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Lellorium has been rebuilt, but the solace and accomplishment of this won't last long. New Tinker corporations are on the rise! three massive companies competing to give you the best tech out there! and.. stealing from each other... will you endorse GOT, Schuyler, or Hive? or will you reject these monoliths and focus your time on the streets where only smarts and skills matter?
This rp is story based, so YOUR actions can greatly affect how events unfold!
- Original lore, characters, and story!
- Power rating and classification system for easy comparisons amongst OCs
- In-universe events with real consequences.
- Friendly admin who seek YOUR input for how to improve!
- Karma system! you can become a heralded and feared villain without killing a single individual, or be exalted as the greatest hero in Lellorium by helping others!
- Bounty and Bank systems! engage hard targets for rewards!
- Original map and locations!

Semi-lit, but any writing styles are welcome!
This is Marvel: The Path. It will have an original and unique story that we're going to loosely base off of the MCU. The story hasn't been fully written, and we're going to allow our community to help us write it, with us. We're looking for multiple characters, such as Iron Man, Ant-Man (Hank Pym), Hawkeye, etc. We're beginning with the Avengers assembling for the first time, we won't accept X-Men or Fantastic Four until our first Avengers story is finished.

-New Server
-Welcoming Staff
-Open Main Characters
-Inclusive Story
-We would like experienced roleplayers, but we're open to all.
-We do both literate & paragraph roleplay, and short roleplay.

We're still a new server, and so we'll have some mistakes, and would appreciate help & advice. For more questions, just join and ask away.
Ash and Dawn: New Era is a re-work of our previous Server Foxhound Academy.

In Ash and Dawn you can create your own original character and join one of several faction or build up your own. You can also (if the spots are open) apply your bio as a King/Queen and rule over one of the 6 Kingdoms. Or maybe you start to dominate the industry with your products? Maybe you will become a famous hero or a feared villain? The path is laid to you by destiny.

We feature:

- A Unique Story Line
- Several Factions you can join and the opportunity to build your own.
- Several Staff Sections keeping the server in check and making sure the RP goes balanced and fair.
- A merit progression system for your character to develop and improve.
- Lots and lots of content and new systems and mechanics developed constantly.
- We are also very willing to recruit staff members, giving everyone the opportunity to show their skills and working in one of our 4 staff sections.

Sounds good? Join up and take a look for yourself!
The world of Atheos is a written roleplay server heavily based on dungeons and dragons. This server however doesn't use stats or roles to determines certain outcomes and is purely RP based. All combat is written in story format and judged by the admin/mod team to keep things fair to all players. The religious aspect of this server is based upon the Greek pantheon of gods.

The world itself is of my own creation, every country and the history of the world is unique and any similarity to other sources is purely coincidental. Races and classes are of course taken from D&D but adapted to suit the server.

Includes bots for self assigned roles and adding some fun elements to the server, including, leveling, combat and memes.
🌍Welcome to Altervis🌍

-We have tons of rp channels
-General chats with Nsfw, Memes, and Media!
-Active staff
-Growing community

Altervis, the world split in two by the demon Mozgar. Now chained and held in place, the demon hungers for more power, granting users incredible abilities you are givin the choice to assist the demon, or fight his influence and work to correct the world.

Okay so... I made to background story too long to fit in here XD. So this is a Godzilla RP server taking place in 2078 when the kaiju have taken over the world following WW3. It crosses every Godzilla universe into one, along with some fan versions of characters, and completely original characters. You can be a human or a kaiju. A alien, "titan", mech, or mutant. Humanity lives in the few remaining cities around the world, guarded by mechs. Kaiju roam the face of the Earth. We are always open to suggestions and could use some members. See you there!
Welcome to Rite of Seven!
Rite of Seven is a story based server with a good plot-line that never gets too complex to understand but is interesting nonetheless. You can choose to be a part of one of seven kingdoms, or go about it your own way. There's always a way for you to get yourself involved with the story, but playing an important role is much harder to achieve if you desire to get invested. We offer a lot of freedom, and our rules are just common sense. Our staff is competent, and we'll judge things fairly. Otherwise, we're pretty fun to hang around with!
We're just now starting! We hope to see you here too!

[Current story summary]
After aeons of conflict between several kingdoms, a massive scar was left on the lands and on the entire world. Where twenty kingdoms stood tall, only seven remained standing. When the destruction of all kingdoms seemed inevitable, something happened, by not happening. None of the kingdoms launched any attacks, they were terrified of being attacked themselves and possibly being crushed. The kingdoms took the time to rebuild for the next attack, but everything remained neutral. Eventually, the war was forgotten, and people went about their lives naturally. Nobody had won, and many consider it a loss for everyone in general more than a stalemate.

