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Welcome, this is a Role-play set in the 1600s-2000s with many nations available for choosing to serve you can become a lord/lady (In some cases even a king) of a nation and either seize the crown for yourself conspiring and betraying the people around you to get there.
Or be the kings most loyal servant and help your king conquer the world

(slight fantasy elements like magic may sometimes be involved and due to the players having most of the control of their future, there may not be much historical accuracy)

-> Create your own character
-> Go wherever you want like to the Vatican
-> Become what you want (Farmer,Pope,Soldier)
-> Work in a particular branch of the government
-> Random events to get the most out of roleplay
-> Betray your closest allies to gain more power
-> Sell goods to make more money
-> Buy land,perks,armies
-> Rule your state/empire and become the most powerful man in the world
-> Colonize and go to war to expand your empire

(This is a community project, so please join and give us suggestions to create a more fun rp community)
This is a server specifically for futuristic role play! In this server you can role play as your very own character and join a faction. Now although this server is mainly for RP we always take suggestions to do new things!
Join a cast of "mostly-original" warriors, as they embark on their own journies, as the adventures soon tie into each other. Evil stands tall, as heroes are nothing but a myth here. Can you save the universe from impending doom? Can you fight for your own life, and hope to survive in the wicked and wild world? If you think you can, why not join us.
The impoverish city of the city state Koljalin is suffering from the war around it. The Zandonians, the Niamese, The Olukians, the Jukons, and even the Fulugs surround it, with war raging across the planet. You are one of these races, and you must survive in this place. A Mayor of each race goes into power every 5 years, with the order stated above.
You may be asking "What can this fantasy roleplay add that others cannot" well the answer is simple... Not a hole lot but we have constantly updating lore, friendly staff, and devoted roleplay heads to name a few things that may be nice

Many years ago the realm of Altherial was made up of hundreds of provinces living independently. In time, a conglomerate of Islands off the coast of the mainland formed into The Twelve Isles', a country forged on the ideals of conquest and domination. In present day this land is ruled by King Ellstress, who, 3 years ago, was determined to succeed where his ancestors had not, and take Altherial for his own, Ellstress would prove to be the most determined of all those who ruled the Twelve Isles, training a military force that reached a level of tactical strength unrivaled in all of Altherial. His first attempt at invading the mainland ended with failure, as even though he was able to weaken the lands of Osmea, the vast armies of Alible, led by the righteous King Lucian (of Alible), ambushed his men and drove them back to the Isles, but not before Ellstress personally took the King’s life. Three years have passed since Ellstress' first invasion attempt, and although Osmea remains weak, Alible's forces have continued to guard it's shores from a possible future attack. Aecrus, as it has always been, is unaffected by these conflicts, but like the other provinces remains ever vigilant, for none can know when and where the Elven King's armies may wage war again but yet another threat lurks in the shadows far darker then the King Ellstress
A geopolitical server where you could roleplay as one of the world's nations and climb up to be a Major Superpower!
Note:This server does not promote racism. Welcome to American Civil war RP this starts at Fort sumter. You can fight in the Civil war and do almost every battle. Be famous generals and soldiers and such.
This is a server of WWII RP. Come and join for some fun on the discord. Customs will be allowed soon.
Note: this is a new server so we are gathering members for RP. I will be then handpicking myself mods and admins.
Things you can do in the server:
- Create your own personal character
- RP with others
- Witness the events of the WWII during the timeline
- Become a politician in WWII (WIP)
- Become a medic, sniper, infantryman and fight on the battlefield.
Asgar is in terrible danger! Princess Solenia will need the help of you fellow adventures to battle off the evil within the war!

Need: Seven Top Knights
Counsel Members
Three Other Kings or Queens.

This is a new server and we need to build up our forces!
A community Discord server for conversation about anything relating to wars, war history, politics, or military technology. Enjoy!
2035, one of the most brutal days,months, and year for the Countries Alene and Kinichi. Their ways were unsettling for the other, it seemed to unravel a War to break from the two. Bombs, Guns, Soldiers, the things you could think of for killing the innocent blood of Citizens. Alene was running low on supplies fast, not knowing what to do, they retreated and stayed far away from Kinichi. The Citizens of Alene completely deserted their hometown. Kinichi was ecstatic for the fact of seeing them retreat. But it was uncertain that there was Alene’s Citizens in their country. If so, death, it was unexplained how they would die but the Kinichi Citizens didn’t question. As a Alene Citizen, you have to survive and keep identity secret if not asking for death in the Kinichi Country.
(just a small rp group everyone is nice!)
This is a server that I'm trying to revive. New players receive 500k sign-on bonus is they join.

