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this server is a server dedicated to danganronpa. you can chat with everyone, send cursed photos, promote your hobbies, and make new friends! everybody is super friendly and accepting, we are one big happy family.
You Think You're Saved, But You're Not!

Come tell us how wrong we are, or that you agree, or to advertise your own thing. <3
😈Emme's Cult😈
❤️Friendly environment❤️
💥Respectful members💥
🚫No toxicity 🚫
🙏Praise our Lord🙏
Pledge allegiance today!
"Who knows? I am a liar, after all."

ayup kokichi gang where you at

other people are ok too but yall better respect our boy
The Children of Atom are a group dedicated to upholding the message of Atom to a world that does not wish to hear it.
Join our server and recall. You won't regret it.😉


| • 100% Free Speech Protection!
| • Earnable admin rights by ranking up.
| • Low channel count - Easy to use.
| • Active Chat & Friendly Sever Support.
| • Daily voice chats.
| • Games and Interactions with open minded members.
| • Role elections to earn the highest role.

| • Join Today and Start Your journey!
| • No cost or requirements!

link | •
Welcome to Ridium, not only the sanctum of your new family but the sanctuary of Mother Baphomet. If you have no where else to go, feel like an outcast to society, need a family who will love you, or like evil and/or satanic themes, then come join us and settle in. You are not expected to proceed with any type of ritual or ceremony to gain access here, remember to treat each other with care and we’ll be just dandy.
Server includes:

Friendly Staff

Rank roles

Loving and caring community

The religion of baphometism
A pretty swell cult. All are welcome, we have regular events and a lively chat. What are you waiting for you bonehead!
The official oiltanian discord server. We are a collection of proud individuals who serve the one true god Groil. We welcome all heretics in hopes that they may come to understand the magnificence of our god. We welcome all memelords so long as they follow the rules and are respectful to others.
Cool Cows realm is the coolest server out there. We also double as a religion to pray to the almighty cool cow. We keep it sfw and we play a lot of games and we'll be happy to talk to you.
Welcome followers, to The Cult of Emi!
We are a friendly and welcoming community, here to follow the teachings of our Deity. Join us, and feel at home!
Hiya ^^ Our lovely server got deleted at 350+ members :c
So we're looking for new amazing members and rebuilding our community :3
We are a very laid back and chill server :') with cringe to taste uwu
That being said we do not tolerate discrimination or toxic behavior ;O
Come and join bibi ! JOIN THIS INTERNET CULT >:D
Looking for partners~♥
The Outback, a cult for us Aussies to band together and overthrow the masses of foreigners on Discord. Join us today to find people close to you and have a fun time!
Welcome to blood moon, a new community of witches, mages, Druid’s and more!
We are looking to gain members and improve server quality, so all are welcome.
- Divination Channels💫
- Library for Research📝
- Debate channel📢
- mythologies🐉
And more!
Just a bunch of misguided people, a couple of emo's, and a few fruits. 🍌 🍎 🍉 How much better can it get? Let me answer that; IT CAN'T! Come join some awesome bandits, and explore weird things everyday. Escape reality, and let reality escape you!
Free IV Int. Believers in Mammel, the Dagon path, & of the transmissions of 77AD (Dianetic/Posadist) BEWARE!
ZeroTwo cult

Do you wish to follow the one and true goddess that is Zero Two? Well you've come to the right place! Join our Zero Two cult where we praise our goddess as she gives us blessings and eternal happiness in the anime heaven! May you be blessed with thicc anime thighs!

❤We offer:
❤ 50 Zero Two emojis
❤ Bots to have fun with
❤ Non toxic community
❤ 5 different NSFW channels
❤ Self-assignable roles
Greetings everyone, welcome to 🔥Brawl Primo. This is a cool, chill and e🅱️ic server. Based off Supercells El Primo! Worship him! Play brawlstars or not, we welcome you! And don’t forget to give us a lil intro!
The OwO cult is a new cult just for fun and owos. Everyone is accepted as long as you follow the rules. We now have daily cult activities ✨. If you stay for a while you get the loyal cult memeber role. Im currently looking for some artist and mods/admins for the cult so if you want to be one of those things then join ig xd. Special role for those who premote the cult too 😏.