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Welcome to the Chronicle of Drase! We're a brand new medieval-early renaissance, gunpowderless high fantasy server focusing on semi-literate to literate roleplay (Paragraph to multi-paragraphs). We provides an expansive, expanding fantasy world for everyone to roleplay in. You can adventure, quest, or simply sit down at the local tavern and have a drink with your fellow friends.

It takes place in the World of Drase, on the great continent called Ramul Ta. On its northeastern corner, the High Elven Silnarian Empire, once master of most of the known world, had lost most of their territory and former domination to the three-centuries old Macen (Human) Salvain Empire. Yet, the elves are finally resurging in power, while the Salvainian had grown complacent. Peace rules for now in the northeast, yet the many countries in this area are waiting for the opportunity to assume their rightful place in the sun. The republican dark elves of South Silnaria wait for their opportunity to spread their revolutionary ideal, while the tribal beastfolks of Itchsunia seems ever eager to crush the presumptuous civilized folks of the west...

📚Detailed nations, world and race 📚
❤Active, caring, professional staff ❤
😃Friendly, slur free, non-toxic environment😃
🔞ERP-free environment 🔞
🎲Turn-based, detailed (T1) combat 🎲
🧙Detailed, singular, balanced, spells. Simple and fair stat and mana system🧙
🧙Multiple guilds to join, learn and socialize in!🧙
⬆ Character progressions, updates, enchantment, quests and more! ⬆
🐍 7 races, 19 subraces 🐍
✏ Ever expanding settings ✏
🎊Active NA & ASIA/OCE Community🎊

So what are you waiting for? Come join us and experience an all new, immersive fantasy world!
Gamma Vortex is the 2nd installment in the Vortex series of roleplay servers. While our last server, Alpha Vortex, was based off of Manga & Anime, Gamma Vortex is based off of Video Games.

Set in 2005 in the United Kingdom, this universe is set in a time where the world’s population is split in half between normal people, and superpowered humans dubbed Calamities. These Calamities were either born with, or gained mysterious powers known as Kores. These ‘Kores’ are in short, are the soul of a particular character with people absorb, gaining their powers, abilities and maybe even begin to act like those characters.

The Vortex series has a Semi-Literate writing standard, so we do not accept one liners in terms of writing, despite this we don’t expect paragraphs for each post (Although that’s encouraged). We just ask you maintain a healthy middle ground.

Our staff is always here to help, if you have any lore questions, technical server-side questions, or if you need writing advice, we’re always happy to help you out. We strive for a friendly community, that you can also mess around with.

If any of that interested you, please stop by, even if it’s just to check the server out.
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✯ 。˚ ✫
┊ ┊ ┊ ✫
┊ ┊ ✪ ° 。 ° ✩
┊ ⊹ ° ° °
✯ ⋆ ┊ ˚. ˚ .• ° ˚
⋆ ° ✩
╰ Oceanside University for Demons ╮

❀⁺ | Oceanside is a roleplay server based in an alternative reality. Humans and Demons live on Earth together as one... not so peacefully. Demon schools were set up in order to train and enhance Demons, and the magically ability that they possess. Our server has unlockable races/abilities based on your skill as a writer, so you'll always have a quality roleplay!

˚₊·͟͟͞ ✰|What do we have to offer?

◦° Over 100 self assignable roles!

◦°Unique lore and world building!

◦°University/Academy based roleplay!

◦°Lots of roleplay channels to choose from!

◦°No character limit!

◦°Staff applications always open!

◦ Friendly community!

Join now and enroll in the world's largest Demon University! We're waiting~
Revenant is a modern sci-fi fantasy roleplay that takes place in Anima's capital city: Eden. This universe is a super-powered society, in which individuals known as Gear Holders have developed previously unheard of genetic abilities. Some use these powers to protect the city, by joining the peacekeeping and governing force of ATLAS. Others choose to become part of the infamous Mafia family known as the Red Syndicate, and control the underbelly of the city with terror and corrupt force. However, a new power lurks in the shadows of Eden City, and threatens to disrupt the fragile balance of the paradise city. It's up to you to choose your pathway, and determine the future of Anima.
────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────
A SFW community/roleplay discord server based on the shin megami persona game/anime series.

