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Reader Beware, this place is only for yanderes! and if you are one then we provide you with a comfy place to rest, and to talk with her people that are called yanderes. Talk about how much you like your love and obsess over them, you can talk about how you are dedicated to them, we truly support you! We support you in any manner possible. We understand that being a Yandere can be tough that's why we have dedicated channels for specifically aimed at venting. We also are a loving community of Yanderes hoping to meet others that share the same achetype; Join us what are you waiting for!
Hello~ wanderer; This server is a dedicated server for people who come under the term known as yanderes; These people are the people whose love surpasses every boundary and body; Nobody can stand in the way of them and their loved one and this server is a house to all those people that come under that particular definition;

This server is a pretty articulate server; being professional is our first priority, even though we might act immature at times but that does not conclude that we won't be supportive; We support the yandere archetype and people with mental illnesses that make them yanderes, or induce them to yandere behavior: such an example would be BPD while being in love;

As for the yandere, you are allowed to go all out here, go crazy; we support that wholeheartedly; You can gush out about your love and look at other yanderes discussing the favorite things they like to do with their loved ones;

We look forward to seeing you in here;
We are a new and growing community! We welcome all!
We literally don't care what you do on the server!
Just have Fun!
Yanderes your all welcome! we understand your nature and we really don't care! Just have fun. ^^ Where so chill that you can fight and have a war on our server! WE WELCOME DRAMA!

Let me get my popcorn!
A fan server dedicated to Yuno Gasai. A lot of emojis of her are thrown in if you're into that.
We are a safe haven community for those who identify as a yandere. This is not meant to be a “trope” server, but people with actual tendencies related to that of what people know of a yandere.

There is a short initiation process, but it’s to prevent raids. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly, we allow poly yanderes, male presenting yanderes, and non binary yanderes! All types are allowed, even ones considered “extreme”. Please join for a lovely community!
Are you searching for a yandere community? Are you looking to roleplay? Well, look no further because we'll gladly welcome you with open arms!

We're a community that's gradually expanding and we can't wait for you to join us! Here's a couple things we provide within our community.

🔪〡 Self assignable roles

🔪〡 Group roleplays

🔪〡1x1 roleplays

🔪〡 Channels for discussions.

🔪〡Sharing fanart and cosplays!


🔪〡Character introductions!

And much more! We look forward to seeing you.
Yandere paradise is a server based on yanderes. whether your a senpai, or some crasy killer, your welcome to join!
While the term "yandere" is mainly associated with the fictional trope in anime, obsessive love is a very real condition. Yancord exists to provide a safe and supportive environment for people who suffer from this condition, aka those who resonate with yandere. of course fans of this phenomenon are welcome with opens arms!
╔ ——————————————— ╗
More about Yancord!
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It's important to note that we do not endorse illegal acts for love, while we relate to fictonal characters, it's just that - fictional. While there are instances of extremists - as there is in every group and subculture - we're mainly nonviolent and respectful, don't be quick to simply define us as our "dere" type.
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♡ 500+ members
♡ Active and friendly community
♡ Active and helpful moderators
♡ Fun events such as movie nights
♡ Self-assignable roles (more deres!)
♡ Toxic people are banned so it's a very safe environment!
♡ Wide variety of channels
♡ 18+ grants you access to NSFW channels such as adult-vent or anything that isn't allowed in the main chatroom.
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
What are you waiting for? Come check out Yancord!
This is a safe place for yanderes that might have been treated poorly for being a bit extreme on the yandere spectrum. We hope to provide you with the help needed. To see if you qualify, answer a few questions. Enjoy your stay, never leave us!
╚═▬▬💝🔪▬▬═╝ ╚═▬▬💝🔪▬▬═╝

🔪 A place for yanderes and other -dere types , fans and people who are interested in the archetypes. 🔪

💎 Professional , welcoming , non-toxic , well sorted and 24/7 active server 💎

👑We're the biggest yandere server on discord and still growing👑

▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁⚜ We offer you ⚜ ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇

🎭800+ Members

👥Friendly Community

🔪Yandere Topics/Channels

🎩Helpful active Staff

👑Great Emotes

🔉Active Voice Chats

👓Self assignable Roles

🔞NSFW Content

👥We do Partnerships

🎉 Events


💝 🔪 💝🔪💝🔪💝 🔪 💝🔪💝🔪💝🔪 💝 🔪
Join the BIGGEST Yandere community on discord
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Here's the invite:
Welcome new person to our Yandere Paradise! We are a new, still growing server based for yanderes^^ To provide a safe area for those that identify themselves as a yandere to express themselves ^^
This is supposed to be a temporary server for me to find a yandere- only yanderes and 17 years old or above. Thank you.
I want/NEED a yandere boyfriend for me, you need to be 14~18 years old, be straight or bi and be single. (I DON'T WANT TO DIE ALONE!)

Eu quero/PRECISO de um namorado yandere pra mim, você precisa ter 14~18 anos de idade, ser hétero ou bi e ser solteiro. (EU NÃO QUERO MORRER SOZINHA!)
A new server dedicated to dere types (yandere, tsundere, etc.) who want a community of like minded individuals to take refuge in. We are run under the theme of being a gang that protects each other. Join and expand our reach.

~Self Assigned Color Roles
~RP Category
~Member Input and Suggestions
This is real yandere sever, only yanderes are allowed to join! this place will not judge you on your yandere behaviour . We have good understanding of what yandere is . come join this safe place .
Hello and welcome to DERE DATING !! We're a brand new, hot off the press, dere chatroom! This chatroom is aimed for building and making relationships of all kinds! We're aimed to teens but young adults are welcome here too !
I really hope we can all grow and have tons of fun together in the server!! Come on in!
Hello!! This is a yandere server Just for hanging out and meeting like minded people!! There's vent, art, yandere content and more! There are rules/mods too so don't worry about it being all over the place~ Other than that stay awhile won't you?
I want to find a yandere for me, i created this server just for this, u need to be 14-18 years old, yandere, male and single. (PLEASE I DONT WANT TO DIE ALONE)

eu quero achar um yandere para mim, eu criei esse server apenas para isso, vc precisa ter entre 14-18 anos de idade, ser yandere, menino e solteiro. (PFV EU N KERO MORRER SOZINHA)
After the fall of Kocho Shuyona, a new headmaster arose to take the place of the fallen "leader". Her name was Yuna Shuyona, the daughter. As Akademi grew older and the students we knew and loved became parents of their own, the children of the lovesick story have their chance to become the new Akademi.
This is a new server for the aesthetic and appreciation of Yanderes.
Feel free to join us we have pretty easy to follow rules and charismatic people to meet!
nσw lσαdíng: ∂єα∂ ℓσνє ιи α ¢υρ

➳chill, yandere-themed chatroom
➳loose rules
➳friendly, unbiased staff
➳aesthetic fonts
➳nsfw channels
₆⁶₆ overall, "dead love in a cup" is a chill chat server thats has a wannabe aesthetic theme ₆⁶₆
A server mainly for hanging out and sharing your interests! We have many artists and people who RP! We also play games ^^

(This server is not a dating server.)