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There have been rumors in both multiverses that there is more than just the multiverse. There’s something bigger. A multiverse of multiverses. A company in the DC multiverse called Techtronics Industries developed a portal that could lead to a whole other multiverse. The Marvel Multiverse. It was soon mass produced as many different products/attachments. There’s phones that allow a portal to any universe/multiverse, watches, cars, and more. Then one day, the founder of the Extremiverse named Extandoren opened to everyone’s mind and told everyone that all this travelling will cause damage to spacetime. But no one listened, as Dr. Strange proved that it will take a few billion years until that happens at the current rate of travelling between universes. So now people can freely go to any planet in any multiverse that they want.

Just started. Join today!
4 minutes ago
Into Comics? into roleplaying? In this server you can roleplay any character from any comic company! You're not stuck to just dc or marvel, this is for all! we want to help those who love comics get into roleplaying and test their skills, we are a safe place where you won't be judged so come and make some amazing roleplay stories with us at Excelsior Comics!
37 minutes ago
This I play by post role playing server based on the dc universe. Come and join us and make your original characters come to life.
2 hours ago
DC: Rebirth is a plot-driven Role Play server where you get to RP as your favorite DC comics characters. We require tryouts (auditions) from new members before they can start rping and we also don’t allow OC’s.
5 hours ago
Hey! This literate roleplay server is based off Young Justice, a DC Comics animated show that can be found on Netflix. It features many roleplay locations, including the Watchtower, Gotham, Central City, Atlantis and more; and also allows Justice League characters. (A DC character you want to play who isn’t in the show, but still DC? Feel free to play them!)

There is a 2-character limit, so you don’t have to pick between mentors and Young Justice - you can be one of each.

Come on in and check out the server!
8 hours ago
The worlds of Marvel and DC comics come together in this crossover server, where a new era of heroes will be taking the lead now!
With a new cast of heroes, including both custom ocs and canon characters from both series, new adventures await ahead!
We are proud to feature such things as:

- An active community, with members to talk to and a chance to make some new friends
- A custom made storyline, including major heroes like Captain America and Batman to always keep things interesting, and always new things to do
- Set in the popular and well known cities like Gotham, Metropolis, and New York. Feel free to explore any of them at your leisure
- A chance to make YOUR own story, about your own character, or perhaps pick up a canon character you've always wanted to play as
- A mixture of Marvel, DC comics, and My Hero Academia elements all in one server

The future awaits you. As the older heroes of the last generation, such as Superman, Batman, Captain America and plenty others step down, they will become mentors and teachers for the next generation of heroes. S.H.I.E.L.D creates a new program to enlist any civilians known to have powers, and help train them to become heroes. However, not all are accepted, and some turn to the darker side, of villainy...

What sort of impact will you have? Who's side will you take? Will you try and establish your own team, with your own group of friends? Or perhaps and aim to be accepted by one of the more well known alliances, such as The Avengers or even the Justice League? Or maybe even a team of evil, and aim to rule the world with your forces combined?
8 hours ago
Basically, its set in an alternate universe with three fandoms, Marvel, D.C., and the X-MEN. THOUGH. Don’t be discouraged to create your own organization! It is all oc based and any characters that normally existed don't, just the same themes. We are quite new but we are nice and have quite an organized system. You are allowed to make suggestions and don’t even have to be in one of the main groups! Once enough people join, you’ll be able to make your own ranks with groups of people of your choice! There will be hero’s and villains, so don’t be afraid to make your character and go all out! Please give it a shot!
11 hours ago
Gotham City.......
Clean shafts of concrete and snowy rooftops. The work of men who died generations ago. From here, it looks like an achievement. From here, you can't see the enemy.

This is a PG-13 role-playing server set in the world of Gotham City, drawing from a history of the many DC television series, cinematic movies and games. Adhere to the rules of the server, and experience an exciting life in the city of the Bat, as well as his extensive rogue's gallery.
11 hours ago
An adult roleplay server (in-RP violence, sex, profanity, etc. authorized in-RP) set in a non-canon dimension/Earth. In it, the demon Trigon has fused with his daughter Raven in order to cross over from hell to Earth, and she is now leading a demonic invasion to conquer it.