• Chat
• Memes
• Wholesome
• Games
• Fanart
• Emotes

Looking for literate roleplayers only!
────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────
Please have a high understanding about the series & discord when entering and make sure to read the rules and I hope you enjoy.
────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────
Welcome to Calamity
We're a Multigenre Roleplay Server, heavily focused on plot and CRP.
Feel free to come over, have fun, or suggest any changes!
We have:
> Intense and Logical Roleplay
> General Chatting
> Sharing
> In-Depth Creation System
The reality was created by three beings: The Universal Creators, who represent the three base auras of existence: Armageddon, Divine, and Anti-Matter. A war broke out, and the very existence of all life in this reality was on the line, between the races of Calamity, and the Ninx. The war has ended with the Multiverse in tatters, and new threats lurk around every corner. Where do you lie in this conflict?
★·.·´¯`·.·★ 𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓐𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓻! ★·.·´¯`·.·★
The Disunion of Astor takes place in the medieval kingdom of Astor. The world as we know it is inhabited by Mages, Elves, Dragons, Wyverns and more. Our story takes place in a time of war, death and sadness. It wasn't always this way mind you, the Kingdom of Astor for hundreds of years was guarded by the Wyvernsteel family. The family was solely there to protect the kingdom from danger. Yet the family started to grow attention from others and the family started to bring the strongest of people into their 'family'. They had trials to test whoever thinks they are good enough for the 'family'. Most of the mages and people who tried out have died, and the strongest survived. These trials have been going on for years, and while the idea of being in the family seemed nice, not everyone agreed. A girl by the name of Emilia Grant led a retaliation to the trials, and took people with her as they left the guild. The guild Emilia made with the people who followed her is now called The Discarded Legion. To see the full lore, join now!
Our server includes;

❋ Lovely staff who are willing to help you
❋A lore that has depth
❋Many roleplay channels to live out your character's life
❋A detailed roleplay server (Semi lit to Literate)
❋A NSFW channel and VC, for those sinful beans
❋And more!
Owners: Maddie & MinkMachine
There’s a rumour going around the city: if you find yourself saying the right things to the right people, you’ll be given a phone number that can make all of your dreams come true.
Do you need money? Are you trying to get rid of someone? Need to fake your death and disappear for a while? The Game Master is who you wish to come across.
But like all professionals, there’s a price to pay for his services. No favour is too big for the Game Master to handle, but he will accept only one form of payment - a new player for The Game.
Once a player enters The Game, the only way to walk free again is to win. However, you choose to do that is up to you. Lie, bribe, steal, even kill… but remember, you’re not the only one who’s trying to win their freedom. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
it's hidden in the world. Only certain people get chosen for it. Greymore University is the source of all magic in the world. Or at least that's what they say.
In Greymore University, there are more than 600 students on the campus. Many LGBTQ+ people are supported by other students and staff. In the brochure it is also said that there is many fast food restaurants cafe's and places to hang out

Now to what truly makes Greymore special;
You are selected to take a test at Greymore. The test is separate from the rest of the campus. And you are packed in a room with many people. Fortunately you pass the test. You meet with a few people, only without your knowing, they test you for magic. Giving you a questionnaire. If you have a magical bloodline, you pass. You get your classes, the last class seemed odd. But if you don't pass, you still enter the University with a smiling face, and a "normal" school schedule.

We feature
- A roleplay check and writing standard
- Tons of magical races and abilities
-Fun tightknit community
-LGBTQ+ Acceptance
-A place for both magical and non magical characters
Active | Semi-literate/Literate
If you don't want to roleplay, and you prefer to spectate or just hang out, there's roles and multiple channels for you!
And before you ask, no, we don't do partnerships.
Five cats made their way to StarClan after their deaths. All five of them were from the past Clans of the forest. ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and finally, SkyClan. One deputy, four warriors. After a while, hardly anyone remembered them. Spoke of them, heard of them. Due to this, they faded from StarClan. But not before they met up with a certain she-cat... Bluestar, a past ThunderClan leader. She told them that since they have been ridden from memory, they will fade soon. But they were given one more chance- one more chance to start over and become legends.
They were reborn into 5 moon old rogues, living as a group until they reached proper 'warrior' age. Once they hit that mark, they split up. Eventually, they had all made their own Clans, claiming specific parts of the forest closest to their camp as their territory.

Vixen became Vixenstar and created VixenClan.
Shrike became Shrikestar and created ShrikeClan.
Bark became Barkstar and created BarkClan.
Otter became Otterstar and created OtterClan.
And last, but not least, Weasel became Weaselstar and created WeaselClan.

At the start, they took in rogues, loners, and kittypets to build up all of the Clans. Every one of them taught all of their new Clanmates the way of a Clan. Herbs, the Warrior Code.. they taught it all. Sometimes, StarClan would send a message to the leaders, to choose a specific cat to become the first Medicine Cat. Maybe a rogue, maybe a loner, maybe even a kittypet. It was StarClan's decision. Just like how everything that should or may happen- it is all StarClan's decision.
Now all they have to do is see what awaits them in the future.
An Advanced/Literate Roleplaying Community! We value paragraph and multi-paragraph responses with action, adventure, romance, and intrigue. This server is a unique world and story with heavy emphasis on character involvement and plot. We have active administration, rewards for consistent membership, as well as a friendly group of folks to chat with!

