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The Year Is 2024

Fredrick, the current US President, leads America with an iron fist after winning the election by fear of war and the possibility of a great depression to happen again. He controls America and Mexico.He then declares war on Ankõ due to finding oil reserves in a large number there using a casus belli. He did this by staging a kidnapping of the former US President.

Ankō is doing decent. They have a low amount of manpower and equipment, but those who are eqipped has been personally trained by Miho matching the skill level of veteran soldiers.

Footage was "leaked" regarding them having an economical crisis yet the truth of the matter that they were not, they're actually fine with no real problems. America on the other hand believed this video and thought that the country, Anko, collapsing to be the truth. America stated that if they win the war they will take half of the oil whilst France took the other half, France would also take all of Ankō's territory.

They invaded with relative ease through Bern but Ankō was prepared, setting up a large-scale ambush for the American army. Their first conflict ended with Ankō's victory, leading to high morale for the citizens and soldiers of Ankō. Though not every ambush went well and one of the ambushes led to a failure which resulted in the capture of a general's best friend and sister.

America gave an ultimatum to Ankō to surrender or the woman dies. Ankō though didn't agree and instead suggested that they exchange her for 20 POWs, America agreed to this deal instead. While the deal was being made they suddenly got ambushed by the Americans and Karla, the woman who was captured, still captive of the Americans as well as gaining back those POWs.

After a day footage of something disturbing appeared on national tv in Ankō. The video contained a firing squad executing Karla as she was then burned over Ankō's flag. This video was then leaked to the UN by anonymous group, leading to the UN being outraged as they demanded for America to stop the war as it has already stepped over the bounds of being acceptable in war. America though refused which lead to the nation being kicked out of the UN while 3 nations joined Ankō against the americans, these 3 being Finland, Russia, and China.
Large amounts of volunteers arrived at Bern from the three countries as well as some generals to help in Ankō's war effort against the Americans.

Will you support Ankõ and take down Superpowers, Underestimating a Nations Will to fight? Or will you go against it? The choice is up to you
Brexit negotiations have finally been settled and the United Kingdom has finally extracted themselves from the European Union. With the current migrant and economic crisis, EU countries are one by one falling into anarchy and they look for a solution, the only perceivable one being bringing the UK back into the Union, however they will not come back willingly, so the EU is left with only one option...

This is a combat roleplay server based in an alternate reality of what the Brexit negotiations could end up like (Although this is very unlikely XD). Whilst being a server primarily for roleplay this place is also meant to be a community server and everyone is welcome. This place is also NSFW so be wary.
Nachdem Kampf der Seraphen wurde der Krieg pausiert, weil eine große Panik, sowohl bei Menschen wie auch bei Vampiren, um sich griff. Alle hatten Angst vor den Seraphen. Die Angst legte nur langsam. Jetzt 20 Jahre nach diesem Ereignis hat der Krieg wieder begonnen. Welche Seite wird gewinnen? Wer überlebt? Wer stirbt?seht selbst.

Freue dich auf eine sympathische RP Gemeinschaft!
Welcome to the International Nations of PWPLM which means Peace, War, Power, Land, And Money as the reasons that are placed in this world of hurt. You can pick a nation off the start but you must wait for about 10-15 members in the game and there must be 3 picked world powers. You can’t pick multiple nations considering that will cross out other players from picking that nation but you can annex or invade an nation whenever the game is started and if it is an npc then watch it for our Administration Team and Owners because they won’t give you the easiest of time.

Be Realistic with each action, attack, research, trade, and governments. Year is 2020 and time moves by 1 day > 2 months, Nukes don’t exist for the sake of roleplay unless an event goes by, Any Alliance that was in the real world is now voided for the sake of roleplay, and Any futuristic demands will take longer time and will also not be made till 2025-2030 of such. Have fun out there and once you join, You will see that it hasn’t started yet.
The basic premise is a war time dueling RP between the three dueling powerhouses. Fusion, Synchro, and XYZ(The other summoning types are spread throughout the factions except for Link so it's in MR3). Most rp will take place on the battlefield. During a time of peace, a higher up from Xyz faction was killed by unknown means. The leader of the Xyz faction believes that this was done on purpose by one of the other two governments, who both adamantly denied the claim. In the end, all three went to war. This would go down in history as The Shadow War, or The Era of No Light....
Come join us in Yugioh: Warzone! High ranks are still open.
Three Kingdoms: Thousand Year War

For centuries the world has been plagued with wars after wars after wars. Most people would say this was destined to happen due to the violent history that created this land in the first place. Most historians would agree that we live in this world with violent, madness filled leaders that can rob the chair of the royals and bring people down to their level of distasteful unpleasantries. For Mystika, the country of endless bodies and constant repopulation. It was different, Mystika is one of the more medium sized but heavily plagues islands of war in the world. They set a spectacle for other countries in this world, but most never choose to step in as Mystika has always hosted the most deadliest armies known to man. The world government has always seen Mystika as a country both dangerous and fatal to most armies that have tried to settle the thousand year war between the Knights, Vikings and Samurai.

