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We're a new server dedicated to being the first server to have a Roleplay based off the classic RPG Series, Golden Sun. We're still fairly new, but here's what's to expect.
-Very Active Owner
-Decent Staff
-Friendly, NSFW free environment
-Channels dedicated solely to roleplay, bots, memes, or anything you want added, we can add it.
[ The Story ]
Some time after the events of Dark Dawn and the Grave Eclipse, Weyard has lived in peaceful times. Though, the Militia known as the Tuaparang are becoming bigger and posing more threats to the peace, and an ancient weapon known as the Corruption Spawner is on the brink of being unsealed. Only a sword known as the Corruption Channeler can break the seal. The Sword was taken long ago, and is in the hands of the Tuaparang. Darkness looms on the horizon...
The ES艾Elite Squad welcomes you to the Official Discord Server of ELITE PUBG community.
Here you can Chill with us, Enter the battlefield with some new buddies, Enjoy music, Play games with Dank Memer, Nadeko, Pokecord, Owo and many more, we also have level roles with specific powers.
Found by Leaders ES艾Maxtern and ES艾KingAnBru, a Huge and Respected community based on the popular game PUBG MOBILE where we host custom rooms daily in the evening.
And we promise,You won't find a better server than this.. ;) COME AND JOIN US!!!
The Universe of Sora is a roleplay server built on action anime such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, and so on and so forth. Create whatever OC you wish, or even roleplay as a character from an existing anime or manga. The server focuses on how YOU want to develop your character, not on how the world develops your character. Give us a try! You won't regret it.
Of course we are going off the og events, all, if not most, but we will be adding more and may change some events up a bit. As this story is for anyone who wants to be Canon character or oc, its up to them, its a free choice. We will be keeping track of events in the announcements channels so people know where we are if they missed out on something. We do hope you have fun and enjoy our time in this rp.
Здесь можно поиграть в pubg и пообщаться
Join Rules of Survival / TeamRSA Discord.
We playing the South Africa Team.
Rules of Survival is a free-to-play, multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by NetEase Games. It claims to have more than 150 million players registered worldwide.
Black Rose Military Roleplay

The year is 2036, and the world's powers have combined under one banner, for the majority. The Black Rose is an international peacekeeping organisation, which is presented in the form of a standalone military. It has presence in every continent worldwide, and all battles a common foe. What will you do to assist the Black Rose?

Multiple Career Options!
-Air Force
-And more to come, as we develop!

Ranks and Respects!
-A ranking system, that is actively referred to.
-Starting as a recruit, you evolve through your training.
-Each choice you make will reflect upon how your superiors see you.
-Everything that happens, will always be remembered by someone.

Active Development!
-Admins who are constantly overseeing and growing the server as best they can.
-Economy setup for ammunition, MREs, uniform and so on.
-Many channels for each section of the Roleplay.
-Vigilant Admins who wish the best for the server.

So, come and pledge your life and human liberties to the Black Rose now. We will be waiting.
After the nuclear collapse, Montana has been turned into a huge wasteland which only the lucky ones survived. A few people actually managed to survive and they are ready to rebuild montana and make it great again.
Throughout the years Montana has changed for the better and for the worst, now it is your time to rebuild Montana, the choice is all yours....
An RP that takes place within the Naruto universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, the clans you know and love are still here! With the ability to create your own original clans and jutsu as well!
The year is 2019. But not in our Earth. Decades ago in an alternate Earth, an accident caused the population to slowly regress. In the present day, it is somewhat controlled, and a majority of the population has powers. While some people choose a life of crime or to just be a civilian, multiple young adults have chosen to step up and eventually protect the city and world. Create relationships, stop (or cause) conflict, and forge your own path.
A city of three gangs the dragon clan the kitsune clan, and phoenix clan. Each clan runs different part of the city and cells and does different things. Which one will you choose?
War and Conflict shake the Galaxy! The recent outbreak of the New Year War has consumed the galaxy in a fit of paranoia as Mobile Suits now clash over the fate of the Colonial Empire of Earth.
Seeking to root out the corruption that was believed to be the source of the outlaws and pirates terrorizing the outer colonies, the Solomon Foundation has uprooted and attempted to cut off the Nobility in charge of the many Colonies within the Solar System, only to be met with uprisings and riots in return. Seeking to hold on to power and "liberate the colonies" from the "oppressive regime", Noble Families in control of the Outer Colonies form the Confederate Colonial Coalition in an attempt to throw off the control of Earth and establish their hold on Earth's Future. Now dealing with an all-out civil war, The Solomon Foundation attempts to contain the uprising and stop this madness from progressing any further with increasingly brutal tactics. With the New Year War now in full swing, the times look desperate as the galaxy holds its breath, waiting to see which side will make the first move. . . .
Welcome to the FBI Elites. This is a chill Role-Play server. We are a special task force of the FBI that performs special missions all around the US. You will be risking your life on dangerous, high risk, missions and operations to defend the people of this country. There are several positions you can have on this team including Leader, Analyst, Field Agent, and Medic. All of these positions are crucial to being successful on your missions. We wish you the best of luck as part of the FBI Elites.

This Role-Play is inspired by TV shows like Blindspot and Blacklist.
Join Borderlands 2 Discord!
Borderlands 2 is an open world action role-playing first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. It is the second game in the Borderlands series and the sequel to 2009's Borderlands.
🔻🔷🔹➖➖➖ ᎾbᏞᎥᏉᎥᎾᏁ ➖➖➖🔹🔷🔻
This is a RP server that takes place in the Neo(New) Japan. After ages of destruction, the world prevail the fight against monsters from a unknown place, as the human kind used all they could to survive, they also created a new human race, the espers, creatures whose's blood contains the power of the beasts of the dark age and thus made a new era in the world:
The Oblivion.