A few aeons after the devastating war, a worldwide disturbance was felt from every priest in the world. The source was in one central location, every priest with a band of knights guarding would go to the source to see what caused such disturbance. All 7 kingdoms arrived to the same area at once, discovering an unusual entity that radiated with holy energy. His words rang with an angelic tone, a voice that matched one of an angel. With his words, he delivered his message from the gods. "Those who fall with insignificance will be forgotten, those who make their mark within the annals of history shall ascend to the highest heavens, no matter the deed, or method."

With those words said, he ascended into a pillar of light and vanished from all eyes. The priests immediately returned, though some were already tempted to murder the priests and knights of Skeltar. Unfortunately, they also disappeared and without a trace. Now, tensions are starting to rise once more albeit slowly, but those words still ring throughout the minds of everyone. Who will be forgotten? Who will be remembered for what? Who will commit atrocities just ascend to the heavens? Where will you stand?
A cozy little place for writers, readers, and story tellers to unite! This server focuses heavily on reading stories of all kinds to one another over voice chat, as well as encourage people to create their own! Sit and listen to fantastical fables, or spin a yarn of your own. Who knows? You may make some friends along the way!
Warriors of the Light is an Warriors Roleplay where your character grows and develops, meeting new characters and friends.

Come start your journey into the light!
Based on Netflix’s The Society, follow your original characters as they go through the world, without anyone they are used to relying on, all they have is themselves, and how far will that take them?
Welcome to a nearly limitless battle rp server. Where you can test your creativity as the lowly gunslinger, or the rediculous uber god. There arent too many limitations unless you want them. Youve just got to keep in mind the physical applications of powers. Especialy at the godlike scale. We support canon characters, and original characters. Come have some fun and blow stuff up.
In a world of humans and Elves, set in the modern era. Primarily controlled and ran by humans, they had decided to strike a peace treaty with the Elven race. Finally, after countless wars and pointless blood spills, both races have learnt to respect one another, giving them another chance and letting society grow as one.
In the city of Markhelm, awaits a warm welcoming community, filled of driven, strong willed people. In Markhelm, a prestigious school named Portum was built and ran by Jesse Sanchez. Jesse was a world famous retired kick boxer and Ex Army Veteran. He had invested and spent millions upon millions to build the best facilities, and recruit high quality, best fit teachers for the Job.
The school had been dominating over other charter schools, being known as the “Triple A” academy; the A’s all stood for something else.. something each student could separately strive in, Academics, Athletics , and Arts.
Despite all pros about the school and city.. there was dark, horrific rumours circulating about students disappearing and vanishing off the earth. Parents were left devastated, the police left at a lost for words, reporting the unfortunate news. The city earned its new name, along with the school. New rumours appeared, the school gained names such as “The school of the dead.”, “The Cursed Academy.”.. Jesse fell into a great loss, trying to regain the once praised title of a school once loved by all; it was nothing more then a forsaken, feared place. Years passed, the amount of students dropped drastically. Rumours stirred up about the principle himself, ”What did he think of the disappearances?” .. ”Was he the reason for them?”... ”Where was he now?”. Over the years, the principles presence was nearly forgotten; the more students whom vanished, the less people saw of him. The school, being as prestigious as it was, had high standards. Marks bellow B’s were fails. Punishments were served to those who couldn’t reach the expectations.
More and more questions built up as people began to suspect the principle. But one question still stood.. ”Why would he do it? What was his motive?”. Small protest began to occur outside the school, parents were enraged, the community was enraged for the lost of their children, the future of their city, the world. The city was consumed by the anger and frustration from the lack of answers and signs they were longing for. Anything would’ve sufficed for the people who were losing their loved ones. The school had became a bad omen for the city of Markhelm. Everyone avoided the school itself, the students whom remind lived in fear, giving up their humanity to survive; avoiding the chances of being next. The same conflict remained.. parents wanted answers, the community, everyone wanted answers.
And where was Jesse? Gone, just like the students.
Seven ancient relics exist in this world, the Chalice, the Armor, the Shield, the Lance, the Crown, the Wand and the Ark, each with their own region and population. Conflicts between them are inevitable, but sometimes they might even have to work together against a common enemy. Which relic will you be loyal to? Make your character, interact with other characters and witness the story unfold in front of your eyes.

