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Twilight Saga RPG is a Discord Server with Original Characters, where you can create your Coven or Pack with friends, and a very, very simple system to Roleplay. Nothing Complicated! And all Ages allowed!
A community for fans of vampire fiction. We discuss anything from vampire movies, TV series, games, books and music to art, fanfiction and RP.

We host a number of weekly activities including a movie night and a "question of the week", which is a vampire-related open-ended question to get some discussion started. We also have both short and long form RP channels.

Please keep in mind that we do not identify as vampires, nor do we believe they exist in real life. We simply enjoy all types of vampire fiction!

When you first join, you will have to answer a few questions in the introductions channel before the other channels open up. These are fairly simple questions such as your age, location, and what sort of vampire fiction you are into. We've done this to keep out trolls, raiders and the like so that the server remains pleasant and positive for all.
This server is a hangout for fans of Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate!
- Active Leaders!
- Art and fanfic channels!
- NSFW channels!
- Events like Drawpile and Cards Against Humanity!
- Super friendly members!
You must be 18+ to join.
Draconian Academy Lore:
Back during the 18th centuries, myths of blood sucking creatures went around and haunted many. During the 19th century, Bram Stoker released the book “Dracula” in which many began to believe more and more in these blood sucking creatures. Overtime, these blood sucking creatures were known to be “Vampires.” In Western Europe, a private school called Draconian Academy (Draconian means harsh or severe) holds some of Europe’s (and the worlds) smartest and richest students, and the school gets a lot of attention. It’s true it is known for it’s smart students, but it’s infamous for it’s mysterious night time classes. Nobody really knows much about the night time class and what they do. The school stays as quiet as possible when it comes to conspiracies about the class. The school holds a lot of power in the Vampire world due to having quite a bit of pure-bloods which is practically royalty. It’s now the early 1900’s and everything is going good. The vampire community is growing and is able to roam the human world more carelessly now that they’ve adapted to the sun more. The students of the nightclass are continuing to learn the way to fit in with human society while still learning how to be a proper vampire. Will the secrets of this school be told to the world or will they be kept in the shadows?
What else is included:
*Buy roles, houses, gamble, rob others, and more!
-Friendly and helpful staff!
-Constantly growing role-play community!
-Art, meme, vent, and spam channels.

What are you waiting for!
Come join the unique new Vampire based role-play like no other!
We have 3 different "Races" Demons. Vampires. And Humans. Demons take the forms of weapons that are used by Humans. Vampires have normal weapons but gain a Special Power that aids them in combat. Humans are trained with demons and wield them to fend off the vampires. We recently did a Reboot. so join us if you want.
Cattokill is a place of magic. For many years people have heard the stories of what might linger in the forest and town of small Cattokill. What they don't know is that these legends are very much true. Vampires are ruling the shadows, Werewolves maintain the forest, Hunters try to protect the people, and Specials want to bring peace to the world. War has broken out between the wolf tribes causing them to forget a common enemy. Even years of suffering hasn't changed the fact of betrayal of the packs before the union. Meanwhile, the hunters are going to use this to their advantage seeing as the wolves are fighting each other. They will look for weakness and be able to focus more on the vampires that bleed the town dry. Yet, the vampires themselves are only just being woken after so many years. Something has triggered them into waking and it wasn't their natural enemy. Finally, the specials are young while the old have been teaching them. So of these newcomers have wandered into dark magics. They were seeking more power and have summoned more than just power from the depths of hell. Sadly, the humans just think everything is going normal in this place. Vampires making them forever and wolves refusing to look the humans in the eyes in fear of a connection. Hunters and specials can just blend in away from all of this. Now, newcomer of the server, what might your adventure in this small town bring you? Which side in this odd place will you be on?
-Wolf Shifters
-Normal Human Roles and Supernatural roles
-Romance, Drama, Actions and Taboo.
-Prompts and Events
-Literate to Semi-lit
-Looking to grow
-LGBTQ friendly :heart:

It is the year 1918 and the Great War has ended but, there's still death, caused by illness and misery.

