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This server is a warrior cats based role play with all 4 clans, which include, Thunderclan, riverclan, shadow clan, and windclan. In this server you make an oc and role play as that oc. You’ll understand if you’ve roleplayed before :3
In a distant land, four clans surround a lake..

◇MountainClan◇ who reside on the edge of two mountains. They are bold and strong, full of those who obey the code.. or else.

♡MeadowClan♡ who follow their hearts through the vast meadows. They have been known to break the warrior code, but they believe in following their hearts.

♤LakeClan♤ who fish and swim on Rabbit Lake, the small lake that lies within their territory. They are seen as bumbling, but they're just trying to get by.

Finally, ♧TreeClan♧ who lives in a dense forest. They're kind, and willing to take in loners.

Of course, traits cross over between those who live upon the lake. The leaders who currently rule have set these stereotypes up.. But those will soon change.


Venture into the world of The Four Clans and find drama waiting to happen!

*We are trying to revive the server! We have a new plot including the Tribe of Red Falls, a rouge group under the pretense of being a "Tribe" coming up that includes fighting and drama!

¤What we Offer¤
•The chance to become a high rank!
•Friendly staff!
•Friendly users!
•Fun bots!
This server is based on the book series “Warriors” by Erin Hunter

Hey and welcome to this server, this server is a (currently) small server that started when I found some other people who liked warriors on an unrelated server, and we decided to get together and make a server. There are plenty rooms to chat, you can even chose a clan to live in. We have a diverse role system with roles like leaders/deputies/medicine cats/border patrol/etc. You can also grab the spoiler role to get access to the spoiler channels. So come on and join and remember to have fun!!
Hello and welcome! This server is based around an alternate universe for the warrior cats series.
Its a place to talk about warriors, roleplay, come up with other AU's, etc.
The AU is basically just warriors but rewritten!
Trying not to spoil anything ill keep this vague.
Sunning Rocks is shared between Thunderclan and Riverclan, Jake and Tallstar are mates and are the dads of Rusty, Nutmeg as the surrogate mother. The family tree has been fixed so there's no direct incest! The characters are alot more diverse, and minor characters get proper arcs!

Come join if you're interested, or just want a fun place to hang out!!!
───── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─────
Long after Firestar blazed his way through the forest, making him nothing more than a nursery tale the clans are still thriving. Till one day they weren't. As of recent cats have been seemingly disappearing without a trace, and then reappearing, but all of those returned are seemingly off. Once cheerful cats are now quiet and more serious cats are now laided back. Even worse, the cats returned are no longer able to conceive. Apprentices can't leave the camp without at least their mentor, and leaders are advising even the warriors themselves not to go anywhere alone if they can help it. Just what is happening, what is lurking Within the Shadows?

Within the Shadows is a semi-literate Warriors rp, we provide.

❂ Interesting plot
❂ Plenty of high rank openings and mod positions
❂ Active owner
❂ A server that will listen to what their members have to say, I want this server to be the greatest it can be
❂ Plenty of areas to rp, and also areas just to chill and talk
❂ Applepaw and Littlecloud
❂ Areas to express your creativity outside of rping
❂ Self roles
❂ LGBTQ+ and furry friendly.
─────・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.─────
Owner: @🎐Mouse|Lark|Amber|Orion🎐

In the wake of the first World War, cats who served in the trenches have settled on the hallowed ground. They live based on order, respect, and military life that they learned from the war. However, moons and moons after the war had finally concluded, all clan cats have begun to notice that twolegs are beginning to stir on the horizon. They have barely survived one war, and even then they were with the twolegs in their home. Can they possibly survive the massacre coming their way when they're doing it alone?


Welcome to Fall of the Clans! This is a server that takes place in Europe during World War II, exploring how it affected the wildlife and land on the battlefields. Fall of the Clans Features...

• Open Staff positions!
• Open High-Rank cats!
• LGBT+ friendly character creation!
• Unique and compelling plot!
• A store with items to benefit roleplay!
• Semi-literate, grammatically-correct roleplay!
• A spectator role for those of you who just want to hang out.

