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Hello, we're The Pack!
The Pack is a newly created server for people ages 17+, looking to increase its member size, and get the place howling with activity! True to its name, The Pack is a community-based server, with roleplay mingled in. Here you can find the perfect role-play partner, whilst bonding with people and making friends along the way!
The Pack aims to be a tight-knit community, with many fun additions such a music and economy bots, voice channels and more!
We have tons of channels to talk in, fulfilling every area of interests from food, art, debates, and even gaming! We are a super loving, friendly and fun community that welcomes everyone with open arms, no matter how they identify or what their kinks are!
Feel free to check us out, and become a member of The Pack!
WARNING. Do not join if you cannot handle crude language, bloody or violent roleplay.

Nestled within a vast endless forest lies three shape-shifting wolf packs Shade, Lamia and Okami. Each pack with their own personalities and skills but share the same agenda, survive. While there is an alliance between the Okami and Lamia, these divergent packs strive to remain civil and true with the set boundaries and live among each other in peace. But for how long? With the Shade lurking closely looking for any chance to claim what the others have each pack must remain strong and hold their ground and keep the alliance. Along with each other the wolves must stand against the ever threatening weather and keeping their secret from mortals as well as battling with themselves and the vicious beast that lurks just under each and every ones skin.

Do you have what it takes to survive?
Wanna join a cool night themed role-play server?

Here we include

🐺 wolves 🐺

🏞️Night themed forest🏞️

📝 Well thought of backstory📝

👥 Friendly people👥

Nova of Scorpius is a wolf based role-play server with bots like Mewna who you can easily interact with . Dedicated to helping wolves with wolf dog backgrounds any type of wolf is allowed in . Don't think your life can only be in a pack. You can be a loner or a house wolf which is also known as a pet wolf. All are much favored here . What is that you ask ? What if you don't like role-playing wolves? Well you can just chat , make designs for others, or role-play as a sub speacies of a wolf you can role-play just a normal dog as well. No matter your backstory you are welcome here!

Since I have so kindly explained what we are all about why don't you join the pack? We would all enjoy it 😊!
We are a new server which mainly focus on RolePlay!
And while we are, as I mentioned, new, we still have exciting things to offer, like the 5 different packs which are:
- 𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓬𝔂 𝓟𝓪𝓬𝓴
- 乃ㄥㄖㄖᗪ 卩卂匚Ҝ
- 𝔻𝕦𝕤𝕜 ℙ𝕒𝕔𝕜
- Rose Pack
- 𝙸𝚌𝚎 𝙿𝚊𝚌𝚔

We also offer for you to improve your social and writing skills!
There are many channels, RP and non-RP, along with VC.

We hope to see you here!
Have you ever felt alone? Wandering days on end, searching for something—somewhere you belong. I have. I roamed the landscape, following the calling of the breeze, the tugging of my heart, until I found them. My pack. My family. The place where I truly belong. You can find your family too, with the River or the Night, your destiny awaits.

This server is a place of quality wolf roleplay- featuring two packs so far: The Pack of Whispering Nights and The Pack of Glistening Rivers. The Alpha of The Pack of Whispering Nights has a total of around 5 years of leadership with over two years of that time spent leading her current pack. The Alpha of The Pack of Glistening Rivers is a bit new to Alpha, but has much experience with leadership and brings a fresh mind to the table. These packs share one border with one another, with unclaimed land surrounding them—leaving room for more packs in the future. There are many unique roles to fit your wolf, with future plans to include options for Lone Wolf and more.

So, my friend, is your heart calling you to the strength and protection of the night or to the swiftness and mercy of the river? Your family awaits you.
**Welcome to the wolves of Cré - a semi realistic wolf roleplay.**
-4 Sentence Post Minimum
-Two Pack's to choose from, *or* start off as a loner!
-A unique plot, when the Wolves of Cre first discovered humans.
-Three High Ranks Open! (all Beta Positions)
-We are creating a store, where you can earn points by being active and completing tasks, and then buy a large assortment of items! Unique physical/mental traits, animal companions, new species and much more!
-*Searching for staff in all 5 positions!*
Based on the lands of an ancient, fictional North-Western Ireland;
Wolves of Cre takes place in a time when humans haven't yet settled in the British Isles,
a time when mother nature guided the fate of the earth's creatures.
For as long as the Wolves of Cré can recall, there has been peace across the lands,
the balance of predator and prey never faltering, until now..

