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Hey! This is a server where you can hang out, make new friends, talk about shows, roleplay with other people, or just be a weeb around other weebs, closeted or not. We got alot to offer and have a long, rich history on discord. If you're interested at all, why not consider giving this dysfunctional family group a shot? We'd love to have you. :]

• We have a general RP channel category, but also host various different popular animes in the server with their own RP categories. These would be:
> Naruto
> Dragon Ball
> Fate
> My Hero Academia
> Sword Art Online
> Pokemon
Welcome to Super Splatoon Bros. Ultimate 2!

Here we have a Splatoon 2/Smash Ultimate crossover server where you can...

-Roleplay with friends!

-Match-make and play with us!

-Talk about whatever you want to a loving and accepting community!

-Chill out in VC and maybe play some music!

-And meet new people along the way!

We'll Be Looking Forward To Having You In Our Server!
╭── ୨cherry_blossom୧ ───────╮
│you've been invited to join
│ multiverses collide school au! love_letter
│୨୧ — what do we offer? ︎ꜜ
│sparkles・a non-toxic environment for anime fans
│ vibe & meet new friends ˊ˗
│tea・over 20+ self-assignable color rples
│dizzy・a welcoming and lgbtq+ friendly
│ community/staff team! ˊ˗
│honey_pot・last but not least, we're almost
│always open to partnering! ˊ˗
│୨୧ — we welcome all who accept with open arms~
╰── ୨cherry_blossom୧ ───────╯

Many centuries ago, there were two unnamed entities. They were brothers and made the world together, and after those two unnamed entities created what would soon be called "Earth", they also created life on it. Animals, people, etc. Those people knew that one of those two existed, but after getting no support or recognition, the other unnamed entity attempted to erase his brother just over jealously, he had succesfully done it. That's just what he thought though, after it had happened the brother who was "erased" became a human, he knew what his brother was feeling like and didn't want him to feel left out. Once that happened, the brother was now named The Creator, and his human brother lived a normal life and made up his own name. Only a few centuries after that, Gilgamesh was born and he became the king of Uruk. After stumbling across some weird stuff, which was from The Creator, Gilgamesh started to have a close bond with him, just somehow he was able to get in contact. Fast forward to a couple of years before present day, 2014. The school is created by Gilgamesh and The Creator, where characters from different types of stuff like video games, anime, etc were brought to.
Once, in a universe that was threatened by that which seeked to impose their will onto its inhabitants, an avatar of all that is chaotic and natural wiped the slate clean. It was not enough to defeat the otherworldly automaton who sought to impose their absolute law and order however, and so the two did battle in the universe that followed. When the two unimaginably powerful forces clashed, the ripples were felt all across the multiverse. Cracks in space and time cause individuals from across space and time to be brought to their battleground, a realm where the two have fought to a standstill. Now they seek to use those who have been torn away from their realms to further their own goals in the proxy battles to come.

Welcome to the Realm. Will you fight for the freedom of absolute chaos, or the security of absolute order? Or will you be bold enough to go against the agenda of either of the beings that seek to dominate the other? It is up to you to decide how this story is written.

A multi-fandom crossover roleplay server accept characters both canon and original.
Hello to all of Disboard, if you find this, welcome to Transformers Runes of History. Basically you can join if you want and hangout or if you want to you can RP, now its time to explain it;

The Cybertronian Civil War has spread across the universe; Quintessons with their alliance have multiple nonorganic species such as the Rock Lords, trying to block the Autobot and Decepticon's spread. Another faction has had a rise in power after reappearing as the war headed to Earth, once on earth the war made the human race split on who to trust with an Earth Federation rising to side with the Star Seekers while the EDC sides with the Autobots. Whilst all this happens, otherworldly forces are said too be changing fate.

Basically this is a homebrewed version of the Dreamwave continuity mixed with IDW 2006 continuity, almost anything you want is allowedm this isn't nsfw though. You can submit any faction from Transformers and more, Heck if you base your characters off other continuities, you can even use them because we are chill with anything basically.
Are you tired of all the convoluted plot twists associated with bigger servers? Do you want a place to quietly interact any way you want with no judgment? Look no further!

The point of this server is to provide a fun, casual experience for everyone in it. With access to any characters you want—taken ones aside—there’s an endless possibility of new roleplay options to explore.

We have
-NSFW Channels
-An evolving yet simple plot
-A great character claiming system
-Non-Canon Arenas so you can battle with no plot consequence
Join us today!
Brave Remnants is a multi-fandom, semi-literate, crossover roleplay server, new and welcoming to all! In this roleplay, we primarily focus on forging relationships between characters, encountering scenarios that would otherwise be highly unlikely, and overall, telling a good story that is fun and engaging for all writers.

