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Retro Realms è un server innovativo incentrato su un mondo fantasy. E' diviso in due fazioni che fanno che fanno la guerra tra di loro per conquistare il territorio. Ci sono vari ruoli che permettono di ottenere varie funzioni e interazioni speciali con altri utenti. Ci sono anche fazioni, lavori ed altre finezze estetiche per gli utenti. E' presente anche una lore per i più curiosi.
I temi trattati sono i più disparati (principalmente anime e videogames), libertà completa agli utenti.
In here we talk about anime, videogames or we just chill in #general, great place to meet new people and have fun
This server is for those who have a hard time making friends in game and for those who just want to find some new friendly faces to chat and game with, join today! (:
A server where you can make friends and talk about everything Pokemon related. We also host tournaments and events monthly. 16+ only.

This server welcomes all Pokemon fans, with a tight knit community that is more than happy to call you a friend. Even if you're not that interested in Pokemon, this is still a great place to make friends and talk about other things. We host seasonal and sporadic events, as well as various game tournaments, including Pokemon Showdown. Must be 16+ years to enter.
**__Join the Squrtle Squad__**
The Squrtle Squad is a community of pokecord players who have fun playing the bot (when it's not dead at least) we have stuff like

🔷 Awesome Staff and Active Community
🔷 Giveaways and Events to keep the community engaged
🔷 Amazing Daycares with breeders hand picked by the owner
🔷 Great and challenging gyms with a Pokemon League
🔷Anime, Meme, and Music channels as well as selfroles
🔷 Fun and competitive Tournaments to see who's the best!
🔷 And much more!

Join the Squad today and help us grow into an even greater community
🇫​🇴​🇷​🇺​🇲​ 🇩​🇪​🇱​🇱​·🇺​🇳​🇮​🇴​🇳​🇪​

Volete entrare a fare parte del governo Sovietico? Volete essere tra gli alti ranghi del governo o volete semplicemente parlare e conoscere nuova gente?

Bè il Forum dell'Unione fa al caso vostro! Per chi vuole divertirsi in compagnia o semplicemente scambiare due chiacchiere.
Ah giusto, il regime vi osserva!

Saluto al segretario Generale Sovi!
Welcome to the server!
-We offer lots of roleplay channels for all games, animes, mangas and original stories you might have!
-We also have artistic channels, where you can post aesthetically pleasing things with friends.
-Immediate mod reply.
-Authors/Artists fully welcome!
-NSFW area

See you there,
Welcome to Weeb Central! This 18+ server is for anyone who wants to express their interests and maybe get a bit naughty along the way ;) So come and join in on the fun! We would love to have you here <3
Dyia is looking for you!

Minecraft 1.14.4 Server
➤ 300+ Custom Advancements / Vanilla Survival / Giveaways
➤ Land Claiming / PvP Toggle / Linked Chats
➤ Custom Items / Custom Dungons / Custom Mobs
➤ Player Head Drops / Mob Head Drops / Smelt Flesh to Leather
➤ Tree Capitator / Vein Miner / Silk Spawners / Random tp

What We Offer
➤ Custom Emojis
➤ Active Staff
➤ Many Channels
➤ Many Self Roles
➤ A way to meet new people and make friends

This is a LGBT Gaming server with some stuff like
-Some coolio emojis
-A nice community
-Different text channels WOOOOO
and much more
NOTE: This is NOT a dating server so please don't come here trying to get GFs or BFs
Foxiest Place around for artists gamers and just everyone! Chat about anything and a all around place to have fun!
Hello, This server is a discord community server its new but I hope you will have a great time here! Make sure to join <3 I'd appreciate it!
Hey new recruit! Are you ready to be part of the Redshirts family? Be careful not to perish (no actual perishing is done!)

-Video games, board games, D&D and other TTRPG's
-video game and tabletop discussion channels
-link your stream, promote your stuff!
-find other people to play with online!
-have a good time!
Siamo OX Gaming, un server dedicato al gaming a 360°, con alcuni piccoli Off-Topic a tema musica e dungeons and dragons, che non fanno mai male ;) Abbiamo Lobby generabili per poter giocare a qualsiasi gioco con altri utenti o con i propri amici e tantissimi canali dedicati a discussioni sui vari giochi, sia multiplayer che singleplayer, più o meno in voga e notizie in continuo aggiornamento sulle ultime uscite dei giochi più giocati al momento e sugli esports! Che aspetti? Vieni anche tu a fare parte di OX Gaming!
Welcome to the amazing GuesToo Fan Server! We hope you enjoy your stay here! We're a fairly small server with tons of bots and channels! Our community server offers alot!

Thank you for deciding to join GuesToo!
Hello and welcome to the second server every to have btd5 as a tag
Enjoy your stay here and most important thing is have fun.:)
👌A Small growing discord server that has everything you want or could ask for 👈

😎 - a small growing community
😤 - spam channels
💣 - bots
💋 - a variety in porn channels
👀 - Anime General/Ecchi General
🎮 - Gaming/Technology discussions
💯 - a loooot of emojis
🎵 - Music General
🃏 - Politics
🎭 - M E M E S/shitposting

Everyone is welcome. There's hardly any rules other than being 18 or older.
Warning: This server is not a hugbox
If You like Theme Parks Or Videos Games You Will Fit In Here.

Our Server Features:
Coster Count Ranking System
EU Theme Park Chat
USA Theme Park Chat
Video Games Chat
Weekly Polls
The "Church"
A Friendly Mod Team

It Would Be Great If you Could Join Us
Ayo, this is the Adventurous Heroes Squad!! This is a role-playing server where your imagination comes to life! :D

We have a number of friendly members to meet, and tons of fun activities!

Most of us here are fandom trash so if you have a fandom that you think nobody's in, we might like it!
We are a friendly community of streamers, youtubers and fans of RPG Games, Strategy Games, Medieval Content and Videogames in general. We also host raids and giveaways.
Just a group made by some bored Danganronpa role players. In this group you can discuss about games, movies, books basically everything. We also have Venting places so you can share your problems and get people advice. Places where you can send your spiciest memes and even places where you can roleplay as characters from diferente mediums. So what are you waiting for. Me, you, Team Epicc think about it
A community gaming server, mostly for discussing Ys, but other topics are allowed too!

We aim to create an environment in which anyone can safely discuss their interests (though the main focus is on Ys, don't forget).

If you have an interest in the series, or just want somewhere to hang out then this server is good for you. Who knows, you might even find a new franchise to play!