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𝐵𝑒𝒻𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝒜𝓋𝒶𝓁𝑜𝓃:
A Warrior Cats Roleplay.
❝ We're losing our homes,
the prey is scarce,
and our territory is shortening. ❞

❝ The Tree-Eater is getting closer
and closer!
We have to leave! ❞

❝ This time... I'm afraid ZionClan
is no longer on our side. ❞

❝ We're leaving.
I promise you all we will find new happiness.
Just not here. ❞

+ Literate Roleplayers.
+ Active Roleplayers.
+ Nice, Active Staff.
+ Some Canons allowed, ask beforehand.
+ Based off the first series!
+ Many Roleplay Areas.
+ Rolling Dice Fighting System.
81 members and counting!
181+ total human members, 6 bots
A semi-lit to literate paragraph style roleplay!

° *Welcome to Warrior Cats Haven*!! The newest home for warrior cats fans.
° Here we have sections of cataloged information of Clan life and customs as well as lists of name and character help!
° We have a large partnership section for other servers as well as fan fiction!
° We have a section for detailed discussions about each series, art, ships, and more!
° We have a section for fanfiction writers to exchange tips and post their works!
° Looking for 50 new members so we can add SkyClan or the Tribe!
° The Forest Clans take place in the period of time between the dawn of the clans and the first series, and as such use all original characters!
° We have a whole region of roleplay! The main four (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan) are for now the only ones available within the server! If your oc dies, they will be send to StarClan or perhaps the Dark Forest, where they might be able to mentor living cats to continue their evil deeds..
Choose your story wisely!
Warrior Cats AU adventure role play set in a post-apocalyptic city! Amazing, active admins and 15+ community—small, but growing. Loosely d&d based. Come have fun with us!
Light hides with fire past the stones of sharp
Darkness grows in the meadows and sand
Light and flame return but the void remains
Cats must flee to lands unknown to escape the stars' endless reign


What could this mean for the clans? Where will they need to go? The questions remain.
----- Welcome to Flairs of the Hidden, A Warrior Cats based RP that's set in a fantasy world of magic!
Imburse yourself in semi-lit to literate roleplay, explore in a wondrous land, make new friends, discover secrets, and go on adventures!
Join 4 diverse clans! Thicketclan, Stormclan, Heatherclan, or Shinningclan. With other options including rogues, and loners. Become a great warrior, a wise shaman, or even a powerful leader! Embrace the unique religion, The Celestials and Starless, or live against the clans beliefs. With so many chats you can make new friends, and really live in the magical world FOTH is in!

Some features include:
- Fun bots to play with including a shop you can use to buy perks for your character!
- A very lgbtq+ friendly community
- Magical powers!
- Helpful Admins
-Open for partnerships
-Have your opinion heard, vote on server ideas, give suggestions and join events!

This RP server is new, and a work in progress, but we look forward to growing and becoming even greater with you! So, if you're interested, come and check us out!
WCC is a server for Roleplaying, or hanging out with your fellow WC fans! We've been around since 2017 and would love to meet new users! WCC has both roleplay elements, and community elements. We are strong on both sides! We pride ourselves on the focus of character development, and would prefer users who have a strong grasp on that, as well as good writing abilities. Come join if you like Warrior Cats!
Welcome to FogClan!

Through the silence of the trees you walk, stepping delicately through the fog curling around your legs. It envelopes you, muffling the soft sounds of the woods you’re in. You can just barely make out what’s before you as you walk on. You pass the entrance to the camp, hearing the normal hustle and bustle of the camp. You continue forwards through the tree, walking in silence once more. Your whiskers twitch as you hear a mouse, and your tail flicks. Still, you continue forwards. You enter a clearing, the centre of the forest. A single cherry blossom tree sits, lonesome amongst the fog. You continue forwards, South, towards the river. Breaking from the cover of the trees, you spot the vast plains out of the corner of your eyes. Before you lies the river, the only thing separating your Clan territory from the Reapers. The Reapers, a dreaded group of cats, ruthless and violent. The worst enemy of your Clan, a seemingly endless struggle.
Will you serve your Clan until your final breath? Or will you give in to the pressure of wills, and join the enemy? You cannot live with a paw in both worlds.
FogClan is a very chill, close-knit group for Warrior Cats Roleplays!
- New to Roleplaying? Just starting out? Come on in and check us out, we’re open for everyone!
- Thrilling plots, with exciting battle scenes to enact!
- Fun bots!
- Plenty of funny memes and members!
- An entire Forest, Plains, and Beyond for you to explore in RP!
We’re always open to new suggestions!
◈ ᴛᴏsᴋᴀ ◈
Join us in Тоска. Тоска means ache of soul, longing with nothing to long for. We are a literate to advanced warrior cats roleplay that opened in October 2019. We are currently at 12 full members. (3 robots, too, if you're into that.) 18+ only.