Whose side will you be on ? The resistance led by the Justice League ? The Trigonites hell bent on taking this world as their own ? Or will you remain out of this conflict tearing the world appart.

Both original and canon characters are permitted.
The server is still very young, so lots of canon characters are available. And because it's a non-canon Earth, you can adapt them and even change them, the way you want, or you can also play your favourite iterations of such characters. ^^

[Condition : the visual representation of all characters in this server have to be in comic-style art. No photos or anime/manga visuals]
12 hours ago
Marvel + DC Crossover Roleplay. Other universes are included, custom characters/variants of characters are allowed. 13+.
1 days ago
The Beyonder, in an attempt to make the Marvel Multiverse a single continuity, ripped a hole in the fabric of reality. In doing so, the hole in reality connected to a machine at Lexcorp, where Lex Luther is working to bring alternate, more villainous versions of the Justice League to defeat the original Justice League.
Terror on the streets of New York rein as powerful villains such as Bizarro come through to attack vastly unprepared heroes such as Spider-Man. Gotham is in a panic as the Red Hulk attacks everything in sight, due to him being transferred to a strange new land.
With the rift opened, heroes and villains alike travel to both realities in order to stop the chaos spread, or to cause more chaos.
The Avengers and the Justice League are at odds, not believing who is a hero and who is a villain. Alliances are being made, creating deadly combos, while the heroes fight amongst each other.
In this divided state, can we combat the villains trying to fight for dominance in both realities, or will we all in this new world?
1 days ago
Four months ago Superman, the worlds greatest superhero was killed by an unknown enemy. This has kicked off a wave of crime and depression across the world, the loss of this great hero can only mean one thing for the world... Disaster. All the heroes of the world gathered in Metropolis on February 17th 2018 to bid farewell to their fallen comrade, all except for Batman. Batman was hit harder then most by the death of the Superman, he withdrew into his Batcave to mourn his friend alone, not as a fellow Superhero, not as a protector, but as a friend. When Batman returned he wore a new suit, fashioned in honor of Superman, a suit that bore Superman's symbol.

How did you react to the death of Superman? Did you mourn the passing of your fellow hero? Rejoice at the death of a great enemy? Become inspired to do greatness in his memory? Or become less afraid to reveal your true villainous nature? The choice is yours, and these are the End Times, which side do you choose?

(The server only started on the 12th, so don't leave if there aren't any people on.)
3 days ago
The year is 1964.

Gotham city has always been filled with crazy people and that's why we have arkham asylum. To make everyone's life's a bit easier. Make a doctor or a patient but just rember in arkham asylum nobody can hear you scream.
4 days ago
this is a server of the dc universe in the future where you can be a son/daughter of your favorite character or be not even related to anyone.
-we have great admin
-canon characters and Ocs
-multiple channels to rp in
-place for memes
- and more
8 days ago
Welcome to Marvel/DC Civil War!
In this universe, because of the escape attempt of the unregistered heroes, the DC and Marvel Universes have come together, and now the Civil War is even more intense!
Play as your favorite heroes from both Marvel and DC, choose a side, meet new players and comic fans, share your take on the character!
Best of all is, we’re starting new (and aiming to be one of the biggest roleplays), so most of the popular heroes are still not taken! Hurry!
10 days ago
Come check out a DC Comics roleplay server!

We have many characters open. There's no set plot, so you're free to roleplay anything with anyone on any of the locations!
11 days ago
Wir sind der offizielle Discord Server des Lego Super Hereos Wikis auf Fandom powerd by Wikia.
14 days ago


Paragraph 3rd person perspective rp required

The Year is 2192

The mutant world, and other super humans, have long since been accepted by the general populous after the 2157 Particle Accelerator explosion orchestrated by Eobard Thawne; made upon a much wider scale to "bless" the planet with Metas . Laws have been put in place to protect mutant/super human rights. The Governments of the world oversee, but do not have authority, with groups such as the X-Men and Avengers. SHIELD has been rebuilt from the ground up and has its main base of operation in North America.