We hope to see you there. Feel free to drop in and say hello!
This is a literate discord roleplay server based on the Warrior books by Erin Hunter, however we have our own twist. We have our own plot lines and characters to differentiate from the books however we have kept the same iconic clan names. We are a new community looking for kind, active members interested in roleplay and/or furthering their roleplay skills. Please join us if you are interested in what warriors would be like without the guidance of starclan, oops I have already said to much ;)
Generations after the clans had been graced by the likes of Bramblestar, a massive wildfire broke out in the territories by the lake. No clan’s home was spared, and those that survived the calamity were forced to escape to the Gathering Island. Hours later when the rain finally quenched the last flame, the damage was irreparable. Camps were burned beyond use, trees bare and dead, herbs and prey so plentiful before now a precious, sparse resource. Tensions rose with each passing day, building and building to a fever pitch that finally broke into war. A long, strenuous battle raged on the Island, and StarClan turned their backs on what was left of the clans. When the battle was over, only a few remained. Those few put an end to the fights and made a critical decision; to leave their devastated homes and lives behind forever in search of a new one. Casting aside their old names, the travelers made four new clans. FinchClan, PineClan, MoorClan, and TroutClan settled into their new territories where the prey was plentiful and the vegetation lush, and it didn’t take long for the mysterious StoneClan to join them. StarClan returned once again, continuing to keep an ever watchful eye on the future generations.
81 members and counting!
181+ total human members, 6 bots
A semi-lit to literate paragraph style roleplay!

° *Welcome to Warrior Cats Haven*!! The newest home for warrior cats fans.
° Here we have sections of cataloged information of Clan life and customs as well as lists of name and character help!
° We have a large partnership section for other servers as well as fan fiction!
° We have a section for detailed discussions about each series, art, ships, and more!
° We have a section for fanfiction writers to exchange tips and post their works!
° Looking for 50 new members so we can add SkyClan or the Tribe!
° The Forest Clans take place in the period of time between the dawn of the clans and the first series, and as such use all original characters!
° We have a whole region of roleplay! The main four (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan) are for now the only ones available within the server! If your oc dies, they will be send to StarClan or perhaps the Dark Forest, where they might be able to mentor living cats to continue their evil deeds..
Choose your story wisely!
(Active! Currently holding med app tryouts!) HazelClan was created May 2nd, 2018 by myself! It was one of the more popular Kik clans by far, up there with EarthClan and BrookClan. With more members I’m hoping to expand onto a larger plot! And bigger things for my little passion project. With more members I’m thinking I can set up another clan to the west of Hazel. For now I need warriors! To mentor those apprentices set up. For the moment we are just idly roleplaying while we wait for more, active members!
A Discord server we've made to have a safe place for roleplay and warrior cats discussion. We have fantastic staff, a Minecraft map in the works, a prophecy, and more! The server is fairly new, so bear with us while we get our sea legs!
Drifting Clans has also just hit 100 members! We'd love to have you join us and create a character.
~Sincerely, Space
Disclaimer; we do allow cursing.
AFTER the abrupt death of Waveclan’s leader, Oakstar, tension and hostility sharply rises and cuts all forms of alliances between the Clans. Oakstar was known as the peacekeeping-leader, and all the Clans hold respect for the old tom...aside from those who prefer violence over peace.

THE UNKNOWN is a discord-based literate to semi-literate roleplay following four Clans who live by the ocean, and often compete for land and prey. The roleplay is set on the coastline of Morro Bay, in California, near the forest by Morro Bay Rock. BTO is set in the early 1900’s, where humans don’t visit Morro Bay Rock as often, and interactions with the outside world is rare. Plant growth overwhelms the area, the migration of humans isn’t fully set in Morro Bay yet.
The server provides the following:
↠ 4 unique Clans with lore.
→ Coveclan leader is open!
↠ Open high-ranking spots [deputy, medic]
↠ Organization and completed server.
↠ Friendly, welcoming community!
↠ Residents who are open to all kinds of people.
↠ Art channels and commission channels for artists.
We are a roleplay server that is based off of the book series called Warriors by Erin Hunter. We do not follow the canon timeline, and are made up of original clans. We have 4 clans, Flameclan, Waveclan, Breezeclan, and Ashclan. Those of flameclan live in the woods that were partially burned by an ancient flame. Those who waveclan live by the ocean, river, and the beach. Those of breezeclan live on the moors by an old twoleg farm. and those of ashclan live in the fully burned forests of ash. It is hard times here, but the tide is turning, and with it fortune is beginning to smile upon the cats. Will you join us?
GroveClan and EskerClan formed many, many, many moons ago and they've lived in these territories for generations. A funny tale is that they've descended from large cats, GroveClan from jaguars and EskerClan from tigers, but what is more likely is that they formed from a group of loners.
Long ago, cats of no allegiance fought over the land they could live in and the prey it contained. They never even considered trying to live in harmony, in groups, until they faced a danger that threatened to wipe them out entirely. Two cats, half-brothers, stepped forward and took the lead. Though their previous names were lost to time, they took on the names based off the territory they divided amongst the two of them; Grovestar and Eskerstar. The two toms lead their Clans with pride and kept the peace for a long time. They created a society and a system, building a fair and just code for all cats to live by.

