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Feeling lonely?...Then this is a perfect little server for you! We accept everyone and you are more than welcome here!
New server where fashion lovers meet to discuss fashion design, designer's collections, models, fashion trends, celebrity fashion, cosmetics & shopping.
This is great community full of awesome people! Also we do roleplays, depression support, love advice, games, art, food, music, and it's a great way to make friends!
Hello! This is a loving and welcoming cafe inspired server where you can come and relax, find friends and emotional support. Come join us!!
☁ Welcome to Cloud Support a community where we try to help each others and improve together. We have a growing and friendly community and everyone is welcome! Toxicity free zone! ☁
This server is for members of the LGBT+ community. We accept everyone of all genders, race, and sexuality and we do not judge. We want to create a nice community for others to feel welcomed and be accepted instead of tossed out and degraded. We have over 200+ members! Join and help us create the peaceful community we strive for. We're also accepting partners so don't be afraid to partner with us.
A safe place to talk about your feelings and life either with one person or in a group setting.
A bot from hell, here to guide your server to success. Constantly updating + Rarely any down time.
We are a newly opened server, whose goal it is to help you either find a job or to find someone to work at your server. As part of one of the leading discord advertisement server networks, we have a very experienced staff team that focuses on creating a professional environment, one that can be used for much more than simply finding a job or new staff members. We strive to become a server that can support any recruiter and anyone unemployed (for discord jobs only) and one with the most advanced and most recognised staff training program on discord.

Join today and let us help you!
This server is for discussing issues related to anxiety disorders such as OCD, GAD, Social Anxiety, phobias and etc. Those simply dealing with anxiety as a symptom or those who want to know more about it are also welcome.
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Dreamers █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
The server for the wholesome people!

`-Decently active server.`
`-Chill, relaxing, and accepting af.`
`-The most wholesome server you have ever seen.`
`-Age range anywhere from approx. 13-26.`
`-Regardless of your sexuality, race, or gender, you're accepted here.`
`-Roles from horoscopes to aesthetics.`
`-Like a bunch of channels. Many of which are barely used.`
`-90+ members and counting. Did I mention how active this server is?`
`-Music, gaming, memes, anime, along with event nights.`
`-Just good old talking. Chat and VC both equally active.`
`-People that genuinely care about you and go out of their way.`
`-This is a friendly support server so if you’re feeling lonely or down, you can come here and we'll try our best to cheer you up!`
We're When In Need, a server made by two friends who decided we wanted a way to talk to people whenever we felt like escaping the world for a bit. Our main goal is to make a community of people who are there to talk, any time of the day.

We're very new, so please give us a shout if you're interested in Mod or Admin roles.
We are a brand new server with friendly, experienced and active staff, aimed at helping people live their healthiest life while working to reach their weight goal
This server is a place for people who feel out of place or lonely or have problems or just looking for someone to talk to. This server accepts anyone and everyone who feels a little different or who is looking for friends. This server is non judgemental and you can feel free to say anything you like (within reason) and no one will judge. No matter what race, gender, disability, sexuality or anything: this is a safe place for all to be apart of.
New Server!! ♥♥ This is a chill and fun peer support server focused on serious depression along with respectful and friendly interactions without any judgement! and also a place where you can smile behind the screen feeling good filled with joy and love. This community is especially recommended for people who are retired from other servers staff duty. We speak english!
This is a small Discord server dedicated to helping people with depression and other mental disorders!
The Island of Misfits Community is a safe place for supporting you through your struggles with mental health, diagnosed or not. In addition, we are focused around socializing, making friends and more. We are an active, laid back, mature and friendly community. Come join us today. :D
Melody of the Rain is a small, tight-knit server of active members who support one and other through all stages of life. Whether you're looking for somewhere to game, make new friends, discover new music, or find support, Melody of the Rain has something for you. We're one large family and we can't wait to meet you!
VLSU is a decent-sized server (~400+ members) where friendly staffs and members support one another and make new friends whose going through similar struggles. Group vents are visible after you agree to the rules and private vents rooms that are only accessible to staffs are provided upon request. We support the LGBTQ+ community as we recognize that everyone is different and shouldn’t feel pressured to act a certain way. We host regular competition events with prizes to be won and giveaways. We are hoping to start regular events such as music night, movie night, and game night soon. We also offer partnership opportunities with fairly minimal requirements and we are also looking for moderator staffs and event staffs. There are a number of interactive bots in the server including our very own bot named Hope and we are always open to feedback and suggestions. Keep in mind that server theme constantly changes to match the celebrations that comes up such as Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. However we don’t support NSFW content as there are members who are in their early teens in this server so apologies if that’s what you like. Kano is the owner here who’s really kind and understanding, and Lila pretty much the web manager so go to her if you have questions about set up. You will meet the rest of the staff team once you join the server as they all have an intro in staff-intro channel. Hope to see you here!
Finding Yourself Again is a server dedicated to those suffering from mental illness, and supporting those who need a helping hand.
.・゜゜・.・゜゜**we are NOT alone** ・.・゜゜・.・゜゜・
**About us**
We are a community based around supporting & helping people with many struggles in the their lives, regardless of what it is we are here for you!

**What we offer**

✿ Weekly events
✿ Amazing community
✿ Multiple Roles for you to select from
✿ Multiple Channels for you to talk in
✿ Daily games
✿ Movie nights
✿ Partnerships
✿ Support Channels
✿ Many commands for you to use
and a heck ton more!

We hope we've grabbed your attention, if so.
We hope to see you soon!
Just a small lil' safe space where we talk about a variety of things such as Danganronpa, Persona, Sonic, Overwatch, Neptunia and provide support for each other and such!
Please don't hesistate to come on down~!
Welcome to Soft Cupcakes, We hope you have an amazing stay and enjoy all the features we have to offer :D
##Join Here! ****

We are the #1 mental health server, Sanctuary! If you need a loving, supporting, and accepting community of crazies, we are the server for you. We have many active, friendly members that have all gone through our quick and easy security system, which means you will rarely see trolls or raiders, and even if you do, we even have our own report system. Here are some of our members favourite features~

❥Organized channels and categories, that cover a whole lot of ground, and keep help/trigger chats separate from light hearted topics! (We also have an entire NSFW category, that you can opt in our out to ;D)

❥Nadeko, Miki, and Mantaro bot, are the only bots you will ever need to write commands for! Meaning things stay simple.

❥We use Mee6's leveling and xp system. along with Miki's commands for hugging, marrying, kissing etc other members through gifs! It's soo cute.

❥Around 17 different mental illnesses, represented by roles! So you can fully express yourself. We also have more utility roles, such as pronouns, notifications (So no annoying @ everyone pings!), timezones, and many beautiful colours.

❥#vent, #help-and-advice, #trigger-warning channels, and more. So you can get whatever kind of help you need, or just rant!

❥LGBT-Friendly! You will not be discriminated against here.

❥Many fun events to keep members active.

So come join us now via the link at the top of this post!