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A world divided.

The year is 2020. Seven asteroids have fallen to Earth, seven shooting stars. These are not any ordinary asteroids, for they hold powers from beyond the stars. Seemingly at random, people have started getting strange powers- Superhero powers- dangerous powers. In the wrong hands and with the right influence, these powers could overthrow the government.
Come, enter the world of Fallen Stars: E7er Lasting, discover the power within you and remember:
Not everyone is who they seem.
We are a friendly roleplay server, looking for new members to join and roleplay with us!
Interactive stories! Here you can:
-Make suggestions to progress our text stories!
-Create your own adventure!
-Mess around with bots!
-Chill and hang out with us!
A roleplay server based on the ongoing manwha Tower of God. Nikutai no Kami( 肉体の神, Flesh of God ) incorporates original concepts while fitting within an original Tower of God universe. What do you want, treasure, power, knowledge? It all can be yours all you have to do is climb!

Nikutai no Kami( 肉体の神, Flesh of God ) has original emoji, ever expanding lore and a chance to gain cannon positions!
we are a server dedicated to content creation, and spread. It is a cool place, because no one is there but like three people.
A community for fans of story-driven video games, i.e. video games in which the narrative is one of the most important aspects of the experience.
Warriors of the Light is an Warriors Roleplay where your character grows and develops, meeting new characters and friends.

Come start your journey into the light
~ The fate of the clans depends upon you young warrior. ~

Adventures of the Shore is a Warrior Cats roleplay. It’s based around the lives of the four clans who live on the shore, they are known as the Gladeclan, Breezeclan, Farclan and Shellclan. Each clan possess very different culture and leaders, from Gladeclan with their patriotic and cruel leader Applestar to Breezeclan with their leader Specklestar, who accidently seems to make the worse plot decisions on the whole server.

But what makes us special?
✭ Our plot lines are extremely intense and fun to discover, all decisions surrounding them depend on the entire server- which could lead to great sucsess or a terrible ending.
✭ For the most part, everyone on the server is active and comes on regularly :)
✭ As well as a ton of areas to roleplay, there are also chatrooms- including the famous meme-land where we make dad jokes and ask the magic eightball if Tuftkit is gonna die of greencough or not.
✭ Our community is awesome! Everybody is so friendly and diverse; it's a great place to be.

So what are you waiting for? Join today!
Thanks for reading, - Barney#3544 (Aka Applestar)
==>Teralysis is an interactive story based on a text adventure, following the style of Andrew Hussie's 'Homestuck'. You can command the story or just chat, make friends, and mess around. <== Two members of a post apocalyptic race compete with the promise of omnipotence on earth in 2820. A simple story of creation vs destruction. I plan on making three parts to the story.
Im making a server for people to talk about story driven media, mainly comics/manga, as well as anime and shows and movies. The point of this server is to build a community for raising awareness about people's creations, including my own comic. You can share your art, stories, ideas, work with other writers and artists, and maybe even produce your own comic! Its brand new, so we do not have many members at all, why not be one of the first to be a part of this community?
Galum Industries was founded by Sebastian Galum three generations ago when the shadow creatures known as Nightmares began popping up everywhere. It was meant as a branch of military of sorts to try and combat the Nightmares. Eventually Galum Industries became interplantary in an attempt to colonize on another planet to get away from the Nightmares when things were looking very bleak for humanity.

The Nightmares ended up sneaking on these ships that were built and sabotaging them, one crash landing on Orion where the Nightmare population began exploding and thriving. The Nightmares on Earth began disappearing mysteriously but no one complained, they were happy they were gone.

But Mr. Galum wanted to study these creatures and find out more about their abilities so he began sending out trained soldiers to raid areas where Nightmares hang out on Orion and bring them back to Earth one at a time where they'd do experiments on them, which usually result in the Nightmare dying.

