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This Star Wars RP server takes place in an alternate universe of the Clone Wars. All canon characters do not exist in this time line and are replaced with member made characters.

It's the year 22 BBY, The Clone Wars have begun. The spark of this war was due to the assassination of Jedi Grandmaster Vict Targon. This assassination was conducted by the Confederacy of Independent Systems (The Separatists). The Jedi Order has assembled an army of clone troopers that were born and raised on the planet of Kamino. These soldiers are cloned from the bounty hunter Jango Fett. The Separatist have assembled an army of droids to defend themselves from The Galactic Republic.

From here our story begins, this is your sandbox to form an alternate universe of The Clone Wars, change things that you didn't like about canon and most of all, have fun with all the other Star Wars fans in the server.

Join in the ever raging war between Jedi and Sith as a Jedi Master, maybe Sith initiate, potentially a third party who has their own motives. It is up to you.

We have a high-quality staff who have a load of knowledge about the Star Wars universe and are willing to help. Hope to see you there.
Join the 1 year old active community.
Create your own character and climb the ranks of the empire, the rebellion or be a fearless criminal. The choice is yours.
You there, Star Wars RP fan! Could you stop scrolling for minute so I can ask you question?

Are you sick of Jedi and Sith? Are you tired of being expected to save/conquer the galaxy all the time when all you really want to do is fly your ship, have a good time, and maybe make some credits while you are at it? Do you prefer Han Solo and Boba Fett over Obi-Wan and Darth Maul?

If you said yes, then this just might be the server for you.

Welcome to Star Wars - The Lunatic Fringe! This is a roleplaying server created to provide a creative space for those rare few of us that are not interested in playing Jedi or Sith or other commonly played characters that Star Wars RP leans toward. This server is for Scoundrels and Smugglers; Pirates and Space Cowboys. We don’t need fancy space wizard magic, just our wits, a blaster, and a fast ship!

Our setting is in the Empire era right about 10 years before the Battle of Yavin. You’ll find no overly complicated RP systems here either. We create the story and the environment with our writing, and develop our characters through our own creativity. We hold ourselves to Official canon, and Legends canon when the new stuff leaves a gap. Overall we are a new server looking to build a fun, friendly group that might occupy a little forgotten corner of the Star Wars fandom.

If this sounds like the kind of Star Wars RP that you are interested in, then pop on in and pull up a stool! (Your droids will have to wait outside, we don’t want them here. ;-)
New started Clone Wars RP.
We will need admins.
Cool nerdy place to express your love for Star Wars! We have prequel memes, the high ground, and we've brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to our new server! We don't discriminate here against any ideas.
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This is a gaming community that is souly on gmod, we currently have two servers that is owned by us that are on two different fields of roleplay! You can go onto either our DarkRP server or our Imperial SWRP (Star Wars Role Play) server.

𝑫𝒂𝒓𝒌 𝑹𝑷:
This is a server that is more on the fun and goofy side, allowing you to base, fight, buy, and sell all in a more real world side view. With multiple different jobs and ways to play, you will always be able to find a new way of experiencing the server. There is also a few addons that could either be worth your time, or someone else's with the gamboling system. The more friends the funnier the server can be! So come on down and lets make a some fun together!

𝑰𝒎𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒍 𝑺𝑾𝑹𝑷:
This server is for those whom like to Role Play even further, especially in the more military aspects of Star Wars. This server is set in the Imperial era with a couple of tweeks to make it more unique to our tastes. We have a multitude of different battalions that you could join that all have different purposes and different skills that can be passed down onto you. There are also EVENTS that are created either by users (sent to the gamemasters) or by the Gamemasters themselves to give you always a chance of fun! Along with Commanders always throwing out some sims to give you a chance of money and combat experience to bring out onto the battlefield.

Currently on both servers we are looking for staff if you are interested with that, but more importantly we are looking for Gamemasters in the Imperial. If you feel like applying there are positions open!

Hope to see you Earthbound Explorers in the server! Have a wonderful day!
A rp set on a super star destroyer
Set in an alternate reality...its 19 years after Episode III. Vader is secretly training his own Jedi Order, Luke was trained his whole life by Obi-wan, and more! This is a Star Wars RP where the wheels of fate are turning, and change is everywhere!

From the creator of Yume no Okami comes, Star Wars: Vader's Betrayal!
Welcome to the Galatic Empire roleplay! we are a nice & fun community that needs growing & we hope to see you there!
This RP will be days after the events of season 5. Parts of the Temple still shocked be Bairs's betrayal and Ashoka leaving the order. But the never stopped the fact that there is a war to win. New Padwans are Facing the horrors of war that they never truly, while more clones are being produced by the battalion a day. Anakin Skywalker And Obi Wan Knobei are sent back to the war front, Chancellor Palpatine is training more Sith to join his side. And the Civil War rages on Mandalore and it calls for all Mandalorians to arms.
we are a friendly star wars rp community. we are going to be as active as we can be. you can be a canon character or not. if you join check the backstory channel and if you have any questions ask one of the admins or founders.