⚔️ Fair rules for both general chat and combat.
⚔️Based entirely off of Custom locations!!!!
⚔️ Many pinned gifs/jpgs for a more immersive atmosphere.
⚔️Music Channel
⚔️Equal treatment of all members.
⚔️Mods such as Dyno, Tatsumaki, Miki, Carl Bot, etc.
⚔️Very active staff.
⚔️And much more!
⚔️Dedicated leader!

⚔️Server created in June 2019
A Fallout Map game RP based on the Old World Blues mod for HOI4. It uses that map but does not follow the mods path.

Pick any country, large or small and lead them too the future! Pick your nations path, will they be warmongering or a peaceful trading empire? You can chose now!
Turmoil: The Napoleonic Wars is a roleplay server set during the Napoleonic Era. We started in 1803, and 1 month passes every 2 days IC. In our server you can be whoever you wish, and make custom characters, provided it is period accurate! Join for more info!
Самый крупный русскоязычный сервер посвященный игре War Robots. Адекватное общение БЕЗ политики, рекламы, спама и т.д.
We are a role play server based in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, 2019. The server is made and run by Active Duty and Former US Military service members who have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Our goal is to make a military role play server that simulates a war zone as realistically as possible. We simulate the shitty stressful situations and dark humor that happen during deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. Of course we also keep the normal fun type of RP just as any other server, we just put a little more realism into it to make it more interesting. The server was created so that civilians can join and experience what it's like to be deployed to Afghanistan as US Military. We also welcome other service members of course!

We have several units for you to choose from in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force. You can also choose to make your character enemy forces against the US. You are free to choose whatever role you want but you are limited to Enlisted ranks. In order to become an Officer you will get special training from one of our service members, you will also be given a test.

You can customize your character however you want as long as it follows basic standards, but don't worry, we have service members to assist you in making your character as realistic as possible!

All events, skirmish and operations are hosted by service members who have experienced combat deployments or by our Game Masters who are specially trained for hosting. All our events are based on situations that would actually happen in a combat environment.

Do note that since we simulate what it'd be like to be deployed to Afghanistan, we simulate a lot of things that would generally suck, part of what sucks is the boredom. We intentionally rarely host events to simulate the boredom of what the average US Soldier experiences on deployments. You aren't constantly getting shot at and you aren't always going outside the wire. Most of the time you'll find yourself sitting at your bunk and doing at all. Boredom is one of the things that suck about deployments, but we also simulate dark humor, dumb shit that happens, a general confusion and fuck up in the Chain of Command, and death, lots of death.

Please don't be intimidated by the Staff, we're all friendly people! So if you'd like to join a realistic based US Military RP then join us today!
Medieval RP where anybody can create a new nation straight after joining. Alternatively, join an existing nation and find glory, wealth, freedom, or whatever your ambitions are in a violent, unforgiving, and ever changing world.

This server is very new, and so we are in need of admins. The lore of the world is incomplete and will evolve as a result of the world growing.

DISCLAIMER: Warsome will allow some very violent and disturbing themes, and IC there may be examples of slavery, racism, sexism, transphobia, rape, etc. This is not allowed OOC. Warsome is set in a violent and medieval world and most (but likely not all) nations won't be developed enough to move past the failures that our world has already overcome.
Welcome to Eridia!

The time before humanity and life was filled with nothing, a timeless expanse of darkness. From it, two brothers were born. Seraphim, and the Angel of Light. From Seraphims experiments came life, and the world as we know it. A playground for him and his creations. But...things weren't as they seemed. Seraphim didn't create to simply expand, he created this world so he could destroy it. And so the war to end all wars came between him and his own, rebellious creations. He lost with the help of ancient magic, gifted by the Angel of Light himself. Now the lands are relatively peaceful once again..and have been for over a thousand years.

Will you join the fight against evil? Or will you become the very thing life fears to help free Seraphim? Your path is up to you!

We offer:

Expansive open world

Large battles, politics, diplomacy and factions.

The ability to be whatever you want! Make suggestions! Be creative!

Join the cool kid club today and be one with the continent of Eridia!
Hello! Welcome to For Honor Wolfs Of War! We are of course a new server and hoping to grow. We do have some qualities that we got from other servers similar to this one but most we did use from other server we have upgraded it. We have a combat system in the process but will love to hear others opinion on it and suggestions. We are also in need of staff since we are of course have very little members atm.

After Apollyon’s little conquest all the faction was still at war with each other, but they also needed time to regain there strength of course all the factions have a leader one a king, the other an emperor, and the other a Jarl. But even though there is hate, war, and blood love between the factions may prevail.
Welcome to The Chains That Bind Us!
This is a server that has weekly giveaways, roleplay events, lots of fun bots, tons of exciting things to do, roleplay, and a lot of original lore and other content. Though we are only starting out and hope to have this place be more active soon. Join to create a character of your choice and make sure to come and have some fun.
Your typical sci-fi RP server. It revolves around warfare, politics, and mechs, lots and lots of mechs. You know the story, galactic empire embroiled in civil war. One side fighting for dominance, the other for freedom. You know, simple. Or is it? Funny thing about war is that it is never black and white. So, come and join and find out which side you belong to and which shade of gray you believe in.
Welcome to blood gold and gun powder. This roleplay server takes place in the year 1665 around the times pirates still roamed the sea. Join a faction and claim land in their name. Or create a pirate gang and raid your enemies. The server is newly created so we are looking for both staff and players. !!
This is a tale of times we all read in fairy tales, times of peace, war, happiness, advancement, and death. When all were united, the knights of the realms were respected and highly feared, protecting the lands and their peace.
Among this connection of thriving leaders and outlanders, a group emerged who betrayed the peace of the land and become mortal enemies to all who stood for the light.
These malicious groups were the demons, shadows, and outlanders...

