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Hello To Our Awesome lovely server , we do events & giveaways in this server join and check it out.

We like our members And we are currently giving away 50K+ coins to a lucky winner || Join And Try Your Luck!
Do you want to earn money without being robbed? Join our server and lots of giveaways will be happening when we gain some members!
In our discord server we will host giveaways and other events.
We also let you use Dank Memer and rythem! JOIN FAST WHILE IT LASTS
- We don't have much members-
- Pretty Chill (if it can get chill)
- Dead -
-Goal is to hit 30 members-
-looking for moderators-
-Feel Free to advertise besides this server not having much members-
CKH Chill Zone. An actively growing server that does giveaways for Robux, Dank Memer coins, etc. Feel free to stay for awhile, we’re all friendly!
Hi, would you like to join my server?
This server is All about community, games, memes and more!
If you are interested, then join!
In here we have
-Dank memer
-Dank memer giveaways every week
- self assignable roles
- Categorized channels
- Chill channel
- Music channel
- Partnerships with other members
- Friendly Staff and Admins
and maybe more!
Listen Up Fellow Memer
I've got a cool dank memer focused server
I'm planning on giveaways soon but only for dank memer coins
We have robbing and heisting
I don't mind talking if you experience any issues
I dont have any staff but I'm very active so I'll usually be able to respond quickly
Enjoy your stay and have a good one gamers!
Also Im new to owning servers so if you want to give me a hand or just some feedback or advice it's greatly appreciated and I'll make a role for people who do to show gratitude
The official server of Join Heist. In this server you can easily find servers to bankrob (or rob). We also host Dank Memer giveaways and much more!
We are a server mostly for dank memer. We do Dank memer giveaways (coin giveaways) almost every day. Or you can just come to hang out with other members.