◈ sᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ◈
Harsh and unforgiving, the Russian tundra is an unkind mistress. The bleak landscape is punctuated by raging winter storms and freezing temperatures during the cold moons, and mud, slush, and marshy puddles during the warm. In the spots where land meets black water, the Arctic ocean stretches as far as the eyes can see. Yet beauty hides in the unlikeliest of places⁠—here, it is in the breath-taking majesty of the aurora borealis, the odd wonder of a midnight sun, and the other moments of grandeur that somewhat soften Lady Russia’s ice-hardened edges.

◈ ɢʟᴀᴄɪᴇʀᴄʟᴀɴ ◈
GlacierClan is as firm and unshakeable as the ice they are named for. They are rooted in age-old traditions and close ties, revering their ancestors in the stars and closely mirroring their ideals. They live in the hopes of passing on their legacy, nurturing and raising the younger generations to follow in the steady, unwavering pawsteps of their elders.

◈ ʙʟɪᴢᴢᴀʀᴅᴄʟᴀɴ ◈
BlizzardClan is fierce and ever-changing. They scorn the set-in-stone ways of their counterpart, searching for contentment instead in a progressive lifestyle and modern traditions. Their emotions ride high, swinging easily towards rashness and anger, but this passion lends strength to their limbs and an ability to battle through hardship with tooth and claw.

◈ ᴀᴄᴛɪᴠɪᴛɪᴇs ◈
Our optional activities include "Of the Month" awards, bimonthly dice rolls for random events, game nights and movie nights.
Welcome to SnowClan young kit, here you can, roleplay, hang out with members and more! I hope you enjoy living in my Clan!
The Tales of SageClan || Warriors RP

Hello and welcome to The Tales of SageClan! This is a newer rp, looking for new members to help expand our plot and roleplay. Right now there are currently two groups to rp as.

SageClan- SageClan are curious and brave cats living in the forest, striving to make each day better than the last. SageClan cats definately have it easy, there's prey readily available this time of year, and predators like coyotes and bears, have thankfully left them alone this long. But I can't shake the feeling that this won't be the case very long...

Tribe of Shifting Tides- The Tribe is a group of cats living along the coast of a beach. Life here isn't easy, and these cats have to work hard to survive. They hunt in the ocean, and reside in a large and complex beach cove. There are many obstacles in this Tribe, but they continuously persevere and overcome.

[High ranking postitons available!]
Hi! Welcome to our server! We're an adequate sized server and we'd appreciate it if you'd join! We have friendly staff and we enjoy having new people! I look forward to seeing you! ♡

Our server is themed around cats and other animals, but not any other ordinary cats.

There are 5 clans, BurrowClan, CaveClan, TorrentClan, FeatherClan, and ForestClan. Each clan is different in its own special way.

BurrowClan, a clan that is spread out underground, in burrows and tunnels. Born with unusually long ears, incredible speed, and stumpy tails.

CaveClan, a clan that dwells in the darkness of caves and ravines, with glowing markings and eyes. Gifted with night vision, great stealth, and the power to use echolocation.

TorrentClan, a clan that lives within the raging rapids, with fishtails and gills to help them along the way.

FeatherClan, a clan that soars above the clouds. Bestowed with flight, through feathered wings.

And, ForestClan, a clan that thrives in the rainforest. Sadly, they do not have a gift, but they do excel in combat and have certain tools to assist them.

Do you want to learn more? Jump right on in!
Welcome to Rootclan, Young one. Rootclan is a clan that lives in the forest, hunts and fights using camouflage skills, and has a friendly community? Join this server to roleplay with us! You can be a warrior, medicine cat, or even leader! You will be greeted personally on the highrock by your leader once you make your introduction. Join our server to be part of our clan, a friendly group of cats.
Welcome to Warriors: Among the Elements. In our discord, we are a very kind community, though at the moment we are very small.
Every person is allowed, and several high ranked positions are currently available.

