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This is a tale of times we all read in fairy tales, times of peace, war, happiness, advancement, and death. When all were united, the knights of the realms were respected and highly feared, protecting the lands and their peace.
Among this connection of thriving leaders and outlanders, a group emerged who betrayed the peace of the land and become mortal enemies to all who stood for the light.
These malicious groups were the demons, shadows, and outlanders...

Join the server and join the fight on the side of good or evil.
Hungry for a bit of an unconventional RP server? Then step into the House of the White Circle, a religious cult RP spawned from a zany in-joke about ink printers.

What is the White Circle, you ask? It is that shape which cannot be printed. Try it yourself. Print a borderless white circle on any color paper, and prove this to yourself.

Here's the catch: We consider the White Circle to be holy and sacred because of its unique non-printed state. You too can join us under the divinely appointed Council of Elders, a strict loving oligarchy who work to control the masses protect the truth and condemn heretics to the guillotine. Who's in? The White Circle welcomes everyone without hesitation.

Included in the deal are channels dedicated to:
☆ Explaining doctrines
☆ Group heresy confessions
☆ Punishing heathens at the guillotine
☆ Performing rituals
☆ Learning the sacred techniques (special roles inside!)
☆ Interacting with ghosts and demons
☆ MUSIC channels!
☆ Fighting against the singularity or joining the bots!
☆ Challenging followers of infidel shapes:
☆ And much more... building to a grand infiltration/holy war storyline!
This Roleplay takes place in modern times!

A long time ago, four nations co existed in peace. Ignia, Aquro, Caeas and Teragi. They were allowed to interbreed and socialise with each other, and the borders did not exist. Mystical creatures, dragons, phoenixes and pegasus filled the skies, whereas sea serpents, mermaids and krakens roamed the seas. Those days were peaceful, where all four Kingdoms joined in harmony.

But then, one day, an conflict occurred between the Ignia and Aquro. Naturally, the two other elements were also pulled into this war, the Teragi by Aquro and the Caeas by Ignia. Now, the war is known as the 'War of Elemeía' and has been raging on for many many centuries. There are now borders around each nation, and crossing the borders or love between nations are strictly FORBIDDEN.

And this is where your story begins. Out of the blue, a new generation with new ideas appeared in Elemeía. These new generations were each blessed with a magical creature by the Goddess Araria, from her last dying breath. Will these generations continue the legacy of the ancestors and allow the bloodthirsty war carry on? Or will they reflect upon their ancestor's mistakes and allow the citizens to live a peaceful life once again?

"To those who've read through and plan on joining us! We hope to roleplay with you soon! Hope you have a good day ^w^" ~ Admins of WoE

What is Dystopia?

We are a small, yet growing, community. We aim to appeal to all audiences - gamers, anime watchers, movie enthusiasts, technology
lovers and just about everything else you can think of! We want to create a space where everybody can interact safely, converse, game,
et cetera with each other and if you like to RP, we also have a Civil War type theme going on.


What do we have?

[●] Shops
[●] Games
[●] Events(faction v faction)
[●] Warm, nice and welcoming community
[●] Giveaways and etc

Even more will come as the server grows!


So if you're interested in joining click the link listed.
Welcome to the official Discord server for the Mishima's Ambition manga webcomic, hosted on Webtoon. Our server is a place where fans can interact with the creators and other fans, ask questions and discuss the story, or just hang out and have fun!

Here are a few of our features:

-Instant access to all publically-available official art, promotional materials, and concept art, as well as a selection of guest artwork.
-Opt-in Roles for customized notifications about our comic chapter releases
-A sizeable and still-growing roster of emotes/custom emoji from our webcomic, drawn by our official illustrator
-Occasional movie nights or anime screening nights
-Friendly, helpful staff
-A good number of bots to meet your every need
-A creative corner to share your own creations and artwork
-A small but growing community with various social channels

We hope you'll come join us and enjoy your time here!
⊱ This is a Feudal Japan Fantasy Server based on 4 kingdoms that worship the four mythological beasts (Black Turtle, White Tiger, Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird.) They are currently at peace but the peace is wearing thin as threats of war are looming in the air as the Southern Kingdom opens their ports to European trading and European Races are starting to mingle in with the Japanese.
⊱ Choose to be human, neko, kitsune, dragons, elves, dwarves, fae, etc!
⊱ Work your way up to potentially become royalty!
⊱ Choose to follow one of the four guardian creature's vassals or forge your own path!
⊱ Creativity! Create your own unique skills for your character using basic guidelines set out by the classes or races!
⊱ We will have Server and Non RP Events!
⊱ Dedicated leadership team that are available to help you create characters or answer any questions!
⊱ OPTIONAL Battle System for easy RP fighting! (You can also fight purely through RP too!)
⊱ We welcome ALL RPers: Casual, Paragraph, New and Veterans!
⊱ Fun bots to play with outside of RP!
⊱ We welcome any new ideas for classes, races, areas, events, and more!
⊱ We really look forward to growing a close knit, fun, drama free group of friends and fellow RPers!


