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Wanna erp as your favourite marvel or DC characters? This is the place for you! Most characters aren’t taken!
| In need of a Nightwing, and some of the Rouge Gallery |

Gotham is a tainted city.

Crime runs rampant through the darkened alleyways. The rich sit high above the filth and rot in their penthouses, the gangs spill their blood feuds all about the condemned slums, and the have nots rely on the poison swill their drug peddlers feed them to get through the misery of it all. Corruption and graft are the names of the game, from the very top to the very bottom, and worst of all, insane, mass-murdering, costumed terrorists are allowed to run free of any consequences. The revolving door of Arkham is as notorious as it is useless.

Yet, all the same, the Dark Knight watches over this cursed city. For he knows, that there is still humanity in Gotham.


Hello, and welcome to GOTHAM CITY, a literate Batman RP server. Emphasis on LITERATE- we tolerate no one-lining here, and we expect good quality posts. We are also exclusively CANON, so if you want to rp with OCs, you're probably better off looking somewhere else. Other than that, though, we hope that you join up! We strive to be a nontoxic, drama-free rp server, just focusing on having as much fun as possible. There's still plenty of characters free, so come on down!
A small town, nothing too terribly big.

The citizens all do their part and help out, using either abilities to their advantage or to the dismay of others.

We welcome you to a new version of a Marvel/DC Roleplay where you can take on the role of any hero/villain and enjoy this slice of life roleplay!


-Our community is very friendly!
-Always looking for new members!
-Active Admins who are happy to help at any given time!
-Uses Tupperbox for easier Roleplay!

Stop in and check us out! We'd love to have you!
Welcome to the 'Multiverse of Collision', also referred to as Multiverse 392. The Multiverse of Collision is an anomaly. The entire Multiverse is fractured, and is technically several Multiverses collided into a singular entity. The Multiverse of Collision is a collection of an enormous amount of foreign Universes compiled into each other. Marvel, DC, Globelore Universes, Anime Universes and countless others.

This Universe's variation of Earth is also fractured, with a range of different locations, each with different buildings from other foreign Universes.

[TL;DR this is a mashup of almost every Universe. Meaning you can RP almost any character you wish to. There are also infinite variations of most characters, meaning even if they're taken, you can be a different variation!]
You know what's funny? You know what really makes us laugh? We used to think that our lives were a tragedy. But now we realize it's a comedy
Come join us in our clown sanctuary
-worship Joker
-embrace your inner clown
-use our Joker and clown emoji
-talk to the Joker and Harley
-meet fellow clowns interested in the same things as you
And don't forget to smile!
"official dc server for all dc comics related content including comics, TV shows, animation, movies and video games"
What is one supposed to do when the people sworn to protect you from the world’s greatest threats are no more?

What happens when the universe’s greatest protectors die?

Welcome to DC: The New Era. Set in a world six months after the death of the Justice League, the world must learn to cope when their greatest heroes have vanished. Some will rise up in their place, some will use their absence as an opportunity. Whatever the case, it is up to *you* to decide what side of the coin you fall on. Your story starts here. Will you take part in the New Era?

- Active, knowledgeable staff that can assist even the newest of fans
- Canon characters and OCs are allowed
- A large, open roster of canon characters and the chance to focus on smaller canons
- Open story where player input is valued!
- The entire DC world to explore
- The chance to create YOUR story how you see fit.
The year is 2019, the world is the same as ours, but with a slight twist. Ever since the world wide crisis Villains have started to take over, taking advantage of the poor, and supported by the rich.

Heroes are starting to raise but slowly, aliens have arrived but nobody knows about it at all.

In the start of this year, the particle accelerator exploded in Central City, ever since someone now named Flash has been a local hero.

Metropolis, one of the wealthiest cities on Earth has their own hero too, named Superman. But he's not the only one, Supergirl is there too.

In world War 2 Someone special came along. Someone who hasn't been seen since, she got the name of Wonder Woman.

And then there's Gotham, the poorest city of all, but trust me when I say this, it's rich in crime.. the vigilante Batman has been running there since late 2010..

But.. who will you join? The heroes.. or the villains...?


Both Oc's and Canon Characters allowed!

Fun staff and community!
I would like to formally welcome you to our dc universe where all the new and old team up fighting off new threats. In this server we’re all really laid back, new dc new comers are welcome 😊 we have specific channels that have information on Earths, teams, and characters to help build your desire oc. We also help with fighting, and creating a decent oc. We don’t care if you bring overpowered powers, because everyone within the server are equal. We would love to here your plot and event ideas to keep the server going. Now that’s all for now 😊 we hope you consider joining our family.
『 The Age of Heroes has returned, and with it comes the rise of unspeakable horrors. While enemies near and far plot to destroy, conquer, or rot Earth Infinity, far more sinister entities have snuck their way into the boundaries of this limitless dimension. We need you to stop them.』

Earth Infinity is not your typical literate rp. You'll never feel lost, confused, or left out. We utilize professional storytelling elements to deliver an experience rarely found anywhere, and with a community that's been rping together for over a year, we guarantee a foundation that's just as solid as it is open to newcomers. That's just the start. We have assistants to help craft stories tailored to you, professional writing help that will make you a better writer in general, and cross-media platforms that will. Blow. Your. Mind.

