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Cute little server with emphasis on supporting others.

+ reaction roles
+ typology roles
+ waifu commands
+ soundboard commands
Welcome my sweet children, to our sanctum, join us in our pursuit of what is best in life, hentai. Devote yourself to the holy study of hentai. This server is just a chill place to chat to look at hentai and meet peeps. We've a wide range of text channels, NSFW content. Just have a good time
Whale cum 2 hell m8. If you are normally deemed as weird, strange, a troll, a spammer, crazy or all of the above, we may just be the right fit for you! Known infamously as The Green Circles Illuminutty on, this cult has grown to be a tight-knit community of people who come from all over the world! If you have what it takes and are brave enough to enter, be my guest of honor. Warning, not for the feint of heart, easily offended and people who cannot take jokes. Only the strongest can prevail in our meme of a server. 18+ is a MUST.
Bane is many things. It is the Curfew that comes at sunset. It is also the continuous Rain every dawn, dusk and midnight. It is the Animals who come subsequent to the Curfew. Any citizen who is not hiding after curfew will be butchered like a pig and fed to the pit, the hollow, the crater, the Abyss that awaits at the center of this godforsaken city. No one dares to get very close to it but everyone knows it's the provenance of it all. It has been this way for years and the elders are slowly dying out. Another generation is beginning and the stories the old ones have to tell are difficult to hear. It is up to you to try to listen.

The Abyss is a roleplay server revolving around a dangerous sundown Curfew. As you read above, any who are late to hide will die. Though it is still in progress here and there, this is what it has to offer:
‣ A growing lore, a blend of simple and in-depth writing that also includes small details you can incorporate in your roleplay!
‣ Open moderator applications!
‣ A fantasy setting full of steampunk creations, monsters, ghouls, ghosts, cults of madness, death, romance, and so much more that only a roleplayer can create.
‣ Canon characters for you to play as! (You get 3 OC slots and 2 canon slots)
‣ The list can go on and on about how 'great' the staff is and all the stuff, but it's best if you swallow this melted cheese of a server description and just get your arse in here to check it out.
This server is a fun place to hang out for people who are musicians of all levels [including pros], we're trying to take over the world with our musical skills and ideas
The cult is a fun place ware you can worship Thomas the thermonuclear bomb. The place doesn't have rp channels but you can request a rp channel for the server.
If the disboard link doesn't work use this link
Community clan, memes, youtube
We are desperate for members please join -3-
A pretty swell cult. All are welcome, we have regular events and a lively chat. What are you waiting for you bonehead!
Welcome, Disciples. We are the Cult of Emi. We wish to live and spread her doctrine of love and support. Join our loving community!
The cult of poop sock is a wonderful place where you can worship the all mighty poop stock.
Created by our lord and saviour Jamesgamer 101
Come, believe with us! Join our cult and change the world!
We are The Kool Friends Club. We are nice and kool and we also play the smash bros
We fight and conquer other servers!!! We will become the biggest cult on Discord. You can change this world!! Join us and fight!!! And we have girls, if you understand what I mean ;)
Hungry for a bit of an unconventional RP server? Then step into the House of the White Circle, a religious cult RP spawned from a zany in-joke about ink printers.

What is the White Circle, you ask? It is that shape which cannot be printed. Try it yourself. Print a borderless white circle on any color paper, and prove this to yourself.

Here's the catch: We consider the White Circle to be holy and sacred because of its unique non-printed state. You too can join us under the divinely appointed Council of Elders, a strict loving oligarchy who work to control the masses protect the truth and condemn heretics to the guillotine. Who's in? The White Circle welcomes everyone without hesitation.

Included in the deal are channels dedicated to:
☆ Explaining doctrines
☆ Group heresy confessions
☆ Punishing heathens at the guillotine
☆ Performing rituals
☆ Learning the sacred techniques (special roles inside!)
☆ Interacting with ghosts and demons
☆ MUSIC channels!
☆ Fighting against the singularity or joining the bots!
☆ Challenging followers of infidel shapes:
☆ And much more... building to a grand infiltration/holy war storyline!
Want to be a part of something, join the perfection. Welcome to the first Perfection discord server. We plan to fight for a better world in our image for the innocent people and you and me. Come join us and get to know one another perfectionist. We look forward to meeting you.
this server is a server dedicated to danganronpa. you can chat with everyone, send cursed photos, promote your hobbies, and make new friends! everybody is super friendly and accepting, we are one big happy family.
We are family. We are a true cult. We all have the same profile to prove how much we are dedicated to being in this cult. We need members. Join. NOW....
Just an average server to make friends! ^^ We are the minions from Lucifer! Join and let’s kill together.
WE'VE BEEN NUKED! Help us get our members back!
Welcome to the cult of our lord and savior! Yo Shindo deserved more screentime... Anyways come join us! Hang out and talk, idk whatever people do. We got some spicey uh, Y o S h i n d o. But yeah this is basically just a server to talk join if ya want.
[ Hello, and welcome to Pupper Cult! We have roleplays, game nights, karaoke, and more! We welcome all of our members with open paws. ]

Founded by the following: ghostpaws#6639, lemonadepaws#2765, cocoapaws#2046, Cross?#6666, teapaws#6987, yes.#4600, and watermelonpaws#1255

This server is a social community where you can meet other people, as it owns it's own personal roleplaying area. Though, this server is not a roleplay server and only in consideration a social community. Please read the rules once you first join and wait in the waiting room for an admin to come and check you in, like some hotel.

Official date once the project begun: 2/4/19

This server is maintained by a bunch of random little kids. Please enjoy the hard work we put into this.
Do you like Jerome? Do you LOVE Jerome? Do you WORSHIP Jerome!? Well, clearly not that last one. If you truly worship Jerome, you would be here, in this Cult. Join this server of Jerome's Infamous Cult, and talk with fellow Gotham fans about the show... But Mostly about Jerome. Come on down to a fun, non-toxic little server where you worship the Lord of the crazies.