Many seasons have passed, and now the winds of change are beginning to chill the clans to their bones. Will you face this strange new world like a warrior, or will you retreat into the life of a kittypet? The choice is yours.

Join us where the river divides.
Hello! Welcome to The Enchanted Woodlands - a Warrior cats roleplay server!

After HollowClan split into two and became TangleClan and GrottoClan, a whole new group of cats have entered the forest. Once they were able to know about clan beliefs, they became SpringClan, thus marking the third clan of Petalwind Thicket. This enchanted woodland is filled with magical, peculiar things around every corner. From enchanted mushrooms to dwelling wisps, these cats must protect themselves from the mysterious creatures lurking in the strangest places - along with defending their whole clan, too.
About this server. . .

- We introduce a new, important role to the clans - a messenger! These cats deliver urgent news that must get to the other clans ASAP, like animal attacks. There are two messengers per clan!
- There are specific areas of the forest that are enchanted, and sometimes, cats can be effected both positively and negatively by being in these territories!
- We have a fully detailed map of the territories, along with unique, large descriptions of each area within that territory - we tried our best to make it as least confusing as possible!
- We offer channels for memes, art, and literature!
- You can obtain the watcher role, meaning that you don't have to participate, you can just watch all of the fun!
- There are three different clans to choose from:
1. SpringClan: a RiverClan-WindClan type. They're optimistic, fast, and have a large amount of cats! They aren't the strongest, but they're clever!
2. TangleClan: a SkyClan-ThunderClan type. They were once formed with GrottoClan, and they are skilled with climbing, jumping, and camouflage!
3. GrottoClan: a ShadowClan type. These cats are proud, sneaky, and sly! They love to prowl around in the shadows!
We hope you'll enjoy our server! We're pretty new, so the more cats the merrier!

Owners: MemeCream#5811 & ¡ĸυre!#9694
**Welcome to Warrior Cats: Rising Moon**

Apprentice spots open now! WindClan, ThunderClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan are all open for new OCs!

*A mysterious plague has come from the Twoleg farmlands, and with it, a wave of vicious dog attacks. As the Clans turn on each other and more and more cats fall ill, how will your character respond? Will you survive the pestilence by working together, or by turning on your fellow cats for your own ambitions?*

All members, even new ones, are welcome to join in the current storyline! RP events daily!

We are a Warrior Cats RP server set with the classic clans in the old forest territories; LGBT+ friendly, semi-literate posts, with a currently active long-term plot. We believe in teamwork to create good stories together.

In Warrior Cats: Rising, YOU interact with the world to determine the story.

Will you join Thunder, River, Shadow, or Wind? What will your cat do in the forest? What mark will you leave on the world?

Join us and let's write a story together!
Once it was just a group of Loners, but that was a long time ago when cats would run through fields and forests that are now Twoleg land. DawnClan and DuskClan have been here since the dawn of time. As 7 generations of leaders and deputies have passed, it has been passed onto two remaining leaders who will either fight for their land or leave it open for a new group of cats who are here, stalking in the bushes... But one in particular is known to almost every cat in the forest and on the fields... But as the time of Midnight approaches, nobody is safe.

