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This is a server that is a part of the Grimoires Unleashed community and is one of the official guilds. This squad is based around a ROBLOX community and is fun!
3000 Members Black Clover and Promised Neverland Server
MyHeroAcademia, Radiant and ThePromisedNeverland Channels
In a world full of magic and where magic means everything, there are many people who want to join the order of the Magic Knights and climb the ranks to become the Wizard King, the title bestowed to the mage with the most merit in the Clover Kingdom. The Kingdom is separated into three different realms or regions: The forsaken realm, common realm, and noble realm where peasants, commoners, and nobles all live, respectively. Although peasants can become Magic Knights, they are often looked down upon by nobles and even commoners. One boy, a peasant with no magic power, dreams of becoming the Wizard King and shattering the class system all together. The current Wizard King, Julius Novachrono, leads the order of the Magic Knights in efforts to protect the Clover Kingdom against the neighboring countries of the Diamond, Spade, and Heart Kingdoms.

Once a child reaches the age of 15, they are able to receive a grimoire from a grimoire tower. Grimoires allow people to cast more complex and powerful spells. Having received their grimoire, people are now able to take part in the Magic Knight exams and become a Magic Knight. This is where your journey starts! Rise through the ranks and become the best you can be!
__**Black Clover: Fallen Destiny**__

*Black Clover Fallen Destiny is a brand new role play with equal systems to learn and a well driven story that places you in a magically and unique world. This role play is based off the anime. But your creativity is more than allowed to let loose! So come and enjoy a wonderful rp experience.*
Hoi, I'm Wrath one of the owners, i work on this for my friend who is the main owner, anyway, i hope people join this...
!!! Currently looking for some staff members !!!

Black Clover: Thread of Fate is a roleplay server based off of the anime and manga Black Clover. Become a Magic Knight by joining a squad, and climb the ranks to reach the ultimate title of Magic Emperor! We offer you a variety of things, including:

The ability to roleplay as either an OC or canon character!
The freedom to create unique magic and spells! ᴡɪᴛʜɪɴ ʀᴇᴀsᴏɴ ᴏғ ᴄᴏᴜʀsᴇ…
Simple and easy systems!
Kind and helpful staff members!
A friendly and accepting environment for you to partake in!

If any of this interests you, make sure to come on by and take a peek! Can't hurt to take a look, right?
There once was a great monster. It ravaged the lands and killed many, many people. Until a brave wizard showed up. The brave wizard slew the beast single-handed, he then became the first wizard king. His grimoire became known as the legendary grimoire. This grimoire is passed down from generations to find the one who will serve him as his master. Will you be the next master? Maybe even the next Wizard King? Looking for Staff, Captains and Role Players! Join if you dare!
Long ago before the government system was established, humanity was on it's edge. A powerful being seemed to soar from the heavens, killing the demon once and for all and founding the clover Kingdom.

:white_flower: Chill members & Staff who are friendly!
➫ We wish for and do have a Chill set of members, friendly and well behaved human beings. We expect you to treat them as they treat you, with respect.

:white_flower: Custom Emotes!
➫ He have a small set of emotes you can use when you're within our server, use them as substitutes as other emojis for the memez! Have fun!

:white_flower: Music Bots!
➫ Multiple music bots for you to have blast with, listen to your jam and bob your head. Several music channels to choose from, so we can try to make sure everyone gets to make listen to what they wanna listen to! Remember not to clog up the playlist!

:white_flower: Cool Events!
➫ We host small to large events in Chaos age, in an attempt to keep our members active and give them something to work with while the plot develops. We hope that you're satisfied with the events we provide for you, we'll try to make them work for everyone as possible!

:white_flower: Staff are wanted!
➫ Growing quickly and Staff are needed, there are a variety of staff roles that you could apply for. We hope you do apply, we hope that you respect the chosen staff members and follow there policies.
This Black Clover Roleplay might be a little small at the moment. But you can trust that you will have a blast here! Make new friends here as well!
A Black Clover RP Server where you get to either create your own character or RP as one of the canon characters!
Home of the Black Clover fan game, now in development. Join now to keep in touch with development!
Ceci est un rp sur le manga: Black Clover
Dans ce monde tout le monde possède de la magie. Chacun a un grimoire qui lui permet de mieux utiliser la magie. Découvrez en plus en nous rejoignant.
serveur rp sur black clover un monde de magie version manga asser cool je vous invite a regarder l'animé ou lire les scan/manga et rejoidre le serv