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Hello Fnafers!
We have here:
-nice staff
-you can deal with other members,
-news from FNAF,
-lure shop,
-free roles,
-theory channel,
-lots of events,
-art channel
-4 free roles
-and more,more,more,more!!!
Join here NOW!!! OR....WE FIND YOU :)
Hey there! Do you like the popular indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s? Well, The Fazverse may be perfect for you!
Coming your way:
-FNaF Content!
-Welcoming and friendly community!
-Minigame Bots!
-Currency Bots!
-Game Nights!
-Stream Nights!
-and even more waiting for you at The Fazverse!
•====Welcome To The Multiverse!===• A Multifandom Server in which you can RP and hangout at your favorite fandoms! We also include:

•Self Roles!!
•Art, Writing, Dancing & Singing Channels!!
•LBGTQ+ Friendly
• Roleplay Rooms such as
Little Nightmares
Five Nights At Freddy’s
A Hat in Time
Insane Asylum!
And a Multiverse RP consisting of My Hero Academia
Dead by Daylight
Modernized Areas
Fantasy Areas
Legend of Zelda & so much more!!!

》We treat each other with respect and we’ll be able to send our support to each other when needed. We aim to create a good and comforting Multifandom Roleplay Server. Where everyone can have fun and bond with each other.《

❀Leave Toxicity, Homophobic and Conflicts at the door!❀

》What Types Of Fandoms Are There? Come check them out!! 《

✪This message suddenly fills you with Determination


Welcome to Freddy & Friends! This is a server for those in the Five Nights at Freddy's fandom!

We have:
☆ roleplay channels
☆ art + cosplay channels
☆ channels for sharing headcanons + theories
+ more!

★This server is 14+
★ LGBT+ & kin friendly!
Heyya! I am a youtuber who does FNaF Minecraft Statue Tutorials. And I want to communicate and help other people out there. This is a friendly, non-toxic server. And, the server has been boosted to level 1!!Join and have fun!!!
Hello! We are a multifandom server always looking for new people to come and chill with us. We have memes and amazing art from many fandoms. We also have events and question of the day to keep the server active and bots you can play with.
This is a server where you can join/host collabs! please join ONLY if you can animate, it dosent matter if its blender, C4D or SFM or any other animation programm, it just has to be 3D
Welcome to my box! I hope you stay for a while. We tend to have conversations in this server whenever we can and try helping eachother out here a lot. From the great staff too you amazing members on our server. If your reading this and looking for a new community, come on in!
Just a new five nights at freddy’s roleplay server. We are fairly new so if you want a canon then you’ll probably be able to get it. If you want something changed DM the owner or another staff member and we will be to make a compromise. We are also having the rp go similar of the fnaf 6 game, pizzaria simulator
A community and you can play games, talk about fnaf, participate in art challenges and more! I will also help you with your Unreal Projects! Come and say hello, we would love to have you here!
~hello hello and welcome to “𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘣𝘶𝘭𝘦 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧”!!!~
~we are an all inclusive discord server! we have a few exceptions, such as mogai, neopronouns, pansexuals, he/they lesbians and she/her gays, as well as factkins, and the basic dni material!!!~
~we’re mainly a kinnie server but also allow other to join if they are not kinnies (just respect us) and there’s plenty of channels!~
~just make sure you’re under 21 but also 13+ and enjoy the server!!!!!~
A fun little server to talk about FNAF and participate in giveaways and listen to music.
Bunnies™ is an interactive discord server for anyone who is 13+. We have a friendly and non-toxic community with helping staff. We host gamenights, giveaways and more!
Hey you!
Looking for a great FNaF server with great staff that is dedicated to talking about the game? Looking for a safe family friendly place to talk about your favorite animatronics?
Come join us at Freddy’s!
We have places to talk about the games, theories, favorite characters, share videos and even sometimes art contests! Staff is active and ready to help!
You can gain ranks, and even access secret rooms! All by just participating in conversation about FNaF!
Come be part of the Fazbear Family!
Just read the rules and come hang out!
You are a FNaF fan? Do you want to meet other FNaF fans? Join our server.

