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Wir sind ein Discord Server, der für die Army eines MCPE Severs erstellt wurde ^^
Hello~ this is a server for ARMY, but multifandoms are accepted as well! (all is welcome). On this server we, talk, chill, karaoke our favorite kpop songs. This is a place to relax and talk with people who have the same interest as you!
»━━━━━━━━━━━: « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »━━━・
Welcome! to :christmas_tree: α.я.м.у :christmas_tree:

This is a server mainly dedicated to a Korean
boygroup titled BTS (방탄소년단)! This is a new
group so feel free to make some friends while you're in it.
And yes we allow major fangirls! Since this is a new group
we will not prohit the uses of hate and bullying. The goal of this
group is to make friends over major idols and have fun conversations.
New Updates and New features will be up ASAP! so make sure to check them out <3

»━━━━━━━━━━━: « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »━━━・
The Clone Army of the Republic is looking for fresh shinies to join the ranks and fight in the biggest war in galactic history. Defend the Republic and the Galaxy from the Separatists!
The B.I.D. Is a highly exclusive intelligence force that thrives in having the best and none of the worst. Now Interviewing Admins
★・OWNER: Minsku#2540
Do you want to go to a hotel? Well if you do you should go to Bangtan's Hotel! We're a friendly community that's looking for more members as we just started up our server!
This is a server where we spread and share our love for K-Pop and even other things such as gaming and music. We have Admins doing the moderating and lots of bots to mess with! We hope to have lots of members sometime soon. Please read the rules and be respectful!! Hope you decide you want to join us!! ❀
♡ Hey ARMYs and KPOP fans! We are open to people who enjoy listening to kpop, and especially people that love and stan BTS. We are a server that focuses mainly on BTS, but if you also stan other artists, you are welcomed to join. It is possible for anyone in general to enjoy their time in this server. We hope you can make yourself familiar here and be active with members! We are looking forward to your participation ♡
2500+ Military Servicemembers from the United States. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and USCG.
We are a Military based Gaming Community geared towards the rationale and mindset of Active Duty, Reserve Components, and Veterans of all branches, including our NATO allies.
Military Spouse and those interested in military service are encouraged to join.
JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE: PTSD, TBI, Mental Health, et cetera.
Do you love K-Pop? Especially BTS?
If you do, You will love this Discord!
♡We are a 13+ Server!♡

To start off, We got..
♡ A channel exclusively for BTS Updates!
♡ Rules & Information about the Server!
♡ Helpful & Kind Staff to assist you!
♡ A Channel Directory If you get lost!
♡ Sfw, Nsfw, Serious, & Multi-fandom Channels!
♡ Channels for; Bias, Ships, OT7, Fanart, Fanfictions, Selfies, Pets,
Social Media, One Word Story, Question of the Day, Idol of the Week,
and Much more, Join to find out!

Wanna know what else we got? Check it out!
♡ Robyul posts from Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, & VLIVE!
♡ Lovely Bots for Levels, Music, Fun, Uploads, Moderation, & Roles!
♡ 50+ Amazing Emotes & 1000+ Members!
♡ A NSFW/18+ Role you MUST ask for!
We really hope you love it here!
Are you still chill? Do you like Roblox? Do you like watch Roblox Battles? Roblox Chill Empire (R.C.E) is the best server for you! We are a community that wishes to grow to recruit more individuals one by one to make our empire rise, and be the strongest. So join us, and you will have fun.


This is a smallish server nearing its first hundred and is...

🏳️‍🌈LGBT+ friendly
💗Friendly in general
7️⃣OT7 oriented
🤷🏼‍♂️Not open to discussions of ships between members or outsiders (as to avoid drama)
❌Not nsfw (meant to be a place for minors as well but 13+ only please!)

And has...

