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Welcome to The Hub. Here you can roleplay as any video-game character in video-game history. From Pac-Man to Kratos, here you can let your imagination run wild as you role-play as some of the best and coolest characters in video-games!
🔻Splatoon server 🔺
You don't have to be a fan to join, but keep in mind it's mainly a Splatoon server.
390+ members
High moderation.
🔷🔷 Please be at least 16+ if you plan on joining, most members here are older so no kids thanks. If you're young this isn't the place for you.🔷🔷
We have:
🔸Main chat
🔹Assignable roles
🔹Splatoon 2 matchmaking
🔸Active voice channels
🔹Level up system
🔸Custom emotes
🔹Other games discussion 🔸Tournaments, other events
and lots more!!
A another language can be spoken and it is Estonian.
The Admin is friendly and don't be afraid to ask! 🙂
Normally when the Admin gets on is in Estonian time at 9:00-16:00 (Eastern European Standard Time (UTC/GMT+2)
Want to hang out talk with other people? play a bunch of games with your friends or other people? then here you go, join the server and Have Fun!

VideoGames Central

Welcome to VideoGames Central **REBORN**!
Basically, here we like videogames.
But that's not it!
We have:
:point_right: **Lots of cool self-assign roles!** :point_left:
:point_right: **Original roast battles!** :point_left:
:point_right: **Lots of memes ensue** :point_left:
:point_right: **NSFW stuff for all the weirdos!** :point_left:
:point_right: **Music channel!** :point_left:
:point_right: **Over 60 custom emojis!** :point_left:
:point_right: **Support for if you are feeling sad!** :point_left:
:point_right: **Lots of memes ensue!** :point_left:
When YouTube meme channels upload, MEE6 automatically tells everyone!
Speaking of MEE6, we have a few good bots, like MEE6, Homer, Dank Memer, and Rhythm!
We are also looking for:
- **Staff**!
- **Partners**!
- **YouTubers and Twitch Streamers**!
Basically the best server for a gamer because of the videogames, memes, and NSFW!
Hi! I'm @r⚆b⌥#7121 and this is my small server. It started as a music oriented server, but it grown to be a somewhat organized server with many interesting text channels where people can post shit to compensate for their even shitter lives. We talk about life stuff, videogames, music, anime, movies etc...
Feel free to join. Here u can find 10% actual music, 10% kim jong un pictures,
30% shitpost and spam and 50% attention seeking and whining how shit life is and how much u rather be dead than enduring your painful life. join if the aforementioned interests got your attention, u like kim jong un and practice jucheism, want to see cool d4nny gifs [greatest rapper tbh] or just come posting random stuff yourself to keep the server alive. ps free cheese n crackers. If u stay active u gon get epic custom roles.
Welcome to the jungle! K. Rools to be exact! We have fun here so be you’re self! We have special channels for everything too,
Welcome to Majin's House! A geeky nsfw server! We have:
- Live Twitch streams!
-Pokemon and waifu bots!
-New self assignable roles every week!
-Hentai channel!
-Mildly moderated rooms
- 100% secure server (absolutely no minors where there shouldn't be ;))
- A hot box channel to toke in and much, much more!
We're growing bigger everyday, join us while we continue to build and create with our members in mind!
New server no rude people no drama. Just a lovely place where nice people hangout and love each other YEA BOIIIII do not be lazy join us DO IT <3
for those who like gaming, anime, electronics, and streaming or streamers and more.
[ESP] A new community based on manga and anime! Extra functions like roleplay or gaming!
This is a small server for people who just want to be chill and talk about things such as: anime, movies, videogames, music, etc.
Mansion Of Life
Welcome to Mansion Of Life! We are a videogames/roleplay server!
we're starting out low and dont have many people but are trying to start up a big server with a friendly community. :)
Comunidad española de cosplay, donde lo más importante es la privacidad y los derechos de autor de sus usuarios. Estamos trabajando en una red social online, pero de momento, queremos que los cosplayers tengan un sitio donde socializar exclusivamente sobre cosplay :)
This server is for gamers looking to join a gaming community!
¿Do you like hurting other people?

Server based on the two "Hotline Miami" games, you can roleplay as your own character or just chill and have a good time if you want.
Welcome to Detroit! A server where you can relax with other gamers and talk! But most importantly you can enjoy an entire new Detroit storyline and roleplay with other fans!
A place for teens 13-17 to hang out, make friends, date, talk about anime, manga, videogames, music and much more!
A small and comfy sever with a large host of channels for many subjects! You'll need tags to access certain channels. This is so only people who want to post in them can, and we don't get spam messages everywhere.
Welcome !
This is the sweetest graveyard on Discord.
We a smol community from a bunch of different part of the world.
Please join, we love making new frens! ♥


//Page of the server Owner :
.·:¨༺ Avocado ༻¨:·.

We are a nice laidback server and a calming environment for its members. Our server is a great place to chill out, make friends and socialize. Come meet new people and our amazing staff.

We offer:

♡ NSFW Channels
♡ Music Bots
♡ Recommended music/song of the day
♡ LGBTQ+ friendily
♡ Gaming Bots
♡ And more!!!