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This server was made to provide an open place for people to talk about hard things in a free and open environment. Everyone is welcome here to do anything from vent, get support for a crisis, talk about hard things, to just making friends and hanging out.

The reason we founded this community was so that people could have a place they could go to talk about anything.
⚜️ 💖 Hi Loves 💖⚜️

☾☬☽ In this server, we support everyone ranging from trying to stop bad habits all the way to depression and anxiety ☾☬☽

💞We here love to help people and only invite positivity💞

🎉We just finished working on it, and we are brand new🎉

❅ We include many things like ❅
➮ Music 🎼
➮ Lots of Chats 🌌
➮ Great Mods ⛩
➮ Support 🌠
➮ Mentoring 🎇
➮ Events 🏆
➮ General Talking 🏵
➮ Clubs🎉
➮ Gaming Area🎀
➮ Homework Help💮
➮ So much more 🎆

♕ We are also ♕
↬ Welcoming ages between 13-100 💮
↬ LGBT safe community🏳️‍🌈
↬ Art/writing/music/gaming friendly 🎀
↬ Disorder friendly 💟
↬ Ready to Partner With 💖
↬Welcoming everyone from anywhere💖
↬Hosted in the Japanese Timezone🎀

⚜️We Include Bots Like⚜️

💖Join us today and help us grow!!!💖
Support For All is a support server that help people with problems they might have like depression, DID, eating disorders, dysphoria, and many more!
We have a slowly but surely growing community😃. Our community is very friendly and we accept everyone and anyone except trolls and haters and we have exactly the community you need! Other things include: bots, emotes, multiple support chats, reaction roles, occasional polls.
• Not a dating server •
• This server is for people that love to have a good conversation •
• Safe place to be yourself •
• Small server •
hey there! welcome to chonker gang, a server for chatting, art, writing, music and a generally good time!

we have an active community of great people, and we hope you join our gang!
☆彡 Yo yo, welcome to LGBTea Haven! This server is mostly LGBT, but of course, anyone is welcome! Different opinions are welcomed here too, because we have a debate channel! Just be respectful buds. Indeed, the tea will most likely spill over this counter top. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We currently have eight rad bots, a ton of games, over nine conversation categories, awesome emoticons, self assigning roles, a chance to (or to not) find love, active moderators, and more just waiting to be looked at. By who? You!

This who purpose of this server is to socialize and just have fun!
(you must be 13 years or older to join)™ ☆彡
Life's Escape is a small community that offers you a safe place to be yourself, make friends, make memories and have fun. If you are having a bad day we have support channels too. Come pay us a visit, It's worth a try
🤠 Role Play
👌 Memes
👀 Dark Humour
🗣️ Self Assignable Roles
♥️ Support
🎮 Gaming
📽️ Rabbit Streams
Our server welcomes all people from across the world.
We offer giveaways, moderator applications etc..
If you have any ideas or suggestions your voice will be heard. We will try our
absolute best to attend to your needs and provide you with a warm welcome.
Join us and feel the wonders
The Gayborhood was previously known as "Pride Palace" but due to a false report, the server was deleted at 264+ members.

The Gayborhood is a support/chatting server for the community. Ages 13+ can join. If you're over 25, that's fine but we do keep an eye out!
We're trying to gain our *nearly* 300 members back.
We have great staff, and an amazing community! It's pretty active here. We have a ton of self-assignable roles, as well as display colors.
Allies CAN join, but please state that you are an ally so we don't just assume you're a troll.
We hope to see many older, and new faces back again!
Hello there! Our server is a cafe-themed, safe haven which provides you with mental and emotional health support and varied ways of entertainment such as:
-Anime-talks and recommendations
-Music-related channels and bots
-A NSFW channel but other than that everything else is SFW
-Warm people to talk to from all over the world
-Active staffs
-Lots of memes
-Many fun bots to play with
-And much more so join to find out!
(Our staffs are also very friendly)
Welcome to LGBTQIA+ For The Youth. This is a safe and quiet place for individuals to meet other people among their commmunity!
* Lots of cool events!l
* Opportunity to have your very own club that you can run yourself
* Support and resources for those who need it
This is a safe place for yanderes that might have been treated poorly other servers for being a bit extreme on the yandere spectrum. We hope to provide you with the help needed. To see if you qualify, answer a few questions. Enjoy your stay, never leave us
~Depressed and need to vent out? Join our discord server!~

