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Nous sommes une petites communauté Française, basé sur un serveur avec des events avec un systeme de FanGroups de "Waifu" ! N'hésitez pas a venir faire un petit tour !
1 days ago
This is a medieval roleplay focusing on characters in the setting of a medieval kingdom. Join the military, become a bounty hunter, maybe rule the kingdom!
Anything realistic is possible on this server.
Keep in mind this is a medieval roleplay, not a medieval fantasy roleplay.
3 days ago
This is a realistic roleplay server taking place in the golden age of piracy. There are 3 paths to choose from and 2 islands to choose from. You can be a pioneer, join the navy, or travel around on your own ship as a merchant, coming from Serpent island, the island of danger and war, or Prospectors island, a place of defenders and wealth. The two islands are currently against each other and anyone caught trespassing on an island that they do not belong to will be punished. Currently, it is only small fights and attacks, but with the increased aggression from Serpent island, will these small fights turn into war?
6 days ago
This server is about helping each other on Summoners War! Come and let's grow together!
36 days ago