What do you have to lose?

Jump into this universe and let the seas of infinity carry you to new horizons.

-> OCs are allowed!
Hey, come join our Discord server, If you loke roleplay and DC, this is the place for you
This is a server where you can be a canon character or a OC we don’t care and we rp in several city’s fromthe dc universe.
For any members who got kicked randomly we had a rough mod so feel free to join back
The dark night sees all...

From a mugging in a hidden alleyway, to a high profile social event among the city's elites, the night hags over every nook and cranny in Gotham proper. Indeed, the city itself has a strange aura about it, twisting those who remain for too long... Yet, as dark as the night is, the shadow of the Bat is the darkest of all...

We present DC: Gotham Night, for an exclusive Gotham rp experience that you won't forget. We have literate rp, fun bots to play with, plenty of channels to rp in, and characters to choose from. Will you join on the side of the angels, and fight against the tide of crime washing over this city? Will you join the side of the devils, and take the city on by storm as they cower in fear at your villainous plots? Or will you be something else entirely?

The choice is yours. Join now.
DC: Reborn

This is a Semi-Literate, and realistic server built around DC Universe! Built around it's own stories, yet we still try to keep things as canon as we can, with some freedom of choice. We also allow the Greek Mythology side of DC, and are interested in exploring the Amazonian aspects. We even allow Demigods and other such characters as possibilities.


In this server, we strive to bring a fun, and friendly experience to those who wish to be a part of our growing community. We have a very friendly, and equally helpful Staff Team that keeps things running smooth.


We are always looking for people to fill our ranks, and be a part of something legendary in their own right! Below you find examples of what you will find here:

-Ability to claim Canon Characters, and join iconic factions.
-Freedom to create OCs.
-Many, many locations based on DC.
-Friendly, and helpful Staff Team.
-Mature, and chill community. Void of toxicity.


So if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the DC Universe, come on in and forge your legend! The Presence is watching.

A community dedicated to comics and comic-related media. We're a laid back server, and geeks of all types are welcome.

Come and talk about Marvel and DC Comics, or your favorite comics from any other publisher!
Washington DC, USA 5:00AM
The world is literally on fire, parademons rain from the skies. Buildings are being destroyed and people are dying. Darkseid emerges from a portal and looks around at the world he’s conquered. While Darkseid bathes in his glory a resistance team of the remaining lantern corps begin to put their plan into action, using their rings they bring together all their lanterns to form the Omni-lantern. The Omni-lantern bathes the Earth in a spectrum of colors then a bright flash. Everyone is blinded for a whole minute and when they can see again, their world has been restored. Little did they know the Omni-lantern became sentient and while it was recreating Earth it modified people’s brains making them slightly more horny then they should usually be. This is our world now
When Thanos got the infinity stones, He decided to make everybody in the universe hornier, Everyone in that universe we're having sex and shit, Thanos made a portal to another universe named DC, Thanos controlled everybody in the Marvel universe to go in that universe, When Thanos met Darkseid, They had sex and watched netflix and chill.
Talk about, share fanart, share merch, and have fun discussing superheroes and their latest properties
With both the Marvel and DC Universes' now sharing the same reality following a powerful out-surge of energy which simultaneously caused the demise of all canon, society has had to adjust to these drastic changes. 'The Avengers' ensure the safety of Earth to the best of their abilities, the name seeming fitting after the demise of all canon. Meanwhile, 'The Circle' ensure the chaos that occurs within Earth whilst reporting to 'The Light,' a group comprised of canon whose intentions are shrouded in myster.
What else does this server have to offer besides an intriguing lore? Well..
+ Growing and Active Staff Team
+ Welcoming members
+ Creativity in regards of OCs
+ Flexibility
+ Variety
Can't wait to hopefully roleplay with you!
Discuss and be updated on Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Gotham, Krypton, Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, and much more!
Welcome to Young Justice __. This server is based in the Young Justice universe, where villians lurk in every shadowy corner, and the young heroes have formed a team, known as Young Justice. The Young Justice team does it's best, getting by with a little help and mentoring from the Justice League.

This server accepts both OCs as well as Canon characters, and your characters can join either the Young Justice team, go about it as a solo hero, or even be a villian.

This server isnt set in any cannon timeline, and therefore you do not have to follow the canon of the show, or any other forms of media of the YJ. You guys can follow the canon, or make up your own canon, it's totally your call!

With an amazing and active Staff team, a welcoming community and most canon character available to roleplay with.

Welcome to Gotham, a city of vigilantes, crime, and more crime. How do heros react when villains are on the scene. Join in as your favorite Gotham hero or villain to find out.
A Roleplay server that takes place in the universe of Batman: The Animated Series. Save the day as a hero or wreak havoc as a villain.
Welcome to Gotham After Dark, a roleplay server dedicated to all things DC. Here is what we offer as a server!

• Literate Roleplay (our style is multi-paragraph!)
• Events and developed storylines
• Open to alternate universe characters (as long as it is not a double)
• LGBTQ Positive space
• Friendly staff and supportive members. We're like a small family here and are always excited to welcome new members