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God's Blood: From the Ashes is a chiefly organized zombie apocalyptic roleplay server focused on the year 2030, in West Virginia. It has been 13 years since the Black Flu stormed the world and left only a million survivors in its wake.

Roleplayers are tasked with forging friendships or enemies as they tackle both the living and the dead, often running on hunger or resortment to sleeping under the first building they see. Outlive the apocalypse, or become part of what makes it the apocalypse.
The Sunkered Land Awaits!

"Do I know the seas? Oh Freshling.. you have much to learn. Sit down by that fire, open your ears, and I'll drain the sunlight from your skin."

A wave of change has washed over Aegaeon, hiding the isles and shaking the seas like it has for twelve generations. The shores are awash with sailors, leaving to re-discover their neighbors and claim the bounties on the land. But deep within New Bristol, nothing has changed. The same lamp-lit city lies under the same, shadowed ceiling. Specters go amongst their business and Englishmen make their ways back to their apartments after a hard days work. It's been so long few of them have ever seen the sun- It has become little more then a legend, occasionally referenced by Surfacers. The madness of Aegaeon has become the new norm- But there are still a few things that shake the foundation of even this fragmented reality.

So, Sunlit Friend, care to join us in the Depths?
Aegaeon is a roleplaying community set in the fictional Aegaeon caverns under London- a realm between the real and the impossible. We are heavily inspired by works of Lovecraft and Failbetter games. We boast strict but fair rules, engaging lore and a desire to grow!

Nearly 800 years ago, the Miller family met a strange old witch in the woods of New York. She gave them some herbal tea and they blacked out, waking up at the sign of Nimh. There were five Millers, so the sign counted up to 5 and stopped. They tried to run away, but they were wrapped in a thick fog and ended up right where they started.

Over the years, many supernatural creature and humans with special abilities have stumbled upon Nimh, only to be trapped in its confines forever. The old witch just became a “scary” story told among the citizens, passed from generation to generation. Meanwhile, the Millers have served as the town’s mayors for centuries on end. Is there a way out of Nimh, or is it truly inescapable?

= ╚»★«╝ Delιorα ╚»★«╝=
-If you want to escape from boring everyday life, if you want to dive into the wicked part of you. Then you are in the right server. Welcome to Deliora, a server full of ambitous staff and a lovely owner
-We are new growing community sharing one goal.
-Here is what we are offering
' »»-- FEATURES --««'

-Self Roles -Leveling system -Security protection

-Non-toxic Community -Clans -Friendly Members

-Responsible and Active Staff -24/7 music channel and music bot

'Owner: 🌌уѕη.нσρε💎 {Dm's Closed}#1307'
**Non-expired Link**:
**Releasing Date**: 15.09.2018
Hello there human
Have you've heard of the dreamscape? No? Well if you are into adrenaline thriller action this is your place. Play between slashers, finding your unfortunate victims or play as a survivor and triumph over the slasher with your skills. Will you be able to escape this hell?

We are a roleplaying server made for a heavy roleplaying experience.

We have

- Fun roleplaying events

- Awesome Lore

- Amazing roleplayers

- And much more
Your character finds itself pulled and intense to a realm. What is seen is a Manor, quiet yet serene looking. At the door you post your starter and you will see who may invite you inside. You will find yourself trapped and experience ghastly events and do whatever it takes to survive.

Gore and explicit content is allowed. This server is for mature minded roleplayers only.
The Delusion" is a community server where you could hangout and make new friends while advertising servers, websites, or even social media profiles! The Delusion itself is furnished with exclusive fun bots, anime and most importantly the server is organized in the theme "Horror." Oooo scary! On the other hand server provides a unique feature named "Kindness Diaries" which could help all of us by giving some inspiration. Have fun... Calamis De Purpura.
Welcome little ones to Vahtek's Haven...this is a roleplay server for everyone ! We accept anyone, no matter your gender, preferences and stuff !

