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This is a Role-Play server, it's pretty much a demon vs. humans RP but with powers and mystical creatures that can be seen occasionally.


"Way back when I was just a young child, Spuyle was a peaceful continent. I thought that peace would last longer, but I was wrong. The earliest I remember the peace leaving was about a year ago when the volcano in the center of our continent erupted. It was a rather bizarre eruption, instead of lava spewing out of the volcano it was flames, demons, and a huge burst of magic energy. Many of my own people fear the demons as I do, but miraculously others worshipped their power and decided to make a deal with Satan. This deal that they made would force them to work and praise Satan, in return they got immense power, we call these people Cultists. I’m sure you’ve passed a few without even knowing it, but they weren’t the only ones affected by the demons coming to our world. Seems like we all are in one way or another. With all my years on the battlefield, I’ve never seen a foe as vicious and bloodthirsty as the demons are. Their intents were so grim that it drew out the creatures we thought were long gone. Seems as if our warriors are getting stronger too. Some warriors even getting mystic abilities that can be used without magic. I hope that one day you can know what it’s like to have an ability of your very own. Listen here boy, soon I will pass into the great beyond all I ask is you protect your people, find a way to beat the demons. Whether that means vanquishing the evil or negotiating. I’m sure new problems will arise that seem like they can’t be beaten, but you must persevere and fight for what you know is right."
-Altan Bolthec, a nomad who traveled the continent for most of his life.
Long ago,the great ancestors lived on Qiokaghar in a single clan led by the great chieftain,Ratagan.Ratagan's four sons were always divided among eachother,each wanting to rule the land in their own way which clashed against their fellow brothers'ideas.When their father's death finally came they waged war on one another,splitting the land into four,the war lasted for years,the brothers'thirst for blood getting larger and larger until each of their people decided it was enough and ended the war with a forced peace.Three hundred years later the orcs of the four lands are still split,but no longer only by culture and land,but by looks and actions,the lands they lived in shaping them to fit it.Each year the four clans meet up in the Ancestors'circle,the land that has been said that all of the orcs originate from it,to celebrate peace and prosperity among the clans while also making ammends with eachother in case there have been issues.......but peace can't last forever can't it?These past years the clans have battled eachother in teritorial disputes although trading between the clans is flourishing,but the yearly meetings between the four clans have always gotten tenser and tenser...war might rage through this land once again..

Which clan are you going to be part of?
"War Thunder - Wspólne Granie" to serwer, gdzie znajdziesz ludzi do oddziału, podyskutujesz na różne tematy dzięki kanałom tematycznym, weźmiesz udział w ciekawych, niestandardowych wydarzeniach, a nawet, jeżeli będziesz chciał, dołączysz do dywizjonu xDWGx i odblokujesz unikalne pojazdy!
This is property of the **‘38th American Infantry Division.’**

Are you looking to be part of a community? Are you looking for the chance to help your fellow brothers and sisters in arms? Are *you* looking for the chance to get your hands dirty, and help our community grow? Then the 38th American Infantry Division wants you!

If you join, look forward to:

⚜️ Friendly fellow soldiers and staff! ⚜️

⚜️ Ranks! Rise up, and show how dedicated you are! ⚜️

⚜️ Helpful and fun bots! ⚜️

⚜️ Weekly events! ⚜️

⚜️ In server achievements!

🔱 And plenty more! Enlist today, and be apart of something big! 🔱
A roleplay concerning the final months of the second world war, from March 1st, 1945, to the battle of Berlin.

As of now, we have 4 factions:

-Great Britain
-United States
-Third Reich

Looking for experienced role players with some knowledge about WWII.

