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The Snakes Den is a Otherkin / Scalie / Furry vore roleplay server with a focus on realism. Come visit if you dare, you never know what you'll find here.
30 minutes ago
A Zombie Apocolypse server, with extra realism to keep ya immersed. ERP is allowed but in certain NSFW channels.
6 days ago
Welcome to Easy Company, recruit! The setting of World War 2 RP is obviously 1939-1945, following in the tracks of the infamous Easy Company that starred in the hit TV series 'Band of Brothers'. With an ever-changing atmosphere, the entire continent of Europe to explore, and the killing of Nazi soldiers to be had, World War 2 RP provides a dynamic experience with various levels of roleplayers, roles (MOSs), ranks, and positions to play in the RP.

Note: We strictly follow the rule that everyone must be a paratrooper within Easy Company, Third Platoon. This means that no standard players will be playing as the French Resistance, Germans, Russians, or any other nation that took part in the war.
107 days ago
Just an OOC discord for our roleplayers to our chatzy. We talk about anime, life stuff, really anything so feel free to join.
118 days ago