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Ich kann eure dreckigen Seelen riechen....

Worum gehts eigentlich?

Im vordergrund steht die Community selbst. Miteinander schreiben, quatschen, sich kennen lernen und allgemein tolle Gespräche führen.
Ich und meine Admins lernen gerne jeden persönlich kennen, der unseren Server joined. Hier geht es nicht um Masse, sondern um Klasse!
▶ Anime, Games, Horror, Rp. Alles was das Herz begehrt.
▶ Oft Gespräche und aktiver Voice bis in die Nacht.
▶ Keine unnötigen Bots und keine 10000 Channel.
▶ Ein erwachsenes Adminteam.
▶ Für Horrorfans jeglicher Art. Ob Comics, Filme, Bücher oder Spiele. Ebenso für Fans von Romanen, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery, supernatural ect.
▶ !!ü16!! ist hier Pflicht..
▶ Auch Autoren und Schreiberlinge sind erwünscht.

Du bist kein Horrorfan? Denn darfst du natürlich trotzdem mal reinkommen und dich umschauen. Fühl dich dadurch nicht abgeschreckt :).

Hier darf es gerne Pervers, Vulgör und gestört vorgehen! :).
Freue mich auf Gleichgesinnte.
Dollhouse Lane is a roleplaying server set on the mysterious Dollhouse Lane. A street that has no escape, and which somehow you've ended up at. Mysterious anomalies float through it like it's a transit for the weird and absurd. From random aliens visiting looking to fix their ship, to random incidents of killer fruit it is a dangerous place. Will you find sanity here, or will you get lost in the madness?
We are a multiple themed Server for Combat Driven Adventures and erp. The main theme is Medieval but we also have Modern Horror channels (from back when the server was first made.)
We are mostly para but if your unable to do so don't worry about it, we encourage personal growth and will do our best to help. Our staff is always waiting to answer questions or lend a hand.

We have Self-assignable roles via bots so you don't have to wait for someone to give them to you.

We have achievement roles you can earn through rp or by being an active and constructive member of the server

We have a very open and welcoming community so feel free to pop in and have a look around, if you like what you see, stay. If not have a good day anyway.
A multifandom, OC-friendly, 18+ dark fantasy/light horror RP.


It all started when you died--and when your afterlife wasn't ready for you. Your Reaper left you on a beach, promised to be back, but you waited and no one came. So you started walking up the beach, to the city that made up the rest of the island--and you realized you're not alone.

Welcome to the Grey City.
Strangoria is a portal to a dimension of High Strangeness. Topics include paranormal, aliens, spirits, UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, psi-psyche, horror, mysteries, fringe, unexplained phenomena, sci-fi, and other strangeness. [ paranormal discord server ]
__Das Waisenhaus__
Im Sommer 2019 wird das Waisenhaus "Weiße Tulpe" wieder eröffnet. Nach mehrfachen Gerichtsprozessen und dem Wegsperren eines vermeindlichen Mörders ist es nun wieder für die Waisenkinder der Kleinstadt Chargow betretbar.

Aber die jahrzehntealten Wände haben noch nie geschwiegen und die Vergangenheit fordert ihre Opfer auch in der Zukunft.

"Die Vergangenheit wiederholt sich. Sie holt dich ein und bevor du dich von ihr abwenden kannst legt sie ihre kalten Hände um deinen Hals."
- Die letzten Worte des Mörders, Nathan Roy, bevor er 1986 hinter Gittern verschwand
Das Rollenspiel sowie der Server befinden sich noch im Aufbau. Unter anderem wird noch nach Teammitglieder, ein Schreibstil und alles weitere gesucht!
Den Startschuss zum Rollenspiel wird es geben, wenn alles steht!
Trigger Warnung: Sex, Vergewaltigung, Drogen, Gewalt, Missbrauch, etc. ist hier in dem RP- Setting im Rahmen des gesunden Menschenverstandes erlaubt.
Dead inside? Come in and be dead with the rest of us. Post some of you favorite horror stories, SCPs, or favorite posts from r/nosleep in our community of fellow horror lovers!. Got an especially bad story? Post it in the gore channel or our NSFL channel!. Mess around in the main chat with others, post your art or memes, and even rant. If you decide to join this hellhole, we cant wait to see you here.
The world of Gemora:
Is an alternate reality to Earth, with a much different timeline than its counterpart. Magic run free there with beings earthlings only dream about. Our little world is an adventure all its own. With kingdoms and clans all sorts of places to be and things to see. With floating palaces and dragons you'll never get bored. With so much magic around who needs computers? This world is low tech. Currency is different where ever you go so be sure to check with the locals where ever you go.

