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Hello, here we are Discord Advertisers, you can advertise your server here and grow! We are looking for you to join!
41 minutes ago
The name is confusing I know, but this is a fan discord for the app its self and is NOT affiliated with the app in any way shape or form. This is just a server that is fan owned (not owned or ran by any staff members of discord) to just praise the app in its glory to eventually have events and giveaways celebrating the app.
5 hours ago
Mega Poke World is a Pokecord/Pokemon Mega discord that supports just about everything, join us in on the fun! If you were a previous member and banned, the ban should've been removed. Do please come back. An incident happened and we are so sorry that it took place. Contact Kierstin♡#7915 or Tessa Dovah#0126 if you have any problems joining
6 hours ago
Are you looking for a chill Minecraft server to join? Along with a Discord to hangout with cool members and staff? This is the server for you! Join now and you won't be disappointed.
7 hours ago
Delta Hub :fire:

We are a Discord that mainly focuses on ROBLOX gaming.

A fun, socializing server with some of these features -

:robot: ➺ Bots, to your enjoyment! :white_check_mark:
:musical_note: ➺ Small Music Community :white_check_mark:
:spy: ➺ Friendly Staff :white_check_mark:
:cheese: ➺ NSFW :white_check_mark:
:tada: ➺ Role Giveaways :white_check_mark:

Be sure to Join Delta Squad today!

7 hours ago
The year is 2046, you can’t go anywhere without seeing either vampires, non human threats, dragons, werewolves, sirens, Harpies, cyclops, or generally scary things. Humans are threatened by these life forms, and are considered the bottom of the food chain. Choose wisely who you want to associate yourself with, for it may put you in a life or death situation. Now go on, find your journey. Good luck, and god bless you. This server is a fun, loving community in which we want you to have fun and feel comfortable!
13 hours ago
Custom Discord Servers is a place where you can get moderation and management for your discord server, or you can get one tailored to your needs and built from scratch!
19 hours ago

This discord channel has been made for YouTubers and Streamers alike. A place for people to meet up and game together and even record.

You can get a rank by going to #introductions and posting the template and then go to #general-support and ask an admin or support to give you your rank. They will review your post and give you the rank you need.

You can invite people by using this instant invite here
1 days ago
This super hero role play is geared to allow people to create custom hero or villains and just have fun writing interesting enjoyable compelling stories. We strongly encourage custom characters and have little tolerance for non-custom characters. Of course characters aren't limited to just hero and villain characters.
1 days ago
Welcoming community, Youth Server (16-24)
2000+ Users
Weekly Events, Games, and Friendly conversations
3 days ago
This server is the worse server you'll ever experience. It's terrible. Equatable to garbage that's been sitting in the hot sun all day and then blended with dogshit.
4 days ago
We are professional discord server makers with a ton of moderating experience. We can provide you a splendid server for your community, business, or personal medias (Twitter, YouTube, etc.)!
4 days ago
Created in March of 2018, Jubilant is a community-based server based of the interest of its members. We are a mainly English-speaking server, but we allow people from all over the world.
4 days ago
*Welcome to MemeCord!

*We are your #1 Meme Server!*

**We have:
→Dedicated Members
→ Active Chat
→ Events & Giveaways
→ Level Rewards
→ Memes Channel
4 days ago
An Official Discord Server and Discord Bot🤖 by Administrator xyz#2018

A Discord bot trying to bring fun in your Discord server! Memes, Anime, NSFW, Fun in just simple commands.

Easy to use functional discord bot!
5 days ago
If you want a place just to chill hang out and play some games and listen to music come and join us. We have really friendly staff and I make sure of that. We also do giveaways here and their and lastly we do partnerships if you want your server to grow.
Join here
5 days ago
We are a team of Discord users who want to help others use Discord! The staff if friendly and helpful!
6 days ago
Just a fun community discord for all kinds of people!

We love new members, so why not join! We hope you stay <3

Have a nice day in our discord :)
6 days ago
We have 50 of the most used Facebook emojis, we allow custom requests for emojis.

- Facebook Emojis
- Australian
- Giveaways!
7 days ago
Events, giveaways, & discussions - Vexion Gaming & Tech Community! Join, chat, earn points, & compete against members to rank up within the community!

Vexion strives to be a place that fosters mature conversation for both gaming and tech enthusiasts, while also offering events, quests, challenges and even the occasional giveaway to our gaming division to keep people engaged and active.
9 days ago
Currently, this discord does not have any set theme, members from all types of communities are welcome! We are eventually looking to evolve into something else much bigger but in the future. There are endless possibilities we will see which route this server get's taken to.
Currently, our only goal is to get members and grow this community into a family.It's a brand new discord server be sure to click JOIN THIS SERVER
10 days ago
Like any other Discord server, we're looking to expand with the hopes of people of common interest will join our community. We'd like to see who or what's up and what's happening with the Nissan folk all around us, from all different places and backgrounds. Come on over and join us on the Nissan Discord server. We are in no way affiliated with the r/Nissan server but if the mods want to hit us up, we'll be more than happy to give them a position on our server.

Altimas, Titans, Sentras, Zs, S-chassis, Datsun cars Infiniti cars, all Nissan/Nissan-related is welcome!
11 days ago
Paladins Strike est un hero-shooter sur mobiles. Rejoignez le discord de n’importe où et quand vous le souhaitez sur iOS et Android !
13 days ago