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A time of upheaval, a time of change, a Time of War. Star Wars: Time of War is focused around the Clone Wars period, focusing right after the Battle of Geonosis. We offer a open roleplay server that's 16+, with an awesome combat system and experienced, veteran RPers. See you soon friends, and may the Force be with you!
Join the 1 year old active Star Wars RP Discord community.

- Create your own character and climb the ranks of the Empire, the Rebellion or be a fearless criminal. The choice is yours.

- Fleet limits, so people won't make overpowered fleets

- Very realistic and immersive with friendly and active community

- You can receive money from income, works, bounties etc. grinding is not necessary

The roleplay takes place in 10BBY, with timeline resets. The server mixed canon and legends to take the best what Star Wars has to offer. The server offers a lot of features, custom ships system, buildings, pets etc.

There is a lot of features, join to find out. The server gets updated all the time and more features are implemented every week

The Clone Wars: Galaxy in Chaos {TCW:GiC} is a freeform RP server, taking place in the time period of the Clone Wars (22 BBY to 19 BBY, for those who don’t know). If you wish, you can control anything from a single droid, clone, or bounty hunter, smuggler, etc., all the way to entire armies, crime syndicates, and gargantuan armadas.

Anything can happen. One move can change the course of the war. Be anything you wish: a Clone Commander in charge of a legion, a CIS admiral, in control of a massive fleet, a bounty hunter flying around the galaxy in search of fame and fortune, or even a Senator, vying for the office of Supreme Chancellor.

We do weekly giveaways, which will include ships, troops, credits, and even special character roles, which give you the option to RP as a specific character from the TCW TV series, as well as characters from Legends.

Fight all across the galaxy, from the deserts of Tatooine, to the gargantuan planetary city of Coruscant. You will have the power to change the entire war as we know it.

Question is, what will you do to change it? We have a welcoming community, and friendly staff. We also discuss lore, will have a few trivia days, as well as other fun things to test your SW lore knowledge. We hope to see you there, and May the Force be With You, Always.
Welcome to Star Wars: Destiny's Edge, the year is 25 ABY, in this universe, Anakin Skywalker was never born, and Fives successfully relayed to the Jedi of Palpatine's treachery, thus preventing Order 66. With no Anakin to slay the Separatist leaders, the Clone Wars stretched on longer than they should have.
By this time, the dormant Sith Empire, of which had been building its ranks ever Since, in this era, a group of them overpowered Darth Bane, and used their connections, slowly reconstructing their once great empire.

By 12 BBY, the CIS finally crumbles over the might of the Grand Army of the Republic. However, as the Republic still recovered from its wounds, the Sith Empire emerged, brutally bringing the Republic to its knees in an onslaught of horrific attacks. The attacks claimed many lives, including Mace Windu, and Grand Master Yoda, who died valiantly defending their Republic.

Jedi Master Soren Kal'mada stepped up, a long-time Jedi High Councilor, being selected as Jedi Grandmaster. With him, the Jedi and Republic pushed on a counterattack, driving away Sith forces long enough for them to recover. By 25 ABY, the war reignites. The Jedi redraw their sabers, and the clones pick up their helmets to once again engage in war.

In Destiny's Edge, your choices are your own. With faction choices among being a clone valiantly serving the Republic, or a Sith trooper serving the Sith Empire, a Jedi Knight defending the Republic, or a Sith Lord trying to conquer it. Or, forsake either, go neutral and be a bounty hunter or a mercenary, here, it's truly your choice. It's the edge of your destiny.

Come and stay a while. We're a new server, and we're just starting out, so bear with us as we try to gain new members, ciao!
Star Wars: Empire's Dawn [Alternate Sequel Timeline]
It's been 34 years since the battle of Endor, the empire was never destroyed or fractured. The battle of Jakku never happened, they lived on and fought the rebels for years. They were forced to recruit aliens later in the war, to keep their numbers steady. They were losing planets, and support after the second death star's destruction. But they continued to fight, they gained and lost ground till this very year. 34 ABY, the empire has been pushed back to Hoth and Jakku..They've lost too much ground and the rebels now are pushing to surround them. But little do the rebels know, the empire isn't finished yet. Times may be dark for the empire but their comeback is coming, and they will seek to rise again. Can the rebel forces hope to stop the rise of the empire? Or will fall, die trying? You choose your side in this new story, this new episode 7. Will you be on the dark side, or the light? Will you bring peace and security with the empire. Or will you fight for a justice the rebels proclaim they fight for..For the return of the Republic? This is Star Wars: Empire's Dawn
Welcome to Star Wars: Galactic RolePlay, any and all are welcome. Be a Jedi, Sith, Clone or droid. You decide your side and your story.

Eine geteilte Galaxis, durch einen schnellen Gegenschlag nach der Schlacht von Geonosis hat die Droiden Armee von Count Dooku die Kontrolle über die wichtigsten Hyperraumrouten an sich gerissen. Wodurch die Republik von Großteil ihrer Klon Armee getrennt wurde. Mit den wenigen noch verfügbaren Klonen können die Jedi Generäle keine Stellungen im Outer Rim erobern da sich mehr und mehr Planeten Dookus Separatisten anschließen. Während die Jedi beschäftigt sind Krieg zu führen bleibt niemand mehr um den Frieden zu wahren. Chaos und Verbrechen breiten sich aus und Unschuldige werden in einer gesetzlosen Galaxis zu Opfern.

Welchen Weg wirst du gehen?!

