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Наш Сервер является кланом, играющим почти в любые игры, будем рады каждому!
⮞ Please Consider Joining R6 Bread!
⮡ We are a gaming community for R6S and other games.
Our server has
⯈ LFG for multiple games including but not limited to Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Apex Legends, Fortnite
⯈ Multiple chats and voice channels to suit your needs
⯈ #self-promo channel for you to advertise anything you want! (Discord servers, content, livestreams, etc.)
⯈ Cool bots and other features
⯈ Possibly fun weekly events soon (R6 custom games, Karaoke Night, Minecraft,, etc.)
Come on down and join the server, or I will sacrifice your loved ones
Welcome to Hereford, recruit.

At Hereford base, the best of the world's operators have come together to form Task Force Rainbow, an elite division dedicated to the response to terrorist attacks. Pick a character, a canon operator or an approved OC, and work with your team to face the threat head on.

We at Hereford encourage rich story telling, detailed roleplay, and above all a commitment to having fun. We require that you are of age to participate, as we do allow mature themes.

We will occasionally host group events, GM'd by our admin team. We hope to see you there.
Welcome to IQ's Temple, the server where we prey to the goddess herself - IQ.

Oh and you can talk about Rainbow Six Siege here too.

◼️ 🗣 Discuss Rainbow Six Siege
◼️ 📰 Rainbow Six Siege and Esports News
◼️ 🏅 Rank Roles
◼️ 🔎 Easily find people to play with, by rank, region, and platform
◼️ 😡 Rant about Rainbow Six Siege
◼️ 💡 Learn Tips and Tricks
The Official Discord Server Of Taurus Community, A Growing Community For Everyone To Join, There's Many Activities And Stuff You Can See On The Server, Many Friendly People, Fun Stuff, Memes, Etc.
Here We Have :
- Many Awesome Roles
- Fun Bots, Music Bot, Etc
- Channel For Memes, Anime, Games, Etc
- The Taurus Squad
- Growing Community
- Awesome Perks, And Activities
- Have Fun Together
- Hangouts And Many Conversation
- Etc
Come Join Taurus Community The Place For All, GG, Have A Nice Day Y'all
What is PolarØppositeGaming you ask?
-->We are an up and coming E-Sports Organization
-->We are looking for non-toxic TALENTED gamers
What do we do?
-->At the moment we only have a Semi-Pro PUBGM team
-->We are looking for all people wanting to participate in any form of pro gaming
-->Contact us for any other information regarding registration
-->We are setting up weekly scrimmages for PUBGM
-->In the future we will be attempting tournaments for money in PUBGM

Join us if you feel like we are right for you!
All levels of gameplay included

At the moment PUBG Mobile is our focus but if you want to start a team for another game you are fully welcome to do so.

As of right now we are starting a CSGO team, Mordhau Team, RS6 Team, and possibly a LoL team.
We are a newly formed community looking for active members who are wanting to be part of what we're creating. All ages are welcome, mixed members, male and female.
Welcome to the coolest place for gamers and artists alike. Wild Veterans
If you are looking for gamers to play with or artists to finish your project or maybe just have a good chat, you are in the right place. We are a friendly community based in India.
We are a gaming channel and was created 27hrs ago and we are growing slreadfast, pls join and be apart of this community
we are a lovely place, we talk about games. not that big of a server but it's nice
Looking for a server to find other content creators, gamers and generally chill people? This Brand new server is the place to do all that! grow and help grow while making new friends!
This server is all about Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege with the awesome operators we all love! In this server you can set up your own game session, check your stats on the game and do much more! We support all kinds of platforms and are very friendly!
I recommend using English, Japanese, and Korean
cause there are many Koreans and Japanese here
Need an explanation? Come in.
Do you ever wanted to own your own diamond account or an extremely rare account?
Or do you want to get your account boosted?
Then you are exactly right here!

__** What we offer:**__
- Cheap prices
- 2FA
- 100% trustfull

- Free giveaways
- Invite rewards
__**Look over!**__
We are a new rainbow gaming community, we are looking to play tournaments and just to have fun!
Η ποιο οργανωμένη Gaming κοινότητα στην Ελλάδα σας περιμένει να συνδεθείτε μαζί της με κύριο στόχο τη διασκέδαση και την καλύτερη εμπειρία όσον αφορά το Gaming.

Discord Inv Request : [email protected]
welcome to zzz aka Tronno Traphouse, NO CLOWNDEM OR BUCKTEES ALLOWED also this is an edating server!!!!!!!
Сервер для игроков с различными интересами.
Active R6 gaming community + much more

All are welcome :P
We are a fully open server for the community. You can either chill out or group up with others and play. Do not hesitate and join right now!
Here in Team Fear [Siege] We offer siege players and a team that you can join! You can play ranked, casual, terro hunt, or even new comer! We allow all new players. Staff apps are open. Also if you don't wanna join just for R6S you are allowed to talk about any game as long as you follow the rules! Thanks for talking your time for reading this, hope to see you there!