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Welcome, welcome all. As you enter this roleplay realm you shall discover many wonderful things, roleplay your own OCs or other official characters from other media. Where you can possibly find new exciting roleplays or friends. Where we have a small state in the middle of nowhere, yet something deeps is going under.

Welcome to Simple State my friends.

Simple State is a RP located in the middle of nowhere, with a few elements of Stardew Valley. This state is bizarre, having monsters living among humans, humans living among cyber man and the likes. We even offer a text channel filled with delight stuff such as

-Fun ideas
-Blessed Images
-Fandom & Game discussion
-Husbando/Waifu appreciation

And are you afraid of accidentally clicking on NSFW chats? No need to fear, we have made roles that will only allow certain people to see these type of chats , so no worries if you don't want to see the nasty.
Hello! This is a casual roleplay server that we are looking to grow into a large, friendly community of awesome roleplayers with all types of characters being welcome. Also, lore is made by the community and can be participated in by any member! Feel free to submit your original species, faction or even country! Everything works to contribute to unlimited options for everyone.
Let's say one day that all your favorite super heroes from one universe ended up in a universe where hero's were a common thing, well that's the case here all Marvel heroes are suddenly in the Universe of My hero academia unknowningly how they ended up there it's up to them to stop villains from their respective universes.
Mostly canon
Mini arcs in between
Canon and oc heroes allowed
Marvel 616 and My Hero Academia.
We have a Spider-Verse rp going on. We have many other rp's going on if anyone is interested.
Welcome to the Omni-Rift! A roleplay server based around the idea of a multiversal crossover between your favourite characters from your favourite media! We allow anything as long as it follows our guidelines and we'll help as much as we can.

The plot: Imagine your character wakes up like usual, nothing too different at first.... But as time goes on you start noticing odd things happening, very, very odd. Monsters, aliens, people who seem to come from different countries or maybe even worlds or time periods, task forces for superpowered beings and a whole lot more! You can either accept things the way there are or investigate further upon it and try to make sense out of what's going on.
Ever wanted a server where you can be (almost) anything? a crossover server allowing you to be both OC and canon? then we welcome you into this server, its fresh and new, owned and managed by 2 very cool dudes who you will certainly like.
Welcome to When Worlds Collide - Crossover Roleplay. We are a roleplaying community that strives to deliver a satisfactory crossover roleplaying experience that has complex characters, motives, and plots. The main demographic for this server is meant for ages 13-25.
Do you like Playing as Canon characters or OCs in servers but aren't allowed to be them? Do you feel like the server your in doesn't have enough stories or things to do in them? Well then, I believe this might be a great place for you. We are quite small as of now, but are trying to improve as much as we can. We have A fantasy Storyline full of Magic, Wonders, Mystery, and factions to join. However you don't need to restrict yourself to these places. You can go and be whoever and wherever you please. Even Meme characters are allowed!
Our Server includes:
- Some Bits of Lore which you can Add to(Not Neccesary).
- A Faction Creating System with Roles
- A Character Claiming System to Avoid Character-Stealing
- No ERP(Erotic Role Playing) Whatsoever.
- The Ability to Be Good or Evil, it doesn't matter.
- The Ability to Be A Canon character or OC(Any Franchise Ever.)
- A staff willing to answer questions About the story or server.
Welcome to the land of uni, anything can happen here, life is a video game, just don't die at the hands of, monsters, clans, or other people.
~{CROSSOVER SERVER!}~ is a crossover RP server! You can RP as your favorite character from any movie/game/anime/book! We hope you'll feel welcome, and we hope you'll have lots of fun! ⭐
Toku, DC, Marvel, Smash, Lucifer, Sonic, Zelda, and whatever you ask for. This is a multi-continuity, multi-fandom, RP server
An anime crossover where stuff explodes. Honestly the name’s self explanatory. So uh yeet 🅱️
Мы есть Multiverse-РП Сервер.Наше правило- минимум правил, максимум сюжета и фантазии.Здесь вы можете быть кем угодно, делать что угодно, и создавать собственную историю, ваша фантазия- ваше оружие. Присоединяйтесь! (А еще у нас можно немного руинить:D)
This is a server where alot of the cartoons and shows have came together in one world, you can can make an oc or take a canon character ( that isn't already taken ). So come join us and have fun :D ( NO NSFW ALLOWED )
"H-*bzzt*lo... Hello! Is this thing on? Ah, good, I finally got the stupid thing calibrated... *clears throat* Hello denizens of the multiverse! For those of you who see and/or hear this, that means you are advanced enough to watch and/or listen to this via some sort of electronic device. Good for you! If not, the secret is banging on the rock fella's.
For those of you who haven't seen me before, my name is Maverick. Maverick Desiato. Inter-dimensional traveler. Professional good-for-nothing. And occasional reality-warper. I've decided to set up this little communication is to bring out a special announcement!
I have recently discovered an abandoned pocket universe floating in the Void. Not really that big, roughly the size of Russia, or whatever universal equivalent you lot have. I did some thinking and decided to do a little pet project. Thanks to my awesome powers, (and a lot of help), I've created a small city within the confines of this little pocket. And if I can do this correctly... *snaps fingers* Yes!
Okay, listen up! I have created doorways. Doorways into this dimension. These doorways are a one-way ticket into a new life! A new world! And I am giving them to you. All you have to do is find them.
Happy hunting! And I hope to see you soon, in Second Chance!"

