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Welcome to the official NT support discord!
The NT support discord is where you can find relevant information about NT and the services that NT provides.
We have experienced members who can guide you or you can speak with the creator 🐧Master3395🐧#0183 .

NT is a moderation bot that can moderate your discord server and even remotely ban users from your Roblox games.
If you want to take the extra step visit where you can find useful resources like API's and the premium version of NT.
**𝕭𝖞𝖙𝖊𝖘𝕿𝖔𝕭𝖎𝖙𝖘 ◉ Coding Community**

BytesToBits is a server for code-lovers to improve their skills on their coding knowledge! We have a lot of channels where you can find what you are searching for! We also are making projects ourselves, publishing them for you to have samples or work on these. We want to combine as much information as possible to create a *library* or code! We also give you the opportunity to showcase your own projects and try to catch our attention. If you manage to impress us, you will get rewarded! We also are planning up-coming coding contests and group challenges/projects when we have good member base! We do not only search for programmers, but also Designers!

𝕭𝖞𝖙𝖊𝖘𝕿𝖔𝕭𝖎𝖙𝖘 - **LANGUAGES**:
● C/C++
● C#

**We also have a huge variety of topics to discuss!**
➥ Data Science
➥ Math
➥ Windows
➥ Network Programming
➥ Hardware
➥ Databases
➥ And MANY MANY more...!

We offer **FREE** coding lessons via screenshare! Yep, you read it right, free coding lessons
for anyone who is interested! We will accept questions in the end of each lesson!

:frame_photo: Logo:
:link: Invite:
We provide Affordable Remote Desktop / Virtual Private servers and game servers without making a compromise in performance.

All our servers come with a guaranteed

All year round 99.9% uptime
DDOS protection
500 Mbps to 10Gbps internet

Apart from those features we also utilize / provide -

Super fast SSD NVMe Storage
Customizable plans ( 4 GB ram to 1500 GB ram servers available ) ( shared upto 64 GB ram only )
Upgradeable resources at any time
Private / Unshared resources ( CPU / RAM )
Unlimited Bandwidth
Customer Control panel to monitor VPS stats / Reinstall OS and more.
Linux / Windows OS available
Custom OS / ISO install Request available

Prices Start from just $7/month for

2 Cores
4 GB ram
10 GBPS uplink unmetered
60 GB Storage

to any custom specification that you want is a new bot listing website with beautiful UI+UX, extremely fast verification durations and other crazy features. Join in today to enter regular nitro giveaways and be a part of the amazing community!
This is the community for you!

CyberGameway specializes in providing exposure and income generating opportunities to streamers, service providers, and brands. Custom merchandise for apparel, accessories, and home-living. Utilizing our social media platforms, website and marketing experience, a partnership with CyberGameway will be the stepping stone to go full time! Speak with Imfeelnlucky (Founder) or any moderator to get started!

Just looking to game? No worries! We have plenty of gamers here too!
The official discord for an up coming website where you can upload videos and watch other people's videos. We also will do monthy (or less) giveaways. The more people, the more giveaways there will be.
Welcome to LJCodes! I make simple html/css websites (front end only) for Free/Cheap! Join the server and get your free website today!
ACBIC is a website that we decided should hold a discord server!
Celebrating Year #2 we're finally ready to be more public than ever!
We're a:
Social Media
Video Sharing
Streaming Service
And More - Type of Site!
Discord Templates is the Discord server for the (currently in development) Discord Templates website.
midnight software is a commercial and custom software development team creating plug and play web applications for online communities
( Official Discord Of )
- A Non-Toxic Community
- Low Moderation
- As Seen On TikTok
Hello You There, Yes You There Is A New Server And Its This Server Your Looking Through Right Now!

*All Music Server
*Official BandLab!
*We Got Our Website That Has Being Running For Years!
*Nice Chat!
*And This Server Is Brand New!

Note: So Much People Wanted A BandLab Discord Server So Here It Is Your Wish Is Granted! Hoe You Enjoy Your Warm Welcome!
ColdServices | Cheap & good hosting.

We are selling game servers (minecraft, garrys mod, ark and more), discord bot hosting and website hosting.
We've got 99.8% uptime.

(we are not one of the overpriced hosting providers)





Join our server to learn more
Slashy Hosting provides premium Minecraft, VPS and Website Hosting services for affordable prices.

Our plans start at:
- Minecraft $1.50/GB
- VPS $2.99/GB
- Web $0.99/mo

Check us out today!
Everything/Nothing is an homage to the E/N sites of the year 2000 before we knew what a blog was.

As part of the website Dannarchy in the Neocities community, topics can be about almost anything from childhood nostalgia to junk food to toy collections. This discord server is open to those who want to escape the politics and seriousness of the real world and just enjoy the small things in life.

Sections for discussion include: web-coding help, holidays, pc gaming, hobbies, and nostalgia.
Ano.js is a free, open-source Javascript web animation library hosted on GitHub that makes creating beautiful designs and HTML/CSS animations a whole lot easier!
his server is perfect for:

❯ People who have never played tabletop RPG games before, but are interested in trying
❯ People who have played D&D and other RPG games for years, and want to try something new
❯ People who have played D&D and other RPG games for years, but can't find the time to play
❯ Players with busy schedules
❯ DMs with busy schedules
❯ People who are tired of the scheduling issues commonly associated with long-term campaigns
❯ Players who want to try a new character build they have in mind
❯ People who have never run a campaign before, or just want to try DMing
❯ Role players that want to have more experience with a new character, accent, gameplay style, or something else new.
❯ DMs who want to try out new, experimental, or homebrew gameplay features in a one-shot environment
❯ DMs who want to try out a new quest they have designed, or a new dunegon they want to run
❯ Worldbuilders looking to add some life and organic lore to their worlds

If you fall into any of these categories, then RPG WEEKLIES has something for you.
What is Hyper Customs?
Hyper Customs is another one of those online companies that has quite a bit to offer. Hyper Customs has just recently started and has great offers and regularly does product giveaways.

What does Hyper Customs offer?
Hyper Customs offers:
>Blacklist systems
>CAD/MDT systems
>Custom CAD/MDT systems
>Other websites
>Vehicle textures for GTA V & FiveM
>Ped textures for GTA V & FiveM
>Life time support
>And much more!

Hyper Customs is not a support server

Want to check us out?