking to go on a large recruiting drive. If you're looking for a friendly community, feel free to join us. We don't take things too seriously and we aren't over-moderated. We look forward to meeting you, we don't bite.

We're E.U. based but anyone is free to join (must speak English).
Serveur de la team Underrisk. Nous faisons principalement du Rainbow Six Siege et nou comptons atteindre le Diament ou plus. Tout les membre de la team sont level plat ou plus !
Мой сервер по играм мы тут ищем людей для игры в игры такие как CS;GO гта радуга pubg и многое другое мы рады будем видеть тебя тут мы будет ждать)
Join Impact Services!
-Fast and easy
-Quick and reliable
-Nice staff

R6 Cheats: Cheat tables, Unlockall, and hacks!
Some people say:
Life is all about the money and the power(thats lie)
Life is about creativity...Is magic
It makes you create something out of nothing
It turns all your pain into something beautifull
One day we might lose everything we create but we still got creativity !
i am Teck ! and i want to give people big moments ! make them laugh !
Always SMILE
Hey! Welcome to Achievement Unlocked! We are a friendly server with people who like to game, chat, and chill. We play many games and like to joke around in voice chat with friends. Anyone who likes playing games and meeting new people, this is the server for you!
Main Games:
Dead By Daylight
Rocket League
Rainbow Six Siege

Please enjoy your stay and make friends!
200+ Member Rainbow Six Siege Discord server!

Daily 5v5 Scrims at 8 & 10 pm EST

Friendly and respectful community

Active staff members

Giveaways every 100 members!
We are a friendly community with many different types of fps gamers including rainbow six siege, valorant, minecraft and more. We also have dank memer giveaways (rob and heist disabled) and pokecord. Join today! (It's free, and that's a great price!)
Witam wszystkich!
Otworzyliśmy nowy serwer Discord ( ) Gaming Group of Warlike Players [GGWP].
Jeżeli masz ochotę to zapraszamy, bo każdy nowy użytkownik na pewno znajdzie coś dla siebie.
Pamiętajcie, że „gry łączą, a nie dzielą".
Stawiamy na dobrą zabawę, a nie kłótnie. Posiadamy podstawowe Boty Serwera:
🏆 auto dawanie rang, 👍przyznawanie rang przez reakcję,
📢 własne komendy do każdej gry, żeby znaleźć graczy,
🎧 boty muzycznie.
**Welcome to __Rainbow Six Siege Squad and Teams__**

*This Community of players is still undergoing changes but growing very fast, our goal is to grow our community to make your experience better*

**We have:**

> **Game Finder**

*We have multiple channels for you to search for players*


> **Custom Games**
*We have a section for you to play with other people in the server in a custom game*
> **ULPL**
**Un-Listed Pro League**
*This is unofficial pro league, this is for training and for fun*

> **Age**
*You should be 13 or 14+*
> **Playstation**
*You should have a PlayStation and PlayStation Plus*
> **Language**
*Have to speak good English*
> **Respect**
*You have to respect everyone and anyone that comes into the server*
> **Toxicity**
*Do not be Toxic, We don’t accept toxic players*
> **New Players**
*If you have just joined or you have been playing for years, you are welcome to join*

✅ Global Community (members from 70+ countries)
✅ Rocket League, Siege, CS:GO, Minecraft, League of Legends & More!
✅ Awesome & Exclusive Discord bot (IGSQbot™)
✅ Rank system + self-assignable roles
✅ Active VC, tournaments & regular events

Visit the official website for more info:
Hey! Looking for someone to play with or join a clan? LOOK NO FURTHER.
XI Legacy helps people get better at games by sharing our tips and knowledge.
Benefits Of Joining Us -
Free montage (Mid term members)
Hit Plat Ranks
New friends and Family
Supporting Streamers or Content creators
Free Logo design
Invite Friends for more montages
And most importantly a amazing time!
Have a great day!