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Welcome to Skarlazer's Castle!

I don't know what to put here so... yeah, that's it

it's just a little and a normal server (maybe)
This is an 18+ roleplay lounge, yet it's safe for work in regards to sexual content. Wow, 18+ AND sfw. Who woulda thunk it? We really focus on story and character building, and we hope to build a community that can indulge in the fantastical stories we create here.
We have a lot of original sci-fi and supernatural rps based on the ideas of myself and the server's members, and one rp based off of FNAF. So if any of those things sound interesting, come see what we're about. :3
Welcome to the User Battles! In this place, you can sign up by choosing your animatronics, and making some battle info for them!
This server can also be used as a roleplay server, so, roleplayers, you are free to come here!
This server will mainly be used for roleplaying and also signing up. There will be a Steam thread where the battles will be posted. I'll make sure of linking the Steam thread so you can read the battles!
(No NSFW. Blood can be mentioned, but not described graphically)
Are you a fan of FNaF? If so, join this server! It has many categories, and more! For example: FNaF, Memes, Bots, and more! Come on down and join the fun!
Welcome to FazBear's diner! A wonderful place where everyone can immerse themself into the fnaf universe and can have fun! We have regular and sfw rp, and a section with erp only, so anyone is free to be here without seeing something they don't want.
Fazbear entertainment finally had the idea to combine all their previous locations and make it into one big location! Though the place was a huge success, the robots started to act... different... they were acting more human, which means they don’t have automated responses, they can actually feel emotions instead of being cold and emotionless robots, and they don’t move as weird as a normal robot would, more like a cartoon character than anything! They’re programming has been fixed, and no longer see humans as metal endoskeletons without their costumes. Instead, they see them as y’know, normal people. So they’re pretty chill during the night, so you don’t have to worry about them... unless you piss them off.
Fazbear’s entertainment a corporation that owned all of the Freddy fazbear’s pizza locations but as the years went on one by one each location closed down until there was no more. Years has past each location getting torn down and all animatronics sent back to a factory named Afton Robotics. William Afton kept the factory open but never had anything get ordered from his factory. William Afton had a plan for his animatronics but this idea needed time so he planned ahead for the new location idea and got started with adding new features to the animatronics. After a few years of hard work william afton finished adding new features to them but now he is trying to find a location to have his idea built at. The animatronics at the factory are able to free roam around the factory to make sure their joints don’t freeze up or lock up but how the rest of this lore goes is up to the roleplayers that join this server.

-You can create your own character or claim one of the canon animatronics we have

-We have a nsfw category that requires a role that you can ask for when you join

-Animatronics are allowed to leave the factory and go out into the city and so on and they are also water proof unless you don't want them to be you can have them as not water proof

-events (they might take awhile to be made and announced so sorry for the inconvenience)
This is a new server I recently created I love the fnaf series and I want to create my own story for it with the help of others. I also take requests for more rps
Welcome to Five Nights at Freddy’s: The RolePlay
Here, you can delve into the world of the FNAF game series through this roleplay. This roleplay will allow you to chose ANY FNAF character that is available, as well as make your own OC! Here, we present an active community that many people aspire to be apart of. We have extremely active mods that are kind, and willing to help everyone apart of the server. Here, we include all FNAF characters to chose from. We have a music chat, where you can listen to all the songs you’d like while roleplay. We also have many bots ready to accommodate you with anything you need done. We have long RP, that is a continuous roleplay that lasts for a long time. We have short RP, which is a temporary joyful experience for everyone to partake in. We have many other chats for distractions from the main two categories such as Descriptive RPs, NSFW RPs, offtopic RPs and much more. Last but not least we may host events for members to take part in such as a set storyline RP and some other smaller events for members to possibly win extra characters slots along with a few non RP chats for people.
Hello? Oh- Hey! Didn’t see you there. This is your employer talking, and I’ve come to talk to you about your job here. This is Fazbears Entertainment, where the animatronics have an option on being what gender they are, and we get new animatronics all the time. We also get a good amount of guards across our franchises, and mechanics. Also, the bots tend to be a bit... aggressive, if you catch my drift. They love new people, and can’t get enough! It gets pretty wild every-now and again. Anyways, we hope you come in, if ya get what I mean, and join us today.
Hello! Hello, Hello! Welcome to Nokia's Boring House! Nokia's Boring House is a roleplay server for dsaf fans or for others! Here you can have fun with other people, play with bots, and more!
That's all for now, I'll tell you more (or not) about the description about this server, goodbye and remember, the company's motto is "Sweep it under the rug, it's probably fine!"
A place where all the fandoms of any type are celebrated!
We have plenty of things to do here which includes RP, art and fanart, and much more.
We have friendly staff that will help you right away
Come one, come all! Welcome to The Labyrinth! A place where fun and fantasy come to life! Feel free to rp, chat, and chill out with us. Bring a friend or two! Come on and join the family!
Welcome to Freddy's Fabulous Server! We Are A Friendly Five Night's At Freddy's Community That Wants To Grow And Be Successful! What We Offer To Members:
→ An active and friendly owner that welcomes all new members.
→ High Moderation from raiders and spammers.
→ Entertaining and fun bots to cheer up our members.
→ Lots of self assignable roles to customize yourself.
→ NSFW channels.
→ Role-plays channels.
→ LGBTQ+ Acceptance.
→ Server updates weekly.
So what are you waiting for? Come join us and have some fun!
Hello, this is what to expect in the server!

