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╔════ ೋღ 💋🔥💋 ღೋ ════╗
**——=|**🔥``Hell’s Basement``🔥**|=———**
➔ 🔴 ❥♛
➔ 🔴We are open to partnering! Join Today!❥♛**
➔ 💋NSFW emojis/NSFW nitro emojis❥♛**
➔ 💋Fun and chill hangout!❥♛**
➔ 💋NSFW!❥♛**
➔ 💋Mee6 leveling system!❥♛**
➔ 💋Choose your own role color!❥♛**
➔ 💋React to get yourself some roles!❥♛**
➔ 💋Lots of fun bots!❥♛**
➔ 💋We announce birthdays!❥♛**
➔ 💋Art!❥♛**
➔ 💋Music!❥♛**
➔ 💋Food!❥♛**
➔ 💋Spam!❥♛**
➔ 💋Poetry Writing!❥♛**
➔ 💋Memes!❥♛**
➔ 💋Pets/Animals/Marine Life!❥♛**
➔ 💋``Gif`` ❥♛
**╚════ ೋღ 💋🔥💋 ღೋ ════╝**
26 minutes ago
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♕ The Doll House ♕ (っ◔◡◔)っ

An all-inclusive active community server, a perfect place to hang out and make friends. There are different channels which makes the server inclusive to many.

This server consists of

:crown: Rank nobility roles ♛
:crown: Book Talk ♛
:crown: Crypto Currency ♛
:crown: Nsfw ♛
:crown: Anime ♛
:crown: Conspiratorial ♛
:crown: Gaming ♛
:crown: Music bot and spam ♛
:crown: Partnerships ♛
:crown: Friendly Staff ♛

Tags: @ everyone @ here

Hope to see you there. ♔
Invite Link:
1 hours ago
︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵»»————- Bigdaddy Cord————-««‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵
-We are a somewhat active community based meme/shitposting server that is looking to expand its community!
-Meme-Aware community (Irony is strong)!
-Plenty of people to team up and discuss/play games with!
-An Art channel full of talent and people willing to give feedback and appreciation!
-Full of retards and smart people alike!
-Chill on the majority of rules and with understanding, forgiving staff!
-Partnership friendly!
5 hours ago
𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐲 𝐜𝐚𝐟é

here we have:

<❤️> appreciation channels!
<💛> staff applications!
<💚> family friendly server!
<💙> looking for partnerships!
<💜> aesthetically pleasing colors!

people of any sexuality and any gender can come join!
6 hours ago
Hello and welcome to Loli City.

Great news! You have now became a Lolcitizen!
We hope you have a great time in our server ! :D

We manage to have ; Anime / Movie nights, pokecord things (xd) , Fun bots (our greatest bot is dank memer), staff and a whole lot more.

We also include a hell ton of channels and voice chats! Why don't you come on and join today Lolcitizen?!
Have a great time here and hope you stay till the end!

Server perma invite:
14 hours ago
Anti Thot is a fun social server growing quickly! We are currently looking for staff and partnerships
1 days ago
Art & Stuff is a Server with active Text- & Voicechatcommunitys! We have a lot of Channels where you can enjoy your time! You can even create your own Channels!
1 days ago
Radiation Domain is a new community of people hoping to grow and get active members

We offer lustful E-boys for that ego of yours

Big titty E-girls for you to awaken from ur slumber

Cool bots for a very interactive experience

fun Vcs

cool roles to distinguish yourself from others.

Join today for a fun radioactive experience!
1 days ago
💟 "東京で無力に立ち会うことを歓迎します!” 💟
❗️"welcome to stuck helpless in tokyo!"❗️

🌂 stuck helpless in tokyo is a community server, based around the idea of meeting others in the city~ 🌂

keep in mind the server is still a work in progress~

👑 we have many things to offer! 👑

🔻future server shop

🔻level, color, and personality roles

🔻various bots


🔻staff applications

owner : tokyobxtch#5384
1 days ago
In this server, you get to:

1. Advertise your #blox_servers (Discord servers related to ROBLOX), #servers (Just normal Discord Servers), #roblox (ROBLOX Profile, Group, etc.) and #social_media.
2. Partner with us and we'll group your server member count in different categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Premium is only for Subscribers.
3. Just have a nice place to relax and chat with peoples. Join, it's an awesome server for chilling and chatting with some peoples!
4. Answer #polls and choose wisely!
5. Use our specifically-chosen bots, for example, use UnbelievaBoat's currency of our server!

Besides that, you can also:

- Meet ROBLOXians!
- Bond and forge friendships ;)
- Upload some memes
2 days ago
Welcome To Adorable Melodies!

• New Growing Community
• Friendly Members
• Tons of Cute Custom Emojis
• Nice and Mature Staff
• Soon Giveaways (Unique Roles)
• Hentai/NSFW
• Easy Partnerships
Looking for Partnership Managers
7 days ago
🛸NovaScape - Cairo Egypt🛸

✣ Greetings!

✣ *We are a growing community of literate role-players that value storyline and character development. Everyone is Welcome!*

**What is NovaScape?**

__Novascape__ *is a new system that was created by the government in the mist of the world going into decay.*

*Novascape is the preserving & improving of the humanoid race. Its a way to refine & enhance humans as we know them. It’s a way to have intellectual & physical upgrades for a better society. This new species will be called Novalites.*
✦Features and Benefits ✦

An active & growing server.

✦Character progression

✦A story developed with multiple arcs and events to partake in.

