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Back before the clan existed, there were just random cats. Abandoned by their owners and left to die. One of the cats decided that they should band together, her name was Rasa. Most of the cats agreed, except for one. His name was Jura. He believed that they should keep the way they are, acquaintanced with one another but still apart to fend on their own. They created two groups, and they both clashed repeatedly, and this continued over the course of generations, even after Jura and Rasa had died. Soon, a great battle took place and the two original leaders Jura and Rasa came down from the sky to tell them that they should stop fighting. And they did, and since then call upon the Spirits of the Sky for advice. It took getting used to, however now the group is thriving, trusting one another and gaining not just new members with each visit to the road, but new traditions and celebrations. What will you do?

what we offer;
*unique names
*a different, new rank system
*new plants
*celebrations and ceremonies!
*a LGBT+ safe community
*fun roleplay
*wonderfull mods!
Warrior Cats: Biome Lands a DnD Warrior RP

A more advanced and realistic approach to the fantasy novels of Erin Hunter. Here you will find 4 different clans living in 4 different biomes. Wolfclan- the resourceful taiga residents. Rabbitclan- the peaceful moorland runners. Sealclan- the intelligent coastal shoreline swimmers. And Lynxclan, the hard-working temperate broadleaf, and mix forest survivors.

Together these four clans live.... peacefully enough.... on a brand new map with several dnd-based systems that allow chance to shine. Have kitten litters randomly designed to match the parents, a hunting system that makes leafbare as hard as it truly is and a leveling system that rewards you for RP.

Essentially- we are a dnd warrior RP that focuses more on fewer characters who are better developed than more who are poorly developed.

This 16+ server has much to offer you, what can you offer us?
༓・˚⁺‧͙‧˚・༓・˚⁺‧͙‧˚・༓‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ 𝒜 𝒲𝒶𝓇𝓇𝒾𝑜𝓇 𝐼𝓃 𝒰𝓈 𝒜𝓁𝓁 ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙‧˚・༓・˚⁺‧͙‧˚・༓・˚⁺‧͙‧˚・༓

»»—A warrior in us all is a server mainly for warrior cats rp and to make new friends with common interests. We hope to be loving supportive family both outside and inside rping
»»————Why was it created? For the love of warriors series and rping and to be able to enter the world with our own eyes, a safe place to explore the world through the eyes of your own character. To let your imaginations run wild.

»»—This is an AU Warrior Cats Server where the original clans are nonexistent. About 300 moons ago, the clans were founded by 4 unique cats.
Gemmy, who was a beautifully furred she cat. They say her eyes glittered like diamonds. She founded Gemclan.
Marley, who always seemed to love to swim over every cat created Marshclan.
Lila, who's coat they say was as white as the blizzarding snow, founded Snowclan underneath a snow-capped mountain.
and Jellybean, a gorgeous black she cat who's eyes said to hold the sea themselves, founded the sunny Foamclan.

These four cats brought themselves to the Hidden Tree beside Foamclan and slept under the full moon. In their dreams, they met a glittering white cat of undiscernible gender. They each touched noses with the unknown cat, being given their new names and lives.
Gemmy, becoming Gemstar
Marley, becoming Marshstar
Lila, becoming Snowstar
Jellybean, becoming Foamstar.
They were sent off to their territories, in which they named after themselves. Gemclan, Marshclan, Snowclan, and Foamclan. Collecting other cats who wished to join their new homes, they created the four clans that are here today. Creating rules and roles for those who knew their way around Leadership, Medicine, Fighting, etc.
Who knows where their journey will take them?
٠٠٠ We offer you ٠٠٠
🙤 Plenty of slots open for rp such as leaders, deputies, medicine cats and more!
🙤 A loving community to not only rp but to have fun together <3
🙤 Wonder staff and staff positions open!
🙤 Bots and more to keep you entertained!
This is a 13+ Server!
Come on in!
Long ago, there were four clans. These clans lived on a huge island with more resources than they needed. The first clan were dwellers of the forest, jungle cats called Jaguarclan. They were proud and strong, and never took advice from others on what to do or where to go. The second clan was Viperclan, dwellers of the sand pits in the center of the island. They were sneaky and cunning, and were in no hurry to take insult from anyone, especially Jaguarclan. The third clan were slightly more agreeable, but very set in their ways; Finchclan dwelt on the plains, and could run as fast as the wind. The final clan were dwellers of the beaches; fishing cats with sleek and soft pelts. This final clan was known as Dolphinclan, and they were known to be very in touch with Starclan. Dolphinclan were the ones that Starclan sent a warning to, shortly before a great flood wiped out the island, driving the cats inland to seek shelter. Viperclan, Jaguarclan, Finchclan, and Dolphinclan all took shelter in the very center of the island, and, when the water didn't recede back to the original ocean, they agreed to take this new territory- Smaller, much more compact, and make it their new homes. They recognized that this area could not support four clans, and decided to merge into two. Dolphinclan and Viperclan became Bayclan, and Finchclan joined with Jaguarclan, who had lost many cats due to stubbornness, and became Cannaclan, named after the one Jaguarclan cat who managed to persuade a few of her clanmates to follow her. It has been many moons since that time, and Cannaclan and Bayclan are living in peace....For now....


