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Female-only server, mostly wanting women who are 18+ to join so we can have mature discussions about different topics. We want to keep things pretty chill and we plan on watching movies or playing video games with each other. You will have to be interviewed in order for us to verify.
Hello! I'm Xena Vamoux, and this is my server for my youtube ( as well as a community for people that likes "girly things" like celebrity gossip/drama, fashion, art, cute hentai/anime, "girly" games, shows, and all your obsessions you can talk about here. I also go live on from time to time. Come join me! :) <3
Just another porn server, We follow the discord ToS, so no illegal content allowed.
-auto posting bots for all your needs
-chat rooms
-open for server suggestions
-Staff positions are open!
We are a female-only community designed for women seeking a place to enjoy socializing in a casual environment, cultivate their interests (e.g. artwork, gardening, and literary discussion), and share various experiences. We are a supportive and loving community dedicated to providing a truly special place on the Internet for girls of all walks of life!
We a server that hunts furrys because we are very savage and furrys are ugly creatures made to be killed by us so come on in and join us in the fight to extinguish all and every furry in existence.
Feet Meet is a different type of feet server in that we have female feet models themselves posting the majority of the content.
We sell albums of naked women and might do guys someday (Not me) and I hope that you join and enjoy
This is a established feminist server. Over 1000 Users! We are looking to open up to everyone so they know that feminist isn't a bad word! Trolls are gotten rid of in are own special way. So they do not ruin a great server <3 We have safe space and gendered roles! Female only Voice chats also! We hope to have a nice and long talk with everyone on the base of feminist ideals!
Are you a woman? Do you like other women? Do you not "like" like women but still wanna hang out with other women? Of course you do. This is the place! We're a brand new server and really would love people to come hang out, talk about gaming, anime, memes, hentai, listen to music, or whatever else you really would like to do here. Ladies-only retreat!
Russian malefree profem server, safe space.
Пространство для женщин. Здесь женщины, женские проблемы и женские мнения в центре внимания. Про-фем сервер без мужчин.
If you're looking for some friends, memes, and just a chill place to hang out in with none of the drama, this is the place for you!
- Interesting Chats
- Good Concept
- Our Channels Are a Meme
We aim to be the main hub for sex roleplaying and is willing to accept anyone to join who is willing to have a good time! We have Women pictures and men pictures any more! We are new so help us build a community of roleplayers! MUST BE 18 OR OLDER
A harem full of women who are playing as my favourite ladies from various categories. Females only! Strictly no males allowed. You will be dmed upon entry. I have many kinks and the mansion has many rooms. Males will be banned
Sappho's Island is a server for women-loving women (also nb inclusive). We offer a place to chat and meet with other WLW. [16+]