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Want to join an advertisement discord with almost no partnership requirements? Want to join a server who knows what they are doing? Or how about a server with plenty of channels and giveaways? Bots? Websites? Everything? Well, you've come to the right place!
A place to advertise your discord servers
Sections to advertise twitch stream, youtube twitter, instagram, professional services...and more!
Weekly Steam giveaways and other rewards!
Wir sind ein Community Server!

Willkommen auf dem Server Der SERVER ist für alle offen und jeder ist Wilkommen. Wir suchen Mittglieder die nett und freundlich sind und gerne neue Menschen kennen lernen möchten.

Was wir bieten?
-Musik bots
-Und vieles mehr

Wir sind eine freundliche Community,
und freuen uns auf jeden NEUEN-USER!
Calypso is a RP server which is trying to extend further frorm the stereotypical school RP trope. Persona, JoJo, Pokemon, Homestuck, and other fans reside here and are able to be a part of an evergrowing storyline involving the fate of this city.
There's gangs related to Diavolo, Tartarus and the Dark Hour are back here, and the crime rates and disappearances keep rising. There's an aura of mystery in the air, and revelations and fights grow evermore.
The amazing city of Casteliose, and the universe of Calypso await! It's your decision of what fate resides in this urban metropolis.
A server purely made for people to enjoy Discord Nitro with more emotes!
All emote slots are full. 50/50 Normal and 50/50 Animated ones!
A roleplay/hangout group starring Bawxeans!!🍥
Here, fans of my brand new species: Bawxiis/Bawxeans can come together, chat, roleplay and share their oc and art masterpieces. Yes the species is VERY new but thats why i made this chat as a support team! So if you would like to join us, Bawxeans dont bite! Their teeth are too smooth🍥
(We have dental and a Gamers HQ chat/vc
this is a server for my YT channel, HeadSh4t and i just want people to join my server, so it can be big and as well sub to my YT, this will be found in my server. and there will be alot of fun things to do in there, if you wanna trade in STW then this is the place <3..
**Welcome to Naruto: The New Era**
*You're placed in an era of Shinobi, striving to become the strongest and bring about their ideals to the entire world. You can be a young shinobi and leap through the ranks of; Genin (下忍), Chūnin (中忍), Jōnin (上忍), Anbu (暗部), and possibly even one of the 5 Kage (影) or you can be a Rogue and flee the five nations, in search of true power to someday overtake the world; or, you can simply be a ramen shop owner, if you really wanted. Start your journey today in-- Naruto |! Here's what we got to offer;*

*A brand new server with a bright future and full of potential.*
>Meaning; tons of spots open and ranks to get; you can even become a staff member if you try!
*We have Events!*
>we have custom made Events that we carefully write and organize that will award prizes to our members!
*A fun and level playing field!*
>Everyone has a shot at becoming the best, don't waste it; even if you aren't too good at RP, here is a great place to start.
*A family like environment!*
>The server makes everyone feel as if it's their own home and strives to include them in the RP as much as possible, without providing a toxic-like environment as we said this is a family like environment so we have a therapy channel that we will try to help you figure out what's inside you and help you deal with it.
*Always open to suggestions!*
>We have a suggestions channel specialized for your questions and suggestions!

*[Quick Note]: This is the full release of the server, with a custom and organized mission system and new ways to earn summoning contracts!*
G'day ya bogan cunts. Join this fuckin server to experience full aussie slang. We are fuckin chill, and let in other countries, but prefer green & gold. We drink VB's and sit on the porch staring at the fuckin hoppy motherfuckers. Thats all. Cheers fellas.
This Discord is meant to help discord server owners to grow their servers!
Also, You can find new discord servers here!
Szukasz ogólnotematycznego Polskiego serwera na Discordzie? LegionSquad będzie idealnym wyborem. Posiadamy miłą administrację, dbamy o użytkowników, a także posiadamy własny sklep serwerowy. Więc nie zwlekaj i dołącz do naszej społeczności już dziś!
An incredibly friendly Wumpus community build around staff from the best Discord servers.
🌎Global Advertiser🌍

Hey!!! Welcome to Global Advertiser or GA for short. The server that lets you Advertise you server links in many channels. But whatever you do in the server must follow all rules as well as discord rules itself.
We will be waiting for you!!!

Advertise Your Server...
📜 Advertise your server links.
⌚ Advertise your social media links.
🤖 Custom bots.
🌐 Public Bump Bot - Global Bump.
🛡 Protection from spammers.
📢 Many channels to advertise.
🆙 Level ranks.
🗣 Invite ranks.
📳 Much more...

Join today and start Advertising and grow, we grow too!!! :) :)
Welcome to the #1 Grand Theft Auto Discord server for all things GTA-related!

Created by Kim#9999
* We have over 30 emotes for your dank needs.
* We're accepting partnerships! Check #partner-requirements
* We have a channel for counting! We aim for 100,000 one day. #counting
* You can speak in #main-chat as it's the general chat.
* We hope you have the time of your life in the dankest server of discord.

What we have on this server:

🎉 Giveaways
📆 Events
🤖 Cool bots like Tatsumaki, Dyno etc.
🎮 Different variety of games you play given on the #self-roles channel!
🤝 Partnerships with other servers!
💰 Paid Ads, please check #information under the Paid Ads section for info.
🤔 Daily memes! Posted depending on good memes that we found.
📢 Different ad categories!
...and much more things to come!

Well, what are you waiting for? Join the server today!
Delta▲Code' a Hoş geldin
Yetkili alımlarımız vardır.
Sunucumuzda çok seveceğin yeni arkadaşlar edinebilirsin.
Her üyenin başlangıç rütbesi PROSPECT ama aktif olarak üst rütbelere terfi edebilirsin.

Welcome to Delta▲Code
We can get moderators.
You can make new friends that you love in this server.
Everybody' s starting role is PROSPECT but you can rank up.
New Resolve is a RWBY based server taking place a significant time after the time of team RWBY being at Beacon. This server has in-depth character creation and
This server is for gamers and well rules are ummmmmm just have fun that's the only rule
------------<> GAMESCOPE <>------------

What are you!?

We're a growing community who love to make friends and talk about games and tech!
we really love tech and anything related to that and we play minecraft bedwars on skykingdoms!

What's the stuff you got!??

We have:
:star: Bots n more bots!
:star: Friendly people!
:star: Everything gaming!
:star: Tech stuff which you need help with? we got you covered!
:star: level up ranks! [coming soon]
:star: Invite rewards! [comming soon]

How do i join!?

Use this link:

We'd love to meet you guys!
[this is not a dating server so please keep those intentions away from the server]