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This is the Parliament of Trees, an appreciation/community and roleplay server, centered around everybody's favorite Avatar of the Green, Swamp Thing.
If you are a fan of Swamp Thing, new or old, come join us to discuss the characters, share recommended reading, and get involved with the Swamp Thing fan community.
If you are looking to roleplay, this is not your average DC RP server. It is based in the dark and underrepresented realms of the DC Universe, only allowing for these criminally underrated characters to be recognized.

"Flesh speaks...wood listens."
This a chill DC Server for discussing different aspects of DC Comics, and other Comics. Recent Role-Play feature has been added, characters are being taken fast, so the faster you join the more likely it is you'll get a likeable character. Partnering involved, for this DM the owner.
Welcome to Cosmos Roleplay! We're a Marvel/DC, literate, canon-only server. We're just starting out and looking for more experienced roleplayers. We accept characters from both the comics and cinematic universes, giving the players more freedom with what they can do with their characters, and what story lines they can follow.

We're a pretty fun bunch.
New RP server based around the rules set by DC for Gods, Man and other.

In the world of DC, there is the Skylands. A place where many different mythologies and religions co-exist. With these Skylands there also comes the Underworld where Condemned Gods, Angels, and other evil creatures from these mythologies and religions exist with the dead. Now, these Condemned Gods wish to break out from their prison in Hell. How do they plan to do it? By weakening the Gods of the Skylands who had imprisoned him, attacking what they love; the Humans. Demons and their children now roam the Earth, killing whatever they please. Raping whatever brings them joy. The Gods of the Skylands must now band together to defend the Humans while He stands by and watches His creation be destroyed. What will the Gods of the Skylands do? They will create defenders; Ø Daemon Venator, better known as Demon Hunters. These two Demon Hunters are the spawn of strong Gods and will protect the people, but they can’t do it alone. What will you do? Help the Demon Hunters? Or side with the Condemned and attempt to destroy these Demon Hunters, the Gods, and all of what they hold dear?
Sibling server to the Marvelous Shipyard server! Same layout, same admins only DC instead of Marvel.

A well established and very well organised server, we are a creative, shipping and general fan community for the CW Arrowverse shows -but we have sections for other iterations of the characters too. Join our fanfiction writers, artists - and the vast array of other content creators - to talk any aspect of the shows you want.

But don't think you have to be a creator to join - all are welcome.

⚡ Gen/Shipping/SFW/NSFW Conversation
⚡ Custom Arrowverse emojis and bots
⚡ A wide variety of channels to suit your needs
⚡ Daily content
⚡ Weekly server activities: Cards Against Humanity, Skribbl, Streaming Nights, Group Reading and more (all Arrowverse focussed)
⚡ Roleplaying section and private rooms for RPing with partners
⚡ Multifandom and comics sections for non-Arrowverse conversation
⚡ A dedicated, friendly and welcoming Mod/Admin team
⚡ Rules which ensure a safe space for all
⚡ 3 strikes system to protect users from trolls

...Oh, and did we mention we're pirate themed?
Hey everyone! Welcome to the DC: World's Finest Server! The official Roleplay server where you can be any character from the Detective Comics Universe! With Roleplaying you can engage in conversations with other members, on different topics! You can be a part of the Justice League and fight crime (or make some hehe) in your own story! Join today and be a World's Finest.

Disclaimer: No OC's Allowed
You've been invited to Eclipse!
Let your imagination roam free!

- Do you like Marvel, DC, My Hero, or any other franchise / comic thats similar to them? If you answered yes, then this server is the best place for you!

- Join and enhance your superpowers to defend or destroy for your own goals and ideals! You can become a superhero, supervillain, or you can remain neutral.

- This server is home for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. We support manga, comics, anime, movies and more within RP! Almost anything is allowed!

Hello there! We are a DCRP server that is looking to grow!
Here is what you need to know:
-We are always looking for people!
-We are a chill community and we're nice!
-We looking for good RPers!
Why not check out our server? Have fun!
Welcome to DC Comics Role-Play, a brand new server for fans of DC comics interested in rping as their favorite heroes and villains. Join now while the character you want is still available!

Message from the Arkham Staff:

Welcome to Arkham City. Here you will find an equal opportunity for all inmates. No personal care will be provided for any of the so-called super criminals. All criminals are expected to adjust back to life in society by being in a city where they are not in danger to innocent people. As criminals, you have forfeited your so called rights due to your inability to respect others'. Because of your crimes against humanity, you are to be afforded no liberties from the outside world other than supplies at your designated drop off points. Prisoners are responsible for ensuring that food is distributed equally.

