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Welcome to Yuri's Poem Corner! we love ddlc and want to show it through this brand new server! We talk about ddlc, all the girls (despite the name of this server), and the community in general. You can discuss ddlc, simulate it, roleplay ddlc, or even use this server as a place to just hang out on the off topic section! We have interactive chat rooms like poem time where you can openly share poems, help people with poems ect and a section where you can ask bots things! We hope you'll stay and have a great time!
Welcome to DDLC Love! a place where you can join the DDLC community and talk about all things DDLC!

We have:
-Special roles!
-Hunger Games!
-A friendly community!
-plenty of channels with different purposes!

So, what're you waiting for?! Hit the join button already!
A doki doki roleplay server with some nsfw rp
Small RP server I hope to grow. Basically, a DDLC Anime Club AU.
Server: DOKI DOKI??
Hi we are a new server made up of awesome people who love Doki Doki Literature Club! Join us today to chat with some cool people! Also choose your favourite girl (btw that's me Natsuki) and have a great time!

We are a multi-purpose Discord for everyone, based around the Doki Doki universe. we have active voice chats and hope to create a great community for people to come hang and chill!

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