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We are a small and slowly-growing server! We would greatly appreciate it if you came to join our little group.

Here is a small list of our server's features:
- Character Storage (RPBot)
- Evil Team Sheets & Openings
- Role Rewards
- A quotes channel for your silly sayings
Server owner: William Afton#1111

This is a server where you can be anything, yes, ANYTHING (as long as it isnt nsfw or op and some other exceptions.)
We have no lore, there's no need to be one, but there are arcs though.
Join the server for more information.
Alt link if disboard's default link is expired:
(If you come in for ERP, get out.)
🎉🎉 Joining The Garrison You Can Expect 🎉🎉
⭐️ Mystery/Dystopia/Horror themes
⭐️ Literary based, best for intermediate to advanced writers
⭐️ Ongoing storyline that can be player & character influenced
⭐️ Over 20 location based roleplay channels for para/multi/novella roleplay
⭐️ Assigned "barracks" and channels for each barrack room
⭐️ In Character Group Chats
⭐️ Events/Games covering a variety of genres including pairing events
⭐️ Over 25 different Canons + Original Characters!

💀 Welcoming group of people
💀 OOC Plot channels to get you started and help organize your gameplay
💀 Dedicated mods, always improving game mechanics and community
💀 Yui bot & dedicated channel for Yui shenanigans
💀 Welcoming to both adults and people 16 and under (no 13 or younger as per Discord TOS)
💀 NSFW channels for adults through request

For para/novella roleplay:
🛌 Various Barrack Rooms
🛋️ Multiple "Common Areas"
🥞 Kitchens & Dining Hall
🌳 Spacious Park
🌅 Hot Springs (sfw)
🏮 Zen Space
⛲️ Gardens
🌿 Fields
🏋️‍♀️Training Grounds
🌲 Forest
🚿Showers (sfw)
🔞 Hot Springs (nsfw)
🔞 Showers (nsfw)
~{CROSSOVER SERVER!}~ is a crossover RP server! You can RP as your favorite character from any movie/game/anime/book! We hope you'll feel welcome, and we hope you'll have lots of fun! ⭐
A crossover of anime universes, but every character in those universes? They're our OCs, who we will either choose among our old, or new characters. Also, due to the nature of this dimension, anything or anyone from every anime, that cannot be seen under most circumstances, will always be seen no matter what, unless invisibility is activated.
Мы есть Multiverse-РП Сервер.Наше правило- минимум правил, максимум сюжета и фантазии.Здесь вы можете быть кем угодно, делать что угодно, и создавать собственную историю, ваша фантазия- ваше оружие. Присоединяйтесь! (А еще у нас можно немного руинить:D)
Sometime in the near future a nuclear war was unleashed and several nukes have been dropped in multiple places in the world,turning the planet into a wasteland,however some people survived the war but most of the survivors we're mutated from the radiation,do you have what it takes to survive in this dead land
The lab is a place where scientists get to do experiments on their large selection of test subjects,alot of fucked up shit happens there,would you be a test subject who has to suffer the pain of these experiments for the rest of their life or try to escape and become a free man,become a scientist and construct different experiments on the poor helpless subjects,or a security unit to make sure everything is right and no subjects escape (my grammar is shit,but cut me some slack)
Omega is a simple, down to basics, Crossover roleplay, accepting both OCs, Canons, and everything in between. We accept a wide range of people so no one will feel isolated.
Journey to a world where universes collide! Characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Overwatch, and more all co-exist alongside one another. Epic stories will unfold! Anything is possible - Deathstroke could duke it out with Iron Man, Superman could go fisticuffs with Thor - You name it, it could happen. We're also taking suggestions for additional universes to include!

Another amazing part of this server is the fact that it's all one single roleplay universe. There's multiple roleplaying channels for organization, but it all takes place in the same plot.

What do you say? Will you venture into Godfall?

*Disclaimer:* Original characters are permitted, but must be approved by the server's staff.
Batman vs Spiderman? Catwoman vs Aang? Ghost Rider vs Ghostbusters?

Got even crazier crossovers in mind? Our community offers a platform to create your own roleplay with your own rules, or join an existing one as a character you always wanted to be. And then fight other characters. Or become besties with them. Or fight and THEN become besties. Freedom of choice!