In this server you will find four clans: Lakeclan, Raggedclan, Forestclan, and Cloudclan

Each clan has their own problems, personalities, and ways of the warrior code. It's up to you on which clan you join!
"Warrior Cats – The Shattered Stars” is a fan-made role-play server, based on the book series Warriors written by Erin Hunter. If you want to make friends with fellow Warriors lovers, this is the place for you!

While role-playing is the main focus of this server, we also allow non-role-players, who just want to relax, meet friends, and chat about the books, or other things! We have two main roles in this server, including 63 other roles, minus a few dedicated to staff, bots, and myself. The two main roles are Roleplayer, and Silverpelt (No RP). So when you join, you only have one decision to make, and that is if you'd like to be part of the role-playing or not!

There are rules, though they are pretty flexible, and considering I have been a victim of abusive staff in the past in other Warriors related servers, you will never find that here. As far as clans go, the territories are already created for you, and each of them is described in detail in the #cats-and-territories category! Feel free to check them out once you have been settled in!

I hope to see you around!

Update 7/12/2019: The Shattered Stars is officially 1 year old! Thank you to everyone who has stopped by, and I hope to meet so many more amazing people!
Warriors~Twisted Shadows
When the clans came to the valley, they were promised food, water, shelter, and space. But, not all things are true. Yes, Hollyclan, Marshclan, and Gorseclan live plentiful lives with shelter and full bellies when they lay to rest but for Stormclan? No, they decided to separate themselves and make sure no cat crossed onto their territory. But they were wrong.
Will Stormclan finally let go of its pride and give in? How would the other three clans react if they showed up, begging for food, warmth, space, and shelter? More importantly, how would they find room for this dark and mysterious clan??
If you want to find out what comes next for these clans, become a loyal warrior, a dutiful apprentice, or a wise medicine cat to find out next!

LGBTQ+ friendly
No partnerships
Shattered Skies

This is a literate server based off the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter! Here’s what we have to offer!

•Helpful and Welcoming Community
•We are starting off with one clan but more are going to come!
•There are many planned out plots as well as chances to make your own plot!
•Plenty of high ranks including Leader, Deputy, and Medicine Cat!
•Also in need of staff!
•We also rotate through our high ranks so everyone gets a chance to participate.
__Here is the Shattered Skies’ lore:__


The cats of Scorchclan have learned that it’s every cat for themselves in the dry forest. However as more time passes by, they will soon discover that an evil force lurks in their darkened skies. A force that soon may destroy their clan.

—The sky grows darker as time goes on, less and less cats are believing in their ancestors. During the night the cats of Scorchclan hear crackling and hissing. However there is no sign of activity nearby.
What caused the noise the cats hear every night... Will they find out and protect their clan? Or will the darkness consume all they know?

More to be added soon...
If the lore intrigued you feel free to join (: We’d be happy to have you in our small community and help expand the plot!
❁ 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒰𝓃𝒷𝑜𝓊𝓃𝒹𝑒𝒹 𝒮𝑒𝒸𝓇𝑒𝓉𝓈 ❁

. 𝒫𝓁𝑜𝓉: .

The Tribe here, despite its harmonization, has many untold secrets. Very few allow the truth to spread like a wild fire, instead it is controlled and contained with strict lips and iron will. These secrets only known by the seekers of the clan, thinking that allowing the truth to spread was nothing but disaster. Therefore, they made a pact to never allow such information to leave their mouths. The information that there is more life beyond their island.

However when a wave has drained the water from on side of the island leaves a land bridge, and these new cats invading their once peaceful island. The tribe slowly begins to question and doubt the leadership of their Seekers. Why were they never told of these other cats? The other islands? The tribe members start asking questions that the seekers refuse to answer.

What will happen to their once tranquil island? How will the seekers regain the trust of their tribes? Will they be able to let go of the pact in order to regain peace? Role play to find out!
. 𝒢𝑒𝓃𝑒𝓇𝒶𝓁 𝐼𝓃𝒻𝑜𝓇𝓂𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃: .

