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Welcome to a New gaming Server Called
Looking For Group
We are a New Gaming Community
To Work At Full potential And to Be as Professional as
The Server Supports Vartiety of Games Such As
#Apex Legends
#Modern Warfare (Warzone)
Server Paid for to support a wide variety of Roles.
when you enter please select a role in the roles under info thanks
we are looking to grow
Later will be warzone competition and plenty of cool stuff including giveaways
so come on down and thanks everybody and lets be a community together
Hi stranger :D

💥We are
-a small community
-searching for new mates to play
-open for everything

💥We have
-Giveaway at 500 members

Would be nice if you join ^^

Hi Fremder :D

💥Wir sind
-eine kleine Community
-auf der Suche nach neuen Mitspielern
-offen für alles ;D

💥 Wir haben
-Giveaway bei 500 Membern

Würde uns freuen, wenn du joinst ^^
We are a fun little server who's main game is R6S, we are looking for active members who can have laugh, we speak English, hope to see you there. We are PC only currently, you can still join if you want, you just will probably not find a squad
A public gaming organisation, tryouts right now. Join right now to tryout, or to have a role moderator in the discord. Warzone, R6 and Fortnite are our main games. Join up!!!
Play games, socialize with people almost as awkward as you, or listen to music and play around with our growing bots. We're just here to play games and vibe ladies and gents. Currently a small group. Admin takes just about any suggestion thrown her way :))
A social gaming server with free gfx and a quick replying owner. We've got tryouts for a gaming org, that has been recently created, so bring some heat.
Anime! Anime! Anime! Hier dreht sich die Erde um Anime. Wie wir alle wissen heißt es „No Game no Life“, deshalb ist es auch ein Gaming Server nebenbei. Bis jetzt wurde Rainbow6Siege, GTA, Fortnite und Animal Crossing:New Horizons thematisiert. Wenn du genauso ein Anime Fan sowie wir bist und neue Leute kennenlernen möchtest, dann bist du bei uns gut aufgehoben. Wir freuen uns schon, dich in der 🎶Anime Society🎶begrüßen zu dürfen.
Edge of Dankness was originally a private server with friends to play tarkov, but has steadily grown into a thriving public community.We'd love for you to come check us out on the server,see you soon!
We are a Rainbow6Siege European Community aiming to create a friendly environment for everyone.
Please select a role and read the rule when you enter.
And have FUN! See you there.
A great community to make friends and enjoy playing first person shooters as a wholesome community!
Trying to start a little community that people can find groups to play with and have fun in games. Myself and a few friends are active on here and have a pretty wide variety of games so come on in.
Unser Server
-aktive Administratoren
-respektvoller Umgang
-niemand wird ausgegrenzt

Kick/Bann Gründe
> All ages!!
> Gaming 🎮 We talk about all things gaming related Apex, Call of Duty, R6S, Minecraft, Etc.
> Active staff and members** In Our server we have staff that monitor the server most of the day, so if you have any questions we will be more than happy to answer them
> Dank Memer bot so we got memes and nsfw content 👀
> We have a music channel where you can request songs and MEE6 will play them
> You are more than welcome to join and be a part of our growing community
> We try not to be to strict since this is supposed to be a gaming and hangout server so feel free to express yourself in any way you want as we have a general chat for all ages and an 18+ chat with no filter!!
> Only thing that’s missing is YOU 🗣
Willkommen auf dem Dead Monkeys Multigaming Clan Discord! Unser Ziel ist es eine stets wachsende Community aufzubauen und neue Spieler für ESL zu finden. Wir freuen uns schon auf dich! :D
This is a Rainbow6Siege server for mainly ps4 players in NAE, we are open to playing other fps games and for casual gamers. We are looking to build a team for R6 and even COD MW. feel free to check us out!

1- No Toxicity
+ Don't Be Annoying To Others Either
+ Don't Go Starting Arguments/Drama/Fights/Etc.
+ Be Friendly To Everyone Within The Server
+ Only Constructive Criticism Allowed
+ Playful Bantering Is Allowed As Long As Everyone Is Ok
With It
^ If Someone Tells You To Stop Then You Stop
Before Someone Makes You Stop

2- Do Not Ping Anyone Excessively
+ Only Ping As Needed Or Ping @Polaris Aheago As Much
As You Want
^ It Is Highly Recommended That You Have A Good
Reason Or You Might Get Muted...Or Worse...

3- No NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
+ You Will Be Banned For Nudity, Vulgar/Inappropriate,
Disturbing, or Illegal Photos/Videos/Links That Are Sent
Within This Server

4- Follow Discord's TOS
+ Follow The Terms Of Service Discord Has Made For All
Users To Abide By

5- Channel Management
+ Please Use Each Channel Only For What It's Obvious
Intended Purpose Is
^ If You Are Not Sure Where To Post Then Don't; Ask
Someone For Help

7- Respect Others
+Here We Do Not Judge People At All!
^ No Racism, Sexism, Or Any Other Form Of
Harassment Towards Others Will Be Tolerated

9- Rules Are Not limited To What Are Not Yet Here
+ If You Think You Will Get In Trouble For Something Not
Listed Then You Probably Are Right
Hello, this is a new sever that i just made for my youtube channel. Join and have fun, self promotion allowed just dont spam it.
This server is great for gaming
You can have the chance to become staff
You will be highly respected as a member
Lastly we are a friendly community so dont be toxic
We Need Friends is a 10/10 discord server that you should join. <3 we are all so very lonely and want to play games with people. please be our friend. we do not care at all about how good you are at games, just love us and we'll love you bb. we are small right now but you should still join, we can guarantee 2 more friends for you.