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Welcome to Wednesday’s Mall! We are a laid back Five Nights at Freddy’s roleplay chat! Our goal is to provide a chat with a lot of possibilities to play your favourite characters and fan characters in the FnaF universe!
Hello, this is what to expect in the server!

Lots of people to chat and roleplay with
People with a funny sense of humor
FNaF Characters
Fan-Game Characters
Tons of channels, such as an art channel, rp channels, a meme channel, and more!

So if you like fnaf and roleplaying, this is the place to be!
You remember the stories. The rumored “bite of ‘87”. Myths about children going missing and malfunctioning animatronics....

Well, no worry about that! A new location is opening up with the same name, “Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizzera”, a magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life! Meet Freddy and the gang, and feel free to grab a bite. `Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person. Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced.`

A Five Night’s at Freddy’s roleplay that takes place in the first game. A fairly new server getting off its feet, we offer player homes, canon animatronics, and more! So, if you’re looking for a FNAF rp server and can’t seem to find one that suits your needs, look no further!
Welcome to Five Nights At Freddy's Community & Roleplay server!

We have a lot of RolePlay channels and a few bots that are fun to use!

Come and enjoy your stay!
Welcome to the night shift, kid.

Here in The Labyrinth, "A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life," or... whatever that nonsense is that they spit at you, you can roleplay as your OCs or your versions of the FNaF characters we all know and love. From nostalgic, bone-chilling FNaF 1 to the realistic, heart-stopping Help Wanted, all the characters are here... and ready to play. If you wish to join the party, just fill out a waiver--or uh, an audition/OC template provided, and you'll be all set. Come chill, hang out with fellow FNaF fans, talk about your headcanons, discuss theories, and RP with others on the server. We'll be waiting with open arms... and empty graves.... for you to drop in.
Welcome to Fnaf Land RP. Where you can rp and have a lot of fun in the fnaf universe. You can play as a Animatronic or a Human and explore the world of your own Pizzeria and your own imagination and yes Disney counts. Enjoy exploring the world of FNAF.
This is a fnaf and undertale rp server its fun you can come here and make tons of friends!
Hello come and join us down in fnaf hell we got memes and art. It's a pretty laid back server and a lot of people say they can actually be themselves here! There is a warning though it is a kinda horny server BUT all the serious nsfw topics go in the nsfw channels. But there will be nsfw jokes here and there. There are two rules to the server you must be 13+ and don't be rude to anyone.
You are the new camper at Phoenix Sleep-Away Camp! Come meet your new friends and counselors! We hope you have a great time and have fun!
Welcome to Five Nights at Freddy's RP 2! Here we have
Roleplay roles
Regular Rp Areas
Nsfw Rp Area
Most of the FNaF Characters as roles
Welcome to the Pizzeria!
This is a community designed around the Fnaf franchise. Anyone can join, but we are especially looking for members with knowledge about the game and possibly even backstory. Cosplaying as a certain fnaf character is welcomed and encouraged! Everyone can do a character in their own unique way!
we can't wait to serve you a hot slice of pizza down at the pizzeria!
The Fazbear Indoor Theme Park is open for business!
This is an rp that takes place at an indoor theme park in the Five Nights at Freddy's universe. You can play as a visitor to the park, a worker, or even an animatronic! We wish to see you join the rp soon.
Welcome to FNAF Rebirthed. A Five Nights At Freddy's Rp server where you can have your own different Pizzeria. The theme of the Pizzeria is Vintage meaning that everything inside is old school something like from the old western days and more. You can make either a old character or a new future character that is your decision. We hope you enjoy being a part of our family.
Welcome to Goldie Land! We have:
-Art channels for all you artists.
-Roleplaying (ERP and RP)
-Channels to talk about games, shows, movies, and more.
-Venting (you must ask an administrator for this role)
And more!
Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Where fantasy and fun come to life!
(Fazbear ent. is not responsible for damage to property or person if so a report will be filled within 90 day's)
Welcome To The "Five Nights At Freddy's" Server
Read Our Rules Before Posting:
1.No Hating On Anyone
2.No Spamming
3.Always Follow Orders By Admins/Mods
4.No Rule 34 & 63 Content Is Allowed (However Gory FNAF Content Is Allowed)
5.Only Content Related To FNAF Is Allowed (If You Want To Talk About Mario Then Go To A Mario Server)
6.No Trash Posting Allowed
7.Content Containing Ear Rape Is Not Allowed (Only When It Comes To FNAF 7 Gameplay Footage Or FNAF 7 Animations)
8.Do Not Promote Yourself Or Anybody/Anything Else
9.Do Not Complain About Any Of The Rules (This Rule System Is A Proven And Tested Format)
10.Do Not Try To Spread False Information
11.Do Not Make Any Posts About The User "DAGames" And Do Not Post Any Of His Content (Only Exception Being His FNAF Songs And Nothing Else)
12.Do Not Post Links To Any Social Media Posts
13. NEVER Try To Create Any Type Of Drama
14. thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself
16. Don't Complain About Any Micro Transactions In FNAF Games
17. The Twisted Trilogy is Official but NOT canon.
18. All FNAF Videos Made By "The Game Theorists" In 2019 & 2018 Are Banned
Welcome to the wild fuzzy streets. We are a new started server :D In this server you can do alot of things and everyone is accepted. Roleplaying is also an option! Request the role and roleplay with your favorite characters. Come on down and join the fun.
This is my first server, it's kinda small but it will grow eventually!

Here you can put yourself in the FNaF world and roleplay as any character! Currently they aren't all available but they will soon

The co-owners are Dangitsdan and Masked Gamer, please respect them!

also yes theres a nsfw area
Bienvenue sur notre serveur fnaf et autres jeu et manga il y a aussi un qui quiz un salon débat et plein d'autres salon donc si tu est intéressé n'hésite pas et rejoins nous
Hi and welcome to the Minecraft Roleplay discord server
here is where you can roleplay and find others to roleplay with you
Welcome to Fazzy's Faztastic FNAF Roleplay!

Whether you're a DEFINITELY NOT possessed animatronic, or a human who's essentially signed away his or her soul- we welcome you.

This roleplay server is designed to be user-friendly, as you can suggest features and submit your ideas to make it a better place.

So come on down and Join The Party!™