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The Multiverse of Sora is a small community where everyone and anyone can roleplay with OCs of their creation or any canon character in a highly action packed manner! The majority of our content is sort of based off of Dragon Ball, but we branch out as often as possible! We have power scaling that is progressive towards activity and skill, and have engaging events every weekend to spice things up! We also have a special partnership system where you can engage with different universes canonically, so your character can always experience something new and entertaining! We hope to see you join. Don't be shy; we welcome everyone!
O rpg começa quando todos vocês no dia mais comum, são teletransportados para outro mundo, com uma carta em mãos.

O rpg conta com:

Bot de música

Bot de dado

Chat off rpg

As regras simples são:

Não desrespeitar o próximo

Não promover o ódio off rpg

Não fazer criticas sem ter argumentos
Tokyo Ghoul:NEW is exactly what it sounds like; new!
We are a small but dedicated group of individuals who, first and foremost, all enjoy role playing, and secondly enjoy friendly communities.
Although this RP is based on the anime and manga Tokyo Ghoul extensive knowledge is not required, there will be many friendly faces to help you along!

We hope you come join us!
Final Assault is an action packed, WWII themed RTS built from the ground up to capitalize on the power of Virtual Reality.
[Note: This is a server for literate roleplayers who want to develop their characters from first years, to pro heroes. This is not a server for those who want to constantly meme/one-line or expect to be overpowered.]

GOAV's hold across the world is secure, and it is up to the organization to protect the world from the villains, and bring an end to their threat. As the new growing generation, it is now your turn to attend Mihara Academy; a hero school found on an island off the Japanese mainland, and overcome the trials ahead that stand in your way to becoming a pro hero!

You will be joining Class 1-A as a student that will take the reins of your own training, so that you can one day become the hero that you wish to become. Mihara Academy has all the technology you need to train any skills you may want to learn. Outside from the expected training, there will be plenty of slice-of-life to get to know your class mates; as well as occasional events to see how far you come.

