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🔪 💖 Yandere Headquarters 🔪 💖

We offer:
⭐ Yandere related content ❤️
⭐ Yandere channels 💛
⭐ Weekly events 💚
⭐ A lot of self roles 💙
⭐ Games 💜
⭐ A friendly community 💖
⭐ Well sorted channels 💛
⭐ And much more 💗

🔪❤️Join our amazing community now 🔪❤
Welcome to Yandere Hotel! We hope that you check in and have a fun time! 👋
✨ The Hotel has ✨
✍️ ROLEPLAY There are a lot of channels dedicated to roleplay in this server! with a bit of erp too ;)
🔞 NSFW You can view NSFW if you get the custom role!
💖 DATING In this server, you can find your soulmate!
👹 ANIME There are a lot of things on the server dedicated to anime!
🎮 GAMING It's the same with anime, there are a lot of things dedicated to gaming too!
🔪 GORE You can view gore if you get one of our many custom roles!
🍑 THIGHS There is a whole channel dedicated to thighs if you're into that!
💻 SELF ROLES You can assign so many self roles to yourself to describe you personally!
🤖 BOTS We have so many amazing bots that you can use!
🎵 MUSIC You can listen to any type of music that you want!👍AMAZING STAFF Our staff is very hardworking and they are very active, you can even become a member of our staff too!
😊 AND CUTE GUYS AND GIRLS We have a lot of cute people in this server for you to meet!

🏳️‍🌈 We're LGBTQ+ friendly as well!~ You don't need to feel afraid to express yourself!

👶 Make sure to check in! We're welcoming to everyone and we're open and here to stay! The server is quite new so changes are being made every day!
Yancord exists to provide a safe, supportive environment for yandere and people interested in yandere. It is important to us that people realize that most fictional portrayals of yandere (people who have an intense, passionate, loving, romantic obsession with someone) are often caricatures that do not represent yandere in real life. While fringe cases exist, like within most groups and subcultures, the vast majority of us are respectful and nonviolent. The difference between media and real life is that the actions we take affect real people, and actions have consequences, be it positive OR negative. We hope you enjoy your time together with us!
Yanderedere is a server centered around people who are yandere and those interested in yandere. The server aims to focus on yandere content, discussion and general conversation between us.
We value a mature, respectful environment of dedicated yanderes and fans. There is a low-key dating aspect to the server, but if you're not interested, that's entirely up to you. Enjoy talking to people in the server and partake in our events!
Come share our passion!
Welcome to Oak Ridge High! You'll meet some people here, of different cultures, and different personalities!
You'll meet Sayuri the Yandere, and You can choose to be a Rival, Senpai, Club Leader, Yandere, Tsundere, Student Council Member, a Teacher, Headmaster, and more! Join Oak Ridge High to experience the fun for yourself!
Jesteśmy serwerem dla ludzi kochających postacie typu Yandere/Yangire. Przykładamy dużą wagę do tego, aby na serwerze panowała przyjazna nam atmosfera.
This is real yandere sever, only yanderes are allowed to join! this place will not judge you on your yandere behaviour . We have good understanding of what yandere is . come join this safe place .
Yandere is a new discord server for those who enjoy the yandere character archetype in works of fiction. We are not a server for those who identify as a yandere, nor are we a server aimed for dating.

We wish to bring people together and create a little hub where people can chill, discuss, and share with others their fascination for all things yandere! Writers, roleplayers, artists, and more are welcome.
A comfortable server dedicated to Yuno Gasai! This server accepts all positive views of her, and is meant to be a non-judgmental community where we can all come together and talk about her. ❤
That's not all we talk about though, don't worry! We're open to other topics too.
Welcome to Akademi High! We are a small, Yandere Simulator themed roleplay server. Come join us!
Welcome to ★·.·´¯·.·★ Yandere Central ★·.·´¯·.·★ @everyone
This server is a growing community focused on fun and entertainment activities as well as dating, We have fun bots and active members you can socialize with. Our server is all about being a Yandere.
This server has the following channels
:dog: Pets :dog:
:game_die: Gaming :game_die:
:yum: Memes :yum:
:musical_note: Music :musical_note:
:art: Art :art:
:100: And much much more! :100:
Server Features
:sparkler: Events & Giveaways! on a weekly basis :sparkler:
:hammer_pick: Bots EXP gains :hammer_pick: (get high in the ranks!)
:robot: Many fun bots you can use, Commands provided! :robot:
:underage: SFW Server :underage: You must go through verification process to access NSFW
BlackRain is a very selective, prestigious, and intelligent college. The principle is unknown and the only thing known to the public about its Founder is their last name is BlackRain. BlackRain college is well respected because the adults that graduate are more than likely become people high in power. BlackRain is not so black and white however. The graduates are not allowed to talk about what they were taught inside the school. Having wealth and excellent grades wouldn't boost your chances in the slightest. The acceptance rate compared to the applications they get is 2%. The system or requirements for who gets in hasn't been released to the public. It's so rare and valuable to get accepted that they say the purple letter the BlackRain principle sends the people they invited is worth over 10 grand. Inside that letter tells peculiar information.

1. There are no tuition fees.

2. You will be provided dormitories, food, and other necessities for the four years you will be staying.

3. You will not leave the campus at any time in the four years you will be staying.

4. Attend classes regularly.

5. Obey class rules.

6. Don't lose any belongings the collage provides you (example: keys, invites, learning supplies, etc...)

7. Obey staff.

8. Enjoy the school years! (more information will be explained when you enter the school)

It sounds like a dream come true. The college has been closed for five years for an unknown reason, making it the grand reopening of a legendary school. Yet the main thing on your mind is the purple letter in your hands. Your parents are ecstatic... telling, posting, and calling everyone that you were accepted to BlackRain. You shared their enthusiasm of course. You just got invited to the best college in all seven continents! Yet... a looming feeling was above you. You didn't send an application. You thought there was no point in even trying. The letter was for you though. You had already opened it in disbelief to see it addressed to you, full name and all. The letter said a car will be waiting for you outside your house in one week at 3 pm to drive you to BlackRain. That was six days ago. You now wait anxiously near your front door for the driver to take you to BlackRain college. Everything you needed was packed. You already said bye to your family and friends, who all congratulated you. You were ready. The time is 2:55 pm.

(This is also set in the 2100's)
People will be able to join together to help them get there senpai in in real life.