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Retro Realms è un server innovativo incentrato su un mondo fantasy dove il bann non esiste. E' diviso in due parti, il mondo dei vivi e dei morti. Chi merita la dannazione eterna non verrà bannato ma giustiziato ed inserito nell'Underworld.
Ci sono vari ruoli che permettono di ottenere varie funzioni e interazioni speciali con altri utenti. Ci sono anche fazioni, lavori ed altre finezze estetiche per gli utenti. E' presente anche una lore per i più curiosi.
I temi trattati sono i più disparati (principalmente anime e videogames), libertà completa agli utenti.
Welcome to Weeb Central! This 18+ server is for anyone who wants to express their interests and maybe get a bit naughty along the way ;) So come and join in on the fun! We would love to have you here <3
This server is for those who have a hard time making friends in game and for those who just want to find some new friendly faces to chat and game with, join today! (:
Come hang out with a chill, relaxed community. Originally created around Twitch streamer TheMightyCaptainFrost, and has evolved to a more all-encompassing community. Come be a part of the growing pains!
Welcome to Fun Fo All! In this server, we offer a lot of fun things!

- More than 15 fun and exciting bots.
- Over 50 channels including an Eggo making factory, roleplay, advertisements, and more.
- We also offer a fun Minecraft minigame server!
- Not to mention, we love and respect all members and staff.
Come join in on the fun!
Etheral is a new server, made for chatting, and hanging out! We have a music bot, custom roles, image and gif channels, video games, and NSFW!
Need someone to collaborate with or just want to game? Join our discord server for promotion and collaboration!
We are a friendly community of streamers, youtubers and fans of RPG Games, Strategy Games, Medieval Content and Videogames in general. We also host raids and giveaways.
👌A Small growing discord server that has everything you want or could ask for 👈

😎 - a small growing community
😤 - spam channels
💣 - bots
💋 - a variety in porn channels
👀 - Anime General/Ecchi General
🎮 - Gaming/Technology discussions
💯 - a loooot of emojis
🎵 - Music General
🃏 - Politics
🎭 - M E M E S/shitposting

Everyone is welcome. There's hardly any rules other than being 18 or older.
Warning: This server is not a hugbox
A roleplaying server for fans of the kirby series OCs and crossovers are allowed
『Awakening :crown:』

ミ:rose: Bienvenue dans Awakening , un royaume sous le reigne de Maybe :rose:彡

ミ:rose: Awakening est un serveur franco-belge qui a pour but de rassembler des membres qui veulent se retrouver dans un endroit pour parler de leurs passions communes. Qu'il s'agisse de parler de mangas/d'animes, de philosopher ou de simplement parler, Awakening est le serveur parfait pour cela :rose:彡

ミ:rose: Le royaume est heureux de vous accueillir pour des parties de jeux en tout genre ! Que tu sois un nouveau joueur ou vétéran, n'hésite pas a venir faire un tour pour nous partager ton expérience dans ce domaine ! :rose:彡

ミ:rose:Le royaume est heureux de vous accueillir dans des activités diverses et variées :
- Multigaming : si vous jouez aux jeux-vidéos , vous pourrez jouer avec vos amis dans parties de jeux en tout genre
- Artistique : si vous dessinez vous pourrez faire part de vos talents artistiques , vous pourrez approfondir les arts picturaux et devenir un véritable dessinateur
- Anime|Manga : vous pourrez discuter avec d'autres membres d'anime et de manga en toute tranquillité

En bref vous pourrez parler de tout et n'importequoi c:
[ ]
Please join me I need help and suport. Im making an open world banjo kazooie fangame and I need you guys...
This server is for fans of all things weeb. Chat , get advise , share your take on things, and just have fun.
Hi! 👋
FailParty is a growing comunity for literally EVERYONE, everyone can talk about almost everything! Many bots, many peoples, and a lot of fun! Join now!
------------- Welcome to Fuxk -------------
✦》Chill staff
✦》Leveling system
✦》LGBTQIA+ friendly
✦》Active Channels
✦》Music & General vcs
✦》Fun bots
Invite link:
This is a super fresh server that I am hoping I can turn into a friendly community full of nice people and non toxic/discriminatory people. Cursing is allowed but no porn or anything like that (keep it sfw). Anybody is welcome meaning you are not allowed to be discriminatory based on sexual orientation or anything else. But really this server is about fun and have a safe space to call home. :P
-NerdExtreme, Server Owner
A fun server for collectively reviewing and exchanging pieces of media. We have a workshop and editors wanted channel for aspiring writers and other creators. You can also post your patreon or twitch in the advertising channel.
A server for playing video-games with other people. Self-roles, trash staff team, the normal. A fairly toxic server that's ruled by an Egyptian theme.
If You like Theme Parks Or Videos Games You Will Fit In Here.

Our Server Features:
Coster Count Ranking System
EU Theme Park Chat
USA Theme Park Chat
Video Games Chat
Weekly Polls
The "Church"
A Friendly Mod Team

It Would Be Great If you Could Join Us
This is a server for people who just want to hangout , and game together. Not only that but to also make new friends, and have fun with each other. It doesn't have to be just gaming though , you can come talk about whatever you want, and hopefully find others who have the same interests. Hope to see you soon, don't hesitate to join !
HOLD IT! Do you like Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney? Or any of the games? This is the server for you! RolePlay or not this is the place for all the fans! New Cases! New Victims! New Defendants! New Killers! App for you! Be a canon character or an Oc! So come join us or face an OBJECTION!
In the supernatural universe of Remnant, four strong girls are training to become Huntresses, which are humanity's only hope of defeating the shadowy and threatening creatures known as Grimm.
A megaman server I threw together, it's just starting out so I'd love help with suggestions. I'm looking for a few more mods and hopefully some new faces to brighten up the place.
Fun server where we meet people and upload jokes funny stories and try to create our own server with our own history and inside jokes.

It's generally funny
You will feel at home here ;-;
Even if you don't feel at home anywhere else ;-; or atleast i hope u do

Just for fun and laughs