Dawnclan had formed in the great fields of the north, with territory ranging as far as the light stretches. These cats are often tall, lithe, and stealthy. They have strange, odd webbed paws that are built for both swimming and digging. Dawnclanners live beside the small stream; it cuts off between the slopes and leads to a shallow pond

Duskclan came to be in the depth of the darkest forest beside the south of the borders. This clan is known for darker pelts often in shades of grey, black, red, blue, or even at times mid-tones of off-white. These cats strive in the trees with great stealth, though they have also been known to act strange, especially concerning their leaders and loyalty towards one another. It is unknown how many of these cats are truly Duskclanners by blood as many are tainted with the blood of half-clanners or rogues

MidnightClan found themselves shoved into the birch forest as DawnClan would not share space with them. They have made a border with DawnClan, but are too far away from DuskClan to even care about it. MidnightClanners usually have brown, black, grey, or shades of orange as pelt colours. MidnightClanners don't hunt well in the birch forest as they used to live in a canyon with many rocks, but they are very good at knowing how to kill a snake. They can even eat them without getting poisoned
Welcome to the Clans Unraveled!
These 5 clans will be the future…
🌹Roseclan, the kindest of the clans. They are welcoming to all cats, the most likely to take in kittypets from the nearby Twolegplace
🔥Flameclan, a clan as fierce as the flames it was named after. They are loyal above all things, to their clan and to the code.
☁️Mistclan, an air of elegance and grace to each one of its members. They seem to appear out of nowhere, stalking in as quietly as the mist.
🌲Treeclan, are the proudest of the clans, and the loudest to boot. They are strong willed and hard headed, never backing down from a challenge.
💨Breezeclan, the quickest of the clans. They live on the rolling hills, and are as mysterious as they are witty.

These clans make up the future of the warrior cats, they must deal with illness, wars, wild animals, and much more. But with pain comes happiness, kits, love, and joy. Come help us create the future in Clans Unraveled!
~Welcoming community~
~Friendly and helpful staff~
~LGBT+ friendly~
~Looking for partners~
Come and join us on your adventures!
Owner: Dizzy#5348
Tribe in the Trees is a Warrior Cats roleplay server based off of the Tribe of Rushing Water.
In a far off place, wild cats used to live on large stretches of territory. Thanks to humans and their greed for more land, three groups of cats now co-exist on one singular territory.
~The Tree Tribe- Their feet rarely touch the ground, as they live their whole lives in the thick canopy above. Their legs have grown shorter and stockier over time, paws becoming wider to better grip the branches.
~The Cave Dwellers- Living their lives in relative darkness, they have the keenest of sight. Their body type is thin, as to not get stuck in the stone tunnels. Their paws are calloused and rough, constantly scraping the cold stone.
~The Grounders- Living precariously on the leaf littered floor, the Grounders are the stockiest of the three. They have to be bigger and stronger, to survive against all the dangers that the forest floor brings.
~~Semi-Literate/Literate Server~~
~~Ask For Highranks~~
~~LGBTQ+ Friendly~~
~~Very New~~
~~Looking For Partners~~

I hope to see you there!
-Maker of Myths
After Stars fall to the earth, crashing and burning the gathering. Streamclan is lost, no one knows where. They've disappeared into the shadows of the falling star's fire. Timberclan after spending months living in the Gathering Hollow due to a lightning storm burning their territory to nothing have just returned. New growth breaking through the ash but is it enough? And what are these creatures that lurk in Timberclan's shadow? Skystar of Nightclan has been kidnapped by the young banished leader Hickorystar and his band of ragtag warriors worshipping the Dark Forest. He plans to use Skystar's leader lives to give rise to Dark Forest once more. Can Wolffang and Coyotefern keep their clan together in their leader's absence? Breezeclan struggle with the loss of their great medicine cat; his apprentice mysteriously is pregnant to an unknown tom. Kestrelstar worries for the lost of Streamclan, his mind a mess of nightmares from his long-dead brother and mentor in Starclan that he is struggling to understand. The Tribe of Warm Sunlight recovering from their wounds and lost at the battle with the Blood Tusks now struggle to survive in their valley that is beginning to die around them. Deep in the darkness at the Tribe of Broken Antler's secret hideout, Stoneteller Black Thorn leads the cats into the mysterious tunnel filled with ancient cave paintings. Those who stepped into the black waters find themselves with broken fragments of memory from a time long ago when big cats ruled the deserts of shifting sands.

What stories lay in weight. What will become of Streamclan? What lurks in Timberclan shadows? What has Black Thorn led his tribe into? Will Skystar survive? Will the Dark Forest rule or is there is more dangerous evil afoot then them?

