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Our Old Earth Failed. It’s Heroes divided, left their treasure vulnerable, allowing the powers of Destruction to end what once was good. The Cosmic Powers of Creation could not abide this travesty. Gathering up the souls of this lost Earth- They have created a New One. Instilling the souls of the old within this new cradle.

New and Old Heroes alike have once more begun to rise, even as the Villains once again plot to tear down what has been built for their own personal ends. And you- What is your story within the grand cosmic scheme?

Are you a Hero? Do you dedicate yourself to defending this New Earth and it's inhabitants from those that would harm, destroy or corrupt it? To protect all that is good and right in this new world?

Or Are you a Villain? Do you count yourself among the select few with the vision,mind, and drive to take this World from it's Hero's? To try and remold it to your own personal goals, or do you wish to just sit back and watch it burn?

Or maybe you walk that gray line, nether and both. The Anti-Hero who still believes in Justice but knows the system is corrupted and that Justice needs a more permanent solution to problems. Or perhaps you walk the other side of the grey line, the Anti-Villain. The one with the vision and plan that will lift the rest of the world up along with you to new heights-protecting the weak or destroying the strong-it matters not so long as your goals are met.
DCRP is a roleplaying server for the DC universe. Roleplay as your favourite DC characters, participate in DC-related roleplaying events and meet a friendly community! Invite:
Superhero’s were always involved in our daily lives. From Superman saving the day in Metropolis to Batman stalking the streets of Gothem at night. We grew to rely on them and knew when the time came they would save us.

And that time did come. No one knew that the world would’ve nearly ended on the cold night of December 18, 2020. No one knew that Brainiacs invasion would lead to the death of most of the hero’s we held dear.

Evil won the day.

Now the streets are overrun with common thugs and villains. The ruler of the world is Brainiac. Hero’s are either in hiding or at a special training camp ran by Superman and Batman.

Most hero’s have either aged and had children. Whereas others have died...
It’s up to you free us from the evil that is Brainiac. Restore our world back to the age of hero’s.

We are counting on you.
2021 Has Finally Arrived, Our Heroes Are Ready For Anything And Will Not Back Down, Villains Are Still Causing Havoc Though But Something Is Off, You Defeat A Villain Then Suddenly A Completely Different Villain Of The Same Name Comes, The Earths Have Collided...This Will Be A Challenge Worse Than Ever For The Heroes...What Now?
I would like to formally welcome you to our the DC Universe, where all the new and old team up fighting off new threats. In this server we’re all really laid back, new DC new comers are welcome we have specific channels that have information on Earths, teams, and characters to help build your desired OC. We allow Multiple of one character as a character can be from a different earth.

Yes we may be a small group, but we are open to adding more people to our small server.
Growing community of dc roleplayers who are always looking for new members!
A DC Comic server with topics about the latest movies and games, we talk and discuss over new trailers or even movies. #spoilers

♦️ We support /r/dccomics and 24/7 daily DC news.
♦️ Gaming Chat for, and other games.
♦️ Music Bot
♦️ DC Comic Bots, and more active & working bots.
♦️ Friendly & Funny community.

Feel free to join our DC Comic community and join Gotham City!.
It has been five years since the last attack Darkside launched on earth. It was a brilliantly planned attack, catching earth’s lightest heroes completely off guard. Within a matter of days, our heroes were overrun, captured and defeated. Countries all over the world met the same fate and soon, earth was within Darkside’s cold grasp. During the battle for freedom, many of our heroes were overwhelmed, most captured, others unknown or presumed dead, many more fled in fear for their lives and what they may be subjected to if captured. Great cities that rose into the infinite skies were now reduced to mere rubble and debris. It’s prestigious nature now relegated to rubbish. Earth is now in its apocalyptic phase, civilizations and heroes constantly fighting to survive and strive on as the world around them collapses with fear and mental anguish.

However, there is a myth floating about major cities such as, Gotham, Metropolis, Blüdhaven, etc. about a resistance formed by Batman himself. This resistance aims to help build major cities to their former glory and stop Darkside...once and for all. However, many of the heroes that are needed have gone into hiding or disappeared off the face of the map due to the conflict. Kal El, the Symbol of Hope, has been locked up by Darkside. However, to get him is no easy feat. Batman himself knows it is near impossible to get to him and anyone who dares try to enter that prison is dead...without any hesitation. As for the villains, many have been given sectors to defend, running amuck in towns and cities, killing, looting, stealing and doing other horrific actions. Each villain is given a set amount of minions to control, almost as if they are armies.

It is up you, young hero, to determine your fate and what you shall do to liberate people from such torture. Farewell hero, My the Gods be on your side...
Come join an DCU roleplay server, or just hang out with us and talk about the fandom! We offer many different channels for your needs, and most characters are still completely open! [OCs are not accepted]