What we offer:

😁A kind and friendly staff!😁
🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ+ Friendly!🏳️‍🌈
🌟An open deputy position!🌟
☀️An ever developing plot!☀️
🌺High Rank Audition!🌺
This new age warrior cat discord server incorporates the mechanics of a warriors cat game into a warrior cats roleplaying community. Leaving many stunned by the way it's managed. We have a statistics system in place, where users will roll a dice to determine the outcome of a natural disaster, a fight, or even an illness! Come join today!

A New Destiny takes place generations after canon lore from Warrior Cats in the lake territories. Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, and Shadowclan reign the territories proudly. Join us! We are waiting for you.

✨ May Starclan light your path! ✨
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
☆.。.:*  .。.:*☆ ☆.。.:*  .。.:*☆
*+:。.。  。.。:+*
15+, Semi-Literate - Literate

Welcome, weary traveler, to a place that feels familiar but is entirely different.

Welcome to,
Dawn of a New Era. A Warriors based Roleplay.

Four unique Clans with a rich history and original setting.
CypressClan of the dense forest full of towering trees and lush foliage.

GullClan of the river-carved islands covered in pale sand.

MarshClan of the pine forests accompanied by beautiful marshes.

GladeClan of the rolling hills under the endless sky.

There is an entirely unique history for these Clans, from their initial discovery to how their Medicine cats came to be. As well as the part of their history that differs them largely from the Clans from the books. These Clans have companions.

Each Clan has one species of animal that has become an integral part of their lives since the first discovery of companions seasons ago.

What animals are the companions of each Clan? What exactly do companions do? All these questions and more can be answered within the server!

Outside of Roleplay we, of course, have plenty to offer for others to have fun and enjoy themselves:
📷 Photo channels for all kinds of photos for you to share! Have some delicious dinner you prepared? Some selfies that you would like to share? Photos of your pets or various animals? Of course, all the memes are welcomed!
💬 Plenty of chat channels for you to talk in! From our regular general talk, a channel for gamers to talk in, a channel for D&D chatter, and a place to share videos and talk about them!
🎉 A fun category with all kinds of interactive bots and voice chats! From mining, adventure RPG, Pokemon, Littlecloud, and counting to 1000! For the voice chats, we have a homework channel, singing channel, movie night, and our regular voice chat.
🎨 Don't forget about our art category dedicated solely to sharing all kinds of creative works! From literature to any kind of art, it is all welcome!
📚 A special category just for the Warriors series as a whole. From specific discussion channels based on each arc, the super editions, and the novellas. We also have a rant channel, theory channel, and headcannon channel mixed in!
🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ+ Inclusive and welcoming! Any and all are welcome here!

All of that and more! We can't wait to see you join us on the server! We have a message that is DMed to you by MEE6 upon arrival that helps you get started! See you soon!
Welcome to the Mojave Desert, a once-dead and arid land, that has recently been populated with former house cats! Due to disagreements and differences between some of the cats, they have split into ScorchClan and HazeClan.

