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Two kingdoms are at the verge of war, the kingdom of Vergal and the kingdom of Sergo. Which side will you join? Will you try and get peace, or get the war started? The choice is yours. (New server)
The world is set back to medieval times, many rouge Magicians, and people of every class as well as species, roam the streets of Celestial, in search of tasks at hand, looking for a nice place to calm, or looking to get a new weapon. Ever since the slaying of Cerberus, Celestials firstborn and only offspring to survive, the town sometimes referred to as "Wyvern town" has been on edge. Enemies that never got a chance to attack this town and starting to strike while defenses are lower than usual. More people left unaware and useless, feeling vulnerable and unsafe. Until a new army meant to take over the strength of the Wyverns, the town so very needed came into place. The army was filled with Mages, Bards, Druids etc. No one village could take them down, until they did take Celestial down and all the army with it, but Celestial rebuilt somewhere more secretive and closed off, still holding everything an adventurer could need, and its main shape before. And at this point in time, Wyverns and various other mythical creatures, had become normal to see every day, people trained them as warriors and the warriors took them in as freinds and mounts. The town learned of the Joy's that breeding caused and started to breed wyverns, getting more of the mythical creature. Soon the job as a breeder was born into the village and it is now filled with wyverns, free to give to an Adventurer. And the village started to grab a hold of hybrids, not many people get access to these hybrids, but if you can, they are great pets to have
Celestial. The wyvern whom single handily defeated entire villages of people, the wyvern whose name was known far across the world. It was said that Celestial stood by the elders and warriors of

Celestial ~the town~ to fight with enemy villages and protect its own. That's why, a large golden statue, that's wearing down, sits in the middle of Celestial with a plaque describing his long eventful life.

What We Offer
- A supportive server filled with love
- Many Roleplay options
- Any style of Roleplay
- A Fantasy Midevil theme

We are fairly new so every higher rank is open! I hope to see you join us!
Long ago, the God of Sea and War have declared War upon each other. Earth had gotten into the mix of this Fight and have been fighting for over a Millennia to a point where Technology has made this War more deadly than what is was.
Welcome to War and Peace Pokemon Style!

We are an active and growing pokecord server:

-Join a team of trainers and become the greatest pokemaster! There's 6 different teams currently!

-Build a team with you friends and rule the server as the best team!

- Tournaments!
- Join 6 Different Teams!
- Exclusive Titles
- Lots of Duels!
- Trading!
- Art & Music Channels!
- Kind Community!
- We partner with people!

And so much more to explore!
Welcome to 1930's New York, a time of industrial prosperity, social advancement and the tyranny of the Mafia. Choose your role in society, whether you're a rookie cop looking to help defend the law or a lacky for one of the many the the mob families in the city. This roleplay is in sync with actual history and has no alternative lore however it follows no actual historic figures of the time period such as Al Capone.

All are welcome in this server, even if you aren't into roleplay you are welcome to just stay and chat with new people, though we do ask that you speak in English.
"War Thunder - Wspólne Granie" to serwer, gdzie znajdziesz ludzi do oddziału, podyskutujesz na różne tematy dzięki kanałom tematycznym, weźmiesz udział w ciekawych, niestandardowych wydarzeniach, a nawet, jeżeli będziesz chciał, dołączysz do dywizjonu xDWGx i odblokujesz unikalne pojazdy!
The Empire is a superpower that has lasted for over 1000 years. The Empire grew slowly and populated over the thousand years as people slowly discovered Magic. The Empire created a group of people who were able to harness Magic to its perfection. They formed what is known as the Council. The Council ruled the empire for many years, maintaining perfect order, through unknown means. It was eventually revealed to two Generals that the way they kept order was through backwater means as well as illegal techniques. While these results ultimately kept the empire in peace, one of the two generals disagreed with this method, while the other did. They eventually went on to start and lead the two Army Factions against one another. Thus the Revolution was formed to fight back against the Empire. Later, in the year 4478, the war has reached a near stalemate, both sides winning territory back and forth. The Empire decided to seek out magic users to become an elite group that would fight for their reasoning. The Revolution caught wind of this and made a different move in response. Thus these two groups were formed to fight alongside their respective sides, the Elite vs the Enigmas.

That is the Backstory behind this little project server, you can join and play from either side, an Elite, an Enigma. If neither roles suit you, you can earn your way up the ranks in the forward armies of either side. I hope that when you join, you enjoy your time here and that you will stick around. I also hope that even if the roleplay doesn't catch your interest, you can still come and just talk with other people about things. Come and check out the Dissimulato empire, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay!
After a massive rumble, universes began to merge into one single planetoid filled to the brim with varying terrains. After alliances were made, the antagonists declared an all-out war on the protagonists for utter domination. The fate of the universe(s) is at stake here, and there's possibly a bigger threat behind this.

