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Welcome To The Pizzeria Roleplay Discord Server! This is not the official server. This is a server mainly about a very popular FNAF Fangame on ROBLOX called "The Pizzeria Roleplay". In this server you can view updates for the game, attend giveaways, and so much more!
This is a open Multiplayer Gaming Community (On Discord AND Steam)
Welcome to the Freddy Fazbears pizzeria, Where anything could happen. We have a selection from Normal Animatronics to Drawkill Animatronics. So come join the family, We are dying for you to join.
Server com coisas variadas de steven universe fnaf e outros jogos q iremos adicionar pra isso tem q divulgar nosso servidor para continuar ativo :3
A server for people who like to game, whether you like to debate fnaf or talk about elder scrolls online or fallout lore. Due to recent problems with behavior, looking for mature people preferably over 18.
Welp, I guess you’re here. this channel... isn’t so much of a bad time. It’s my home, really. Akedemi city. Kind of a mix between underground, New York, and akedemi from Yandere simulator. Of course, what’s the difference?
This is the FNAF station server!
This is a discord server dedicated to role-playing a Fnaf space station, so if you don't like fnaf then you don't have to join.

Before using a character send me or a mod the message and wait for it to be approved
Like memes? Five Nights at Freddy's? Then this christian server is for you. Please read the rules when you join.
Welcome To FNAF Roleplay!
A place where you can talk, make new friends, roleplay, and listen to music.

◽Make friends
◽NSFW Channel😏
◽Hiring Trustworthy Staff Members
◽FNAF Roleplay
◽Currently Working On Self Assignabble Roles
You can hang out in my server, talk about stuff, post art, spam memes, roleplay with others, and it also has a NSFW area.
Small server about fnaf, a reboot of a server that got deleted
We are a roleplaying server made by FNAF fans, for FNAF fans. Don't worry if you don't know how to roleplay, just contact the server owner and he'll help you learn!
Welcome to Fnaf Let's Talk!

We Have:
-No NSFW Channels
-Fnaf SubReddit Channel
-Non-Fnaf Category
-Meme Channels
-Art-Work Channels
and So Much More!!!

Come and Be Apart The Freddy Fazbear Fandom!
Welcome to The Kingdom of Fandoms! We are a multi fandom server for you to geek out, roleplay, and talk with friends! Our current fandoms are Undertale, Bendy and The Ink Machine, and Five Nights at Freddy's but we will be adding more very soon so please feel free to make suggestions!
We do hope you enjoy your time with us! ^^

( Owner is Ishi#8629 )
Welcome to the thinking server! Where we uhh.. THINK! We have lots of epic thinking emojis and even some fnaf ones too! Here you can talk to other thinkers. We also have music bots! One goes down? USE ANOTHER ONE! Dont like someone elses music? PUT YOUR OWN MUSIC ON! We also have plenty of fun bots for everyone to play around with!
Hey welcome to the fnaf rp server!! In this server we roleplay and more!! We have a debate chat for people who like fighting about genders or other things! If you love fnaf and roleplay this server is for you! is a FNaF Discord that was set up by some fans to solve the FNaF lore methodically.

We see others fall all too easily into the pitfall of building a premise, then building around that premise, twisting and turning the facts to keep the premise intact.

Here, we attempt to stay neutral. We step back, and interpret only the facts the lore presents us with. On top of that, we have also compiled a large range of resources. These include phone call transcripts, maps of the minigames, extensive discussion material, all of the teasers leading up to each game and much more!

This discord is used to accompany the website to discuss lore, resources and other FNaF-related details. Unlike bigger servers, we run it more like a community, rather than a large-scale operation.