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Welcome to The Love & Support Hub! This is a small, safe community in which we all can be provided support. We can also just hang out and make new friends!
54 minutes ago
Welcome to the Mental Illness Support server! This server is for people to talk about their issues, ask for advice, or just hang out! We are here to support and give advice anyone that needs it! Whether you suffer from depression or simply need some advice, we will always listen.
59 minutes ago
The Venting Forest is a peaceful and friendly server where anyone can join to talk about their problems, make friends, or just chat and enjoy themselves. Our Forest Keepers are always ready to help our members, and our staff are super easy to talk to, and don't forget the gnomes - the gnomes are cool.
1 hours ago
The Conventian Metropole is a young, friendly roleplay-focused multipurpose server. The Metropole welcomes everyone for socializing and RP. We are a chill community that likes gaming, anime, tech, and more :3 Come join us today!
1 hours ago
-Hey! Welcome to WaterHosting. As it says, we are a hosting company and we are hosting at low cost. But you get the high performance.

-All our plans are based on low-price, we will also try to provide you with best support too.

-We have a dedicated support team to help you with your questions, just open a ticket on our website and we will answer you shortly.

-What do we host?
• :control_knobs: Web Hosting
• Website builder included in web-hosting

-Our gurantee will ensure that you recieve your product and get the help you need. It also secures you from downtime

-Our Website

-Our Invite
1 hours ago
Haven For All was created to achieve the idea of "safe place" somewhere we can ask for help from others, while also enjoying each other's company. We are still new but we have had experience in running servers. Haven For All will be focused on mental health support as the main point of the server along with gaming - music and etc . We do require you to be at least 15 years old
2 hours ago
Solace is a discord server for help and support for emotional, mental, lifestyle, dating and other problems. We dedicate and pride ourselves in helping people smile again - no matter how long it takes.
4 hours ago
A growing discord server with friendly staff and users! Chill out and talk about whatever really.
4 hours ago
: The Island of Misfit Toys is a completely safe place for supporting you through your struggles with mental health, diagnosed or not. In addition, we are focused around socializing, making friends and more. We are a growing and active friendly community.
5 hours ago
A small community for those interested in Anime & gaming. We also provide emotional Support to those in need, and provide a free and comfortable environment for people with diverse interests! Don't hesitate to join.
7 hours ago
This is a place for everyone to hang out, and also a place where LGBT+ folk can get support - say for gender identity and/or sexuality issues/questions, mental health issues, and/or life issues in general. We promote friendly conversations throughout the community, and overall would just like people to support each other and also get along with each other.

We are also looking for more mods/admins, so if you join, you have a high chance to become one. Come down to our place today!
8 hours ago
Welcome to the Suicide/Depression Support server! We are small, but dedicated to supporting members in whatever they may be in. We are also LGBTQ+ friendly, and also just friendly in general.

Help us grow this server by joining and assisting us on our supportive quest!
10 hours ago
Come here for support with anything technical. We can help with PCs, game problems, and much more. We are always looking for people who know their way around stuff like this. We have support for nearly 24 hours. Come and join us for help and maybe even stick around!
12 hours ago
Valid OC Chat is a place for wholesome memes, character creation, interaction and community! heavy lgbtia population but all are welcome!
- no terfs, truscum/transmeds, slurs, -phobics, bigots
- 16+ server

Please read the rules in the chat for further information!
16 hours ago
This is a small sever, starting out as a small art community, with artists there to support each other and help each other grow.
17 hours ago
The official support server for Furry Bot!
20 hours ago
Communauté de Support Informatique pour ceux qui sont dans le besoin de support informatique au niveau logiciel seulement.
23 hours ago
Welcome to I.S.M!
We are here to Inspire, Support and Motivate anyone that needs it!
Whether you suffer from depression or simply need some motivation, we will always listen.
Our support teams have experience, and know what they are talking about.
And our community will give you enough inspiration to keep on going!
1 days ago
14+ server for people looking for friends, support, and happiness!

Please read all of this! Thank you!

We’re a social server looking for social people

We’re very chill, relaxed, and accepting.

We accept all people regardless of sexuality, race, and gender.

Our major interests are music, anime, video games, memes, and talking, so just basically having fun.

Everybody has their own way of having fun, so we can’t please everyone that comes here. Sorry. :]

This is a friendly support server so if you’re feeling lonely, down, or got some troubles in your life you can come here and we’ll try our best to cheer you up!

Please, feel free to join. We don’t bite. :]
1 days ago
Hey there! Ever wanted a great community, where you can advertise your discord server or minecraft server? we got you covered! BlocksHub features a great Community, 15+ Discord minigames and a targeted advertising platform for advertisers at no cost!
2 days ago
This is a server where we can all help each other.

You can self assign roles to yourself that can be disorders, gender, etc.
Once you've done that you will be given access to support channels for those specific disorders.

Come here for support <3 We're always here to help!
2 days ago
Our community!is dedicated to all lesbians (or others identifying within the feminine spectrum; cis, trans or non-binary), who are attracted to others within the feminine spectrum!

Join our mature community to seek advice and support, or just chill out with like-minded people. This server has plenty to offer. Hope you'll help our family grow, and that I'll see you there soon^
2 days ago
This is the support server for Smartphone. Smartphone is the all in one dialer for discord
3 days ago
A new LGBTQ+ server that aims to support people, and to just be an all around nice server. There is also no age limit to join. It's a support server and is a place for people to gather. I am also planning to use it to educate people, on LGBTQ+ issues, and terminology, and is mainly a response to me being turned down from so many local support groups (online and offline) just because I'm under 16.
3 days ago