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Yo! Welcome to Blossoms! The servers main objective was for me (the creator) to share and discuss my story: Demons in the Blossoms. (We have some side rp, but it’s not the main focus of the server) In the world of Blossoms, many magical creatures exist,, in the modern age. Humanity is sparse in population, instead, the leading populates are fairies! Alongside were-creatures, sprites, mages, and humans.

The server includes:
- Tastumaki bot!
-a friendly community
-healthy discussion areas, we welcome all!
-lots of new and exciting things to explore in the world of Blossoms! Join to find out ;)
Thank you for taking the time to look at Celer Silens Mortalis! CSM is a laid-back, small roleplay group set in the Halo universe. We offer a unique take on the beginning stages of the Human-Covenant War; not with SPARTANs, but UNSC Force Reconnaissance Marines.

If you're interested, don't be afraid to drop by and see what we're all about.
Rabid Writers Community

As the name suggests, this is a community for mad scientists, workers holding strikes against themselves, creators who criticize their work till they've backspaced to infinity and finally, the all in one breed, writers, the ones who stare at a blank screen and call themselves an author.

Rabid Writers invite all those who are struggling to begin or finish their first drafts, with open arms and bloody bared canines.

We offer classrooms for discussions regarding the four basic elements of story writing along with some special help in fields like mythology, language and creative additions.

An array of resources has also been provided for writers who wish to get inspired for short stories and snippets, inclusive of a name engine where writers brainstorm to get the best output.

Another panel for writers is the ADVERTS, which gives them a space for criticism requests and beta reader requests. It also offers freedom for them to get feedback on their working piece.

But all these things don't justify why our community has gotten such a beastly name. You'll be able to know the real truth only when you're ready to go extremely raw, and of course, rabid.
Deep within a plane of existence known as The Endless Valley, there are safeguards that ensure that none outside of this "omniversal" plane of existence enters it. However, there is a crack in these defenses that allow for all sorts of beings to enter it, such as Gundams, Saiyans, Eldritch Horrors, Wizards, Warriors with Steam Punk Weaponry, even Superheroes and Villains alike.

This universe allows for anything to hop into it at complete random, allowing for many adventures and battles to occur here, on Planet Earth and many other dimensions outside of the Mortal Dimension...


Heyo wassup my dude/dudette, welcome to World PvP! Like what the intro hinted at, any OC Archetype can be let into the server, such as Fan OCs or OCs from your own story! Don't mind the genre or setting, we want to see some diversity in our server, and we think you'll add some fresh and brand new ideas to it!

-A Saiyan from DBZ? Bring them on in!

-A Shinigami or Hollow from Bleach? Acceptable!

-A Stand user from Jojo? Well you can bet your butt they can enter!

-What about a Kryptonian from DC? Or a Mutant from Marvel? What about a Haki User from One Piece or a Demigod from Percy Jackson? What about a Gem from Steven Universe? How about a character from my own story? Throw them into the ring! Everybody is acceptable (except for canons)!

Although this is primarily a fighting server (thus why it's called World PvP), there can be stories on the side so you can potentially develop your character!

Here's what we have to offer you:

- Over 50 1v1 rooms with up to 30 different PvP options
- Over 10 worlds to explore with hundreds of story locations
- Our very own (detailed) power system to start off your OCs, building them up as they fight or roleplay here! You start at the bottom and head your way to the top! All of us can even help you out!
- Factions to join when you reach a certain criteria
- LGBT+ acceptance, as well as inclusivity to all types of people from all backgrounds
- An active admin team that will help you out on your journey to greatness
- Incredibly easy and fast partnerships
- Rooms and events to take part in outside of RP, such as showing off your own art or listening to music every now and then
- And most importantly, an evergrowing community that accepts everyone

So what are you waiting for? Hop right in and experience a server that you'll almost never see anywhere else!
Welcome to Orlos, a Vast region that has been discovered less than a few decades ago.