✿ 3 Tribe Server
-Tribe of Calming Sands
-Tribe of Thundering Falls
-Tribe of Hidden Fields

✿ [Semi-Literate Server | +3 Lines]
✿ [Active!]
✿ [High Roles Available!]
✿ [Owner: @Ms. Catitude#6711 ]
✿ Welcome to The Unbounded Secrets! We are a growing server in hopes to expand and grow together as a group! We have patient and operative staff who are here to help you along the way as well as supportive members of the server! We just ask you to follow the rules here and we will all get along here. I can't wait to see you in out server!
❁ 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝒾𝓁𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝒪𝒶𝓉𝒽 ❁

. 𝒢𝑒𝓃𝑒𝓇𝒶𝓁 𝐼𝓃𝒻𝑜𝓇𝓂𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃: .

✿ [Semi-Literate Server | +3 Lines]
✿ [Active!]
✿ [High Roles Available!]
✿ Welcome to The Silent Oath! We are a growing server in hopes to expand and grow together as a group! We have patient and operative staff who are here to help you along the way as well as supportive members of the server! We just ask you to follow the rules here and we will all get along here. I can't wait to see you in out server!

. 𝒫𝓁𝑜𝓉: .

With the plague now cured thanks to the aid given by Riftclan, things now seem to grow with ease. The clans growing content as the harsh winter begins to fade and life begins to bloom again within the tranquil lands. Yet something looms within the darkness...

A thundering boom would have awaken those whom once slumbered, both the innocent and the cruel, the earth trembling beneath their paws as a cloud of ash and dust spews from the skies above, coating all that it touched. The once dormant small volcano had finally erupted, starting the dawn of a new yet dark era. Where a force arises from the depths of the darkness, the outcasts, the rogues, those who hold vendettas against the clans. They have came out of their hiding and a force to be reckoned with. Under the leadership of a notorious feline they are out for blood... Wanting nothing more than to cast their revenge, they are the ash that will befall upon the clans. They are, Ashclan.

What will become of the clans with this new threat that now treads on the lands of the once peaceful place they have created? How will they deal with this new threat? Will there be war? RP to find out.
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ Ataraxia ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
*⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅ noun (greek)*⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚The state of blissful and serene calmness**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚
✧༺♥༻∞The server is a role-playing server and we have 5 clans!! SierraClan, IsletClan, CragClan, AbyssClan and SummitClan! We are very welcoming in the server and try to include everyone in the server!!

✧༺♥༻∞Clan information✧༺♥༻∞
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Sierraclan ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
*+:。.。 squirrels,voles,mice,thrushes are common on sierraclan.there are other types of birds in their territory too
*+:。.。: most sierraclan cats are shorthaired and fluffy,big paws and sharp teeth and claws
*+:。.。 they are very friendly,generous and welcoming to any newcomers, but they can be aggressive at all times,they are extremely good at hunting and hiding since their pelts can camouflage, (considering that they always have leaves,twigs sticking on their pelts)
*+:。.。 the territory has alot of trees,small lakes and just- mostly trees.
*+:。.。 their predators are foxes,coyotes,cougars and hawks.

‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙abyssclan ‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙
‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙ snakes,crows and frogs
‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙most abyssclan cats have dark fur, they are big,and have long sharp claws
‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙ they are wild,aggressive and mostly cold towards the rest of the clans. they can camouflage aswell because of their dark pelts,
‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙they lived inside a huge cave
‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙ their predators are bears,badgers and huge snakes

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ IsletClan ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
。*゚+.*.。 fishes,water voles,shrews and seagulls
。*゚+.*.。 most isletclan cats have glossy,smooth,coat clan cats believed that isletclan cats are very fat but they are just very fluffy
。*゚+.*.。 sometimes they can be selfish, but overprotective and caring towards their clanmates, they challenge newcomers with difficult tasks
。*゚+.*.。 they are great swimmers, and they could just swim to any other islets whenever they wanted
。*゚+.*.。 their predators and only sharks