Alongside this common sickness, another lurks in the shadows and during the night, ominous occurrences take place.
A land full of different species who’re just trying to live their lives without causing disturbance and commotion to each other. Just figuring out how to exist in peace and harmony. Every race has a an area designated to them and one neutral area where everyone is permitted. Rayland has a spectrum of races from vampires who can be royals to humans with supernatural abilities. Every mortal there is just trying to go by without the need of a war, and thus there’s a council that supervises everyone in Rayland.

A new roleplay server with active admins and good roleplayers looking to grow! It is a medieval themed fantasy Roleplay. Hope to see you and your friends!
Werewolves, mundanes, vampires all lived in harmony until a new vampire lord ascended.
Chaos and war broke out between the vampires and the allianced werewolves and humans.
The war caused many casualties and bred hatred for the other species. Now they live in a broken world where there is no more alliance, no more peace, no more friendship not even between the packs or clans themselves.

Five groups were formed:
- Black Blood Pack: Ruthless, evil, cold.
- Silver Blood Pack: Peacekeeper, calm.
- Ravnos Clan: Cold, angry, spoiling for fights.
- Tzimisce Clan: Reserved, quiet but deadly, sometimes calm.
- Shadow Hunters: Hate all species and want them eradicated.

Whose side are you on? Werewolves? Vampires? Or the Shadow Hunters?
More lore Over the next few decades mundanes slowly began to forget about the existence of werewolves and vampires. They became nothing but a myth and the war that had taken place, became a good campfire story to tell children.

Territory was divided and groups were formed, two vampire clans and two werewolf packs, the mundane got whatever land was left and lived in oblivion. Except for the few mundanes that still knew of the existence of the species by some will of way these being the Shadow Hunters.

The two surviving vampire clans were the Ravnos and Tzimisce.

> The Ravnos Clan: Deemed cold, ruthless, and deadly.

> The Tzimisce clan: More reserved and calculated but just as deadly.

The two surviving werewolf packs were the Silver Blood and the Black Blood Pack.

> Silver Blood Pack: Sometimes referred to as the watchers who strive to keep peace and and ensure status quo. However their dislike towards Black Blood Pack can sometimes cause them to become unreasonable.

> Black Blood Pack: Sometimes referred to as pure evil. Ruthless, dangerous, unpredictable, and callous. They will kill any wolf who steps on their territory without a single word.

Each wolf pack had grown to hate the other and the same went with the vampire clans.
The mundane Shadow Hunters who knew of their existence, continued on a mission to annihilate each species, their hatred the strongest of them all. Trained from birth to know how to hunt, track, and kill both species wolves and vampires).
We've got:
Quite a lot of rp channels
Friendly staff
We are looking for partners we currently have no requirements
And more
A vampire RP set in 2019 in the area of Las Vegas. You can be a Demon, Vampire or a werewolf in this supernatural RP with friendly staff and members!
Welcome to the Server.

The server is based on the anime/Manga adaptation
Seraph of the End.

In the year 2025, A virus was unleashed upon mankind decimated 90% of the human race. Vampires once believed to be legends soon started popping up gathering as many humans as possible to be turned into livestock so that they didn’t die out but also offered protection to those humans for their blood from the creatures known as the (horseman of John).
It’s been 10 years since the virus that almost killed of the humans and the vampires have gained a lot of land and closing in on the last human strong holds in Japan. The humans have found a weapon called a cursed gear that has been proven capable of killing the vampires...
Will the Humans finally take back what’s theirs or will the vampires be able to enslave them?
The main story takes place in the Evergreen Town where after the

