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We are a new organization which contains cash tournaments of brawlstars. we have a bunch of clubs for you! try to join them and be with us!. Thank you!
Welcome to the arena!

We play Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and Clash of Clans! We also have Pokécord, Pokémon for discord, and tons of other Mini Games for you to play!

We are extremely active and have multiple clans in our family. Don't want to join one of our clans? That's fine! Join now to socialize, mess about and have a great time!

We do memes, trades and more! Need help? No prob! Just ask one of our professional players! Our bots serve every purpose from stats to memes and we have tons of crazy emotes and GIFs to offer!

Anything we don't have that you want? Just ask and we will make it happen!

Oh yeah! We have weekly tournaments for the Big 3 Supercell games with over $30 worth of prizes! Google, iTunes and Steam vouchers available!

DM me, Gray#4958, for anything related.

Clash On!
Our server was created for gaming purposes but we have are looking to make it more community based. Come join us we are very chill and like to talk about pretty much anything you want.
We are a mobile and console gaming server where you can play and do whatever whenever you want. We do have rules, stats, and roles for any new member that joins. 🥰
Landis Community Discord:
YouTube: Landi - Brawl Stars
Twitch: Landi1995
Kommt rein wenn ihr auf der Suche seid nach Mitspielern oder um immer auf dem neusten Stand zu sein über Landi.
Wir freuen uns auf euch :)
**>>> BRAWL LATAM <<<***

• Ofrecemos un servidor para encontrar gente para jugar
• Conoce personas nuevas
• Comunidad libre de toxicidad
• Rangos por número de trofeos
• Rangos por número de suscriptores en youtube
• Autorol
• Canal de SPAM
• Bots de brawl stars
• Sistema para reclutar para competitivos o clubs amateur

& Mucho más.

Entra y descubre por ti mismo las maravillas que pose este servidor

• Invitación :
Український сервер для гравців в бравл старс. Ламповість гарантована
Вітаю на нашому сервері діскорд
Тут ти зможеш
1)поспілкуватися з різними людьми
2)знайти собі друга з яким ти зможеш апнути топ України і не тільки
3)послухати музику яку ти можеш сам заказати
Wir sind ein Netter Und ein Kleiner Bs (Brawlstars) Server mit Netter Community Gewinnspielen und Natürlich ein paar Bots mit denen ihr unteranderem Ein bisschen Spaß haben könnt

Was können wir euch bieten
-Eine Nette Community
-Und Brawlstars 😁

Wir freuen uns wenn ihr Zu uns Findet
LG Arian
🔥About us: we have many entertaining bots such as mudae, pokecord, ayana, unbelievaboat and dank memer etc. We have many beautiful emojis!

🔷Clash royale:
⭐ We have clans for clash royale.
⭐ We are making esports team for clash royale.
⭐ we hoist tournament for clash royale.

⭐ You can advertise your clan for pubg.
⭐You can make group for pubg.

⭐ You can advertise yourself.
⭐ You can make save the world and battle Royale fireteam for fortnite.

🌎Brawl star:
⭐You can make group for brawl star.

💾counter strike global offence:
⭐You can make team and play matches.

Are you looking for a place to chat with community gamers, then "Gaming Hub GH" is the right place for you. Come visit us and enjoy your gaming journey with us.

But beside gaming we have number of discord related stuff:
- We have music bots for music lovers.
- Pokecord for the fans of pokemon worldwide.
- A friendly and entertaining environment, so you can't get bored.
- Monthly renovations to keep improving (Server).

~ If we talk about games, so we focus on several mobile games (Check the tags).
- We have particular voice channels for games, which help you to communicate with friends. (Specially for games which don't have ingame voice function)
- We hold weekly tournaments in our official club. (Brawl Stars)
And much more is awaiting for you...

We also have our "Official Bot" which help you everytime you need assistance.But don't forget to tag the mods in any case.

Thanks for reading!!
We are the Epsilon Project...

Originally a Brawl Stars organisation, we're looking to expand into new territory by re-branding our server from Brawl Stars, to a social hangout/gaming server. Come help us make this a reality.

What we Offer:

#->A plethora of fun bots
#->Engaging array of channels
#->Dozens of roles to obtain
#->Members from all over the Globe
#->Management Positions available
#->A 1.2 million trophy club to join if you play Brawl Stars + 2 Feeders
#->Events and Giveaways | Including Nitro
#->The perks of a boosted server

Thanks for reading this. We hope to see you soon!
На нашем сервере ты найдёшь: Розыгрышы на деньги, весёлые игры, актив и многое другое! Заходи!
Сервер, где вы сможете повеселиться и поиграть в разные игры, вы найдете много хороших друзей!
Join Noot Noot today!!

Do you know english and are you an active player?
If yes, you are more then welcome in the brawl stars club, and if you think you're too bad, you're WRONG, we accept everyone above the 1200 trophies.
And if want to join, but you don't want to leave your current club?
DO NOT worry because we also have a discord server with over 165 members and some fun bots!!!

More club info:

◽ Club Name: Noot Noot
◽ Club Tag: #YG9Q29G9
◽ Club Trophy: 450K
◽ Members: 81
◽ Trophy Requirement: 1200
◽ Discord Invite: 2XXEpg9
Hello there! Here at CletusGaming we're a friendly server. Though it is centered around the games moomoo and brawl stars feel free to talk about any game. Don't wanna chat? That's fine we have bots here you can interact with. Overall this is a fun and chill environment join today!
Greetings everyone, welcome to 🔥Brawl Primo. This is a cool, chill and e🅱️ic server. Based off Supercells El Primo! Worship him! Play brawlstars or not, we welcome you! And don’t forget to give us a lil intro!
We are a group of people who started this in order for Brawl Stars players to get benefited.

We will be discussing about strategies and I will be giving you my tips and yeah , you can share yours too....✌️

We have got a lot of fun bots for you to have entertained, in case you need a bot let us know and we will add it for you😀.There are also self-reactable roles where you may choose the role which suits you the most...

What you want based on Brawl Stars we got it here , missing something, tell a Mod or The Brawler to add it 😉

Whatever be it Join us , you won't regret it.

Still confused?👇👇👇

Come on. Join!!!
Добре дошли в Inferno clan. Кланът е предназначен за fortnite, counter strike, brawl stars и други групови игри. Има botове за всичко. Ако не нямате свободо време по добре не влизайте, защото не трябват unactive memberes
Jest to serwer Minecraft Brawl Stars Clash Royale Battle Lands Royale i wszystko inne co zaproponujecie