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Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven RP community consisting of three overarching sections, each containing a variety of stories for you to explore and flex your creative muscles.

Supernatural fans can step into the shoes of a hunter in The Road So Far. Scan the local papers to find a case, then travel to the scene, examine police reports and available evidence, and research the lore to find out what you're dealing with and how to gank it.

Is a high fantasy adventure more your speed? Well, gather your weapons and set out in Dichotomy where the Kingdom of Arin has been enjoying centuries of peace and prosperity, but now teeters on the brink of war with a darkness long forgotten.

Looking for a true horror experience? Investigate the desolate Askar's Sanitarium. Reportedly haunted, some visitors have claimed to see and feel negative presences. Other visitors? Well, they never got to leave.

We offer these and much more in our friendly, inviting RP community. Our officers are more than happy to help you flesh out a character or even a potential story idea to add to our ever-growing universe. The stories and community at large are heavily member-driven and as such, we are always open to new suggestions that will allow us to offer a more immersive and enjoyable experience for our members.

We also offer a music bot if you ever want to relax with friends and trade songs back and forth as well as a variety of OOC chat rooms and voice chat rooms to just unwind and have a good time within the community.

Come on in, take a look around, have a great time exploring our pre-existing stories or perhaps even creating one of your own.
Addicted to aliens? Addicted to horror? This server is about every form of media that combines the two.
Pick the role of an alien that interests you most to get a ping whenever the owner or a mod finds interesting content of them.

Everything from discussion to sharing, and even shopping in our added collectibles channel.
This server has it all.
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The ദunii Ƥop community is a safe haven for people who feel like they cannot be themselves anywhere else. We are a community that strives in making long-lasting friendships. We are lgbt+ friendly and if you are shy or an introvert, that's alright! You can lurk as much as you want and whenever you feel comfortable enough, join in on the fun! Nobody is treated differently in this community. We are still a small community but we are growing. We hope to see you around the server soon! Down below is what we have in store for you!
╚═════════════════════ °• ♔ •° ════════════════╝

🥰❤️ Super friendly staff
🍚 Anime watch party
​​📖​ Manga discussions
🙏 Asian Cinema watch party
🎮 Community Gaming (we game with each other a lot!)
📺 TV Shows watch party
🎥 Movie nights
🎵 Music station
🎙️ Podcast listening party
🤖 Fun interactive bots
🎨📚 Fan art & Fanfiction station for the creative minds
🌟 Server booster perks
☠️ Horror Realm (You must be 18+ to join this section of the discord)

(っ◔‿◔)っ♡ ʟᴇᴛ's ɢʀᴏᴡ ᴛᴏɢᴇᴛʜᴇʀ ᴍʏ ғᴇʟʟᴏᴡ ʙᴜɴɪɪs!
If you’re looking for an RP filled with character deaths, gripping moments, RP crossovers and heartwarming and sad moments and gore then this RP universe is for you!

We are a semi-active supportive community that loves Horror and want to create a fictional universe for us to share and to create. We allow OCS and Canons!

Must be 17 or older to join!

-After many centuries, of fighting against the Operator, Kalabhiti and his lover Chrauroita who planned on making the world his breeding ground for fear and order.
-Many lives and Slayers, were lost. A trans woman named Joan Francious led the Slayers for one final battle against the creatures and fought victoriously, at a great cost of lives of Slayers and Proxies alike including Joan’s life as well.
-Chrauroita only the commanding creature who has survived enraged by the defeat, she gathers a few surviving proxies and she plans for her next move in this next chapter of the Slayer’s battle for humanity’s survival.

We are looking for:
-Open-minded and creative individuals
-Experienced RolePlayers
-Accepting individuals
-Roleplayers that can take the consequences of their actions because of an interesting RP mechanic

The Server Offers:
-An open-minded and creative community
-An LGBTQ+ Friendly Environment
-A Mental Health Support Chat
-Active users
-Active Roleplayers
-Gore Friendly RPs
-A limit of 6 characters per person
-The opportunity to RP as canon characters from other horror fandoms. For example, Stephen King, H.P Lovecraft, Slashers, Sally Face, Silent Hill, SCP and many more!
-The ability to create memorable, creative and powerful monsters and characters but with limits.
Low moderation NSFW horror server dedicated to watching The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs, hosting our own watch parties weekly, and everything horror related (we even have a horror book club). You can self promote your own work in horror here too! We are mutants that believe in breasts, beasts, and blood.
Server UFFICIALE della Community Italiana di Phasmophobia!
Potrai trovare nuovi colleghi Ghost Hunters per effettuare le tue sessioni di caccia ai fantasmi.

