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Many, many years ago, a multitude of worlds had existed in harmony, none stepping boundaries, or invading the others. All was calm until the merge came into play, combining all of these planets into one. It was chaos at first, until the government from the West Side came in, creating a city and bringing somewhat peace. Sanctuary, the name of the city they live in, the planet itself is a place called Luridnow, there are 4 places in Sanctuary. The Eastern Side is a wealthy area that is backed up by the government, they feel no need to help the poor or let the rich become better people, they instead just throw money at the problem, but never the poor. The West is the government, they are corrupt and mysterious, they seem to be hiding something from the people. The North is the middle class, not backed by the government, and not rich, they just barely scrape by. The South Side of Sanctuary is the ghetto, not even noticed by the government, the others see them as savages, animals. The people in the South Side don't help this grotesque stereotype, it's full of gangs, drug dealers, criminals, and anything in between.
Some say that in the very beginning of this new planet there was nothing but seizure inducing colors, people trapped in an endless void with no escape, sound never got through, there was nothing. Only awful lurid colors. For years people just sat in anticipation, until the merge began to stable, opening up a blank field, where chaos struck, people were confused and scared, until the government came in.
Nexus Earth. Known as the Hub Earth in Nexus Universe where a Wormhole opened up that caused many problems for the planet. That wormhole has since been put in stasis by a satellite branch of the Multiverse Agency seeking to keep balance. That was 5 years ago. Recently being have been getting ripped from their universes all across the Multiverse and are being dropped onto the planet's 8th continent and no on yet knows why. Will you be someone who seeks the truth behind the myster? Will you be someone who decides to make a new life here? Or.. will you use this opportunity for villainy? As either someone who's been displaced or are native to the planet, this is for you to decide.

Welcome to Nexus Earth.


Server details:
-18+ Only
-Multi-Para and up only
-Rich Lore with detailed locations
-World Building as the story progresses
-Helpful staff
-NSFW Channels available
-OCs and Canon characters welcome
-Primarily PVE
-PTK Server


[Disclaimer: This server is an 18+ Only server that caters more to the Multi-Paragraph and Up style roleplayers. If you don't fall into this category you may want to look elsewhere as the posting requirements are non-negotiable. The server also has NSFW and some ERP elements so if this bothers you, once more I would suggest you continue scrolling for an RP Server that's more to your liking. Additionally the server is primarily PVE as the server caters more to character development and story; though PVP can happen. If you're good with what you've read so far continue on below and hop into the server. Otherwise, i'd suggest you continue browsing servers.]
Welcome to the Cosmoverse, a universe of adventure! As trouble begins to brew across the universe, fates collide as the strongest, smartest and most powerful people in the multiverse meet, fight, team or whatever else comes to mind!
By joining in this wild story you can become a Hero, Villain, or anything in between.
And when it comes to character creation the possibilities are nearly endless! You could create an evil symbiote bound on destroying all life or be a green lantern protecting the universe!

Features of this server involve:

•Several planned events and side stories.

•Plenty of planets and places to roleplay on, you could survive amongst the scary planet of Klyntar or fight with champions on Sakaar.

•Overall we just want some people to fuck around with and talk about stuff. So yeah join now!

So what are you waiting for? Join Cosmoverse today to create or take part in your own wild adventures!
Welcome to Crossover RP. This is a multifandom RP where nearly every fictional universe crossed over into one world.

-We are a friendly, small community accepting of all groups and fandoms that just likes to rp for fun. If your fandom isn’t represented in the server, we can add stuff that properly will. We also have:

-Some non-rp stuff if you are interested 🤖

-RP events every month! 🧿

-This server is recommended for casual roleplayers, but people who are also really into rping can join in also! 👍

-Shitposty rp channels 😂

Come on down!
Welcome to CRAZYDBS a place were Anime friends from all over the world can come relax have fun and watch all our favourite Anime not only talk but join in on daily games, events, streams and everything in between this is a fun filled server for all ages and a vast colorful community that is active and will keep you coming back for more. So join our server and let us all get a little crazy about the Anime we love.
The multiverse. Once many worlds, divided yet in harmony, now fused and in discord. The inhabitants of these worlds work to figure out what the cause of this phenomenon is. What comes next is something truly... incredibly... zany.

