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World of realms is a Minecraft java server that is about building civilizations from tribal villages to prospering city's you can start your own civilization or you can join another and become a worker or join the military or government there can be revolutions and everything that is in the real world you can expect to see in this server.
"War Thunder - Wspólne Granie" to serwer, gdzie znajdziesz ludzi do oddziału, podyskutujesz na różne tematy dzięki kanałom tematycznym, weźmiesz udział w ciekawych, niestandardowych wydarzeniach, a nawet, jeżeli będziesz chciał, dołączysz do dywizjonu xDWGx i odblokujesz unikalne pojazdy!
This roleplay server is based on norse mythology. While we are set in the modern world, we also encourage stories to be written as in the good old days. All creatures are here accepted - so long as they agree to live in harmony with others - but they may face grave perils. Indeed, the castle is a haven for the outcasts, but is also victim to many attacks; on occasions, you will be asked to partake in wars. Don't worry though, those instances will be done in good fun. Imagine this as an extended family, one where you certainly don't agree with everyone, but get to stand up and defend your point alongside friends and fellow passionate writers. After all, disagreements make good stories.

We have many styles of role-play: Either short RP, long RP, community/group role play, literate or semi literate, etc. The possibilities are endless. If you want to go on an adventure in a world filled with werewolves, creatures and mythology we would gladly welcome you!

We hope that you will join us on this magnificent journey.
This is a Halo RP server that focuses on its own lore and canon
. his RP server takes place in an alternate universe called 292 . The year is 2548 , It was only a decade or so when the human-covenant war arrived . If it wasn't for Sector - 19D , Universe 292 would have followed the canon . Sector - 19D was a UNSC base that was important . It held important data and information about the covenant . It was destroyed and turned to rubbles .
Well you be the one to recover and save them ? Or will you be the one to destroy the world with them

- You Can RP As Covenant / UNSC
- Need Active Members
- We have guns
- Yes
38 ABY: After the large war that broke out between the two forces of the Revanant and the new Grand Galactic Republic, the Republica comes out on top! In the last battle of the war, the planet of Coruscant is no more, and the galaxy is at peace once more! Now, multiple empires and factions rise to make their place known in the Galaxy!

In this RP, you can be anything you want and do anything you want. You can make an army with our economy and shop system not normally seen in other servers, or you can become a bounty hunter for the guild with our ever constant updating mission logs. With friendly staff and role players willing to help you, nothing is impossible if you put in work.
The world was destroyed.
Harsh way to break the news, but it was - nuclear weapons, mass war death and destruction, caused everything to crumble into nothing. So now, almost everything is barren and wasted. Only few survive the civilisations people have formed; even the kinder tribes have ways to drive a person off the edge of sanity.
Angels study humanity and their morals, deciding whether their ruler's creation of humanity was worth anything - if they are worth the hassle or if they are meant to be destroyed.
Will the tribes destroy one another in their attempts to restore humanity, or will they realise that working together is the only way they can survive this fate controlled by the celestial beings?
after the bekzlan army lost ww1 and Their colonies of sellistania and zuugan Thier economy went down hill due to the fact that Their economy went was oil based. The great depression also effected them cause nobody was buying their goods. Inflation went high which affected the factory workers pay and a famine which whipped most of the farm workers cropes. This lead to the rural population and half of the urban population to join the bekzlan fascist party lead by general Visser Van de Berg. In 1930 Their was a protest that lead to violence and the police had to open fire which lead to 20 people dying. After that riots started happening and in January 1st 1933 the bekzlan fascist party formed a army and declared war on the empire and 5 months later. So far the empire have been losing battle after battle but there is still some chance for them to win the war
Welcome to World in Conflict; A fantasy nations rp that meets technical advances where gun powder and magic will clash alongside swords and words; where will you stand in the world as it crashes or rises around you.

Rule a nation or live within one in any profession, make your way through life to see where the story and politics place you. Get into relationships, plot to expand your influence or even your realm. Challenge others and conquer.

War is the regular setting of this World.
Irdra: Factions in war

Idra is a semi-literature and literature roleplay server based on world war one. The server offers plenty of things to choose from and has plenty of OOC (out of character) things to offer also. The server is fresh so some things could be missing but active staff members are working to fix all they can. The server staff members are active on a daily base and the community is friendly to everybody.

Short server lore
Irdra is a world made out of 5 factions located at the start of the20th-century (1900). Each faction has a unique culture and style. Some factions are monarchists while some can be democratic. From 5 current factions, 3 went into another great war caused by an attack of ˝League of Antar˝ on colonies of other nations located on the main continent that made chain reaction of war declaration between 3 strongest factions. Currently, all factions are in full mobilization and preparation for war.

