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In a world full of death and crazed ghostly creatures called Dusk: Join one of the last sanctions in the world by adding your own OC's here to help fill out roles in this cyberpunk fantasy city, including the job to hunt down these Dusk.

Warning: Mature subjects are always active. ( Drugs, violence, and laws)

This is my server where you can talk, play games, listen to music and much more! We here love alot of things! I, the server owner, love:
4. Pokemon

It's fun, come join! We have pokecord, akinator etc!

God's Blood: From the Ashes is a chiefly organized zombie apocalyptic roleplay server focused on the year 2030, in West Virginia. It has been 13 years since the Black Flu stormed the world and left only a million survivors in its wake.

Roleplayers are tasked with forging friendships or enemies as they tackle both the living and the dead, often running on hunger or resortment to sleeping under the first building they see. Outlive the apocalypse, or become part of what makes it the apocalypse.
Hello! Welcome to this fanmade Identity V server. In this server we have;

(Please note that this server isn’t done yet, and we’re doing all we can to make it better.)
-Metro Last Dawn Main Lore-
Leopold V King Of BelgiumToday at 5:44 PM
The bombs have fallen and thus humanity have reduced to sunder, but few lucky ones which have survived have taken shelter down in the metro-stations which have been used as bomb-shelters, the goverment tried to restore order which failed greatly thusly making those survivors which are around form their own factions and own ideas which are centralised upon the old pre-war eras like communism and nazism which are now taking firm hold. For now the year 2040 is on as the above-surface world remain ever so dangerous but stalkers still venture forth, the factions such as the Red-Line and Fourth Reich plot against one another for war as The Order remains firm in it's neutral stance in protecting people in the metro, it is up to you metro-dweller to make you're mark upon metro-history..
Hello, welcome to Retro Multaque. This server is where you can help developers work on games, or watch the game unfold. You will be able to playtest the games or watch footage. Come check us out, we have very interesting horror games awaiting you.
This is a RP server that's horror base. You may have fun murdering people or making sure no traps or monsters attack you. Don't worry when you die you wake up in your bed so you can play again. Come join the dark fun.
Mystery/creepy-themed free-speech server.

Reasonable, but strongly anti-authoritarian moderation.
This is a server for anyone who wants to RP and enjoy Dead By Daylight with others in general. Also, we allow characters that you might not want into our server so if you don’t want it, you can just give ‘em to someone else. We allow NSFW and any offensive memes you want. Hopefully you join us and we can have some fun!
Strangoria is a portal to a dimension of High Strangeness. Topics include paranormal, fringe, UFOs, horror, unexplained phenomena, mysteries, cryptids, science fiction, and other strangeness. [ paranormal discord server ]
A roleplay server based around those who are horror-themed and want to spread their scary ideas into an imaginative world!
Anything and everything!
-Server Owner GameTimeWithTD
-Make Real Friends
We are a multi themed para Erp server. Now while the theme is Medieval erp we still have modern Horror erp channels from back when the server was first made. We are mostly para but if your unable to do so don't worry about it, we encourage personal growth and will do our best to help. Our staff is always waiting to answer questions or lend a hand.

We have Self-assignable roles via bots so you don't have to wait for someone to give them to you.

We cater to more Extreme kinks and will not judge new members, we will also not accept any judgment from newcomers.

We have achievement roles you can earn through rp or by being an active and constructive member of the server

We have a very open and welcoming community so feel free to pop in and have a look around, if you like what you see, stay. If not have a good day anyway.
TotD (17+) is an international social community guild for mature audiences and adults. This server on the dark side of discord welcomes misfits, goths, metalheads, horror connoisseurs, and hearts of darkness to the fortress of the abyss.

This is just the server for individuals that fancy horror, gore, oddities, the supernatural and occult, appreciation for the beauty of darkness, all things dark that go bump in the night, and everything else in between. We welcome wanderers and adventurers to stop by the lounge for a drink with the Tower Oracles. The darkness can be a great ally, but most people forget they shouldn't stay too long because it will end up consuming them...

Mobius made a new Stem system and developed Union. A realm all within one person's mind. What could possibly go wrong? Well when the core to Union goes missing. Everything did.

