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Hey, I'm awkward, but if you like comics and/or their movie counterparts, join me! We have fun activities and are brand new to the server universe!
JLUnited is a literate/advanced roleplaying group meant for those 18 years and up. Our plots and character creation are primarily focused on the forum, but we have a significant discord roleplaying area too. We can be considered an AU Marvel & DC roleplay, and we accept most canons as well as original characters!


Courage, Truth, Justice. A hero in the face of adversity is unmistakable for anything else. But when the world faces drastic and terrible changes, will heroes be enough? Can the champions of the world rise above and triumph in the face of insurmountable odds, or will they crumble under the force of their own differences? As darkness begins its march within and without, only time and Fate can truly tell.

JLUnited is an AU Marvel and DC Universe Roleplay. Worlds, times, and fates have collided, and a brave new world has emerged from the ashes of the old one. Play your favorite canon from any timeline or universe within DC or Marvel, from any point in their history, or plunge into the fray with an original character of your own. We have no word count, playby requirements, or activity checks, and many open canons! We also include roleplay on both our forum and in our more relaxed Discord Server.

Come join us today, and help shape this ever changing new universe-- breathe fantastic new life into it, or become a part of the bloody war against this world's corrupt. Whatever the choice, the fate of the JLUniverse is in your hands!
Welcome to Chiron University, a school for budding heroes of all ages to learn and grow under the watchful eyes of their mentors. Learn what it takes to be a hero, meet your fellow students, and travel the world on an Island ship jointly designed and funded by Bruce Wayne and Daniel Rand. You will have both your courage and skills tested daily, and the journey won't be easy, but there's a bright new world on the other end, and we want to help YOU build it.

Welcome to JLUniversity, a game meant to pair roleplayers of all skill levels in order to improve both their roleplaying skills and their writing skills, as well as have a hell of a lot of fun in the processes. If you like weird and wacky plots, heartfelt story telling, and the mischief that comes from living in a school full of super-powered individuals from all walks of life, then JLUniversity is for you!
Welcome to DC Roleplay! We have an amazing level up system, daily quests and teams, amazing roleplay channels like Gotham and central city, and no complicated character forms! We also have NSFW, events, hobbies (part of the leveling system) that give you special abilities, and great members and staff! So go ahead and join this amazing roleplay today!
In this alternate universe, your favorite DC heroes and villains made their beginnings as kids instead of adults. With this in mind, there are few deviations from the main DC canon, and takes inspiration from the comics, movies, and TV shows.
Its The end For everyone D.C. And Marvel Worlds have Combined Its up Too The Super heroes Too Stop the Super Villains Lurking Eaitger Become a Justice league Member or an Avenger or an X-Men The voice is yours You can create or Choose a Character From The comics or Movies
Welcome to Young Justice Dark! This is a DC Comics Roleplay using the ICONS Superpowered Table top Role Playing System.

Come in, read the #INFO and make a character with the help of our GM team. Once you are approved for play you are ready to go on our 2-4/Week adventures and roleplay with other characters! I chose ICONS because of its ability to make anything; Mythological, Demigod, Witch, Lich, and far more!

The setting is DC Comics. This will be a different Earth in the multiverse. Earth 1337. Heh! Get it?? Cause it's.... You get it. This story follows a group of people picked up from all over the known world to battle the fall out of a demon debacle caused by none other than Faust, because of course right?

The Demons Three are a trio of demonic brothers who seek the rule the world. Lucky for the world the demons are sealed away by way of three magical objects: the Green Bell of Uthool, the Silver Wheel of Nyorlath and the Red Jar of Calythos. Unfortunately for the world; Faust used the objects to guarantee their freedom in one hundred years. In the mean time Faust destroyed the Justice League and Justice League Dark with the power granted by the one who guarantees their freedom. Thankfully the Justice League Dark had some protection. The House of Mystery; once guarded by Cain himself, watched over by Elvira(yes... look it up. Crazy right??), won in a card game by Constantine, and then inherited by Zatanna it serves as a base for the Justice League Dark. The house collected them on their death beds and put them into a magical slumber while they heal. Zatanna and Constantine awake to the house collecting people to form a new Justice League Dark. Now the house finds fallout from Faust and the collected are shunted out to deal with it. Zatanna aims to protect and guide them while Constantine aims to find out why the house did this and avoid any responsibility for these fresh faces.
Hey everyone! Welcome to the DC: World's Finest Server! The official Roleplay server where you can be any character from the Detective Comics Universe! With Roleplaying you can engage in conversations with other members, on different topics! You can be a part of the Justice League and fight crime (or make some hehe) in your own story! Join today and be a World's Finest.