What can I be there?
It all depends on what you want to be? You can be part of a mighty army or be a simple citizen that works to survive throughout yet another war. Maybe be politician or part of the royal family that rules over one of the factions? The choice is yours
When the Great War ended, humanity breathed a sigh of relief. After a quarter of a century of alien aggression, at last, the war was at an end. However, peace does not come so easily. At the edges of human space, rebellion has been brewing, and a civil war postponed by alien intervention is now again bubbling to the surface. Political and cultural tensions burn to the surface, and while much of human space are experiencing a technological renaissance, those living in the outer colonies are experiencing strife and hardship, many resorting to covert or open rebellion to see their aims made true.

The war's end has not been great for the Covenant either. The Schism didn't just sunder the Covenant races apart but devastated their culture, their religion, and even their purpose. Now lost and wavering, civil war affects the length and breadth of the former Covenant space. The Sangheili have emerged from a bloodied civil war, their worlds united under the Republic, and at least taking unsteady feet to being a galactic power again, while on the other side of Covenant space, the Jiralhanae have formed a central government, an alliance of tribes and chieftains, dedicated to protecting their own interests. Somewhere in the middle, the Kig-Yar have laid the foundations of their Union, though many have resorted to piracy rather than honest work. Across the territories, smaller empires emerge, using the confusion to cement their place in the galaxy, and squabble amongst one another for petty resources. Even the Covenant Fringe have cemented themselves into a powerful alliance, a rising force that cannot be dismissed easily.
Out in the darkness, forgotten enemies stir. The Covenant remnant, a lost allegiance of Jiralhanae and San'Shyuum, plot and formulate, gathering strength, strength enough to take back what was theirs, and continue the Covenant's holy quest. Elsewhere, more pragmatic forces under the banner of Jul 'Mdama continue the Covenant's work in their own way, searching for scraps of Forerunner technology, and attempting to awaken sleeping gods, in the hope of gaining enough power to take back their homeworld, and destroy their human foes. Amidst the ashes, shadowy forces seek to enforce their will and take power, to create a new empire. To complicate matters, ancient Forerunner constructs, asleep for millennia, have begun to stir, these A.I.s throwing their lot behind one force or another.

Now is an age of confusion and chaos, subterfuge and strife. The cataclysmic battles of the Great War are gone, and battles are instead fought with shadow operatives and proxy wars. Now is the age of the Revenant.

Fight against Cortana and her invading forces as the UNSC, Swords of Sangheilios, or as the rebel Prometheans. Lead Squads, Fleet's, or Air wings into battle against your foes. Fight with honor, glory and fight for the survival of your race. This server is made for Original Characters. You will all be on the same side due to having little to no members.
Welcome to United Nations
Need to know -
This isn't a RolePlay server.
We respect everyone in this server.
We respect every country.
You can only have 1 country.
I don't care what you do in the server.
Rules on owning country's -
Mostly can do anything a country can fuckin do.


{**Load success**}

{**Establishing safe connection**}



(This is a bit more of a semi-literate to decent to advanced literacy server. One lines are prohibited because it ruins flow.)

Greetings, it has come to our attention that you are a citizen of the galaxy in a war between what is wrong and right and we, The Unlimited Harins have been on the middle ground for far longer than most know. Whatever is your preference or species makes no difference to us. We are a intergalactic militia looking for more members to join our fight. Join our ranks on the side of neutrality. Forced neutrality.


{**Galaxy Status**}

A galaxy enriched in all of the negative and positive drawbacks such as planets ruled by dictatorship, weak and struggling planets, rich and poor. It's up to the U.H to enact in forced peace within their very own mentality in the otherwise lawless deep, deep outer rim of the Galaxy.

Come! Join us! As our motto says, "We Agree".


{**Unlimited Harins Description**}

The U.H is not like a regular intergalactic military, as for they have their regular military and side branches of other things. They are dedicated to have peace within the galaxy, but they are not labeled as a peace-organization, they are more of a self-faction that deals with vigilante justice and puts themselves in situations that can cause the entire galaxy to crumble. If the U.H were to be described using 2 things, Forced Peace and Preparation.



