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``⭐️ Heroes Multiverse ✨ ``
**__— This is an organization that accepts One Liners, Semi Literate, and writing styles of any kind. It’s constructed around the DC, Marvel, and ZΩH Universes. We authorize Original Characters that have their own stories, but we attempt to maintain aspects as canon as we could (yet still empowering you with the freedom to cultivate your characters). Our server allows characteristics like magic and mythology, and with our own universe, it furnishes all sorts of new species to choose from. Yes, some characters are even Demigods! But with superiority arrives a lot of necessary improvement to create your character’s abilities rigorously. Rather you select a hero as Supergirl or our exceptionally own ZΩH canons, we guaranteed you’ll have lots of entertainment!

We strive to develop a fun and peaceful atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable if they ever desire to talk to someone. Staff members try our best to be reasonable and remain unbiased to conserve the server running smoothly. That furthermore encompasses second chances if you are ever banned (unless you’re a raider).

Instances Of What You’ll Find In Heroes Multiverse :
— Claimable Canons
— OC Creation Freedom
— Locations from Marvel, DC, and ZOI, all coexisting in one universe.
— Friendly and (Mostly) Mature community where you could come upon quantities of people, and bring about new friendships.
— Reliable Staff Members.

If this is what you’re glimpsing for, Heroes Multiverse is the perfect location for you!__**
``` ```
This is a Marvel Dc Crossover ERP server.
One main thing you should know before joining is that OCs are NOT allowed.
✦ DCverse RP ✦

Like Superman once said "You should join us!"... maybe he didn't say that but you still should.


Friendly staff and community

Newcomer Friendly

Simple rules
Dc Beyond is a new Upcoming Dc Server. We Wish for the Funniest things to happen with Event Happening every Two Weeks. A lot of the side plot Can be Create Through your roleplay and have fun while
•periodically we will have major events For Factions and major event for the entire rp for your choosing.
Now Hurry and Join this Loved Server Most of your Favorite aren't even taken so don't wait and Join!!
We Need a Cyborg, and Some Important Characters are Needed as well.
Canon characters recommended
Oc's are Supported
Discuss and be updated on Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Gotham, Krypton, Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, and much more!
Welcome to Young Justice __. This server is based in the Young Justice universe, where villians lurk in every shadowy corner, and the young heroes have formed a team, known as Young Justice. The Young Justice team does it's best, getting by with a little help and mentoring from the Justice League.

This server accepts both OCs as well as Canon characters, and your characters can join either the Young Justice team, go about it as a solo hero, or even be a villian.

This server isnt set in any cannon timeline, and therefore you do not have to follow the canon of the show, or any other forms of media of the YJ. You guys can follow the canon, or make up your own canon, it's totally your call!

With an amazing and active Staff team, a welcoming community and most canon character available to roleplay with.

DC: Second Age of Heroes

The golden age of Batman and his Boy Wonder have passed. The worlds taken a darker twist and the younger generations have inherited a world on the brink of it's destruction. The old Justice League is gone. The criminals roam the streets.

The world will always have heroes.

Welcome DC: Second Age of Heroes a server where you can experience the DC Universe in an entirely new light. We are a literate, server that follows the events of New Earth.

We Offer

- A comprehensive lore built by our admins
- A helpful server staff in case anybody gets lost or confused
- An LGBTQ friendly server
- An OC template to create characters of your very own
- A New Earth based literate roleplay server

What will you do in this age of heroes? Who will you be? The choices are up to you






Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there? Is anyone listening?

Ah, well, to whoever finds this message, there is someone out there who needs your help. A whole world actually- a universe! You see... My world isn't like the one you're in now. There're no heroes flying through the skies, defending truth, justice and the American way!

Ah man, you have no idea how funny hearing that is, knowing where I come from. Anyways. The heroes you know and love are NOT heroes in my world. They're monsters, all banded together to rule half the world in what they call a "Society of Dominion" or whatever the hell their name is. We call 'em the Society of Doom here. That's all they bring: doom. The real heroes, the Rogues Revolution, have to hide in the shadows. And they don't get to go flying around. Well, they could. But they'd just get their heads lopped off! That's not even getting started on the horror show going on in space. Heh.


I'm running out of time. We're running out of time. I'm only asking you this once- look [In A Mirror, Darkly]. What do you see? Will you go along as just another sheep to be slaughtered by the Society of Doom? Or will you join the Rogues Revolution in their fight for freedom?


Welcome to [DC: In A Mirror, Darkly]. An AU set in a universe where known heroes are now villainous overlords and those once villains are heroic freedom fighters – and everything else in between. Our server offers the following:

◆ Earth-3 inspired DC AU roleplay
◆ Literate, multi-paragraph writers
◆ Canon characters with a twist
◆ Inclusive & LGBTQIA+ friendly
◆ Dedicated & helpful staff 24/7
**DC New Beginnings**

Hello, we are a DC roleplaying server. We accept canon characters, but you can make OCs too.

-Friendly community
-Simple rules

