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If you're like most people who look for political Discord servers, you're probably disinterested in the party politics of your own country and burnt-out on discussions of the same topics over and over. Why does it seem like mainstream political discussion is so narrow when the available topics to choose from are virtually limitless? Why shouldn't you get to pick the topic every once and a while? Well, you can do just that on Political Nexus!

Political Nexus is a political discussion and debate server where users align themselves according to the Nolan political compass and discuss their ideas with one another.

Members may submit topics for daily discussion and vote for topics that they like! The staff has no say in what topics get chosen, as it is a fully automated feature.

Users of various political persuasions abound here. While insulting speech is never a bannable offense, it's not often that members stray far from civility.

From Marxists to Neoreactionaries to Anarchists to Monarchists, you're bound to find your place here in our wide political spectrum and you're guaranteed to learn something new!

• Daily discussions are suggested and led by community vote
• Custom bot
• Ideological teams by general political alignment
• Active and friendly staff
15+ Server with 18+ themed areas.
Respect the rules and you'll have no issues here!
Looking for active people!

Sections for bots, gaming chat, memes, videos, NSFW sections which caters to almost everyone.
Be rewarded with level achievements simply for having conversations, and receive role rewards based on how talkative you are.

I hope you come to enjoy The Siren's Lair. ♥

The Sunlight Roleplaying Club is the place to be if you're looking to explore an ever-growing hub of writers, artists, roleplayers, and friends!
We currently have over 350 members, as well as a custom-made bot that allows members to create their own roleplay channels. We welcome both experienced and novice roleplayers to come and join our community!
Welcome to Squib Advertising! We are an advertisement service that allows you to come and grow your server by advertising it. We even have our own bot for you to use! So come join now!
Snookz In Wonderland!

Snookz Wonderland is a newly founded server than aims to bring everything you like in other servers
into one central place! We allow for image perms and very fair rules so you do not feel restricted.

What do we have to offer?

0 - Custom Server Bot
1 - Flash Giveaways!
2 - Minigames
3 - Server Currency you can spend on other things e.g Giftcards.
4 - Game-Nights!
5 - Events
6 - Self-Roles
7 - Chat Rewards
8 - Giveaways
9 - Competitions
10 - Pokecord
11 - Pokeverse
12 - Image Perms!
& much much more!

Have I convinced you yet? No? Hmm well why not join and find out exactly what we are about!
Music Bots
Everyone is welcome!
Open for suggestions
We Accept Everyone
We Have a lot of bots to chose from
friendly community
A growing server, which with your help can grow more and more daily. We sport an advertising channel, self-assignable roles, and even our own custom bot[s]. Mod applications will be open at 40 members, so invite your friends too!

Zilox is a Minecraft/Gaming community with their own minecraft server, Custom bot, Giveaways and Amazing community and staff!

+ What makes this server better then others? +

Just like most servers we have an amazing community and staff, How ever we see users as the most important thing (Not making money etc) We heavily suggest user to suggest ideas for the server as it helps the server be more enjoyable for the users experience

-=+-_Tell me something about the minecraft server_-+=-

The minecraft server is only on as long as theirs a user online, The IP is in the discord (↠mc-announcements↞). We recently added Duels with some AMAZING maps!

-+=(!)How long is the server online for on average?(!)=+-

Most of the time the owner will be on it so it stays up for more then 4 - 5 hours how ever as the server grows it will be on all the time!
Welcome to Squidyy’s Realm! owned by Squidyy#3000 himself.

We have a lot to offer, this server is to unite gamers and just to be a general hangout :)!

=Levelling system with cool ranks and perks to obtain as you level up or gain messages! - UPCOMING FEATURE

=Fully Custom-Made bot for the server with memes and more :)

=Dank Memes for the most FRESH memes. Along with the custom bot.

=Fresh Memes channel.

=Chats for games such as Roblox, Minecraft, Rocket-league, Fortnite & Other.

=Staff Applications - Hiring!


=Events held by Owners!

& Much more for you to see! :)


♡+:。.。Welcome to Malibu:hibiscus:。.。:+♡
We welcome you to a nice a friendly server full of great friends! A place to make new friends and find new people to talk to!

We have:

Custom Roles
Nice people
Selfie channel
Rant channel
Staff Applications

♡+:。.。Thank you for joining Malibu:hibiscus:, We appreciate you a bunch and hope you enjoy your stay!。.。+♡
Hello, This Is My Little Server Where Anyone Is Welcome And We Are Very Happy. Sometimes We Have A Bit Of Roleplay Here And There. We Hope You Have A Very Good Time Here (If You Do Join...) And, As Always, See You Later!
━ Zoek jij een leuke en gezellige discord community?
Dan ben je bij HeyYo op het goede adres! In deze discord kan je nieuwe vrienden maken of gezellig chatten in de tekst kanalen of praten in de spraak kanalen. HeyYo is een leuke maar ook vooral gezellige community voor jong en oud! Voor vragen kan je bij staff zijn. Join natuurlijk vooral onze discord!
We are one big community that has a nsfw channel ;). We also host a game server (soon adding more) and have a custom bot that is in the works.
Welcome to "The Friend Zone", a place where you can make friends. This server is meant to be a chill and layback server, so we aren't strict but we still have rules we will enforce on users if it comes to this. We host many giveaways that we host and own custom bot. What are you waiting for, come now, we have a seat for you.
We offer custom bot with over 130 commands, memes, fun and *lewd commands.

~24/7 music
~Leveling system
~Friendly members
~Open for suggestions

Join, meet new people and talk about anime!
Hello 👋 people my name is 𝕽𝖔𝖘𝖊#5871. I’m the **OWNER of HotBox**! We are a new fine community looking forward to helping you guys out and enjoy the Discord community. We are a fun community to be around and if you guys haven’t join it please join and check it out first if you guys don’t like it you can always leave if you want. Well hope you enjoy the server I will be seeing you there in the server piece out.
We are a fun loving community with a custom made bot called Matrix. We have staff applications open for anyone who wants to try out for staff. We are very caring and helpful. Here you can meet new friends or gamer's.
User suggestions and user led server, A custom bot, and custom Dyno commands! WAYWO - What are you working on? Partnerships, polls, and much, much more! Come join us!
The Basement is a growing community where you can talk about anything! Anime, Gaming, Giveaways, and more! Come join the Basement today!
This is Discord Gaming where you can game all day with your friends!
Remember, this is still not finished! Suggest things to be changed in #suggestions :)