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The Sad War Takes Place In 2222 When Germany And It's Allies Manged To Annex Britain And France And Other Allies And Swiftly Take Europe While Japan Took Asia And Russia Helped Both Of Them The USA Is Failing And Has Begun To Form A Plan But It Will Not Be Revealed Until Its Champions Arise. Who Will You Be Good, Bad? Maybe Even A Champion! Join Now
12 hours ago
-Currently In Development
-Looking For HRs and Higher-Ups In Factions
-Fun Community

In the year 2052, the remnants of human civilization fights for survival on Mars. The Galactic Federation of Democracy fights against the International Space Alliance for the right to exist and their territory. Bandits roam the wastes of Mars, robbing and killing civilians and traders. The Asian Galactic Alliance stays neutral in the war, focusing on their own technology, and staying mostly isolated from human civilization.

When civilization is in chaos among the stars, what role will you play?
1 days ago
Join one of the four kingdoms, who fight to control the world. The way to win, take control of the phantom isle and its magic secrets. But there is a great force that is protecting the isle. Its leader the phantom king. Will you slay him and take victory for your kingdom?
2 days ago
We're a group with a rather small, but friendly community.

We have about 11 bots, all placed in their designated channels.

These include Pokécord (Don't worry, I've compressed the spawns into one Pokécord channel so the general chat isn't littered with the spawns), NotSoBot, and MatBot.

We also have NSFW bots like Nekobot and Godavaru.
5 days ago
A small server dedicated to a role play about world war three.

It's 1982, Nuclear bombs were never mass produced though both militaries are bolstered. The soviets have gone for berlin and turkey, and seattle as the NATO army attempts to stop the heavy advance.
13 days ago
Lands of the Conquered is the reboot of Converging Homes, a medieval kingdom rp that revolved around a basic storyline located in the lore channel in the server. Members are very kind and welcoming, and we all love to rp, so if you are a fan of rp then this is the place for you.
Two kingdoms, which had been friends for centuries, suddenly turned on each other when an agreement was broken between the ruling leaders of both kingdoms. Now, half a century after the war, the kingdoms have been renamed - Kingdom of Paradise and the Kingdom of Death - and Paradise rules over all the land. But some things are not the same.. the previous king of Death is still alive, and has sent his daughter, Melyzza into Paradise, in hopes that she will be safe. Yet as she spends more time in the kingdoms, she becomes aware that the prince of Paradise has his eyes set on her, although he does not know she is a princess. He believes she is just a regular commoner, who is a subject of his father.
How will it turn out? You all choose! It is your choice what happens to the princess and her family. Your choice what happens to Paradise.
So come on down and join us in the fantastic, mythical journey!
15 days ago
This is a Roleplay server about a war between two great powers. It's set in a sci-fi world. (For more info join the server.)
15 days ago
Welcome, to Naruto Zero+ The original server was deleted and this is well the remnants of it but do not fear things will be as good as they were, right now the villages are teetering on war, tension is high and the akatsuki are pulling strings. The mizukage has been recently murdered and fingers are being pointed at the village of the hidden sand, it will only get tense and at this rate will will surely break out, come join us and help us create this new naruto world
17 days ago
Come join the one of the newest servers to hit discord we are a roleplay server with out the rollbot, friendly ownership/admin team by the way we are still looking to add more soon so come join a guild and and have some fun with battling each other I hope to meet ya there
18 days ago
World expansion is a roleplay server in which users take command of a country and battle with others for world domination!
19 days ago
Battleplan is a WW2-based roleplaying game in which you play the role of a single character set in a world on fire. Many nations arise from the ground with the dark power to destroy the rest of the world. 10 nations go up against eachother with presidential leadership available to anybody who wishes to become them
21 days ago
A war has started.....All over the globe. Countless persons are making their own allies, enemies, and factions, each one different as they all fight for control. You, Reader, Are possibly going to be one of the many that survive, and have a place to call your own [NSFW INCLUDED!]
26 days ago
Welcome to my Nation RP where he host different scenarios and lots more especially different timelines too where we will have fun you choose what you do with your nation.
44 days ago
Since anyone can remember there hasn't been Stars in the sky, stories and paintings depict that once there were a long time ago. This was before Angels who fell from Heaven came to the land, before the Stars fell from the sky and before the Curse began.These people were Raised as weapons from Birth to Fight the Angels and then to safe guard the world
What happens when your keepers of peace no longer want peace, seeing as they were raised for war and created for that purpose alone They grew Restless and began to turn on one another for humans and morals were too easy prey. Thus a Civil war was sparked between the Bearers of the Curse and a battle unlike any other the world would have seen would soon come to fruition
67 days ago
An RP based around Virginia during 1863, in the American Civil War.
70 days ago
We are a Discord community that RPs in Afghanistan, set in 2011. Invite code:
74 days ago
Nous sommes une petites communauté Française, basé sur un serveur avec des events avec un systeme de FanGroups de "Waifu" ! N'hésitez pas a venir faire un petit tour !
88 days ago
This is a medieval roleplay focusing on characters in the setting of a medieval kingdom. Join the military, become a bounty hunter, maybe rule the kingdom!
Anything realistic is possible on this server.
Keep in mind this is a medieval roleplay, not a medieval fantasy roleplay.
94 days ago
This is a realistic roleplay server taking place in the golden age of piracy. There are 3 paths to choose from and 2 islands to choose from. You can be a pioneer, join the navy, or travel around on your own ship as a merchant, coming from Serpent island, the island of danger and war, or Prospectors island, a place of defenders and wealth. The two islands are currently against each other and anyone caught trespassing on an island that they do not belong to will be punished. Currently, it is only small fights and attacks, but with the increased aggression from Serpent island, will these small fights turn into war?
96 days ago
This server is about helping each other on Summoners War! Come and let's grow together!
126 days ago
The Ancient World is a nation RP game where you take control of one of many ancient nations in the year of 270 B.C. Conquer the world, or become the richest there is. The choice is yours.
17703 days ago