With over 16 Provinces to Explore from the grand city of Craix to the the wild west inspired province of Forra and to the Harsh winter mountains of Lumeia.

Evil has become present in this region too such as Silver Line, a scumy organization that uses the regions resources for their I'll gain, this Caused the destruction of "the rift" allowing a new evil to awaken in Orlos

With a Ever Evolving Story, Orlos is to be shapen by the Rp's and the characters here.
New World (MCRP) is a story-driven Minecraft roleplaying Discord Server! The gimick here is that, instead of roleplaying in an actual Minecraft server, it's all done in Discord. This not only allows for more interesting and complex story mechanics, but also allows for a greater flexibility for our writers. Not only that, but it allows for us to build a community in our non-RP channels and to discuss both real life and Minecraft the game!

Though we currently are small, the Admin Team has big plans for the future of the server and the storyline it follows. If you'd think this sounds interesting, feel free to join and check us out! There's no obligation to stay and, if you feel that the server isn't a fit for you, it is completely understandable!
Hello! This is Hana, Jack Spade, and Panda. We are the admins for a server where we talk about alternate reality games and share links to our videos. We currently have a few active interactive stories as well as a place you can expect to have friendly chats with other people. Feel free to stop by!

PS: If it shows up that someone named Kevin did this we temporarily gave him admin cause he was the only one who knew how to use disboard.
You have (not violated the law, unless you have) STUMBLED ACROSS A NEW ROLEPLAY SERVER!
And what should you do, my fine and fellow friend?
Now, we're not pulling any punches here, no sir! There is going to be no subtlety found in this description! You should absolutely JOIN THIS SERVER!
What can you do here? It's simple! Anything? Well, okay, not anything, you can't blow up the universe, but you can live in it however you like! We have canon characters! And original characters! And alternate characters! All housed together under one roof, undergoing arcs and stories and events and whatever else your little black heart desires! Lex Luthor is president, for crying out loud! The VP is a fish! Mickey Mouse has gone back to his days old old and is a powerful wizard! Factions of every shape and size clash in the depths of space! Great forces of evil threaten the heroes at every twist and turn!

What do YOU want to be?

(We also don't have MEE6. Seriously, why does every server seem to have MEE6? Nothing but a bother if you ask me.)

Please and thank you.
5 mysterious kingdoms hidden deep in a strange land a place filled with magic and machines, each kingdom having their own way of ruling and working with places in each kingdom to discover join one to see where it can take you, it may give you a job, an adventure, maybe it will get you trouble.
Visit other kingdoms to see how different things can be.
Perhaps you can be the cause of a war or the cause of an alliance.
Or maybe become a wandering lone wolf stuck in the depths of the forest hopping place to place.. Running from danger or joining the danger.... Fall in the middle of a war or conflict.
Only joining this magical yet mysterious place will lead to your answer.
The Leaders picked their Crystals.. The Crystals picked the leaders.

Adventure, events, roleplay, chat, and more is waiting for new members in this user friendly server!

With wolves, packs, and a back story of everything, we have set up a mythical roleplay that everyone can join!

There's more to see, so what are you waiting for?
Welcome one and all to the Kingdom of Dawn! You may wonder what fathoms of mystery lay ahead, but fear not! With the power of co-operative story telling we will unravel the tales, swords in hand! Each person plays a part in the Kingdom, you can play as much or as little as you'd like. But those that dedicate time to the Kingdom can earn their title and powers untold.

There is always room for one more tale.....Come and be apart of the one that never ends.
Hello! I made this server with hopes of meeting new people who can RP. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or a veteran, we do Rps ranging from intensive long story driven action to romance and novelty. Our members are friendly and it is a safe place. I aim to build a safe and friendly community for Roleplayers and writers of all ages. Warning! There are some NSFW items but the chats are only accessible if you admit them to be. We do all sorts of Rp! Every type is accepted and surely others will join in! Post ideas in our concepts chat and we will do that rp idea!
Hey Are You Tired Of One-Porpuse Only Discord Servers? Then You Should Join 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵𝔂 ツ!




