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We do lots of different things and are open to new ideas and love to have fun, and if your an artist we will help you with whatever you need, and if anyone has questions on pokecord or pokeverse ask the guy who is in a blue robe.
Hey! Stop scrolling! Are you a furry? Do you you like vore? Do you like anime or ddlc? Do you have other fetishes? This place is for you! There is also nsfw sections! So what are you waiting for? Join!
The official mod server for the Doki Doki Kindergarten Mod! For info, development updates, and more on the mod, join~
Small RP server I hope to grow. Basically, a DDLC Anime Club AU.
The support server for Doki Doki Mod Manager, the easiest way to install mods for DDLC.
Welcome to our DDLC server, hoping to grow by the day.
We follow a few rules and aim to make people comfortable in the server, as well as the users.
you can rp as a student, teacher, or even join or create clubs.

no kinkshaming, erp allowed, please enjoy yourself in our server.
Welcome to Klem Has No RP Life, this is a crossover RP server made by myself. I am klem, this is my first time managing an RP server. Suggestions are needed.
We have obsessions, We have cosplay, We have hot anime babus. We have the power of god and anime on our side, and we revive dead fandoms. Join the cult. You will not be disappointed.
The Unofficial DDLC Discord is a fan based doki doki literature club server where people can chill, talk about the game, and overall just have a good time.
Welcome to doki doki 😘❤️

This is a doki doki fanbase dating sever up to 13+ and u the people well be able to make your own doki doki or be one of the girls I will see u there in the club
Hey! I'm Wolfie a small Streamer/Youtuber just wanting to create a small community for the games we love!
We Include game chats such as:-
Destiny 2, Fortnite, Rainbow 6, CSGO, DBZ: Dokkan Battle, DB Legends & DDLC
We also include: Immediate notifications when Streaming or Uploading

We also love anime here! An anime that is very popular here is the Dragon Ball Franchise!
Oh, and we have an NSFW Chat lol.

Enjoy! :>
This is a Doki Doki Literature Club roleplay server. Have fun!
A small community with friendly people, and always welcome to everyone! Pokécord, Miki, Kawaiibot and many more fun bots to play with.
Please note, swearing is allowed, so if you’re uncomfortable with that.. idk actually
Just remember, have fun!
A friendly, accepting DDLC roleplay server!
Create an OC and join in! Sometimes the Dokis might RP with you!
Come on and have fun~!
Hi, Monika here!

And I’m here to tell you about a brand-new roleplay server, based off my own little video game, Doki Doki Literature Club! Any new member joining the server would be a massive help to the two people who made this possible, Opal/Tori, and Cheshire!

So why don’t you give us a chance? Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find deep dark secrets other club members prefer not to tell...
Welcome to the degenerates, we have a wide variety of bots and channels for everyone. We also have lots of coloured roles and extensive lore within the server which you can get yourself in.
Disclaimer; the humour here may not be for everyone
This is a server for a DDLC mod, "DDLC Soy Sauce Edition!"
Now, i hear what you're saying. "What the hell is a Soy Sauce"? Though it is explained in the server, Soy Sauce is a character made by a user called Goose (Who says Soy is a mistake). I hope this server grows into a nice friendly community!
H-hello! And welcome to the yuri fanclub, this was made to show our love for the ddlc character Yuri!

We are hosting a competition soon!

What we have
Nsfw channel
Vent stuff

More is coming soon :)))!!

We are new, help us grow! Ps, this ain’t a friendly server
Welcome to the Literature club. We will make poems and share them together. This server is based off the video gem called Doki Doki literature club. Please enjoy!
Hi there.
I am klem, I have been on alot of RP servers, and decided to make one of my own. I consider the rules easy to understand. We're just starting out, so please join!!!