- New server
- Hardcore type of roleplay and story driven
- Superpower Roleplay type and magic type
- Reallity based, physics, the more you know the higher are your chances to survive
- Apply for staff
- Partnership open
- Open to everyone, basically

A Role-play mainly based off of school and a world full of new creatures and beings waiting to be discovered.
Welcome to Hall of Honor! This is a For Honor server, here you can connect with other For Honor players and talk and play with them. We also have a general tab decked out with text channels for: memes, pokemon, music, anime, and other games. Every Faction has its role and text and voice chats. The server will change like any other during time and we hope you enjoy your stay here!
Welcome to the world of Magic VS Witch Hunters. A world where magic and science are used on a day-to-day basis. It is also a world of "If you're a magic user or magical creature of any kind- you've probably been hunted by a witch hunter at some point in your life."

The server s being worked on as we go, so please be patient.

We also have a temporary NSFW category. (Seeing how that goes)

Will you try to fight against the terror of the Witch Hunters? Or will you just be a shut in and try to avoid any life forms? You decide.
This server is heavily influenced by the CW show, 'Supernatural.'

The United States of America. Land of the free. Home to apple pie, baseball, Nascar, McDonald's, and reality TV. That is the world everyone knows. The world everyone can see. What if I were to tell you that you've had a blindfold on your whole life?

The world is crawling with supernatural creatures. Especially America. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, demons, wendigos, angels. All of them exist. They wreak havoc to the unlucky ones, and hide from the fortunate. They are an unstoppable force. That was until... the hunters arrived.

Monster hunters. That's right, they exist too. The main population of hunters reside in the USA; where our story takes place. They are the pursuers. They hunt the ones who hunt others. Equipped with guns, knives, holy water, and a whole lotta skill, they protect the world from evil.

Who will you be? The hunter or the hunted?
Welcome to our beyblade rp server here u can become an bey elemental these are the most powerfull bladers every from years to years the elements were given to the next generation now in this gen the gachi bey user jake nanasaki became the aether elemental and goes onto an journey with his friends his dream is to become the best blader in history for that he needs to beat the corrupted elementals with his friends will u join and become and elemental too?
We feature Npcs,Gachi events Like: the bey carnival, u can even have different layer bases create ur own bey partsu can become a protagonist of the story or even the antagonist since we write our own story.
Why not check it out?
You will love it.

The human race stands on the brink of extinction as a series of random attacks decimate the planet, causing earthquakes, tsunamis, and rapid-spreading disease. Serrated from their families, children and teenagers are forced to work together for survival in small groups, formed by themselves. But these attacks aren’t the only things on the young childrens’ minds.
Only a few years ago, a growing number of the population been to develop mysterious, new abilities. Government officials have declared some groups as dangerous and have order them to be terminated and detained. Camps began popping up to hold the captives away from the rest of the world, but with the power of teamwork, some are broken out and released back into the crumbling world.
‧͙*・༓☾__Calm Before The Storm__ ☽༓・*‧͙
```Four Clans have survived a perilous journey, leaving the forest they have survived in for generations to avoid poisoned water from the Twolegs factory. Now, after a long and tireless journey, the clans are comfortable in their new home. But with a new, mysterious clan peering from the shadows and tensions running high in the clans and out, they are far from reaching the end of the storm.```

🌳OakClan🌳- The strong and the strict
🐾SwiftClan🐾- The lithe and the fast
🌱BriarClan🌱- The sly and the smart
🐁MouseClan🐁- The kind hearted swimmers
🐍AdderClan🐍- The new and mysterious.

This server was inspired by the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter!~ This is a fun hangout/Rp server! It is also literate!
__What we have to offer__:
✧Amazing and helpful staff
✧A warm welcome!
✧Organised chat rooms and rules so it’s smooth!
✧We accept criticism and suggestions! You can even be paid for some if we use your ideas!~ which can be used in the lovely item shop!
✧Own thought out plot and ideas with adventure and fun rp action!
✧Alternate High ranks! Everyone deserves a turn!
✧We follow everything like the books! We choose mentors, deputies, etc! We like to stick to the script!
I wish I could tell you more! But that would be a spoil! Come see for yourself!~
An unworldly world that strives for creating and using utopian like standards, putting their own utopian-like ideologies and absolute need for perfection onto unknowing human beings who don’t dare question authorities about the specifically colored lines tattooed on their wrists immediately after birth. Human categorization is one of the drastic steps taking towards reaching this specific goal of absolute perfection. But what if society starts to question and search for answers about these very ways? Chaos ensues. To prevent the public from digging up their plans and unraveling everything they’ve worked oh so on hard to achieve, society is hidden away from its peers in order to prevent a revolution. Authorities work extremely hard to limit the availability of knowledge to the public, to ensure the children stay quiet and ignorant. But as they say, "curiosity killed the cat”, so what team will *you* be on? Will you be one of the few who realize that these colored stripes not only define your personality, but the basic compatibility you have with another being, same colored stripe or otherwise. Or will you remain quiet, doomed to the life you’ve been given.
Medieval Rp is a server where you can Rp as anyone you want from the past. In Medieval Rp there is multiple kingdoms you can choose from. Join a kingdom and fight for it or betray it. Form your alliances and become the most powerful of them all. You can be a human, an oger, an orc, a dragon, an elve and many more.


- Medieval Rp offers a great set of staff and is owned by iEatToxicAss#9881 and Louis XO
#0994 why are looking for more staff to come join our great team. If you have any questions always feel free to ask the staff.

- The server was created on May 14th and we are already very active. (Please note you cannot see rp until you have a roleplayer role. That is where rp is active.

- We even have places for no rp. Come post memes with your many other memers and be part of a great community.