~We have different channels for different interests and we will help you out if you need us!~

~Light is your safe place during dark times! Light is a support server created by Bravey with the help of her trusty sidekicks. We are all here to help you through anything that's going on, whether its online or in real life! The server was created on April 1st, 2019. Please make sure to read over the rules before heading to main chat!~
Welcome to The Abyss! We are a server dedicated to helping and supporting people with any sort of mental health problems and/or who are going through tough moments in their lives. This is a place where you can vent your frustrations safely, you don't need to go through stuff alone.
We also feature plenty of various utilities such as:
• Self-assignable roles
• Music bots
• Art sharing
• Pet pictures
And much more!
Hi there!!❤❤ This is a chill and fun peer support server focused on serious depression along with respectful and friendly interactions without any judgement! A place where you can smile behind the screen feeling good filled with joy and love. We have high moderation and a PG-13 main chat so you can feel safe.

We have
• Chat rooms
• Game talks,
• Bots such as Pokecord Rythm Boxbot And more!
• Art and Showcase
• Voice chats and active members
• Open to partner with any server with barely any restrictions
• Currently looking for staff! and support
• And other things
like every discord server we usually do shoutouts to help people
Any trolls that fail to follow the rules will be instantly kicked we are based on having a good community for everyone to enjoy

• Don't be fooled by the rules it's only a reminder and basically like a law book to check. Just have common sense and you'll be fine

What are you waiting for? Join today!

A great server that deserves a spot on your discord list. Everyone is cared for
just a server for people to join and have a bit of fun... Simple as that
Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe
• A Proof of God
• The Theory of Everything
• Minimum IQ for Higher Access: 135
This is a support server with no frills, leveling systems, roles, or any other bells and whistles. The only thing that matters to us is making sure people get the support they need. You're welcome to chat or vent here, and you can also help others if you're feeling up to it. Come on in! 👍❤️
Welcome to Vent, Listen Speak, Unite!
Some of the things we offer include:
♡ friendly active members and staffs
♡ approximately 700 members
♡ non toxic environment
♡ don’t tolerate trolls
♡ high security against raid
♡ support LGBTQ+ community
♡ regular events such as giveaways
♡ few interactive bots
♡ don’t tolerate NSFW content
♡ partnership opportunities
♡ staff applications open
Hope to see you in the server!
-General/chill server
-Friendly, kind, funny members
-Venting Channel <3
-Mild Italiano theme (pasta uwu)
-Story-times (the best part)
Are you tired of the same old boring bots with updates that come once in a full moon? A support server where there's no actual support. Well the Gaming Gal's support server is the complete opposite; We have tons to offer:
• An active server with helpful and respectful staff.
• Frequent updates and tweaks for the bot.
• A say to make the bot/support server even better!
• Hours of fun.
• An Intriguing and awesome bot
• An owner which actually cares about the members opinions!

Alex_#8083 is the proud owner of Gaming Gal.

Hello you talented hacker welcome Voltaik Alience hacking! We’re a growing community of hackers who are looking for other talented or just people to hang out with!

We’ve got all kinds of goodies for you kids
- Friendly People
- Roles
- Partners
- Friendly Staff
- Programming Help
- Hacking Help
There’s so much more, come on down to it all! and we help people in hacking and programming
Feel free to join our growing community //Staff
Angel's Wings Support is a Discord server dedicated to helping anyone who may need a little bit of help. We're a peer-support server, meaning that you can help people too, and we'll return the favor. We're a server for anyone-- mental illness or not. We'll help everyone to the best of our ability. We focus on our support system, and our community. We cater to all ages, and all diagnoses, and those that are non-diagnosed. Our staff team is active, and enforce the rules to keep everyone safe. We hope you come and join us! We're here for you all.
We have: support channels and staff
**friendly community
** acceptance of everyone
**many channels for different topics
**rules and staff members that help keep the community safe
Come one, come all. Join us if you need support, or a friendly community to become apart of.