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Este es un server para jugar con tus amigos y conocer a gente nueva y poder disfrutar todos juntos de una comunidad limpia y agradable
Weather you need teammates to play with, advertise, making friends, or having fun with bots! This server has it all. With new emotes every week, role shop, and a fun and friendly community! We would love if you joined us at NerdsNation!
Tactical Gaming Discord. For old school and new gamers alike who appreciate tactical teamwork and strategy. Especially old school coop Rainbow Six 3. R6 Siege, Ghost Recon, Swat4, Battlefield, Insurgency, ARMA 3, Vanguard 1944, Ground Branch, Squad, CSGO, PUBG, Company of Heroes 2, Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum & a lot more!
Привет друг!
Именно тебя приглашают на сервер HellPoint!

Тут ты сможешь повидать:
•Множество разнообразных ролей.
•Хорошо продуманную и организованную систему магазина.
•Крутую систему настройки профиля.
•Много доброжелательных и готовых поиграть/пообщаться людей.
•И многое другое!
Well, well, welcome ! This server is, as you can see, a Rainbow Six Siege roleplay ! Currently we're in a rebuilding phase with many, many operators free that you can apply for with simply a writing sample as them- but then again, if you'd rather not claim a canon one, you can always make your own original one !

We have a friendly community with both literate and semi-literate roleplayers welcome ! If you have any questions at any time as well- make sure to contact our extremely friendly and helpful staff !

In the shadows of the world though, lurks the dreaded White Masks- and here, you can play as them ! Both the White Masks and Rainbow Six operators have advantages and disadvantages, so pick your side (or make characters for both groups), and come on down, and have a great time !
This is a server for chill vibes, sweats, and memers, to have fun. There is a spot for everyone. Please join it would mean a lot.
❀.。.:* ✧:⋆:.𝓞𝓝𝓞𝓛𝓞𝓧.:⋆:.✧*.:。.❀
𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮! We are an active Gaming and Community server with a lot of fun! Here you can chill, play games, find new friends and do many more cool things.

Our server includes self-roles, giveaways, memes, music, events, cars, cute animal pictures to make your mood better, space for coding and help, insane one-word stories, homework and even movie nights! Anyone is welcomed to join our voice-channels and play games, help each other out with anything, joke around or chat!

We are looking forward to meeting you! 😇
~ •「 Pineapple Cult 」• ~

Welcome to my server called Pineapple Cult! If you’re first question is “why is it called Pineapple cult” then don’t ask it because I don’t have an answer.

How about what’s in here? That’s a better question

We have :

🎧 Rythm for music!

🔈 Lots of VCs to chat in!

📚 Organized categories making everything easy to find!

🏆 A level system and a special role for the highest level!

What’s the server based around, you ask? The server was originally made for my YouTube and Twitch. So the server is currently based around finding teams for gaming and pro-tips!


If you join, I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun! Thanks for reading
so we here in the server support each other we play among us and more games we add new mods everyday you can be one if anything you dont like here just call one of the mods we will do our best to change that we also joke around the point of this server is to make new friends.
This Discord resides on Meeting other Rainbow 6 Siege players or posting clips of in game content or funny moments or just to talk to friends.
国际化的游戏社区 萌新也好大佬也好 欢迎大家来一起开黑打游戏~ (虽然主要是彩虹六号) 但我们也有打其他很多游戏噢qwq
Come to this server to play R6S and relax! This server is open to all kinds of people and walks of life. This server can also be used to just chill and talk to other people and play any game you'd like! We hope to grow this server and make a strong community. I hope you join and enjoy!

On this Server you can get free and also paid privat Cheats !
Enjoy and hace fun, also we are pretty chill ppl on the Server so feel free to join !
💞 Come and talk or game with us! (In English or Hungarian)💞
🔥 This is a well growing GAMING SERVER where we give you these good things: 🔥
🔸 ROOMS FOR STREAMING! (for every game)
🔸 Many room for playing games or talk with a great community
🔸 Prefered langluage is Hungarian, but we support English people too! ❤️
🔸 Mini games and chat bot if you're bored rn
🔸 Game Patch note channels
🔺 Games that we mostly play: Rainbow 6, Valorant, Among Us, Phasmophobia, Warzone
✅ Teams for R6S and Valorant ranked or tournaments
✅ The official place of Team Heroic aXis (Valorant) and Team P2W (R6S)
🔹 No NSFW (Except one hidden channel)
🔹 Respectful and very responsive Staff
🔹 We are supporting upcoming creative content creators, good players and others with anything we can.
⚜️ We are happy to see everyone! ⚜️
Nový herní server zabývající se hraním videoher a herních novinek ze světa. Díky Rolemenu je server maximálně přehledný a vidíte jen to co je potřebné. Máme i Role pro streamery a youtubery a mnoho dalších zajímavých věcí. Také máme vlastní commandy a server každý den zlepšujeme a je maximálně přehledný.
Permanentní odkaz :
You can play games, find teams, listen to music and so on...
So just join. We occasionally have women to treat in only the best ways
We are a new server focused around modern warfare across all platforms, we welcome anyone and everyone!!

▲ For all platforms (XBOX, PC & PS4)
▲ Rainbow Six Siege LFG
▲ Female-friendly
▲ Non toxic environment
▲ Global community
▲ Customisable roles
▲ R6S player rank, stats, E-Sports and updates

Benvenuto su FPS Guys, qui troverai la calorosa famiglia di veri Gamer che stai cercando! Questo server nasce a stampo FPS, ma ora sta diventando una grande Hub, per molti generi differenti. Consigliamo di essere particolarmente attivi! Sconsigliamo l'entrata a gente che entra solo per fare 4 chiacchere o che non possiede un pc da gioco, teniamo a creare forte attività videoludica!
Non valido per chi Raida il server, oppure commette azioni molto gravi!
Come play Rainbow Six, Among Us, and MORE with a fun and active community. We have rank roles, multiple VC's for games, and overall great quality content! We would love to have you and hope you enjoy your stay!