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Lamia Adlucinor is a mature (not ERP), story-driven roleplay set in modern day. Focused on the ancient rivalry between vampires and werewolves, you must make friends if you wish or try to save your own life. Betrayal and loyalty are fairly apparent on both sides as the war progresses. In the midst of war, will you be loyal to your clan, will you wipe them out, or escape when you have the chance?

You have a limit of 8 characters, with a choice of currently joining four groups separated in locations all over the world. Three vampire covens and three werewolf packs, each unique with their own dangers, aims, aesthetics, culture, and views. Consider them carefully when creating your character. Independents will not be accepted.
Welcome to Blackwater, a place filled with strange happenings.

Here there are vampires and werewolves. Both factions who hate each other.

Roleplay as a Vampire, Human, or Wrerewolf and have fun!
A land full of different species who’re just trying to live their lives without causing disturbance and commotion to each other. Just figuring out how to exist in peace and harmony. Every race has a an area designated to them and one neutral area where everyone is permitted. Rayland has a spectrum of races from vampires who can be royals to humans with supernatural abilities. Every mortal there is just trying to go by without the need of a war, and thus there’s a council that supervises everyone in Rayland.

A new roleplay server with active admins and good roleplayers looking to grow! It is a medieval themed fantasy Roleplay. Hope to see you and your friends!
In a futuristic post-apocalyptic world, vampires overcame humanity. Now, vampires live in the city having humans as their servants and pets. Though, the werewolves aren't so happy with the fact that vampires are reigning their supremacy. Now, they're at war. However, as all of this is going on... people have been starting to experience the affects of heats... Alpha / Beta / Dynamics are introduced into this world, affecting all of the population regardless of species.

Welcome to Veadeonys! We are a new roleplay server with already bright cast of members! What you'll experience when joining . . .
‣ A totally and amazingly maybe a bit too overly nice owner!
‣ Multiple OC's are allowed!
‣ LGBT is allowed and welcomed!
‣ Our members are friendly and helpful!
‣ People with open minds!
‣ Lots of locations to roleplay in so you're not limited to just one area!
‣ Lots of lore and dynamics!
‣ Detailed roleplay so you feel as if you're in this world!
‣ A fleshed out world to roleplay in!
‣ ERP ( erotic roleplay ) is allowed if that's your thing!
‣ If not, the channels are flagged so you don't have to see 'em or participate!

Come and Join us! pick a faction and lead them to victory !
Will you be a fierce werewolf? An ageless vampire or a powerful witch? That is up to you. Come join us in New Orleans, and help us write the stories that nobody dares to tell....
A community for fans of vampire fiction. We discuss anything from vampire movies, TV series, games, books and music to art, fanfiction and RP.

We host a number of weekly activities including a movie night and a "question of the week", which is a vampire-related open-ended question to get some discussion started. We also have both short and long form RP channels.

Please keep in mind that we do not identify as vampires, nor do we believe they exist in real life. We simply enjoy all types of vampire fiction!

When you first join, you will have to answer a few questions in the introductions channel before the other channels open up. These are fairly simple questions such as your age, location, and what sort of vampire fiction you are into. We've done this to keep out trolls, raiders and the like so that the server remains pleasant and positive for all.
You've been sucked into a dream and just washed up on shore. Everything is bizarre and strange, a bit off. There are flowers that grow as tall as the trees and fierce storms that come in all the time. There are pirates sailing ships filled with crews of dark elves , dwarves and skeletons all at once. Peter Pans siblings are always walking in the streets. Gandalf appears in the bar with a shaved head, a red beard, and a spell book full of evil and death.

All sorts of creatures and people are here without explanation. Logic and proportion seem to not exist. Why is there a group of dwarves enslaved by vampires in dark mines built by elves? Why are the paintings in the main bar always melting, the characters crawling out of them? Why are androids trying to create bombs and spaceships?

Welcome to the dream.
Welcome to Blood Loss; A roleplay server for vampires and humans.

After WW1 (World war one), vampires sought the opportunity to take over. It wasn't easy but after some struggle they gained control of the human race.

Most humans are placed as pets, servants and in some cases unfortunately dinner. But before all hell broke loose some escaped into the forests.
There are even vampires that disagree with the royal family for enslaving the humans. Pro-human vampires have taken fortunate humans to a safe haven to live in harmony.

But all that aside, what will you do, who will you be, what side do you belong after the vampire take over?
Welcome to Vampire War

An original vampire roleplay server

We are a new roleplay server, we are just starting out but we would love to see new faces.
This is a semi-literate roleplay, so try to keep the one liners out of this. If you can't help it though, we won't mind. That much.

We have plenty of high roles still open! You can choose to be any Darkling you want! (Except the Leader, she's already reserved.)

There is still one Mod place open - I will add more Moderators when we get more members though!

This roleplay is about two races:
The Vampires and the Darklings.

The Vampires are.. whatever you imagine a vampire being but with slight changes. Bloodthirsty monster with pointy teeth and ears? Yep! Also, there are bunch of different types to choose from!