TBT is an active, semi-literate roleplay that offers...
- original lore, clans, codes, herbs, and much more
- the ability to create your own character and join one of the two Clans
- friendly staff and welcoming members
- open high ranks

Come pay us a visit, and join the Clans in their journey of survival!

-- due to the violent nature of this roleplay, it might not be suitable for everyone
Snow on the Mountains is a roleplay server based on the hit book series Warrior Cats. With two clans available and two more as the plot progresses available, you're sure to find your spot in the server!

Our server includes:
- LGBTQ+ friendly staff and members
- A weekly weather system
- An array of different bots
- Weekly events and monthly 'holidays'

Will you be in the large and powerful FlurryClan or the skilled and experienced FernClan? Well, whatever choice you make, you're welcome here! ❤️
In the 1930's, It was a time of sadness for cats, at the time, food was scarce and every cat in the neighboorhood was small and skinny. Every day, cats layed at home, eating the only food they had, at times, cats would steal food from other homes, and the twolegs never cared. The cats waited, unaptiently, slowly, and unpatient.

Cats slowly started leaving the neightboorhood, leaving only the wealthy cat families behind.

In the forest, Cats found food, they found mice, birds, and other prey. Everything was fine, but cats started to fight over food, nests and areas. After days of unhappy cats, Everyone had moved away and chose where they wanted to be. The clans that were made were; Snowclan, Breezeclan, Nightclan, and Oceanclan. Every clan had a anthem, and had flaws, and every clan had pros. Breezeclan had very swift members, rabbits and a hefty amount of food on the pile at once, Snowclan had friendly and smart cats, who knew the area better than any other cat, Nightclan had very good stealth, and caught birds very well, and Oceanclan was amazing at swimming, and catching fish.
Based on the bestselling series by Erin Hunter, Warriors, our roleplay community is perfect for all of your warrior cat needs!

•|•Warrior Cats: A New Dawn•|•

As a long term roleplay, you can choose to roleplay in either of the 5 main clans from the books, with the other options of kittypet, rogue, and loner. We also have a variety of out of character chats where you can get to know our community and interact with other members of the fandom. Being the largest Warrior Cats Discord server with over 4000 members, we’re always open for new people!

Activities you can get involved with are:
•🎨 Art! - We have an entire category dedicated to art where our large community can share and discuss art, we love seeing each others' talent and creativity! We also have a variety of other chats that are art related such as photography, crafts, adoptables, etc.
•❤️ Get to know our community! - We have plenty of out of roleplay chats where you can chat with others and make new friends.
•🐈 Roleplay! - We have a vast amount of roleplay chats for you to enjoy roleplaying in. As long as you follow the rules, we can all have fun experiencing the life of an advanced society of wild cats.
•🎉 And so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Go make friends and start roleplaying! With a large community, we’re always active and ready to have fun!

𝑯𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒐! 𝑾𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑪𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑵𝒐𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒏 𝑻𝒖𝒏𝒅𝒓𝒂...

。:*•. ───────────────── .•*:。
Dive into a Warrior Cats based roleplay - submit your characters, create wonderful bonds and be part of a unique plot. Discover four different clans living in the coldest part of the world - the northern tundra. Which one will you choose?
。:*•. ───────────────── .•*:。

We are a welcoming and supportive community, full of lovely people. We aren't a new server - it's a revived one, with a completely fresh look and new options.

𝑾𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒄𝒂𝒏 𝒘𝒆 𝒐𝒇𝒇𝒆𝒓 𝒚𝒐𝒖?
• interesting plot in development
• lots of open high ranks
• many server and roleplay events
• helpful admins and moderators
• art and writing channels
• self-assignable roles
• server currency, leaderboard and music bot

𝑾𝒆 𝒉𝒐𝒑𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝒔𝒆𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒃𝒆𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒂 𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒕 𝒐𝒇 𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒇𝒂𝒎𝒊𝒍𝒚 ♡

Moons and moons ago, four clans lived peacefully at the old lake, ThunderClan,ShadowClan,WindClan, and RiverClan. But a storm of pollution came down on them, and StarClan was lost, no medicine cat heard from them. Leaders slowly died off leaving deputies to take charge, the four clan deputies decided that It’d be best if they left the territory.

