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Like Arma 3?
Looking for a chilled server?
Welcome to the right place! We do not expect people to turn up for mandatory trainings, like a lot of other servers, just come play, have some fun and a good laugh with our great community! We also play plenty of other games, not just Arma 3. Everyone is welcome,
"Minimum Age is 15"

Region: EU
New arma 3 milsim community with previous milsim experience. Based in
middle Europe.

Operations every week!
Newbie friendly
Own A3 server!
Own TS3 server!
Chance to develop your "career".
Roleplay events!
Want to join Homa?

*We have screenshot gallery, so you can share your screenshot with +90 people.

*Game discounts: once a good game is on sale/free, we'll notify our members.

*Deep weeb: Want to see some weird +18 content? Don't hesitate to join!

Meme-zone: mememememems.
We are a chill community wanting to expand our player base! Come and join us for some fun, you won't regret it!
Hey all
The owner of The Whiskey community here, just placing this re
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Who are we?
We are a group dedicated to making the most of the Zeus player engine and using Arma 3’s unique system to create a fun and open experience, while maintaining a degree of military accuracy. We aim to give everyone a chance to take part in something you enjoy, whether that is swimming in the seas off the coast of a tropical island to take over an enemy costal compound. Or riding through the deserts of Takistan in an open top humvee, keeping your eyes peeled for IEDs or the Taliban. We aim to give you the choice, through both mods and dynamic missions to reach the full potential of Arma.
How we operate.
We have a loose squad structure, and a small degree of training to make sure people understand the some of the complexities of the mods we use. We don’t force you to turn up to every training sessions and the ops are open to everyone. However, we do insist that if you want to do a specialist role, that you complete the necessary training so that we know that you are one of the elite.
As far as ops goes, to maintain a degree of informality and to allow others to build missions (also to keep costs low) we local host. This also allows us to change mission types and content on the fly so we can allow for flexibility and a more complex and changing experience for players. As far as mods go, we tend to focus on the US army and their components, however we do sometimes change it depending on who wishes for what.
Op timings are largely around 6pm GMT every Friday and Sunday, however again this is subject to whether or not one of my American co owners creates a later op for the Americans in our group.
Just to clarify one thing though, we are a brand new group with the majority of our staff being from previous groups and finding them to be either too formal or not exciting enough, thus please don’t be alarmed to see a low player count at the start.
• Be 15+ years of age
• Have a microphone
• Have the capacity for mods

And that’s it, we don’t require anymore than that

Join us on our discord -
Or our forums -

Thanks – Ghillie, The Owner of The Whiskey Community.
Babble is a Semi-Serious unit based around the fun and pleasure of playing arma with new people but also around making it serious when the fighting kicks off. Join in and help protect Afghanistan against the Taliban and Al Qaeda Militants
Based around the United States Marine Corps and 10 years of legacy behind us we are coming back to ARMA as most other platforms have become too unreliable.

Established in 2009 with the founding three members this team has grown and expanded at times operating across multiple platforms. With ten years of tradition and brotherhood behind us, we are always looking for the next challenge. Nothing Given
Home for good times with your friends and squad mates!
Anyone wanting to find a good team mate to have some fun and maybe get some wins. (Probably not)
Vengeance's Gaming Server
Active admins
Mature staff
Games including:
Rainbow Six Siege
Day Z
Arma 2
Arma 3
and more!
We also do tutoring/coaching sessions on games such as siege for a small fee :)

If any of this sounds of interest to you please feel free to join.

Quick server to hangout talk or meet new mates in. Also we play ArmA 3 and DCS weebs and furries are not allowed nor accepted within this community.

-Need staff
-Need admins
-Cool Bots

And loads more
Come join we discuss coding, game development, we are starting to leak game files/mod files for certain games, website plugins for your website. And more to come.
A group that does semi milsim in Arma 3
Welcome To the Bird Gang Community Nest. This is the hangout for the small streaming Group "Bird Gang". We hope you enjoy the streams!
Have you ever wanted to join a Arma 3 Milsim? Well the 1st Field Response Battalion is a great place to start for those who are new to Milsim and have expierence. We are a relatively small unit but we are looking to expand and have more people when it comes to to operate. We use a diverse group of maps and we try to have at least 1 operation every week. We are looking for those who are dedicated and willing to put some time into the Unit. We try to base a lot of our stuff off of the actual US Army. The Battalion Commander is even an actual US Soldier.

Please be aware though you will have to create an application to join the unit and possibly might have to go through a Basic Training. Those with prior milsim experience are welcome and those who are new to the milsim community are welcome as well. When you join the discord there will be a link to the forums under the information tab and if you have any questions feel free to go ahead and post them in the chat and one of our Officers or NCO's will help you out.
We mainly talk about gaming and the future servers were getting. The servers include (Garry’s mod , arma 3, rust and unturned). We’re pretty chill.
In search of the darkest, most disturbing content on the Internet? Well, go find somewhere else weirdo. Just a bunch of chill gamers here. ;)
Epic meme server (epiccoolsunglassemojie)
You can play games and do stuff on this server .
join if you are bored!
P.s. how i put emojie?
ARMA 3 Project Life South Africa

There is only 2 English Versioned A3PL Arma 3 Servers in the world. This version you do not require any pay to gain access. It is completely free entry

Project Life is a unique Arma 3 roleplaying server. In this server you immerse yourself in a realistic roleplay community. Your player has many different opportunities to play, whether you work at a job and make money or you create your own empire and recruit other players to join you. The possibilities are endless with Project Life.

Discord -
Website -
Сервер для русского комьюнити! Сервер, где основой является замечательная игра - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege
Мы всегда рады приветствовать вас на нашем сервере)
We are a Arma 3 Roleplaying community, based mainly around military operations. We want to make the best of efforts for the community to be as good as possible, and have well-scheduled weekly Events that as many people can attend to.
Nortle Tortles is a server where people can come together and have fun. Everyone is open to having discussions, as well as dating. We are a new server that is just starting up, So join to be a Tortle <3