- Staff Sempre ATTIVO
- Notifiche sul gioco in tempo reale!
- Guide e supporto al gioco.
- Bot per la tua e la nostra sicurezza.
- Partnership con canali youtube/twitch, server Discord e altre piattaforme.

Buona caccia a Tutti.
Are you into RP, especially ones that involve team work to solve mysteries? If you are then this server is perfect for you.

This server has quite a few OOC channels to talk in, this making it easier for you to make plenty of RP friends! We have a wide range of VC channels wether it’s just to talk to friends or vibe to music. We will most definitely host events, we hope you join and have a spooktacular time!!

Memories of a town's dark past are stirred when a group of teens become suspects, targets and victims of a killer who's out for blood, Elderwood Cove is known as 'Murderwood Cove' Elderwood got this name from the dark past. There had been a spring of mass murders, hence why the nickname 'Murderwood Cove' was given. What was to have ended years ago finally came back to haunt the children of the early survivors of Elderwood Cove.

Do you think you can find out who the slasher is and put an end to this once again or will you fail and face the consequences?!
You are lying facedown in the forest, covered in damp earth and a layer of gently falling snow. A quick mental inventory shows you are unharmed. You roll over with a groan before awkwardly pushing to your feet. Your head is pounding as you try to survey the forest around you. The trees are silently judging you, but when you try to focus on them they shimmer and blur. This somehow reveals a path to you, which you apprehensively take, and it brings you to Nightbrook.

Welcome. Now you will never leave.

It is always winter here. That’s not to say it’s always snowing, just that it’s always cold. Nightbrook is a small New England town that doesn’t show up on maps anymore. It overlooks the murky depths of the Atlantic, making most of its profits from the sale of freshly caught lobsters and oysters, and whatever the hell else ends up in there. The people are friendly enough, though not necessarily helpful, and when they think you aren’t paying attention the whispered concerns about cultists waft back to you.

Something about this place is uncomfortable for you, but you struggle to define it. In fact, there are large areas of static inside your head. Your sense of self is intact but the weird gaps in your memory are... troubling. There is very little certainty in your life now, but you are absolutely certain of two things: you cannot leave Nightbrook until you find out what happened to you, and you are being hunted.

Roll for sanity.
UnderHATE is a Undertale AU made by Androidc4 (owner of the server). Join our community and chat with the others about undertale etc.
Link to our game:
We are a Lobotomy Corporation x Library of Ruina (and The Distortion Detective) community for fans of the series, roleplay is allowed as we maybe start hosting them in a future.
Horrortown is a community server all about the topic of horror! Discuss cryptids, SCPs, Creepypastas, internet mysteries and more!
We'd love if you joined and helped out this little server! :)
⇜Como un servidor original basado en la temática de Terror te queremos presentar a:

✫☆✫☆☆☆✫☆✫✫☆✫☆✫"TERROR MANSION'S" ☆✫☆✫✫☆✫✫☆☆✫☆✫

⇛ Ofrecemos una temática escalofriante, y sobre todo mucha diversión a todo usuario que desee entrar.❀

⇛ Un staff horriblemente amable, dispuesto a ayudarte con todas tus necesidades dentro de nuestro server.❀

⇛ Autoroles originales, y también los básicos.❀

⇛ ¡Jugamos ahorcado de vez en cuando!❀

⇛ Un canal de sugerencias donde podrás dejar tu granito de odio.❀

⇛ Canales donde podrás compartir con nosotros tus mas secretos oscuros.❀

⇛ Economia y proximamente tienda personalizada.❀
Welcome to Neverend Asylum. The premise of this roleplay is very simple: the staff members are torturing the patients for their personal gain, and the patients must eventually fight back.

On every occasion, an outbreak will occur which will allow the patients to run rampant and cause a bloody rampage across the mental institution. Neverend Asylum allows you to indulge yourself into the darkest parts of your mind.

