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The best server for games! We also sell advantages against your enemies. Make sure to stop by!
A new server dedicated to all things Rainbow Six. Discuss operator leaks, talk about Pro Legaue and find new Squadmates to play with. Role request system and teamchats :D
We are a Rainbow Six Siege server for getting to know other players, tournaments, and just playing the game.
Ihr wolltet schon immer mal ein bestimmten Rang in Rainbow Six Siege erreichen? Konntet es aber nicht? Dann seid ihr bei uns genau richtig.
Wir helfen jedem Spieler seinen Wunschrang zu erreichen.

Join unsrem Discord, danach wird dich einer von uns anschreiben und wir klären weiteres.

Just a smoll community of frands and others here to play video games. Some games include: Overwatch, PUBG, League of Legends, UNO, GTA5, r6s, CS:GO, and more! Come have fun with us :D
We adapt for you, you don’t adapt for us. A server for all your gaming wants.
NEED STAFF. Hello there, Join our discord server!!! We are a friendly community and our main game is Rainbow Six Siege!!! We have tournaments and perks within the discord. Check out our website at: Will pay staff depending on job.
A small siege server for everyone and thats about it
Toxicc Is A Rainbow Six ESL Gaming Community. We Are Currently Looking For More People To Join Us!
Ciao! Se anche tu stassi cercando un server su rainbow six siege italiano, sei invitato ad entrare nel nostro server
Siamo un server aperto a tutti, indifferentemente dal rank o dal livello.
Abbiamo una media di 10 persone attive al giorno attualmente, stiamo facendo di tutto per ampliare la nostra community ed organizzare un sacco di tornei ed eventi vari! Ti aspettiamo in vocale.
# The Norse Arcade
When you hear a loud thunder and you think it is just going to rain but you then hear the roar and a serpent ship in the horizon. The Norse Arcade is here.

We are a small new gaming and social community, filled with lovely people.
We have:
* Active Staff.
* Giveaways.
* Tournaments.
* More activities to come.
Looking for more people in cs so we can dump this shitty friend who thinks hes good
Owner of the server is Chaos, he is a twitch streamer that streams daily and posts youtube videos once and a while.
Hola, buenas a todos, creado por usuarios para usuarios, este servidor fue creado para conocer personas y jugar con gente nueva, espero que sea de tu agrado, más si te gusta la sopa do macacco, kkkkkkkkkkk.
We are a clan trying to spread our gaming fun, we like to team up with others and play games to the best of our abilities
We are a friendly and hospitable Greek Gaming community, where we also use English language ...
This team is targeted at all gamers with the aim of finding people for combination and team building with the ultimate goal of creating a strong and healthy community for our best experience in entertainment and gaming around the world of gaming ..!

Αυτή η ομάδα απευθύνεται σε όλους τους gamers με στόχο την εύρεση ατόμων για συνδυασμό & δημιουργία ομάδων με απώτερο σκοπό την δημιουργία μίας δυνατής και υγιής κοινότητας για την καλύτερη εμπειρία μας στην ψυχαγωγία και στην ενημέρωση γύρω από τον κόσμο του gaming..!
We are a Rainbow Six Siege (and Rust) server for getting to know other players, tournaments (for free), and just playing the game.
Join this server to find new people who play games, can be any game we don't care :D
join to chat to others and make new friends
Censored is a community which has a Rainbow Six Siege team and will expand out into others.
Come join, chat, chill ect. with use of bots and play with people on games you may like or even talk about games.
Thank you for reading :D
Firendly gaming discord, make some new friends to play with on your favourite game!
A Rainbow Six Siege rp server where we honestly just fuck around. Possible serious stuff.
Du suchst einen Discord Server auf dem Du einfach mit Anderen oder mit Freunden zocken kannst? Dann bist du HIER genau richtig! Auf unserem Discord wird nahezu alles gespielt. Wir haben sogar extra Channel für: Rainbow6, CS:GO, Fortnite und GTA.
Schau doch mal vorbei :D

Respect Gaming

Deutsch: Wir sind Deutsch sprachig aber nehmen auch Internationale Spieler auf!
Crossplatform: Egal welche Konsole, Ihr seid immer Willkommen,
Spaß: Spaß am spiel und Spaß in der Kommunikation
Respekt: Jeder hat sein Respekt verdient und ihr verdient auch euren Respekt!

Motto: Wenn die Gaming Community sich gegenseitig hasst, Dann vereinen wir sie!


Apex Legends (Plamie | PC)
Fortnite (Plamie | PC)
Rainbow 6 Siege (Plamie | PC)
BO4 (Unbekannt)
Rocket League (unnbekant)
CSGO (unbekannt)