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Welcome to the world of Aefiarhia. Where 3 major races fight for domaniance over the main land. The elves being protective of there jungle. But they cause the attacks on it. The humans. And there three kingdoms. Looking only for peace as their done with war and blood shed. The dwarfs the crafty makers and bold movers. The world of Aefiarhia is welcome to all. Will you be a pilot of a great airship. Or a arch mage of the elven empire. Or a tyrant ruler of the dwarfs. You chose. As any man women elf or dwarf can change history forever.
A discord server, where you fight, ally, and conquer other nations for global world dominance! Join us in this small community of countries and tribes, and rule like a king, and thrive whilst doing so!
Set in 2018, War: The Final Frontier allows players to create their own nations while being able at the same time to join created nations. With a friendly and positive community, everybody will have a good time. Join today!
Hungry for a bit of an unconventional RP server? Then step into the House of the White Circle, a religious cult RP spawned from a zany in-joke about ink printers.

What is the White Circle, you ask? It is that shape which cannot be printed. Try it yourself. Print a borderless white circle on any color paper, and prove this to yourself.

Here's the catch: We consider the White Circle to be holy and sacred because of its unique non-printed state. You too can join us under the divinely appointed Council of Elders, a strict loving oligarchy who work to control the masses protect the truth and condemn heretics to the guillotine. Who's in? The White Circle welcomes everyone without hesitation.

Included in the deal are channels dedicated to:
☆ Explaining doctrines
☆ Group heresy confessions
☆ Punishing heathens at the guillotine
☆ Performing rituals
☆ Learning the sacred techniques (special roles inside!)
☆ Interacting with ghosts and demons
☆ MUSIC channels!
☆ Fighting against the singularity or joining the bots!
☆ Challenging followers of infidel shapes:
☆ And much more... building to a grand infiltration/holy war storyline!
Our server is set in the times of war between the Mykene and the Trojans, and the Spartans and the Athenians, we offer a well run server with a great roleplay function. We allow for erp in a separate section of the server if that is your thing, we are open to anyone interested, we are only starting out but we already have active rp going
An alternate history about what if the communists won the Cold War. The game is based on the HOI4 mod of the red world.

~~New server~~
-Kind staffs
-Good layout
-Good bots
-Post your flags
-Be a nation leader
-And many more

Join our server and have fun
The Second American Civil American what everyone feared yet foresaw.
The lines are being drawn Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, New Mexico are Constitutes. The North East, California, Washington, Hawaii minus pearl harbour, are Federals l. The rest undecided. The Federalsare the proleft/people who support the federal government and the Constitutes are the proright/people who believe the federal government has gone to far and is stripping the people of their rights. WHO WILL YOU FIGHT FOR. Let the blood of brothers and sisters flow over the soil for a second time. Let the nation reunite thru the flames of War. Or let it crumble in the wake of the destruction of civil strife. Choose and pave a path in history of America and the world.
Carthe, a thriving country of learning, free trade, and industrial might, was built on three tenants: equality, freedom, and safety for its many citizens. These ideas are reflected in the very streets of its Capital Herodal. But something terrible has occured. Now a ruined crater, Herodal is no more, the royal family is missing, and no one seems quite sure what happened. The remaining powers that be within Carthe now exist in a power vacuum, a veritable tinderbox ready to be set ablaze by the tiniest spark...

But perhaps the hearts of men and women are not so dark, and pure anarchy can be avoided. Perhaps more information can be gleaned concerning the tragedy of Herodal within the crater itself, and civil war can be averted.

Come join us and forge an epic story in this world of high fantasy. Become a mage and study at Rainis, or perhaps sail the high seas as a Pirate Lord. Perhaps a race more attuned to nature is what you desire, like the Elves of Thelin Edhil or the plethora of other mythical races and creatures.

Just be careful...danger lurks in the far corners of Carthe, and can anyone even be trusted to begin with? Whether it's forging your own path, or bettering relations within an existing faction, there's always room in Carthe for you.
We have created a semi-original idea of a space RP. An unknown galaxy filled with multiple races, planets, clans, and classes is at a major war for each other! Join the army and join the fight, rebel against the Tyranny, or conquer other planets! The choice is yours!
The year is 1900. The world is much different from how you knew it, and most nations don't exist. Make your own empire and get ready to rise.
**1920 Country RP**

We are a 1920 Rp group focused on diplomacy war and fun!

You can build tanks Produce guns and train troops!
Their are high quality land battles with dice so their is no cheating we have rules so people can’t produce 1Million soldiers and we are getting bots!

**We are looking for moderators**

We just started and are looking for members thanks!
We are a role-play sever about controlling any country or terrorist group in a WW3 setting. Bring your friends to team up as one country or to face each other to prove who is better. We are a real time sever which means if it 2 days (or whatever) in real life then its 2 days in the sever, so you cant skip ahead time. Develop new weapons, recruit a army, fight other countries, and have fun. We are always accepting new recommendations, and we are looking for more editors (admins) to help support the sever. Even if you don't want to strategist, and just want to watch you can. Our server may contain talk about gore so if you have a weak stomach be careful. Come have a great time and, beat your enemy JOIN TODAY!
Welcome to join an growing Military-Styled roleplay server! To join the server, you have to be +18. We are looking for new active members to join the server!