✦A place to meet like-minded roleplaying individuals.*

✦An active staff to answer questions.*

✦A creative environment where your character can reach any heights possible with time and effort!

✦A fun, enjoyable server with amazing members!

So what are you waiting for? Join now!
11 days ago
Welcome to Broken Dreams Club 👯‍♀️
Server Owners: Al, Liz, & Kate 😛
Descriptions: This chat is mainly a hangout and chill server. If you finna join, use ya common sense‼️
➼❱ 400+Members and Fast Growing➕
➼❱ E-girls 👑
➼❱ Active Staff 🆗
➼❱ Active Members🖤
➼❱ Friendly people 💁🏽‍♀️
➼❱ Share your art 🎨
➼❱ Snapchat-Shoutout yourself📱
➼❱ Partnerships🤞🏽
➼❱ Memes 🤣
➼❱ Active VC🎙
➼❱ Earn special roles by inviting people💎
➼❱ Earn roles by being active⛓
➼❱ Choose your own role colors 🌈
12 days ago
✨🌙Starry Skies is a chill server to hangout with friends. Most of us like K-Pop but everyone is welcome!✨🌙
🌼LGBT friendly!
🌺130+ members!
🌼Server Events + Prizes!
13 days ago
Hey welcome to Central!
In this server you can expect:
•A ton of bots to mess around with!!👀😉
•Nice Staff! (Staff is still being picked)
•Suggestion & feedback channel to tell us what you like/don’t like! 😄
•A Gaming category!😱
•Assignable roles & colours!
•NSFW channel 👀
•Bot Support
•Friendly People!🌏
•Our **OWN** Offical bot!

14 days ago
LOOKING FOR PARTNERSHIPS, please contact @maysiline#5555 for details.
__**Avalon Tournament Arc RP**__

We are a growing community of literate role-players that value storyline and character development. @everyone is welcome here!

What is Avalon?

Avalons, are a species of naturally powered beings that have come to Earth in the near future. They are 1/2 of the partner pairing in this roleplay. (This is a partner roleplay, either bring a partner or find one!) The current arc is a tournament, advance levels with your friends battling wild Avalons to reach the top. Read our plot for more info!

Features and Benefits

An active server!

✦ Character progression!

✦ A story developed with multiple arcs and events to partake in.

✦ A place to meet like-minded roleplaying individuals.

✦ An active staff to answer questions.

✦ A creative environment where your character can reach any heights possible with time and effort!

✦ A fun, enjoyable server with amazing members!**

So what are you waiting for? Join now!

19 days ago
~ welcome to Kpop Krew! ♡ ~

In Kpop Krew, we try our hardest to make your time very enjoyable here! We love partnerships and events! We host events often and invite our partnerships to attend the events!

__In our server.. ♡__

♡ we host events!
♡ we make this chat as active as possible!
♡ we make sure that our server is enjoyable!
♡ we have fun bots that will make your time here amazing!

~ there is so much more! You’ll have to find out in our server. ~

♡ Haylie, Miki, Jasmine, and Hannah! ♡

31 days ago
Midnight Sun:
A new and fast growing discord server looking to invite you to hang out and chill with us. We have an open friendly enviroment, active moderators, and partnerships!
36 days ago
Welcome to Chillzone!

❆ Chillzone is a gaming server that runs strong with activity, nearly 24 hours a day! We offer many fun bots such as Pokécord and UnbelievaBoat! VC activity is very common, so feel free to stop by!


❆ Daily giveaways! We have role giveaways, server currency, and more on the weekdays, and even more valuable things on the weekends!

❆ Weekly Events! Anything from board games, card games, game events to ROBLOX, we will have weekly events planned for those who wish to participate!

❆ Self-Assignable Roles! We have 9 games our server participates in most for you to look into and join if you'd wish! We will be more than willing to welcome you into parties!

❆ Progressive Ranks! The more active, the more you level, the higher your rank! Race to the top to beat all others to the highest allowed role!

❆ Server Merging! Worried about your server dying? Merge with us! You'll be able to bring part of your server with you into Chillzone, with a role to represent you!

❆ Partners! Want to partner? Contact us! The bigger your server, the bigger the perk! We'd love to have you!


❆ We await your arrival with open arms! Hope to see you here!

❆ Permanent Invite Link ❆
43 days ago
Name of Server: PvP Gaming
Number of users: 2 Admins / 2 Mods

Server Description:
Brand new 18+ gaming community. We accept all types of gamers and have cool features such as user owned channels, private voice channels, and a constantly updated user tier system.
everyone is invited, come on and join us! We also are looking for partnerships.
50 days ago
A fun friendly community discord interested in gaming, movies, fun events, music, programming, collaborating and much more! Join us, meet new people and make friends!
86 days ago
• Interactive members
• Friendly and active staff responsible for the server's safety
• Almost no restricted channel permissions
• EVERYONE always have at least one role on join
• Free games announcements
• Organize your very own GameNight at any time via our GameNight bot
• Quality music bot
• And even more to come!
121 days ago

Great people to talk too
Fun Games to play with
Ranks to earn
Server games
Awkward people allowed
Nice staff
Staff needed ;)
215 days ago
Slav Central

Hello Comrades! My name is James or @Kup#7868 and i run the Slav Central discord server.
We are a communist community committed to Vodka and Squatting.
We have our own Bartender That delivers our drinks to us once you
join use ~menu in the winchester!

Reasons to join:

• Bartender, Meme and Gamestat Bots.
• Custom Bots! Coded by me.
• Active Moderators and Admins.
• Gaming Channels.
• Fun Channels.


Invite Link:
234 days ago