A lot of cats stayed behind, either because they were too sick or because they were far too old. They traveled for a long time but soon came to their new territory, all the deputies decided to renamed their clans, Windclan became MeadowClan, Thunderclan became RockClan, Shadowclan became NightClan, and RiverClan became StreamClan.

StarClan still hadn’t talked to them since, but soon after the old medicine cats died, the new ones heard from a different form of StarClan, SunClan.


As little as a few generations ago, four groups of cats became Clans, after the original clans fell apart. MeadowClan, of the moorland, RockClan, of the cliffs, StreamClan, of the river, and NightClan, of the pine forest- These four Clans have formed in these lands.
Everything has been peaceful for MeadowClan,StreamClan,RockClan, and NightClan since they moved into the new territory except a few border scuffles and fights... up until now. MeadowClan has scented a strange group of rogues along their border and, it has a lot of cats worried. This group of rogues calls themselves ‘LionClan’ and they claim they are apart of the original clans that were left behind in the old territory. They’re lead by a cat called CinderStar who believes they have been wronged.

What happens now? Will LionClan attack the new clans or, will they come to an agreement? Will they crumble like the first clans? What will become of these Clans, only a few generations old and still finding their place in the world? Still developing their ways?

Join us, become one of these early Warriors, and find out! You shape the story! Keep in mind we are a very new server so we’re still growing!

(Loosely based off of the tribes and clans)
The legend of Mira goes all the way back to the beginning and making of the tribe. It is said that Mira guided the tribe to their current land. They embody the stars and water. The tribe got their name from the tall dunes that sat next to the large body of water.

Early tribe cats heard a whistling noise from a cave down by the beach, it was promptly named Mira’s Cave, and it is where the medicine cats go to share tongues with their ancestors. When the cats first settled, it was rough for them. It was only until one cat was brave enough to go to the cliffside that all of the rough weather and preyless nights stopped. The cats then realized that to make the ancestors be on their side and not have them curse them with bad weather and no prey, they must give up a cat to the cliffs.

Those cliffs are now known as Castor Cliffs. It is where the chosen Castor goes to be given up to Mira..

Will you stop the sacrifices, or will you let them continue on for generations to come?
Welcome! We hope that you enjoy your stay here with the Tribe of Coastal Dunes! We are friendly to anyone, and will accept anyone!
So come join us as the adventure begins!
Peace. It all isn't peace. Three clans fought for seasons over borders around a small lake. And a group of rogues, that lives in the hills behind the clans.

Horizonclan has a territory that is in a low valley, where the horizon hits the land, its always bright and sunny, and at night the moon leaves a cold and dark mist that wades over the valley, preventing cats from leaving at night. Their camp is a clearing, surrounded by bushes and brush, that guards them from predators from easily entering camp.

Cavernclan has a territory that is in high grounds, that have barley any grass that makes hunting difficult. During the day is more cold, than other clans, and by night there is a slick frost that overs the hills. Their camp is a cavern in the highest point in the hill, it runs deep under the earth, a steep path runs down the cavern to access the dens. One slip and a fall to severe injury or death.

Astralclan has a territory of flat lands, with less wind than the other territory, and makes cat scent travel to their prey quicker than the other clans. Long grass is what makes up the plantation in their territory, and a small trench that makes up a small camp for the cats, they all sleep in two dens, one for the medics, and one for every other cat.

The Fallen is a rogue group that plans to rule the small lake, but doesn't want to spike violence just yet. Their territory lies behind the unclaimed territory between Cavernclan and Horizonclan. Its smaller than other clan territories, but its made of tall hills and part of a swooping valley, between both the hill and the valley lays their camp that is surrounded by trees and twoleg rubbish.

And a New prophecy was found: "All must come to peace, before the fall of the clans comes, and all will be lost."

Welcome to The Last Moon
Welcome to Fight Cat Nerds! ☽
FCN is a community-based discord server for fans of the series Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter!
We are a fledgling server looking for folks who are interested in; discussing the books, their own theories, original characters, participating in fun events and contests, and making lasting new friendships!

The server is 16+, with plenty of places for you to have fun and get creative! You can even advertise your roleplay servers or multi-animator projects!

