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Anime and Manga 25
Welcome! This Discord is new, so we want to make it a community that is kind and wonderful! We are trying to become a My Hero Academia server. This discord will appeal to weebs and fans of all things from Anime to Memes.
19 hours ago
All Games 16
Kindlus is a friendly gaming server. We're always looking for new members to join our community. We have roles for all genres of games such as fps, moba, rpgs, etc. Simply join and ask for a role in our assign role channel. There's also a meme channel for anyone to post freely. We have bots to help and make our server more fun and organized. The staff is friendly and can help with anything you might need.
21 hours ago
Simulation Games 5
The Sims unofficial fan discord! Here there is a plethora of options and opportunities for all sims fans alike to enjoy.

What do we have to offer?

✓Server events
✓Safe environment for everyone
✓An unbiased staff team
✓Voice and text channels
✓Variety of bots to improve your experience
2 days ago
Community 60
🔱 🔱 This is a Greek gods related community server where the power you can reach is immense. Have you ever thought of being a god? Then in this server you can reach for it, be active and that's all, the Olympus is waiting for you, the glory will be unlimited.🔱 🔱
We offer a lot of features:

💬A lot of nice members with which you can talk and have an entertaining conversation!💬

🐋Pokecord (Who said a God can’t be a Pokemon master?)🐋

⏫Leveling up system!⏫

👾Gaming-related things! (Have a funny afternoon playing video games with our members)👾

😂Memes, we love memes, who doesn't love memes?😂

🃏Lots of mini games such as Blackjack or hangman!🃏

😏We have Rias, isn't she hot?😏

❤Partnership service❤

Come and take a look, you wont be disappointed. We are waiting for your assistance!
4 days ago
We're a server based off of MBTI/Socionics. Always looking for new members!
16 days ago
Server for self proclaimed hipsters with good tastes. Mainly a music server but anyone else can join, please share your shitty taste with eachother! Video games, movies, cooking, art also included. Still a new server, looking for dedicated co-owners and cool people to add to my staff!! Remember! No Fun allowed!
24 days ago
A game development server that aims to build games based on the community's feedback and comments.
33 days ago
Digital District has been established to provide a well-organized, earnest residence for both mainstream and obscure works. Enabling users to either be casual or more intimate with what they like best.

Built upon past and surrounding trials-and-errors, this server showcases a robust yet ambitious approach to the average "Anime & Games" server.
81 days ago
People who arn't too picky about what games to play, as well as general topics to talk about (we have some music buffs and film buffs in the server). Just meant to be a chill place for vidya. all regions are welcome since not all members are from the same region
91 days ago
A nice community that is available for people to use and invite your friends to use! Similar to the old days of IRC/Forums, come on by and say hello!
216 days ago
All Games 47
The Most Intense Gaming Server That Changes Lives!
224 days ago