Tenebris Realm is a civilization thrown into chaos. With the disappearance of the Sun Goddess, Darkness has overtaken the world. Horrifying, otherworldly creatures and monsters roam the Dark. Uncover the mysteries of the land and fight against the Branded that plague the misty nights! Explore the vast Frontier and Rift Lands, or make a name of your self within the last safe territory of Verdisol.

● This server is 18+ only! Tenebris Realm is managed for and by adults.
● A roleplay sample is required to keep up quality and manage the community.
● We have a massive world lore and separate website. Find your niche and create your character!
● Plot events, small and large with a seasonal storyline!

Come join us!
We are a (very) new literate server dedicated to Star Vs The Forces of Evil. Meaning we do not accept one-liners-- we expect at least five complete phrases per reply.

We offer:
- Kind admins and staff
- Literate roleplays and ranks (Sing. Para., Mult. Para., and Novelist)
- OCs and canon characters (the majority of canon characters are available at the moment. First come, first served!)
- Bots, memes and more (I'm lazy and therefore, will not list everything).

...If y'all didn't read this, imma blow a fuse m8 xD
Welcome to the just made SVTFOE: A New Story!
A server where you can be your favorite SVTFOE character and make your own OC! This takes place after Mina Loveberrys attack on Mewni (there will still be magic in this server) .
- A Growing Community 👀
- Many Literate Rpers 😄
-Moderators more than willing to help 😁
- Many Choices of RP channels 🤩
- Canon Character Auditions! 😱
Join us and have fun! 🙂
(RELEASED) Hello there, it is IMPORTANT to read this.
This server is officially out of development and ready to use. I (The Owner) would like to invite you into a growing and accepting community of roleplayers. If you're interested in becoming moderation in the server we still have a few slots open for mature members who deem themselves worthy of the position. We have a few requirements, however, you must be of age (15+) and be literate, the bare minimum for line expectancy in roleplays is about 5+ lines(We prefer more)- if you accept these pre-requisites you're more than welcome to stay!

This server does not (And will not have canon characters) in addition it will run off its own timeline in the Tokyo Ghoul universe and will have no stat systems with the roleplaying aspect being paragraph based, thank you for your interest and we hope to see you in the server soon!

The Roleplay Kingdom is a roleplaying server that aims to bring out the best in everyone's writing. This high fantasy world is full of adventure and allows for near limitless character creation and story telling options.
We offer:
-In-depth and content filled writing with every scene
-A sandbox style of writing allowing for vast creative options
-Very rich and expansive lore and world history
-Weekly social events like karaoke, movie night, etc.
-A dedicated and active admin team
-Opportunities to grow your writing skills and place in the community
-So much more!
Calling all aspiring Heroes! Register now to join Upperton High and train under one of the best academies in the world to become Heroes!

Welcome to the United Kingdom Of Great Britain! Since the blossoming of Quirks around the world, the UK has become an important location for many new rising Heroes and Villains. Upperton High finds itself a proud academy that grooms terrific Heroes and is considered one of the best schools in the world!

((This RP is set roughly seven to eight years after Izuku enters UA.))
We are:
- A new, chill place to hang and RP
- Chilled staff
- Safe for LGBTQIA+ and all others
- Dedicated in world-building the My Hero Academia universe
- Literate, semi-literate, and detailed roleplays
- Helping out with OC’s!
- Canon and OC’s!
- So many memes
- All of London to explore and RP in!
- Heroes, students, Villains, teachers, and plenty of other roles!
It was your 16th birthday, and you thought it was going to be perfect. Your perfect sweet 16 with all your friends and family, or whatever you'd like to do on your 16th birthday. Thinking this day was going to go perfect. But did it?
You were struck, with a mysterious lightning bolt, one of of the four colors, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Each different color corresponding to it's own power.
Now what are these powers?
Red- Telekinesis + Vampire like qualities
Blue- Element Control
Yellow- Time Manipulation
Green- Animal Whisperer

You recieved these powers the moment you turned 16, but you were nearly instantly taken and dragged off to some.. facility. A facility to where you can never return home. Or can you?

What will you do with these new powers? Will you learn to use them and use them for the greater good, or will you use them to attempt to escape?
That is for YOU to decide.

Start your story, join us.

NOTE- mature 18+ material throughout server in their proper channels.
Grand Central is a discord partnership hub for Paragraph (literate), Multi Paragraph (novella), and Combat (T1/TBL) server links. The link list aims to amass a series of vetted, high quality Roleplaying servers into an interconnected web, allowing players better access to RP across discord.
Come join the battle to free the Bakugan in New Vestroia! Canon characters and ocs are allowed.