What is your story? Come and join us, and we will do our best to allow you to unlock that potential!
A beyblade server in which there is quite an active community. Beyblade Ultimax is a beyblade metal fusion/metal masters roleplay. It contains the following
- Canon beys
- Efficient stat system
- Custom/Canon special moves
- School based roleplay
⚜️We hope that you would consider joining this server. ⚜️
Looking for servers to partner with!
Hey there! Take a doughnut, relax while you read this! Allow me to explain what we offer at Pandora's box!
•A structured set of rules
•Indepth roleplay plots
•Exciting Weekly RP plots
•An open minded and understanding Admin team
•Weekly challenges
•Art sharing, memes, music
•Suggestion channels
•Self Promotion
•Dyno, Color-Chan, Sidekick and more!
So what do ya say? Check us out, We'd love to have you!
```On the planet “Earth” many fighters, kings, even gods have been born. Some specialize in magic, while others specialize in physical strength. It is a varying world with a vast variety of things. Though there are a total of 6 nations which make up this world, Reim, Magnostaht,Zou Empire, Balbadd,Jmuchakk, and Heliohapt. These nations are all varying in agriculture, power, anything you can name. This world has is home to incredibly powerful fighters as well, the power granting to everyone by whom created this world was very generous. It needless to say many people love their lives here but that isn’t as if there are no issues within this world. There are villains who misuse this power, there are villainous gods who use their power for the wrong reasons. The adventures is this world all focus around you, in your own world. In this world you are your own main protagonist, will he be evil, maybe good? That is all up for you to decide in this world. So please step right on in and enjoy yourself, I promise it doesn’t bite. ```
╔══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╗
Battle of The Clans
╚══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╝

We are a new server inspired by the Warriors series by Erin Hunter!

≫ ──── ≪•◦ Includes ◦•≫ ──── ≪
◦A helpful and welcoming community.
◦Friendly and fair administrators.
◦Available High-ranks.
◦Realistic and semi-literate roleplaying.
◦Characters you can create, roleplay as, and make bonds as/with.
◦A safe and fun environment for Warriors fans.

≫ ──── ≪•◦ The Clans ◦•≫ ──── ≪
◦AshClan ≫ A reserved and calm group; they prefer talking out their problems, but only if they deem it worth their time. These cats are skilled fighters and thinkers, and they find pride in their abilities. They have diverse religious beliefs; some have a strong gratitude to StarClan, others are devoted to the Dark Forest, and many do not follow either.
◦BirchClan ≫ An overly confident and 'snobby' group; they prefer to not fight and violence is always a last resort. These cats are over-confident in their ways are always ready to show off. They have a strong belief in StarClan
◦CedarClan ≫ By far the most diverse group of the four; each member is unique in their own way. These cats are very down-to-earth and laid back, though they are fiercely loyal and are more than willing to defend their Clan. They have a strong belief in StarClan.
◦HoundClan ≫ A chaotic and hostile group; they enjoy fighting and typically do not pause to talk things through. These cats are brutal creatures, they are confident in their abilities and are more than willing to show their claws. They are loyal to the Dark Forest.
≫More information about these clans is available in our server!≪

≫ ──── ≪•◦ Main Plot ◦•≫ ──── ≪
For decades, the four Clans have lived in relatively peaceful lands, untouched and rarely bothered by humans. As of recently, however, the city's population has begun to grow. These hairless two-legs have begun building closer to the borders of the Clans and show no signs of stopping; threats of uprooting their clans and having to vacate their homes loom over each leader's head.

With the humans beginning to move further in, encroaching upon the Clans' borders, tensions are rising and fights have begun to break out. Far more herbs are being used to treat battle wounds, warriors are being left crippled and retiring far too early, elders and kits are being threatened.

Will the Clans continue on their warpaths and destroy each other before the humans even have the chance to? Or will they finally come together and find a way to put a stop to their seemingly inevitable demise?

Come join us to find out!
The ES艾Elite Squad welcomes you to the Official Discord Server of ELITE PUBG community.
Here you can Chill with us, Enter the battlefield with some new buddies, Enjoy music, Play games with Dank Memer, Nadeko, Pokecord, Owo and many more, we also have level roles with specific powers.
Found by Leaders ES艾Maxtern and ES艾KingAnBru, a Huge and Respected community based on the popular game PUBG MOBILE where we host custom rooms daily in the evening.
And we promise,You won't find a better serve than this.. ;) COME AND JOIN US!!!
Welcome to »New York City Heroes«

You're here to save the world!
We're glad to have your support.

It's the year 2019 in New York City and lately superheroes seem to have been sprouting out of the ground like mushrooms.
All five boroughs of the city have their own organization of heroes who fight crime and evil in the city.
Unbeknownst to most of our heroes, the reason powers are showing up more and more lurks deep in the alleyways of the city.
A gruesome villain like a giant insect is infesting the city, yearning for dominance of the world.
It's up to our heroes to stop them.

Join us as a hero or would you rather work for the dark side? Anything is possible.
(~Star wars: The Old republic~) Roleplay server:
Before the Downfall of the jedi, and the Sith emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, Time of the old republic, when the Sith empire was in rule, and the republic are having political issues.
Come on in!
You can be a
-Sith Acolyte
- Jedi Initiate
- Imperial , or republic trooper !
- Or citizen or a politician!
Rank up from Acolyte/Initiate to , Apprentice, padawan , to Sith lords ,or jedi masters !
We include
-Giveaway bot
-Partnership 40+ Required
-Friendly staff
- Luxary items/roles for rp or Ooc!
- Self assignable roles !

Join to day , and join the far far away galaxy!
Hello, welcome to my AOT server. I hope you enjoy it.
In the year 2800 Africa hits Europe and Asia creating a strange effect turning the equator than melting the polar ice caps therefor the world floods , humans go extinct but the DNA of humans and other animals mix and these new creatures now inhabit this new world ,communication is back to the state of modern society in the current year 3718 there is a new county (counties are like countries now) and it it heard to have people with powers...