📜📜📜History of Gemora:📜📜📜
While humans of earth fight wars for resources the beings here fight for power over each other. Wars between the light and dark fae have been raging for millennia. It has torn the world into too many times. 200 years ago the Light and dark finally stopped the fighting with a treaty. However, the time has passed and old memories fade people forget how bad it was, history is doomed to repeat its self.

Juno is a small town filled with magic, nice people, and deep dark secrets. You can arrive by boat, train or just fly in... No airport why have airplanes when you could just fly a griffin? Our currency as of now is gold and platinum, for every one platinum, there is 50 gold. 2 gold would equal a cup of fancy coffee or a meal at a fast food joint on earth.

1,500 years ago Juno Town was founded by Lumia Juno a Dark Fea who wanted a place for the Dark that was safe. 200 years after she was brutally killed by humans who pillaged and killed her town folk and friends. This left a curse on the Town and surrounding areas. Juno left behind no kin, the only child she had was killed before the founding of the town. From then on out the humans and dark fae fought over Juno. Till across the nation, war broke out between light and dark fae roughly 300 years after Lumia Juno was killed. Then the Great Genocide happened in Juno all creatures of the dark and ones that didn't side with light were killed. This only made the curse worse for the town. The war its self has been over for 200 years but people and fea alike can repeat history.

🧚‍♀️ Expandable Species List
💗 Friendly Staff
💫 Lots of new things and events to have fun with
😇 Very sweet owner -not just putting that because I'm the one typing this up. It's true I'm awesome and chill...
🚪 Your own spaces
🤣 Funny interaction
😘 Erp if you like on server if you have the role.
📜 Cool lore, and new places coming soon so it won't just be the town you explore.
👥 Clans to join and make...
🦄 Some op af ocs and original ones only
There is a place with a mix of city and town, tall buildings that light up at night and small houses with warm fireplaces. That place is known as White Oak. White Oak has a reputation of differences but a homey feeling. Night stars and nice little shops. For years though, the place has had it's famous jaw-dropping stories that could make anyone shudder in fear, told and whispered around the country. Everyone had believed those were only stories. Laughing and spooking each other at campfires or sleepovers. Doing little dares in the depths of night. If only they knew those stories were not fully fake.
Your decisions will unravel the truth and decide your fate in this masked over horror show. No matter if your a resident or a tourist, fate lies in your hands. Don't let it go no matter what.

100+ Channels
NSFW is allowed here
This is a horror RP
Heavy topics will probably come up
Most importantly, Creepypasta is the theme!
God's Blood: Dead World is a chiefly organized zombie apocalyptic roleplay server focused on the year 2031, in Texas. It has been 14 years since the Black Flu stormed the world and left only two million survivors in its wake.

Roleplayers are tasked with forging friendships or enemies as they tackle both the living and the dead, often running on hunger or resortment to sleeping under the first building they see. All of the remaining governments are dystopian and reserve their share of corruption, hiding injusticies that leave many to wonder if the living are worse than the dead. Outlive the apocalypse, or become part off what makes it the apocalypse.
You wake up in a forest. You’re unsure weather your in a dream or if this is a real life event. You wander around for what feels like hours, only to find a small campfire and figures sitting around it. You are now in The Entity’s realm. The Entity is a nameless evil that lives in the space between our world and our imagination, the kind of place only revealed in dreams. To obtain its source of sustainment, The Entity reaches out into the hearts of susceptible victims and corrupts them into performing hideous acts of violence, because the only way for it to manifest itself in the real world is through an act of violence so extreme, that it results in fatalities.

