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A discord server, where you fight, ally, and conquer other nations for global world dominance! Join us in this small community of countries and tribes, and rule like a king, and thrive whilst doing so!
The Afterglow server is an rp server full of intense lore and immersive rp! If you're looking for an active roleplay server than join afterglow!
If you love to raid servers or have an urge to destroy some servers, come to this server. We raid servers of your choice, no matter how hard. This is a pretty active server, so, if you want to take your anger out on a server, join now.
This is a server specifically for futuristic roleplay! In this server, you can roleplay as your very own character and join a faction. Now although this server is mainly for RP we always take suggestions to do new things!

(story) The world is at war and people have joined factions survive some people just stay alone, find your place in the world and chose if you want to join world or the other factions and save them from the others
An alien faction called the off-worlders have invaded and are planning something
This world is an alternate dimension... Mirroring ours in every way.

However there are differences. In this world there is a secret battle ongoing every day.

The fight of the After life

Where demons and angels fight each other for the sake of the Earthly realm.

Who's side will you be on...
Will you be a dastardly demon
A heavenly angel
Or a clueless human....

Your choices will affect those around you.... Remember that.

Welcome to the Equilibrium....
This “Cold War” is not cold at all...

In the year 2020 rising tensions between North America and Russia reached a boiling point.The US annexed Canada and united under the banner of North America. Russia’s Influence grew over surrounding countries. Military production in both countries reached a peak. The NA Discontinued the use of any weaponry in their military besides that which was made by America. The British retained the United Kingdom, increasing military production and getting involved with the war.

Once the War began there was no particular side being invaded, it was just both sides invading each other. It was back and forth, a battle of military intelligence and might leaving three superpowers locked in a seemingly endless war.

You could always
•Join The Army-Fight for your Faction of choice in their Army. Maybe even lead the Army in an invasion against your enemies
•Become a Scientist-Develop Experimental Weaponry And Vehicles, Preform Inhumane experiments. Whatever it takes for Science
•Start a Rebellion-Rebel against your government using guerrilla tactics.
•Live life as a civilian-Just continue your daily life. Or you could always conspire with the Enemy

Who will you fight for? What goal will you further?
This RP takes place during the War of Cybertron.
Will you join the noble Autobots? or the tyrannical Decepticons?
Join and Choose your side of this War.
A fun roleplaying server in which you can create your own tribe/nation and lead it to victory. Enjoy... :)
Ascend is about two nations who for some reason started a war, Uphon and Acrine, Acrine being an Air Kingdom while Uphon an underwater and underground vault. They are very different and you, yes you, will be able to choose in which kingdom you would like to live in.

If your character has been born in Uphon, you choose your character's power but if your character was born in Acrine, you will choose a minimum of 3 powers and spin them and then that will be your character's power.
Hundreds upon thousands of years ago, there was a world named Larilune.
This world was ruled by one Goddess, an ambivalent, holy being that decided and guided everything in the galaxy.

However, that Goddess eventually got tired of her life. She had given birth to a son, who was basically doing her job for her at this point.
She was getting more tired every day.
So, she decided to change the world. She sacrificed herself to create a new world.

The Land of Aurelia.

And thus, Larilune was destroyed, and Aurelia was created. Thousands of creatures were put onto this land, their knowledge wiped and forced to roam in the 4 basic environments.
The son of the old Goddess, otherwise known as the new God, decided to create 4 demigods or Enforcers.
These Enforcers would rule over the land for him. Each Enforcer would control a different piece of land, and a different element.

The War Enforcer would control Fire.
The Dark Enforcer would control Darkness.
The Light Enforcer would control Light.

And so, Aurelia was founded.
Infinity Arena is a Roleplay server based around Roleplay Combat. We welcome roleplayers on all levels! If you like to fight or do mass warfare roleplay, we are the server you want to be in! Our combat arenas and themes are infinite, meaning if you have somewhere you'd like to fight, we have room for the channel in one of our categories; Realistic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Anime
Welcome to World RP! World RP is a roleplaying server about playing as a nation in any of the seven continents. We have friendly staff who will help you along your journey to a world power! Make diplomacy and forge alliances to dominate the world. Battle it out on the fields of Norway to Australia! Upgrade your economy to rival the world! We hope to see you soon on the battlefield!

