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Hey do you like puns??? Yes!! Do you like role playing?? Yes!! Do you like war and strategy?? Yes!! DO YOU LIKE FOOD??? YESS!!!! Then this server is for you food wars is an rp server full of puns,jokes and most importantly food. It’s set in an alternate dimension where there are no people only sentient food it’s weird, wacky and all over the place!! So if that sounds like something you’d wanna do then go ahead press that big button that says join ya know you wanna just do it!!
Hey guys!
Welcome to Paladins Team Finder!
This discord server is mainly based around the Hi-Rez game; "Paladins".
In this server you can talk to other Paladins players about anything got to do with the game and you can find people to play with!
If that doesn't float your boat there is a section where you can talk about what ever you want!
This is a new server and I am looking for people which would like to join to play games and also help out in building this server.

Server owner: D3monGaming
Welcome to Build You Country
This server is heavily political, shitposty and is mainly focused on building your country
Here you make your country in certain scenario and make decisions

Special snowflake? Fuck outta here.
Hey! I am looking to get a good group of people to play hearthstone with, if anyone wants to chill and play some casual hs, come join!
Left Unity Gaming is a non-partisan meeting space for anyone left-wing who enjoys gaming to find other likeminded people to share a hobby and fun times with.
If you had the power would you lead a nation to greatness or force others to bow before you? Would you go down in history as a great conqueror or a benevolent ruler? Would you fight for honor and glory or greed and dispair? Join Age of Conquest to create and or form your own great nation and watch as it either gets remembered for eternity or gets forgotten in the pages of history, The world is in your hands, Join now
Thunder in the East

In early August ‘The War to End All Wars’ was declared. Major powers all over Europe had been gearing up for this war for decades and now it all comes to fruition. In the East the towering bear of Russia, though politically unstable the Tsar has seen fit to enter the war against the Germans and Austrians who attacked the Russian ally of Serbia. The fate of the East is in your hands.

Play as an officer, general, soldier, or civilian in Russia, Germany, or Austria Hungary and carve your own path with the modern weapons of the early 20th Century.

An active RP based server set in a dystopian future world where one challenge determines whether you are accepted into society, or rejected. We are still a small group, but we hope to accept more people soon to fill out the cast! A friendly community! We also have a Casual RP if you don't want to be a part of the main cast where you can assist them, and these people have a better chance to get into the next season!


Far into the future, ignorance and a high rate of uneducated lead to the eventual downfall of humanity in the form of riots, system crashes, miscommunication, and stubborn rebellion. Cities become torn, towns collapsed. Government all together ceased to exist around the world as rules became ignored and people became dissatisfied. However, this uprising lead to a war torn land far worse than wanted.

With this cry for help, Danielle Orchid stepped up and created a system that sets humanity on a firm and constricting set of rules on the path to achieve one thing: knowledge. Miss Orchid believed because of the ignorance of the people, the world fell into chaos. So, she created a government that spanned across the world and weeded out the weak minded from the strong. The main direction this plan headed? The Orchid-Office Challenges.

After graduation, young adults are now expected to study and eventually enroll in these strict challenges. A small group is placed in a controlled tower environment, where they have to solve clues and use their wit to slowly open up the floors above the ground level one by one. As the floors open, more clues are given so that more floors will be opened. The participant to make it to the top floor first, where the director of the challenge supposedly resides, wins the challenge and gets accepted into society, with luxuries and a full, happy life. The other participants are then given the option to try the challenge again or to cast themselves out from society and live in shame in the few remaining slums. This supposedly weeds out the strong from the weak, and society is based on this very important system.

Are you brave enough to face the one thing that determines glory or shame in this new society?
🏕️ A special take on the world of Rick Riordan with inspiration from original writings from Bryle & Anna, experience a compelling retelling of the Greek Mythological World of Percy Jackson through a wonderment of plot-driven roleplays with camp activities and a fantastic open world with a running camp economy. The server provides tournaments and events outside of the roleplaying world with karaoke nights and many more community friendly experiences.

🏕️ This server takes on an alternate storyline from the depicted books where the Olympians have instead split into a waging war while within the depths of Tartarus, a lurking Goddess presses fear into the hearts of many. Prepare for a much darker take on Rick's Greek world.

🏕️ There are many automated and organized systems here (with custom commands), including a great cast of literate RPers! As well as developed systems and interesting powers for each cabin! While also having some unique gods in the mix and an ongoing plot that's more engaging for campers! This is followed up by many scheduled events from Cabin Counselors, tournaments, CTF, chariot racing, and many more things to do!

🏕️ Hard earned quests that take weeks to accomplish and many locations outside of the camp! A great balanced weapon crafting system and an economy! Shops to manage and many more things to do! This is followed up by a class-system to balance out experience between campers and levels of difficulty or mastery of powers. There are channels dedicated to tracking the plot influence of OCs like some sort of continuing series, demigods with major decisions which influence the world (becoming leaders or rulers of sorts), and many puzzles with active DMs! For sorcery, there are several forms of different magics (runes, enchanting etc) which differentiate and add a layer of complexity; in addition to unique abilities made by the owners with some having their own personal systems.

