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WE ARE NOT AN ANIME SERVER OR RP SERVER! We just don't have an icon.

Welcome to The Other Kin!
This is a place for all supernaturals to call home
This is a part time project by me and a friend so don't expect to much activity.

Note: The server is still under construction
This is the Yugoslavian State of Albania
which is a minor part of the Main server of yugoslavia
Here Serbians and Albanians can talk in peace without war
And we try to make peace between these countries
Welcom, this is a discord server where people from the ex ussr countries unite together like if the ussr didn't fell and becamed democratic and even if your not from the ex ussr countries you'r still welcom has a foreigner.
Having hard time in your life? Looking for balance? Join us and bring peace into your life.

We will always listen to you and accept you the way you are.
Hey were a server that we love to meet new people, you can chat, meet new friends, if you have depression there's people that could help you, we're all there to help you we'll come by and have a fun time.
A mature community filled with friendly gamers and hippies, everyone's welcome no matter what! Peace & love all around xo We play every single game known to man tbh so join up and chat shit with us :)
Psychic’s Heaven is a place where you can talk to others who won’t judge you for your beliefs! If you’re looking for a place with legitimate psychics and genuine people, this is the place for you. This server is LGBTQA+ friendly! Give and get advice on how to deal with troublesome energies, this is a positive space, friendly people and staff!
This is a new type of server that points only to one thing, create the most peaceful community in the world, people are often discriminated because it has different ideals, but not here, we aim to create a community that is ideal to bring together people from different nationalities, sexual orientations and religions, without any kind of discrimination, in this server if you have personal problems we will help you solve them because we are all friends. Remember: "My freedom ends when I take it away from someone else, you have freedom here" what are you waiting for? come with us.
Pacem Society is a community that servers the earth. We are the chosen few to stop bullying, stop world hunger, stop war and bring peace to this world!
Do you want to stay peaceful? come and join our journey here @ Chilling And Drinking, we need people to be peaceful. <3