An Active Owner!


Warriors of the Light is an Warriors Roleplay where your character grows and develops, meeting new characters and friends.

Come start your journey into the light!
Hey there!

We've recently undergone a renovation! No tl;dr. If you're seriously looking for a server to call home, you can spend a minute to read.

We're an 18+, freedom of expression-centric group of writers and feedbackers looking to add a few more like minds to our ranks.

What's that mean? All sorts of people exist. All sorts of people are going to be in our stories. And we're going to run into all sorts of people who believe all sorts of things in our daily lives. So long as we can follow that oldie but goldie 'treat others as we want to be treated' rule, it all works out. And if someone decides to act out, well, we'll deal with that on an individual basis.

None of those things you usually see on writing servers that impede serious writing, be they thought or speech restrictive rules or 40 channels for anime and pokemon. Not that we mind a good anime or don't all have a favorite pokemon, but that's not what we're after.

Just serious writing and discussion, respecting other people because they are people, too, as well as us highly valuing the give and take of the feedback process, believing we learn as much from feedbacking other writer’s work as having our own work critiqued.

What we want from a prospective member:
- A desire to take part in the feedback process. Yes, we're all looking for places to share and improve our own writing, but it's a give/take relationship. If you don't give, you can't expect to take/get. :)
- A moderate understanding of, and ability to apply, storytelling/writing. None of us are perfect, but we require an understanding of the fundamentals to pass our application.
- A desire to write novel tier works. Sorry, we’re not after poetry, prose, or technical papers. The form is too different from novels for us to be of any notable help for you, and likely vice versa.

If all this sounds good to you, swing by and fill out an app! If not, hey, nothing personal to anyone! Best of luck in your writing and more so in life in general!

This is a server for fanfiction writers alike, where we join in one server, and create a better server for all the lonely writers out there.
Creative Core is a community server where people can come together and share their art, talk about their characters, stories... even help develop worlds with one another and even roleplay together in settings members can create for themselves!

CC is always pushing for more for its members. New updates every so often, and new things to do like art and writing prompts!
🧿Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ Eᴜɴᴏɪᴀ Kɪɴɢᴅᴏᴍ🧿
We are a new small community who hope to gather more roleplay-loving members and immerse them in a mystical medieval setting that has a continuous story improvised by the people! What makes us different? heh, nothing much! We are just looking for fun~ So join now to have your own impact on Eunoia’s story!
📜Oʀɪɢɪɴ Sᴛᴏʀʏ📜

Once lived a prosperous kingdom ruled by two passionate lovers. Their land was always peaceful and its people were joyfully living their lives, away from any evil, corruption or dark forces. Everything was in order and no one could've predicted what was to come... During the Year 968, The Skirmish of Amare arrived. A brutal civil war broke loose due to an argument between the Empress and former Emperor for reasons unknown even till now. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives were taken during this lover's quarrel. The kingdom was destroyed and brought to the ground. Burnt bodies, dismembered limbs and blood splatter filled the violent streets. Eunoia was rotting away depressingly... Time dragged on brutally until finally, it reached the 50th year of the battle. When it reached exactly 50 years, time seemed to stop. Soldiers stopped fighting, civilians stopped crying, animals stopped moving, the wind stopped blowing... Silence... Complete deafening silence across the kingdom... The Empress stood victorious with her former husband's head in hand. She did not smile. Neither did the people. There were no cheers, there were no celebrations, there was no relief. They simply continued tediously living their lives. It is now the Year 1023. The kingdom has reached 5 years in reconstructing itself but now, who knows what troubles await..?
Ash and Dawn: New Era is a re-work of our previous Server Foxhound Academy.

