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We’re a small rp server based around the elements, water, air, earth, fire, as well as hybrid elements such as metal, lava, steam, plants, etc. We’re a very active server with good staff as well as fun rps, and can’t wait to see you join us!
Welcome to the world of Magic VS Witch Hunters. A world where magic and science are used on a day-to-day basis. It is also a world of "If you're a magic user or magical creature of any kind- you've probably been hunted by a witch hunter at some point in your life."

The server s being worked on as we go, so please be patient.

We also have a temporary NSFW category. (Seeing how that goes)

Will you try to fight against the terror of the Witch Hunters? Or will you just be a shut in and try to avoid any life forms? You decide.
Black Rose Military Roleplay

The year is 2036, and the world's powers have combined under one banner, for the majority. The Black Rose is an international peacekeeping organisation, which is presented in the form of a standalone military. It has presence in every continent worldwide, and all battles a common foe. What will you do to assist the Black Rose?

Multiple Career Options!
-Air Force
-And more to come, as we develop!

Ranks and Respects!
-A ranking system, that is actively referred to.
-Starting as a recruit, you evolve through your training.
-Each choice you make will reflect upon how your superiors see you.
-Everything that happens, will always be remembered by someone.

Active Development!
-Admins who are constantly overseeing and growing the server as best they can.
-Economy setup for ammunition, MREs, uniform and so on.
-Many channels for each section of the Roleplay.
-Vigilant Admins who wish the best for the server.

So, come and pledge your life and human liberties to the Black Rose now. We will be waiting.
An RP that takes place within the Naruto universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, the clans you know and love are still here! With the ability to create your own original clans and jutsu as well!
Welcome to the FBI Elites. This is a chill Role-Play server. We are a special task force of the FBI that performs special missions all around the US. You will be risking your life on dangerous, high risk, missions and operations to defend the people of this country. There are several positions you can have on this team including Leader, Analyst, Field Agent, and Medic. All of these positions are crucial to being successful on your missions. We wish you the best of luck as part of the FBI Elites.

This Role-Play is inspired by TV shows like Blindspot and Blacklist.
Ready for an awesome and strange adventure filled with combat in the Holy Grail world war? Ready to make a contract with heroes from all ages and places? the join the 7 masters are elected and participate in the war in exchange, one winner will be allowed a wish upon the grail with the conditions of a normal Holy Grail War.

Are you willing to take that risk?

>fight in places the holy grail war has never been in before such as Italy or Malaysia

>7 Masters 🧙

>14 servants 🔱 🏹 ⚔ 🏇 🗡 😡 🧙

>become a versed master in spell casting.

>make contracts with your historical heroes or villains.

>become servants borne from cultures from all corners of the Globe.

Click the link now!
Secure. Contain. Protect.
These three words tell us our purpose all-day-everyday, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month; three-hundred and sixty-five days a year.
This world was slowly corrupted over the years by creatures of the night, called (blue).
The (blue) Foundation was formed to protect this world from them and give our youth a future.
Areas and Sites were built across the world to contain certain types of (blue) mainly Safes, Euclids, Keters and Thaumiels.
The Foundation contains these monsters and acts as the front line and last defence, without them who know what disastrous events would occur.
This is The Special Containment Procedure Foundation: Our First and Last Line Of Defense.
Welcome To The Dead By Daylight Community Server! 🙇
If you love playing Dead By Daylight or youre looking to play with new people, then this server is for you! 💀
Meet players of multiple skill levels and consoles, From Rank 20s To Rank 10s To Even Rank 1s and PC to Playstation, you will most certainly find a group of players that you can spend your nights with, trying to escape the trial! 👥
Even if you are just a newbie at Dead By Daylight, we can help you improve and become a better player! 🔝
Whether you are a bloodthirsty killer main🔪, or a witty survivor player🤕, this server will have a group of people for you to play with and interact!

So what are you waiting for? Click that link, and join in the fun! 🍻
Looking for a divine circle of fiery storytelling with hellish RolePlay? Then I believe you've found the right place.

Our server includes:
-A safe place for all ages!
-An LBGT friendly staff, along with members!
-10+ Different Breeds of hellhounds to choose from (and the list grows)!
-Semi-Literate and Literate scenes of roleplay! (Nsfw is enabled)
- A continuous plot with all genres of scenery!
-Inclusive events to willing members! (Including art contests, lively voice calls, and interactive drawing with friends!)
-Ready-to-go Reaction Roles
-And so much more!

