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a server for mad lads who happen to be weebs
Server: DOKI DOKI??
Hi we are a new server made up of awesome people who love Doki Doki Literature Club! Join us today to chat with some cool people! Also choose your favourite girl (btw that's me Natsuki) and have a great time!

We are a multi-purpose Discord for everyone, based around the Doki Doki universe. we have active voice chats and hope to create a great community for people to come hang and chill!

Tags: ddlc, anime, doki doki literature club, hangout, natsuki, monika, yuri, sayori, doki doki, doki doki literature club, ddlc, doki doki??, doki, doki, doki
A friendly community to discuss DDLC, make friends and overall enjoy yourself!