What side will you choose? Vestal, the Resistance, or fight for your own goals? Bakugan brawl!
It's the first holy war. Demons plague the lands and the struggle to survive is great. With the intent of staying alive some groups were formed, but aside from that most of the collective races keep to themselves. Humans live with other humans, beastmen with beastmen, and giants stayed by themselves in the new colony of Megadoza; god help anyone that may attempt to go near it with ill intent. The giant race are feared by some members of the demon race for their sheer power and battle mastery as they were built for combat. The war decimated both sides and eventually the Goddess race had enough, they believed stopping the demon clan trumped all other priorities, even if it meant turning their backs on the other races. As the war continued, fights would grow more and more gruesome and brutal. The Goddess race unleashed their divine fury upon Britannia in a ruthless attempt to exterminate the demon clan, causing disasters. To them the ends justified the means. Major cities are bustling with people trying to escape the wrath of the Goddesses, and other heroes and mercenaries have flocked to cities in hopes of fighting against, or for, the plague of demons.

Many groups were formed between the 5 races. only few survived during these bloody times. The war is still going on and things are just as grim as when the war started. The fairy kings forest, or what remains of it has become a battleground. a lot of the forest is ablaze and the entire fairy race valiantly fight to keep the rest of the forest along with the sacred tree alive. There's rumors that a band of rogues has been formed and They're calling themselves the seven deadly sins. Only time will tell if their strength will be enough to stand up to the Goddess race and Demon clan at the same time.
【Welcome, new buddies

Welcome to 【JoJo’s Eccentric Escapade】a server for anyone and everyone!

We are a growing, literate-leaning roleplay server based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and (loosely) its game Eyes of Heaven.
What sets us apart from other RP servers is that we allow all canon characters to play alongside OCs.

The timeline is Vento Aureo (2001) and is currently set in Italy. After a surge of Stand users, Passione’s Boss is dead-set on eliminating any threat to his position and identity. But he is by no means the only threat: DIO, who is ever-focused on attaining Heaven, is hunting the Holy Corpse...

We offer lots of things to set us apart from other RP servers!
• Canon characters from Phantom Blood to JoJolion, as well as AU implements!
• A character- and plot-driven lore centered around Eyes of Heaven!
• Lots of freedom in OC creation and Stands!
• We accept LGBT+!
• A friendly, relaxed, growing userbase and approachable Mods/Admins!
...and much, much more!

Please understand that we are committed to making sure that everyone’s experience is as enjoyable as possible!
-This is a literate roleplay!-

Mars Academy. A boarding school in 1985 Racconigi, Italy. The school is home to some of the most competitive, psychotic students in the world. Watch your back or it'll get stabbed. Meanwhile, climb your way to the top of the food chain.

Mars Academy has, unlike other schools:
・Entertaining class schedules
・Mixed gender dorms (building, not rooms)
・5 Years of classes based on social hierarchy
・Non-University sororities and fraternities
・Events on top of exams i.e Masquerade Balls
Literate - Warrior Cats Role-play

Based from the Erin Hunter series.

-Earn currency by being active and purchase cool things like personal dens, predator attack events, Accessories and more!

-Experience two new clans! With larger and more unique territories! Clan life not for you? Become a kitty-pet or loner within the Valley!

-Brand new herb guide and hunting / fighting technique list!

-Creative writing and art hubs available!

-18+ NSFW rooms available!

Valley of Stars is a brand new server with over 20 unique channels to RP in. Aesthetics available! There currently aren’t many members, so please join! Important roles are open for audition! Please read over the rules and territory/clan criteria before making a character. A character template is already available! Be reminded this is a mature RP. There are no heavy restrictions on language or violence content. 4+ sentence replies!

This literate RP surrounds the rivalry of two clans; DawnClan and DuskClan. Who were once a single clan until recently. The RP takes place within the Red Canyon and the desert that surrounds it.
Welcome to Warrior Cats: The Tale Continues!

MATURE: 18+ | Literate | Four Unique Clans!

~4-6 line minimum (mobile)
~Open slots for high ranks
~Open slots for admins/moderators
~Multiple channels for territory roleplay
~Dice rolls for catching prey and creature encounters
~Genetics generated litters
~Gatherings every Saturday: 6pm-midnight CST
~Medicine Cat Meeting every Wednesday: 6pm-midnight CST
~Weekly activity checks

This server is based off of the Warriors series, written by Erin Hunter. Included are four unique clans; Adderclan, Badgerclan, Eagleclan and Foxclan. Warrior Cats is an entirely new server, so rp will be slow or stagnant until more people join in. Feel free to pop in and take a look!