Currently looking for villains and members for the Justice League/Legion of Doom.
This is a DC server that welcomes everyone. We discuss various DC related topics, as well as Marvel. And overall engage in friendly conversations. Role-playing is included.
Welcome to Gotham After Dark, a roleplay server dedicated to all things DC. Here is what we offer as a server!

• Literate Roleplay (our style is multi-paragraph!)
• Events and developed storylines
• Open to alternate universe characters (as long as it is not a double)
• LGBTQ Positive space
• Friendly staff and supportive members. We're like a small family here and are always excited to welcome new members
DC: Crisis on Infinite Earths is where semi-literate superhero fans can come to create dynamic characters and build stories within the DC Multiverse!

It is a special community in that all roleplays take place in specific timelines in which these characters interact.

Our administrative team helps keep this ever-growing community strong by ensuring the literacy and continuity of our server.
Sibling server to the Marvelous Shipyard server! Same layout, same admins only DC instead of Marvel.

A well established and very well organised server, we are a creative, shipping and general fan community for the CW Arrowverse shows. Join our fanfiction writers, artists - and the vast array of other content creators - to talk any aspect of the shows you want.

But don't think you have to be a creator to join - all are welcome.

⚡ Gen/Shipping/SFW/NSFW Conversation
⚡ Custom Arrowverse emojis and bots
⚡ A wide variety of channels to suit your needs
⚡ Daily content
⚡ Weekly server activities: Cards Against Humanity, Skribbl, Streaming Nights, Group Reading and more (all Arrowverse focussed)
⚡ Roleplaying section and private rooms for RPing with partners
⚡ Multifandom, DC Universe and comics sections for non-Arrowverse conversation
⚡ A dedicated, friendly and welcoming Mod/Admin team
⚡ Rules which ensure a safe space for all
⚡ 3 strikes system to protect users from trolls

...Oh, and did we mention we're pirate themed?
This is a server where you can be a canon character or a OC we don’t care and we rp in several city’s fromthe dc universe.
For any members who got kicked randomly we had a rough mod so feel free to join back
We're a community non - NSFW server dedicated to the Joker and all our favourite DC characters.

Share interests about comics, DC [Marvel can pass as well ;) ], memes, games, music and anything else that you like) with our friendly staff and members and we have several bots as well.

We also have a channel for self promo so you get to share your servers as well as videos.

Cool place to chat and we hope you enjoy your stay.
This is a server about comics, movies, games and lots of extra things. You can talk about anything from marvel and dc to star wars and webtoons.
The Multiverse. Up and coming server related to the DCEU. Comic lovers, gamers, social people, we welcome all. Always looking for active people to help grow the community. Including paid promotions soon, come join the community. Looking for more Artists to hold an art contest. FREE NITRO MONTHLY GIVEAWAY. ITUNES GIVEAWAY. STEAM GIVEAWAYS. Biggest Marvel/DC server till date. where you can come hangout and enjoy some cool emojis
Choose and play your favorite characters from the Batman Universe! This Roleplay will create an environment in which you, the players will drive the story! These are the early days of the Caped Crusader, and will leave players with creative freedoms to create their own paths. Will the Dark Knight save the Cold, Dark City of Gotham? Or will this be the story of how the Batman dies?

• Friendly Community Members
• Active Staff Team
• Original Character Creation
• No One-Lining!
• Vast Gallery of Villains for the similarly large pool of Heroes
• Fair but laid-back rules!

18+ NSFW
C'est arrivé d'un coup... Le nombre de Multivers était trop... immense. Les Beyonders, des êtres cosmiques, ont assemblé les terres 1999999 du MCU, la Terre Prime de DC, ainsi que les Terres 616 de Marvel et la Terre des films DC... Tout cela est nouveau... Comment tous vont-ils réagir ? D'autres Terres vont-elles venir ?

Tu es dans un monde qui regroupe tous les Héros et Vilains des comics DC.
Tu vas donc devoir te faire une place sur cette nouvelle terre sous l'identité secrète, ou non d'un héros luttant contre les vilains, ou l'inverse.
Bonne chance dans ce monde !

Il y a la possibilité de choisir son personnage ou d'en créer un !
Le serveur a des mises à jour récurrentes !
Le Staff est présent et à l'écoute !

-"Titans" franchise follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find where they belong. Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special girl possessed by a strange darkness, get involved in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth. Hot-headed Starfire and lovable Beast Boy join them along the way as together they become a surrogate family and team of heroes fighting evil.

-Make your character then start roleplaying !
Auf diesem Discord Server könnt ihr gegen Invites Werbung für eure Projekte machen. Am Anfang benötigt ihr nur 2 Invites. Ihr könnt ja mal drauf kommen und eure 2 Invites voll machen und uns Helfen zu wachsen. Um so mehr Leute drauf kommen um so besser könnt ihr später Werbung machen.
We are a canon role play server where you can create your own character and role play as a canon character we for now may still be a bit small but we hope to gain more members too and become a even better server so we hope you will join and we will make sure you don't regret it.
Welcome! Nerds Assemble!! This is a small server we can just talk about nerdy things or you can debate! Anyone is welcome!!!
We are a small, yet active Group Chat that just hangs out, we're fun and chill and talk about whatever. (Comics, Shows, Interests and mostly anything) We're looking for people our age (13-16) who just wanna chill and find some good friends and common interests.