🏕️ Engage in casual roleplay, plot-driven roleplay, competitions like the Olympics, and many more! Unique custom commands, a great set of power options (having 3 types of powers per character at the start) and supportive progression for developing characters!
Would you like to role-play as a country? Well now you can!
Play as a real nation of your choice and build a big army and a great economy! We have a unique war system and economy system. Get involved and join us!
Welcome! This is a 1.5 year old map game server. Basically, we all select countries and partake in a simulation of world politics. This tends to be more lighthearted and fun-oriented than your average map game. We also occasionally play eu4 and hoi4. However, you don’t have to play anything to be in the server, so join and become part of the community today!
Welcome to the civ 3 discord server! Come and join to chat about civ 3 or find someone to play against in civ 3!
Dungeons & Dragons um jogo que normalmente é jogado no tabuleiro, mas e se nos jogássemos online com outros jogadores que estejam longe de nos?
Aqui esta a oportunidade de vires jogar connosco e experimentares!
De momento o nosso servidor esta em Manutenção, pois estão a ser adicionadas novas coisas para inovar os jogadores!
Welcome to Rise Clan
We are a clan founded on June 25th, 2019
We're looking for new good members and we would be very thankful if you joined us!
Our clan also provides:
)- Many fun bots
)- Good staff members
)- Active members
)- Active VCs
And much more!
For more info contact:
⚔ A divided England to be is at the height of the viking invasion. With the Danes having taken over East Anglia the continent is rich for their taking or for the Saxons to hold onto the land that they own. Will you be a Dane or a Saxon in this world? A trader, king, queen, mercenary, warlord, earl, sailor, a secret revolutionist looking to take the throne for themselves? or many other options. The choice is yours.

⚔ An indeph skill system that lets you advance through many different skills such as swordsmanship, painting, herbalism, boat building, and so much more. The longer you are able to keep yourself alive and the more you are able to practice the more you will be able to progress in your skills.

⚔ A chance to play as either the side of the Saxons or the side of the invading Danes. You can either rise through the ranks of a Saxon kingdom and maybe one day be made a lord or take the throne for yourself. Or rise through among the Danes and one day take the title of Earl for yourself. If you think you are brave enough and strong enough you can always challenge your Earl. Be warned PTK is always on for this RP. Any wound could be your last.

⚔ Strategic combat with not only one on one combat but massive full scale battles if a war is to break out. Shield walls a plenty along the ranks or beat your enemies with strategy. Every man and army has a weakness will you be able to exploit it to achieve victory?

⚔ Many channels to RP in that include towns, villages, and vast amounts of nature in order to fully realize the scope that was England in this time period.

⚔ And much more! Join today!
The year is 1890, the war in America ended in a confederate victory, the age of emperors in China is over, Russia’s empire crippled from rebellions, Germany and Britain in a rivalry. It is up to you to take lead of a nation and bring it to glory through either economic supremacy, military dominance, or simple diplomatic cunning.
Kireiji is a world domination role-play that is centered around war, trade, diplomacy, and expansion. Will you become the greatest nation?
Aceasta este o comunitate dedicata clanului RoZMX si jocului SMITE. Toti jucatorii de SMITE sunt bineveniti si ne dorim sa creem un mediu cat mai prietenos pentru toata lumea. Apartenenta la clan nu este obligatorie dar e recomandata. Suntem o comunitate de SMITE si acceptam pe oricine joaca acest joc atata timp cat stie ce e bunul simt si respecta regulile impuse de noi.
**This game requires 4 players per session, with multiple possible.** At one point in time, the dragons and their kin realized their power as a race and unified their clans. After many years of hunting magicians and destroying magic artifacts, the dragons pushed all other races, especially humanity to the brink of extinction on the continent. Now the only things that stand in their way are the few magicians left alive, powerful magic tools called Gear, and technological advantage.
Added NSFW channels
Added NSFW Bots

Want to join a ever growing clan for mobile gaming? Want to see if we can start a clan on your game? Come on down and see if your ready to lead the way to becoming a shadow leader
A realistically paced Town of Salem giving you more time to strategise and figure out your opponents. Comes jam packed with a friendly community and good staff.
Terms of your contract: You must battle for the amusement of I, The Announcer, and our audience. you will follow the rules laid out by my friend, Ryen (manager of the server). you may form a team to fight with or go at it alone. You may participate in team fights or in our special matches with unique twists. if you reach the top of the competitive league, you will be able to have a greater impact on how we do things around here. should you fail to follow the rules of the server or not complete your contract's terms, you shall be killed via firing squad.

Sign Here: ________