{**Load complete**}

What we have:
- Custom ships, custom Species,
- Ton of planets to choose from for missions and more coming soon!
- Freedom in character depending on the rank you choose to make.
- Galactic Militia
- Character expression not only in bios but channels including headcanons, discussions, themes, aesthetics, etc.
- Friendly staff!
- Staff that are also very protective of conflicts that pop up.
- Environment for people enriched in sci fi fantasy roleplays.
Politics Simulator is a server where you can rp as a leader of a nation, rule your nation, and conquer the world!
*This is not a RP server* We do shit post wars
We are at war with the treacherous NCR. The Legion requires troops so that we may hold a strong fight against the NCR. Join us on the front lines! Enlist Now!
The war is at your hands start using Tanks ships and planes to win the war! (This is actually Girls Und Panzer but with Tanks Ships and Planes)
welcome to the godzilla server, A giant meteor had entered Earth's atmosphere and has seemingly crashed on Monster Island, a peaceful island where the monsters can live in harmony. The meteor landed in the ocean, causing a massive flood across monster island. Though, perhaps this meteor is not a meteor at all. But, something more. Ever since the crash, powerful lightning storms and hurricanes have raged across Monster Island in a seemingly abnormal event.
The Year in this fictional world is 130, A Rebellion Towards the east has caused the Great Nation of Orane To Cede land to The Requiem Revolution, This Rebellion started as a freedom movement for peasants and has developed into a politically corrupt Revolution, your role is to become a Lord, construct your army, and attempt to fight the Revolution, at this point they are at a truce, but this may not last long, The King will give you Land so you can start you journey, Good Luck.

Hello, and welcome to the Ultiverse! Explore the fifty Earths in this vast system, where every Earth is unique in its own way. Explore Earths of the medieval era, far future era, or Earths of the Steampunk genre and Fantasy genre. With so many Earths, there is something for everyone.

Also, play as the characters you want to be. Nearly any character you can create is one allowed, as you are free to use your creativity to make the exact character you desire. You can create abilities, personalities, and backstories unique to the characters you want to play as.

You can also create your own businesses with your own unique locations, giving yourself a stronger presence in the Ultiverse.

With a large server, you'll be able to find other members to play with who hold similar interests, something you can do through the Queue feature of the server-private O.R.I.A.L bot. Start your own story in the Ultiverse, and maybe make some friends along the way. The Ultiverse is yours to explore.

The Eternal War

If you want to play in a more story-driven server, the Ultiverse also holds the Eternal War story, an open story free to anyone who registers to join. In this story, play your character as one of many fighters united in the Blue Sun Alliance as you battle the ZeOrder, who wish to instill their own empire in the Ultiverse and demolish any individual freedoms and unified democracies.

Make friendships with brothers in arms, roam The Peak base, and fight to your last breath in intense and complex battles across the Ultiverse to remove the dominance of the ZeOrder.

If you want to be in command, you can create a military of your own, and lead the charge into battle among your brothers and sisters in the fight for freedom.

Everyone has a story, and everyone has a purpose. Whether you're a lone adventurer exploring different planets, a rich CEO of a business living the good life, or a warrior fighting for freedom against the ZeOrder, everyone has a place.

Now, all that's left is to find it.
Welcome to our unholy server! We rp in the era where people used to be hunt for beeing witches!


You can either play as a witch hunter, or a witch, you can study to learn more spells, or train to become a swordmaster!

Come take a look in our server! :)
The Iraq War was a protracted armed conflict that began in 2003 with the invasion of Iraq by a United States-led coalition that overthrew the government of Saddam Hussein. The conflict continued for much of the next decade as an insurgency emerged to oppose the occupying forces and the post-invasion Iraqi government. An estimated 151,000 to 600,000 Iraqis were killed in the first three to four years of conflict. US troops were officially withdrawn in 2011. However, following the spread of the Syrian Civil War and the territorial gains of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the Obama administration decided to redeploy US forces to Iraq in 2014. Many former soldiers are employed by defence contractors and private military companies. The U.S. became re-involved in 2014 at the head of a new coalition; the insurgency and many dimensions of the civil armed conflict continue. The invasion occurred as part of the George W. Bush administration's War on Terror, following the September 11 attacks. Will you fight for the insurgents or fight against them? The choice is yours so join today!

- Active
- Realistic
Welcome to the official Discord server of GI Joe Productions! Come hang out and shoot the shit with us! We're a cool, down-to-earth group who love talking about anything related to military, history, law enforcement, and music. So what are you waiting for! Join now!
This server is a fresh start for everyone - there is no over-present lore, stories are solely player driven, and everyone starts on the same level.

Quasar Orbit is a Sci-Fi NLRP set in 2575. The galaxy is fresh and ripe for the taking. Across the galaxy, civilizations are developing their own forms of faster than light travel. No longer bounded by their home star, states may now extend their influence to other systems and come into contact with alien life. How will you engage with this new universe? The opportunity is calling, make haste!
Приглашаем всех игроков и стримеров. ТОЛЬКО 18+ Здесь можно поиграть в разные игры с адекватными людьми. (War Thunder и FIFA в приоритете) Правила сервера: - будь адекватным и на позитиве (не выполнение этого правила, перманент БАН)