We look forward with associating with our humble establishment.
```Due to a malfunction in a computer, characters in a beautiful world have found out that do not in fact have that beautiful world. It was created by computers until a glitch brought it down and showed them the truth of the war around them. It has happened before briefly during the time known as the world wars. Now it is down for good. You just found out you are one of these characters

The government have continued with their regimen of sacrificing a few townspeople to the beasts who live in the forest beyond the wall. Anyone who gets caught breaking the rules get sent out and never returns. The townspeople live in fear for most never do break the law because of this. So they are chosen in a ceremony once a month to who will be sacrificed. If someone miraculously returns with the body of a beast they are celebrated and allowed to live in luxury in the victors housing.

There are in fact beasts in the forest. Though the ones the government fear the most are the humane ones, the group called The Mythicals. The Mythicals are just humans with wings, or claws, or just simple powers. The only thing keeping them out is the last technology standing: The Wall.
The government says that the ‘monsters’ never attack in retaliation, or the government will be forced in another all out war.

What the government dont know is they dont know is that the villagers aren't killed. They're saved.```
We have:

❂ f̥ͦu̥ͦn̥ͦ b̥ͦo̥ͦt̥ͦs̥ͦ

❂ ḁͦl̥ͦw̥ͦḁͦy̥ͦs̥ͦ g̥ͦr̥ͦo̥ͦw̥ͦi̥ͦn̥ͦg̥ͦ l̥ͦo̥ͦr̥ͦe̥ͦ

❂ f̥ͦu̥ͦn̥ͦ r̥ͦo̥ͦl̥ͦe̥ͦp̥ͦl̥ͦḁͦy̥ͦ

❂ s̥ͦt̥ͦḁͦf̥ͦf̥ͦ m̥ͦe̥ͦm̥ͦb̥ͦe̥ͦr̥ͦ s̥ͦp̥ͦo̥ͦt̥ͦs̥ͦ
Приглашаем всех игроков и стримеров. ТОЛЬКО 18+ Здесь можно поиграть в разные игры с адекватными людьми. (War Thunder и FIFA в приоритете) Правила сервера: - будь адекватным и на позитиве (не выполнение этого правила, перманент БАН)
Welcome to Vampires! The Dark alleyway! This is just a gateway drug, we are not going to lie. We are getting this community up off the ground. It's just a baby door to a much bigger community, designed so you won't be overwhelmed, a place to chill and a safe haven to write, explore your creativity. Set in modern-day, and sometimes not modern-day.
Feel free to explore our gardens, join us in the bar, make new friends, hang out with them, or get daring and see what's behind the red curtain. 18+ only.
Come and play with us, and get lost in the lore that you help create.

What we offer.
* In game help and guidance (It’s a simple game)
* dedicated staff
* nsfw/ERP
* friendly people.
* LGBT Friendly
* many other races to choose from than just vampires.
* access to a long time community looking to have a lot of fun!
Through struggle and will of people, an insurgency has arised. They are know as 'Al-Qalada' After their leader 'Oma Qalada'. At first it was only a problem in Saudi Arabia, until they began showing hatred for the American government after Oma's family was killed in a U.S Air Strike. When the American government stated it was going after the insurgency, The insurgency started to fund rebels in other countries such as: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran and many countries in the Arabia Pensula. The rebels fall under the order of 'Oma' and are trying weaken countries in order to focus on American Government. The American army formed a united Regiment from countries in south western Asia and with U.S army forces such as: Marine Corps, Navy Seals, Green Berets, 75 Regiment and Delta force. Formed a regiment known as: 'TSSR' or 'The.Sand.Storm.Regiment.' The new unit set up their main base in eastern Iraq. Ever since American troops passed through Europe and into Turkey some countries have collapsed due to the Insurgency over throwing the governments and the Insurgency has helped it self to fallen countries arsenals.
Tactical Gaming Discord. For old school and new gamers alike who appreciate tactical teamwork and strategy. Especially old school coop Rainbow Six 3. We also play Vanguard 1944, Siege, Ghost Recon, Swat4, Battlefield, Insurgency, ARMA 3, Ground Branch, Squad, CSGO, PUBG, Company of Heroes 2, Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum & a lot more!
══⎈═ The Floating Islands ═⎈══

When the Sea swallowed the Earth, the people found a way to escape the demise of humankind. They created airships of wood, airships of land, airships of anything. Due to recent conflicts, humankind is staring death in the face.
With the introduction of a great war as a bonus to the hell they are currently living in, everyone is scared for their lives.

A perfect test of time to show which ones will thrive, and which ones will suffer. Which one will you be, in this steampunk-fantasy, action packed roleplay? Only time will tell.

══⎈═ WE PROVIDE... ═⎈══
⎈║10+ Bots!
⎈║A world that can be directly changed from YOUR actions!
⎈║An amazing staff of Administers, that are currently accepting applications!
⎈║Weekly Roleplay Events to ease newcomers into the roleplay flow!
⎈║Reaction Roles!
⎈║Steampunk, anime, and military vibes!
⎈║Events that can be inspired by YOU!

══⎈═ What are you waiting for? ═⎈══
Join The Floating Islands now, and try it out!