☆彡A sudden event has caused the multiverse to shatter, leaving countless worlds lost in corruption as a looming presence takes control. Amidst all the chaos though, there is still one dimension that remains, albeit nearly engulfed by the void. Known only by the name of "Valhalla," this last bastion of creation finds itself housing a host of diverse individuals, mysteriously evading destruction while stranded onto its surface. Do not lose hope however: For deep within the heart of Valhalla lies the faintly beating heart of creation, the Cornerstone, making it still possible to visit the remnants of the worlds. Should the corruption in them be corrected, there may yet be hope to restore everything to what it once was...
☆彡Take charge in this new world by bringing unique and interesting characters, the choice being entirely up to you! Virtually all are welcome, including Canon, Alternate-Universe (AU), and Original (OC) characters!
☆彡Enjoy RPing in the style that best suits YOU! All we ask is that you not use one-liners, and give your rp partners enough to properly respond to while properly responding to their own posts!
☆彡Enjoy our server's unique power scaling system: The Tier system! With this, development opportunities are given for characters to shine (whether in fights or out of combat) without being otherwise overpowered series representatives. Support/social and combat characters are welcomed equally!
☆彡Unlock signature techniques, super-powered transformations, or even take the time to learn trade skills to diversify your character's arsenal! Due to the way our Tier system is structured, all characters have the chance to grow and develop to their hearts content!
☆彡Explore fascinating worlds and scenarios from iconic series so the fun never ends while solving the mystery behind the multiverse's ruin! One such world open now is the slums of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII, now a seemingly Utopian paradise veiling a sinister secret below the surface. And even more worlds are on the way, revived with exhilarating new twists on the classic settings you fell in love with.
Welcome to Animal Crossover! A Crossover Roleplay Community Server fill with Characters, OC's, And Villagers

- Art
- Shitposting
- Working
- Roleplaying
- And others such as (Game Night, Event, and more!)

Join in!
We are an Crossover RP server from Undertale to Hollow Knight to anime related all combined in it's own world. The world is normal right now but the storyline involves one of my OCs, Corrupt X trying to fill the world in darkness but he grew to powerful and begins awakening and summoning monsters across the land. These monsters are so strong, not even my other OC, Matt X is able to stop them. Corrupt X was a former brother of Matt X in a way, they used to get along well but Corrupt X tried to hurt Matts extra clones that help him out and caused allot of trouble Matt X had to banish him and then Corrupt X grew insane. He comes back once more to defeat Matt X and remove all of peace throughout the world.
In the year 2055, When humanity wreaked the planet of its biodiversity, heat reached to near eocene levels as hundreds and thousands of animals went extinct. It wasn't long before Earth was desecrated of its biodiversity as humanity scrambled to leave the planet... But not before ending its misery. Planet Earth was then replanted of its biodiversity with hundreds of beasts from different ecosystems and different times, some beasts did not exist and whatever the case. The Earth has turned into an Amalgam one, a strange planet with creatures from different times all vying for dominance in a brutal faunal interchange never before seen in history... The war of the beasts continues to rage on all while humanity had planted unlucky humans and other beings from different universes into this strange new world.

Now, you can bring forth your favourite characters from various types of media and your OCS into this world? See if they are able to survive and adapt to the harsh conditions and deadly creatures that call this place home. Or will you suffer and perish in this cold and deadly new realm. You decide.
Now, its time to make your own story here, come and join Ancient Futures.

-Helpful and friendly staff
-Allows Original Characters and Cannon Characters as long as they aren't too powerful
-Dinosaurs, and other speculative/genetically modified /prehistoric animals to rp as!
-Fairly big and accepting server.
-Fun bots to mess around with
-Future ideas and plans
A small Kingdom Hearts server looking for active role-players to write engaging stories with based on games: 1,2, COM and Days. Only looking for rpers with experience presently but may be open to new players in the future. Mod positions are available to those reliable enough to earn it.
Have you ever wondered what kind of universes exist out there? And what sort of worlds are in them? Well I will tell you one that has a particularly interesting story.
The year is 2030, the setting takes place on a familiar planet. Some of you guys may refer to as "Earth". But this is a different earth, long ago. The previous inhabitants of this earth had died out. But after the fall, new creatures started to emerge from the shadows. Examples include the return of ice age sized, megafaunal mammals, dinosaur like mimics, and feral descendants of humans. Roaming about the empty cities.

What happens next is a story that could interest many. Various other beings, all from different worlds and realms alike started to find themselves on this earth. Beings that range in species, size, and powers have all been "taken" to this earth. And what fate lies ahead of them now? Only you can find out.