The winds of change have begun to pick up, and the wolves have officially had a run in with humans for the first time ever before, the men killed a pack wolf, and injured another. Panic is running through the lands of Cre, as no wolf has ever seen a human before. The packs will soon come to understand this strange new predator, as the humans become more and more present in the land. They've killed two pack wolves, and threaten the Wolves of Cre's existence.


Wolves of Cré was created and opened in the same day, and has been progressing quickly ever since. [created on April 4th 2019]
with a community of mature, friendly and talented people. As well as helpful and open-minded staff,
now ***all we need is you!***

***Join today and immerse yourself into a wild time, where man first met beast.***
This is a pack of great destiny, all are welcome but are you worthy? You will join and train under the strongest to prove you strengths. Are you worthy of the Vaylore Guardians?
We are Okami Academy, a friendly and welcoming roleplay server to everyone!

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »

We aim to be the best of the best and suit your every needs. We are a kind community of caring and creative people. We respect each other to the highest possible ways.

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »

As a roleplay server, you can register your OC as your character, then apply to attend our school. But not just any school. We aren’t just any regular world either. We are a capable society filled with super abilities, with a great amount of magic power within our souls. Good and Evil are two opposing categories of humans. What we do in the school is help you master your skill and bring you to glory and success.

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »
We are a wolf pack (Not roleplay), for werewolves, wolves, and Lycans alike! Human's are not allowed unless their mate is a wolf and is in the pack.
Hello there! How would you like to join this Wolf Roleplay?

• Make new friends
• Roleplay
• Join in on art contests
• Big roles stil available
• Fun bots


The packs!
∆ Darkpack, The gayest of them all!
∆ Moonpack, silent and strict!
∆ Sunpack, nice and cheerful!
∆ Bright Pack, quick and nice!

Also new add-on that will start in June, Hunger Games, join the RP to be in it!
The "Wolves of Lumina" is an elemental wolf roleplay!

We have two packs currently, and our staff is looking forward to add more as the server grows!
As of now we have:
🌼 Eros Pack of Seasons
🌸 Oria Pack of Time

We offer many element concentrations and allow you to pick your own power! Feel free to pick one of our suggested powers, or create your own!

There are many high ranks waiting to be earned!

We can't wait to meet you!

If the join button isn't working, heres a link!:
Wolf Hangouts, where friends who enjoy wolves, or any animals for that matter come together and have fun!

We have:
-Many channels to talk in
-A friendly staff
-A non-toxic community
-Self roles
-staff positions open
And much more!
Join now!
In a world where wolves run wild, wolves with a extra gene have appeared. These wolves are called Muntants and the wolves that lack this gene are called Normals, Muntant wolves have powers and Normals do not. Normals hate these Muntants and some fear them.
Will you side with the Normals or Muntants?
hi and welcome to my new server! This is a pegi 13 server and over. It's still under progress and i might need a admin ^^ Join and set your application ^^
Hey there, and welcome to the Wolves FC discord server page, a new server which is perfect for Wolves Fans as it's a great area to unite and interact with other Wolves fans, you're also welcomed with open arms if you support a different team, (see server for more information)
Purple Moons is a server based on the roblox game, Wolves' Life beta. Here, we give out roles for the pack, discuss pack matters, and more! Purple Moons is a wonderful pack.

Join the pack!
A wolf rp server with Zombie wolves, not all mindless. Will your oc be infected, a lone wolf trying to survive, or a wolf in a normal wolf pack?
This server, although it changes from time to time, focuses on maintaining a roleplay and a recreational area. There are areas to talk share art, and play games/form teams. We hope to grow our server to a higher status and make people happy in the process.

