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A warrior cats server, with so much to do! You can listen to music, roleplay, chat and much more!

Make sure to join to get all the perks of this server! Have fun!
Three clans living in peace. MarshClan, TimberClan and MoorClan. That is until MoorClan's leader, Starlingstar, gets kidnapped by twolegs. They never tried to save her. Many moons later she's back. With a new identity and a quest for revenge... (Drama, Mystery etc.)
The mystic clans is a semi-literate roleplay server about 3 clans. Said clans are Phoenixclan, Dragonclan, and Krakenclan. Each clan has different types of cats, that have special abilities similar to the mythical beast. Hope to see you there!
A strange place with strange Warrior Cat clans, what could happen in this strange place next? What could it hold? What could be done?
We have 3 custom clans; TurfClan, LeafClan and WheatClan. 1 rogue group; Divinity. Hope to see you join and have fun!

Welcome new cat, welcome to our forest! In this place we have 3 clans, dividing our territory, and pray. There is Speltclan. They live on a savanna-like part of the forest. Most of their territory is on open ground, with no mountains, cliffs, or ravines surrounding it. Cats in it are smaller than the usual, useful when you only have tall grass to hide in. Unfortunately, Speltclan does not have a lot of food, mainly because the pray isn't stupid enough to be in plain sight, so the few pray that they catch is treasured. The next is in Fernclan. Unlike Speltclan, their territory is right in the middle of the woods. It is pretty hard for non-Fernclan cats to get through their territory, which might significantly slow down an attack, but it would be hard to find cats as they rumble through the trees. Fernclan is very experienced in acrobatic-type movements, where they can swing on branches and trees, or hop from stump to stump. Another is Turflclan. Receiving one of the most unfortunate lands, the cats of Turfclan live in a swamp-like environment. They have learned how to swim, counting that their camp is nearly filled with water. Because of that, Turfclan cats are usually easily irritated and are not friendly to the other clans for splitting the territory so unfairly. But on the other hand, Turfclan has some of the most fierce and brave warriors of all the clans. And finally, we come to the rogues. They do not belong to any clan and will wander through the territories of all the clans, stealing their pray. There is a rumour that a new "group" of rogues, not much unlike a clan, but they do not follow the warrior code. Right now, Fernclan and Turfclan are having a battle for the land of the in-between river. Wheat clan does not participate, and generally distance themselves from the other clans, not willing to risk their warriors
There are 5 Clans, ArticClan, SnakeClan, ReefClan, StrikeClan and Field clan, the prophecies and storyline are to still be built! This world is not limitted to reality and warriors only, you may have other animals in clans and even hybrids with purple pink and blue, rainbows too!
Hello! We are a Wolf Roleplay server just starting out and have much to offer! We have -
► A decent system for our roleplay
► A still growing server
► Many open high ranks!!
► An LGBTQ+ friendly community~
► And so much more! We have so much to offer, join us today <3
Members - 80+
Clan Members - 42+
(Med cats open, possible deputy spots in near future)

New to their forest, Four Clans are starting their journey along the path set before them by StarClan. Just a generation ago, four cats created the clans: Bearstar, Wolfstar, Eaglestar, and Badgerstar. Bearstar chose the forest with the winding river for her territory, Wolfstar the open plains, Eaglestar the mountains, and Badgerstar the dense pine forest. Now the next generation of leaders assume their clans and must lead their Clans through unknown territory.

BearClan - Skilled a swimming and fishing, usually have darker pelts.
WolfClan - Skilled at running and teamwork, usually have lighter pelts.
EagleClan - Skilled at leaping and climbing, usually have gray colored pelts.
BadgerClan - Skilled at stealth and night vision, usually have black pelts.