Welcome to Anime War. OC's and Canon Characters are allowed, first come first serve. We are a new and welcoming community. Enjoy your stay here.
This is a yugioh multiserver, we get a bunch of servers together and make servers fight for reputation, if you think you and your server has what it takes to beat everyone else come and join, all you need is a minimum of 5 team members
Welcome to Vampires! The Dark alleyway! This is just a gateway drug, we are not going to lie. We are getting this community up off the ground. It's just a baby door to a much bigger community, designed so you won't be overwhelmed, a place to chill and a safe haven to write, explore your creativity. Set in modern-day, and sometimes not modern-day.
Feel free to explore our gardens, join us in the bar, make new friends, hang out with them, or get daring and see what's behind the red curtain. 18+ only.
Come and play with us, and get lost in the lore that you help create.

What we offer.
* In game help and guidance (It’s a simple game)
* dedicated staff
* nsfw
* friendly people.
* LGBT Friendly
* many other races to choose from than just vampires.
* access to a long time community looking to have a lot of fun!
Have you seen political events play out and thought, wow, I would do much better than that? Well, we have the server for you! Country roleplay is a server designed so you would have maximal control over whatever country you want! You can pick the country you will bring to greatness! You can form massive empires, restore old empires if you want to be a meme, or you can screw over other people by sanctioning them! We even have the UN! Destroy your enemies! Conquer the world! Join Country Roleplay!
Stand at attention, private! Welcome to your new post here at the 46th Battalion: a military history server. Come join other historians in:

- Discussions on various wars and military conflicts, spanning from wars as old as in Roman times, all the way to modern times!
- Historical memes and regular memes galore, with a bit of shitposting for good measure!
- A DAY BY DAY AS IT HAPPENED retelling of World War 2

So go grab your gun private and let’s head out!
“We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.” - George Orwell

The Coronavirus started to appear in China. In response, many nations began to close their border to prevent the spread of the infection. This would begin to significantly harm to the Chinese economy with a large group of senior Generals in the Chinese military growing furious at Xi Jinping. These Generals concluded that the best option to restore China back to balance would be a military coup.

The outbreak began to spread to many of the cities on the Chinese coast. The Generals had amassed much support in secret, but approximately 60% of the Chinese armed forces still supported Xi Jinping. Seeing their country being torn apart, the Generals realized that something needed to be done before time was up. The Generals cut off the communications to the outside world and founded the Revolutionists who opposed the military that was still in support of Xi Jinping, with those loyal to Xi Jinping being known as the Loyalists. The Revolutionists were able to disarm Xi Jinping of the nuclear football, making China a country without nuclear weapons.

The Revolutionists fired 20 anti-ship missiles towards the USS John S. McCain with the ship being sunk. They did this to drag the US to war against the Chinese Loyalists. This sparked a declaration of war towards all of China with the US Military mobilizing it’s forces to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Guam. After intelligence gathering from the ISA, DIA, and the CIA, they were able to see the Chinese civil war and marked the Revolutionists as hostile. At the same time, the Revolutionists has amassed 65% of the Armed Forces to support them. The American Military has begun its assault on China. This is where the RP begins and where our story begins.
A Bakugan RP that uses New Vestroia rules and allows creativity of bakugan and characters alike.
Приглашаем всех игроков и стримеров. ТОЛЬКО 18+ Здесь можно поиграть в разные игры с адекватными людьми. (War Thunder и FIFA в приоритете) Правила сервера: - будь адекватным и на позитиве (не выполнение этого правила, перманент БАН)
**The year was 2200...**
The United States was locked in a Nuclear War with Russia. They fought until a stalemate was forced upon them. They each were equals.

Until.. Russia had an ace up their sleeve. They unveiled eight twenty-ton Nuclear bombs. They loaded them onto planes. First, they hit major cities, like LA, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C, and Conneticut. Then, they bombed the Pentagon and the Whitehouse. Last of all, they dropped a bomb on Dallas, Texas.

When the bomb hit, some had already been warned. They had gotten into safehouses underground built for such an occassion. Young children cried as they listened to the bangs and shudders of the earth above....

Years later, they emerged to a new world. Ferocious and unwelcoming. Now they had to survive here...

