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Здесь не дрочат по углам
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Welcome to Words Alike - a writing community hub. Most writing Discord servers only allow writers. This server is open to writers, readers, editors and critiquers.

» Introduce yourselves to fellow members and find people who are alike!
» Find beta and alpha readers for your story!
» Receive edits and critiques!
» Host contests!
» Find new reads!
» Gather inspiration

Writers! Check out the writers quarters. There you have a chatroom, resources and sharing channel and a place to search for betas, editors and critiquers.

Readers! Check out the readers quarters. You have a chatroom and bookclub. Book club is member run, DM Quinn for a chance to be a WABCA (Words Alike Book Club Ambassador). Seek the writer noticeboard for opportunities.

Editors! Check out the editors quarters. You have a chatroom and a resource channel. As well as that, you have a noticeboard to post commission info or if you're open to volunteering

Critiquers! Check out the critiquer quarters. You have a chatroom and resource channel. As well as that, you have a noticeboard to post commission info or if you're open to volunteering
Come join in on our book/social club! Feel free to listen in on our current books we are reading or be bold and read something to us! If books aren’t really your thing, that’s okay. Come join us in chat and vc! We are a lovely group to converse with.
Lit Literature is all about the story line! If it has a script, it's lit! We talk about anything from novels to video games to anime and how they make us feel. From trope talks about your favorite fanfics and twists from classic novels to otome game story routes and anime plot holes. If you ever wanted to talk trash about an anime and a mid-17th century poet in the same server, welcome!
A community of book lovers, we read multiple books together monthly as well as just talk about our favorite authors and genres. Multiple authors present who enjoy talking to their fans. Everyone is welcome!
This server is for the people who love to read and discuss books. People can post suggestions, and there are different channels for genres. Enjoy ^-^
hey! this is a space for sharing books and reading. if you love books, then this is a wonderful place for you :)
A cozy little place for writers, readers, and story tellers to unite! This server focuses heavily on reading stories of all kinds to one another over voice chat, as well as encourage people to create their own! Sit and listen to fantastical fables, or spin a yarn of your own. Who knows? You may make some friends along the way!
Do you love reading but don’t have anyone to talk to about the fantastic book you just finished? Come join us in Between the Lines; we’re always looking for friendly, active members to share our love of books with!

We have two books of the month every month (Young Adult, Adult) with the monthly books fitting Popsugars 2019 challenge. Books are always voted on by our members so that everyone gets a say in what we read.
We also have several channels for the discussion of other topics, such as games and meme-ing, but mostly we’re all here for our love of books and we’d love to see you come join our discussions!
Looking for a place to share your latest writing? Or maybe find some good fic recommendations? This must be the place for you 😉
A Discord server for writing professionals and hobbyists to come together to talk about writing, craft, and improve our skills together as a community.
i think at this point i’m just addicted to creating servers, i like the aesthetics behind it all, but that’s besides the point! i created this server because i want to make friends and hopefully those of you who join will want to make friends as well! we’re a pretty small community as of now, but i do wish for the individuals who join and stay to have a good time and create bonds and friendships, anyways! don’t hesitate to join, we’ll be expecting you!
re:serve is a small community for talking and socializing with people like yourself. We have different channels for things like:
•Animals and Nature
Be sure to pay us a visit. I am sure you will like it.
Member: quiet times
Mod: we are silent because I am giving birth

This is the kind of server it is~~
Curious? Join at your own risk 👀

This is the your “I need a place to chill” server. We’re pretty funky but we appreciate kindness and respect. 😉
This is a little server I made I will have book readings where I read to you or have social time, if you like being read to, like books, or just want to talk to people join this server
Share your writing or find new things to read! Meet people who write on the same platform or just join and hang out.
Hey! This is a new thing i'm trying out. Basically, we write stories we can provide feedback on and read. They can be short stories, long stories, something in between, or something else. Science fiction and original stories written for the server only please, since i don't want copies of what you've done already, but something new. :)

Also be able to use proper grammar and spelling as well.

Hope to see you.

[Looking for mods & news team!]

Trying to meet fellow k-pop fans? Although we're still starting up, a handful of people already joined and are making this a fun place to be.

[self role-assignment!]
- reviewer/proof-reader
- graphics/poster-maker
- video
- author
- girlgroup stan & girlgroups
- boygroup stan & boygroups
- solo artists
- survival shows

This is also a place where you can improve your English and be up-to-date with all important k-pop news. Meet fellow fanfiction readers and writers here, promote your stories and services, find the best featured stories and more!

We're hoping you'll join to make this server a great and fun community to be in :)
Hey, there. This server is mostly based off of writing and it is fairly new so that there is not much on there yet. It would be great if you joined, you can share stories you have created, you can share fan-fiction, you can read stories that others have wrote. If you need writing ideas, we have channels for that and will be willing to help you out. If you want to just hang out and get a bit of editing, we have that too!
Writer's Plaza is a server made for writing, reading, reviewing and drawing. The main things being written are Sylivia, Team Fortress 3, and Survivors. We'd be pleased to join you so come on down and enjoy the show.
Join the fast growing community!
Writing, Fun, Books, we got it all!
Meet new friends become part of a group or even make YOUR OWN!
Write, Create and Talk with our great ACTIVE STAFF!
Never get bored with so much to do!

⎝✧ Active Staff ✧⎠
⎝✧ Friendly Non-Toxic Community ✧⎠
⎝✧ 30+ Roles ✧⎠
⎝✧ 50+ Obtainable 'Titles' ✧⎠
⎝✧ Weekly Events ✧⎠
⎝✧ Create and manage your own Book Club ✧⎠
⎝✧ Monthly Events✧
⎝✧ Premium Roles For *you* Only!✧⎠
⎝✧ Question of the days.⎠
⎝✧Self Assignable Roles✧⎠

This is a server for the discussion, writing, and sharing of the Japanese short poem - the haiku( and senryu ). The haiku is traditionally a poem with 17 " syllables"( on) arranged in 5-7-5, and related to nature. However, both haiku( and senryu) that does not or does follow this is accepted in this server.
This is a server made as a creative space for artists, writers, photographers, animators, readers, and the like.

► We have 20+ self-assignable roles.
► Dedicated categories for reading, art, and writing.
► Looking for staff!
► This is also a safe space!
► Fun bots such as Tatsumaki and
► Lots of helpful resources/links for writers and artists!
► A channel for self-promoting social media and such.