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The year is 1867, pretty much at the height of the wild west. Its an untamed land, with many settlements and towns setting up, flashy growing cities all around, but that's not what everyone wants. Some people want to be outlaws, robbing the rich blind and making their unmoral story here in the west, the lawless lands. Its a free country, and any choice can be made out here, but how will some tackle it? Become rich by killing, or make their own way up? There's not much stopping them, this is everyones time to shoot their shot, and attempt to become the best in the West.
We're a new server, however we're trying to grow an look for new and active members! Come give us a look, we have many places to rp in, and it's still growing!
we have a few bots, including mataro and unbelievabot, and we'll be adding more as we grow!
We're open to partnering!
[Plot Has Been Reset, but Main Focus is still there.]
Dusty Roads is a roleplay server focused in the Wild West period of time, in this server, it is the last days of the Wild West as the Industrial Revolution slowly approaches the dusty lands in western America, but many problems still plague the land, problems that have existed since the very beginning, and now...are you here to make those problems worse? or are you here to enforce what you call justice...I will never know...but you will decide in this land.
[Suggestions and Ideas will be accepted!]
Well howdy friend! Welcome to Desert Winds! A weird west server set in and around the fictitious towns of Dry Gulch and Colby! We have cowboys, lawmen, natives, and many other positions available for whatever you want! The world is set in a ficticious 1850s-60s, with railroad expansion changing the world and threateaning the ways of life for some indigenous people, and giving others the chance to prosper, as the Gilded Age of corporate greed is well on its way, as is the era of self-made men. (and women) Also....mysterious forces seem to have been awakened by this era of drastic social change...

Welcome to the Eastern Territories of 1903! This is a roleplay that takes place 3 years after RDR2 in the cities of Valentine and Saint Denis. Valentine is a small, growing farming town that houses the happy-go-lucky ranchers of the world. Saint Denis is an eastern urbanizing city, home to all the rich folk and easterners who have too much time on their hands. In a time where outlaws are abundant and do-gooders are limited, which side will you choose to service?
a server where you can make friends, talk about your favourite video games, movies and tv shows, with a wild west theme!
Welcome to New Lexizona! In a modified 1860 setting, the Wild West is truly a wild place; with a multitude of monsters, ghosts, and magic to give it its name. Play as a westerner -- a human, a witch, or choose from a list of different monsters and species -- and embrace a new era of crime, corruption, and adventures of epic proportions.

What Can I Play As?

Humans - Humans are normal beings with no special powers.
Witches - Humans with special powers, as they are born with a connection to the earth and their surroundings.
Skeletons - Revived humans without flesh and bone, but plenty of personality
Spirits - Ghosts of those who have died long ago
Werewolves/cougars/etc- Half humans or half witches that turn into animals upon nightfall (or the other way around)
And More!

Make a gang! Join a gang! Rob some mansions! Hunt some monsters! Drink beer! Ride a horse, even!

We're looking for around 19 members to start, and MOD POSITIONS ARE OPEN!
1880's Wyoming. Dry, open, wild. If you think you have what it takes to survive in the land of pioneers and natives, playing one long game of Cowboys and Indians, then take your chances. But this isn't a fantasy.

The east coast is a hub of burgeoning technology, the industrial revolution setting it hard and fast, but out here in the midwest you've got to dig for your water and raise your own cattle. There ain't no military to lock your doors for you.

So step in, wipe your boots, and try your luck in the town of Little Powder.

We are:

- A new server, just getting it's heels off the ground.
- semi- literate to literate roleplay
sunny open world and creative roleplay
- multitude of jobs and characters to play
- moderators who care about historical accuracy
- Future server plots that will engage and interact with the roleplayer directly.
This server is a roleplay set in the wild west in 1879! Please enjoy your stay!
━ 1860, an era where the land of America was overrun with cowboys, outlaws and bandits. But also simple people such as farmers, travellers, store merchants, blacksmiths etc just trying to get by in this land.
━ Here in the Wild West, we have a variety of locations, heavily based off the Red Dead Redemption franchise.
➡ | 𝐀𝐑𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐎, the main town of the Wild West containing a saloon, bookstore, general store and much more. The town is heavily protected by the Sheriff and his bounty hunters.
➡ | 𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐇, a shared ranch for hardworking farmers, horse keepers and animal carers. The Ranch is also under protection of the law enforcement.
➡ | 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐒' 𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐈𝐍𝐆, a small town by the docks which is overrun with outlaws and no law whatsoever. What happens in Thieves' Landing, stays in Thieves' Landing.
➡ | 𝐆𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐓 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐒, a large area, perfect for finding wild horses and animals to hunt. Some say there may be a gang hideout in the canyon here, not many people know.
➡ | 𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐋 𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐄𝐒, a large snowy forest which leads into the mountains.
- A ton of free range role-play channels.
- Friendly staff and community!
- Custom emojis.
- Everyone gets their own house.
- A lot more!
... Which role will YOU play in the Wild West?
Do you think you have what it takes to survive here, pardner?
Through the long mountains and plain, hot deserts of the United states... a small gang wanders... The O'Malley gang. Your character follows the gang. The leader doesn't lead... you do. Your choices will effect the out come of the Posse and your comrades. Will you be loyal and have trust in your friends? Or will you be hated far and wide. The outcome is up to you.
A server modelled after The old Wild West and heavily based on the well known town in the Red Dead Redemption games
Welcome to The Dust. The Dust is a western area controlled by outlaws, thieves, and bandits. Both good and evil flourish here, bounty hunters and trailmen vs. deperados and bandits. The Dust is located in Nevada, in modern day in the cowboy universe. We are building up and hope to see you join us!