Mobius was left blind not knowing what in the world was going on in Union. With crazed creatures running around that used to be people, Mobius agents being sent in to see the horrors, and helpless citizens who are just trying to survive. Are you going to fight to try and stop all of the awful things that are happening in here? Are you going to hide and attempt to wait it all out? Or will you simply give up and join the endless hordes of monsters.

We have a looting system and villains that will try to thwart you. Please enjoy your stay!
Widely unknown other than being nothing but stories, creepypastas roam the town of Grimsby, Ohio. That was until a strange illness swept through the town causing normal humans to get powers and the ability to see through the veil. This is all part of the plan of the demon, Zalgo. Now normal people have to team up with the pasta monsters to stop him.

-Play as OCs or Creepypasta Canons
-Play as Humans if you wish as well
-Have fun roleplaying with others.
It's 2018, and you live in Maine. A foreign virus started in California and made it's way around the hemisphere. Resources have been decreasing rapidly.There is no contact with the government in or outside of the U.S. Building conditions are growing unstable and filthy, and there are dead people walking the earth again as live creatures.
We allow furries, humans, and all types of species. You must be 18 years or older to join. This server is mainly directed at a gay/homosexual audience, but if you identify as something else and are okay with this, feel free to join.

Welcome to Logos Eater, the only server that dares to push against the boundaries of sanity. Prepare your mind for gore and disturbing rps like you've never seen before. This place is only for the masochistic or sadistic, any semblance of vanilla is bound to melt before the heat this server encapsulates.

In a world populated with ghouls, anthros, and humans of all types; there exists a place where beings of all species can find sanctuary. Tucked away in the darkness of the underground lies a single buisness that is known by a very select few.

This buisness is known as "Logos Eater," said to consume the natural logic and reason of all that enter its worn doors. The company's founder is unknown, its origins are unknown, its sponsor's are unknown. Many believe this buisiness to have simply sprouted from the depths of hell itself. But what does this hell entail? One must see it for themself to truly understand..


When a letter comes in the mail inviting you to an elementary class reunion, you've forget about what happened 8 years ago. Arriving at the building, you notice it was very rundown and seemed abandoned but for some reason against your will, you entered the building and might never leave as the spirit of a vengeful girl from your childhood and her murder victims target to kill you before you get the chance. Discover secrets and take a trip into uncovering characters' pasts as they try to survive in this paranormal horror survival roleplay.

❗There is a set cast size of 7, but don't worry, applications are still open!
❗This roleplay takes place in America.
Yo welcome this is a new CP server where you can voice chat, chat, and rp with other CPs. There’s a list of open and taken characters and it’s first come first serve, but you can also be an OC. It’s a pretty chill place to rp and share things so come on in and hang out.
You’ve heard of it: a place of monsters and mystery! A congregation of horrors and men coming together for one great party under the moonlight. || Come join us, hang out for a bit, and check out some of our ~connected realms~. We’ve got the jokes. We’ve got the Rock ‘N Roll. || If you would like to open the door, turn to page 5.
= ╚»★«╝ Delιorα ╚»★«╝=
-It was predicted from the ancestors that something good is about to happen.
-And, like a phoenix, a new growing community was born again.
-Deliora is a community server in which you can hang out, chill, find friends and more is yet to come.
-The server itself is a horror-based server, and, like in any horror story, we have clans.
-Here is what we are offering:
' »»-- FEATURES --««'
-Self Roles -Leveling system -Security protection

-Non-toxic Community -Clans -Friendly Members

-Responsible and Active Staff -24/7 music channel and music bot
'Owner: ❤үя∂. нαρριηεss😄 #1307'
**Non-expired Link**:
**Releasing Date**: 15.09.2018
In this universe you can be any character going from canon characters to oc characters.
Will you join Slenderman or will your join Zalgo or will you be the one that gets caught in the middle of it all.
The Cult Movie Network is a toxicity-free place where you're able to discuss all things cult cinema with fellow film fans! Not really into cult films, but more of a mainstream movie person? No worries, there's room for that here too.