**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ CragClan **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚
☆.。.:* rabbits,mice,shrews,falcons, and eagles
☆.。.:* most cragclan cats are shorthaired, but actually it doesnt really matter so no matter how fluffy the cat is its alright, they just have long strong legs
☆.。.:* they are also welcoming to any newcomers, as long as it isnt from summitclan, they are very generous and rather too afraid to fight but would actually fight if they are in danger.
☆.。.:* they are extremely great at climbing on rocky mountains, they could jump higher just like skyclan, ***and they hated mountain goats***
☆.。.:*their predators are, bears,cougars,tigers,eagles and hawks and sometimes wolves

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ SummitClan 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
*•̩̩͙⊱•••• snowy owls,weasels,rabbits,and squirrels
*•̩̩͙⊱•••• all summitclan cats must have very **very** thick,fluffy fur
*•̩̩͙⊱••••similar to isletclan they challenged newcomers with difficult tasks, they are bitter and full of pride but shows their soft side towards their clanmates. summitclan and cragclan always fight over mountains, and ofcourse those two would never get along if there were even two cats having a forbidden relationships they would obviously exiled them from clan
*•̩̩͙⊱•••• they are great at climbing on mountains too, they can stand the cold because of their very thick fluffy fur, their camp is very well hidden because of the snow and its appearance.
*•̩̩͙⊱•••• their predators are arctic foxes,snow leopards, and wolves

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*::What we have!!::✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*- Art channel
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*- Open partnerships
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*- Giveaways
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*- Medicine cat & deputy spots open!

Hey there! Welcome to Night Watchers!

You miss the original four clans from the first serie of the book?
Well this group might be just for you! Come join us in many adventures by choosing the original four clans on your first week! And later on having the opportunity to have a second cat!

Meet the leaders ready to greet you into their clans! :
- Wildstar from Windclan
- Redstar from Shadowclan
- Badgerstar from Riverclan
- Dewstar from Thunderclan

'' A few moons ago,
All four clans went through one of the worst leaf-bare that the forest had witnessed, taking the lives of many cats, including leaders from an horrible sickness. A few moons later, two huge tornados had destroyed part of their territory, the clans are now slowly recovering once again to be ready for the next challenges to come. Green-leaf sure is going to be weird compared to what most clan cats have known. Will Starclan spare them all or will another disaster come by? None of them knows, though tensions between clans are about to happen, some cats seems to get a bit more frustrated with the warrior code itself..something terrible may come out of it.. You want to find out about it? Come join us in these adventures! "

-Friendly mods and members!
-You can have two characters over a week of being active
- Partnership!
- LGBT friendly!
- Participate to the next large plots to come!
☆ A new experience awaits you… ☆

Joyous purrs rumble from the Earth as the Clans resurface from the crippling drought that left them at odds. Many cats died at the bite of the heat, including the leaders. The relief of the cooler seasons arrival is overwhelming, but, as health and good signs return, a sudden and harsh turn of events hits back...

Ospreystar is gone without a trace. Her clan, ShoreClan, in disarray and confusion as they are left without a leader nor a deputy to guide them. Who will step up? Malice, fear and greed grip the Clan as the warrior's ambitions overrule loyalty. Cats are purged in the chaos.

The other two, LichenClan and WildClan, watch from afar, paranoid with terror as cats are picked off one by one. No one knows who the killer is, but rumors have spread about ShoreClan. Everyone knows of Ospreystar's sketchy morals, and wouldn't be too surprised if her Clan had adopted them. The medicine cats look to Starclan for answers, but the stars are silent. Once warm and watching but now cold and distant.

Hidden in the undergrowth and watching the chaos in delight, a new band of rouges and loners are gathering under the guidance of a vengeful cat who's lash of anger will be felt throughout the clans for moons to come.

☆ …and it will not be easy ☆

Welcome to Warriors: Descendants of the Stars! We are a relatively new warriors roleplay server with active members and an interesting, semi-literate (3+ lines via PC; 8+ lines via mobile) roleplay setting. Here, you can join Shoreclan on the beach, Lichenclan in the redwood forest, or Wildclan on the wildlife reserve.

☆ Your journey will be filled with pain and tests of courage ☆

Mother Star gifted the Clans their identities, and Brother gifted them their knowledge. In gratitude of their ancestors, these cats pray to them and seek guidance from them through the waves of the oceans and the ripples in the streams. Where are their saviors in this time of need?

The territories are growing tense this leaf-fall, and the precious bonds and traditions of the Clans are slowly beginning to dwindle… Warnings begin to appear in the form of high ranking deaths and strange shadows. While warriors fight for power, medicine cats are overwhelmed with the silence of the stars, and remaining leaders are left at a loss. The cats are confused; they frantically pray to Starclan, asking what they did wrong.

But Mother Star only watches, and the clans are on their own now...

☆ ...but, in the end, it will be worth it; ☆

We have a lot to offer you are a roleplay server, and we hope you’ll join us today. Here at W:DotS we feature:

😁 A friendly, active community!
👮‍♂️ Kind and supportive staff!
✒️ Fun events and an interesting, character-driven plot!
🗺️ 50+ channels to roleplay in!
📔 Semi-literate writing!
🏳️‍🌈 LGBT-friendly members!
👑 Open high ranks!
💸 A simple, easy-to-use shop system!

☆ You will finally have a place to call home ☆
A roleplay group for your Government Assigned Warrior cats!
Join the four clans by the lake in this new inventive roleplay with unique characters and plotlines ! Become a warrior and grow within your clan as you make friends and discover your own path amongst the stars ! Choose between the legendary Thunderclan, fierce Shadowclan, quick-witted Windclan, and beautifully pristine Riverclan! Who will YOU pick for your clan?
Everyone who joins gets a complimetary avocado :D
High Spire hasn't always been so busy.
Lone cats came and went, the occasion kittypet scurrying through the forest seeking an adventure and getting lost on their way to the mountains, or even in the mountains, but all was pretty peaceful. Until that rumor came. Some stray rogues wandered onto a twoleg water-monster, sailing across the endless lake to-- an end. Us. And they brought tales of beautiful Clans, of Thunder and Wind and River and Shadow. Rogues had always lived on their own or in small groups, and of course fights broke out every now and then. But this new news of Clans? It changed our lives.
So welcome to the brand new world of High Spire, the greatest mountain of the range blessed by MountainClan, where storms and stones roam, of JaggedClan and CavernClan, and constantly wondering, TyphoonClan. The Clans have been around for a few moons now, and things are going great so far, thanks to those legends or rumors or whatever you’d rather call them! TyphoonClan broke from CavernClan after distrust and anger broke out in the ranks, but now they get along fine. And I’m certain that High Spire will stand long as we live and beyond.
At least, I hope.
Welcome fellow warrior that came across our server! Please consider joining. We have many things to offer.

:mountain_snow: A friendly community :mountain_snow:

:mountain_snow: Art Competitions! :mountain_snow:

:mountain_snow: Kast Nights/Movie Nights :mountain_snow:

:mountain_snow: Fun bots! mountain_snow:

:mountain_snow: Fresh lore and clans! :mountain_snow:

:mountain_snow: Plenty of Rp channels with much more to come! :mountain_snow:

We are fairly new so if you can, invite more people! Thanks for listening!

Social media:
Welcome to Warrior Cats: The Tale Continues!

13+ | Literate | Four Unique Clans!

~4-6 line minimum (mobile)
~Open slots for high ranks
~Open slots for admins/moderators
~Multiple channels for territory roleplay
~Dice rolls for catching prey and creature encounters
~Genetics generated litters
~Gatherings every Saturday: 6pm-midnight CST
~Medicine Cat Meeting every Wednesday: 6pm-midnight CST
~Weekly activity checks

This server is based off of the Warriors series, written by Erin Hunter. Included are four unique clans; Adderclan, Badgerclan, Eagleclan and Foxclan. Warrior Cats is an entirely new server, so rp will be slow or stagnant until more people join in. Feel free to pop in and take a look!
**Warrior Cats ¬ Starclan's Secrets**
Starclan's Secrets (SS) is a brand new warrior cats roleplay server, where you can enter the world as your very own warrior cat original character! Roleplay with other cats, and build your story, all the way up to death!
What we offer!:
-62 channels for roleplay alone!
-Venting and NSFW channels!
-A friendly community!
-Semi-literacy and up!
-No character creation limit after your first month!
-Engaging plots and characters!
-Bots to mess around with!
-Four original clans: Doveclan, Cypressclan, Waveclan and Grassclan!
-Fun emojis!
Founder: FranciumFox#4189
Genre: Roleplay - Chat
Literacy Level: Semi-Literate - Literate
Realism: Semi-Real - Realistic