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Hey what’s up?,

If you are looking for a good writing server, we are your solution. We got every genre and writing stuff. And much more:
A friendly community,
A chat for every genre,
A chat for novels, screenplays, essays and much more,
Listen to music,
Voice chats,
A friendly support,
And much more
A community of book lovers, we read multiple books together monthly as well as just talk about our favorite authors and genres. Multiple authors present who enjoy talking to their fans. Everyone is welcome!
If you're interested in writing horror, this server is for you. Join now!
We are a truly independent hub for authors, editors, etc. both published/contracted and looking to become professionals. Our goal is to merge everyone into a single server to help everyone grow together. Join us, as we continue growing! <3
Hello and welcome to Free Flow Writing, a community for all kinds of authors! After struggling to find a community that I felt comfortable sharing my work in I decided to create one myself. Many servers were either too casual, and I didn't feel like it was really a writing server, or it was too professional and I felt like my fan works wouldn't be welcome. I created Free Flow Writing (and Freaky Free Flow writing) to make that perfect mix of comfortable chillness and creative spark.
This server is for supporting your fellow creators and receiving support in return!

1.) No racism, homophobia, transphobia, terfs, transmeds, truscum, etc..
2.) Do not use slurs you can't reclaim.
3.) No users/content containing pedophilia or incest. (i.e.: thorki, starker)
4.) If you have a dispute with someone in the server, talk to a mod.
5.) No nudes please.
6.) If someone is uncomfortable with something, be respectful.
7.) Please post material in the appropriate channel.
8.) Post an intro that includes: name, pronouns, age and url.
9.) NO content of children in sexual situations. automatic ban.
10.) Don't act elitist. Everyone starts somewhere. Be supportive!(edited)
This server is made for both developing authors and artists and is structured similar to the game series Submachine.
It's still growing and it would be appreciated if people would help it grow.
You can post ideas for stories you're writing as well as art relating to those stories as well.
There's a channel dedicated to both positive and negative news, there's bots to use, there's also channels for stories I'm currently writing and the lore behind them however I'd be happy to allow members of the server to post their lore for their stories as well as long as they request to do so.
Hello, and welcome to Authors Studio! Authors Studio is a safe haven for writers of any kind, including roleplayers and erotica writing. There aren't many discord groups out there for aspiring writers, which is why this group was created. Join us and you can get advice, share any stories you're comfortable with sharing, roleplay with other members, and more! We even have a section where you can game with other members and send memes!

We're fairly brand new, so we hope you take a chance and join us!
Hey everyone, I'm Lucas the author of an upcoming ebook called "Fox Prints"!

Are you a fox lover or an author or publisher? Then this is the discord server for you! Come join and chat, promote, brainstorm ideas, talk about your experiences and stories. All are welcome!
A small, but friendly Bungou Stray Dogs server; Open for anyone.
The server also includes: lore of the server, fun feed, consisting of BSD-themed fanfictions and bingos and lots of fanart.
A server for all kinds of Wattpad users to meet new people, talk, and discuss writing or reading of Wattpad books!

Wattpad users only

I M M O R T A L ' S G A T H E R I N G

Hello everyone,

You've been invited to join the Immortal's Gathering.
In this server we have a variety of fanfiction authors that you can talk to about their stories or for advice.
Although we do hangout and talk about random things from time to time, it sort of depends on how active the server is at the time of day(or night) your'e on.
You can check out all the authors that have joined the server in the #:clipboard:contents-page.
We also have an assortment of readers from all around the world that you can befriend in the chat.
Occasionally have a group game night (or day) where we play Cards Against Humanity or other online games together.
We also tend to get together and watch various tv shows, movies, and anime.

We also have cool features such as:

** Elected Staff **
** Voted Bans **
** Chill staff **
** Leveling system **
** Easy to follow rules **
** Self Roles to change your color **
** A ticket system for support and author applications **

Join us at:
Are you someone who frequently writes stories and books alike? Would you like to talk to people who also enjoy writing? If yes to both these questions, this is the server for you!
We have a general chat, chats to help with writing certain characters and scenes! Join us if you are interested!
This server is a writing server where writers and authors can share their writings! You can also meet other people here and chat! Simply, this is just a server for authors and new writers alike to come and share their experience and give tips to beginning writers!