Also, please keep in mind that you need to use common sense. Some things not mentioned on the rules should be expected of people. Please attempt to be decent to others.

In the future, I hope to grow the server to beyond one thousand members, and we thank anyone who joins us in our journey to get there. We do know that our server isn't for everyone, so if its not for you, feel free to leave. In addition, everyone isn't perfect and if you believe you find something that can be improved, please give us a shout and suggest it in the suggestions channel or complain about it in the complaints channel. There are many different channels for many different things, so please use them accordingly. In addition to this, our community is constantly growing so don't be fearful of new faces, and welcome them whenever they enter the server.

In our roleplay you can be almost anything and operate almost any group, from a lone adventurering dragon to a civilization of talking crabs.
Join The Compass today, and be the wolf you where born to be. Let out your passion, your fearlessness, and companionship. Prosper, and make a family, meet the pack, and gain your place.
Wolf Island

Welcome to Wolf Island! A fun server where you get to roleplay as a wolf. We have friendly staff and active members.
We also have two packs + loners to choose from:

* Blizzard Pack
* Sunset Pack

and +10 roles you can choose from.

Join Wolf Island and
* Meet new and awesome people!
* Create a wolf of your dreams!
* Roleplay with people around the world!
* Have fun and make new friends!

Click on this link to join us:
=============Welcome to the Packs==============

Are you looking for a long term Semi-Lit Roleplay? Do you have wolf characters that are just begging to be used? Come join the packs led by the Galaxy!

There are two packs to choose from, each having their own skills, unique territories and lore. You can choose either the Magnificent Pack of the Shinning Stars, or the Brilliant Pack of the Lunar Moon.

Mods and Admins are needed, Those whom are active and experience would be preferred. Below I have provided a bit about the chat and what it offers.

==> We are LGBTQ+ supportive!
==> We do have mature content, please keep that in mind
==> Wolves with powers and special made species are allowed!
==> All roles are open!

I hope to see you all soon!
A endless cycle of war and violence, which kingdom will be the one who will stop it? The Knights Of The Sea, the foxes. The Muddy Winds, the wolves. Or The Rushing Wings, the dragons?
We are the Wolves of Nighne, guardians of earth. I, Alpha; Jason Storm, welcomes you to the pack. We aren't just some regular pack, we are wolf shifters that use magic to protect the sacred lands of our home. Train to gain your rank that you were born to be or want to be. Hunt for prey to help keep this pack thriving. Here in the territory of the pack, there is much to do, from playing with pups to completing a mission from the bounty board. Here, with the Wolves of Nighne, we grant you a home that allows all to have a part in this world. Welcome to the pack. -Alpha Jason Storm

Here in this RP server we provide:
1. Tons of Roles for the RP
2. Many channels for the RP
3. A social category for folks who wish not to RP
4. Drama
5. A place for people to speak for their selves freely
6. A bean command (Like come on who doesn't need a good ol' bean?)
7. Events. Ex: A tournament for people to prove themselves
8. A backstory (Still writing it)
9. Much More

Note 1: Some of the members on this server may go to school or have work at times you don't. It may look like the server is dead at the moment but, we are always active at certain parts of the day/night.

Note 2: We are still growing and have much to learn. If things are unorganized or unneeded please tell us! :D

Note 3: Some of the members here do -one liners- and others don't, any form of acting in the RP is acceptable.

Note 4: This server is also a real pack that Alpha Jason Storm leads.

Update April 7, 2019: This server has been a little on the downside at the moment so it's not the most active. The Alpha, me, has been suffering depression and I haven't been that active, so as others. Feel free to rp on your own though its getting kinda tiring to see someone join and leave immediately. Thx! -Jason
Hello! This is a new server I made and would love for some people to join! We have realistic wolf roleplay and what I like to call colorful wolf roleplay, which is pretty much using a wolf with colorful markings!