Long ago, in Feudal Japan, yokais exist along humans. At first, the yokais and humans lived in peace. But greed and desire lead to war between the two species. However, two heroes, one human and one yokai, stopped the years long conflict between the two species. Peace was eventually found once more and nation enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity.

However, not all humans and yokai appreciate the two heroes efforts and so, under a fall’s night, a coup d'etat was formed and the two heroes were no more. With no leaders, Japan quickly became a war-torn country, every clan fighting against one another. Eventually clans started to ally themselves with each other and with it, kingdoms were form four exactly: One to the north, one to the south, one to the east, and one to the west. They all fought viciously but neither side is coming close to winning total domination in Japan. The four kingdoms that exist now are: The Arata Kingdom of The North, The Amaya Kingdom of The South, The East Kingdom of The Kansai Region, and The West Kingdom of The Chubu Region.

The kingdoms now live in somewhat moderate peace but the lining of the rope is growing thinner and thinner. It won’t be long till Japan will be at war with itself once more.

But will it be by the hands of its people that war is caused?

Or perhaps a foreign invasion?

Or will it be by a threat none could imagine?

The time period is the Sengoku Period where war was almost constant and trade with Japan and other countries are happening more and more.

You are in that period. And this is where your journey begins.

Welcome to The War of The Crimson Blossoms.
In the year 2020, tensions have risen when Russia's CSTO began inviting more countries into the treaty. China, North Korea and Vietnam joined along with a few post-soviet countries and that caused the USA to go to defcon 3 and have a sudden increase in political tensions with the Federation of Russia. This RP focuses on two battalions that are part of the war and have seen its start. The war has not begun yet but it is expected to begin soon.

Join if
>You like RPing in a modern military setting in a vast amount of different places and scenarios
>Would like a semi-realistic military RP experience
>Like to do OC development with the closely knit community of this server

Literate military RPers only.
We are a role-play sever about controlling any country or terrorist group in a WW3 setting. Bring your friends to team up as one country or to face each other to prove who is better. Develop new weapons, recruit a army, fight other countries, and have fun. We are always accepting new recommendations, and we are looking for more editors (staff) to help support the sever. Even if you don't want to strategist, and just want to watch you can. Come have a great time and, beat your enemy JOIN TODAY!
We fight and conquer other servers!!! We will become the biggest cult on Discord. You can change this world!! Join us and fight!!! And we have girls, if you understand what I mean ;)
Ever wonder what it would be like if the US single handedly took on Russia and China, along with North Korea? Well in this WW3 RP it is all possible! We have just opened so membership is low as you can probably see, but that doesn't mean we are not active. We are all experienced RP'ers and we would love it if you joined our server! Hope to see you!

🔥 An Extensive amount of channels!

🔥 Detailed faction information, and in-depth terminology for those who are not good with military terms!

🔥 This RP is set to change, with more channels, so nothing is set in stone, as the tides of this war are always changing.

🔥 We have friendly staff, and many bots to server your needs!!

🔥 We use dice roles, but for deciding the outcome of large scale battles, pvp is to your best judgement.
You've probably had a dozen and a half Fantasy Medieval RPs. Adventuring parties walking around, slaying dragons, with little understanding on how their part plays into the big story of things? Sound familiar?

Well, that isn’t what Somatonia is about! Somatonia is focused to create not only the ability to be an adventurer, slaying baddies, but also to create an varied political battleground.

Somatonia is a land that was abandoned by it’s monarch. Before he left, he empowered his council to rule in his stead.

He couldn’t have chosen a worse time.

With enemies all around, Houses battling for dominance, entire regions trying to revolt, and a confused and often counterproductive council, who will rise? Who will fall? Who’s going to get possessed?

Somatonia is a fairly in-depth server, so be prepared to do some reading.

We hope to see you there!
The year is 2020, Earth has had a outbreak of Sub-species of humans, such as Wolf, cat, and fox people, in a campaign to erradicate the kinds, they declared war on the countries of Alvonia, Bartovia and Lichtenburg, Lichtenburg Decided to stay Neutral, being inbetween the 3 other countries wouldn't help them at all. While the 3 other nations fight to erradicate each other, People of Lichtenburg Stay neutral, and go about on they're days, working in offices, fields and etc, taking in soldiers from both sides who fight on the outskirts of the countries territory.
Server is not yet fully operational, but don't hesitate to join if you thoroughly enjoy the concept of this universe, and want access to higher level positions early on.

Uphyllian Odyssey (Yoo-fill-ee-inn) is essentially a universe centralized entirely around war and all of its constituents. Two major sects of warfare dominate above all, the Dharvinian and the Vheruktian, the manipulation of the living for warfare, and the manipulation of technology respectively.