Flash forward to today [which is sometime in the future] where there are regular trips to Orion to bring back Nightmares. There's still little known about these creatures but one thing's for sure, you don't want to be scratched by one.
Eternal Risings is a server with a large amount of story already planned out. How you go about getting to this story's end is entirely up to you. Although our story is already planned out, it doesn't mean that you can't force it to change to an extensive degree, we welcome your efforts! We have a bizarre yet interesting plot, highly competent staff, and people you might like to meet!
Despite being in the modern era, there's a lot of magic and fantasy elements involved. We allow you to be as creative with your character as possible and allow you to claim pre-existing characters. Our plot has only gotten as far as revealing the main antagonist. Being apart of the story is as simple as staying active and showing up for important events. We had a bit of a rocky start when we began. We missed the mark the first time, but we don't plan on missing this time! We're always glad to have new people! We hope you'll join us soon!
A community for people interested in RPing about, anything! Whether it be a book, an animation, a tv show, a game, or even a world you made!
Hello there! I would appreciate it if you join my roleplay server.

This server is about a post-apocalyptic world that has been taken over by zombies, story is explained in the server.

Basically everything you need to know about this server is in the server itself, so please consider joining!
Skrub's Roleplay Server is a.....well, roleplay server. It's pretty lax and the rules aren't anything out of the ordinary. But we wanted to create a free form roleplay server that people can easily get into and make stories with others. So if you're bored and wanna see what we have in store then we would be more than happy to welcome you.
Hey all, this is a superhero RP, where you can create a character and roleplay with others in a school of super powered teens trying to find their place in the world.
**Slowly more people around the world are born with abilities and powers. Crime has gone up, and the governments everywhere have yet taken hold of the situation. Scientist are still trying to figure out the cause for the influx of this next stage of human. As for now, most governments have decided that the only course of action at the moment is the make using powers illegal in public spaces.

Soteria's School For Gifted Youth started off as a safe haven from those who didn't understand the ‘freaks’ with these strange abilities. It quickly became a school as most of those who were in need, were kids who ran or don’t understand the abilities they have. Some of these kids are those who even the government does not know what to do with them and sends them to school as a last resort. **

We are a growing RP group, always looking forward to meeting new members. Don't be shy!
The Grocery Store: where minimum wage has never been less worth it.

(Warning, contains some graphic/violent roleplay and rather intense scenes, though you can easily avoid that if it's not your thing)

A server designed to fit any of your needs, with something always going on. What character do you want to use? Perhaps you're into animals, and want to embrace your inner furry, well, we have Wiinter the wolf working in the pharmacy. Perhaps you're an average type of person, familiar with working retail. Characters like Sam and JW are just trying to get through the day and avoid getting hurt. (Though, be warned, you might fall in love with ancient Gods). Maybe you want a dash of something special - Kori's an average girl trying to make it through college, if you don't count her levitation abilities. Or, perhaps, you want to let your imagination run wild. Id is a vanta black mist man who commands an army of undead birds.

No matter what you want, we're here for in. Agender security guards who might be bees. Golems, ghosts, cats, even sentient sandwiches.

Oh, but isn't the genre messy? What do I *do* in this server?

Whatever you want, provided you don't fight with your fellow colleagues. The server plot are vast and wide. Are you interested in fantasy/sci-fi? Well, the head of securities evil doppelganger from an alternate timeline just got resurrected and wants to kill a god. Interested in action/adventure? There's a wild pack of coyotes slowly taking over the store. Horror/thriller? There's a monster of grey goo that feeds off your deepest secrets and lurks in the warehouse. Or, maybe, you're here for comedy. We got that too, if you don't want either who can run free reign to create your own wacky hijinks. Lord knows there's a lot of that.

