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This is a DC server that welcomes everyone. We discuss various DC related topics, as well as Marvel. And overall engage in friendly conversations. Role-playing is included.
A Roleplay server that takes place in the universe of Batman: The Animated Series. Save the day as a hero or wreak havoc as a villain.
Choose and play your favorite characters from the Batman Universe! This Roleplay will create an environment in which you, the players will drive the story! These are the early days of the Caped Crusader, and will leave players with creative freedoms to create their own paths. Will the Dark Knight save the Cold, Dark City of Gotham? Or will this be the story of how the Batman dies?
W E L C O M E T O G O T H A M : M A D C I T Y

❖▐ ⋮ THEMES ❜ noir, alternate universe, gore, mystery, gothic fictional, superheroes, etc.
❖▐ ⋮ WHO WE ARE ❜ Gotham: Mad City is a roleplay that is based of the hit movie 'Joker', this server explores the world of that canon and expands what has been shown throughout the film as well as allows you, the people who join to explore other characters and implement a more grounded depiction of the fictional characters that you love.

We're a strong community of writers who share a passion for roleplaying in a literate manner (one-lining is in fact discouraged) Feel free to join and remember:

'Put On A Happy Face'
The dark night sees all...

From a mugging in a hidden alleyway, to a high profile social event among the city's elites, the night hags over every nook and cranny in Gotham proper. Indeed, the city itself has a strange aura about it, twisting those who remain for too long... Yet, as dark as the night is, the shadow of the Bat is the darkest of all...

We present DC: Gotham Night, for an exclusive Gotham rp experience that you won't forget. We have literate rp, fun bots to play with, plenty of channels to rp in, and characters to choose from. Will you join on the side of the angels, and fight against the tide of crime washing over this city? Will you join the side of the devils, and take the city on by storm as they cower in fear at your villainous plots? Or will you be something else entirely?

The choice is yours. Join now.
is a wonderful server full of great people and a lot of fun. Discussing about movies, comics, and everything else that is comic related. we are sure we won't allow harassment in our server. we will have a great time having a few laughs here and there. but mostly we come together to talk about our favorite characters in the comic book community :) PS: we are not apart of a RP community.
This is a fun rp server where you can find no one-lining here. We're just new, so the support from YOU would be absolutely wonderful and greatly appreciated. We promise an active, literate role-playing experience and great lore and many events to go with it. Plenty of cannon characters are open, so don't be afraid or nervous to pick up the character you love the most out of the entire roster.
Welcome to The BatCave
-We’re a new, cannon-divergent server with plenty of available characters up for grabs.
Batman heroes, villains, and other roles are available. We have a friendly group and plenty of channels to write and goof off in.

Hope to see you there!
Welcome to Young Justice __. This server is based in the Young Justice universe, where villians lurk in every shadowy corner, and the young heroes have formed a team, known as Young Justice. The Young Justice team does it's best, getting by with a little help and mentoring from the Justice League.

This server accepts both OCs as well as Canon characters, and your characters can join either the Young Justice team, go about it as a solo hero, or even be a villian.

This server isnt set in any cannon timeline, and therefore you do not have to follow the canon of the show, or any other forms of media of the YJ. You guys can follow the canon, or make up your own canon, it's totally your call!

With an amazing and active Staff team, a welcoming community and most canon character available to roleplay with.

Welcome, to Young Justice: Scions! The world has calmed down, with some of the Leaguers retiring, and many members of the former Young Justice working as regular members of the Justice League. Due to the apparent defeat of the Light, the Justice League has stopped worrying about covert operations, facing on the threats to Earth in the light.

But Batman, now retired, but none less skeptical, started looking into things. He knew the Light wasn't just going to roll over and admit defeat, not with Lex Luthor and many other members either in prison or the Phantom Zone. They wouldn't forget this slight. So, as more and more suspicious events started to crop up, Batman re-activated the Young Justice Protocol, bringing a new team in, to face the Light once more.

In this Server, you can be a hero, a villain, or even a neutral party. There's a chance to join Young Justice or the Light's new, counter-team! You can be the children or grandchildren of some of your favourite DC characters, and create all new stories in the world of Young Justice! Now, there's not unlimited spots for either team, so join up quick! We'll be glad to have you.
Welcome to Detective Comics:
Crisis. Come on in and Pick a Character from DC Comics Roster. Enjoy Our Plots & Events Which Will Change Every 1-2 Weeks. Ask Our Staff Team for Help and Your Request will be granted! Have a Good Time!


