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An Anime/chill server opened for all anime lovers
Channels include:
and many more!
Join for a fun time!
We are a server based on Black Clover! You can discuss BC anime and manga but you can also just chat and talk about other anime we also have gaming channels and many more feel free to stop by and check out the Clover Kingdom!
Quality? Check!
Community? Check!
Useful Admins? Check!
Roleplay? Well, obviously yes.
Partnerships? Yes.

This is one of the only if not the ONLY roleplay server (at time of creation) on Black Clover which is active. It'll be run by a dedicated team of staff, so no worries on that side!

There is a great deal of emphasis on making the experience more enjoyable, so please do get a quick peek here!
Welcome to a black clover roleplay server, where magic arises in every soul and body, maybe you'll be a lucky one, or a devilish one, but only time will tell my good friend
Come be part of a detailed and dedicated server, with plenty of canon characters available from the world of Black Clover. We would love to experience your OC as well. We have loose rules but literate roleplayers here to make your time fun and exciting! Please consider dropping by and trying us out. We are still very new so hop in now for your favorite character or a moderator position. We can't wait to see who will become the next WIZARD KING!
__**Black Clover: Fallen Destiny**__

*Black Clover Fallen Destiny is a brand new role play with equal systems to learn and a well driven story that places you in a magically and unique world. This role play is based off the anime. But your creativity is more than allowed to let loose! So come and enjoy a wonderful rp experience.*
Join our brand new black clover discord it is based off of the extremely popular black clover anime series. Join us in an action packed and completely unique story full of adventures and twist. This story Is extremely player driven. Work your hardest in this world and make your character known throughout the story. Maybe start your own criminal organization become captain of your own squad or maybe if you work hard enough become the wizard king!!
Welcome to Black Clover: Symphony of the Soul! This a new rp server based around the anime and manga, Black Clover! We offer a ton of things for those who consider joining us. You can make your own Grimoire, magic, and spells! But if you don’t want to make your own custom magic, you can any magic from the canon series! Though, some Magic abilities are either banned or limited to some members. But there’s still a variety of magic for you to choose from! But most importantly, you can join any of the magic knight squads from the series! We offer a great amount of areas for you to rp in! This includes canon towns, and event high mana regions! Our story here is centered around the members. They help shape how things go on in the story by doing certain actions within the rp. So we hope you consider joining Black Clover: Symphony of the Soul!
This is a black clover rp server, we're very small rn but hope to grow bigger, come and join us and hopefully you'll have some fun.
A fun Place to Chill out and RP. Great community with awesome admins and owners. Place for creativity and perseverance. Come on down To just talk and Lurk if you really want to.
Black Clover RP | Crumbing Clovers
:four_leaf_clover: ***In this server, Although its new we work hard to make sure it satisfies every RP'er that RP'ers here. But if it doesn't and there's complains you'd like to add or suggestions even questions, we have a different channel for each topic!***

:four_leaf_clover: **This Server is an RP Server based off the awesome series Black Clover! here we offer all sorts of different things and strive to make this server better and better, and we have awesome features! Things we have:**


``1:`` **Awesome Staff! (Also hiring.) :video_camera: **

``2:`` **Cool Server Design! :art:**

``3:`` **Explosive Events! :boom: **

``4:`` **The Ability to make custom magic's/grimoires or have a canon one! :book:**

``5:`` **Roleplayers from all varieties! (Although most people here so far are Semi-Literate) :smile:**


:four_leaf_clover: ***And more! So if you'd like to join this server or have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to Join, Ask, or Suggest!***

||Meh name gae no homo though||

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3000 Members Black Clover and Promised Neverland Server
MyHeroAcademia, Radiant and ThePromisedNeverland Channels
In a world where people are born with magical powers, Four Kingdoms are caught in eternal turmoil fighting to see who will rule the realm. Where magical knights are a reality and how high you can get in life is determined by how strong you are. Can you become the strongest magic knight and lead your kingdom to greatness? Black Clover: The Present's Past features role-playing, canon and custom grimoires, lots of events, active staff, good community and much more. This RP is an alternate universe where Licht is asleep in a person body and will awake when the eye of midnight revive all dead elves. It's up to you to stop it or help make it happen.
This is a new Black Clover RP server, with a growing community, on this server people can create their own OC (original characters) and strive to accomplish any goal they may have, having fun on the way, interacting with other Anime fans
Bienvenue sur Clover !