Many adventures begin in this amalgam world. Strange pocket monsters meet dragons in what were once sacred lands. The baddest kid to ever save the day meets a mad genius who has never understood the meaning of taking a chill pill. Two dark beings form an unlikely and uncanny pair, while anime's most powerful titans clash in epic battles... while a kid with cybernetic powers has lunch at a burger joint with a superpowered bug-eyed girl in Kindergarten. Truly what is being described here is too wondrous and insane to even comprehend without truly opening the doors and looking inside. What awaits you will be a world of wonders, and when you choose to leave it--less you be too flabbergasted from the chaos that you witness--you will leave it with one thought in your head:
"...What the fu-“
Welcome to my Humble Server, Absolute Chaos. Here you can be any character, regardless of its fandom(I can't judge I have the Skylanders here) , weirdness, or power level (This is not an Invite to Godmod however). Of course, you can make an OC as well. And if you want to build the world of the server, we have an entire category for that. So come right in, and help this current seed of a server grow into a tree.

Coalition Point is newly launched multi-media crossover roleplay server on Discord. The server has several focuses, but it has a half and half focus on combat between characters and enemies and character building and developing in our unique setting and world.

- We have a friendly community that loves to talk out of character and that's LGBTQ+ friendly!

- We are accepting of many different writing styles and lengths, we have many literate writers but are also accepting of people who write with lesser word counts granted they are not lazy!

- Multiple 'difficulty options' for people who want a different experience while roleplaying. These are totally optional so don't feel forced to use them!

- As we are a multi-media and pan-fandom server, we are accepting of all to most types of characters, granted they don't break out guidelines!"

- The server is made to be a casual space first, and an enjoyable story second, meaning that we want a place to chill out and roleplay and talk before we make an enjoyable story.

If that sounds interesting to you, join and see if it's for you!
Chaos! Multiverse! A vast cluster of universes full of evil, due to a great number of powerful villains who make it a living hell. So rise up, heroes! Create your own heroes to combat the villains. Or create your own villains to cause chaos all over the place!

This server features:
- Your typical hangout channels. (General talk, memes, gaming, media, spam, etc.)
- Server members with a diversity in fandoms!
- The titular roleplay itself! A main lore, many channels for roleplaying, a channel for discussing the RP, and a channel for character profiles!
- Two roleplay channels separate from the main roleplay, one for fighting other characters, and one for having your character(s) hang out with others' characters. Both channels have zero plot, unlike the main roleplay.
- Server suggestions, where you can input and vote on suggestions about the server. Be it the emotes, the roleplay, the rules, etc.

- Both OCs and crossover characters from 'canon' works are allowed!
- Don't advertise your YouTube channels. This is a roleplay server, not an advertising server. Breaking this will result in a warning, a kick, or an instantaneous ban.
Welcome to Multiversal Collide: Crossover Roleplay! ]A server where you can be any character you want, as long as it does not break the rules and/or is banned. Canon and OCs allowed! Our server includes (but not limited to):

-Open space for character development: We aim to have a free space for character development, which would be the roleplay areas. Currently, there may not be many areas to roleplay in, but that's because the story itself is relatively new, but as the story goes on, more areas shall be given.

-Story arcs: These are huge roleplay events that affect a huge portion of the story, areas and even some characters as well. These are also good if you want your character to get that spotlight :)

-We also have a friendly staff team who aim to help our community grow and be happy. If you have any questions that weren't answered yet, don't be afraid to ask!

-No paragraph limit: It doesn't matter if you're literate or one-liner, you are free to type as much as you want. This doesn't mean you can just say "stabs" or "dodges", though.
That's it for now. There's more in the server than meets the eye, so please give it a go!
(We don't accept partnerships, sorry.)
You've all been sent to a world called Ethirus. Where a evil tryant of unimaginable power called the God father has ripped you from your world and everything else in it for his own pleasure and for your own sorrow. Do you have what it takes to stop the all father and make new friends while growing, stronger than ever before. If you do then join us in the fight against the all father.
Welcome to The Multiverse!
This is a crossover roleplay server that is compatable with almost all characters across fandoms, anime, and games.
We have-
⚙️Fun bots!
🕶Self-roling system!
🐺Lots of species to chose from!
🌎Many areas to roleplay in!
🔞A NSFW channel!
As well as more features to come in the future.
However, there are a few guidelines that must be followed if you wish for the best experience in our server. Please consider joining, we’re always looking for new roleplayers!
(Server Icon is provided by, a website where you can use and edit hundreds of icons to suit your needs.)
A huge crossover RP server for every fandom! Mostly casual.
Invite your friends, and have fun!
It's a year before Aang is discovered. While the people of the ATLA world continue on with their normal lives, strange occurances begin all across the world. People with unusual hair colors, languages, and clothes are popping up all over the nations. While some run away and hide, others assimilate into the culture. As of now, no one knows how to get rid of them or where they came from.


You are a nation. You wake up one morning to find yourself in an unknown land. Once you encounter the local people, you realize they speak no language you know. As time progresses, you figure out this is not your world. And you have no idea how to get back.