P.S If you need help setting up, I'm available a lot of the time just ping an admin mod.
A good community server with factions, political talk,roleplay, and more, just join here and try it out to join the shark ranks! Oh don't forget we're all gamers here too!
the world is in a good old fashion infantry war over resources and the hole of Europe is at each-others necks. with up to 7 classes to choose from and with over 6 playable factions and growing, you must choose a faction and fight along allied troops in both land and air combat, to victory in Europe.
Over the past years, natural disasters have become incredibly frequent. First, a magnitude nine earthquake hit the San Andreas fault, felt all across the United States. Then, because of that, tsunamis triggered by other earthquakes that the San Andreas superquake caused. The worst thing of all, though, was when Yellowstone erupted.
Within a month the entire world was plunged into a volcanic winter unlike any ever perceived by mankind. People are dropping dead left and right from the sheer amount of soot and ash in the air. The supervolcano is still pumping out debris, adding to this deadly cloud as it spreads and thickens across the globe. Only the best radios are able to get anything out, these mostly belonging to the government. There is one easily accessible station for anyone, and it sits there, playing music. Every half-hour, a female robotic voice spits out a number. The number of those dead.
Now, in 2022, the remnants of mankind huddle together in tiny regions. What remains of governments has crumbled. There are few areas in the world that can grow any crops, or are able to raise cattle on. Nuclear war, the humans were prepared for. Bring it on. Nature bringing her rightful revenge to a planet they slowly sought to destroy, though...

Soldiers! Prepare your weapons. Guns or swords, The era doesn't matter. All we know is that discord is at war. Join the battle, Enter a team. Fight for what you want. (Can be a friendly server, but mostly it's war.)
In the world of Ammarillis, two kingdoms are in bloody conflict. Scarlingdale and Zepher are two sides of a coin, opposites in every way. The ruins stand between the two kingdons, echoes of a long gone empire. But are they as dead as thry appear to be? So come, choose your side and fight for you're home.

This is a fantasy/steampunk rp. We do use dice for many things, and there are set plot points for the story. Character sheets are kept secret to everyone but the admins and the one who turned them in, so any suproses you have in store aboug them will be suprises.

By the end of the plotline, there will be a winner to this war. One of the kingdoms will stand victorius, and that victor is up for you roleplayers to deside on. The question is, will you be that winner?
Welcome to "In the Sands of the Desert" role-play server! We are a wonderful community of people interested in history and having a fun time!
The year is 1940, the world has decended into a second great war, Italy; Germany's biggest ally, joined the fight by invading British Egypt.
In which side will you fight in? Will you side with the fascists and take the desert and the precious resources beneath it's sands for il Duce? or will you side with the allies, and defend their territory? Join now!
Welcome to your own nation building simulator!
*Become the leader of your own country
*Chat, fight, and become friends with other real people
*Engage in serious role-play and conflict among the globe
*Delve into the inspiration of other and new countries
*Become top of the national leader board
*Simple rules and simple experience
I'm just sayin', you should try at least..
This is a new roleplay/strategy war Discord server, where players lead the country of their choice or be a rebel partisan group that strives to take over land, forge alliances, and become the best nation (or partisan) there is. The game has started/been released so you can start playing as soon as you join!
Schism 2 is set in a universe where the world has been taken over by a mad tyrant demon after it was left defenceless due to a third world war. Since the demon's arrival, people have developed the ability to harness certain powers of magic and are being killed for it. You are an escapee of this and have found refuge in a building called the spire, which exists outside of time and space.

The spire was once a way to bridge the gap between alternate dimensions and served as a landing craft for a titan God named Oblivion. Oblivion was defeated, however only after he killed Universe, creator of everything and also his counterpart. Everything was reset without the dependence of these God’s and the spire fell into the hands of a being known now as ‘The old one’ who takes in those gifted with the ability to harness the remnants of powers from the last Earth and trains them, the group is now called ‘The order of antiquorum’ . The tower sits between dimensions and exists outside of time meaning it is a safe place from the tyranny that lies back at Earth, which was taken over by a maddened demon, who took over in 2053 eliminating the anti magic New World Order which formed after a nuclear holocaust. What lies ahead for these people is another conflict, perhaps larger than the last...
This discord server was created for fun on December 2nd, 2018. It's intention is to get much members as possible, and let persons feel as if they're in an actual army with real-life ranks, represented by roles and emojis.
A rp server very strongly inspired by Wolfenstein in which the Resistance must bring down the 3rd Reich and save the world