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Welcome to FNURP! Here you can roleplay as an animatronic, human, staff member, and more!
Be sure to check Information and Server Information before going for a role!
Dear User,
Hello, hello hello. Um, hey. Welcome to Fazbear entertainment, a place where dreams come least that's what my script says. Anyways, we have a friendly lounge as well a nsfw lounge for more mature users. On your spare time you can role-play in our several channels, RP as cannon and your own OCs. can also make your own pizzerias, but this will need a lot of brainstorming. We hope you enjoy this group, we are working hard to make this better than before, so don't be surprised to see updates, our rules are fair and square so please don't complain, but we do accept ideas.
Thank you for your time, we hope you become a new worker.
Your fellow coworker,
Phone guy.

This group needs more members please join
PLS join this holy christain furry server uwu
Hello, and welcome to the Kebab Gang!
We have lots of things here, such as:

A fun and friendly community of over 115 members!

DSaF, FNaF, Undertale/Deltarune channels, and many more!

Fun and interactive bots, such as Dank Memer, Ralsei, Yggdrasil, Walkietalkie, and many more!

Various fun events and gangs!

Custom emojis to use!

Join now!
{ATTENTION! WE ARE IN NEED OF A JOHN! } Hello? Hello Hello? Welcome to Fazbear CO Family Pizzaria, All your favorite animatronics are here and ready to perform. Join us and Be a Human or Animatronic! Human Ocs Allowed
Welcome to the peaceful cosplay/roleplay tree! This radical party is filled with friendly and caring people of all ages! Please read the rules when coming to our party!
We will also hold cosplay calls in our server as well, we will also hold roleplays as well! Enjoy your stay!
-Founders of the Peaceful Cosplay Tree.
Welcome to our server of fun-n and-d joy were so cl-ad-d to see you havvvvve fun *i will kill you*
Come join our growing server! We have applications to apply as a daycare worker, a non vulgar community and a safe and fun place to make friends!
-Moon Stone (Mimkyu) Co-owner, The Faded Artist Owner.
a server dedicated to making everyone feel nice.
This is a kin server for Five Nights At Freddys kinnies! Join our family- we're pretty cool!
-This server is for Fnaf fans, and fnaf roleplayers.
-We are a growing community, so please be patient, and join
-Everybody is welcome, from all ages
-Swearing is ok, but don't overdo
Doop. A fnaf fan partay. 5 bots. Weekly Giveaways. You have to be a member for 10 minutes to prevent raids D: Sorry! Don't forget to verify yourself!
O servidor de Snow memory'se
Uma fan-game do tipo Fnaf
Welcome to a new fnaf server it's brand new And welcomes you in role play as a nightguard and if you die rp as a animatronic ocs are allowed
✮ This server is an unofficial FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's) server for all fans!! You can discuss theories, share art, roleplay, and more! LGBT+ friendly <3 ✮
>>Please read below before joining!<<
⊱ ──── 《∘◦◦∘》 ──── ⊰
⊱Art channels (OCs, writing, models, AUs, etc.)
⊱Music channels
⊱Channels for each game, the books, and fangames
⊱Roleplay channels (you can use a special bot, tupperbox!)
⊱General channels (memes/cursed images, regular chatting, etc.)
⊱ ──── 《∘◦◦∘》 ──── ⊰
》》Friendly mods
》》Self-assignable/custom roles (Nightguard, dayguard, etc.)
》》Non-toxic community
⊱ ──── 《∘◦◦∘》 ──── ⊰
Rules, if you would like to review them before joining.
⊱ ──── 《∘◦◦∘》 ──── ⊰
⊱Be kind and respectful! Do not start arguments or attack others.

⊱Don't use any kind of slurs, whether it be transphobic, homophobic, racist, etc. (hate speech) It isn't tolerated here under any context.

⊱Don't spam.

⊱If you have any questions/issues, please contact me or a mod!

⊱There are no NSFW channels, but NSFW discussion is allowed to a certain point.

⊱Have fun here !!
⊱ ──── 《∘◦◦∘》 ──── ⊰
its kinda like a FNAF roleplay server but set on an entire planet populated by animatronics any thing and everything is possible hear is a bit of a story line

animatronic world is a planet that was created as a result of human's hatred toward animatronics. The humans wanted the animatronic kind removed from there planet so sent them all to an abandoned planet. From this a great god by the name of DCGF created a liveable planet for his kind after this he became king the population were happy with this at first but as he grew older he became more powerful and he became a selfish carless freak of a king many people have tried to overthrow him but were unsuccessful due to him being the titan of death and destruction (he is not killable)

we hope you join
The Joy of creation, but a roleplay server. Pick out your favorite characters or make your own! Ask creation and every other robot their favorite things to do and what not. We have a music bot and much more! Heavy w.i.p but I hope you can help make it better
This server is my oc the ultraverse where every multiverse from any games TV shows and movies that exist are at.May i just say this is also a roleplay server so if your interested come and join us
We are a friendly group of people who love to roleplay. We are still developing, so hang on with us. We are almost finished though, so feel free to drop in and stay. We will also advertise other servers, feel free to advertise your own as well. Cursing is allowed.
A Teletubbies Horor Game
A Horror Maze Game
Inky Puzzle Game
No Info
FNaF Stuff
A fun FNaF RP server. Pretty chill and open, All FNaF Characters available for RPs!