The four Clans are positioned with BearClan in the South West, BadgerClan in the South East, EagleClan in the North East, and WolfClan in the North West! The MoonCave is located North of WolfClan and EagleClan territories, inside which is a clear pool of sparkling crystals called the StarPool. This is where medicine cats meet twice per moon. In between the four Clans’ territory is The Four Streams. Here is a birch Grove where streams from all four clans meet and encircle the Grove of trees before flowing South to BearClan's river. In the very middle of the birch Grove is the Sky Birch, the largest tree in the forest. The leaders sit on the lowest hanging branch during gatherings, which is about a Foxlengh off the ground.

We are a Semi-Lit Roleplay!!
° *Welcome to Warrior Cats Haven*!! The newest home for warrior cats fans.
° Here we have sections of cataloged information of Clan life and customs as well as lists of name and character help!
° We have a large partnership section for other servers as well as fan fiction!
° We have a section for detailed discussions about each series, art, ships, and more!
° We have a section for fanfiction writers to exchange tips and post their works!
° We have two regions of roleplay! The Forest Clans (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan) as well as our own unique clans, The Wild Clans (BearClan, WolfClan, EagleClan, and BadgerClan)!
° The Forest Clans take place in the period of time between the dawn of the clans and the first series, and as such use all original characters! The Wild Clans are on their own path, and are just starting out as Clans, on their second generation of leaders.
Warrior Cats Roleplay!

Wispclan and Solarclan have cats disappearing out of thin air. One from each of those clans goes missing every week, on the exact same day, at what the cats know is the exact same time. No cat knows why this is happening, but blame is being placed upon certain clans especially Cinderclan and Fallenclan, who have had no missing cats. Starclan has stopped answering to the cats, and feeling lost, they have turned to their other ancestors in the Dark Forest. It’s only a matter of time before Wispclan and Solarclan disappear completely. That means the clans will have to work together, but can they really do it? It’s up to you. The clock is ticking, and it’s only a matter of time before things get worse. Will you join us?

This is a very new server, but I'm hoping that it grows <3
Partially based on the Warrior series by Erin Hunter, THE ANCIENT VALLEY TRIBES roleplay server is a server where you can roleplay as a tribe cat of one of the three tribes that dwell within the Ancient Valley of Light:

SUNTRIBE - Sun On Shining Waters
SKYTRIBE - Sky Of Falling Snow
MOONTRIBE - Moon In Dark Skies
(we also have kittypets and loners/rogues)

This server is currently quite new, so new members would be awesome! We have our own naming system, territory map, and even lore! Of course, we also offer channels that can help meet you nonroleplay-based needs! These include:

-ART channel (for posting your lovely art! We are very supportive of artists of any level, and we love to see your work!)
-COMPETITION channel (depending on the comp, it can range from art to designing your own herbs!)
-WRITING channel (write plots for your OC, unrelated topics, or even just some poems)
-MEDIA channel (for posting those sick memes)
-GORE ROLEPLAY channel (for when things get a little too bloody for others)
-HUMAN AU ROLEPLAY channels (want to make your character a human in a modern world? This is for you!)
-NSFW channel (you know, if that's your thing)

We want to grow and expand this server, so if you're feeling adventurous, please, feel free to come and join us! May the Valley's Light guide you!
This Warriors Roleplay takes place in a fictional England with a beautiful fall environment.

The land is overgrown, reclaimed by the earth and the wild creatures. "Apparently" not present any longer, there are traces of two-legs throughout the island - small footpaths, unused two-leg nests, and monster skeletons. The cats have banded together to form clans in order to protect and support themselves as danger grows.

Mapleclan lives in the mountain peaks
Shadeclan lives in shadows of the trees
AppleClan lives in the open farm fields
A semi-advanced 16+ roleplay server with four fan-made clans. The roleplay is semi-advanced to advanced, which means participants need to use normal sentences in roleplay replies. No text speak, abbreviations, or script formatting.

The clans of this roleplay are based in the Americas a rocky/mountainous region, that's cold and occasionally met with fires. The cats of these clans originated from those at the lake from the books and managed to make it to this location via a ship/boat that traveled very far. The founders of these clans left willingly with the warriors they chose in order to fulfill their destinies of spreading further across the lands to help keep their beliefs strong and healthy.