Join the server and join the fight on the side of good or evil.
Play as a nation's leader, general, admiral, colonial governor, or any other interesting character during the Napoleonic Period! The game begins April 1, 1802, just after the Treaty of Amiens was signed ending all hostilities in Europe. Will Europe stay at peace under the new balance of power, or will the memories of war bring the continent back into conflict?

The game is highly interactive and as such mechanics run rather deep, as each nation has values for population, manpower, economy, centralization, happiness, tax rate, upkeep, and more. You may roleplay any policies or actions you can think of as your character, and the more creative it is the more your country or army will benefit. Beware, however, that any action may have unintended consequences. Additionally events will pop up from time to time that may heavily influence the course of history.

The game hasn't started yet as we are currently looking for more players, but come now to secure your favorite character! As the system is ambitious still under works any input is welcome.

This is a server based around roleplay and fun. In this server you grow your nation, improve it's economy, and conquer other nations to become the very best empire, democracy, or commune!

We have a wide selection of economy bots for use in your economy, such as CoinMaster (The original and classic choice), UnbelievaBoat, and TycoonMogul.

We have our own custom server-exclusive bot made just for use in this server, WarBot!

WarBot allows you to ?expand your nation, and ?war other nations. While roleplay is a recommended and more fun way to experience the server, ?war can be used too.

Your nation is not restricted by rules or bans, unlike many other nation servers, NUKES and other weapons of mass destruction are totally allowed!

Your nation is also not restricted by lack of free speech, your nation can be based around RELIGIOUS, SOCIAL, or ECONOMICAL preference.

If you wish to learn more, join the server and the staff will teach you more!

We hope to see you there at the DISCORD UNITED NATIONS!
In the year of 2016, on the twentieth of December, China and the Middle East broke away from NATO, soon forming a mass communist government, the twenty-fifth of December, France followed, Cuba then supported the new area, they were soon supported by North Korea. They became known as the CSSR. Everything stayed peaceful until January Twentieth of 2017, when one of the CSSR countries, unknown to NATO, dropped an 20 megaton nuclear warhead on Guam, NATO responded with a threat of war on the CSSR, North Korea declared war on the United States of America, the other CSSR countries supporting their ally, and NATO supporting theirs. NATO landed troops on the beach of Sanya, then the chaos erupted. The year currently is 2027
Have you ever wanted to build a nation of your dreams? Have you ever wanted to interact with other nations? To make enemies and friends? Well, now you can! Introducing "Ultimate Custom World"!

Ultimate Custom World is where you don't have to play as a certain country, and instead, can play as any kind of country you choose! It can be a fictional country, or even a country straight out of the world's history! It's up to you!

Join one of our Three Amazing Sub servers Red the Cold war aftermath, Green The First World war Aftermath or Blue The second World War aftermath! (Note the server that this links to is a hub between the 3)
Once you get in a sub server use our amazing template to create your nation! (Note that you will start out as a small country depending on what you plan, and it's not going to be the entire world under your control.) We have a healthy community, guards that are effective, A simple war and annexation system and much more! So, then, what are you waiting for, commander? Get in the game!
This is a Nation Simulation set in 1800. America is just getting settled in for a bump(ier) ride, Napoleon is in France, and the Napoleonic Wars are about to commence. It's 12 years away from the War of 1812, and it's up to you to decide how you can change history. You can stop wars, make alliances, or start wars and change history forever.
About a year after the events concerning the likes of Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa, Nina Zenik, Matthias Helvar, Jesper Fahey, and Wylan Van Eck, the tensions between Ravka and Fjerda have gone from mostly strained to full-blown war. After a night of bloody slaughter and mass murdering from an army of Fjerdans in Ravka, a new army rose to light, known as the Third Army.

This Third Army had managed to hold back the tide of invading Fjerdans, but there was one thing that created great rumour. The leader of the army was wreathed in light. Rumours and gossip about this new "Sun Summoner" exploded across Ravka, and a new Darkling had also come to light. Ravka had become unstable and, one day, the Sun Summoner and her squad disappeared into thin air. Leaving the Darkling to try and keep the Fjerdans at bay.


Come and join Grishaverse - The War, based off of Leigh Bardugo's Grisha Trilogy and the Six of Crows duology! With in-depth lore, helpful staff, and a twisting and turning plot arc that might affect the world at large, this server is perfect for any roleplayer interested in magic people in a war. Join now!