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▲ For all platforms (XBOX, PC & PS4)
▲ Rainbow Six Siege LFG
▲ Female-friendly
▲ Non toxic environment
▲ Global community
▲ Customisable roles
▲ R6S player rank, stats, E-Sports and updates

Tu cherche un serveur communautaire alors bienvenue à toi !

Notre serveur est particulier, pourquoi ?

Car nous organisons des tournois entre membre avec ou sans cash prize !
This is a roleplay server dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege.
In this roleplay you will be able to rp from one to four of the Canon Operators in the game, Rainbow Six Siege.
You'll be required to roleplay these characters with the use of bots.

With your character(s), you will be able to build on lore that Ubisoft hasn't expanded on, make headcanons and relationships with other's.

This is primarily a slice of life roleplay, not a action/mission roleplay, but they can be done voluntarily.
**We focus on character development.**

The age limit is 15+, containing a few NSFW channels for ERP.
OC's are allowed under certain circumstances which can be found under the Rules in the server.

Besides roleplaying, we discuss current Rainbow Six Siege news, art and other events.

☀️So in all, this server offers:
-ERP (18+)
-Multiple characters or just one
-OCC channels
-Mission roleplay
-Ships (Gay, straight, poly, doesn't matter)
-Paragraph rps between two or many characters
-One liners in certain channels
-OC's allowed under circumstances
-Building on characters and lore
-Slice of life roleplay
-A safe, positive, LGBT-friendly environment
The Rusty Boys server is a server to both chat make new friends and also play 3 amazing games together. Rust, CSGO and also Rainbow 6 Siege. We are a friendly server with active admins and nice members!
If you want to find new people to play with, or just come and chill this server is for you. Here you can find people for ranked or casual matches and also we have a weekly 5v5 called Saturday Night Siege! Come join and have a good time!

Here, you have the choice to roleplay as a canon operator or create an original character. Although we are just starting out, we offer :
- self assignable roles
- colors , age, preferred pronouns
- an incredibly welcome community
- an experienced and incredibly involved staff team with years of combined administrative experience
- a space for text - style roleplay alongside locations for literate interactions
- a debate channel to respectfully voice your opinions on topics unrelated to the game
- an inclusive space for people of all backgrounds
- an area for artists of all kinds to share their work, whether it be R6 related or not
- if you aren't a roleplayer, you can still hang out here !

We are 13+, and do not tolerate ERP. Other than that, we're open to pretty much anyone !

So far, we're small -- but there's always someone active ! We look forward to growing our community and eventually hosting events such as missions, simulations, and even holiday celebrations !
Hey! Looking for someone to play with or join a clan? LOOK NO FURTHER.
XI Legacy helps people get better at games by sharing our tips and knowledge.
Benefits Of Joining Us -
Free montage (Mid term members)
Hit Plat Ranks
New friends and Family
Supporting Streamers or Content creators
Free Logo design
Invite Friends for more montages
And most importantly a amazing time!
Have a great day!

We have hangouts for all games! Such as CS:GO, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege, and more to come! We have pokemon bots and currency bots. We also have a "Looking for Group" area where you can search for the players you want to play with!
Join for some of these

-Mira strats
-Some coaching lessons for ranked
-Go-to spawn peeks
-Best gadget deployments
-meme-ing in casual
-Custom game tournaments (not fully set up)
-A new siege team
- and overall just a great time
We are Team9 a Discord eSports Clan, we have teams for games like Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO etc. If you are not good enough to join our teams you can just chill and be apart of our community!
We also have events, that our Recruiters host if you are bored you can also play some of our bot games we have added!
If you enjoy gaming, like to play competitively this is the server for you!
A discord server initially made from a few college friends - adding new people to grow a small little community. Extremely friendly & welcoming. WE PLAY ALL TYPES OF GAMES. JOIN US!
-Info Of Our Server-

-we started this server as a way to bring members of rainbow six siege together to start a community to have fun and as a way to make friends we may be small atm but we hope to bring in as many people as possible from new members to veterans alike we will help the new and toughthen the skilled and make rainbow six siege a good game to play no matter your level or skill

-what we offer-
we offer a fun community
minimal toxicity
banter of most kinds
help for starters
fun for vets
and new possible friends
Heyo, Welcome to the Gaming Corner! We are a new server for people who game on console to come and find some new friends or just to chill out! We are in need of staff as our server is very new. (you can apply in dms). We have personality roles and hobby roles, roles for streamers and youtubers as well! We also have a verification system and a ban system to make sure it’s a safe space for everyone. We will always take suggestions; we hope to see you there!
Alright, All you Rainbow Six Siege Fans…Listen up!

