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🏕️ A special take on the world of Rick Riordan with inspiration from original writings from Bryle & Anna, experience a compelling retelling of the Greek Mythological World of Percy Jackson through a wonderment of plot-driven roleplays with camp activities and a fantastic open world with a running camp economy. The server provides tournaments and events outside of the roleplaying world with karaoke nights and many more community friendly experiences.

🏕️ This server takes on an alternate storyline from the depicted books where the Olympians have instead split into a waging war while within the depths of Tartarus, a lurking Goddess presses fear into the hearts of many. Prepare for a much darker take on Rick's Greek world.

🏕️ There are many automated and organized systems here (with custom commands), including a great cast of literate RPers! As well as developed systems and interesting powers for each cabin! While also having some unique gods in the mix and an ongoing plot that's more engaging for campers! This is followed up by many scheduled events from Cabin Counselors, tournaments, CTF, chariot racing, and many more things to do!

🏕️ Hard earned quests that take weeks to accomplish and many locations outside of the camp! A great balanced weapon crafting system and an economy! Shops to manage and many more things to do! This is followed up by a class-system to balance out experience between campers and levels of difficulty or mastery of powers. There are channels dedicated to tracking the plot influence of OCs like some sort of continuing series, demigods with major decisions which influence the world (becoming leaders or rulers of sorts), and many puzzles with active DMs! For sorcery, there are several forms of different magics (runes, enchanting etc) which differentiate and add a layer of complexity; in addition to unique abilities made by the owners with some having their own personal systems.

🏕️ Engage in casual roleplay, plot-driven roleplay, competitions like the Olympics, and many more! Unique custom commands, a great set of power options (having 3 types of powers per character at the start) and supportive progression for developing characters!
This is the newest chess discord on the platform. We are going to be the best chess discord in the world, just saying.
Left Unity Gaming is a non-partisan meeting space for anyone left-wing who enjoys gaming to find other likeminded people to share a hobby and fun times with.
Hey! I am looking to get a good group of people to play hearthstone with, if anyone wants to chill and play some casual hs, come join!
A Whole universe to explore. Players create their own galactic powers and vie for territory and political clout over one another, through war, conquest, politics, and more nefarious means. A very different type of Roleplay where anything is possible, where players invent, create, and generate their own races and special events.

The Locations? Anywhere. The Focus of the Game? Whatever you want it to be. The Characters involved? Whoever, and/or Whatever you want! If you can think it up. It has a place in the Multiverse world!
Would you like to role-play as a country? Well now you can!
Play as a real nation of your choice and build a big army and a great economy! We have a unique war system and economy system. Get involved and join us!
Also in need of Moderators
Hey guys!
Welcome to Paladins Team Finder!
This discord server is mainly based around the Hi-Rez game; "Paladins".
In this server you can talk to other Paladins players about anything got to do with the game and you can find people to play with!
If that doesn't float your boat there is a section where you can talk about what ever you want!
This is a new server and I am looking for people which would like to join to play games and also help out in building this server.

Server owner: D3monGaming
Age of Civilisations II is a grand-strategy wargame, similar in nature to that of EU4 or HOI4, which is unique in its capabilities and flexibility that allows for the player to customise his/her imaginative scenarios with ease.

We also accept fans of other strategy games and games in general, and recently it has grown into a place where users can simply chill and make friends. The server runs on a democratic system in order to prevent certain abuses.
Europa Universalis IV oynamakmı istedin? Bu gelişmekte olan serverda daima birileriyle oynayabilirsin ayrıca herzaman etkinliklere katılabilirsin sen olmadan bu server olmaz. Gel ve bize katıl
**This game requires 4 players per session, with multiple possible.** At one point in time, the dragons and their kin realized their power as a race and unified their clans. After many years of hunting magicians and destroying magic artifacts, the dragons pushed all other races, especially humanity to the brink of extinction on the continent. Now the only things that stand in their way are the few magicians left alive, powerful magic tools called Gear, and technological advantage.
Hearts Of Iron IV oynamakmı istedin? Bu gelişmekte olan serverda daima birileriyle oynayabilirsin ayrıca herzaman etkinliklere katılabilirsin sen olmadan bu server olmaz. Gel ve bize katıl
Welcome to the civ 3 discord server! Come and join to chat about civ 3 or find someone to play against in civ 3!
Nation Role Play

Pick any Nation you want, with it's own ideologies and create war or peace
Welcome to "Fortnite Trading/Selling/Buying":
-When you enter you receive a warm welcome.
-This is a trusted server.
-This is a server for trade/sell/buy,is a marketplace
-Is a fun server
-Is a server without toxic peoples.
-Have fun.
Choose a nation for roleplaying it, you can do actions, declare war, press releases, headlines, and much more, we also need moderators so you may take the chance of getting a moderator rank, join now!

The world is in a good old fashion infantry war over resources and the hole of Europe is at each-others necks. with up to 7 classes to choose from and with over 8 playable factions (UK, America, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Turkey and Lithuania.) and growing. you must choose a faction and fight along allied troops in both land and air combat, to victory in Europe.
Master Server Data Breach
A game where trust is your primary weakness.

• Over 12 roles + 3 unlockable roles
• Shop with items to use in game
• Automated queueing
• Fully Discord Hosted
• Time zone Friendly
• Earnable Currency (stored outside of server)
• Fun Community
We are a community based mainly around strategy games!
What do we offer!?
✅World of warships players!
✅Hoi4 games that are scheduled occasionally
✅Server promoted content creators
✅Private rooms for our long term members
✅More coming soon!
Added NSFW channels
Added NSFW Bots

Want to join a ever growing clan for mobile gaming? Want to see if we can start a clan on your game? Come on down and see if your ready to lead the way to becoming a shadow leader
A fun community for Town of Salem players! Pick your favourite character and choose which side you want to fight for!
Her zaman aktif olan, sosyal, kaliteli, seviyeli bir topluluğuz. Sizi de aramızda görmeyi isteriz. Her şeyden önce kişilere saygılı olmanız gerekli olan tek kuralımızdır.
We are a network of people that share a common idea: gaming is fun, and it always should be.

This is why everyone is welcome in our community!

In WAF you can use our website and discord server to meet new people, play together, find tutorials, code together, learn new things and new languages, start your own projects with other members and so on...

We have only one rule: be friendly!
A small help and community for the semi-popular mobile game btd6.