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The Sunkered Land Awaits!

"Do I know the seas? Oh Freshling.. you have much to learn. Sit down by that fire, open your ears, and I'll drain the sunlight from your skin."

A wave of change has washed over Aegaeon, hiding the isles and shaking the seas like it has for twelve generations. The shores are awash with sailors, leaving to re-discover their neighbors and claim the bounties on the land. But deep within New Bristol, nothing has changed. The same lamp-lit city lies under the same, shadowed ceiling. Specters go amongst their business and Englishmen make their ways back to their apartments after a hard days work. It's been so long few of them have ever seen the sun- It has become little more then a legend, occasionally referenced by Surfacers. The madness of Aegaeon has become the new norm- But there are still a few things that shake the foundation of even this fragmented reality.

So, Sunlit Friend, care to join us in the Depths?
Aegaeon is a roleplaying community set in the fictional Aegaeon caverns under London- a realm between the real and the impossible. We are heavily inspired by works of Lovecraft and Failbetter games. We boast strict but fair rules, engaging lore and a desire to grow!
2 hours ago
A community focused on the genre of horror as a whole. Movies, TV, Stories, Creepypasta, Art, and more! Stop by pull up a corpse and stay awhile. Come get spooked with us!
4 hours ago
The Delusion" is a community server where you could hangout and make new friends while advertising servers, websites, or even social media profiles! The Delusion itself is furnished with exclusive fun bots, anime and most importantly the server is organized in the theme "Horror." Oooo scary! On the other hand server provides a unique feature named "Kindness Diaries" which could help all of us by giving some inspiration. Have fun... Calamis De Purpura.
14 hours ago
Welcome to The Inkwell!

Here in the inkwell, we are all lost in the Joey Drew animation studios. We are all seekers. And we worship the mighty Ink Demon. Some things this server has to offer:

Friendly People!

Staff Team! [Currently not accepting]

Cool Bots!

Count to 10000!

Butcher Gang Category!


17 hours ago
A open roleplay server for anyone who would like to join! Everyone is welcome and any genre is accepted. Hope you have fun!
3 days ago

Hello! Welcome to Creepypasta Talk & Roleplay. You can be your favorite creepypasta character or create your own! So what are you waiting for! Join the Mansion!
11 days ago
Crystalize Games is a brand new game development organization working to make
games look never before made! Our goal is to entertain gamers with our fun and
interesting mechanics we shall provide in the future. Right now we are currently working
on a horror mmo game, so join our server for more information on the game and you
should come work with us! We have a really nice community!
13 days ago
Welcome to Psychosis, a server dedicated to horror roleplays. We have modern roleplays which are heavily based on the creativity of the server's roleplayers. We also have classic/film roleplays. These include but are not limited to; The Grudge, Insidious , Ouija, etc. However, you don't always need to always roleplay. That's why we have the ooc (out of character) chat!
Some things our server has includes:
-Bots: Tatsumaki,, Yggdrasil, Rythm
-Friendly and supportive community
-Text channels for a variety of different hobbies and interests
-Ways for the community to become more involved (For example: Suggesting roleplay ideas.)

We are currently in need of members and staff. So if you want to join us, go right on ahead! We hope you have fun!
13 days ago
A Tokyo Ghoul roleplay server, we hold giveaways for abilities like Kakuja, or being able to have Arata.
14 days ago
Do you like roleplaying? Then join suRoleplay! We have many different types of roleplays and a decently active server.
18 days ago
◉◾⚊ Welcome to Conspiracy Theorists Official.

Have you ever watched Television.. seeing the whole world being questioned before your very eyes? Have you ever really listened close to your favorite songs lyrics, hearing hints of the Illuminati themselves?

⍟ Welcome to the world of Conspiracy Theories! Where we can debunk world issues and make claims that might actually be true. Example? Remember the 9/11 plane attack, (I tend to mention it a lot) and how terrorists destroyed the twin towers? Think about it. Theorists got information and the truth is is that it was bombs. Thats, a conspiracy theory.

.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- ABOUT .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

⍟ Our server's topic bases around world-wide conspiracy theories that always catch the public's eyes. To the 9/11 bombing to celebrities, to the Malaysia Flight to aliens, to the government to the Illuminati themselves, I introduce to you the world of conspiracy theories!


⍟ Bots!
⍟ Fun Conspiracy Theories to share all around!
⍟ Hiring Staff RIGHT NOW!
⍟ Self assignable roles to show who's videos you love the best! (ex: Shane, LisaBug, etc.)

Permanent Link:
18 days ago
We are a development studio that is working on an upcoming SCP game called 'SCP: Ascension'. If you want to join and see development, ask questions, or get more info, consider joining us! Official Discord partner.
26 days ago
This server, Isn't based on a story line, It's just a roleplay :D
Join to make this server bigger! and soon meet great people, I the owner, loves to roleplay, even with a single person! So Join to find out what this is about!
31 days ago
This is Memento Mori communiry, a place where we talk about all type of horror games! we also love memes, good memes... so if u like horror games, this is the server for u :D Join today
39 days ago
One Week at Flumpty's is back and better than ever!
Join us in our Development here!
Our Discord Server!
Our GameJolt Page!
Flumpty's Twitter!
46 days ago
The SCP Foundation is a group in need of high ranks and officials. We are growing from the little members we have. Join now! We are also new!
58 days ago
A server for discussion of the many topics encompassed under the paranormal, horror media like movies and scary stories, and most importantly, making friends. Join and tell us a scary story or your own spoopy paranormal experience o.o
65 days ago
Nas server je o mitovima,legendama,misterijama,TOP 10 listi,Horor pricama koje mi izmislimo.A pored ovih tema bice i dosta drugih tema.Primamo admine,moderatore i Helpere.
73 days ago
*"The city of Weeks, home to a multi-million dollar mining company and one of the best academic Universities in the country. Recently a large storm, the likes the has never seen has hit, washing away and damaging most of the roads out of the area. While the roads are being repaired the local news has strongly advised that no one try to leave the town until they've been repaired as they're deemed too unsafe for travel. Ontop of this, a mysterious fog has engulfed the outer areas of the town and there have been reports of people having gone missing who've stepped into it. Ever since the storm hit, things, places.. people... have seemed a little off. Most of the locals and the media have just chalked it up to a mild bit of hysteria as it's been a couple of weeks now and the roads haven't been repaired. It's pretty clear however that something is amiss, something sinister is going on in this little city. Unknown to the people who live here, they've been unwittingly caught in the middle of a power struggle between two entities who are fighting for control of two realms.

Will the current denizens of the city make it out of this nightmare or will they become sacrificial lambs in this game of terror?

....welcome to The Fog."*

**OOC:** Long story short, this is a new 18+ SL with elements from a previous SL we ran that's a re-imagining of the Dead by Daylight Lore. If you're a fan of the game, or just someone who likes horror and are looking for other literate roleplayers to hang out with this just might be the place for you.
74 days ago
A small corner of the internet that loves anything horror, with a channel for nsfw, rabbit, and lots of other things!
83 days ago
Containment Breech is a role-playing world very similar to the SCP Foundation. Players are free to play as many characters as they would like. They can chose to be facility staff, or test subjects, or both. It's also a community for roleplayer to meet and write their own stories!
85 days ago
An ambitious RP group revolving around the Sci-Fi Military Genre. With aspects take from Halo, Half Life, Mass Effect, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Complimenting ourselves on our poetic RP styles and friendly atmosphere. We also offer other services such as gaming hubs and a place to make friends.
87 days ago