Clover est un serveur francophone communautaire dans le thème du manga et anime "Black Clover".
Même si vous n'êtes pas familiarisé avec cet univers, vous êtes tout de même évidemment le bienvenu.
Looking for a clan in pixel gun 3d? Join Black Clover! Our goal is to make a great pg3d community! We also have a CvC team! Join today!
After many trials which the Black Bulls had to go through, the young Asta had finally became the wizard king with his beloved wife Noelle of House Silva. Everything had been perfect, he ruled with fairness and kindness, he gave hope to the people of the lesser birth that they too can become someone as great as he without being of Noble birth.Even with happiness being an constant thing, something had been brewing within the shadows. Asta was quite an naive king and had been too trusting of the nobles, they had used that too their advantage. A night during an royal feast, Asta had been poisoned and died, the demon which had resided within Asta's grimoire had been unable to save him from this tragic fate and he had died there... Noelle had been deeply saddened but had been turned queen, though she had never been able to rule due to her immense sadness which had allowed the Nobles to take power. In order to take Noelle out of the picture for good, they had attempt to assassinate her though the young lord named Yuno had came to her rescue, Noelle had believed it was time for revenge in the name of Asta and she had the right team to assemble.Noelle and Yuno had traversed the continent in search for many old friends, these old friends had been the members of Black Bull and others which they had met throughout their times during the Black Bull and had told them the situation. Everyone had felt lost and angered by the events which had happened and soon with Noelle leading them, marched to the Royal Capital. Unfortunately, not everything had went as they had wanted it too as they were ambushed and attacked by an fleet of powerful Noble mages, mages which had magic which was unlike they've seen before. The battle had been initiated as they had fought with every last thing they had...Even how strong of a fight they had put on, the nobles had overpowered them with pure numbers and strength. The Black Bulls and friends had been defeated and with that in mind, they had not spared the lives of Yuno and Noelle, killing them after capturing them all and for for the rest, well.. Many had suffered the same fate that Yuno and Noelle had suffered though some had been used for their magical properties like slaves. The nobles had finally surmounted themselves as the true leaders of the Clover Kingdom and with that, they had enforced their will upon the people and had created an dark age for all...

"The world will know true despair!"
In a world full of magic and where magic means everything, there are many people who want to join the order of the Magic Knights and climb the ranks to become the Wizard King, the title bestowed to the mage with the most merit in the Clover Kingdom. The Kingdom is separated into three different realms or regions: The forsaken realm, common realm, and noble realm where peasants, commoners, and nobles all live, respectively. Although peasants can become Magic Knights, they are often looked down upon by nobles and even commoners. One boy, a peasant with no magic power, dreams of becoming the Wizard King and shattering the class system all together. The current Wizard King, Julius Novachrono, leads the order of the Magic Knights in efforts to protect the Clover Kingdom against the neighboring countries of the Diamond, Spade, and Heart Kingdoms.

Once a child reaches the age of 15, they are able to receive a grimoire from a grimoire tower. Grimoires allow people to cast more complex and powerful spells. Having received their grimoire, people are now able to take part in the Magic Knight exams and become a Magic Knight. This is where your journey starts! Rise through the ranks and become the best you can be!
~Welcome to Black clover: Devilʼs Roll!
This server is based on black clover manga and anime.

Disclaimer: It's a __Must__ That you have to have at least seen or gotten information about the manga or anime. You don't need to know like 100% about the series but please only join if you've gotten at least a decent amount of knowledge for the series. (But I can give you a bit of information from the text below)

-Black Clover Plot-

The series focuses on Asta, a young orphan who was raised from birth after being abandoned at a church orphanage on the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom along with his fellow orphan, Yuno. While everyone is born with the ability to utilize Mana in the form of Magical Power exception as he compensates through physical training. Conversely, Yuno was born as a prodigy with immense magical power and the talent to control wind magic. Motivated by a desire to become the next Wizard King, an authority figure second to the king of Clover Kingdom, the two youths developed a friendly rivalry, acquired grimoires with Yuno obtaining a four-leaf grimoire held by the kingdom's first Wizard King. Asta, despite his lack of magic, obtained the mysterious five-leaf grimoire, which contains the rare and mysterious Anti-Magic. But after he and Yuno each joined a Magic Knight squad as the first step to fulfill their ambitions, Asta finds himself facing a terrorist organization that is gathering magic stones to conduct a ritual to destroy the Clover Kingdom for its actions against the original inhabitants at the time of the first Wizard King.

~Roleplay Lore~
No one was expecting it, at the last second the Demon realm finally rolled it's dice, attacking against the clover Kingdom with full force, all hope seemed lost when a mighty mage stood up to the demons rampage, with the magic of his, him weilder of the mighty fourth leaf, he was able to slay the Demon ice creatures together with his squad of mages. From there on out they were gone out to be known as the 'Five Mages of Hollows'. The fourth leaf weilder got to be known as the "First Wizard King" to be known to mankind. Now in this era, there exists in the clover Kingdom Three squads, the Midnight Ravens sitting at the top
The purging Comet at the second place
And the Inked Sloths sitting at last with minus stars. You now have the chance to become one of these mighty Magic Knights and with due time you're dice will roll with might or discrase.

(P.S This is an AU (Alternate Universe)
Those who are interested in Black Clover, and wish to be a part of it's world, come right up! In a completely original server - Complete with an original Magic Emperor, and an entire new set of squads - YOU can be your very own Magic Knight!

The Void Lions, a Squad in which shows exactly no prejudice to others, and will take in someone from any walk of life!

The Lavender Dusk, a mysteriously morbid Squad, which has many unexplained disappearances within their ranks! However, they are touted as the best at clearing dungeons!

And finally, The Copper Shields, a very average Squad, kept together by their strong Honor, and even stronger sense of loyalty to their Captain and the Kings!

These three Magic Knight Squads are the ones in which you can be a part of! Be a Magic Knight, Captain, or even something more... sinister..

Join today!
enter the world of black clover and discover your very own magic type and even join one of the guilds made famous by the anime/manga