If this sounds like the place for you, click the link and join us!
And remember, Stay Wonderful, Warriors!

Welcome to Dulled Faith! We are a Warrior Cats role play server in development, beginning with small server plots that will become more intricate as members join

Join any of the original Four Clans! ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, or ShadowClan. And just maybe, you'll want to serve the void of the Dark Forest. . . We will also keep an eye out for trustworthy members that we can rely on to be staff members in the future.

》 A fun and interactive community!
》 Rewards for those who invite their friends!
》 Optional fun events!
》 Intricate, but OPTIONAL, server-wide plots!
》 No current character limits!

. . . and more! Join us at Dulled Faith today to begin your journey.
《Warriors: An indirect hit》
-Lbgtq+ friendly
-nice staff
-Casual rp
-three clans
-chances to become staff

There are three clans, Swiftclan, Moutainclan, and Tunnelclan. Swiftclan cats are great at swimming they are tall, slim, and have webbed paws. Mountainclan cats are large with massive paws. Tunnel clan cats are long, small, and slender, they are amazing at seeing in the dark.
Four petals on a bloodstained flower.
Three generals will be as firm as rock.
A War of Two is approaching.
And only one blossom will rise above the ashes.


WWI has ended, and the clans have now adapted themselves to live amidst the rubble and debris littered throughout the forest. LilyClan, SakuraClan, LaurelClan and RoseClan are the four that reign, defending their territories and adopting the ways of the two-legs. Rather than apprentices and warriors, they take pride in being known as cadets and soldiers, under the rule of the general and their commander.

But... all is not yet done. Another war is looming, a bigger and bloodier one. The clans will unknowingly be thrust into more chaos. They will have to encounter two-legs and much more.

The question is... will they overcome?


Welcome to Fall of the Clans! This is a server that takes place in Europe during World War II, exploring how it affected the wildlife and land on the battlefields. Fall of the Clans Features...

• Open Staff positions!
• Open High-Rank cats!
• StarClan, Rogue, Kittypet, and Loner characters!
• LGBT+ friendly character creation!
• Unique and compelling plot!
• A store with items to benefit roleplay!
• Semi-literate, grammatically-correct roleplay!
• A spectator role for those of you who just want to hang out.

We hope to see you there. Feel free to drop in and say hello!
welcome to cat kugyay, a warriors roleplay since 2007! we are back in 2019 for a reunion and are accepting new members. CK is a forums-based rp with a well-maintained site, but we have an active discord community that is looking to grow! we have all four traditional clans, plus skyclan, and the tribe! ranks currently available. feel free to join us whether as a new member or as someone looking to be nostalgic about past times on old kugs.

- LGBTQ+ friendly
- Helpful staff
- Roleplayer directed narrative
- Bright and new!
- Have fun and Roleplay! or just hang out!

At the beginning of time there were two cats
Space and Time
they relied on each other, spinning around, and around, only the two of them
soon there were more cats
Rage and Hope
Breath and Blood
Void and Light
Mind and Heart
Life and Doom
the pairs kept spinning, around and around, making the world we know with these aspects.
Soon came along powerful spirits able to control these aspects in one way or another
Known as the classes.
The classes used the aspects to create clans.

Join this world of untold legacies and stories, you can be anything. Come now create your new story.
A text based warriors roleplay family like community based off of Erin Hunter's infamous and highly adored Warriors series. We feature very lax rules, lots of fun and helpful members and we pride ourselves on being more of a family then a community.

Hunt the forest with ThunderClan, stalk the shadows with ShadowClan, fish and swim with RiverClan, run with WindClan, the choice is yours.

Check it out!
· · ────── · ❅ · ────── · ·
Winter's Wrath: A Warrior Cats RP
· · ────── · ❅ · ────── · ·
· · ────── · ❅ · ────── · ·
There are two clans hidden within a deep forest and are *cursed with an eternal winter*; the strong and rebellious HemlockClan, or the fearless and gentle BorealClan. The Gods have been upset, but no one is sure why. How will they heal the forest? Will they ever feel the warmth of Greenleaf sun again? That’s for you to determine…
· · ────── · ❅ · ────── · ·
About the Clans
HemlockClan is a clan that still is slightly a clan but mostly follows under the roots of their tribe lives. But they do believe in StarClan, and the Tribe gods and goddesses. They still to this day speak in their own language called the Locke Tongue, with a new leader, Irisstar.

