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Hello! My Name Is SmokingWinter
And I'm The Owner Of Fancy Networks!

We Are A Custom Gmod DarkRp Server With An Incredible Team That Dedicate There Time Towards This Server.
The Fun You Can Have On Our Server It's Really Limitless.We Tried To Make It Different,
Something Nobody Has Seen On Any Gmod Server And I Think We Successfully Beaten That Task! We Have Mostly 30/81 Daily Active Members And We Need You To Be A Part Of That!

What Is Different Compared To Any Other Server?

We Have Wipes And What That Does Is Every 6Months We Do An Inventory Wipe Without Any Notice And We Give You The 10%
Of The Inventory Into Money Worth. After That In The Next 3Months After The Inventory Wipe We Do A Money Wipe And
That Means We Take Only 15% Of Your Money Away. We Added This Because I Been To Many Servers And When I Try To Make
Money In My Base The Richest People With The Best Stuff Come Even Just To Take A Printer And I Think We All Deserve
A Chance Even If We Started Late.

Server Updated Mostly Every Week With Paid Addons That Benefit The Server And Your Roleplay Experience!

We Have Great, Well Known, Trusted, Trained Staff That Dedicate There Time To The Server. We Are Strict That There Is No Admin Abuse! So
You Won't Have To Worry About Admin Getting An Advantage That Normal Users That Play Our Server!

We Have Sensible Donator Ranks To Members Who Donate To Our Server!

The Community Is Always Active And Friendly To Other Members!

Some Of Our Paid Addons Are:Blue Double Or Nothing, Gprinters, Report Addon, Gmining, VCMod, Purge And Much More!We Have Over $300 Worth Of Gmodstore Paid Addons!

What We Have In Our Discord Server?

Nitro Boosted Server

Active Owner
Active Co Owners
Active Staff
Active Members
Everyone’s Friendly

Daily Giveaways

1 Custom Made Bot
5 Bots
Moderations Bots
Music Bots
Fun Bots

And Much More

Are You Intrested?

If You Are Come And Join Our Discord And Play On The Server. Thanks For The Support!
Kapatılan sunucumuz ''AURORA'' Tekrardan sizlerle, aramıza tekrardan hoşgeldin!

🌌 Deneyimli ve ilgili Yönetim Ekibi.
🌌 Aktif, samimi sohbet.
🌌 Vampir-Köylü, FRP, çeşitli oyun turnuvaları, sabaha kadar süren sohbetler ve daha fazlası.
🌌 Çevrimiçi süresine bağlı olarak düzenlenmiş adil rol sistemi.

Sunucumuz kapanmamak üzere tekrardan geri döndü, herkesi bekliyoruz.
Привет, єто мой русский сервер по игре Brawl Stars!
Здесь очень весело и круто проводим время!
Were just a small server looking for members~ if you join I give you a cookie, if you don't like cookies, I'll give you something else
Volume Esports
A Multi Platform Fortnite Team Recruiting Players from All regions

ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴡᴇ ᴏꜰꜰᴇʀ

- A Highly Active and Non-toxic Discord Server
- Active Tournaments and Clan Battles
- Daily Customs and Zone Wars Practise
- Recognition on our Youtube channel With over 100 Subscribers


Szukasz ogólnotematycznego Polskiego serwera na Discordzie? LegionSquad będzie idealnym wyborem. Posiadamy miłą administrację, dbamy o użytkowników, a także posiadamy własny sklep serwerowy. Więc nie zwlekaj i dołącz do naszej społeczności już dziś!
Auf diesem Discord Server könnt ihr gegen Invites Werbung für eure Projekte machen. Am Anfang benötigt ihr nur 2 Invites. Ihr könnt ja mal drauf kommen und eure 2 Invites voll machen und uns Helfen zu wachsen. Um so mehr Leute drauf kommen um so besser könnt ihr später Werbung machen.
Hey,habt ihr bock auf nen coolen Fortnite Clan?
Wenn ja kommt auf unseren Discord und schaut euch um.
Unser Discord ist ebenso für Fortnite als auch dafür da um neue Bekanntschaften im Internet zu machen.

Wir freuen uns auf euch!
We love gaming and PewDiePie!