🤩BTS and BT21 emojis
✅Roles for bias
🤖Bot-given roles based on activity
📈Ranks and Levels
🎵Music playing bot for voice channels

~Welcome channel
~Rules/server info channel
~Announcement channel
~Questions and suggestions channel
~BTS Youtube Update channel
~Twitter updates channel
~General chat for BTS related topics
~Introductions channel
~An off-topic channel
~Meme channel
~Music sharing channel
~Music listening channels
~Other kpop related
~Self promo, etc.
~Bot spam channel

If you think you’d like to join a server that fits this description you are absolutely welcome here! I’m always open to suggestions as well!
It's mainly a role-play server based on kpop, BTS to be exact. There are other games and many other fun stuff related and not related to BTS. Any army, kpop fan or just anyone is welcome to join this server. Almost anything that has been asked can be provided asap if that's appropriate. Anything is allowed unless it bothers someone.
✧ Laid-back and friendly discord server for the kpop group BTS, but anyone is welcome!✧ with lots of channels like selfies, art, vent, kpop and ofc bts! 5k+ member atm ~ we will do our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable! 🌸
𝓙𝓲𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓼 𝓙𝓪𝓶𝓼//방탄 팬 서버 is a K-POP server based around the group BTS. We strive to be as active as possible. Very accepting of new members and everyone is equal and casual of eachother. We have 20 members and you dont' need to be a kpop fan at all to join, as long as you abide by the simple rule list
Believe in BTS is a new server made for ARMYS all over the world !
Even if you just want a place to talk, you are welcome !
-Friendly in general
-8 roles, but there will certainly be more
-NSFW is not allowed
-no age limit
-solo stans aren't welcome
-we love hamburger and sprite
Join now and enjoy nice conversations with others !
Also, I'm searching for kind people who wants to be members of the staff please ^^
웃❤유✿.。.:* ☆:**:. ilykpop .:**:.☆*.:。.✿웃❤유
•------» 𝕒𝕕𝕞𝕚𝕟/𝕠𝕨𝕟𝕖𝕣: @Lily#6257 «------•
-`ღ´-𝓈𝑒𝓇𝓋𝑒𝓇 𝓅𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈-`ღ´-
𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕨𝕖 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖:
❀𝘷𝘰𝘪𝘤𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘦𝘹𝘵 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘭𝘴
✿𝘤𝘶𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘮 𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘦𝘮𝘰𝘫𝘪𝘴
❀𝘵𝘰𝘯𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧-𝘢𝘴𝘴𝘪𝘨𝘯𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦 𝘳𝘰𝘭𝘦𝘴
✿𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘦𝘥 𝘳𝘰𝘭𝘦𝘴
❀𝘮𝘶𝘴𝘪𝘤 𝘣𝘰𝘵𝘴 𝘵𝘰 𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘯 𝘵𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘴𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘴
~and more~
*•.¸♡ 𝕒𝕕𝕕𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕒𝕝 𝕚𝕟𝕗𝕠: ♡¸.•*
⁎𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓼𝓮𝓻𝓿𝓮𝓻 𝓱𝓪𝓼 𝓪 𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓵𝔂 𝓪𝓽𝓶𝓸𝓼𝓹𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝔀𝓮 𝓭𝓸𝓷'𝓽 𝓭𝓲𝓼𝓬𝓻𝓲𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓽𝓮! *𝓔𝓥𝓔𝓡𝓨* 𝓸𝓷𝓮 𝓲𝓼 𝔀𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓪𝓬𝓬𝓮𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓭!⁎
★·.·´¯`·.·★ . ★·.·´¯`·.·★
`we hope you consider joining our server!`
discord link:
The server of the Syrian Armed Forces.

Join and become part of either the:
-Syrian Arab Army
-Syrian Arab Air Force
-Syrian Arab Navy

Earn awards, orders, and medals all the way up to the highest order in Syria, the Order of Umayyad.

Join Today!
Do you know who Decker is? No you don't, so come find out and join the Decker Army today.
why not to be part of something special? join our server and we can make it special together. the x elite is a friendly place where people can know each others and socialize we tries to make sure that our members are having a great time on our server and trying to keep it a lovely one