༺ A forgotten land in America where the Wild West is this lands whole world; enter a place where all things go, and riding horses while shooting guns is an everyday occurrence ༻

༺ Three Areas & Six Towns, each having a unique aspect

༺ The Cardsevain Taiga: The Western Winter Wonderland
༺ The Whispering Grasslands: Calm, collected, the most grassy land in the west
༺ The Dehydrated Frontier: The Outlaw Badlands for all your gun toting and reckless needs

༺ Custom/Self Roles (Colors, RP, and Personal Roles!)

༺ List of jobs to choose from.

༺ Many locations to visit in your cowboy quests.

༺ Free range RP with events (for all those cowboy questing needs~)

༺ You can view RP before actually RPing, or even just watch without needing to make a char. Everyone is welcome!

༺ Interested now? Join to learn more about your new western fantasy land ༻

Link if disboard doesn’t work:
A Server Set in 1896, in an alternate version of the Wild West. This Reality has much more to offer, including races other than humans. Some races suffer the usual segregation and prejudice that was present in the era, while others are given equal rights to humans. Set in the state of California it features multiple towns and some cities, allowing for a variety of roleplay opportunities.

Come join **Red Dead Prelude**! A Roleplay focused on the years prior to Red Dead Redemption 2! 13+ only! Cannon and OCs are allowed
Legacy of Frome County

•Easy to understand, and join rp

•Small, but friendly and welcoming community

•Entertaining channels and bots for members

•Art and music channels

•Interesting Wild West rp, themed and written to give players creative freedom
The Year is 1870 and the Wild West has begun to reach it's peak. You've been thrown into the life of anyone you really want to be. From a Simple Farmer to a Notorious Outlaw You can live any life you want in the world of the west.
*The year is 1899 the West is officially dying out ,and a new wave of technology and civilized people is coming. But in parts of West Texas and and other south western states the range is still wild. In these places the even the law is lawless and the outlaws still Ride. And the speed of your Draw can still decide someone’s fate. It is here where the strong can make a name for themselves and the weak well ....they are just Blood on the sand.*
Blood boils here, on the sands, or so they say. And who knows, they're probably right. The outlaws are desperately trying to escape the impending law, the age of the wild west is coming to an end. Tell me, friend, what are you to the world? Outlaw, sheriff maybe? It doesn't really matter, actually.

Enter New Mexico, 1895. The final official year of the wild west, vaqueros and outlaws, sherrifs and deputies. The law is closing in, the number of outlaws is dwindling, and the amount of civilization expanding. Our story primarily takes place in or around three fictional towns along the Pecos River. Be you outlaw, be your sheriff, maybe a bounty hunter, or anything else, we welcome 6ou to join in.

This server is brand new, and very welcoming. We hope to see you there!
Its 1854, the west is at its peak of wild, with new towns only just one street wide, small farms, and a wide expanse of unclaimed land (unless you count the indians). Now with this untamed land comes many troubles. Wild animals, sickness, and above all Outlaws. Now whaddaya say, wanna be a peaceful farmer or a member of a ruthless gang?
A semi-serious RP featuring an alternate reality where the wild west has been overrun by hideous creatures from another dimension! Carve your own path in the west, be it good or evil!
Wild West RP in the time of Red Dead Redemption II but not with any of the characters just a lot of OCs. This place needs you to be atleast semi detailed with your action or sentence
The Sad Saloon is a help server that's just starting. We aim to help people in times of need and are willing to listen to you and you're problems.
The Shuffle is a collection of roleplays. No need to join a ton of servers to take part in different roleplay communities. The Shuffle provides a place for you to join, create, and moderate your own roleplay groups. Each group is separated into a category based on the four suits in a deck of cards.

Diamond - Original plot roleplays.
Clubs - Fan-based roleplays.
Hearts - NSFW (18+ only) roleplays.
Spades - One on One roleplays.

Some of our roleplays include: wild west theme, Fallout, NSFW island.