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Earth Genesis is a DC & Marvel based server, where the heroes and villains are still fairly new to the world. Two years ago the first modern heroes arose, them being Superman and Batman. Today they are little more than myths and stories, but with more and more heroes and villains rising, you will have to take a side. You can choose to roleplay as an Iconic hero such as Captain America or Spider-Man, or play as an original character you made, the choice is yours on Earth Genesis.
This server features:
►Lots of Roleplay channels for you to explore.
►An Active Staff
►Canon and Original Characters
Set in the Batman/DC universe, play as your favourite character or make your own custom one.
Journey to a world where universes collide! Characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Overwatch, and more all co-exist alongside one another. Epic stories will unfold! Anything is possible - Deathstroke could duke it out with Iron Man, Superman could go fisticuffs with Thor - You name it, it could happen. We're also taking suggestions for additional universes to include!

Another amazing part of this server is the fact that it's all one single roleplay universe. There's multiple roleplaying channels for organization, but it all takes place in the same plot.

What do you say? Will you venture into Godfall?

*Disclaimer:* Original characters are permitted, but must be approved by the server's staff.
Welcome to DC Roleplay! We have an amazing level up system, daily quests and teams, amazing roleplay channels like Gotham and central city, and no complicated character forms! We also have NSFW, events, hobbies (part of the leveling system) that give you special abilities, and great members and staff! So go ahead and join this amazing roleplay today!
This is unlike the common DC roleplay chats, as DC:NF provides a VERY different lore & background. Having bridged off of a former chat, we are now reviving the story with this new one.

We simply ask to give it a try, don't expect to play Canon-Characters, rather... Join in and create your own custom. We are very open and willing to help balance out any/all characters. Only, please do try to cooperate with us.

We prefer to have Advanced and Literate Roleplayers, or those with background. But we are willing to help others learn! Despite any troll reviews, I do ask you to give it a quick try and not turn the other cheek, so quickly. Thank you for your time.
Have you ever felt as though the writers behind the CW DC shows have not treated the characters properly? Do you want to roleplay as the characters and make your own version of the universe? Well join CW DC RP, where you can rp as any character from the CW DC universe! Filled with fun people and amazing staff members, CW DC RP is a Roleplay server where everyone can have fun!

We have roles for each show you're from.

Character tryouts so we know that we're picking the right person.

Plenty of fun and experienced roleplayers.

This is a fairly new server as well, so most characters are still up for the taking! Join quick before they're taken!
A server for roleplaying about characters from the DC Universe. You can any superhero and/or supervillain that you desire. You'll have a good time when you join.
Become the hero or villain you always knew you were. Breathe life into your favorite characters as you role-play beside us, making stories and memories together!
We are recruiting...
♦ Competent/Active Role-players ♦
♦ People devoted to the comics/cinematic universes ♦
♦ Friendly, fun people wanting to grow with us ♦
This is a mature, literate server - we want the best experience for everyone who joins. Stick to that and a few rules, and our time together will be SUPER!
Welcome to Chiron University, a school for budding heroes of all ages to learn and grow under the watchful eyes of their mentors. Learn what it takes to be a hero, meet your fellow students, and travel the world on an Island ship jointly designed and funded by Bruce Wayne and Daniel Rand. You will have both your courage and skills tested daily, and the journey won't be easy, but there's a bright new world on the other end, and we want to help YOU build it.

Welcome to JLUniversity, a game meant to pair roleplayers of all skill levels in order to improve both their roleplaying skills and their writing skills, as well as have a hell of a lot of fun in the processes. If you like weird and wacky plots, heartfelt story telling, and the mischief that comes from living in a school full of super-powered individuals from all walks of life, then JLUniversity is for you!
JLUnited is a literate/advanced roleplaying group meant for those 18 years and up. Our plots and character creation are primarily focused on the forum, but we have a significant discord roleplaying area too. We can be considered an AU Marvel & DC roleplay, and we accept most canons as well as original characters!