Check it out our wikia site!
Three heavenly siblings, all bored of their lives and watching over their creations, set up a bloody game. They create a plane outside of our own existence, known as the Eclipse Planes. On these planes, from every corner of the multiverse, they bring people to fight to the death for their entertainment. Oh, what fun they think it is.
There are rules to this game. Simple, plainly-worded rules. The first and foremost - trust is your enemy. If you die here, you don't go home, and even more so, they won't remember you. Everyone who you used to know, friends, family, spouses, children, all of them will forget you. If you can escape all levels of the Eclipse Plane, you win the game. Anyone and anything could potentially kill you. You have been warned.
Let's say one day that all your favorite super heroes from one universe ended up in a universe where hero's were a common thing, well that's the case here all Marvel heroes are suddenly in the Universe of My hero academia unknowningly how they ended up there it's up to them to stop villains from their respective universes.
Mostly canon
Mini arcs in between
Canon and oc heroes allowed
Marvel 616 and My Hero Academia.
We have a Spider-Verse rp going on. We have many other rp's going on if anyone is interested.
S.A.I.T.A.M.A Academy
Welcome. Come one, Come all of all shapes and sizes into the world of S.A.I.T.A.M.A. A universe which is centred around the One punch man anime with several cross-over elements to allow some individuality and crazy story making. Will you take the role of a young and budding student in training in order to be the next world’s best hero? A shady Operative of the several IRP organisations that work in the background or take on a role as a part of the villainous pantheon and make the world quake beneath you. You come and decide your fate
What we have to offer:
- A completely unique open to immerse your characters in
- Unbiased ruling and no admin favouritism
- Frequent major rp events in order to keep yourself occupied
- Free open world to immerse yourself in on your down time
- And much more if you care to stay
- Creative freedom for character making (that's right you saiyans can come through to)
- we accept literacy of all levels
It is important to note that this server was made not long ago and is still in the beta test stage so excuse any form of inactivity while it starts up.
A place for all toon lovers to come together and have fun! Whether you like classic toons like Mickey and Bugs, or more modern ones like Bendy and Cuphead, this is the place to be!
We do accept OC's/FC's.
Just a roleplaying server made with crossovers, we do take partners, not looking for staff, you can posts Oc's, also we have a ongoing story
A roleplay server where you can RP as characters from the DC and Marvel universes. It's a fun place to be and the only thing missing is you. Please join this server if you are interested.
SSP: IC server is the screening/in-character testing server for three different roleplay servers. The genres available to test for in the server are; Star Wars, Superhero, Crossover (All genres). We only look for active members that are willing to get used to our different style of running a RP server.
This is a server where you can roleplay as your fav Character from your fav fandom! Have fun and enjoy!
Also: This is a Freeform roleplay,it basically means everything can happen,this roleplay dosent actually focus on stuff :^)
Another Thing!: when your character dies,he respawns and forgets the past few things he saw/did.

We have finished the server so now its freely to join it!

Now we have... ~ ~ ~ Cities! Towns! Guilds! We also can now fight against monsters and earn money owo!!!
Have fun-!
Smash Ultimate is a fighting game made by nintendo. i decided to make a server where you get lasted updates about the game and participate in smash battles

this server discovers many aspects about the game and its really cool if you join.
Hey there! Welcome to the Crossover RP where multiple fandoms and pladforms come together to make HELL
I just ask that you don't be an asshole and read the rules or You will have a bad time.
This is just a regular RP server. It happens to be public. You can roleplay anything and anyone with any topics.

What does this server have?

- The ability to rp anyone you want, with no limits.

- Memes

- A character database.

- Screaming into your mic. (If you're into that.)

- RPs (Ofc, but we also have prompts too.)

- Self assignable roles

- Minecraftcito.

- Nice mods and owner

- uhhhhh

- People joining, just to leave. I don't even get to say hello to them. Why do people do this.

- Music and shiz.

- Nice People (Hopefully.)

- (〃∀〃)ゞ

- Funerals for dead users and bots. As well as for other stuff.

- Chill people, a lot of them. Everyone here likes to joke around a lot and we do apologize if it gets too far.

- Raids (so far we've been raided by 3 groups of people deciding to @ everyone or spam us, we just want to roleplay, never do this, it isn't funny.)