adventuring of a group of human friends , they got caught and trapped

inside the town by the creatures that live there. Will they find a way out ? Or

will they.. even survive ?

~~~~~More Info In The Server~~~~~
Come and Join us! pick a faction and lead them to victory !
Will you be a fierce werewolf? An ageless vampire or a powerful witch? That is up to you. Come join us in New Orleans, and help us write the stories that nobody dares to tell....
Welcome to Blackwater, a place filled with strange happenings.

Here there are vampires and werewolves. Both factions who hate each other.

Roleplay as a Vampire, Human, or Wrerewolf and have fun!
(Quick Description)

A completely female, wlw, super gay version of twilight! Come rp with us, basically all characters are open!


(Quick Description)

This is mainly a RolePlay (RP) server.

The RP starts at the beginning of the first book, when Bella moves to town. It's going to be mostly free to do anything (within reason and following the rules, of course), except all CC's (Canon Characters) are Female and Gay.

Gay is the equivalent of straight in this world, basically the world of this video.

Everyone can make OC's (Original Characters) of any gender or be a CC. Renesmae will exist, but might not be biological or a hybrid. It's really up to the server as a community to find out what path we will take.

Are you ready to create history and mould the world around you?

We will be using the Twilight LORE, but I will fill in any gaps I find accordingly. That means Humans, Vampires, Children of the Moon, Spirit Warriors, Shape-shifters and Hybrids are available species to be RPed.
This new RP server is about Vampires, Humans, and The Cross. Which one is evil? Well in truth all of them. But in there own ways. Please join Vampire RP for an enjoyable RP experience with lots of nice staff.
Welcome to Celestials! Here in this role playbserver you can customize you character to however you please and even have. Apet of your choice! Amazing we offer a variety of custom roles that you can request and this magic journey through the land of The ancients allows you to rp however you please wr understand everyone has their own style of rp and are haply to work with what people do. So! Will you join us in rhis magical world of magic and monsters!
Pragmatic Sanguivory is a discord community group focused around supporting Sanguivores (Real Vampires) by providing useful information and community group discussions. Note that this group’s focus is for those that feel the need to drink blood to maintain wellness. This community is not for the discussion of psychic phenomenon, spiritualism, or otherkin, or supernaturals.
Ruled by a sweet beautiful queen, but a king is needed or in 5 days the kingdom will be in grave danger.
Species: Vampires, elves, nymphs, ect;
The island is split into three sections:
The Black skulls
Purple heads
The black skulls and Purple heads are two gangs who own equal parts of the island but are constantly fighting for more whereas haven is the peaceful part of the island for those who don’t wish to fight (yet)
Haven is the largest section of the island and everyone looks after each other. There is no destruction or chaos there but chaos reigns in the black skulls territory as they are the most ruthless and have a vampire sired to their leader
A world in darkness run by the undead. Vampires roam the night. The council of 13 rule over the unified vampires.
There was a country called Misako, which was home to the humans. 7 powerful supernatural beings had invaded Misako and later on took over it leaving the humans as slaves or having them leave the country. The year is 100x and the war between humans and supernatural beings just might begin. (Sorry for the sucky lore I’m really bad at writing them)
Since the dawn of time all the supernaturals have been at war. The witches, vampires, werwolfs, angels, demons, and shifters, have all hated eachother. It has been about a hundred years since the last major war, what we like to call, The Cold War. This was a war between the vampires and werewolves it all started with a single string of murders, The Krypts, a string of brutal murders where at least 7 of the werewolves council leaders were killed. The reason for these muders remains unknow but is rumored to be because of the kidnapping of the vampire kings son, the boy who still remains missing. The Calder, a group of anciet demons were holding the boy captive, because of their evil nature, they wanted to create a big enough war to wipe out their most powerful enemy, the beings of light. The angels however did not participate in the Cold War, causing the demon's actions to cause a huge rift between the frail alliance that they had with the children of the night. Now, we are at the cusp of a big enlightening moment, the Warlocks, they had hidden themselves away for a long time.

Another war is coming, all the light creatures will ban together; warlocks, werewolves, angels, and shifters. All the dark creatures will ban togther; witches, vampires, and demons. The humans don't know about this war or the exsitence on the supernatural. We are all at peace for now, but the Great War is coming soon.