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Welcome to fnaf roleplay server! Here you can roleplay as a certain character in the whole fnaf games!
Welcome to the world of Five Nights At Freddy's. Where you can play as a kid, family member, Animatronic, or a Staff Member and explore the world of FNAF. We have other things besides roleplay so enjoy and take your time.
Welcome to the not so cannon Five Nights At Freddy’s Fanbased server. Here you can find others who like the same interest as you.
We talk about fangames and the OG FNAF games and we accept all!
LGBT+ Friendly!

We also do roleplays in our own universe or even the cannon one if you want!
We use OCs and if ya want you can RP as a cannon character with your own personality!

But remember to read the rules please.
Welcome FNaF fans! Please join us for some fun here. We can talk about the game, talk about our faves, or just talk. I'm not the best at writing these intros, but I promise we're a friendly environment. <3
This is a small server with lots of things to do, but it can also turns into chaos so... Uh... JOIN THIS SERVER OR ILL DELETE YOUR STEAM/DISCORD ACCOUNT!!!
A server for people who like to game, whether you like to debate Elder Scrolls lore, talk about the new Fallout game, or debate dnd characters. Due to recent problems with behavior, looking for mature people preferably over 18.
🍕Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's pizza, we welcome you to you're first night on the job.🍕
✨This is a roleplay server, we're here to guide you on you're first night on the job! remember, this is a Public server, with 2 mods. please respect the moderators and owners, we're here to Roleplay and give delights and fun! ✨
🐻We welcome you.. to our Pizzeria!🐻
••Remember to be kind, this is where "Fantasy and Fun" come to life, remember to read the rules, and remember to not fight for characters someone is using, remember to be generous!••

---••Thanks for reading, come be a part of our server!••---

We will add Updates to the server soon!
Hello Do you WANT more FNAF RPS AND A great Community?
Well Join Ulimate Custom Night RP! We Have...
A Great Community
Great RP
LGBTQ+ People
No Toxic People
Join us!
Welcome to the FNAF Academy! This is a place where you get to choose which FNAF character YOU want to be. Join or create roleplays, theorize with your friends, and much more! If you're a FNAF Fan, this server is waitin for ya!
All the FNaF locations mashed into 1 rp server! More stuff coming soon!
это самый лучший севрер тут есть боты тут есть музыкальные боты тут можно найти девушку тут есть всё заходи бро =)
Welcome to the Freddy Fazbears pizzeria, Where anything could happen. We have a selection from Normal Animatronics to Drawkill Animatronics. So come join the family, We are dying for you to join.
A place to find people to game with and also a place to help your YouTube channel grow! Make friends and meet new people!
um server brasileiro de conversas sobre fnaf
entra ae e bora conversar
Welcome to The Dark Round where all games are acceptable and all opinions matter (except if you like anime)
Server com coisas variadas de steven universe fnaf e outros jogos q iremos adicionar pra isso tem q divulgar nosso servidor para continuar ativo :3
hey! I’m Gentry! Welcome to the server! I hope you have a absolutely wonderful time here! Try our new Freddy’s delight- it tastes amazing! Too bad freddy can’t eat it. He’s just a robot- nothing other than a robot. R-right...?
Welcome To The Pizzeria Roleplay Discord Server! This is not the official server. This is a server mainly about a very popular FNAF Fangame on ROBLOX called "The Pizzeria Roleplay". In this server you can view updates for the game, attend giveaways, and so much more!
Hello! Welcome to Freddy's Winter Wonderland. We are a fun community with fun activities like polls, music, and roleplays! ( yes. roleplays. ) We are a kid-friendly community. We accept everyone of any race, religion, and gender. We also respect everyone and have a great system! Spam free. We ping a lot for pings for updates, polls, etc.