On our server, there is a Roleplay Category, where you can play roles or chat something there. Then on this server there is also a Music Category, where all members can enjoy their favorite songs here. And there is also the Gaming category. And if you are curious about what is in this server. Just join this server.

This server is also equipped with a security system, on this server, all members are directed so that all members can respect each other. In addition, this server also has a level of members, from the lowest ie beginners, to the highest legendary members.

So what are you waiting for, join our server. And you will enjoy the atmosphere of meeting other FNaF fans.

(The staff is not responsible for dangerous events outside the virtual world, because it is beyond the reach of the staff of this server)

Find us on social media:
A server for fans of Five Nights At Freddy’s! Join us and become part of the Fazbear Family!!!
We Have
•Fun Bots to play around with
•Tons of Roles!
•Friendly Staff
Welcome to Glitchtrap's Carnival, where you can never leave! Here, we have:
Active Mods!
Several RP channels!
This server is also a LGBTQ+ safe space!
So come on! Join us! You won't regret it!
Hello hello oh hello come on down to Freddy fazbears pizza to have a chill and fun time with fredbear and circus baby we are hiring for night guards so if your interested in being an animatronic that kills the night guard or just your own oc come down we don’t judge :3
Welcome to Funtime Entertainment ™. Here we sell and trade you animatronics for cheaper prices. Fazbear Entertainment has so kindly let us "borrow" these state of the art animatronics to send to you. But that's not all!
Board the Skeld and do your best to survive the IMPOSTOR!
Join Minecraft servers and play together and much MORE FUN!!!
Join now for a discount on FUN!
Fazbear's Pizzeria is an open and welcoming fnaf rp and community server!
All users are welcome!
You can:
- Submit any oc you want
- Apply to be any canon character
- Request for new rp channels to be added, and even have your own personal house channel!
- Have your own personal qna channels for each of your characters, including your canon ones!
- Apply to be a staff member
We have a working manual verification system to prevent raiders so you can rp without any worry.

We also have a drawn out layout of the in canon pizzeria, weekly fnaf art competitions, and a healthy community of 200+ members. Our staff members are very helpful and friendly and you are welcome to dm any of them if you need help at any time. We look forward for you to join! <3
       ╰╮̥٠ِ٘ٓ⸗٬ꜥꜤ           ˗ˏ♡˚ ͙۪۪◌

      ┇┇┇┇┃ ۪۪۫ ˖۪⸙͎The Retro Arcade˘˘˘

⋰ ⋰ ⋰╭═╯(🍕)❀₊̇°˟̫ː
⋱ ⋱ ⋱╰═╮13+, 100% SFW
⋰ ⋰ ⋰╭═╯strict staff, rp server    
⋱ ⋱ ⋱╰══════════╯

   ╭╮ ◌ᤢ⃪⃗  LGBTQ friendly✧ ུ۪۪    ╭╯╱╳╲╱╳╲
   ╰╯ ◌ᤢ⃪⃗  safe place for kins and comfort characters¡!   ˖۪⸙┃safe verification system :.·:.
╭━┄━┄━┄╮. ⠈. ⠈╰┄═┄═┄═┄╯
╰╮¡!tons of bots៸៸ˎˊ˗ 🍫¡!)). · . · . · . · .

  — ⸙ come be apart of our arcade
﹀﹀﹀﹀or maybe even our team﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  
      ( |  ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ | )
│││ 🍿;; [ system friendly/pularkit ]

◌ ◌ ◌╰──  - ̗̀ arcade/neon aesthetic ❢  ̖́- ──╯◌ ◌ ◌
────    ‧     ‹ 🍬 ›     ‧    ────

.        .        .
❪ .QOTD, events and tons of roles❜❜ 🎊੭ ⁾⁾
╰─────────── • ·


› 〉🎉 .ೃ welcome to the retro arcade, we hope you stay, come join the family ‘ 🎁„ ↴      
  ⏤ ⏤ ✎  .ೃ .    ↴