📓 Friendly Staff!
📓 Events and Rewards!
📓 Giveaways for rare and potentially forbidden specs and gear!
x No Fanfiction Character Unless a Future Child
x No 1 Liners
x No illiterate roleplay


Welcome to the World of DC, where Young Justice protects the streets, the Justice League watches over the earth, the Lantern Corps guard space, Justice League Dark suppresses the forces of dark magic, while Atlantis fights insurgents and the Amazons battle mythical creatures. It's a world where anything both horrifying and amazing happens. Where both costumed and everyday heroes live, work and perform incredible feats!

We're a community of writers who share a passion for roleplaying. Based on a blend of DC movies, the animated series and a bit of the comics. While we have fun exploring missions together, we are also working to improve ourselves as writers.

Our server is strictly PG-13, and we strongly discourage one-lining, drama or disrespectful comments.

Canon characters recommended, but certain OCs can be allowed (if they can fit).

Novel formatting required.
Welcome to Gotham, times are dark and the city needs a hero to save them. The server takes place 10 years after the events of the Joker 2019 movie (watch out for spoilers) so most lore won't be canon to the Arkham games, Comics, Or Batman movies. This lore is strictly based off the new Joker movie.

You can make an oc of your choice (A hero/superhero, a villian/supervillain, or just a civilian. Or you could choose from the cc list such as Batman, Robin, Scarecrow, and tons more.

This is what we offer:
• 100+ rp channels
• A friendly owner and community
• Lore friendly roleplay
• Fair rules
• Creative oc creation
• Optional erp experience
And a lot more waiting on the inside.
The server is small but just give it some time, It'll grow.

You can love normally as a civ, work as an undercover vigilante and fight other rpers, or even be a thug as you hurt the innocent. The freedom is in your hands.
This is a server for fans of the batfamily to write together and chat together. We're a really inviting group of people and are welcome to everyone. Feel free to send art, memes, ideas, and much more.
Come Join the Gotham Characters on many adventures featuring your favorite characters! We are an active roleplay server that has wonderful members. We are looking to find new, active members to have a better roleplay experience!
Orginally the Universe was inhabited by 2 Cosmic beings, The Presence and One-Above-All. Both brothers where very competitive with one another, so they held a wager, which ever could create the best Multi-verse wins. So thats what they did each one creating there own respective Multi-verse. Billions of Years have passed sense then and the two brothers have grown bored of their little contest, deciding now that together they can rule over a single Universe. So together they condensed their multi-verses into a single Multi-verse, before condensing that Multi-verse into a single Universe, this Event was known as Ground Zero. However in this Merger not all the versions of each of the Hero's and villian's survived, Only one version of each did

-Active Owners
-Friendly People
-"Why so Serious"
Do you want to join 1 server and to roleplay with your favorite DC character or with your OC ?To help Batman to defeat crime in the Gotham ?Then you can join this server and start to roleplay with the BEST DC ROLEPLAYERS ON DISCORD !!

In this Server you will find:
-Good stuff
-Awesome Roleplay Community and Friendly Community
-Good roleplay

Btw:If someone from this server claimed your favorite character before you,tha's ok !Because you can create your own character (OC) and start your new Superhero/Villain Rp Story !

This is a Gotham City Roleplay server. You can take a character and roleplay as that character, you can become a Villain of Batman's rogues gallery, or you can become a hero of Gotham and fight the villains, you can also become an anti-hero and fight in the middle. You can create your own hero, villain or anti-hero you can suggest channels so you can roleplay there. Have fun!
A DC Comic server with topics about the latest movies and games, we talk and discuss over new trailers or even movies. #spoilers

♦️ We support /r/dccomics and 24/7 daily DC news.
♦️ Gaming Chat for, and other games.
♦️ Music Bot
♦️ DC Comic Bots, and more active & working bots.
♦️ Friendly & Funny community.

Feel free to join our DC Comic community and join Gotham City!.
It’s the year 2001. On the streets of Gotham City, a number of super-criminals such as the Joker, Penguin, and others begin to cause chaos on the streets. Petty criminals rally behind these villains, gangs starting in support of whatever singular villain they believe most in. Where do you stand in all this?

This server is dedicated to making a small scale DC fan game. If you are interested in helping, or just seeing the progress, feel free to join. I in no way own rights to anything DC and have no plans on making any money off of this or releasing the game publicly unless we are given permission by DC Comics.

The game will center around James Gordon and his early days as the police commissioner. Game play will range from solving crimes to taking down criminals.

Please consider joining!