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In a world where supervillain is just another day job, and vigilantes enforce the law. A world where civilians are at risk every day. Each day more people take to the streets to destroy those who oppose them.

4 hours ago
We are a new server looking for our new members, we are to put it simply a community for those who are fans of the DC Comics or even just the WB Games that feature the heros and villains of DC. We do also offer some roleplaying as well for the more creative members of Discord. If you enjoy DC comics or any thing that has to do with the DC heros and villain then come check us out. Please keep in mind we are new so there will be some growing pains, do not be turned away by the amount of members, with your help we can build a good sized community.
1 days ago
Wir sind der offizielle Discord Server des Lego Super Hereos Wikis auf Fandom powerd by Wikia.
3 days ago
Earth Omega is a role-play server that consists of many categories with detail, It's in need of users to increase the activity, Please do join if you wish to!
31 days ago