The year is 3500 BBY. It has been a few hundred years since the Great Sith Wars and the Mandalorian Wars. Even the Eternal Empire is now seen as a legend. Those battles have been forgotten...or so that was thought. The Sith are seeking revenge. For what seemed like a period of peace and stability, the Sith have been stockpiling weapons and building their armies under the noses of the wider galaxy.

And, they have friends too. An alliance has been made with the Mandalorians and the New Sith Empire. And the Old Republic is about to get plunged into war.
Galactic peace is about to be destroyed. Only time will tell who will win...

We are currently recruiting active staff members.
while the Imperial reminents were in the unknown regions, when they became the FO they tested a secret weapon to bend time and bring back the Emperor. What really happened was a tear in the timeline. Republic age Palpatine learned of this and tried to exploit it to work with Empire Age Palpatine. The Jedi caught on to Sidious' true identity and killed him. The Galaxy now fights on as CIS have become unleashed, the republic is stuck in turmoil, the Imperials are pouring into the Galaxy and the rebels are following them. Some reports have indicated the NR and Resistance have small territory in wild space while the First Order marches on in the Unknown Regions.

Which Faction Will you fight for. Ever thought what it would be like to Have Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker Battle it out? Have Luke and Leia finally meet Their Mother?

All this can be Done Here
A Star Wars Story.

The Republic is in Chaos after Anakin Skywalker with the Help of Mace Windu Killed The Chancellor Of The Republic, Sheev Palpatine, An Undercover Sith Lord. New Orders have arised As The Chaos in The Republic ensue, The Sith Order and Grey Jedi Order. General Grievous Is Alive and Is Slowly Taking systems Back As the Jedi Struggle To Keep the Republic From Collapsing Politically.

Which Side will you Join as The Eternal Conflict Continues Between The Dark Side and the Light.
A fun Star Wars server, we talk about star wars and hang out with normal talking too. fun vc's and battles, join to make some friends and hang out! 😁
This is a star wars Roleplay that progresses on the Clone Wars storyline. However, when it reaches the end, it will become a custom storyline. In this alternative storyline, the Republic will win the war, Mace Windu and Kit Fisto will succeed in killing Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Yoda will sense the plot and all clones will have their inhibitor chips removed, and the Confederacy of Independent Systems will be defeated. Canon and OC characters are allowed. Create a character and become part of the greatest era in all of Star Wars!

***Star Wars: Systems Of Anarchy***

*SOA is an authentic Star Wars Roleplaying Discord, where you can have fun with Star Wars ships, develop a character through in game experiences, and interact with other role-players!*

Here are some of our many features!:
-Customised Economy Bot!
-Tailor-made Roleplaying experiences.
-Faction Wars and Fleet Battles
-A hard working moderator team
-Open Partnerships!
These are just some of the features awaiting you in *Star Wars: Systems of Anarchy!*

Permanant Server Invite Link:
On the backwater Rim world of LOTHAL, a group of malcontents has risen up against the tyrannical EMPIRE, preparing for a desperate stand against the government. However, is it too soon to take such extreme action? Only time will tell….
The roleplay centers on Lothal, an Outer Rim world whose primary industry is mining now that the rivers and ocean are polluted. We’ll eventually move beyond Lothal, but for right now, it’s our center.
The roleplay starts a few hours after the events of “Call to Action” (S1E13 in Star Wars Rebels). Ezra Bridger’s message has been delivered, and now the inhabitants of Lothal are left to decide how to act on it. With all communications and transmissions jammed, and any ship attempting to leave shot down immediately, the Lothali have no way of knowing how his message is being received by the rest of the galaxy--if it’s being received. Even the Imperials have a limited knowledge of its outcome, only that they are to prevent any further attempts at uprising and to use all other resources to search for the now-grounded Ghost crew, at all costs.
@everyone it's not long before episode 7, the first order has risen ready for destruction with their massive Starkiller base.
In the deep end of the galaxy a faction awakens, full of imperial ships and a massive moon, which can move from place to place. The faction is lead by a dark jedi called Darth Ceasious
Luke has given up jedi training, but he joined the resistance, along with freind, know as Master MOP, or MOP, two jedi masters.

Know this, this server is not complete, I need some help with the planets, now people that help wont get admin or moderator but they will receive and Honered role.
This is the official server of S.W:A a roleplay community based on the star wars game Star Wars Jedi Knights Jedi Academy, More precisely the Knights Of The Force mod found on the Moddb website, in this server we do have dedicated RP which is what makes us last!
"Looking for a star wars roleplay, well, come one come all to Star wars: Centries, here, we are starting with the clone wars, but as the roleplay progresses, we will be going through EVERY...or sorry ALMOST every era. Come join us!"
Years after the events of starwars time is beginning to repeat itself the jedi order has reformed with the assistance of the kaminoens and re built the clone army with the order. the republic has formed once again and the sith rise to meet it. the rule of two is broken and they youse stolen clone tech to attack the republic in hopes of ridding the jedi for good. who will win the clash of light and dark. or will time repeat itself once again leaving both sides in shambles for the next to pick up.
An organized and active Star Wars: Roleplay server looking for new roleplayers to engage on a daily basis.

The time is set during the glory age of the galactic empire, where there is large amounts of unrest in the galaxy; bounty hunters and criminals roam free. Will you fight for the rebellion? The empire? Or will you make your own path as a criminal. You choose your story and the possibilities are endless.
We are a Star Wars Roleplay server set during the Clone Wars era of the Old Republic.