The Darklings are a WIP species, I will add them here later.
A supernatural roleplay with original lore. The server features organized roles, ooc chats for art, music and more, as well as fun bots! If you're into supernatural themes, this might be the server for you.
We have 3 different "Races" Demons. Vampires. And Humans. Demons take the forms of weapons that are used by Humans. Vampires have normal weapons but gain a Special Power that aids them in combat. Humans are trained with demons and wield them to fend off the vampires. We recently did a Reboot. so join us if you want.
~ Welcome to Lamina Town! ~

We are a friendly server open for everyone to join!
The rp is all about vampires and humans, the roleplay is set in the Vicotrian Era and we follow a group of humans who manage to travel back in time to when Vampires did exist.

~ What do we have to offer? ~

- We have multiple fun bots to play around with!
- We have a fairly unique system for ranking Vampires in their strength.
- Multiple different roleplay chats to mess around with!
- Friendly staff!
- Descriptive Areas!
- Unique Pupil Mapping!
- Unique Blood Tastes!
- A channel for hugs, just in case you need one!
- A friendly community!

~ Anything else? ~

We are a very small server at the moment, so we appreciate any joins and offers for help!
The island is split into three sections:
The Black skulls
Purple heads
The black skulls and Purple heads are two gangs who own equal parts of the island but are constantly fighting for more whereas haven is the peaceful part of the island for those who don’t wish to fight (yet)
Haven is the largest section of the island and everyone looks after each other. There is no destruction or chaos there but chaos reigns in the black skulls territory as they are the most ruthless and have a vampire sired to their leader
In a world with vampires and werewolves, magic and humans, people are trying to get by as constant bickering between guilds runs rampent. Come and join the fight, or search for peace in this fantasy land. All are welcome, so have fun!
A completely female, wlw, super gay version of twilight! Come rp with us, basically all characters are open!
Since the dawn of time all the supernaturals have been at war. The witches, vampires, werwolfs, angels, demons, and shifters, have all hated eachother. It has been about a hundred years since the last major war, what we like to call, The Cold War. This was a war between the vampires and werewolves it all started with a single string of murders, The Krypts, a string of brutal murders where at least 7 of the werewolves council leaders were killed. The reason for these muders remains unknow but is rumored to be because of the kidnapping of the vampire kings son, the boy who still remains missing. The Calder, a group of anciet demons were holding the boy captive, because of their evil nature, they wanted to create a big enough war to wipe out their most powerful enemy, the beings of light. The angels however did not participate in the Cold War, causing the demon's actions to cause a huge rift between the frail alliance that they had with the children of the night. Now, we are at the cusp of a big enlightening moment, the Warlocks, they had hidden themselves away for a long time.

Another war is coming, all the light creatures will ban together; warlocks, werewolves, angels, and shifters. All the dark creatures will ban togther; witches, vampires, and demons. The humans don't know about this war or the exsitence on the supernatural. We are all at peace for now, but the Great War is coming soon.

We are a Roleplay server based on the new Free-form TV show Good Trouble. It's also a Riverdale and The Vampire Diaries server.
There was a country called Misako, which was home to the humans. 7 powerful supernatural beings had invaded Misako and later on took over it leaving the humans as slaves or having them leave the country. The year is 100x and the war between humans and supernatural beings just might begin. (Sorry for the sucky lore I’m really bad at writing them)
The Cullens returned to the area in 2003, and Jacob Black later told human Bella Swan that the Cullens were vampires who had made a treaty with his werewolf great-grandfather, Ephraim. He thought he was only telling her a scary story, but in fact, he unknowingly broke the treaty. The Cullens' return had a huge impact on the tribe, especially those who had inherited the extra chromosome and who were in the right age range to transform. Shape-shifters hadn't existed in the Quileute tribe since Ephraim's pack. But the number of vampires in the Cullen coven caused an unusually large number of tribe members to become werewolves. The result was the largest wolf pack the tribe had seen since the days of the first shape-shifter. Three exceptions were made: in Eclipse,when Carlisle and Edward enter the Quileute lands to tend to Jacob's wounds after a battle against an army of newborn vampires: and two other in Breaking Dawn, when Jacob permits Edward to turn Bella into a vampire, and when Sam Uley permits Alice and Jasper to cross over to access the ocean. Whilst the Cullens were hunting Victoria, she was clever enough to keep swapping the sides of the treaty lands.

Now there is a new age of Cullen and of the Pack. Sides must be chosen to make a new peace. Which side are you on?
『 Welcome to After the rain! This is a game where you can talk to others, fight bosses (admins), and do little quests around the area! There are two main species: Sphix and human. These two sides have been living in harmony for as long as time can tell. Sphixes are typically stronger and faster, but they are incredibly weak to potions and gold. Humans are much more resilient and thrive off of potions and gold, though they are at high risk of becoming vampires, which makes them sphix-like. Vampires are a sub species of human (must ask admin for vampire role). Have fun out there! 』
Welcome to a trip to the dark desolate past, where all the streets are stalked, and no one is safe. Or are they? Rumors spread of dark cults of night, and giant beasts during the day. Will you survive the mystery of the town? Or perish while unraveling it's true extent.
An urban fantasy world set in San Fransisco. In a world divided between humans and creatures, who will you choose to be? From Vampire street gangs to organizations based around hunting and killing monsters, there's no shortage of choices.
Welcome to New Orleans, home of the supernatural. We are a roleplay server based on The CW show, The Originals. We allow Cannon and Original characters. See you soon.