Pixel Planet is an Earth Towny server on an Earth map with the ratio 1:1000 which released on August 11th, 2019. SERVER WILL RESET BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 27!!!! This server includes a custom war system, duels, auction house, crates and voting, brewery etc. The server version is 1.13.2. We offer a very friendly community where we hold weekly in game and discord events! If you have any further questions, feel free to join the discord server and reach out to the staff team! :) IP:
Stand at attention, private! Welcome to your new post here at the 46th Battalion: a military history server. Come join other historians in:

- Discussions on various wars and military conflicts, spanning from wars as old as in Roman times, all the way to modern times!
- Historical memes and regular memes galore, with a bit of shitposting for good measure!
- A DAY BY DAY AS IT HAPPENED retelling of World War 2

So go grab your gun private and let’s head out!

Welcome to Star Wars: New Order, an rp server, based in the Star Wars universe. Come join our server, and create your very own Sith, Jedi, Rebel, Trooper and so much more. There are plenty of Roleplay channels, and much more to come, we offer standard server things like, art channels, music, and in the future, well add things that are much more pleasing to members

This server takes place a few millennia after the last Jedi, The emperor has just declared the rebellion a public enemy in the galaxy, any one that joins the empire to hunt down the members rebellion will be rewarded, currently the Jedi and the empire are working together, but there may be something more sinister going on within the ranks of empire, unknown to the Jedi. In secret the empire has begun cloning again, along with the help of Kaminoans and other alien races, the emperor is building a secret army to destroy the Jedi and crush the rebellion The location of the secret army is unknown to everyone except the emperor and his apprentice. Choose your allegiance, and begin your journey through the galaxy. At this point the empire is still a republic, but there are rebels still trying to over throw the emperor
(An Rp dedecated to Mandalorians)

Mandalorian... Not a race made for peace and negotiations, all Mandalorian who follow the way of the Mandalore is a Warrior. We will not Surrender nor be at the Emperor's Mercy!! The Empire takes us as fools and weaklings, this will be no longer... The Empire will be at our Mercy and we shall torture them, the so called Empire will be eraticated and as of us... We will prevail through and if we fail, we will die of honor than to ever die Cowards!!!

(The Mandalorian Guild)

Mandalorian Mercanaries and Bounty Hunters all around the Galaxy will be taking Missions from the guild of Mandalorian instead of the other dreadful Guilds. Hit list will be set up and with each one dead, a powerful reward comes with it. Soon the beginning of a new Mandalore... No. More powerful Mandalore will rule the Outer Rims and someday even the Whole Galaxy!!!

Desc: A server following the Lore in the comics... This server takes place in 4BBY and will progress from there into The New Republic or ABY. Some things that we have is a Bank system, Ship and troops, and numerous planets to RP with.
Long ago a forgotten kingdom was ruled by two determined twins, they both wished to have full control of the kingdom themselves however neither was willing to give up their control over the kingdom. Because of this, one twin took half of the kingdom and the other took another part. This led to a divide between the people and the two kingdoms initiating in war.

This war lasted over many years and was ruled by bloodshed and violence. Neither twin would give up, no matter the cost. During the war, their parents became caught in the cross fire and ended up dying. With their last breath they cast a spell to protect both twins.

Somewhere during the war, the ground began to break apart piece by piece, no one paid much attention to it at first however it became apparent that the ground had began to crack where one kingdom ends and the other starts. One day the ground broke completely, this led to one kingdom being risen up into the air by unknown forces. This event is called 'The Rise'.

Years passed and these two kingdoms became what is now known as The Kingdom Of Caelus (Ruled by Queen Kaia) and The Nation of Warbreaker (Ruled by Supreme Leader Markus). These two places lived, linked by one portal, as Caelus was in the air and Warbreaker lived on the magma covered ground. Both places contained one soul source of magic, within Warbreaker life magma became the essence of everything around it, whereas within Caelus life water was the embodiment of magic and kept every creature alive.

However the portal between Warbreaker and Caelus broke, causing a massive earthquake that turned the kingdom to shambles. In the fear, confusion, and chaos, Queen Kaia vanishes, and Vanity steps up to the throne. Vanity puts on the crown and something happens. The new king becomes possessed by the crown, he rules with a terrifying iron fist. Caelus' last hope is the rebellion that is always coming up with plans to take action against the corrupted crown.