Have you Recruits been seeking out a Rainbow Six Siege RP Experience? Well then take a look over here! Welcome to Hereford Base! An Active, Literate, and Friendly roleplay server for Rainbow Six Seige. Both canon and original characters are welcome here! Want to join? Make sure to read the limitations below!

-You must be 18 or older to join.
-You must be literate in writing.
-One must show initiative to be active (Leaves of Absences are accepted, however.)
-Currently, Original Character Submissions are closed. Canon operators are still open though!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask the staff, they will be there to help!

Siege The Day!
r6 discord, silver and up, were not toxic, we play alot of ranked, we play on pc mainly.
Дискорд сервер клана NKVD (Народный Комиссариат Внутренних Дел). Играем в основном в игру Rainbow Six: Siege
Operation Phoenix

‘Team Rainbow has been deactivated since 2012. In their absence, many new terrorist organizations emerged as a result. One such organization, the White Masks, came into prominence in 2015 by spreading chaos all across the world, sharing no discrimination with who they terrorize. With their ultimate objective unknown, they become a large enough threat that Team Rainbow was reactivated. Under the leadership of Aurelia Arnot, Operators were gathered from all across the world. After successfully stopping a biochemical attack on Bartlett University, Six performed a eulogy for those who had lost their lives in the attack and many like it but also told of how Team Rainbow was back and that they would be ready to defend the world where needed. In 2018, Aurelia Arnot resigned from the position of Six and was succeeded by Harry Pandey.’

Amongst the beginning of a new decade, a volatile threat looms. Once lurking in the shadows, working covertly with mere whispers of their actions, the Whitemasks are developing to a more present figure of peril, prompting Team Rainbow to be called to action. In a time where information is money, the Whitemasks are an opulent, persuasive group with eyes in every corner of the globe, gathering intel in deadly silence.

Government agencies have revealed that the group is in possession of a sizable amount of uranium and international intelligence, calling the previously dormant team to act. Under the watchful eye of Harry Pandey, the task force is set to traverse the globe in an attempt to neutralise the hazard all the while growing in lethality. Division will lead to harm and unity to prevalence, it is down to the operators to guide their team to victory and your actions to decide the course the world will take.


Hello everyone and thank you for your interest! The purpose of the post is simply to gauge who would be interested in this concept within a group setting. This is going to be a 16+ rather realistic setting with little deviation from canon ideas. (NSFW roles are available for 18+) OCs are allowed, however, they must be detailed and believable. Players are generally in control of the course of the roleplay, and are highly encouraged to take an active stance in developing missions etc. A level of literacy is important, at least one solid paragraph per post is acceptable.

Benvenuto su FPS Guys, qui troverai la calorosa famiglia di veri Gamer che stai cercando! Questo server nasce a stampo FPS, ma ora sta diventando una grande Hub, per molti generi differenti. Consigliamo di essere particolarmente attivi! Sconsigliamo l'entrata a gente che entra solo per fare 4 chiacchere o che non possiede un pc da gioco, teniamo a creare forte attività videoludica!
Non valido per chi Raida il server, oppure commette azioni molto gravi!
join and find groups to play with like a 5 stack on r6s/rainbow six siege or a squad on fortnite or just chat in a new community we are small but with your help we can grow into a great community we have an owner and a co owner we have automated moderation and mods we have bots and you can play music with your friends
RyZing RAGE is a gaming clan! We have good players but we also accept other players who are not so good! Our main Focus currently are CSGO, Rainbow six siege, Valorant, CoD and more.
We also host Custom Tournaments with prizes. SO JOIN NOW