Based on msperfectsheep's story Torn From the Roots
Welcome to Apokalypse!

The world has suffered at the hands of a mysterious calamity, the remnants of human society have splintered into various factions, desperate for survival. Who will you side with? And how will you survive?

- Crossover post apocalypse! Featuring concepts from Fallout, Xenoblade X, Code Vein and more!
- Fun and Friendly server! LGBTQ+ and safe!
- Looking for dedicated and active mods!
In a scenario inspired by the Q series, the ever busy SEES, the adventurous Investigation Team, and the notorious Phantom Thieves are all mysteriously whisked away from their point in time to a mysterious, unknown location. When the three groups unite, they discover there is something the three of them must do in order to return to their place in time, all the while a mysterious entity watches. With each group having their own reasons to get back home as soon as possible, the 27 persona users combine their efforts to work together and get to know each other throughout their stay in this new realm.

This is a roleplay hosted by a good friend of mine. This project will involve 27 players in one big scenario. You will only need to know the character you wish to play, and will not need to know the lore or plot of the games. This means that we wish that you play your character in the mindset of your character, and take this semi-serious. We want you to have fun, but also follow a basic storyline. Further questions and explanations can be discussed in the temporary Discord server. We will welcome new roleplayers and people who are interested. We look forward to meeting you all!
Newly Rebooted!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if some of our favorite video game characters were thrown together with Marvel superheroes and villains? Look no further than The Fate Of Two Worlds, an 18+ Marvel vs Capcom roleplay server! A chill, fun Discord group to see just how these universes get along! You don't have to be familiar with the games, as our lore is always being expanded upon and changing, but it would be a good idea to have some general knowledge of the 3rd installment. It has a canon comic in which we're drawing information from.

Capcom characters & villains highly wanted!

Feel free to hop in and check us out! If you have any questions, we'll be glad to help!
It's the greatest crossover ever! Meme characters welcome too!
New players and wizened role-players alike can join in the fun!
We’re a really cool community dedicated to role-playing. We’re open to new members and we hope you’ll decide to join.
Hello everybody and welcome to the Ultimate Crossover Roleplay!

This is a roleplay server specifically catering to multi-fandom roleplay- meaning you can be any character from practically any series and RP in our own setting, Soliven! Though, there are some limits set to who you can roleplay and of course, rules to this server itself. Before getting involved in the roleplay, please look through our rules!

We welcome you to the chat and hope you have fun!
Under the guise of rehabilitation, trust and friendship, a school was created.
New Dawn Academy.
The attendants of New Dawn are specifically chosen and belong to a select group of people in existence; the children of heroes. In the beginning, that’s all it belonged to, but not long after, the acceptance of students from parents that came closer to anti-heroes or anti-villains came.

On the other half of the picture, D.U.S.K. existed, but it wasn’t a school just like the other one. D.U.S.K. was an underground organization dedicated to encouraging and guiding villainous behaviour. All those recruited are usually related to villains, have contributed in the act of villainy or some are born of heroes, although choose to participate in opposite behaviour.

Either way, NDA and DA will face some issues together.

▻ This server includes kids of Marvel Comics & Dc Comics characters as well as original characters!
Hey!!! Welcome to Comic Collision, where *almost* anything Marvel/DC goes!! Come have a chat with us in general and claim some characters, nerds! We cant wait to meet you c:
Do you like Pokémon? Do you wonder what it might be like if characters from all around the multiverse met each other and battled each other in a tournament? Well, this server is perfect for you! We are a small new server who's just starting out and could use a few members to get it up and running.

• Canon Trainers, canon characters from other franchises, fan characters, OCs, go wild! All types of Trainers are allowed!
• Friendly owner and staff who are happy to answer any questions you might have!
• A tournament that works similar to the Pokémon anime with qualifying, preliminary, and final rounds! It uses different arenas during the battles similar to the Lily of the Valley and Lumiose Conferences, some canon and some fanmade.
• An extensive hub world with many canon locations from many different regions!
• Pokécord for more fun Pokémon stuff, including a market and battling other users!

We'd love for you to come join us! ^^
~{CROSSOVER SERVER!}~ is a crossover RP server! You can RP as your favorite character from any movie/game/anime/book! We hope you'll feel welcome, and we hope you'll have lots of fun! ⭐

Here, we have :

- Self Roles!
- Fun activities! Like the hunger games, or reading fanfictions on voice chat!
- NSFW Roleplaying! Only available to those with the NSFW role!
- Friendly and active staff!
- & Much more!

Come join us! You'll have a fun time here! <3