It revolves around our ongoing Hell-hound (vs) and Heaven-hound RolePlay!
Watch your step though, we bite. ;)
We're sure you'll have a hell of a good time with us, and we truly hope you consider joining our growing pack!
We are the number one Berserk Discord server, we aim to provide information about Berserk to all fans both new and old. An excellent starting point for all your questions, and everything else. Everyone welcome.
Hello and welcome to My Harry Potter Role playing sever where you go to Hogwarts and have your own Magical experience
The year is 0 BBY. The world of Mon Cala, under the guidance of a Rebel Captain, has joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The Rebel Alliance moves carefully as it fortifies its territories. The young Rebel forces rely on stealing to add to their fleets. The Empire has increased it's production of the TIE Defender line. Alliance High Command, consisting of powerful members such as Admiral Ackbar, Mon Mothma, Bail and Leia Organa, Crix Madine, and Admiral Raddus, moves carefully in it's efforts to take down it's formidable opponent while the Empire stirs up an evil only it could produce...
Die Welt Yasmua wurde einst regiert von einer weisen und wunderschönen Göttin namens Aurora, sie herrschte über alles, sowohl die Wesen die diese atemberaubende Welt bewohnten, als auch die Pflanzen welche in den tiefen Wäldern und dunklen Höhlen sprossen. Doch eines dunklen Tages wurde Yasmua von einer dunklen Seuche heimgesucht, alles was mit ihr in Berührung kam wurde entweder durch einen Fluch zum Sklaven der Seuche, oder verrottete und auch die Göttin Aurora fiel der Seuche einheim.

Nun ca 200 Jahre später wurde über ein drittel dieser Welt von der Seuche betroffen, doch wurden unter den vier Rassen dieser Welt, also den Elfen, den Zwergen, den Menschen und den Orks, sogenannte Yunhi (Ihr) geboren, diese haben eine Resistenz gegen die Seuche die diese Welt heimsucht entwickelt und versuchen diese nun aufzuhalten
The world is in complete chaos. Peace is no more, and the government has fallen. To replace the lack of power, two sides clash with one another. A gang known as The Nightwalkers roam the streets, usually seen as normal civilians in order to stay safe. They are more open to violence to back themselves up. That allows C.O.R.E however to mark them as terrible beings who should be eradicated, when behind the scenes they’re the problem. Society is blind, but both sides continue to grow as quick as the crime rate.

-Wonderful people to chat with and meet!
-Bots to enjoy!
-Private NSFW Channel!
-Be a Nightwalker, C.o.r.e member, or a citizen!
Earth began relatively normal, being one of the few places that we knew of where human life was present. Life became more difficult as the grounds parted for a portal to reveal itself in the crevasse. Other world creatures that we previously thought didn't exist began to pour through the threshold. Things like monsters, demons, fallen deities, and Nephilims began raising hell on earth, making life for humans a living nightmare. Five heroic beings stood up against these fiends, but only two came out of the war alive. The remaining warriors took refuge with the human race. One hundred years after this, their legacy is continued within ten families.
This is an RP server we are very small but we offer alot
**We offer Different families which offer different abilities and are unique in their own way**
**We allow diverse and creative OC**
We offer an amazing staff who are always active and ready to help!
So come, join and stay awhile the fun is just beginning here!
Hello there. It seems that you have perished in your previous world. Don’t worry, you get a second chance here. Your path depends on your decisions and your future is in your hands. Go ahead and be an anime protagonist, drama filled character, action packed fighter, or just a harem master. I’m not stopping you. It’s your story, not mine. There are genres you can choose from to get started. Also, Let me properly get it situated for you. Ahum.

“Ehh!? Looks like you were summoned to this world! Let me tell you what it’s about! There are many different regions in this world where you can fit in. Are you a romance lover or a glorious warrior? This is like a game to you so treat it as such with the NPCs you can interact! Yes we maybe small, but we will grow!... we need more admins if that’s the case. So! What’re you waiting for!? Enter your new life!”

This server is ran by moderators. If you want to be in control of npc’s and will stay dedicated to the story. There is a position for you. The server went through a lot of changes before ending here. I don’t know how you could’ve found it, but try staying for a bit to see what I’ve got to offer. After all, you have a lot of freedom. Go ahead and get all the things you want. Just avoid problems that will come in your journey.
Raging for eons the war between the magi confederation and the technologian empire has lasted longer then anyone can remember. One side utilizes technology to push their ends. They step onto the field with vast armies of mechs, tanks, and cyborg enhanced people. On the opposite side the magi confederation field armies of the strongest mages known to their kind. Facing the mechs are vast armies of golems and mages charging up spells which fire equivilantly powerful forces and have equivilant defences.