Lots of people to chat and roleplay with
People with a funny sense of humor
FNaF Characters
Fan-Game Characters
Tons of channels, such as an art channel, rp channels, a meme channel, and more!

So if you like fnaf and roleplaying, this is the place to be!
Welcome to Five Nights at Freddy's RP 2! Here we have
Roleplay roles
Regular Rp Areas
Nsfw Rp Area
Most of the FNaF Characters as roles
hi im Phenom im the owner of this discord roleplay server this is a remake of the last one i made we have OC,games,music,voice rp,we also allow ERP lots of channels and more. we are trying to start are own community of roleplayers that love fnaf one more thing you can always DM or ping me if you need something i will try to reply the most i can and if you join thx for chosing my server and enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Times' Mafia! Ignore the name, but we have tons of unique qualities!
-Fnaf (Roleplay included),
-Banjo-Kazooie (including RP),
-Multiple other roleplay categories,
-And, LGBTQ+ acceptance of course!
We also hold polls, and events for the members to join, there's more, but you have to join to see, cuz I forgot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Welcome to Fnaf Land RP. Where you can rp and have a lot of fun in the fnaf universe. You can play as a Animatronic or a Human and explore the world of your own Pizzeria instead of the original FNAF Pizzerias. This is a NSFW roleplay because of gore and sometimes love but besides that enjoy exploring the world of FNAF.
Welcome To The "Five Nights At Freddy's" Server
Read Our Rules Before Posting:
1.No Hating On Anyone
2.No Spamming
3.Always Follow Orders By Admins/Mods
4.No Rule 34 & 63 Content Is Allowed (However Gory FNAF Content Is Allowed)
5.Only Content Related To FNAF Is Allowed (If You Want To Talk About Mario Then Go To A Mario Server)
6.No Trash Posting Allowed
7.Content Containing Ear Rape Is Not Allowed (Only When It Comes To FNAF 7 Gameplay Footage Or FNAF 7 Animations)
8.Do Not Promote Yourself Or Anybody/Anything Else
9.Do Not Complain About Any Of The Rules (This Rule System Is A Proven And Tested Format)
10.Do Not Try To Spread False Information
11.Do Not Make Any Posts About The User "DAGames" And Do Not Post Any Of His Content (Only Exception Being His FNAF Songs And Nothing Else)
12.Do Not Post Links To Any Social Media Posts
13. NEVER Try To Create Any Type Of Drama
14. thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself
16. Don't Complain About Any Micro Transactions In FNAF Games
17. The Twisted Trilogy is Official but NOT canon.
18. All FNAF Videos Made By "The Game Theorists" In 2019 & 2018 Are Banned
We are just now starting off as a small chill server with not many people in it. Everyone here has been in a large fnaf server called “FnAF fan club” and this is going to be a remake of it since it got tooken down. We have roleplays, music, nsfw •~•, and a lot of fun bots. Plus our role plays are usually really fun!!! We can’t wait to meet you! come join the animatronic family.
are you looking for a rp?
This server is for you!
(faz bears entertament has no garanty for guarding guests safety
We are a Five Nights at Freddy's roleplay server! Feel free to come and hangout!