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Hello! We are the Sayori Protection Squad! We're mainly a community of people who just like to hang out and have fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here, especially if you like Sayori! We've got plenty of bots to use, as well as weekly activities and contests! We vote on who gets to be on the server icon each week, for an example. So come and join, since I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
ye fucking join if u want need people to tourment and craft lewd shit
HEY GUYS WELCOME TO ANOTHER MINECRAFT LETS PLAY! ~~~ This is a server dedicated to your preferences! Yaoi, Hentai, you name it! The server is owned by a hyperactive yaoi fangirl, and a questioning femboy. Come join us fellow weebs and normies, and help us with our server count!
✅weeaboo/normie friendly
✅LGBT+ friendly
✅chill staff
People in this server are very loud and edgy. If you do not want/ don’t like edginess, enter at your own risk!
Welcome. This server is to help spread the memes, broken dreams, and lots of cancer. Enjoy your stay, or don't. I don't care what you do, as long as you're not a bully.
Hello Everyone! Looking for yet another place to spend your time on discord? Love DDLC? Well I've got a place for you!

Drumroll please

This server has something for everyone, Poem sharing, Art making, Music composing, and much more!

We hope you enjoy your stay
"To be honest, we'd be pissed if you just came for the cupcakes"
Sayori's Happy Place is a server where you can make friends and hang out with the people on the server. The server has hentai channels, it's partly a gaming server, basically everything you need. Every Staff member is chill and easy to get along with!
Hi there, this is the literature club. Of course we have way more things than just literature. You should come check us out. Btw this is a ddlc server and if you don't like ddlc we still have things to do that's not ddlc

We have:
- ddlc
- literature
- emojis
- bots
- giveaways
- music
- games
And much more

Come join us for fun things and remember, just monika
This is a server made for people that like both hentai and DDLC
Welcome to DDLC Love! a place where you can join the DDLC community and talk about all things DDLC!

We have:
-Special roles!
-Hunger Games!
-A friendly community!
-plenty of channels with different purposes!

So, what're you waiting for?! Hit the join button already!
This server is full of cute Dokis!

We have:
-Friendly people
-Dededicated places for Doki and Not Doki related Content.
-An Economy
-Lots of fun bots
-Music and Voice channels

Join us today!

Facebook page:
Facebook Group:
Hi, Monika here! Welcome to the Doki Doki Literature Club Roleplay Server. This server was made by me and my friends just for you. So come join.

-=Oh, hey!=-
So quick message from the owner. Hi, I'm Akaimatronic. Chances are you don't know me from my YouTube channel, but if you do, then congratulations, you have no life. So, some good things about this server are:
-Welcoming and friendly staff-
-Accepting community-
-Cool bots-
And, that's pretty much it. K Cya!
Hi, Monika here!

And I’m here to tell you about a brand-new roleplay server, based off my own little video game, Doki Doki Literature Club! Any new member joining the server would be a massive help to the two people who made this possible, Opal/Tori, and Cheshire!

So why don’t you give us a chance? Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find deep dark secrets other club members prefer not to tell...
Welcome to Yuri's Literature Club! I'm Ash! In the YLC we offer many things including roleplay with claimable characters, game nights and even nights when you feel like doing something fun if you know what I mean hehe~
We have friendly staff and if I am not available at least one admin will be! We all hope to see you soon!
We are a nsfw server with catagorized channels for your specific taste. All type of nsfw is welcome.
**In this server, we have:**

:black_heart: - A role-locked NSFW channel
:black_heart: - Friendly staff and members
:black_heart: - A lot of bots.
:black_heart: - Memes
:black_heart: - Partnerships
:black_heart: - Various voice chats
A friendly, accepting DDLC roleplay server!
Create an OC and join in! Sometimes the Dokis might RP with you!
Come on and have fun~!
H-hello! And welcome to the yuri fanclub, this was made to show our love for the ddlc character Yuri!

We are hosting a competition soon!

What we have
Nsfw channel
Vent stuff

More is coming soon :)))!!

We are new, help us grow! Ps, this ain’t a friendly server
A place for Doki Doki Literature Club! fans to share any sort of fanwork they've made, whether it's fanart, fanfic, a mod or something else entirely! Whatever it is, we guarantee that more eyes will see it! We also do a lot more activities, such as gaming and roleplay!
Hello! I am Sky (the owner)
And my server is empty, so I would appreciate if you joined!
We got:
Fandoms of all kinds!
Talking places!

But we need more:
And a bunch of things!

So please join today!
Come hang out, chat and have fun! Talk about the game and even write poems!
Welcome to our DDLC server, hoping to grow by the day.
We follow a few rules and aim to make people comfortable in the server, as well as the users.
The Unofficial DDLC Discord is a fan based doki doki literature club server where people can chill, talk about the game, and overall just have a good time.
The Doki Doki Fan Club! is a DDLC server. It is a server where you can discuss anything, but most importantly the graphic novel the server is about.