We are a empire located
somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
We are trying to become stronger,
and build up a big army. We like to joke around
and have fun, feel free to join in.

- WW1/WW2
- VC and talk to new peps
- Very Active
- Looking for new government members- Ranking system
- Region, and nationality roles
- HOI4 players needed!
It's the year 2675, and the humans-nations have ceased hostilities with eachother and soon grown to newer heights. Humanity has awakened to new possibilities. Humans have built more cities, and now ships, space-station, space-weapons, and everything that is essential to live in the galaxy itself and beyond. Soon, the **United Solar System of Terra** came to be, and discovered new species such as the Furtians, Kenshos, Reptias, and any other alien species. Until that day, the USST (**United Solar Systems of Terra**) came across a solar-system controlled by a species known as the En'Cover who claims themselves as pirates whose plan is to take over the galaxy and destroy all life in the solar-system. In this world, you must choose your own path, join either the justice or injustice sides, and accept the consequences of every decision you make.
V I G I L λ N T E

Introduction: The story takes part in a large city known as "City-18". Rebels had set up many outposts in different locations of the city, while the Combine is operating in other parts of the city in checkpoints and outposts. The rebels' main objective is to overthrow the Combines, and storm the citadel to seize control over City-18. Choose your side and begin your story, whether your with the Lambda-Resistance, or the Combine-Empire.

What is Half-Life 2?: Half-Life 2 is a first-person shooter game broken in chapters and is using Garry's Mod as the platform for the game. When starting in HL2, you will start in the year 2004, and will be met by a man known as, the "G-Man", then you will then start at the train-station and progress throughout the game. I can't tell you how the gameplay really goes like but you may know how it goes like by watching the full gameplay on YouTube.

Feel free to join the server, and meet our friendly staff-members to help you get through stuff in this server!
Welcome to the Galaxy where factions fight for supremacy and countless lives are lost to never ending war. Join now and find your place in the Galaxy, will you rise to greatness or will you be slain in the mud like a pawn?

What we offer:
- Every faction is roleplayable
- A variety of planets to explore or fight on
- Don't see the planet you want? Request it
- Create you're own fluff
- Create your own planet
The Star Wars role-play discord is small but friendly community that we hope to grow!

This Role-Play uses a seasonal approach which dictates the location and overall objective!

Season III: Ryloth

Felucia was a minor victory but we’ve beat the CIS to Ryloth

Who will win? Pick a side and find out!
36 BBY: Taking place in the events of the Last Jedi, Kylo Ren and Rey joined forces to defeat supreme leader Snoke, and in their team up decided to end the war and join forces. The Resistance and First Order merged to create the Revanant, and they have accumulated a large foothold on the galaxy. Years later, they have grown even stronger. Then, far in the Fondor sector, a new army rises from the mind of an old Jedi. General Rahm Kota has created a faction calling themselves the Grand Galactic Republic. Now they fight with their many allies to take out the Revanant in a turmoil like no other.

In this RP, you can be anything you want and do anything you want. You can make an army with our economy and shop system not normally seen in other servers, or you can become a bounty hunter for the guild with our ever constant updating mission logs. With friendly staff and role players willing to help you, nothing is impossible if you put in work.
Carthe, a thriving country of learning, free trade, and industrial might, was built on three tenants: equality, freedom, and safety for its many citizens. These ideas are reflected in the very streets of its Capital Herodal. But something terrible has occured. Now a ruined crater, Herodal is no more, the royal family is missing, and no one seems quite sure what happened. The remaining powers that be within Carthe now exist in a power vacuum, a veritable tinderbox ready to be set ablaze by the tiniest spark...

But perhaps the hearts of men and women are not so dark, and pure anarchy can be avoided. Perhaps more information can be gleaned concerning the tragedy of Herodal within the crater itself, and civil war can be averted.

Come join us and forge an epic story in this world of high fantasy. Become a mage and study at Rainis, or perhaps sail the high seas as a Pirate Lord. Perhaps a race more attuned to nature is what you desire, like the Elves of Thelin Edhil or the plethora of other mythical races and creatures.

Just be careful...danger lurks in the far corners of Carthe, and can anyone even be trusted to begin with? Whether it's forging your own path, or bettering relations within an existing faction, there's always room in Carthe for you.