Will you become a Survivor; helping other and yourself to not only survive, but find a way out? Or will you become a killer, hellbent on destroying everything in your path to appease The Entity?

-Several Trials and Maps from the game.
-NSFW is allowed.
-Horror RP.
-OCs are allowed.

We would like to note that we mostly do Paragraph/Detailed 3rd person RP. So we do recommend you use proper Grammar, Punctuation, and RP as your character would in this sort of RP.
This server brings you to a Pornbot-free paradise with some of the sexiest and darkest roleplay servers around. They are guarded with passwords accessible via typing them in the #password-access room~
QPrints is a server for horror enthusiasts, whether its movies, games, etc.
We have a thriving wholesome tightknit group and enjoy meeting new users. Come participate in our fun discussions, movie nights, and more!
This is a Friday the 13th the game discord group, we have different channels and voice channels for what platform you play on. We talk about the game and random things, we have all sorts of channels too :)
[Horror, SCP, Survival]

Secure. Contain. Protect.
A facility, shadowed by the government, has the task of containing and experimenting on unknown entities. After a containment breach occurs, it’s up to the facility staff to rescue the scientists and re-contain the entities.

!! This roleplay is part of the Cosmic series, a variety of roleplays under a single name! There’s one for everyone, including: fantasy, all-species, canine, magic, human, demon, angel, vampire, semi-literate, horror, mystery, school, slice of life and more!
Do you like horror? Video games? Comic books? Retro gaming/culture? Come discuss it with us! Or are you here for friends? Tired of servers being full of toxic douchebags or thots who take all the attention,do you want to be heard? Get in here boi.
Juggalo run server,furry and role play friendly, we don’t run a pity party,sorry~ 15+
This is a place for roleplaying, a small and chill server as long as you follow the rules. Staff is very friendly and willing to set up your character sheet and answer questions.
You must be 16+
You do not have to ERP but instead RP.
-Erotic roleplaying
-Horror roleplaying
-Survival horror
-Fun bots
-Anime streaming
💖50+ Channels to Rp in💖
💕Friendly Admins💕
❌NSFW Server❌
💋 No ERP💋
In the small town known as Aelire there has been a circus of children that seem overly talented and rumors have flown around about 'supernatural' involvement to surrounds towns and cities but its been brushed off and laughed at. Lately things seem off not as many people have been visiting the circus and the vibe ofthe performers has been getting darker and more sullen at each show. Seems there is something up in in this small rundown horror like job for these children. How you decide your future is up to you. Will you be a journalist who will try and look into the strange mysteries of these children. A performer who will know what happened behind closed doors hidden away from the public eye. An spectator who will be wowed and suspicious of Star circus. Perhaps you may even be one of the citizen who watched people go missing every couple of months. It is your choice which you will do. Let the show begin~
We're a mature and friendly community focused on the genre of horror as a whole. We have clubs dedicated to weekly streams of horror flicks, art contests, literature and more! Stop on by, pull up a corpse and stay awhile. Come get spooked with us!
This is a server by the young director Dennis Edwards, He has found cold blood studios and He is looking for new members. Don't Forget to read the rules!
The year is 2005, 5 years have passed since the third Scream movie was released it was released with such praise everyone has seen the Scream movies (excluding 4), but as life went on the horror genre lost more and more fans due to a terror masquerading as The Ghostface, it is unknown who this person is but they're spree is known by all...
Are you a fan of FNaF? If so, this is the right server for you! It is fun and has many categories!
Date: 01/ ██/20██


Located in the town of Sutralis, █▓██, we have many rooms from the starting rent price of █▓▒. Comes with free parking in provided underground space, as well as easy access to the rest of Sutralis. Each unit comes with

in a lovely forest, with a park and combined school, as well as plenty of job opportunities. It's a place with lots of history and job availability, so come
Please call ▒▒▓▓▒▒▓▒░ and ask to speak with Landlord ▒▒▒░░
Hello, friend.

Every night

The wheel of fate shAll turn

The inhabitants of this wretched plaCe

Shall show their truest face

TraNsform Into creaTures unknown

welcomE themselves

To the Nightshift.