Vahtek is a powerful entity just like the Slenderman and his brothers as he is in need of proxies. Though you can still join the Slenderman or even Zalgo as they are available here. Here, you can have so much fun as we are a family on this server. I hope you'll enjoy your stay :)
** After the events that took place on the mining ship known as USG ishimura many recognized the threat of the necromorphs and markers while some praised them the world setting in place for another necromorph infestation to begin anywhere many began to construct red markers in the name of science god or energy all having the same outcome as usual.**
A world shaped by myths and confusing legends anything could shape this world...But instead the great lovecraftyian horrors that lurked beneath the earth did the planet changing into a past of its former self an image so heavily distorted that the original is unseeable this world is different it’s new it’ crafted
Hidden Sources is a roleplay server based off of SCP, Secure Contain Protect. This server you can create your own SCP, SCP Personnel Char, or Regular character who lives outside Site-61. Though, if your character has magic.. you should keep it secret, the SCP Personnel they, would take you in if they found out!
Don't know what SCP Is? We will help teach you! Come and join!
We have good rp's, nice and friendly owners which will sometimes let you be anyone you want (letting someone be spiderman in the horror rp) we have kind and funny people but we hope you join us and have fun!!!!
A community focused on the genre of horror as a whole. Movies, TV, Stories, Creepypasta, Art, and more! Stop by pull up a corpse and stay awhile. Come get spooked with us!
A Tokyo Ghoul roleplay server, we hold giveaways for abilities like Kakuja, or being able to have Arata.
Dead Space is a Sci-Fi Survival Horror title, and I've been in love with it ever since I first played the first game. This roleplay server has most of the in-game areas with a nice description of all of them. You have a chance to become one of the key characters for the MRP. Have a chance to win an Advanced RIG of any kind with our giveaways. Wanna roam around the bleak and horrific tundra of Tau Volantis? How about crawling through the dark vents of the Sprawl? And who can forget taking the abandoned trams in the USG Ishimura? Didn't get enough of Aegis VII? This is server for you!
A brand spankin' new discord focused on finding other horror fanatics to hang out with and discuss the best genre of media, horror! Stop on by and help the server grow and find others who love horror just as much as you do!
Long ago a plot of land simply referred to as the Jillician Estate mysteriously vanished after gruesome events were uncovered by a private investigator. However, it still lives on as a demented land that sucks in unlucky humans to an inescapable property that is haunted by the ghosts who were hurt by the foul of the Jillician family. Come in, play a human trying to survive, a ghost attempting to hunt, or simply to enjoy the lore!
Welcome to the house!! :wave~1:

!!This is a rpg server!!

In this house, you are chosen to be a murderer or an innocent.

You are invited to a house/fun house/fair to stay a night, but there's a twist. A murderer has invited you. You must figure out who the murderer is and report them to the host.

As a murderer: You must kill everyone without being caught!
You may only kill a person when the host dms you saying you can choose someone to die.

As a innocent: You must gather clues and try to catch the murderer. Be careful who you trust though, you don't know who could be the murderer.

Good luck, and be careful who you trust.(edited)
A town to explore, with a horror/occult and a lovecraft theme. Roleplay server.
The Blackwater Frontier is a role-play with a Dieselpunk theme with a bit of survival horror involved where you can to play as a lawman protecting the city of Watchpoint, A criminal looking to earn an extra buck the tough and perhaps not so legal way or as one of the Blackwatchers, Blackwater survivors turned hunters who venture out into the Frontier to weaken the Blackwater enough to strike at their hive-points or just an average guy with no allegiance whatsoever. We're also looking for mature individuals to act as Game Masters.

If you're interested in joining. Click on the link!
A weird little place to hang out and chill about. Nothing nuts really happens. Were just getting started so you know how that is. Join if you're interested cause we could use some new folks down this way. It's straight fresh, nobody is really here.
In the year 2053, after the world has been devastated by World Wars three, four, and five, the abandoned wasteland that was once Canada is now a barren, crater-filled country. Filled with gang violence and wars instead of the kindness it had once been so stereotypically known for, it’s hard to walk out on the streets without getting shot anymore.

Winter is coming, and it’s getting cold fast. Outsiders are likely to freeze to death. Anyone younger than 30 knows nothing but a world of horrific tragedy. When Canada was forced to join in the wars, they were constantly yanked around, their youth dying of starvation or bullet wounds, used as cannon fodder for the terrible acts of violence. With no signs of human life from the Americas or Asia, Europe seems to be the last outpost of any surviving life. Anyone who couldn’t make it there, well…

They came here.

Canada, 2053. The cold is drawing close.
- The Horrorverse -

✘ Our server consists of the world of horror, whether that’s a game, a movie, or anything. We have Predator, Trapper from Dead By Daylight, everyone, including Canon. Our lore consists of you being brought to a world with multiple realms that are brought from the horror worlds you know so well. If you find this interesting, we pray you read on.

✘ Do you love Friday the 13th?
✘ Do you grin widely during Halloween?
✘ Do you love seeing a Yautja blow up your best friends head?!
✘ Do you love Friendly Staff?
✘ Do you want to play a Custom or Canon character?
✘ Would you like to create your very own story??
✘ Do you want to maliciously slaughter people you once knew, at the cost of your sanity??


If you would like to Partner, join and DM the Owner.
At Bilberry University, misfortune and mystery reign. Those who get accepted to the strange university rarely graduate. That could be out of the difficult and strange coursework-- or because of the many, many dangerous mysteries