If explanation is needed, The Darvinian and its lower sects manipulate the genetics of living things (animals, plants, etc.), in order to wage war.

The Vheruktian and its lower sects manipulate technology (tanks, artillery, aircraft etc.) in order to wage war.

FAQ's/Necessary information to know

1.) Vheruktian and Dharvinian countries will not automatically fight one another, being on of these two things is a way of life and government, not a massive alliance against one another.

2.) Technology does not surpass the 1940's. This may take further explanation, as its not nearly as intuitive as it may seem. There are massive Vheruktian war machines, much larger than those of the real world, but are only made in ways possible in the 1940's, ie. no use of modern technology. There are further convolutions to this rule, and each individual will be held on a case by case basis.

3.)There is absolutely no use of magic or the supernatural in Uphyllius. There are no exceptions to this. Genetic manipulation of animals may seem very foreign to us in the real world, but the Universe of Uphyllian Odyssey knows very different biotic fundamentals.

4.) The world of Uphyllius is massive in nearly every way, the most significant of which being its natural world. Small pond fish are around the size of large sharks, bears could quite potentially tower over buildings. Regular sized animals are generally treated like insects in their ecosystem. Even geological structures like mountains or processes like hurricanes are dramatically larger. In essence, Uphyllian Odyssey is centered around a world where humans took a very large amount of time to become dominant over their predators. Humans evolved to kill those larger than them through necessity, through the manipulation of life and technology.

There are many more intricacies to the Universe of Uphyillian Odyssey, as it is a world that has taken years in its culmination, feel free to ask any question you'd like, god knows we only live to answer them. And obviously, it cant hurt to join if you like massive war mechs and/or giant mutated animals.
In the year 2019 humans and anthros went to war with both sides attacking the other and in the year 2020 the human democracy fell apart to a totalitarian government known only as the bloodpact these humans were brutal and vile in how they fought and as time went on the old remnants of the human government went away and there was no political opposition as the anthro people United to form the a monarchy known as the Tribe of mankind's misfortune. The humans are brainwashed by their government to be child soldiers, factory workers, and work for the bloodpacts leaders. All hopes of understanding or peace are forgotten the only hope is to break into the children of the bloodpacts minds to strike out and reveal to them the flaws of their leaders and their lives
It is the year 2099 and there is only war
a discord server where you can fight for world dominance! play as any nation set in the time of 450 BC and try to manage your economy and army!
A Tiktok server similar to the Gamer Defense Initiative server.
The Roleplay Server, Quandrilandia, is a crazy place! Join one of the four sides in the war for rights! Meet new friends and create multiple characters. Lots of bots for more additional features!
Ah, Quandrilandia, The place of prey and predator. The 4 H's. Healer, Helper, Hunter, and Human. Remember that. The humans were prey to the hunters for years and years, resulting in many gruesome deaths. Bodies mangled, blood flowing like rivers. This continued until the humans finally put their foot down, not wanting to be prey anymore but wanting to be equals. The hunters couldn't believe this, causing a war to happen, The healers siding with the brave but weak humans. Blood still flows but not because of hungry hunters, but because of the war that leads them to their future.
A server that is part of an expanding community! This is set in the Futuristic Fantasy Dystopian Universe of Warhammer 40k. Come help protect humanity against aliens, orks and heretical dark gods! Join now and fight for the emperor!!
This is a society for those who play roblox,
We're a gang that'll raid the games and destroy any target.
We focus on the game The Streets 2
But can migrate to others.
Join Us To Become Stronger!!!
The story was there were once one mage the bestowed the 7 each person one of the seven element but after a wile he found humans unworthy of the gift and hid the rings away and so this story takes place 10,000 years after that when the darkness magic people try taking over and the mages descendent has to find the rings and master all the powers before the darkness users take over and he dose so with the help of his friends skilled element users
If you enjoy to roleplay and you like to try something new please join, our sever is friendly and loves a good time. No offense to religious background.

You will be placed in an Era where the war of Angel and Demon has now been interlaced with the human world allowing them to acknowledge they are there. You have a choice to be Human, Angel, Demon, or even a Halfling a mix between two of the three. We like to bring out your inner spirit and widen your imagination. Our GM will perhaps put you in situations with multiple outcome but the best one may lead you down a victorious path. Your Oc would have a chance at a long life, or lose them forever though that don't have to be the case. We are still in development to make it much more enjoyable. As time goes on and Ideas flow we will build more for all to do. Hope you all give it a try, and my your souls be blessed.
The War zone is a place for roleplaying and talking about war and weaponry. You can make your soldier/mercenary/assassin in anyway you want, it can be in the realistic, sci fi, steampunk, or whatever you want. So please enjoy your stay here.
A discord server, where you fight, ally, and conquer other nations for global world dominance! Join us in this small community of countries and tribes, and rule like a king, and thrive whilst doing so!