Around Arkham, you will find TYGER Operatives. They are here to ensure you maintain a healthy society and do not attempt to escape. Any attempts to escape will be ended with extreme prejudice. Arkham City is not responsible for your well being. All citizens of Arkham City will be treated equally by TYGER Operatives.

We hope you can adjust to society here in Arkham City.

We are always looking for literate roleplayers! Feel free to join!
Welcome to Capetown City.

Population? Who the hell knows? With so many babies, people moving in and people dying or disappearing, it’s really hard to keep track. But as long as you keep your nose clean and keep your eyes open, you should be good around here.

It’s definitely an interesting place with a lot of interesting characters. A bunch of eccentrics and weirdos, if you ask me. Some folks with personalities that sound like they jumped straight out of a comic book. Though that only makes them more dangerous, doesn’t it?

Anyway, be careful. You don’t want to end up like one of those poor souls who don’t realize that they’re in a City of Gods.

⬥Modern setting with mafia elements
⬥Accepts characters from many comic publishers
⬥Literate para and multi-para roleplay
⬥Friendly, diverse and inclusive community
⬥Dedicated and helpful staff team
⬥Seasonal major storylines and events
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s **Comicvana** – the coolest discord server for all comic fans, lovers or creators. – Everyone is welcome to join and being a part of this awesome community. We’re an active and still growing community. Here is why YOU should be part of this:

| |
| 📜 | A chat for any interest! |
| 🚨 | A supporting staff; |
| 🌐 | Many self-assignable roles; |
| 🤖 | Mee6, Dyno and much more |
| 👥 | Sub-communities for the most common interests; |
| 👍 | No NSFW-Server |
| *and much more* |
| |
| __Don’t miss it!__ |

Join today!

Come and join Powerverse: A New Chapter!^^ Create your own character, or apply for a canon character; this is your story, your chapter. Marvel and DC oriented characters are welcome!

- Roam places such as Gotham, Central City, Atlantis, New York City, and more! (Even have your own town/city! Just ask for it)

- Roleplay as your chosen superhero/supervillain to ward of enemies! (Canon or Custom Character) ✨

- Create your own custom hero/villain/neutral individual to roam the streets and make a name for themselves~! 🌟

- Join/Align with the FBSI as they work with the heroes to capture villains and conduct studies to further advance their knowledge! 🚓

- Create/Join custom factions/leagues/organizations, etc.

- Interact with a chill and fun staff as well as a whole-hearted community~! ❤️

- Have fun with our bots and compete for a spot on the server board! 🌐

Any questions may be asked directly to I myself or my lovely staff members! Eris loves you! ❤️❤️

Mutants vs Government This server is a roleplay server. We need more members. Alternative Characters are allowed. DC ONLY. We need admins. Feel free to join the Fun.
In a universe where every DC character exists together, where will you fit in? Are you one of the last Green Martians, or are you Red Tornado? Will you save innocents, or pull the strings of the world from the shadows? All of these things and more are possible!

Here we offer a few things:
-A great and welcoming staff team and community
-The ability to be nearly every character in the DC multiverse!
-The ability to add Headcanons to any character you claim!
-The chance to make OC’s in this DC world

We hope to see you there!
Hey, welcome to The Watchtower, the place where you can have all of your roleplaying delights serviced to you. We are a DC comics based server, so feel free to play as your favorite dashing superhero, or a dastardly, evil, cunning villain. We accept all types here, so come on in!
Hello there and welcome.
DC:New Bloods Is a RP where all the cannon heros and villians never existed but there were other heros and villians in the past but now more and more are appearing but Is it for the better or worse.....?