In this world there are legends of a dead continent where the gods resided and fought each other to the death. These legends are true as people had discovered a vast continent with even on the coasts were located weapons of a legendary status even in this world. Blades that shoot extended slashes of wind, guns that shoot fireballs at 60 rounds per second, and stronger varieties mythicaly spoken to be located in the 3 capitol cites. This island however is not in any way hospitable. In the north, west, and south and tools of war still fight on on their last instrution. All of them are self repairing, self replicating, and leages beyond anything faced before.

The northern beast lands had made armies of fantasy beasts to fight on their behalf, in the corruption of the land these beasts got corrupted now breeding and roaming the land to suck out the life force of anyone they find. In the south armies and bands of self repairing machines roam the land killing any non mechanical and living thing they find. And in the east a hoard of humunculi whom used to be human spread, replicate, and hunt down anything living to hopefully reclaim their individuality. Rumor speak of 7 powerful ones among them who direct them. Seven leaders whom won the war and poisoned the land.

In the current state of the world the Legate of the magic confederations army, under the comand of the 4 archons of the realm, has arranged a team to explore and claim what they can of the dead continent. Legate davorisan andrasi the third has found a guide too. A prisioner whom already doesnt like his former land the technologian empire. Ira Ignasus, a man whom has been exploring the dead continent and whom was betrayed by his nation. He is about 5’ 8 and has dark hair with a mixture of equipment from all over the dead continent. A chest piece from the northern beast lands, from the south a cape from industria to the south, a void rifle from a battlefield near Paradicia.
We’re new! Come on in!’ All are welcomed her

A supernatural roleplay all located within a castle situated in old Bavaria. The castle also acts as a school so you can roleplay as a student, teacher, or just a creature outcast from the human world that wishes to see you suffer. Includes both RP/ERP.
2025 a gang of street thugs showed up with unnatural qualities, like magic and powers, they fought with the governments and police, even the military, infact these street thugs had such amazing qualities, they defeated millions, becoming the elite 5 in 2027, the elite 5 slowly conquered the world, destroying countries, one at a time, USA and Canada were the first to fall in 2028, then came russia, africa, china, korea and other countries in 2029 and 2030, the only countries left standing was Australia, United Kingdom and Germany.

in 2031, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) had located a massive ring in the Atlantic Ocean, large enough to fit a aircraft carrier through it, then all of a sudden the Elite 5 showed up, defending this ring, once making the RAN retreat, they opened it, the RAN still saw this however, the RAN weren't pleased with this discovery since it was so large, the Elite 5, may become the Elite Army, the RAN reported this finding to the other remaining forces and then set up a massive perimeter around the ring. They experimented on the on the ring, trying to open it for a large scale invasion. in 2032, they had managed to open the portal, 17th of april, they launched it, going into the modern fantasy world, claiming it, and destroying mostly everything, one large city stood tall though..... it was the city of myths, the home of the Elite 5....... everyone in this city had some sort of power.
The Universe of Sora is a roleplay server built on action anime such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, and so on and so forth. Create whatever OC you wish, or even roleplay as a character from an existing anime or manga. The server focuses on how YOU want to develop your character, not on how the world develops your character. Give us a try! You won't regret it.
𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔚𝔥𝔦𝔱𝔢 𝔇𝔞𝔤𝔤𝔢𝔯 𝔐𝔞𝔣𝔦𝔞 welcomes you to their secret society. However, a threat lingers around the corner...

The White Dagger Mafia has struggled with keeping peace with ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴏᴜꜱᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴏʀɪᴏɴ, who spreads the city with nasty actions and wrong doings.

Both societies are open to join, with action, romance, drama, adventure, and more waiting just in the other side. Join Belland City for a fun roleplay and battle each side with characters from around the universe, where you can follow a story line, or roleplay as freely as you'd like.

But be careful. The clashing of the sides may not be the only danger floating around Belland City...

What do we offer??
× Friendly staff, so come say hi and make a new friend!
× An action packed exciting roleplaying world for everyone.
× Partnerships
× Original and fan made characters
× NSFW roleplay if wanted, but please no Erotic Role Playing.

We are a new server and would love you to join us! :)
The year is 2030, 10 years after the viral outbreak that destroyed the world. A few lucky souls managed to survive. Are you one? Come join us in the fight for survival in Z USA!
• we're a growing community with loving members.
• Custom emojis made for characters
• Multiple levels of zombie mutations
• Epic community storylines
Welcome to Global Warfare RP! We are an ever expanding roleplay community that aims to have fun and realistic roleplay combat. Set in the near future, the world is torn into two global powers. It is up to you to decide the fate of the world. What are you waiting for soldier? Set things right for the greater good.