Your shift starts now, if you're interested.
You ever feel as if your world is missing something, As if an aspect of life never seen had vanished from reality? You live within one of many multiverses, all of which have different history and different people. You were brought here for unknown reasons, whether to save you from disaster or help you start one is unclear. The surrounding areas seem to be a large outcropping of many small islands around a larger one within a deep sea. You are not sure why but you feel as if the very air around you here holds what it is you felt was missing from your home, an unknown magic and bewilderment to it all.
This place, wherever it is, seems to contain beings most worlds only tell of in legend. the signs of what was once different civilizations of all around the world seem to culminate across the many islands. wreckage of humans once here seem to be dotted around, such as fallen military planes and some forms of different structures. the isles as they are now feel abandon, with whatever was once here either scattered or remnants of what they once were.

You enter from an unknown number of realms and possibilities, your life lived as you see fit has led you here in this moment in time. One question remains for everyone...

Will you be the savior, or the destroyer?
Zakora is a realm made by the Kitsune Goddess Ahri long long ago. She made the realm out of the void that she was alone in for eons before attempting to create something to sooth her loneliness. So the first world she created was the Kemono World, a world of people made in her image as different types of races. Neko(Cat), Fox, Usagi(Bunny), Inu(Dog), and Wolf. After making this world the very first being she made was a small Kitsune that looked similar to her but was much smaller and more childish. Her name was Illya. Illya helped Ahri create the worlds now known as; Elf, Fairy, Human, and Dragon worlds. As they made all the different people, races, and species, and watched them prosper, grow, and develop. Illya began to desire to live with them without her knowledge of being a goddess so she could be just like them. So Ahri let her, being born into the world from normal parents Ahri watched over her as the darkness slowly began to creep in on the realm.

This is is the story... of Zakora..
18+ - Please make sure you state your age before doing any type of story so that way you and your partner can avoid any sexually explicit activity if you are under the age of 18. Do NOT hide your age for your own benefit please. The internet is a dangerous place and I think we can all agree we despise sickos!

* Decent roleplay experience (1 - 10+ years).
* Grasp of the english language. (Usage of proper grammar/punctuation - Literacy is a must please).
* Read rules for the rest.

What to expect:
* Literate Rpers - Those who prefer big posts over oneliners (hopefully).
* Rp of almost any kind is welcome here!
* Erp is allowed (Unless you are underage, strictly prohibited from any sexual activity. Sorry.)

If I don't respond it's probably because I am asleep or busy, don't let that discourage you from joining and staying though! Hope to see you there hehe~
Vespin is a new custom medieval Roleplay server. all we ask is that you be respectful and have fun! Help build the world through RP!
The Second Collapse has wracked the Orenian Empire. Between the Askarian Empire and Kadanian Kingdom, the once-great Empire founded by Cides has fallen for good. The only hope for survival is to escape into the Neth, and seek out a new home from there.

---------------------<==ACT TWO==>---------------------

After the arduous sail through the Netherseas, and a crippling loss against the Askarian Imperial Navy, the Orenian Remnants lost most of their military, and roughly 35% of the surviving refugees. They find themselves in a very strange realm, with a black sea, and red sand and skies.

Even within this strange realm, and after the heavy losses they sustained, the Orenian Remnants are pressing on. Little do they know just what they have involved themselves in.


This is a heavily story-based, medium-power fantasy, medieval roleplay setting. We are a tightly-knit community with much experience in roleplay, and would love to see our little community grow. The server is run by skilled and seasoned administration.

Because we are only just starting out, and plan for the setting to last for a long time, it is best to join now and get the full experience that the Orenian Remnants saga can give.
Gantz is a survival based role-play based on the movie and a bit of the manga, for now it takes place in modern Japan (with a twist.) More info and explaining will be in the server so please join. This server is meant for roleplayers who actually have the patience to read lots.

!New server!
Admins needed.
Semi-lit role-play
Chatting channels
Open to ideas.
Play along with the original private story I’ve created, including characters like Nick, Noah, Sophia, Casey, and more. You can even create your own characters. Just letting you know that this is a WIP server so it doesn’t have many chats.
.+* Looking for new friends? Looking to role-play with lovely individuals? This is the server for you! We don't have many members yet, but we can grow larger! *+.