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Community 15
A growing discord server with friendly staff and users! Chill out and talk about whatever really.
33 minutes ago
Computers 88
Come here for support with anything technical. We can help with PCs, game problems, and much more. We are always looking for people who know their way around stuff like this. We have support for nearly 24 hours. Come and join us for help and maybe even stick around!
33 minutes ago
Hiya! Welcome to Vent Ur Problems. We are a small, yet active server with great people who are always willing to help one another regardless of how well they know the other person. You will receive your own vent private vent room only staffs have access to, and there is public vent and general chat you can use till you receive one.
1 hours ago
A small community for those interested in Anime & gaming. We also provide emotional Support to those in need, and provide a free and comfortable environment for people with diverse interests! Don't hesitate to join.
9 hours ago
Community 7
This is a server where we can all help each other.

You can self assign roles to yourself that can be disorders, gender, etc.
Once you've done that you will be given access to support channels for those specific disorders.

Come here for support <3 We're always here to help!
20 hours ago
Come join this small (Fast growing), snuggly server, with other people like you! If you have borderline personality disorder, diagnosed or not, come join us!

We will be your friends, and your reliable source of validation and love! We have many channels for positive vibes and brightening your day, but also many channels for you to vent your sorrows (Includes trigger warning chats). This is a completely safe place, so if you feel uncomfortable, let us know. The owner has BPD herself after all.

+We are LGBT friendly!
1 days ago
#[Server Name now updated to 'Mental Health Hub'. Also, this post has been edited because it is outdated. Thankies.]

##Join Here! ****

We are the #1 mental health server, Mental Health Hub! If you need a loving, supporting, and accepting community of crazies, we are the server for you. We have many active, friendly members that have all gone through our quick and easy security system, which means you will rarely see trolls or raiders, and even if you do, we even have our own report system. Here are some of our members favourite features~

❥Organized channels and categories, that cover a whole lot of ground, and keep help/trigger chats separate from light hearted topics! (We also have an entire NSFW category, that you can opt in our out to ;D)

❥Nadeko, Miki, and Mantaro bot, are the only bots you will ever need to write commands for! Meaning things stay simple.

❥We use Miki's levels and xp system, along with her commands for hugging, marrying, kissing etc other members through gifs! It's soo cute.

❥Around 35 different mental illnesses, represented by roles! So you can fully express yourself. We also have more utility roles, such as pronouns, notifications (So no annoying @ everyone pings!), timezones, and many beautiful colours.

❥#vent, #help-and-advice, #trigger-warning channels, and more. So you can get whatever kind of help you need, or just rant!

❥LGBT-Friendly, the owners are even a lesbian couple! You will not be discriminated against here.

❥Many fun events to keep members active.

##Our Reviews

❥Solveig#7418: "Good community for venting and getting reasonable help with symptoms for lots of different issues."

❥(Voice crack boi)marcelo#3993: This server has amazing staff and members who are all accepting and are welcoming of all new members. The owner is also very active in the server

❥(Bella)ofabstractpictures#0559: there’s a wide variety of people with mental illnesses so if you need support there’s probably someone that understands here

So come join us now via the link at the top of this post!
1 days ago
Communauté de Support Informatique pour ceux qui sont dans le besoin de support informatique au niveau logiciel seulement.
3 days ago
Community 52
Welcome to I.S.M!
We are here to Inspire, Support and Motivate anyone that needs it!
Whether you suffer from depression or simply need some motivation, we will always listen.
Our support teams have experience, and know what they are talking about.
And our community will give you enough inspiration to keep on going!
4 days ago
Serwer Polskiego bota, z miłą społecznością i pomocnymi ludźmi!
20 days ago
All Games 793
(14+) Kanna Gang is a creative gaming community that operates like a big family. We offer a place to hangout, game, talk about anime, and get support. We make music which can be found on YouTube as well. Originally we are from the game VRChat and now we are looking into expanding our diversity.
21 days ago
160+ commands, Image welcoming, Moderation, Fun and NSFW, Utilities, 24/7/365 Up Time and Active Developing, All in one, All in Equalizer
22 days ago
Community 18
If you're looking for a place where you're not just a number, you need to join New Eden! Here, we talk about almost everything. This is a place where you matter
32 days ago
Just a small server I'm hoping to grow a little bit! I made it to make friends and for people who want to, do the same! I hope you consider joining our tiny little community-nya~
39 days ago
You're a gamer?
You're a developer?
You have discord?!!
Whatever you are, this is the place to be for you
41 days ago
A new LGBTQ+ server that aims to support people, and to just be an all around nice server. There is also no age limit to join. It's a support server and is a place for people to gather. I am also planning to use it to educate people, on LGBTQ+ issues, and terminology, and is mainly a response to me being turned down from so many local support groups (online and offline) just because I'm under 16.
43 days ago
Programming 15
Nex: ™ is a multipurpose bot for discord always getting update and more it has a 99% uptime and 24/7 support and has a good UI and is easy to use no need for other bots use Nex.

Nex Main Features



•Utitliy Commands
This Is the official Nex Support Server
44 days ago
This server was created as a place to feel safe, to feel warm and comfortable. We thoroughly hope you enjoy your time here.
Our goals for the server include:
-Helping those with mental health issues
-Allowing venting for those with emotional issues
-Establishing friendships between server members
-Healing wounds caused by traumatic events
-Much more
57 days ago
Computers 8
Need tech support? Join us! Want to help others with technology? Join us!
70 days ago
Anime and Manga 136
Join for chatting, now with anime, gaming and support.
LGBTQ+ friendly
80 days ago

Want to join a Discord where all the DJs are together in one place? Want a server where you can listen to some new mixes and other trap like music created by fellow Discord users?

Don't even know how to DJ? That's fine. We even have a support channel where other DJs can help you get started.

A place to hangout with other DJs, a community. Join today
82 days ago
Community 38
Munchy's Corner is a very unique server design.
ATM, we have around 70-80 members but I would like that number to grow.

This server is based on finding others to play with, gta v modding, technical support, and having accounts for all premium services!! We understand how it sucks to pay for subscriptions like hulu, netflix, por... i mean spotify, pandora, or minecraft. I provide that for all of the members of the server.

My wish for this server is to have a community that members can easily come together and join to play games, talk, or just have fun in general.

Services we provide:

*2 Music Bots so many people can listen to music.
*Account Requesting service when you ask for an account in the specified chat and pm it to you when ever I am available or if I am available, you receive it immediately.
*Free GTA V Modding Services
*Cheap Paid GTA V Modding Services(really cheap)
*Giveaways for Steam Keys, Modding Jobs, and Accounts
*A way for you to promote your YouTube, Twitch, or any social media. (sometimes even discord upon staff permission as a partner)
*Hardware & Game Support
84 days ago
This chat is a safe place for you to discuss your thoughts and feelings regarding personal struggles, or just to "shoot the shit" with those around you who may be able to provide you with some solidarity.
88 days ago