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Ferro Ignique(Fire and Iron) is a Semi-realistic RPG in a Gothic medium fantasy setting. we have a small but welcoming community, plenty of lore, and a world that is constantly expanding and bringing new things and places for the players to explore. we have a functioning combat system involving dice and modifiers which at first glance may look complicated, but is actually quite simple. so come on in, have a talk with a staff member and get a character built today!
Welcome to the Valley of Mines
This server is based off of the game "Gothic 1". The setting is in the colony in the Valley of Mines, before the Nameless Hero arrived, so the story is set during Chapter 1.

If you think you have what it takes to become something more than a useless digger who gets paid with disgusting bug soup, the world is open to explore.

You're also allowed to apply for an existing character from the game, as long as he's not already taken.
Enjoy your stay, convict.
Welcome to

โœŸ ๐”Š๐”ฌ๐”ฑ๐”ฅ๐”ฆ๐”  ๐”„๐”ซ๐”ค๐”ข๐”ฉ๐”ฐ โœŸ

Where goths like me and you come to reunite. We love having new gothic losers join us. If you were wondering what we provide, I'm about to tell you.

We provide -

[] Partnerships
[] Memes
[] Worldwide chats
[] Arts
[] Gaming
[] Shitposting
[] Offensive Memes
[] NSFW for 18+
[] Self Assignable Roles

And More!

We would Love it if you would Join!
Part of the GMH role-play Community The Dark Fang Family was Created by the Tempest Family to be the First Vampiric Family of the GMH Community, after being created the Dark Fang Family soon began to spread and grow in their lands and spread themselves into 4 Vampiric Factions under 4 Leaders.

(Please read and Follow the rules, be Active and Have Fun, Respect the Staff Members and lastly do not Advertise servers without permission any links posted will be treated as false Links)
Welcome to a trip to the dark desolate past, where all the streets are stalked, and no one is safe. Or are they? Rumors spread of dark cults of night, and giant beasts during the day. Will you survive the mystery of the town? Or perish while unraveling it's true extent.
**โ€” ITโ€™S 1766. THOUGH THE DATE ISNโ€™T important as the red clouds shroud the land of Wallachia.**

โ€”Dracula has fallen. So has his armies. The underworld is in chaos. No rules. No regulation. No...Royalty. No leaders. The underworld is starting to stir now, fed up of being Compressed down, being told what to do.

A new kingdom is about to form. It could make or break the world. Destroy or conquer. Too many people wanting to rule the world, too little people with the brains or the intuition to do so.

People need rules. People need a leader. Before they put their entire species at risk.
An international server for the fans of the Gothic series from Piranha Bytes. Lovers of other titles such as Risen and ELEX are more than welcome as well.
/r/goth official server.

Where we discuss things relevant to the goth subculture. Your favorite Sisters of Mercy album, the possibility of a Bauhaus reunion, who did it best Siouxsie or Robert?