↪ Level-Up by being active!
↪ Dig in a mine hole for bro coins!
↪ Shows the sub-gap between Mr Beast and DanTdm (!subcount)
↪ Helpful bots
Phantom Advertising Community
I made this Discord with one purpose in mind, for creators on every platform to network and share content with each other. This discord is great for anyone looking for a welcoming community that will help them grow on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, or any other platform as well as their Discords. Join and let us help you with that. :)
🔷 YouTube/Twitch Networking
🔷 Free Advertising for anything
🔷 Role-menu with many Roles to choose from
🔷 We Shout-out one lucky Creator every week
🔷 Great emotes
🔷 Fun Community
🔷 Helpful staff
🔷 **Tons** more!
~{Some things about the server}~
✯ We're a meme server.
✯ We have over 50 Nitro emotes.
✯ We're also accepting partnerships, check #partnership-requirements if you want to partner
✯ Anyone is invited to join, we're hoping that once you join you don't cause trouble, interact and get to meet different people and definitely have fun!!
✯ Please read the rules and obey them and please don't disrespect staff.
✯ ~ I hope you enjoy your stay!! :D~✯
-The Land Of Memes Staff
Join Hogwarts today and start making new friends and begin your life in the wizarding world! You can be anything you want! A professor, a student, a minister, a governor, a resident, anything! Even a dark eather, we have Azkaban too here =) . We made carefully diagon alley, Hogsmeade, UK Towns, Godric Hollow, and more! Discover them by yourself!
**Content Advertising** is a place where you can freely advertise your
server and services for people to enjoy! Our goal is to provide
our advertising and growth services **free of charge** which means that
everyone receives the same quality service from us leaving our members
💠 Dedicated advertising channels
💠 Looking for partners!
💠 Personal advertisers to hire to advertise your content on other servers
💠 Various Teams Like Growth Team & Translation Team to help you with your server
💠 Events hosted based on community's opinion
💠 Constantly looking for staff and other positions
💠 Interactive Staff Application System
💠 Entertainment with bots for those here for fun
💠 Active community for those who want to chat
💠 Earn Ad Bucks to gain perks throughout CA
💠 Fast growing community
💠 Simple yet effective
💠 **100% free of charge**

**So what are you waiting for? Join the server!**
Online žaidimų bendruomenė DISCORD.LT

Minecraft SkyBlock 1.12.2 IP : MC.DISCORD.LT
RUST serveris jau greitai! RUST.DISCORD.LT

Szukasz serwera z fajnymi ludźmi i miłą atmosferą? Jeżeli tak to dobrze trafiłeś! Nasz serwer oferuje:
-wiele ciekawych kanałów
-role, które można sobie przydzielić
-rolę premium do wygrania w giveaway'ach
-kanał premium z wieloma kolorami nicków
-sprawiedliwą administrację
-przydatne boty

Zaprasza cała administracja!
═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════

✔ Ownership, Coding and Development Community
✔ Informational channels available!
✔ 120+ Tested bots for display!
✔ Free Advertising Channels!
✔ EZ Partnerships!

*As a subsidiary of the Shinra Electric Company, the Turks' official headquarters is located within the Shinra Headquarters in Midgar. The exact location of their command center within the building is known by only a few due to the confidential nature of the branch.

Within the command center the Turks have full access to all levels of security within the company, as well as access to a considerable surveillance system linked to every Shinra facility across the globe.*

**▼Join us here!▼**

《 <> 》
《 <> 》
《 <> 》

**Banners** :frame_photo: 《 》
《 》

**Website:** 🌐 <>

**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone @here

═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════
We are an designer server come here for different logos etc. We have kind staff members. We are always hiring! We are free! All we want from you is to say something good about us rate our work and tell a friend about us! We started this server because my gf wanted some pictures and my first thought was why not make an server for that?! So me and @miniboyinthehouse made this server!
Polski serwer Discord, gdzie porozmawiasz, nauczysz się obsługi discorda, kupisz autorskiego bota na swój serwer i wiele innych!
Partnership Centre

- network with other PMs or arrange mass-partners with known PMs
- help with server building and technical assistance
- channels to advertise your servers in
- find partners or staff
- find bots/help with setup for members new to creating Discord servers
- extras, such as Pokécord and Global Chat
- earn global Tatsumaki levels/EXP
- advertise your social media
- staff applications

↳ Looking for partner managers!

We will help you find partners if you are having trouble growing your server!
Just ask in the main chat!

Coming Soon
- maybe a NSFW channel
- featured servers area
We are a community trying to get small and big youtubers into the server! big youtubers can get a role so they can promote in a channel. small youtubers have a default made channel to promote in this is really handy if you want to be more social with your viewers. promotions are always free! make sure you know its only for youtube and twitch. so dont promote your discord server here! thank you

:hearts: Friendly staff :hearts:
:speech_balloon: much channels :speech_balloon:
:musical_score: chill zones :musical_score:
:muscle: Strong staff members:muscle:
This is a ROBLOX roleplaying server made for those who love ROBLOX, have the want to have a feeling of driving like a normal citizen. And more caring people on the discord, join the server :) Owned by comfled.

[ Crunchyroll Discord Server ]
A little information on what we are;
We are the *(Unofficial)* Discord server for Crunchyroll!
This discord was made as there is no official server for Crunchyroll.

If you don't know what Crunchyroll is, It is a website where you can stream Anime either for free (with ads) Or paid (without ads), Paying also gives you access to shows 1 week in advance, Don't fancy paying? Well here's the good part! You can get given Guest Passes which turn your account into a paid account for 48hrs!

**Why you should join us**
> Invite rewards, Either Guest Passes, Premium Membership or Discord Nitro.
> Almost Daily Giveaways
> Very Friendly Community.
> Custom Economy.
Learn ALL the insider tricks of Discord!

Text formatting | Markdown | Colored Text | Centered Categories | Permissions | React Colors | Invisible text | Emoji secrets | Spaces in channel names | and much much more!

👉 We even make and give away animated images to really make your Discord stand out!