Disclaimer: No OC's Allowed
This is a custom superhero group, set in the oasis. Skyland City, you can be who you want. You can protect the world, or destroy it. Your choice.
Hello! and Welcome to Justice League Reincarnation, We are a New DC Comics Roleplay server that will hold giveaways, movie events, RP events and so much more, so come on by and check us out!
Indulge into the amazing world of legends and gods. A land where time and space have become rouge due to the combined efforts of Thanos and Darkseid. Now all fantasy realms and worlds have intersected to form a universe where all beings will meet. Who will you be in this eternal war of beings? Marvel? DC? Or Anime verse? Choose and claim your legacy in this world and become the destroyer of Thanos and Darkseid
A fun roleplay server for people who like Marvel and Dc characters and the universe. It takes place on an island full of crime. Join now.
It all started in an alternate universe, when Doctor Octopus, retaking his mantle as Superior Octopus, along with his Sinister Six comprised of Mysterio, Rhino, Electro, Sandman, and Speed Demon, succeeded in exploding multiple weapons set up around the world, the weapons known as “venom bombs". A rather self-explainatory weapon, the venom bomb detonates to release the symbiote as a byproduct, potentially turning anyone within its blast radius into venom-like creature, lest they have the will to resist it. The symbiotes quickly overran the planet, and naturally began hunting those who would seek to oppose the symbiotic takeover, **the Resistance**, as well as slaughtering world leaders, both military and political. The Resistance, comprised of both former heroes and villains, they fight against their old allies or are forced to join. With this army of both civilian and superhuman symbiotes under his control, Superior Ock and the Sinister Six rose into power. Each member took a continent, as well as multiple powered symbiotes; Speed Demon took Australia, Sandman took Africa. Rhino took over South America, Mysterio chose to reign over Europe, and Electro was put in charge of Asia, leaving Doctor Octopus in charge of North America. Now, the heroes must rise up to take down the armies of symbiotes that flood the streets, take down the sinister despots one by one and restore order to a world conquered by... **The Venom Bomb**.
A DC based superhuman roleplay server. Be your very own superhero or a supervillain! [OC only RP]
There have been rumors in both multiverses that there is more than just the multiverse. There’s something bigger. A multiverse of multiverses. A company in the DC multiverse called Techtronics Industries developed a portal that could lead to a whole other multiverse. The Marvel Multiverse. It was soon mass produced as many different products/attachments. There’s phones that allow a portal to any universe/multiverse, watches, cars, and more. Then one day, the founder of the Extremiverse named Extandoren opened to everyone’s mind and told everyone that all this travelling will cause damage to spacetime. But no one listened, as Dr. Strange proved that it will take a few billion years until that happens at the current rate of travelling between universes. So now people can freely go to any planet in any multiverse that they want.

Just started. Join today!
Come check out a DC Comics roleplay server!

We have many characters open. There's no set plot, so you're free to roleplay anything with anyone on any of the locations!

The Teen Titans are a group of teenage heroes who keep the world safe from the clutches of evil. The main group of the Titans comprises of the founding members, although there are two other teams located on the eastern and western sides of America. They are in charge of protecting their respective areas. Honorary members, a select few who are not part of any Titans group, are individually scattered throughout the planet.
I made this server less than a month ago, and I have a very small and sort of inactive community. I'd love some more people roleplaying with us. (Experienced and decent roleplayers please). Thank you.
The year is 1964.

Gotham city has always been filled with crazy people and that's why we have arkham asylum. To make everyone's life's a bit easier. Make a doctor or a patient but just rember in arkham asylum nobody can hear you scream.
Into Comics? into roleplaying? In this server you can roleplay any character from any comic company! You're not stuck to just dc or marvel, this is for all! we want to help those who love comics get into roleplaying and test their skills, we are a safe place where you won't be judged so come and make some amazing roleplay stories with us at Excelsior Comics!
A place for those with dc and marvel cos to rp,
Various rp channels as well as ooc channels and a main story line currently under go! Everyone welcome
A roleplay server mainly revolved around comic universes (DC, Marvel, Image Comics, Dark Horse) but includes others such as Mortal Kombat, Halo, & Dragon Ball.
Welcome to Earth-N1006, In this Earth much like another Universe, Two Universes collided together and formed as one HOWEVER unlike the Universe that this is related to, The Universe was not in chaos...Out of a 1 in Infinite Chance, Both Universes fit neatly together with little to no telefragging or Ultimatum Endings of the Universes...! Now new Heroes and new Villains alongside new locations litter these two Universes, Everyone acknowlodges this fact of how the two merged together and now the Universe lives as one whole Universe!

Why these two universes merged together is unknown...Some say that deities brought it together, Some say a scientific anomaly did, Some say a REALLY powerful superhuman did such and some say it was an attempt to destroy both Universes but for now we do not know..
A server set in a variation of the post-flashpoint DC universe, where you can roleplay as canon characters and have fun! Preferably 13+, but anyone's allowed.