Leaders for 4 of the individual regions are currently up for grabs, so take that opportunity if you want your character to have some authority.
Do you like...
✅ Interactive stories
✅ Fun community hangouts
✅ Imaginary bootleg liquor
✅ Cultist shenanigans

Then you will love Fhtagn!'s discord server!

There is only one thing we like more than making games and that is to connect with the community. We’ve created a Discord server, That Fhtagn! Server, to connect with players and create a space for community members who enjoy a fun community hangout, interactive stories and imaginative worlds. The server’s has various interesting channels, but below are a few examples.

🎮 Fhtagn! Chat 🎮
Where you can chat and explore the bizarre and maddening world of Fhtagn! Tales of the Creeping Madness.

📖 Story Time 📖
In Story Time you can write short stories for the game and vote on other community members’ contributions. This can be a great way to practice your writing muscles, hang out with the community, have a platform where you can read a bunch of awesome short stories or just get a kick out of seeing people interact with your story.

🍸 Madame Fufu’s 🍸
Madame Fufu’s, is the best speakeasy in town and the only thing smoother than the jazz band is the bootleg whisky. Here you can just sit back, relax and order a drink from Fred O'Leary. This channel is meant to be a light roleplaying experience. Think prohibition, mafia, flappers, swing and jazz and fun words like “bee’s knees, giggle water, phonus balonus and zozzled”!

Other channels include Interactive Fiction, Game Writer’s Nook, Mod Room, Official News etc. Don’t be a stranger, come check it out!
You get trapped on an island for magical creatures, but where are you and why are you there? You must survive and find out who placed you here
This server was made because I had an idea, a project if you will. I am the lead dev, and am in need of people to play characters, and be staff. We're based around respect, friendliness, and community, so if you want a place to join, and are serious about helping a man's dream come true...then come and join us.
Im making a server for people to talk about story driven media, mainly comics/manga, as well as anime and shows and movies. The point of this server is to build a community for raising awareness about people's creations, including my own comic. You can share your art, stories, ideas, work with other writers and artists, and maybe even produce your own comic! Its brand new, so we do not have many members at all, why not be one of the first to be a part of this community?
A community for fans of story-driven video games, i.e. video games in which the narrative is one of the most important aspects of the experience.
Set in Victorian London, this is a roleplay that relies heavily on the relationships between characters, as there is no overarching plot. If you're a fan of Victorian roleplay and character development rich stories, join now and submit your character in the "Characters" channel.
==>Teralysis is an interactive story based on a text adventure, following the style of Andrew Hussie's 'Homestuck'. You can command the story or just chat, make friends, and mess around. <== Two members of a post apocalyptic race compete with the promise of omnipotence on earth in 2820. A simple story of creation vs destruction. I plan on making three parts to the story.
This is a small 18+ Roleplay server that follows a story of the aftermath of demon invading the Earth where you, the survivor has the chance to fight or relax in the safety of the hideout. You can make your own story while also having the chance to try the Dice Game RP should battle and RNG suit your needs besides RP or ERP. This server includes:

🏮 A template for Basic/Advance people to create their OC
🏮 Slow and steady story progression that expand the world around Alteria
🏮 A dice system that can allow their character to take on demons and monitor by a GM.
🏮 A level up system to show who is the strongest among the server
🏮 ERP/RP channel to suit your needs besides battling
🏮 Channel to talk or hang with others to learn about each other
Wolltest du schon immer gegen Monster und andere Kreaturen kämpfen, einen König stürzen und eine spannende Story erleben?
Falls ja bist du bei uns genau richtig, die Story ist in jeder Runde unterschiedlich ebenfalls die Location und Gegner.
Eine Runde ist für eine längere Zeitspanne gedacht und endet je nach euren Entscheidungen. Es gibt sehr viele Enden und Möglichkeiten.
Du hast viele Möglichkeiten ein spannendes Abenteuer zu erleben, du könntest aber auch ein normales Leben als Händler, Schmied oder vieles anderes führen.
Du hast die Wahl :D
Viel Spaß!
Hello! It seems you've stumbled onto this server, since you have let me tell you about this server.

This server is mainly roleplay with a big part that is D&D.

It’s been over 400 years since the great witch curse the people of this world. The curse brought the supernatural to the natural world. Since this happened a school was formed to protect people with powers. That way they can be released into the world knowing how to control their powers.
Hello! I see, that you're reading this! Well, this server isn't a very popular one, but it can be fast-growing one. Here, we write our stories, or just any writing material really. It would be awesome if you could join this server because we're all just bored, but we enjoy meeting new people! And also, we help each other out with our writing. And also, please read this especially, this server is for 13-18 ages only, we are not allowing people 19+. Thank you for this understandment.