The year is 2027, and tensions heating up in the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, and the Pacific have resulted in CSAT forces pushing into the island of Majorca, and NATO forces have responded accordingly, resulting in a divide of the island, with NATO controlling the northern half, while CSAT controls the southern half. Civilians have evacuated near major fighting areas, but are still in cities that are away from the Ma-15 highway, the main dividing line between NATO and CSAT forces.
Welcome to Outcast, a discord roleplay! Outcast is set in the year 2062, and a civil war has broken out in America. Two factions have been created: the authorities and the outcasts. But who will win the war?
We're a ww2 server that is in need for good, active role players.

We have country chats, battles, weapon stores an more.
Basically, Just an RP about Passchendaele. Not related to the Movie. You can be pretty much whatever you like within reason and Realism. ERP Is Not Allowed. Be Realistic, to an Extent.
In the first Holy Calendar Year the King was born, leading us out of our foolish dark age thinking and bringing us into a golden age. From then forward he stayed in the shadows, the invisible hand pushing society in the right direction, slowly ensuring humanity's forward march. He only made himself known in HCY 1679, since then he has pushed the domain of Arethein across oceans and mountains alike. In HCY 1897 he was mortally wounded by the traitor. The end war started in HCY 1903 and has continued till this day (HCY 2367). Technology has stagnated in this dark future. Arethein is now surrounded, lands are now lost at the rate they're gained. War is a constant, most technology is merely maintained. Truly this is the darkest of times, and should we fail the light shall fade and darkness will swallow the world. Only the holiness of the king keeps our world from this fate, and by his almighty strength we may prevail yet
An unknown event has destroyed 3 of the largest US cities, knocked out electricity nationwide and plunged the once most powerful nation in the world into chaos. The President hasn’t been seen or heard from for over 3 years, and the United States is collapsing. After millions of Americans fled to Mexico and Canada, the military and national guard tightened the grip on the nation, overriding the constitution, shooting anybody who enters and leaves, and declaring martial law while fighting separatists and protecting the nations darkest secrets. You live in the small town of Jonestown, Alabama which threatens to plunge into absolute chaos, and anything can cause the worst. Welcome to the new age.
Welcome to Iron Warfare WW2. This server is a WW2 Nation RP game where you pick and play as a nation from 1936. In this game you get full control of your country and its military industry economy and diplomacy. You can improve your military by producing more troops, upgrade your buildings to unlock new troops and get bonuses, research troops to better improve their ability in the battlefield. Meet real life players and wage war on them or forge diplomatic relationships with them. This server covers all the aspects of a brilliant WW2 Game. Join today to help us build and grow our server together. Your destiny awaits you.
The Hurricane is a Fictional Platoon within the 16th Infantry Regiment (New York's Own). The Leader of this Platoon is 2nd Lieutenant Haldor Havard (Played by the server owner.)

We will be starting December 20th, 1941 in Fort Devens, the RP will begin with training and bootcamp, after which will come the Departure for England to partake in Operation Torch.

This server is a World War 2 RP, that being said, fair warning in advance, females will have limited roles, mostly in the medical field, however, you show a lot in training then you may get lucky!
Welcome to Pantheon Wars! In this world Mythologies Clash! Norse, Greek, Roman! And many more, Roleplay as a god and defend your title and end your adversaries. Create an alliance and wage war with a team, all too impress the god of the gods Aaladir, so he may groom you! Into the next god of gods.

Invite link:

The time has come again for the grail to call the new masters. Each one hailing from different countries, families, etc. However, This war takes place in Salem, Oregon! Each master will summon the servant in their home towns! Whether it be Rome or anywhere else in the world!

- [ ] Two factions have been formed since the previous wars! The Dreams Faction formed by the Mage’s Association and the Nightmare Faction formed by those who seek the grail for their own selfish deeds.

This war includes the 7 basic classes along with the 2 extra classes- Ruler and Avenger!
A war-simulation roleplay where you play as a nation. Join to lead your country, and your alliance to world domination.
WW2 Nation RP. Join and play as a Nation from WW2 and lead your country to glory
For millenia humanity was plagued by an enemy. A darkness hidden deep in the earth. The darkness brings back animals as what we know as remnants spectral monsters with black magic. Humanity developed ways to heal eachother and fight off the darkness with magic technology and faith.

They built cities stuck together and grew into an empire that easily stomped down the beasts. Even so like any group they were faited to conflict. It was twenty years ago children were split from there parents and family members. Politics controlled everything. Bonds were broken lives were taken. The once prosperous alliance split into seven factions.

It took 18 years. 18 years into the broken suffering. The horrifying tyranny for a single group to unite once again against the real enemy. A team of seven one from each colony has recently united raising their ranks to take a diplomatic stand and once again bring together the world and take down the remnants.

Will you choose a faction or pull them together. Whatever you do hang up your bullshit grab your weapons practice your magic and prepare for war.