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what we offer
1.Zone wars stacked lobby's 24/7
2.A nice community that is always wanting to play
3.We have NAE NAW EU OCE players
4.You can look for a duo partner
5.You can look for a squad
7.over 1000 members
***So we hope to see you there!!***
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We have also a website,more info on server.
We are a hosting that provides Minecraft Hosting 24/7 nonstop because we believe everyone should be able to enjoy a premium minecraft server, powered by powerful servers and amazing cheap prices. Powered by Pterodactyl.
Welome to Cloud Host, a sister company of MCFreeHosting LTD.

We offer free discord bot hosting and webhosting for free! We have our very own pterodactyl panel fo you to use!

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We are a new server looking for players for our roster, along with admin and Helper status. Once we get to 100 members, we are planning big stuff for the server!
We are a hosting that provides VPS servers for just 1,50$/GB and Dedicated Servers for just 3,50$/GB! Join now!
2000 members

We are an ESports organization based in Europe, Slovenia. Our main focus is to provide our team members with opportunities to grow on social media, expand their gaming skills/tactics and to easily collab with other teammates.
*new server *

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We use a powerful cluster of web servers that are all interconnected to act as one giant super computer.

This technology is years ahead of most other hosting companies.

Combining the power of many servers creates lightning fast website speed.

Not only is the service extremely fast, it is resistant to failures that effect 'single server' hosting, used by most other free and paid hosting providers.

If one of our clustered servers were to fail or have a problem, your website will continue to run normally using the working servers!
Game Server Hosting

Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Ark Survival, Rust, Starmade, Arma, 7 Days to Die, CSGO, GTA, and many more games.
HighTech Hosting is a hosting company that hosts Websites & Game Servers such as Minecraft!!
this server provides Stray Kids fans the opportunity to 'interact' with the members of stray kids through their mailboxes!

we have carefully selected fans to be 'hosts' for each member for this to happen :)

stay cafe~ is also a good place to chillax and talk about stray kids and kpop with other fans ≧◡≦

all kpop fans are invited!
At Straw Host we offer Amazing High Quality Lifetime Hosting! All for Extremely cheap! What More Could You Want?
Quantiom Hosting is a small hosting company who provides high quality Lifetime Web Hosting and Root Servers. Our servers are powered by mass HDD storage and powerful hardware. We provide affordable hosting for everyone starting at as little as €3.95. If you are in need of any kind of hosting we have you covered.
We are from Hostcrypto group. We are monitoring our patners masternode coins and latest crypto news.
a reality show-like roleplay! single contestants are placed on an island to find love. will you succeed?
A world RP made by Joe the Eagle! To get started, join then say what country you would like!
In this server you can be host And host a game please read #help when you JOIN there Is all commandds