The X-Men and Justice League have grown substantially. While they still maintain and operate Jean Grey's School for Higher Learning out of the X-Mansion, and the Justice League still keeps order.Both along with several other groups have collectively united to become a government sponsored team akin to that of the United Nations. Back ups are put in place to protect the mutants and other extraordinary beings as they work. Whenever needed the meta humans, mutants and those others graced with power attempt to defend the Earth from any threat that may come

For many decades the X-Men, Justice League and several other factions have staved off multiple threats from terrorists to apocalyptic occurrences. They are decorated and respected enough to win the public's approval.

However on January 1, 2192 - a massive attack nearly levels all of Los Angeles, California. The vigilante forces of Earth quickly dispatch to assist but by the time they arrive they find nothing but shambles of the main city left. Shortly after, on January 5th, a second attack flattens Dallas, Texas. Reports flood in from all over the globe of panicked and distraught individuals. With LA destroyed and numerous attacks being reported throughout the world - the public's paranoia begins to rise again. What caused the damage? Who is to blame? Is it the super villains, or is a greater plan in the works?

It is now June 1, 2192. Over two hundred instances of major assaults in populated cities around Earth have been reported. Only a handful were caught in time to be thwarted. The defenders of Earth are starting to lose their valor. Can they fight back this threat or will life as they know it be extinguished?
20 days ago
This RP takes place on Earth 2190 in where the Universes of Marvel and DC are merged together much like Earth N1006 however unlike that Earth: War did not break out and both the Universes merged perfectly with alliances being made and new places being put on Maps, Now is where you all step in and make a story for yourselves!
22 days ago
"Gotham is under terror, and the Batfamily is split apart somewhat after Nightwing's disappearance and Batgirls sudden Retirement following Batman's "Death" Not only that, but more threats lurk in the shadows. The mysterious Court of Owls and League of Shadows threaten Gotham. Will the Batfamily be enough to stop it, outnumbered and uncoordinated?"

Welcome, we're a strong nice community that have created many other successful RPs. and hope to grow and get more members. We have RP Custom lore with a detailed Backstory, mee mee's, Custom Emojis. and a lot of unclaimed characters and Batcow!. Hurry and snatch one before the others do!


-->A custom detailed Lore

->Focus on Gotham and Metropolis but characters from other places are allowed

->Batcow, Master of Cow-Fu

->Events are somewhat regular, looking for Super characters/Batfam

Come join! and you'll have a fun time role-playing here!
23 days ago
This is a crossover RP server set in a world created out of the fallout of heroes from the Marvel and DC universes coming together to prevent a multidimensional cataclysm! Play your favourite characters from Marvel and DC Comics in a world where Captain America fought HYDRA in WW2 alongside the Justice Society of America. A world where Namor and Aquaman are twin kings of Atlantis, a world where the Green Lantern Corps and the Nova Corps work together to ensure galactic peace and a world where humans born with powers are hated and feared. This is a world where the greatest heroes and greatest villains of two different worlds collide.

NOTE: NO OC's Allowed.
23 days ago
A server just starting out, where you can be alot of things, liek metas and other stuf, i KNOW its not alot but all servers start out somewhere, so please join!
24 days ago
Suit up people and get ready to go to war! This server invites you to the wonderful world of Detective Comics. Why should you join this server? Well....
1. We talk about the best comics and a whole lot of other "stuff"
2. We have designatedchannels for all activities, including rage filled arguments
3. tbh We have more people than the other DC servers here so.... MORE ACTIVITY. Join now!
27 days ago
This server is full of superheros from across the Marvel and DC universe! But now, the two universes have combined! The descendants of the superheroes are now entering a superhero academy which has recently opened up, many new mutants and meta-humans and other superpowered children are enrolling to help further control their powers and become a hero! Who will you be? What will you be?
50 days ago