In Ash and Dawn you can create your own original character and join one of several faction or build up your own. You can also (if the spots are open) apply your bio as a King/Queen and rule over one of the 6 Kingdoms. Or maybe you start to dominate the industry with your products? Maybe you will become a famous hero or a feared villain? The path is laid to you by destiny.

We feature:

- A Unique Story Line
- Several Factions you can join and the opportunity to build your own.
- Several Staff Sections keeping the server in check and making sure the RP goes balanced and fair.
- A merit progression system for your character to develop and improve.
- Lots and lots of content and new systems and mechanics developed constantly.
- We are also very willing to recruit staff members, giving everyone the opportunity to show their skills and working in one of our 4 staff sections.

Sounds good? Join up and take a look for yourself!
It all starts off on Galatron 5 where there are people called Builders who create watches with mystical elemental powers but when people across the universe heard of them they wanted them for there own so the Builders sent them to earth thinking they would be safe till some person on earth found one putting off a power signal that attracted everyone in the universe so now bounty hunters are sending monsters onto earth to search for them and you are those people get to watch creating people!!
__***Welcome to Ahmena!***__
Hello and welcome to Ahmena! This is a fantasy roleplay server, but that's not all we have. If you're not into roleplaying, we have a chatroom and other chats that you can have fun with the others. We are always open to suggestions and anything you may think to help the server. Come join us in this fantastical world of Ahmena!

500 years ago, that's when it all started. A corruption of the land forced the people of Bertallan to flee. Some traveled to Ahmena and the islands near it. These people went on to form Ollora and Lavoria. The tales of the corruption were eventually lost as the generations went by, now only a few children tales exist, scraps of the truth.
A few decades ago, there's seemed to be unrest in Ahmena. Soon after seers warned of bad things to come, the two elf kingdoms, Darsan and Elra, fell to now unknown means. As the years went by, increasingly strange things seem to happen in Ahmena, mostly in the Kingdoms of Morvian and Ayesal.
This brings us to current times, Ollora is peaceful, hardly aware of the darkness that seems to be creeping in. Lavoria only knows that the fish catches are slowly getting smaller. The villages of Ayesal have seen those that go into the swamp and never return, those that do speak of a glowing portal that they dared not go near, but they cannot find a way back to it. Morvian has lost many that followed the Ethereal River too far and never returned.
Now it's time for you to write your story, leave your mark on this world, but be wary, for who knows what the cause of this mystery is.
__***What We Offer:***__
• Fleshed out roleplay plot
• Anyone welcome
• Fun bots to play with
• Open to suggestions and additions
• Plenty of chats to share with others
Hosted by: @NightShade#8715
***Come Join Us And Be Apart Of The Story!***
╔═════ ∘◦ ⛧ミ ◦∘ ══════╗
a brand new fantasy rp
╚═════ ∘◦ ミ⛧ ◦∘ ═════╝

Set in an alternate modern day, where the Earth was 'cleansed' of magic over a hundred years ago. Yet little do the humans know, magic still thrives behind the scenes, and soon, the madness will begin.

Choose between one of three allegiances:
Smiths Creek (a small town with a deep mistrust of anything magic)
The Family (a mysterious magical city whose citizens cannot leave)
or The Luminary (a group of unruly, self-governed magical teens)
The roleplay community is a general roleplaying server. We won't do anything without voting for it first and tend to do what the community wants, we have fun things like event RPs and sometimes even competitions. We are a pretty chill and nice community and we joke a lot. Feedback is also welcomed and even encouraged for the server! If you have a suggestion for the server feel free to speak up.
Once upon a time there there stood a city of people with magical powers, this city was named The City of Distoria. Everyone who resides in this city were brought to the modern world of Earth by a spell gone wrong casted by Regina Red. Since arriving here, she and Malice have founded and run the City of Distoria together as the city’s majors and bank owners. The city where all wishes and myths come true, the question is....who are you?.....And what is you life here?.......Is it calm and boring or filled with excitement? Who knows, lets join the others in a land of wonders and discover the mysteries of the citizens who live there.