BorealClan is more rooted in clan life. They do believe in gods and goddesses but do not share the same thing as HemlockClan does. Instead, they are purebloods and are loyal to that, they were the first clan to settle on the clan way up in the tunnels where their lives used to be.
· · ────── ·❅ · ────── · ·
Which Clan will you join?

🌲 HemlockClan under the courageous and rebellious leader Irisstar? 🌲

❄️ BorealClan under the brave and Gentle spirit leader Froststar? ❄️

Only the fate of stars will be able to tell...
· · ────── · ❅ · ────── · ·
About the server
+ Active and friendly owners and members!

+ Unique lore to explore and discover

+ One clan has their own language, apart from English, but you as a roleplayer have the choice of whether to use it or not.

+ The other clan being known for having their gods and goddesses, similar to the first but with more interest in them.
· · ────── · ❅ · ────── · ·
About the Founding Owners
There are four owners who run this server with joy and pride. Jay, server owner of New Dawn and a couple of others while being staff, Rae is staff of New Dawn and a great friend. And finally, last but not least Shina, a friend and an amazing artist. All of these wonderful owners will ensure you will be able to feel at home when you join! Don't be afraid to ask questions or anything!
· · ────── · ❅ · ────── · ·

Warrior cats Rated R is a roleplay server with the four original clans.

Their lives are normal, and thriving as usual. As days pass, a new presence occurs and begins to wipe out smaller clans, growing his army. Skycland and Bloodclan have already fallen to the power of a new rogue group. The Deludox. A cannibalistic group that is hungry for more than just flesh, their leader strives to get rid of the clans and take on the world claws first.
Will you stop them alone?
Will you gather a team or encourage the clans to band together?
Or will you sit quietly, waiting for the day the Deludox come to take over your home?

- Rated R for cursing, violence, cannibalism, torture, mature rp, and older audiences.

🐱 Warrior Cats
❤️ Supportive staff
📍 Custom Map
📝 Plots
💞 Welcoming community
🥳 Fast growing server
👌 Reaction roles
🙌 Open to partners
👋 Super active roleplay
👀 We have our own website!
✩Winds Of Time ✩
“A cat leaves on patrol and is not seen for several days. They return skittish and won’t say a word. Why? What happened?“

A semi-lit semi-realistic 13+ warrior cats role play with interactive plot! Set loosely in the Val et Coteau de Saint-Rémy Nature Reserve of Paris France. Three clans live spread out from the dense forest, to the giant river, and along the abandon rails.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*High Ranks Currently Open!*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
✩LGBTQA+ Friendly and Run
✩ 3 Unique Clans
✩ Detailed Territories
✩ Fun Creative Lore
✩ Friendly Community and Fair Staff
✩ Fun and inclusive bots like Littlecloud and Pluralkit
✩ Server currency to unlock fun perks

There had always been fear of foxes in the territory. Slick as they are fast, many who go alone anywhere run the risk of becoming a fox’s next meal. Everyone assumed that’s what happened when Smokestorm went missing. A wily old brute, she would have known better to walk into an animal’s jaws, but a week past and what was left of her scent had vanished with a heavy rain. It became difficult to track and hunt, and with a heavy heart, her leader announced her death at the gathering. The clans continued on.

It was a particularly stormy night, the clouds had gathered and wind whipped through the canopy, whistling. All the kits were ordered inside. The medicine cat fretted for the last patrols of the night. The leader, Deerstar, watched the empty clearing. An ear flick, and then silence. She finally laid down. Feeling her last life reaching its end she worried for her clan without her loyal deputy.

*Crash, Tumble, Bump!* A hiss echoed through the silent forest and birds scattered. The leader shot up, thoughts racing through her mind. The other clans wouldn’t risk an attack, not on such a stormy night-

Before her thoughts grew too out of hand, the figure emerged, limping, and breathless. The cat underneath the brambles and matts was barely recognizable, though it was her mottled yellow eyes that pierced right through the leader’s heart.