The year is now 2250. Most of the US is detroyed. Nuclear radiation is everywhere. Tread carefully. Death waits for no man.


And that's our server!

💣Brand new server!
💣No plot, roleplayer driven!
💣Player driven economy! (within roleplay!)

Hello! This is a pre recorded message brought to you by the people in this vault! We thank you for your cooperation and we are looking for staff! If you would like to join we have amazing things in store for you :3
We here in the vault have been chosen to continue the power of the human race! Although we have fallen to utter devastation and total annihilation we try to make the most of it! I list today and you have the choice to be:
Harem member
A friendly reminder to not insult or hurt the harem members as the guards will be more than willing to kill you!
Welcome to Dragon Universe!!
A large world, divided between races, humans taking for themselves most of the land through the power of sheer numbers, after a long, almost neverending war. And yet, the ancient race of Dragons did not falter, splitting into factions, gathering around powerhouses to follow their own goal. Some want to help fix the rift between humans and dragons, some want to control all their brethren, others aim for total destruction or conquering of the human race... and then there are those that want to live their lives quietly. Newborns and ancient beings, humans and dragons, here, today, you become a piece of this chaotic world. SAVE IT! BREAK IT! This is the time you chose who you want to be.
We offer:
- 45 roleplay channels
- active staff team
- 44 available weapons
- 27 available vehicles
- and much more!
- add custom vehicles and weapons!

It is the year 1952, World War II ended three years ago... and the German Reich came out to be victorious. After they had successfully detonated nuclear devices over New York City, Cambridge, St. Petersburg, and Vancouver, the allies were forced to accept an unconditional surrender to Germany. Germany has annexed almost whole Euroasia, North America, South America, Africa, and Antarctica. The little remains of free land were granted immunity from occupation.

Will you fight for the Fatherland?
Or will you fight in the dirt for a long lost cause...
This is property of the **‘38th US Regiment.’**

Are you looking to be part of a community? Are you looking for the chance to help your fellow brothers and sisters in arms? Are YOU looking for the chance to get your hands dirty, and help our community grow? Then the 38th U.S Regiment wants you!

If you join, look forward to:

⚜️ Friendly fellow soldiers and staff! ⚜️

⚜️ Ranks! Rise up, and show how dedicated you are! ⚜️

⚜️ Helpful and fun bots! ⚜️

⚜️ Weekly events! ⚜️

⚜️ In server achievements!

🔱 And plenty more! Enlist today, and be apart of something big! 🔱
WWIII has started. You have been selected in the draft. We need you to serve your country in its time of need. We have:
-High raider security
-A growing selection of RP channels
And More!
Hey there.
Welcome to Our Glorious Republic! We have multiple features;

✫ Bot games, gambling, is planned to come soon
✫ Hierarchy promotion system (Talk and RP more and you get promoted)
✫ We do gaming events!
✫ You join legions like just in the Clone Army. We have a variety of legions:
✫ Roleplaying
327th Star Corps
442nd Doom Company
38th Armoured Division
21st Nova Corps [Marines]
91st Reconnaissance Corps
104th Wolfpack Battalion
401st Coruscant Guard
41st Elite Corps
501st Attack Battalion
212th Attack Battalion, AND Special Operations with famed groups like ARC troopers, ARF, and Republic Commandos!
Our server needs staff! We are looking to do a rebuild and want to bring the server to glory. Join us and embark on the journey of the Clone Army!
This universe is set after the Legends events of Return of the Jedi, and occurs two years after the destruction of the second Death Star. Though Canon nor Legends materials hinder the future events in this galaxy. Through player interaction, DM events, battles and other player influenced content. Star Wars: Galaxy at War; may and can take on a life of its own. Drifting to the far more Alternate Timeline Compared to books, comics or movies.
Every event, player and interaction pushes the timeline slowly along, and can effect the future outcome and setting of the roleplay. Either with an Imperial victory, Rebel victory or even a player created faction taking over the universe.

The galaxy is yours to craft and change. Whether you are an Inspiring Rebel leader, a confident Imperial admiral or a a member of the galaxy's criminal underbelly. You can cause lasting effects within the roleplay of Star Wars: Galaxy at War!
Pixel Planet is an Earth Towny server on an Earth map with the ratio 1:1000 which released on August 11th, 2019. SERVER WILL RESET BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 27!!!! This server includes a custom war system, duels, auction house, crates and voting, brewery etc. The server version is 1.13.2. We offer a very friendly community where we hold weekly in game and discord events! If you have any further questions, feel free to join the discord server and reach out to the staff team! :) IP: