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This is a warrior cats roleplay server that's heavy on plot/storyline. Some RPG aspects are being worked on atm.
2 hours ago
A roleplay about newly found clans! Most ranks are open
4 hours ago
Hi there,ty for checking this server
This server is about a fan-made roleplay about the warrior cats series
but there are some community stuffs such as a category where you can talk about books or if you don't want to roleplay there's a role for the people who don't rp
4 hours ago
Reefclan and Duneclan have been at peace for many moons.. But how long will that peace last?
7 hours ago
Woodwose Clans is a warrior cats roleplay, based off of the books by Erin Hunter! We have four unique clans and high positions to-be-available. We are building a friendly community that is welcoming to all literate warrior cats fans and roleplayers. Feel free to come stop by!
10 hours ago
Cats have come together to form three clans in Death Valley, Stoneclan, Springclan, and Craterclan. They have been living peacefully until coyotes and other bigger predators started attacking the peaceful clans. With Springclan taken over, it is up to the other two clans to help out.
17 hours ago
Beneath Our Paws takes place in a time where none of the canon cats existed in Thunder, Shadow, Wind, and River. Beside the lakeside territory the clans are currently at peace, though they have a long winter ahead of them!
17 hours ago
Long ago four clans coexisted with each other but due to the twolegs destroing their territory they had to set off on a journey for a new home. However, after they left, the twolegs stopped their destruction and cats who grew up with the clans tales, made their own. Come make your own cat, and come join!!!

Please note the server is extremely new not inactive!!
22 hours ago
Seaside Clans is a literate warrior cats roleplay that takes place on an island. There are 4 clans to join: Boulderclan, Waveclan, Cliffclan, and Gladeclan. Everyone is welcome!
22 hours ago
Clans of the Mist is based in a dense forest where little to no sun reaches the forest floor, making the environment oddly eerie. Mist settles in patches around the forest- good places for catching prey when cats are disguised. Humans have hardly touched the forest, let alone established any recreational centers or homes. The cats that founded the clans came from a far off place, one very similar to it that'd been destroyed by a raging forest fire.
1 days ago
The great storm has struck, causing Kittypets and Strays to flee the burning town and into a nearby field. Three cats have stepped up to help these cats to survive the harsh forest. Fox, Leader of Dusk, Sakura leader of Dawn, Eel leader of Twilight. Currently Building Camps
1 days ago
For moons, the three clans, Thistleclan, Briarclan, and Heatherclan, have been at peace. But how long will that peace last? From rogues kidnapping apprentices to a deadly plague, things don't look too good for the clan cats. Tensions are high, and fear is evident.
11 days ago
FotF is a Warrior Cats roleplay set in the aftermath of a devastating war between humans. The land as you know it is now wrought with dangerous mutated creatures and poisonous species. Humans live together in small shanties, hunting whatever they can get their hands on and that includes cats. The sun is no longer safe and prolonged exposure can lead to illness, mutations, and other bad side effects. Some cats may have strange markings or have enhanced abilities due to the radiation, but others may also become blind, debilitated, or deathly hill. In these lands, the only goal is to survive.
13 days ago
**Clans of Stars and Stones (Warrior Cats RP)**
Four Clans live together, working with and against one another for survival: RubyClan, AmberClan, SunClan, and IvyClan. *RubyClan* live in a open field with a river and stream. *RubyClan cats are skilled in running and swimming* *AmberClan* live in a forest with many maple trees spread apart,*these cats are skilled in climbing* *SunClan* live in a valley between two rocky gorge walls, their territory resembling a desert. *These cats are skilled in surviving in such a terrain as well as hunting reptiles* and finally *IvyClan* lives in a dense and rocky forest. *These cats are skilled in stalking and night hunting*
**Four threats to the Clans
Come together or fall down
Heal the wounds of time**
Join us and discover the meaning of this Prophecy!!
16 days ago
A Warrior Cats RP Server! We're still a new server with few active members, and looking for people to rp, and we're also taking mod applications!
17 days ago
Catsquad is a fandom server for the WarriorCats series ran by
17 days ago
This is a literate Warrior Cats RP set on the coast of Maine, following two clans, Earth and Sea, with an intense rivalry while they navigate through disaster.
18 days ago
Warriorz is a fan club for Warrior cats fans! We hope you join in the feature! We accept partnerships currently and also advertisements for your own servers. You can create your own fanfics on the server, art and receive your own warrior name and a custom new Oc just for the server. Hop down to the Warriors server today! New roleplays coming soon.
20 days ago
Welcome to the Lost Lands, home of SunClan, ThornClan, FrostClan, and TideClan! Choose one of these four clans to join, become an apprentice, serve your clan, battle other clans, and become a warrior!
20 days ago
Rp warriors or chat about anything! A friendly community of warriors fans. Upload your art or OC’s and use them in public rp’s! Even those who are new to warriors are welcome! :3
64 days ago
This is a literate Warrior cats RP. Rather than 4 clans, this RP has one: DesertClan, a nomadic clan which is constantly on the move in search of water and prey. But not to worry! Despite the lack of rivalling clans, DesertClan has no lack of adventures and threats of their own. The desert is abundant with predators, illnesses and even diseases. Due to there being only one clan, there are more deputy and medicine cat positions! The server is still in the middle of construction, but feel free to come in and have a look around!
85 days ago
Hello, there! Are you a warrior cats fan? Do you like roleplay? Do you like weird ocs and weird oc names? Are you sick of these questions? If so... join strange cat oc! ( warrior cats fans only please ) We will be waiting....
87 days ago
What path shall you choose? What course will you set? Who will you gain? Who will you loose? What will happen to these new Clans? Only one way to find out~
This is a newer Warriors RolePlay Server I've created. Feel free to leave some suggestions and tips! But most of all, have fun on your journey!
96 days ago