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Hello there! This server is made so you can talk to your fellow LGBT people. Just make sure youre 14+ before you join. Have Fun :D
Hi there!!❤❤ This is a chill and fun peer support server focused on serious depression along with respectful and friendly interactions without any judgement! A place where you can smile behind the screen feeling good filled with joy and love. We have high moderation and a PG-13 main chat so you can feel safe.
The Calm Corner
The calm side of the internet. A Discord server dedicated to calm and love and spreading those messages to and all. We are a spot for relaxing fun and talk. We cater to all ages. We specialize in group support of physical and mental illness. Our overall goal is to be a welcoming community for anyone and everyone. So please come join us on the calm corner.
-LBGTQ+ admins and support
-server economy
-music streaming bots
-chat rewards
-Peer to peer support
-owned and moderated by systems
The Good Place is a friendly themed server where you can talk about your issues, make friends, or just chat and have a good time. We offer a safe place for those looking for support, advice or for anyone who just wants to vent. We have:

♡ A place to hang out and make new friends
♡ Active members & great staff
♡ Heart to heart private venting sessions which you can simply request by typing ?heart2heart in chat
♡ Plenty of venting channels
♡ Self-assignable roles & colour roles
♡ Events
♡ Bot games
♡ Media channels
♡ Serious channels
♡ Channels for hobbies
♡ Question of the day
♡ Debate channel for those who enjoy debating
♡ Love to sing? Love hearing others sing? We have a Karaoke channel!
♡ Emotional support, need a listening ear? We're here
♡ One to one venting sessions with a staff member

We hope you enjoy your stay! ♡
・*:.。..。.:*・.。. .。.:*・:.。..。.:*・.。. .
・*:.。..。.:*・.。. .。.:*・:.。..。.:*・.。. .
Hello there you lovely discord user! Are you interested in learning about systems or ARE a system? Awesome!! Here at the DID/OSDDiscord we provide a safe space for all traumagenic systems, and allow singlets to join and learn with us!

-Some fun stuff about us-
+ New discord made for systems
+ Only for traumagenic systems (DID/OSDD)
+ Safe and welcoming environment
+ lgbtqia+ community safe zone
+ support centre where you can vent freely
+ lots of self assignable roles
+ Friendly mods with open suggestions
+ Movie nights and other activities
+ Channels for different types of alters
+ Singlets are welcome to join!
-Basic Rules-
+ Always be kind and respectful
+ Respect other’s boundaries
+ Remember this is a safe place for littles!
Relaxed community of helpful and wholesome people, looking to support one another and otherwise have a good time.
**Come and be the founding members of this new community!**
Trans Brains is a brand new discord server focused on creating a space in which trans people can discuss trans issues and be supported by other members. We aim to create an environment that encourages helpful discussion, support, hope and positivity.
On Trans Brains we understand that dysphoria is incredibly hard, which is why we have such a focus on supporting and giving advice to people during times of tough dysphoria, be it mental or physical.

The owners of the server are not mental health professionals.
The owners are, however, two trans-women with years of experience in facing their own mental struggles, depression, and anxiety tied to gender dysphoria. They strive to create an environment that they think would have been helpful to themselves during tough times of their own.
We're a gaming & support community for LGBT+🌈& any friendly people looking to chill or join our RTD "Rust" clan!
__【♡ 𝐻𝑒𝓁𝓅𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝐻𝑜𝓂𝑒 ♡】__
*Helping Home* is a support server where you can go to for advice, or anything that you may need, including someone to talk to! 🌟
❀ •• ┈┈┈┈๑⊰ ʚ♡ɞ ⊱๑┈┈┈┈ •• ❀
__【♡ 𝐹𝑒𝒶𝓉𝓊𝓇𝑒𝓈 ♡】__
🌟 `↝` Welcoming community;
🌟 `↝` Profanity is allowed to an extent;
🌟 `↝` Support team to message if you need advice;
🌟 `↝` Frequent giveaways;
🌟 `↝` All languages are allowed;
🌟 `↝` Somewhat active chats;
🌟 `↝` Reaction roles;
🌟 `↝` Invite rewards;
🌟 `↝` Fun bots;
🌟 `↝` Question of the day;
🌟 `↝` Events!
❀ •• ┈┈┈┈๑⊰ ʚ♡ɞ ⊱๑┈┈┈┈ •• ❀
*What are you waiting for? Join today to have a friendly server that always has your back!
Make friends and enjoy your stay in our small non-toxic community!*
❀ •• ┈┈┈┈๑⊰ ʚ♡ɞ ⊱๑┈┈┈┈ •• ❀
:fire: Fantastic City :fire:
Our server welcomes all people from across the world. We tolerate @everyone to an extent. Here, you can find a non-toxic community, helpful staff, friendly members to welcome you into the server, and partnerships that encourage promotion.

We offer:
Events ,a Selfie Channel, Active Voice Chats, Channels that allow you rant/vent, obv Memes, Amazing and Fantastic Events.
Relaxed environment
Looking for active staff
And Lots more!