This is a community for lovers of all things horror! We offer chats to show off your amazing horror writing, art, and we can try to help you improve on it too!! We also woud love to hear all your favorite horror movie and book recomondations, see your creepy photos, and hear all your ideas. For events we will host a movie night every so offteten, we will be streaming from shutter or netflix so if you know anything on there you wanna see just say!! Please take a look at our loving community for horror lovers like myself!!
hello, this is "Homeworkz's Studios" offical discord server, here we make games, and we also take game suggestions. if you like roblox, then this server fits perfectly for you, we do giveaways on the discord after the game we're working on is done. it would make my day if you joined!
this server is a safe place for everyone to just come and talk about their interests, we offers reaction roles, and a place to make new friends
A leftist and queer community to discuss politics, philosophy, gaming, horror, art, film, music, and LGBTQ+ issues.
Welcome to the library.
Come chill with friends who enjoy being scared... we dont bite.
If you like everything horror and want to hang out with some spooky people this is the server you want.

We watch horror movies together and have a book club for horror and send everything spooky and scary.

It would be lovely to have some guests in the library.

Active community, lots of bots, talk about games, books, movies, we have events, artwork, listen to creepypasta together.
New server but growing everyday.
Life is not fun without a good scare.
Welcome to 'The Horror Within', an 18+ community that is a friendly, chill and mature place to discuss all things horror.

💀 Channels for all types of media.
💀 Automated horror news.
💀 Frequent events and in-depth discussions
💀 Movie Nights & Film Roulette.
💀 Level roles (MEE6) and elective club roles.
💀 Active, accountable and fair staff.
Discord de la communauté Francophone Phasmophobia.

Bonjour si tu tombes sur ce discord et que tu es passionné de Phasmophobia tu es tombé au bon endroit !

Il s'agit du discord officiel Français du jeu Phasmophobia. Un staff à l'écoute qui t'accompagnera tout au long de cette aventure !

N'hésite pas à nous rejoindre tu ne le regretteras pas ! 😄
Breakwater Inn is a supernatural trap, and your character has fallen victim. Most people in Breakwater were forced to wander their first few rooms alone, and miraculously managed to survive them and be found by the current group of survivors living in the only safe room, the library, where they explain what's happening.

Everyone is trapped within the hotel, but not in the hotel you had originally entered. It's somehow separate from the real world, a dangerous, never-ending night dimension of some sort. Whenever a door is opened, a random room appears through that doorway. Some are normal rooms, others have strange puzzles that need solving to open another door, and many have creatures in them. These creatures vary from horrible, malicious monsters to unsettling but harmless spirits, and some of them aren't restricted to a single room. Apparently, only the library is safe from this cursed place.

No one seems to know why or how you're in this world, but everyone does know that there's a way out. You don't know how, but a single note tucked into an empty book in the library said just that. "There is an exit. Find it." With nothing more to go on, though, all you can do is keep moving forward, throwing yourselves into new rooms and doing all you can to survive.

Breakwater Inn is a hyper-realistic, literate, original-world RP where characters are the victims trapped in the supernatural plane of Breakwater. They must explore the randomized rooms and hope to not only figure out how to escape, but then actually manage to get to said escape. Feel free to join if you have any questions!
Everyone is welcome!
No shaming, racism, politics, or idiots.

This is a server for lovers of everything spooky! Come chill with some fellow spooky bois

There are channels for spooky memes, crafts and DIY projects, stories, movie/show recomendations, games, pets, VC channel & more.

We have webhooks from Halloween FB groups, fun color roles and names, emojis, & some pretty neat bots to mess around with!

We hope to meet some of you spooky bois (and ghouls) soon!
The Nest of Horrors Podcast is a short horror story telling podcast.
Join us for gaming, movie nights, casting calls, and plenty more.
The discord server welcomes anyone, we are here to form a community

If you're a voice actor looking to voice project we have regular casting calls for the podcast and other projects!

If you have your own project that needs talent this is a place for you, as we have many talented voice actors that would be more then happy to lend their voice!

Are you an artist looking to do some commission work? the podcast has custom artwork for each story and we have a commissions section where you can advertise yourself.

If you are a streamer or a youtuber we have channels you can advertise on!

Are you looking for art commission? there is already plenty of talented artists on the server so feel free to come request some art!

Are you a writer looking to share your work or need help with ideas? we have a whole bunch of creative people that can help! and if you want we can even feature your story in our podcast!

Or if you just want to come say hi! you can talk about anything as long as it fits within are rules!

We welcome anyone, we are happy to add channels for different things! Just ask!