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السلام عليكم
This is a new growing Islamic server trying to become a better and open server
On this server you will find
- Daily motivation, reminders and benefits
- debates on any topics, Veil, terrorism, religion, culture, Quranic miracles ect.
- Language chats for those who do not speak English (mainly Arabic and Indonesian)
- All people of all religions are welcome, don’t discriminate
- rules on the server are valid for everyone

Our main goal is to help others onto the straight path that Allah swt wanted us to keep on. this is an Islamic based server but all types of people are more welcome for the sake of education, to give dawan and understand each other, debate or just ask questions fasibilillah. We are open to all topics such as, terrorism, the prophets, how science is linked to Islam. Please be respectful of each other no matter who it is and their beliefs, and keep debating calm and civil.

- When joining please read the rules or it will end up in a kick or ban if not followed. -

(more detail on the server will be updated insha'Allah)
Hello discord and kinksters!!
We are a revamped server looking for members to join are community and help it grow. Currently we don't have much in the way of roles but if it's requested we will look it over.

What we are about:
We are a server for 16+ members to talk about kinks of all sorts, look for a partner, just find friends and talk about life. We are very chill yet a bit of meme lovers and we have a nsfw, music, questions and roleplay section with more to come.
We don't judge kinks and love to here about life storys as well as are questions section anyone can put a question forward.

Also you can probably tell we are very new to this so server partners would be great and anyone with suggestions on improvements. (This is my first try at this stuff)

Some things to note:
1) If you want to teach others about BDSM or anything really we would love you to join.

2) Are rules are lax but what a mod says goes, you can appeal to a admin or above.

3) don't be afraid to join and just have fun as long as it's not to the cost of others.

4) if you are found to be under 16 we will remove you and tell all partners.
Welcome to VRNihongo, here you'll get to learn how to speak Japanese on VRChat through scheduled lessons or with the Japanese Community! Let's all learn Japanese!
The Hunt is a community server based around sharing experiences in hunting or practice, and is lead by an experienced Craftswoman. Come with your questions, or come with your stories. This is a place for both.
Welcome to Discord Astronomia! We are a developing community interested in and focused on all things space, including our solar system, stellar evolution, cosmology, astrophysics, and more! Come join us to learn more about our growing universe and discuss your favorite topics in the frontiers in space!
Edu-Lounge is a server devoted to intellectual discussion, learning new things, healthy debate, and of course; memes. Edu-Lounge has a lot to offer including: Question of the Days, devoted language-immersion channels, roles for experts, and much more! Here at Edu-Lounge we strive to create a chill enviroment for anyone who wants to learn more about geography, science, linguistics, math, history, and political science! We hope to see you soon!
Want to learn or practice a foreign language? Want to share your language skills with other people? Or even just want to talk in whatever language you feel? Come on down. I will add any language given there is an admin/mod that can also speak it.
A server focused on and dedicated to the study of astrology. Additional channels include tarot reading, Human Design, Vedic, Mayan and Chinese astrology, as well as Numerology and Typology.
Come here to get involved in our community and bring some subjects to the table of academic psychology--be it neuropsychology, developmental, clinical, or just self-improvement! Any other scientific fields are welcome, such as comp-sci, biology, etc!
__***The Artist Asylum***__

This server is for artists! Whether you paint with oils or watercolors, draw pencil sketches, do digital or traditional art, manga, semi-realism, realistic, cartoon, abstract, a blend of different styles, or maybe you can do all of them separately, The Artist Asylum is a place where you can chill, chat with other artists, and spam your creations as much as you’d like!

Some of our features include: friendly staff, channels for references, advice, tutorials, tips, humor, and more!

We welcome artists of all levels. Just starting to dabble in doodles? Come on in! We’d be more than happy to encourage you and give you advice on your path to becoming an artist.
If you’re more experienced, come show us your beautiful OCs and/or landscapes so we can fangirl/boy over them.

Either way, The Artist Asylum would be more than happy to have you. We’re just starting out, so we’re still small, but we’re looking to build a warm, friendly, laid back community of fellow artists, so come check us out!

We look forward to meeting you.
A real occult server
Age requirement 25+ (maturity reasons)
Artist based system of belief, a journey through thyself. Any and all subjects are relative to learning here. (Once accepted, no bans)
This server is laying the foundation of a new order and lodge.

A fun high School role-playing community that has principal,Teacher, and student roles. This is a fun server. join now and make new friends.
We are a tight-knit community of friends that love learning about wildlife together! We're toxic-free, non-judgmental, and welcoming to all members!
Our server is a Debate and Education server, We were founded due to mod abuse an echo chambers. Our server name is Cannae of the battle of Cannae in 216 B.C. and we are currently making a self correcting council and we are trying to grow our server through partnership. May you find victory in your battles ahead.
we do not censor ideologies so we do have Facists and communists on our server.
Server Event.....
In honour of the Scorpio season the server has been Themed American horror story style. In the depth of the new dark and twisted server tickets have been left, these tickets will be dropped around all Scorpio season and the person who collects the most will win prizes.

Scorpio Season.........
New Horror Themed Channels have been added in the honor of all things Spooky and new roles for loyal members.

Libra Season........
New Education channels available to teach and learn more about astrology, also new Venus sign roles are available.

A Revamped server for all to come and join to get to know new people.

This server includes
- LGBT safe zones

- Simulation of reality game shows

- Astrology Channels to get to know about the Zodiac Signs

And much more inside
Welcome to Davids weather server, Our server is all about keeping you weather aware all season long! Ran by a youtuber by the name of David Schlotthauer he helps provide information on what storms are doing, where you should expect storms to fire, and even does temperature maps. All of the staff team are friendly and helpful, our members a lot of them are junior meteorologist and also do some work on youtube that you can check out.

Come join today and experiences the fun and educational process of storm chasing, and learning what to look for on radar for strong storms. JOIN TODAY!!!
【 Death Hideout Ads 】
Death Hideout Ads is the perfect server that's dedicated to advertisement, sharing and meeting new people each day! With good services that provide WONDERFUL results to the customers seeking them!

We provide our users, including YOU with:

【 👍 】 Organized channels and roles so it'd be easier to track down what you're in for!

【 🤖 】 Secure bot that keep our server IMPOSSIBLE to raid!

【 🔰 】Guides and tips to help beginners get their server ticking!

【 😄 】Outside of advertising, there are also channels that you can enjoy and chat with other members!

So if that sounds convincing, and something that's really worth getting at, then how about you take the chances and join us on the server! We'll be waiting with open arms!

We also have an extra server dedicated to community if you are interested!
A new sever to educate people on the BDSM realm! rather New to the community or just looking to discover new things to try it's a great place to hopefully learn new things, meet others in the kink world, or ya know just a great spot for p0rn and all things lewd.
Hello there! We're a mostly-educational server for nsfw (bdsm/kink) information! We have a library category filled with kink-related channels that all have linked information where you can expand your knowledge and perspectives. There are open chats to mingle with others of any grouping as well as specific chats for our Tops, bottoms, and switches.
There are also plenty of self-assignable roles!!
We strive to have a friendly, open community for all adults (18+) interested!
While we are very new, the server is very fleshed out & is the second version of a previous, unreleased server! We hope you join our family.
OnlyOneCommand is a Minecraft based Discord Server focused around commands, functions, and anything else that is featured in vanilla Minecraft. In need of mature staff to help manage the server and developers to keep the Discord active.
This Is A Growing School!
Admissions Starting Soon :)

What We Have:-

🔸Good Staff
🔸 Kindergarten to Grade 12
🔹 Pokecord
🔸 Educational Pokemon Server