The year is 2065. Years ago, tensions between countries were high, trading agreements were annulled, treaties were ignored. Famine and disease found its way into countries once considered utopia-like, and birth rates dropped drastically. The economy had entered a depression, and stayed there for upwards of 5 years. This period was referred to as the Second Cold War, and many scientists and historians said it could be considered one of the darkest times in the history of the world. After a few years of empty threats of war and bombings, America began the brief World War III by dropping multiple nukes throughout Russia and the Middle East. In retaliation, Russia's ally, North Korea, dropped a nuke on Hawaii. These nuclear detonations caused what is called an electromagnetic pulse, devastating infrastructure and electricity worldwide, plunging Earth into a situation similar to the Dark Ages. Warfare may have continued in some areas after this, but only those involved would know for sure. Electricity could not be recovered, and all contact between non-neighboring countries was lost. Society and government collapsed, and many people died without modern medicine and technology.
Thirty-five years later the world population is 15% of what it used to be, and with no modern shelters, no modern medicine, and lack of survival skills, the birth rate has not increased in years.
The Niitsitapi, better explained as multiple first nations tribes that have banded together since the disaster, have gone back to the ways of their ancestors at their settlement in what was once Yellowstone National Park. They have blended their traditions and languages, and adopted the name of the Blackfoot. Within themselves, they may be found referring to themselves as belonging to their ancestral tribes rather than to the group as a whole; despite this, they do not tend to separate themselves and have formed a tight knit and tolerant community.
Nearby a group of people who called their settlement Homecamp are still holding on to the last threads of modern society, living in a makeshift city. They refer to themselves as Citizens.
Between the two settlements there is an area of no-mans-land, a small dilapidated town.
Long ago, a conflict broke out between the two groups which caused Homecamp to be shunned by the Niitsitapi. It is rarely discussed, a point of great sorrow to the Niitsitapi and shameful to Homecamp. The two groups now have a hesitant truce - the population may not survive a war - they must not enter each others territory or harm members of the other group. Trade is tense and uncommon, as are relationships between members of the opposing groups.
Roleplay has not yet begun. Plot and lore are being finalised.
We are a welcoming community of players looking to get active again.

Our roleplay is original continuity, and we mainly draw from Prime, and G1(With hints of BW)
Borderlands 2 is an open world action role-playing first-person shooter video game.
Be invited to our Discord Gamer Channel.
this server is about War and Action Games! FPS and TPS games!!

Pubg / C-OPS / fortnite / Call of Duty / Croos fire / CS:GO /
Standoff / Special Forces / Free Fire / Battlefield
and others......
All in one server!!

❕ There's a #challenges channel which give you roles and points!

❕ we also have a #shop!!
U can buy Minecraft account / Soptify prem / fortnite account
ℹWE USE BOT MONEY BTW! And you can be a seller!!

Nsfw ✅
Memes ✅
Apply for staff ✅
Expect servers links ⚠ ( READE ME!! )
Free roles ✅
More than 25 bot ❕
Giveaways ✅
Invite rewards ✅
custom colors 🎨

There's also a part for ( Art - Gacha - Anime - Music - Studying - Stores - Poems - Tic Tac Toe - Face Reveals )

Here's the link :
>> [ ] <<

+54 text / +9 voice / 10 categories / +90 role ....
💙 Plz support us!!
An RP that takes place within the Naruto universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, the clans you know and love are still here! With the ability to create your own original clans and jutsu as well!
≡≡≡≡≡ __**A Journey Inland**__ ≡≡≡≡≡
A Journey Inland is a role play based and inspired by the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter! What does our role play have? Here lemme tell ya some of our features!
✭ We have active high ranking cats (like leaders, deputy, med, ect.) And a system to replace inactive high ranking cats.
✭ We have a system to replace high ranking cats so everyone has a chance to be a high ranking cat!
✭ Rewards for be active in the community!
✭ Home made lore, clans, and forest!
✭ Constant updates and open to suggestion! We even reward people who give good suggestions!
✭ An aging system!
✭ And much much more!
So come join our little clan of cats! We have dad jokes and cookies! I hope to see you there at
Soul Eater Roleplay Server
A free style roleplay server that revolves around systems, mainly tiers.
You get rolled from 1-100 when you join the server and i add what was rolled as your tier to your roles.

This server is made to be simple in its own ways and advanced in the systems so you have a remembarable time roleplaying in the server.

The server is set up to be easily understandable and alot of free decisions.
Some of the stuff the server Includes is:
Semi-Advances System 💻
Good Community 🌎
A bunch of free channels to roleplay in 📜
The ability of freedom and no stress towards keeping stats. 🎲
Open Suggestions 👍

Here is the servers link if you wish to join.
In modern-day Japan, humans think they are alone, but that Illusion is shattered when they realize that the supernatural exist! Play as a human or a Youkai, a vampire, a werewolf or any number of other beings in this PVE focused RP where PVP is also permitted! Play as a rookie working thier way up as a Hunter or a police officer or even do your own thing in a creative world in this community RP!

-Friendly Community RP
- Not a ERP, no NSFW
Join a world where with limitless possibilities, and danger at every turn. A world where gods themselves duke it out for supremacy. A world to get away from everything you've ever had to leave behind. And go somewhere else
We're a new server dedicated to being the first server to have a Roleplay based off the classic RPG Series, Golden Sun. We're still fairly new, but here's what's to expect.
-Very Active Owner
-Decent Staff
-Friendly, NSFW free environment
-Channels dedicated solely to roleplay, bots, memes, or anything you want added, we can add it.