New RP Server. Currently looking for Moderators
Sometime in the near future a nuclear war was unleashed and several nukes have been dropped in multiple places in the world,turning the planet into a wasteland,however some people survived the war but most of the survivors we're mutated from the radiation,do you have what it takes to survive in this dead land
The lab is a place where scientists get to do experiments on their large selection of test subjects,alot of fucked up shit happens there,would you be a test subject who has to suffer the pain of these experiments for the rest of their life or try to escape and become a free man,become a scientist and construct different experiments on the poor helpless subjects,or a security unit to make sure everything is right and no subjects escape (my grammar is shit,but cut me some slack)
A huge crossover roleplay with anything is possible with a over arching plot of friendship and breaking free of a cycle! But, to prevent it from ever happening again, a group of heroes have rose called the “Realm hoppers”! This group consist of a bunch of creatures from different Realms and they just keep coming adding onto the mayhem! So if you wanna join the huge story be my guest! Or if you wanna start up something new with a couple of friends we can arrange that! So don’t be shy! New members are always welcomed!
Welcome to The Multiverse!
This is a crossover roleplay server that is compatable with almost all characters across fandoms, anime, and games.
We have-
⚙️Fun bots!
🕶Self-roling system!
🐺Lots of species to chose from!
🌎Many areas to roleplay in!
🔞A NSFW channel!
As well as more features to come in the future.
However, there are a few guidelines that must be followed if you wish for the best experience in our server. Please consider joining, we’re always looking for new roleplayers!
(Server Icon is provided by, a website where you can use and edit hundreds of icons to suit your needs.)
Hello! Welcome to Crescent oak high school! The high school role-playing discord server where you can RP as your own original characters or as canon or au versions of characters from your favorite anime, game, manga, whatever!
The Crossover Server is a area where you can be anything and anyone in a place full of friendly people. Want to be Midbus from Mario and Luigi? Sure! Want to be a random toad? Go nuts! Anything is allowed even ocs.

-Over 50 rp channels
-Shitposting channels
-A great community, full of fun and friendly people
-Active mainly on weekends

What are you waiting for? Be who you want to be!
Imagine discovering that there's not only multiple universes, but each one seems loosely connected to the other, almost like a jigsaw puzzle. Each one with their own functions, planets, societies, timelines, and the like. That is what we call an 'Omniverse.'. Here, anything can happen despite the logic of these universes. Want to be a superhero or even a dictator of sorts? A member of a private military organization? Or maybe just a normal person. Whatever it is, you can make it happen. But of course, within each universe lies a danger lurking around that may range from planetary or even threaten the many universes themselves. With that, only you can decide what you will become then.

Still a fairly new server, but we're looking to grow bigger as time goes on. We'd appreciate it if you consider stopping by.
Three heavenly siblings, all bored of their lives and watching over their creations, set up a bloody game. They create a plane outside of our own existence, known as the Eclipse Planes. On these planes, from every corner of the multiverse, they bring people to fight to the death for their entertainment. Oh, what fun they think it is.
There are rules to this game. Simple, plainly-worded rules. The first and foremost - trust is your enemy. If you die here, you don't go home, and even more so, they won't remember you. Everyone who you used to know, friends, family, spouses, children, all of them will forget you. If you can escape all levels of the Eclipse Plane, you win the game. Anyone and anything could potentially kill you. You have been warned.
Welcome to DC/Marvel United. A roleplay group specialising in both DC & marvel roleplays.

We have:
*active and friendly staff
*roleplay events to partake in
*lots of roleplay areas
*lots of ooc discussion areas
*loads of characters open

We're fairly new and looking for a lot of others, hope you join us!
Welcome to Lucifer RP, the server based off of the former Fox now Netflix show. Roleplay as your favorite Lucifer/TVD/Riverdale Characters, or if you wish create your own and help shape the storyline.
The Lost Archive is a roleplay server that revolves around the Archive, a library with strange magic that is bringing people from other worlds to it.