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Community 41
A community centered around the horror genre. Stop by and discuss your favorite horror things, whether it's movies, writings, art or more!
2 hours ago
Anime and Manga 6
This server, Isn't based on a story line, It's just a roleplay :D
Join to make this server bigger! and soon meet great people, I the owner, loves to roleplay, even with a single person! So Join to find out what this is about!
2 days ago
Containment Breech is a role-playing world very similar to the SCP Foundation. Players are free to play as many characters as they would like. They can chose to be facility staff, or test subjects, or both. It's also a community for roleplayer to meet and write their own stories!
3 days ago
Anime and Manga 10
A cool place to come and hangout! There's roleplay, Music, and a nice place to chill! :3 Come down and meet new people, Atm It is very small.
4 days ago
Horror Freaks n' Geeks.~ NSFW

We welcome those who love horror, gore, creepypasta and many more.
If you're interested in anything horror based we'd love to have you! :heart:
Authors, Artists, Narrators, you name it, you're welcomed.
We are strictly BDSM/Horror based!
We include;
Fun bots
Friendly Mods
Leveling system
Self-assigned roles
NSFW areas

I hope to see you around.
10 days ago
Black Feather Industries (Or, BFI for short), is a Discord Roleplay which is heavily based on the SCP Foundation wiki and Containment Breach, but has different lore and characters.
10 days ago
RP as any horror icon you want - Or you could go another route and be a creepypasta character or create a OC.
21 days ago
A regular horror server to calm your frightening needs, and to conquer those pesky fears.... Or to encourage them. ;)
182 days ago