Our server includes:

-Different factions
-Helpful and friendly staff
-NSFW and SFW roleplay.

Currently also looking for trustworthy faction moderators.
This is a server specifically for futuristic roleplay! In this server, you can roleplay as your very own character and join a faction. Now although this server is mainly for RP we always take suggestions to do new things!

(story) The world is at war and people have joined factions survive some people just stay alone, find your place in the world and chose if you want to join world or the other factions and save them from the others
An alien faction called the off-worlders have invaded and are planning something
We’re a supportive, friendly community of people who love the game War Thunder. Wether you’re new,casual or a pro we’re all welcome here. Have Fun.
A text based discord rp based off of the current conflict in Ukraine. *NOTE*: The lore is not going to be 100% realistic, this was done to help improve the quality and fun of the RP. This is also a new server and we are currently looking for staff members.
-Ranking system and medal system-You can earn accolades based on actions aswell as gain ranks based off of merit.
-Music/entertainment bots
-Future campaigns in other regions of the world.
Also willing to take suggestions from rpers

Lore: It's December 18th, 2019 and the new year is just round the corner. However in Ukraine the war in Donbass still rages on leaving the nation split in two. Eastern Ukraine has separated itself now referring to their independent nation as Donbass from the west and has agreed to join the SCO (shanghai cooperation organization) as long as they receive help to fight off the western Ukraine forces. Now with the support of the Russians who don't want to lose their influence in Ukraine the west have requested help from NATO, The USA who now want to prevent Russia spreading its own ideals and attempts to expand have immediately sent a few Special forces units to aid the efforts in Ukraine, however other NATO nations are hesitant to send troops to Ukraine in hopes of preventing a possible WW3 scenario. Now with the backing of NATO western Ukraine hopes it stands a chance in the war.
A new server dedicated to roleplay about countries! Conquer lands, destroy your enemies, become a powerful faction and make allies in this wonderful server!
Here you can RP as any of countries, or even make your own. We are slowly moving through years. This server is new so if you could support it with activity we would be thankful.

Things you can do:
-RP as any country
-Chat with people
-Post memes
-Have fun
-Make new friends
For the future, we shoot our guns.
For the past, we honor the fallen.
For the present, we fight this war with a passion, so that one day we shall end this hellish battle on the frontier.
-Several locations to choose to Roleplay in
-Actual military rankings as roles
-A professional RP Master & admin
-An actual purpose
-Strict rules to minimize bullshit
-A thought out backstory.

Join today to grow large tomarrow.
Welcome to Rheinhofen!
WW2 NRP is based in 1943-1945 in Rheinhofen (Fictional city). It is a semi-serious roleplay environment with CityRP elements, creating a balanced "hybrid" between fun for the casual Roleplayer and a certain level of seriousness for the more serious Roleplayers. Even though the development of the server strives for historical accuracy, I cannot always guarantee it and therefore you might even define our gamemode as "alternative history".

We have some of the various SS and Heer Branches that existed in the German Reich, but some of the aspects have been partially or completely changed to ensure a smooth roleplay experience for a large amount of players.

Our Server also features PassiveRP elements, not limited to Citizen jobs but also to Governmental Jobs such as NSDAP and its departments. We also offer MilitaryRP through the Wehrmacht and OKW regiments.

To explain this server, one would need an essay, as the experience of myself and the Co Owner in NRP/WW2 RP has determined what this server is currently, and what it can become is almost limitless; above, I have briefly denoted what a new member needs to know.

We wish you a fun and enjoyable stay here in Rheinhofen!
Ironguard 1945 is a RP server based in the year 1945 where WW2 had started late, with the same technology, different countries, and different wars. Ironguard 1945 is a massive RP server that is always changing. The battles occurring on the front lines will choose how the future will be. Every single action has an effect on the server, whether it be something small as dating someone to something bigger like winning a war. The entire server is based upon these actions of all the people. The front lines are always changing and moving. Right now, it is quite a small little server trying to rise up and become larger.
Galaxies Edge is a sci-fi based server where several factions and alien species fight for dominance over the galaxy. Come join us. We are a friendly, communicative, group open to ideas and different ways to help our server grow!
Hello and welcome to Cold War (1965-). This is a political roleplay server where you can choose a country to roleplay as. We have a news channel where you can see what’s happening with your fellow leaders. We have an active and dedicated team of roleplayers. We are also adding a political debate server where you can come to roleplay as a nation and debate about real life topics! Join now!! With this unlimited expiry link:
This is a new server set in the USA Civil War.

We have friendly staff who know what they are doing.
You can rp a union solder or a confederate solder