Courage, Truth, Justice. A hero in the face of adversity is unmistakable for anything else. But when the world faces drastic and terrible changes, will heroes be enough? Can the champions of the world rise above and triumph in the face of insurmountable odds, or will they crumble under the force of their own differences? As darkness begins its march within and without, only time and Fate can truly tell.

JLUnited is an AU Marvel and DC Universe Roleplay. Worlds, times, and fates have collided, and a brave new world has emerged from the ashes of the old one. Play your favorite canon from any timeline or universe within DC or Marvel, from any point in their history, or plunge into the fray with an original character of your own. We have no word count, playby requirements, or activity checks, and many open canons! We also include roleplay on both our forum and in our more relaxed Discord Server.

Come join us today, and help shape this ever changing new universe-- breathe fantastic new life into it, or become a part of the bloody war against this world's corrupt. Whatever the choice, the fate of the JLUniverse is in your hands!
Welcome to DCUniverse RP, where you can become any character in the DC Universe and eventually, the Multiverse, with a friendly staff team and active community, come and join us. We also do really cool storylines, and we're looking for staff members too.
A fun RP Server loosely based off of the DC CW Arrowverse shows! OC’s welcome and incouraged!
Welcome to Gotham Knights!

Gotham based DC role-playing server.

Have you been looking for somewhere to get down and gritty in the corrupt city of Gotham, and let your creative juices flow? Well, hello there, welcome and take a seat.

All Gotham based characters are welcome, though limited characters from the other cities to avoid unnecessary mess and confusion.

Anyone aged 16 and up are welcome to join in the fun.
..:: Detective Marvel Comics ::..

What a silly name, right?

Are you tired of wanting to join mixed comic servers, but only finding ones with certain plots or dumb rules? What about those servers that are still bumped, despite being inactive?

Not here.

Detective Marvel Comics is a brand-new, young, looking-for-literate-roleplayers server that combines both DC and Marvel, no hassle, no main plotline required!

• New Server: Your favorite characters are most likely open!
• 2 Characters Max for now, but this is subject to change.
• Experienced roleplayers who know what they’re doing.
• Need to vent? Have memes you want to share? Do it! (Just make sure you’re not gonna offend someone. That would suck.)
• No OCs allowed.

Hop on in and get started today!
We're a server that roleplays Marvel Vs DC and is very active. just need more members! Come and join the Server and have fun! :D
We are a fun server where we converse on the varying topics of DC. Whether you're a DC Cartoon Fan, an Arrowverse Fan, or a DCEU fan, we accept it all.

(Yes there is a Marvel section lol)
Indulge into the amazing world of legends and gods. A land where time and space have become rouge due to the combined efforts of Thanos and Darkseid. Now all fantasy realms and worlds have intersected to form a universe where all beings will meet. Who will you be in this eternal war of beings? Marvel? DC? Or Anime verse? Choose and claim your legacy in this world and become the destroyer of Thanos and Darkseid
Stories rewritten, heroes rise, legends remade. Men of steel meeting Strongest there is, Legion meeting masters. World building of respective universes mashed into one. A world of unlimited possibilities. This is Nexus Point and welcome to the beginning of something new, something great, something...super.
Welcome to Comics Reborn! A new server and community hub where you can roleplay as your favorite characters from Marvel, DC or use Original characters. Keep in mind, this an alternate universe, so Marvel/DC characters can be altered however you want!
Hey everyone! Welcome to the DC: World's Finest Server! The official Roleplay server where you can be any character from the Detective Comics Universe! With Roleplaying you can engage in conversations with other members, on different topics! You can be a part of the Justice League and fight crime (or make some hehe) in your own story! Join today and be a World's Finest.

Disclaimer: No OC's Allowed
I can now gladly announce another RPVerse server!Metropolis.
Me and @Tj [RPVerse Owner] and @Dr. Jonathan Crane [Scarecrow] (who had the idea and did most of the work) planned the server found it's locations. Now Metropolis is under our RPVerse brand but not in the same univese (That will honestly be determined. )So all of you that like the superman mythos join in!