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Welcome to GamerHub:
We are are a community centric hangout server with a central focus on R6 R34 content but we also showcase other games such as (For Honor, Valorant, Overwatch, and many other games) we love to give our members a great time going from having a conversation and meeting new friends to joining if ya just wanna bust one. Member experience always comes first.


Very Kind and Helpful staff.

We have NSFW content ranging from a wide variety of games such as Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor, Valorant, and many more.

An Erotic Roleplay section with the topic of your choice. This is where you can go to meet new people an interact in some spicy roleplay.

An active chat where you can go to have a chill experience.

A somewhat democracy where you can vote and suggest things you wanna see to improve our server :).

Partnerships for servers of any size and type.

Thanks you for taking the time to read this description of our epic server hope to see you there - @Frøsty

TGSC / The Gutter Streaming Community is a growing community of streamers and viewers. Join TGSC to find a place to hang out, make friends and game with other people. We are always looking for more people to chill with, so pop in and meet the community! All ages welcome!

~ S E L F - R O L E S

~ L G B T Q - F R I E N D L Y

~ G A M I N G

~ S T R E A M I N G

~ M O V I E - N I G H T S

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We're a small rainbow six siege clan looking for new recruits to expand

We have active members (not that many but they're active) and events where we all get together and play on the weekends
Serwer do grania i wysyłania memów.
Grywamy w Rainbow Six Siege, Among Us, World of Tanks lub GTA V i nie tylko.
Zapraszamy do dołączenia do naszego community.
Hey and welcome to the server, honestly im trying to grow this server so please join if you want. I do want more people to be active on this and over all to have a good time. Feel free to invite your friends, thats pretty much it. Thank you and join :)
🌍 Global & Diverse Community (75+ nationalities)
🎮 Rocket League, Siege, CS:GO, LOL, Minecraft & More!
💬 Memes, Food, Music, Study Group & More!
👑 Self-assignable Roles & Level Roles!
🤖 IGSQbot™, our own Exclusive Discord Bot!
🏆 Tournaments, Giveaways & Events!
⛏️ 24/7 Minecraft server (Modded, Survival+, BlockHunt,Creative)
🌟 Our members use VC a lot, there's always someone to talk to!
We are a collective community of gamers, coming together to talk everything gaming and esports. We created our Discord server in hopes to offer a home for gamers of all types to feel welcomed and rewarded. Make sure to stay active, and be on the look out for giveaways!
whether you need to find a teammate to play with, want to chill, or mess around,this has it all.I am making more content every day and and a great group to mess around with, we would love to have you to join us.Giveaways include
I'm starting to give prizes if you do challenges.I am on all the time.We play Fortnite,Minecraft,Zone Wars,R6.
bonjour je vous présente mon serveur.
c est n serveur orienté gaming rocket league et rainbow six siege mais tout le monde est le bien venu =)

Vous pouvez gagner des items et de l'argent .
venez vite
Welcome to DeadMen Walking, We are an all platform Rainbow Six Siege Dedicated Server, With the Bulk of the R6 community Seeming TOXIC we Strive to give everyone the exact opposite, We offer a Respectful Staff Team As well as a calm environment to level and the ability to make friends who enjoy the game as well. if you're interested in joining our server you must meet the requirements.
You must be at least 13 years of age 15 to join a comp team
You must have a legal copy of Rainbow Six Siege
You must have a good functioning mic
You must be able to take constructive criticism to help be better at siege.
Just a server where people can meet up and chill out. We have many roles and varieties of games. If there are any games you want added dm a admin or owner.
We are "Rainbows in the Dark", a friendly literate RP/(Mild) ERP server on Discord based off of the Universe of the game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege. The setting is a huge military base nearby the city of Herefordshire known as Hereford Base where all of the Operators, incoming Operators, and workers live and interact with each other on a daily basis, and will engage in missions if called upon. Other settings, such as the nearby city, the Stadium, terrorist bases, and various areas around the world are featured.

• We allow limited Oc Operators (after one month of rping a canon op), but are Terrorist Oc and NPC OC friendly; and Canon Operator selection is first come, first serve! (Canon ops are needed badly atm)
• We also offer a Non-Rp role if you would like to be a spectator in the action.
• We welcome partnerships, as it helps to expand our growing community.
• Members from all platforms are welcome to link up with other members

So what are you waiting for? If you have an interest in wanting to become your favorite Operator and share your interests with like-minded members, please join us, and enjoy your stay!

"We come together so that we may push each other to be the best possible version of ourselves. What we do here is more than about winning. It's about creating a legacy of champions-- names that will echo forever into the future."

-Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey
◼️ We provide Free Coaching and detailed map guides For Rainbow Six Siege.◼️

Join for:🔻
🔹 Custom Callouts Maps
🔹 Spawnpeek spots
🔹 Mira spots
🔹 Valk Cam spots
🔹 Maestro Cams
🔹 Defuser spots
🔹 Vertical Play guides
🔹 Find New teammates
🔹 Join our free Siege Classes
Join The Chill Session discord server! We are a gaming community open to anyone! Looking to get this server out there and get more people in.
We have:
Friendly Staff (Help Wanted)
Occasional Giveaways
The server has started recently. Feel free to check out and join!

We're a family-like community with lots of our close friends in, but were looking for new members! This server is aimed at everyone from casual to competitive gamers and even people who just want to hang out. You can also self advertise anything you want in our advertisements channel, from YouTube channels to other servers. We also love gaming! Playing games ranging from rainbow six siege to minecraft, csgo and were always looking for new games to play. Hop in and take a look at our server, and if you like it feel free to stay.
We’re a new Rainbow Six Siege Community that’s active constantly recruiting and hiring. If you're new we will help you with Youtube, Editing, Support, Games anything that’s needed were all friendly! Please join!!
Hey! Wir sind ein deutscher Rainbow Six: Siege Discord Server und freuen uns auf neue Mitgleider!. Hier könnt ihr euch Leute suchen, die mit euch spielen, schreiben und weitere Sachen machen! Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß und vielleicht sieht man sich ja mal!

░░░░░██╗░█████╗░██╗███╗░░██╗  ██╗░░░██╗░██████╗
░░░░░██║██╔══██╗██║████╗░██║  ██║░░░██║██╔════╝
░░░░░██║██║░░██║██║██╔██╗██║  ██║░░░██║╚█████╗░
██╗░░██║██║░░██║██║██║╚████║  ██║░░░██║░╚═══██╗
╚█████╔╝╚█████╔╝██║██║░╚███║  ╚██████╔╝██████╔╝
░╚════╝░░╚════╝░╚═╝╚═╝░░╚══╝  ░╚═════╝░╚═════╝░
Clean and cool server layout, chill admins/moderators, reasonably sized server so its impossible to be left out, overall just a chill and laidback discord server for anime and gaming, feel free to join, socialize and chill.....

for everyone to find friends and have fun
~ selfroles
~ friendly staff
~ not strict but stay friendly
~ also people to play games with
~ separated different NSFW channels
come join us ^^
This server is a great place to hang out, make friends, and find people to play siege with :)
welcome to eLogiK a r6 gaming community for all types for r6 players casual (terrorist hunt and quick match) and competitive ranked unrank so join and meet your new squad
This place is intended to connect people who love Anime, Manga and Gaming.
We accept people from all genders/sexualities/races.