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This is a small server for people who just want to be chill and talk about things such as: anime, movies, videogames, music, etc.
2 hours ago
Welcome to Detroit! A server where you can relax with other gamers and talk! But most importantly you can enjoy an entire new Detroit storyline and roleplay with other fans!
17 hours ago
New server no rude people no drama. Just a lovely place where nice people hangout and love each other YEA BOIIIII do not be lazy join us DO IT <3
20 hours ago
This server is for chatting reasons mainly, but you can also RP and fangirl about your franchise of choice. Don't have your favourite game? Ask to add it!

1 days ago
Hi we are boops and snoots, we have games, art, regular human talking, anime, hentai, manga, well, anything you want.
2 days ago
All anime and video game fans welcome! Join here to talk to other fans about your favorite games and anime! We also have fun bots for games to play on the server!
3 days ago
Welcome to Kindlus.
~General Overview~
Kindlus is mainly a gaming server filled with people with similar interests. Although it is mainly for games, we do have other stuff to make the server a place for everyone.
-Partnership Opportunities
-Your own role/ color
-Private Group chats for you and your friends
Thank you for your consideration!
Please note that this server uses Moderation Level Medium.
5 days ago
We are a community dedicated to talking in peace and having fun. We also support YouTube content creators and Twitch streamers, so please contact us if you wish to be advertised in the server.

We also discuss Pokemon Nuzlockes and Randomizers, so please feel free to talk about that and stream it.

Wanna post some memes? Sure! We're a very goofy group of people.
6 days ago
Join Kiwi Community today! I am a Twitch streamer and Youtuber trying to grow my channels through discord. On my server we also just like to hangout and chat while playing games together! This is a gaming server and a place for subscribers to hang out. We play games such as GTA V (WITH FREE MONEY DROPS), PUBG, Far Cry 5, Insurgency, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and many more! Join today!
8 days ago
-=HEY, YOU!=-

Do you want to play a game?

Well, too bad! This isn't Jigsaw.
It's a game.

Hey, kid! The world just got cooler! Stand back and listen in as I tell you about *SNINS; The 32-Bit Roleplay* server!
It's a crossover and OC friendly roleplay server where you can wander through a world of infinite bits of possibility!
Get adventured into this whole new world!

We offer:
👾Staff that aids users frequently👾
🌀Team Guilds Customization🌀
☀Marketplace with custom unique items☀
💎Battle System💎
☥Missions and Exploration System☥

What are you waiting? Turn your game on and join!
12 days ago
Wanna Join a gaming server where you can show off your stats to everyone well join here. We are also looking to expand to Solo scrims on fortnite very soon.
13 days ago
Come hang out in this nerdy Gamer community where we play games together, chat about the latest video games, and chill! Happy Gaming!
17 days ago
A fun cute server where you can join and talk about anime, gaming, and pretty much anything else as long as you're nice and respectful of others.
32 days ago
If you want a place just to chill hang out and play some games and listen to music come and join us. We have really friendly staff and I make sure of that. We also do giveaways here and their and lastly we do partnerships if you want your server to grow.
Join here
34 days ago
This is a server discussing the movie, Ready Player One, which is one of my favourite movies. Here, you can discuss characters, events, and any Ready Player One finds you msy have. You can also Fangirl/Fanboy/Fan over characters in the fan clubs! You are also free to share your opinions on the movie, and remember, have fun!
41 days ago
welcome to The Cozy Shelter!

The Cozy Shelter is a random, calm server that's for everyone to feel safe in.

you can make new friends & chill

〜 Emotes are coming soon! 〜
51 days ago
ehhh, this server is honestly trash if you wanna join you can, but like. e h h. we talk about anime, kpop, video games, bands, edgy shit, and I'd say its pretty chill. Kinda small rn, but pretty active. We also really need help with shit, so if you wanna please help us out
55 days ago
A community of people who like to share each other's interests
61 days ago
Server with Corrupt Government and ruled by random fukin' anime weeaboos
71 days ago
Got emotes, custom roles and all that fun stuff. Must be 18+ to join. Very chill, come relax and hangout with friends! Anyone is welcome as long you aren't a mean person.
78 days ago
The Sims unofficial fan discord! Here there is a plethora of options and opportunities for all sims fans alike to enjoy.

What do we have to offer?

✓Server events
✓Safe environment for everyone
✓An unbiased staff team
✓Voice and text channels
✓Variety of bots to improve your experience
89 days ago
🔱 🔱 This is a Greek gods related community server where the power you can reach is immense. Have you ever thought of being a god? Then in this server you can reach for it, be active and that's all, the Olympus is waiting for you, the glory will be unlimited.🔱 🔱
We offer a lot of features:

💬A lot of nice members with which you can talk and have an entertaining conversation!💬

🐋Pokecord (Who said a God can’t be a Pokemon master?)🐋

⏫Leveling up system!⏫

👾Gaming-related things! (Have a funny afternoon playing video games with our members)👾

😂Memes, we love memes, who doesn't love memes?😂

🃏Lots of mini games such as Blackjack or hangman!🃏

😏We have Rias, isn't she hot?😏

❤Partnership service❤

Come and take a look, you wont be disappointed. We are waiting for your assistance!
90 days ago
We're a server based off of MBTI/Socionics. Always looking for new members!
102 days ago