#1~Starting off you will have no powers or anything being a Hero or villain You may be a Criminal or Police officer though.
#2~ Romance RP Is allowed but keep It realistic Not kiss than marriage.
#3~ Try not to do 1 Liners but Its allowed.
#4~No being a Cannons Heros kid.
#5~When fighting you must attempt attacks and roll (Lowest Losses)
#6~Use IRL Pics Only
Rise of Heroes
It had begun.. after Darkseid had been taking on a severe beating from the protectors of Doomsday Clock's timeline he is pushed so far back to the edge that upon his already dying body he kills himself releasing him from his physical form while his true form had remained untouched, Darkseid being nigh untouchable uses his form to make the universe of the Doomsday Clock collapse inwards onto itself all while this is going down Dr. Manhattan through unknown means gains contact with the Presence. The Presence however would be Arguing with The One Above All until both finally realizing that they both knew their own multiverses were to be soon coming to a very abrupt ending. After discussing at what they would would do about the situation and coming to a final agreement and verdict they agree to use their omnipotence to basically take all of the universes and crunch them together into this compressed ball. This triggering a second big bang.. which makes a new universe in its entirety one which contains the past lives of those both from Doomsday Clock and ??? Marvel Universe. This is multi-universe while having just been recently created.. starts off with the dinosaurs n' such so fast forward to the year 2020 and beings from both of the previous multiverses start appearing once again either it be hero or villain.

This takes place around late 2020 as old heroes and villains began to remerge either it be from marvel or dc and most of the previous organizations and factions have been formed such as S.H.I.E.L.D and the avengers and JSL.

- A nice server if you want to just chill and communicate.

- Canon characters and OC's welcome

-Heroes and Villains are welcomed

-Bit of a friendly staff and community

-A world and lore that is still being created and evolving

We are a roleplay server that specializes in Rolplaying DC and Marvel characters. We're still pretty new so let us know if we're doing anything wrong.
OCs are allowed and we encourage them!
Welcome to Gotham Legends, a roleplay server where you get to become a legend of this mad city of Gotham. Whether if it’s you being on the heroic side, or in the Rogue’s Gallery, you are set to go down as a Gotham Legend.

Here are some things about the server that you should know about:

-RP experience. You must be aware of literate RP. Make sure that you have the proper experience to be able to write well.
-Detailed RP. What we’re looking for is third person, literate RP as stated above.
-if you’re having trouble with the writing part, we are willing to help you in our RP Institute channel! To improve your skill in writing. :)
-OC’s are allowed as long as they’re not filled with powers.
-Powers for characters are allowed when they’re not godly. Some people could have superpowers but have high flaws along with them. It has to be balanced, but we do prefer characters without too many powers.
-No characters from other cities. References are very acceptable but you cannot choose a character from Metropolis, Coast City, Central City, etc.

The other rules of the server will be shown to you when you join.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve! We are a friendly community waiting for many more people to join us. And we certainly can’t wait to have you.
DC Legacy is a DC Next Generation Roleplay. It follows heroes and villains as they interact wit the DC landscape. The RP is divided into a bunch of subplots that wind and weave into each other. You can feel free to join into any or just rp in our general world hub. The plots are listed below and are subject to change:
Seraph Society: This follows a covert team of heroes as they defeat various villains and take down criminal organizations out of the public eye.
Teen Titans 2.0: Seraph Society got too dangerous for it's trainees and new heros have started to rise and what better way to get them ready for the heroing world than with a team. The Teen Titans
Green Lantern Savior Saga: Metas were sold off all over the galaxy and earths lanterns need to get them back. Come join our space faring crew on their villain of the week style adventures.
Welcome to DC Rewritten, a roleplay server where you can choose your character from the DC Universe and RP to your heart's content! This server is open to everyone of all ages/sexualities/genders/any other category, and lot's of roles are still free so grab them while you can! Line by line RPing is allowed, and we host events as well!
Cosy community of writers who share a love for roleplaying DC characters. Based on a blend of movies, the animated series and a bit of the comics. The RP is often paced with intervals, but each piece is typically long and well thought out, as we seek to improve ourselves as writers while we interact.

Our server is strictly PG-13, and we strongly discourage one-lining, drama or disrespectful comments.

Canon characters recommended, but certain OCs can be allowed (if they can fit).

Novel formatting required.
Hello! We are the Multiverse Roleplay. We are a fast growing community of roleplayers and videogames who welcome all types of people. We offer:

- Paid daily by Unbelievaboat coming soon!
-Friendly Staff!
-Active Users!
-Entertaining Bots!
-Friendly Users!
-Daily Giveaways!
-LGBT Friendly!

In this server you can role as whatever you want anything goes! The severs a huge crossover of everything. We do daily giveaways with prizes ranging from Doctor Whos sonic screwdriver to the infamous infinity gauntlet. No OCs are required although if you want to make one you can. Worried about OP people? Dont have to be because here everyone can be as OP as you want. You can suggest things to this server to make it better and also maybe become admin doing partnerships and helping me out. Feel free to show any art you have to share with this server members Come join today and feel free to invite friends.