Their efforts were not a failure, but some things were changed from the initial code and rules that the original 5 of the lake had believed in, such as medicine cats having mates and kits as well as friendships between the separate clans, and many were dropped altogether without replacement...
The three clans of the New Forest are striving, learning the extent of their Elemental Powers and the ways of the clans. But during the full moon everything goes dark, a quiet settles on the clans. The cats go home confused and they wake up the next morning thinking everything is alright, however it’s not, their powers are weakening and fast. Will the clans who’ve always had Elements to assist them be able to survive without them? Will they figure out why their powers are disappearing?

Welcome to Laws of Nature, a literate warrior cats roleplay server based on the books by Erin Hunter. However these aren’t normal cats, they have Elemental abilities. Powers beyond their dreams. We are a new sever and would love to have to guys join us and help us grow.
Welcome to The Silent Oath!

Current Status:
We are a fairly new Warrior Cat Server, however we try our best to keep things organized and as civil as possible. Somethings you need to know is that we expect you to be Semi-Literate, so please don’t post one-liner RPs! However if you want to change your style of RP we, the staff, are willing to help! The rules are flexible to some degree, but we are very strict with enforcing our rule system here. Do not enter if you are just here to cause drama or unnecessary conflict with specific people or the server. Other than that have a good day!

Current Plot:
Within these diverse lands are 3 clans; Ruinclan, a clan that resides in an old, overgrown plant filled two-leg environment. Marshclan, a clan that harbors in the daunting, misty wetlands and bug-filled swamps. Lastly, Summitclan, a clan that calls their home to be the ridged, cold temperatures at the tops of mountains.

These 3 clans had lived in harmony, without a peep of conflict to shred their tranquil state. They had all respected and honored one another for their individual skills to conquer and survive in these conditions. However, a group of rogues that called themselves "Riftclan" had stumbled upon these lands with a few stray loner's. They were hungry, wounded and sick. They began to take from the neighboring clans, their prey to feed the hungry, trespassing boarders without permission and uprooting herbs to tend to their sick and wounded.

The once peaceful environment these clans had began to waver upon their new arrivals. Will their bond stay strong and accepted newcomers despite that they have trespassed on their lands? Or will these new cats inflict war between the clans? Wait and find out!
We are a friendly community of roleplayers; + The Warrior Cats Server! + is based on the original 4 clans, ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan. Of course, we're still growing and this server wasn't made too long ago, but we'd appreciate having you in our server!
A Path Unknown is a Warrior Cats Roleplay server that includes all five original clans (Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan, Windclan, and Skyclan) in their home at the Lake Territories. Our wonderful Admins and Mods will welcome you with open arms and direct you to the proper channels to help you start your roleplaying experience. With our help channels, you can ask fellow server members for help or advice on creating your cat if you can’t decide what to do or if you hit a creativity block. Each member of the server has 3 cat slots to start out, with opportunities to win more via our weekly giveaways! Gathering and Half-Moon meetings are held bi-weekly with accommodations to those who cannot make the specified dates. A Path Unknown closely follows the rules and format of the Warrior Cats book series, with some exception to sexuality of the cats and how they may look or act. We hope to see you join!
•*Warrior cats | moonlight begins*•
Starclan gave us four lands, overtime defendants of the starclan ruled over each land. Drizzleclan, eclipseclan, ivyclan, And Deltaclan.

Starclan protected the four clans of the forest as much as they could but they gave one warning:

*yes, enjoy the sweet land to make friends and family, and the wild prey you catch to feed your clan, and the sweet smell of the forest. But beware, beware of when moonlight begins... danger will come*

Welcome to a new warrior cats server!

~Amazing staff
~Looking for active members
~Fun roleplaying
~Make new friends

No NSFW content!