If you have any more questions, feel free to DM the Cool Owner @Typical Dissolity#5580.
Mental Health Support is a server which exists to help support and guide people through hard times in their life, in a positive and friendly environment. We are open to anyone and everyone, so please invite your friends to be a part of our community. If you need to vent, or you need a safe space and loving community to be a part of, then Mental Health Support is for you! The server offers- ★ Friendly and loving staff who are here to help you through any struggles you might have ★ Self assignable roles ★ A positive and supportive community environment ★ 24/7 Advice ★ Enjoyable bots Please join us, and be a part of our community as it grows and thrives!
❤️》 13+
🧡》 LGBTQ+/ straight
💛》 Family-like community
💚》 Mental support
💙》 Self-assignable roles
💜》 Active voice chat
🖤》 Positive vibes and non-toxic surrounding

We look forward to meet you! :)
‧͙⁺˚・༓☾welcome to LGBT Galaxy☽༓・˚⁺‧͙
LGBT Galaxy is a LGBTQ+ based support hangout server. Whether you need help with finding yourself or you just need a few new friends, LGBT Galaxy is the place for you.
♡ Self roles
♡ Color roles
♡ Fun bots
♡ Custom Leveling System
♡ Many Amazing Emotes
♡ Karaoke

- and much more!! we hope to see you there!
•̩̩͙⊱••••✩••••̩̩͙⊰• ::•̩̩͙⊱••••✩••••̩̩͙⊰•
Welcome to ʟᴏsɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ!
Mental Health support server//Community server
Looking for a simple, SFW, lgbtq+ server to chill and hangout in? Going through a tough time and need help? Well that's what our server is about!
We accept anyone of any race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality to come in and talk, meaning straight people can join as well!
300+ members and growing fast!
✾··•··•··•··•The Care Café •··•··•··•··✾

We are a 16+ mental health server with a friendly peer-support network!

Here is what's on the menu~

❥ A kind, peaceful, and supportive environment
❥ Active and engaging staff
❥ Fun server-wide events
❥ A cute café theme~
❥ Bots with currency, games, and levelling
❥ Partnership opportunities

✾··•··• We can't wait for you to join! •··•··✾
Sometimes in life our thoughts and feelings can overwhelm us. It helps to get some Breathing Space. Join the server - we're here to listen.
So, who are we? We are a mental health server dedicated to helping everyone in need. We are a family here to support you. We want to help solve your problems by being here and caring for you. Helping fight depression, stress, anxiety and more, so you don’t suffer in silence. We are on a mission to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all people. No matter your struggles, you’re always welcome. That’s all from me.

Join us today and keep on smiling. :)
Hey just a group of friends waiting for more members to join
-movie nights

Dies ist eine Deutsche Community, die noch wachsen möchte. Es gibt Musik, Spiele, Giveaways, Themenchats, Discord Partner und YouTube Partner!

---Wir suchen noch Teammitglieder---
Hey Leute. ihr sucht einen Aktiven Server der Humor hat und auch Spaß Versteht.Dann bist du bei uns richtig GamingLP/German Community lädt euch ein beizutreten wir sind ein kleiner Community Server der Neue Leute sucht wir sind eine vielseitige Community und hier ist für jeden etwas dabei. Schaut
Für mehr Informationen einfach vorbei .
Ihr könnt den Server noch größer machen.
Serveur français dans lequel on peut vous aider à paramétrer votre serveur, vos bots, etc. Nous avons de nombreux bots connus, et même des bots premium ! Nous avons également des bots privés !
We are an open and welcoming community with hopes of growing and reaching out to people, our goal is to provide a calm and civil place to stay for people from all walks of life, feel free to join and give us a try. <3
Reader Beware, this place is only for yanderes! and if you are one then we provide you with a comfy place to rest, and to talk with her people that are called yanderes. Talk about how much you like your love and obsess over them, you can talk about how you are dedicated to them, we truly support you! We support you in any manner possible. We understand that being a Yandere can be tough that's why we have dedicated channels for specifically aimed at venting. We also are a loving community of Yanderes hoping to meet others that share the same achetype; Join us what are you waiting for!
This is a safe place for any / all to come and join the large and growing community!
You don't need any Mental Health issues in order to join!

We offer:
Active chat!

Friendly community, and staff!

Venting and support rooms!

Fun bots!

Many roles for all types of Issues / disorders! Including vanity roles!

Potential to find that special someone

Events! At least 1 a week but most of the time more!

Equal oppertunities for all!

Music / Games / Active Chat / SFW and NSFW areas / Dating and more!

Creative corner to share all those creative sides!

A safe place for you to get help and progress freely!
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ~♡~ ⋅.} ───── ⊰


۵ This server is a mostly ahegao and bunny related server, which has a sfw but also a nsfw section.
Also have a section for ddlg/cgl!
So minors are welcome too! ⋆ .・┇♡

۵ We have channels for memes, videos, selfies, fun bots, events, where you can win stuff for different catagories like gaming or just have a fun community time! (and more interesting channels) ⋆ .・┇♡

۵ But we also own a vent and support section, where peeps help each other out. ⋆ .・┇♡

۵ Fun voice channels and a nice staff team. ⋆ .・┇♡

۵ A role section where you can assign yourself lots of cool roles/tags. ⋆ .・┇♡

۵ We accept everyone and you are more than welcome to join!
Hope we see you in the server! ⋆ .・┇♡