Bring Forth your favorite characters from various medias and your OCS. Adapt them to this new harsh world previously unknown. Maybe form clans and set out to explore the various continents of this new earth? There's a ton of locations waiting for you. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, we also allow users to create their own original species and roleplay as them.

What we Offer
-Free range server, we allow most types of characters as long as they aren't insanely OP.
-Friendly Community
-Interesting RP setting
-Future plans for the server, such as events.
-A bunch of RP channels
-And a interesting story line.

So why not come by and check out this server? I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys bring here to this harsh world, goos luck surviving.
Worlds were never meant to collide like this. All worlds and infinite worlds within worlds were meant to stay separated. Though by the will of fate, this status quo changed. In a once in a million millenniums event, all in one synced moment at the same time. Lab accidents, an explosive godlike battle, cosmic storms or events. Anything you can think of. All of these in more in a simultaneous fashion created the rift. Some consider it an accident...but it was no accident. It was fate. Fate that these worlds came together and expanded their blockade to form the invisible bonds being take and grow them beyond that. This is the Omni-Rift...Omni-Rift: Infinite. A world of infinite adventures, friendships, and stories and much more than what you see here beyond this measly description.

🌟 Tons of available characters from all different medias!
🌟 Staff ready at arms to assist when able to. We're all humans that do our best to help each other.
🌟 Original Characters
🌟 Possible Event Opportunities and missions not only submitted by staff but able to be submitted by you and ran by you to create your own fun with others

Like I said, there's more beyond this wall of text. Come and explore the world of infinite where the beginning of adventure is unseeable and neither is the end.
Heya we are a welcoming server lol,we respect everyone and anything. this is an MHA rp and bnha rp,but other crossovers are totally allowed!
Bienvenue à prestige une école très semblable à celle de Las Encinas en Espagne en apparence. Mais dont les règles et les cours sont très différents. Rejoigniez-nous et devenez une élite ou je devrais plutôt un prestige !
We currently have an anti-bot system going on to counter the pornbots. If your account is younger than a week, please DM SymeSynth#1283 before entering the server.

Welcome to the Avatar Arena!

A crossover without limits.

The Arena is a roleplay with no regards for limitations nor restrictions, its setting a dimensional nexus that any person from any universe can stumble into.
- Do you wish to explore, fight, or try and claim this land? The choice is yours.

The Avatar Arena abides by a few key principles:
- Obligation-free. You aren't here to be under expectations to roleplay all the time. Feel free to sit back and have a chat.
- No such thing as a central plot. Plots and events are up to you to join or create.
- A player-run environment. Other users can run their own events and stories.
- A crossover. Be it an OC or an established character, you are free to join in.
- Fluid balancing. No approvals, no heavy restrictions. What is allowed and is not is generally up to you and those you play with.
- A dynamic system. If you have a limited timeslot and want to do a quick RP, we have drop-in, drop-out rooms. If you would like to have a slow-paced roleplay, we also provide that.
- Freeform channels. Not all our channels are location-based, to allow for movement from location to location without having to deal with the cumbersome task of switching channels.
- Character openness. Character claiming is nonexistent in a roleplay that links all timelines.

Besides those roleplay perks, the Arena also provides these:
- A generally welcoming community. Chaotic at times, but welcoming nonetheless.
- Writing and worldbuilding channels. If you'd like to talk about a character or a world, you're free.
- Media and game channels, for whenever you want to talk about movies, books, or games.

If you have any inquiries, you may feel free to DM the server owner.

Server Owner: SymeSynth#1283 (203176668217475072)
Welcome to the City of Fate! A city of buildings that pierce the sky in an earth of perpetual night, corporations that practically run the city, and gangs that act out the will of said corporations. You can be whoever you want... as long as you know the right people and/or kill the right people. A city that was built in the wastelands of a broken earth where going out of the city limits brings you to certain death, whether it’s to the hands of nomadic cannibals or the dangerous wild life. The world fell into chaos due to magic destroying the world and causing strange things, many survived out in the wastelands, hell there are other cities out there, but none are as big and as well developed as the city of fate. Many children of survivors reach the city for hopes of a better and safer life. Though this place has its own problems which make it dangerous, such as the before mentioned gangs, but for non-humans you will be discriminated for being such and easily killed, Crooked cops that are just as bad as the gangs, and sections getting overrun by a strange infection simply known as the hive. There is good in this city though which takes form as vigilanties, those who are good of heart who want to clean up there city and make it better... although it seems like the city gets more and more evil every day. The year was 2080 is when magic flooded Earth and destroyed everything, and now the year is 2120. Are you ready to experience this new world?
*a welcoming community
*an art channel
*a set of lore for the server
*magic and powers
*tupperbox so you can make your character into a bot and talk as it
The server is noob friendly, so if you're a new roleplayer don't worry, people will help you learn. Drop by if you wanna see what's happening or rp.