We hope to see you there!
~A brand new Warriors roleplay server! We have many high roles open and are still in development. ♡~
Three cats; one deserted, overgrown island. These three loners, then named Briar, Holly, and Brook, having heard of the ways of Clan cats, create three Clans: BriarClan, HollyClan, and BrookClan. They become Briarstar, Hollystar, and Brookstar, and build up their Clans with rogues, loners, and even kittypets. It’s been many seasons, and there are now many cats that call this island home. Which Clan will you join- BriarClan, HollyClan, or BrookClan? Or will you be a loner, rogue, or even a kittypet?
-Hope you'll like the server so far,
A Warrior Cats Roleplay Awaits You!
Join HillClan, OceanClan, TreeClan, and MoonClan in their quest to defeat the Claws of Darkness!

Long after the reign of Firestar, the four Clans moved closer to the sun-drown-place and changed their names, lifestyles, and skills to adapt to it. Small bands of Clan cats have broken off from the Clans, and the largest (and most malicious) is the Claws of Darkness, they aim to destroy the Clans once and for all.

Our server has great staff and helpful members to aid you in your roleplaying quest. You can take an NPC character (there's a lot of them) or create a custom one to roleplay with.

We hope to see you in my server! :)
A prospering city with 4 clans! Brand new and looking for members to help us grow!
The sun warms your pelt, as you slither down towards the lake. Your throat burns for water- you have traveled for days. As you start to take a drink a twig snaps behind you. You are caught off guard by this, and a cat appears out of the bushes and ferns.
"W-Who are you!" you demand, fur puffed out and your tail bushed up. You hadn't known this was owned territory- who knows what would happen!
The cat merely laughed as they walked up to you. "I am a Clan cat," they gestured behind them with their tail at rolling forests, turning back to you. "And these are the Clans."


Welcome to Rise of The Clans, a lake territory warriors roleplay that welcomes all experience groups; literate, semi-literate, and beginner. We will not judge anybody for how they roleplay and we are a very welcoming community.
We have many different events happening, and we do roleplay Gatherings and half-moon medicine cat meetings. We currently have a few high ranks open and a whole world open to explore! We have many informational channels and have lots of events.

Current Events

➵ Flood - the Clans are journeying in the mountains
➵ High ranks open
➵ Staff applications are open

What Clans/Roles Do We Offer?

➵ ThunderClan
➵ RiverClan
➵ ShadowClan
➵ WindClan
➵ SkyClan
➵ Rogues, Kittypets, and Loners

So, what are you waiting for? Come feel the lush grass on your paws and dive into the world of Warriors: The Rise of The Clans.


Note: We are very strict on our rules. If we find you being incessantly rude to others you will be warned, kicked, muted, or even worse, banned. We are not looking for drama.
The clans of this land have lived in harmony for years. There is very little talk of war, and even with the destruction of Ashclan during their great fire, all seems to be well.

However one day strange new cats began to show open, light pelted strangers smelling of frosted pines and barren rocks. Not knowing that just past the maze of trees sat a whole new undiscovered clan. After that worries began to turn up dead at the edge of a forest of endless night. One after another the body of a fellow clan mate would appear at the edge after missing for a day, a week, a month, starved and often times mauled by whatever creatures my lurk in there.

Talk of wolves roamed the land, maybe it was badgers, or even foxes perhaps. One thing was certain, it was getting out of control.

Thats when reports started to come in for yet another strange occurance. Cats claimed to have been saved by a loner who could communicate with the predators, sending them away and ultimately ending the chance of carnage on a lost soul. However when one tried to chase these mysterious strangers down, they would vanish into the fog pouring off the river, and be lost from sight.

Strange occurrences happen more and more each month, is it a sign of a bad omen? Or simply an offer of peace?

//this is a new server! We are still looking to fill high roles so please come join if you're interested!//
Four clans based on the four seasons. A new sever with all high ranks open that waits for members to make it active and lively!

Everything is peaceful, there is the everyday hatred between winterclan and summerclan, and springclan and autumnclan, but that should be a problem, right?
here the story will be made by you, because we start of right now as the clans have just settled in, new to the territories!