- A humble, kind and active community with often conversation, always looking for new members to join them!
- 4 Clans similar to the original, 1 New very different clan, 2 new clans on the way. One modern tribe + one ancient tribe. 1 deadly rogue group. 2 Kittypet groups. Plus other animals too!
- Literate to Semi-Literate roleplay
- Over 50 creative channels to roleplay in and explore!
- A kind staff community that makes sure all things stay balanced
- Developing, action-filled plot & sub plots!
- Troll Proof setup
- 50+ Basic & Animated Emojis!
- Fun and useful bots + Our own Monetary system w/ Buyable & earnable items!
- LGBT+ Friendly!
- 1 year old and still going strong!
- The OG (Original Granpaw) Crew
- You're Forever my Starlight
・゚★,。・::・゚☆ The Forgotten Code ・゚★,。・::・゚☆ 

✧:sparkles:An Erin hunter and Warrior Cat based roleplay server!:sparkles:
✧ :fire:Our clans: StormClan, RowanClan, PebbleClan, SwiftClan:fire:

`Come join the battle of order and acceptance between four clans!

:comet:Rowanclan and Stormclan, clans without the belief in StarClan or Darkforest!
Swiftclan and Pebbleclan, clans that come to change things back and live among them!:comet:

“Come join in the fight, where one side believes that their new traditions should stay and new cats should leave, and the other believes that they should be able to live there and bring back the belief in Skyclan and Darkforest. Will Rowan and Storm be able to win the war and keep their lifestyle, or will Swift and Pebble win and change everything?”

Your cat has the chance to change the future of the clans! You are almost in full control!

。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆   。・::・゚★,。・:: 。・

✧:star2:Kind and Helpful Community:star2:
✧:two_hearts:Fun breeding rules!:two_hearts:
✧:tada:LBTQ+ Friendly!:tada:
✧:pencil2:Semi literate — literate roleplays:pencil2:
✧ :pencil:Engaging plot:pencil:
✧:cherry_blossom:Active staff:cherry_blossom:

If we have piqued your interest, please come and look around! We hope to see you soon! (>‿◠):v:

Owner: :sparkles: 𝓒𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓸:sparkles:
Heirs of Tomorrow: a Warrior Cats RP
Based off of the warriors 'Power of Three' series, this is a 16+ literate warriors RP server following four original Clans, where every cat earns their primary ability after their apprenticeship. It's no longer going to just be the original three who have powers!

Will you choose...
RidgeClan, the strong-willed and capable
GladeClan, the kind and disciplined
SpringClan, the wise and holy
or HazeClan, the distant and strange

Here at HoT we have the following great things in our server:
✧ kind and fast working staff
✧ unique Clans with their own customs and ceremonies
✧ a mature and literate community
✧ 'security gate' questions to help prevent trolls
✧ total acceptance of lgbt and other communities
✧ raffles and giveaways for a chance to win rewards
✧ a banking/currency system with an item shop
(Server is just starting out)
-Roleplay server

For the first 5-8 people who join, you can start as a warrior instead of starting as a kit!

Start as a kit in a clan, or become a rouge! High positions open such as clan leader!
When all hell is breaking loose for the clans, where will you be?
Ruling the clans, Rabbitstar, Ravenstar, Brokenstar and Hawkstar are all tense because of Hollowclan which is ruled by Ravenstar. Hollowclan lead an attack on Fireclan, ruled by Rabbitstar, after years of waiting. The attack was bearable at first, but Hollowclan kept striking them, attack after attack, and eventually the clan collected a total of seven cats killed by Hollowclan. The new leader of Fireclan was infuriated and struck an attack on the most helpless clan as a warning to Hollowclan showing what would happen if they attacked Fireclan again. Moorclan was unfortunate enough to be that attacked clan, and eventually Fireclan attacked them again, and again, leaving Moorclan defenseless trying to survive while Frostclan who is ruled by Brokenstar sat away from the violence.
What may happen in this chaos? Will Ravenstar get the revenge she wanted on Fireclan? Will Moorclan fall to these attacks they had no deal in, and will Fireclan call off the fights or attack Hollowclan? Find out!

We carry a respective staff and community, we aren't judgemental and dont mind what your roleplay style is! We are quite new, so we have every high rank but two open!