WELCOME, one and all!

Are you looking for a roleplay server where all of your favorite characters (and some characters that may, uh, not be quite your favorites) meet, for one reason, and one reason only- battle?

Then have a look here! Here, we are building a one-shot server meant to be a giant battle royale, of a variety of different canon characters!

Worried about being one-shot? Want to use a weaker character that won't be insta-pummeled by Goku or Superman or Alien X? Don't worry! We're making sure that's NOT going to happen. Power levels will be mellowed out.

So come and have a look! If you dare...
╭── “ 𝗔 𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿, 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗶𝗼𝘂𝘀 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱. „──╮
..a place where humans and Pokémon can live
side-by-side. Unlike other regions where Pokémon
live in the wild, here, we live and work together.
No battles, no trainers, no Pokéballs.
╰───────────────────────────── ╯

✎﹏𝗥𝗬𝗠𝗘 𝗖𝗜𝗧𝗬 is a server based off the
city from detective pikachu. we're a new server
looking for members for fun. we have dozens of
cool emojis & an aesthetic layout. active staff,
active members, 24/7 radio, mudae, myuu, qotd.

we also have optional roleplayin, u can RP
casual slice of life. great for ppl who wanna
relax & write. rp a char from your fav
anime/manga/game/ect in the mega
metropolis that is ryme city, living side by side w/pkmn.

╭───────────── [] 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘸𝘦 𝘰𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘳 𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘪𝘥𝘦
︱active staff
︱booster perks
︱talented artists & writers
︱aesthetic layout
︱tons of emojis
︱24/7 radio
╭────────────── [] 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘸𝘦 𝘰𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘳 𝘙𝘗 𝘸𝘪𝘴𝘦
︱lots of freedom
︱play w/e u want
︱no gdocs or auditions
︱ic chatrooms
︱experienced staff
𝗶𝗻𝘃𝗶𝘁𝗲 𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗸:
In This Roleplay Server, You Can Roleplay As Anything! Piggy, Roblox, Slendytubbies, Minecraft, You Name It! We Need Members And We Are Hiring Admins! Come On! Hop In The Server And Get Roleplaying!
The multiverse is vast and endless, with countless creatures, planets, and enemies. Welcome to The Cosmos Remade! Create your oc or claim a character from any franchise imaginable. Participate in the raging Clone Wars that now spands multiple galaxies, be a student at one of the most prestigious superhero schools in Earth, become a feared and powerful villain, the choice is yours. We're still under development and are looking for new members to be a part of our mod team and community!
Hello we are a small community looking for new members! Here we got Fnaf role plays, Fnaf AR channels for friend codes and requesting animatronics. We also got theory channels and channels for animations.
***Welcome to `『Heroes Unlimited』`!***
This is a superhero roleplay server that you can join! We're growing and we would like to amass a huge community so we hope you'll join! In this server we have various things such as:
☆Tupperbox bot!
☆Friendly staff
☆A fun community!
☆Hundreds of characters that you can roleplay!

You can also suggest us what to add to the server and we'll improve it. This server is perfect for those who like to roleplay and even those who don't!
Our server invite is:
Welcome to the one and only, Zolution Empire!

The Multiverse as we know it is in peril, an event known as the collision has ruptured the natural order of the Multiverse, sending thousands if not millions of universes colliding into one spot. Disarray and chaos spread, powerful villainous factions form to take over the vulnerable peoples of the collided Multiverse. But out of the ashes rises the Zolution Empire, a group consisting of powerful beings that have congregated and united into a singular faction seeking a single goal: To protect the Multiverse in its damaged state. Will your OCs be destined to join the Zolution Empire to protect goodness and light? Will they seek to find profit and/or stay neutral? Or will they join up with the forces of Chaos to wreak havoc on innocent worlds? The choice is yours my friend, for the one and only, Zolution Empire!

Welcome to the Zolution Empire! We're a very small yet diligent group hoping to tell a vast story about the collision, while having the chance of including your OCs (Original Characters) in this never ending story of strife, relationships and deadly battles that will shape the face of the Multiverse for better or for worse.

We have plenty of the following:
-Humble Staff team.
-Open ended lore that you can contribute in with your own characters in fun roleplays!
-The chance to contribute to the integral lore of the server with your own stories, comics and artwork!
-Many channels where you can vibe and hang out.
-The chance to claim characters from established IPs (From Games to Movies, manga, etc.)
-Very inclusive in many regards, both member wise and character wise.

Remember, for the one and only, Zolution Empire!