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Nearly Ten years ago in 2045, Earth underwent a major geological transformation, dubbed “The Breaking” by many. Millions of lives were lost as the Earth morphed into something its inhabitants would not be able to recognize at all, all the landmasses that were once scattered throughout Earth now found itself back at square one - a supercontinent its inhabitants called “Eden”. Despite these groundbreaking events, life carried on in this strange yet familiar world. The survivors of this grand tragedy formed groups based on location, tribe like organizations which were scattered throughout Eden, each one uniquely adapted to its own geolocation. These pockets of humans were able to have access to a now ubiquitous supply of one of seven rare earth metals which were pushed to the surface by the Breaking. All the groups found themselves retaining and even advancing past Earth technologies. Sadly, what one tribe lacked in necessary goods, one had in excess. So many of these tribes found themselves in constant conflict with one another….. but war was not the only thing this dangerous new world had to offer. Those who were left found themselves sharing their new homes with another species, the Metallum, with many different nicknames like Allum, Bakal, etc. each one different from organization to organization. One thing was clear, these beasts were monsters, taking the form of past animals and even humans. They are impervious to most kinetic weapons that humanity has to offer. In 2050, many of the tribes were annihilated by the Metallum and humanity seemed like it was about to face its final moments. In the desperation rose an Emperor, a man who united the five major tribes who created the walled city of Bastion.
This great city became a meeting point for all the tribes - a melting pot of culture and prosperity. The seven tribes find a way to fend off the monsters and eventually agree to an unstable peace treaty with chaotic skirmishes on each other’s borders. Right now, in 2055, the great city of Bastion faces collapse due to outside forces of unknown origin and the degrading walls now beginning to collapse against the beings that lurk at night. Who’s story will you tell in this great unknown?
Reparations takes place in 1994, post worldwide disaster and interplanetary war. The world is finally rebuilding. You live in Stockholm, Sweden or, possibly, in a rural town not so far from it. The UN has just started its mission in Scandinavia, so the boots on the ground are few. Food and clean water is scarce. Scavengers roam abandoned towns. Martian refugees are coming in huge waves. There's a lot to clean up. All of that with rumors of a war heating back up, life could be about to get a whole helluva lot harder.
Hello to everyone who takes a look at the description for this Server! We are a roleplaying server that is sort of based off of Slice of Life and Action. We also have quests where the roleplayers are able to go on an adventure hosted by one of the admins. Not only that, we have a semi-active chat and kind moderators and admins. Come and join this beautiful community! A HUGE note, we are not an ERP based server but a Quest and normal role play based server!
30 years ago, the Sun was expanding so much, it was practically waiting to explode. And one day, it sent out all that energy it was storing, in one fateful blast. A large solar flare was sent flying towards Earth, breaking down a majority of the Ozone layer and killing a large sum of the population. The atmosphere had been warped in such a way that disaster immediately struck, and cities were destroyed. Humanity was ending. However, the rise of new humans occurred. Humans who could withstand this solar radiation. Their very makeup was shifted due to it, and it resulted in a completely new genetic trait: Sols. Abilities utilizing the solar radiation, each human with a different type. Now, society has rebuilt itself, thanks to the famous organization known as Ortus, and has adapted to these Sols.

--Create your own characters!

--Custom power system!

--Original storyline!
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Downfall is a Clone Wars server that has two main choices with how you want to roleplay.

Firstly, there is the story-mode which follows the 332nd Siege Corps and their adventures, ranging across the galaxy. This starts at 22bby and finishes after Order 66.

Then there is the free RP section. In which you are free to do what you want, within reason of course.


You live in a world where everything in only in black and white. Literally. In this world, you see in black and white.

But once you touch your soulmate, slowly or quickly, you see in color.

Also, totally conveniently, you're also in a huge high school. With lots of people. With different interests. And lots of people. You get what I'm pointing at? Whether you believe that colors truly do exist or not, you're bound to find out somehow. And that somehow is here.

Pretty simple huh?

Well not exactly. One person can have one or more soulmates, and people sometimes have to choose between soulmates.

So, are you prepared for the drama?


Welcome to colours, a soulmate rp full of love, drama and excitement! We're a very small server, for now, however, we're hoping to expand! So what are you waiting for, come join us!
Welcome to the sleepy town known for its infamous group of witch hunters. In this world magic and magic users (otherwise known of witches and wizards) is something that's very real, but outlawed and seen as evil and dangerous. Anyone caught using such powers or skills is deemed a witch/ Wizard and sentenced to death.
Xesian: A World Divided

In the beginning, there was a ball composed of the four basic elements; fire, water, earth, and wind. The massive multi-elemental orb was floating through the vast Void of darkness, never ceasing to move. Then, there came a council comprised of multiple Deities, all of which governed a certain aspect or aspects of life. This council had discovered this orb not too long ago, and it intrigued them. They discussed how fascinating this natural phenomenon was to them, and decided that it would be useful. The council had differing opinions on what to do with the anomaly, that was, until the chief Deity decided what would be done with it.
What had been decided for it on a majority vote was that this strangely intriguing phenomenon would not be harvested nor destroyed, but rather they would create life on this newfound planet after their own image. Therefore, the anomaly was gifted the name Xesian, a place for their creation to reside. However, with the decision, although the majority of the Deities agreed, there were some that disagreed. With that, rivalries were born and thus forth caused the council to be fractured, Deity turning on Deity. A civil war was born, splitting the council apart and giving birth to an eternal fight; Good versus Evil, Life versus Death, and most importantly, Creation versus Destruction.
With this, the creation was given both blessings and curses, such as the blessing of life which, in turn, gifts them with the curse of death. Another powerful example would be the everlasting battle between good versus evil which gifts the creation with free will which is both a blessing and a curse. After having done all of this, their creation being involved with their affairs indirectly, the Deities decided that it would be time to gift them with names. There were multiple races that the Deities had created, being plentiful in diversity and . Through the creation of life, numerous other aspects were born, as well as concepts!
In a world where humans aren't the only intelligent species, where a great war divided everyone, where we need a savior to help
- Hey Random People Of Disboard, a New Roleplaying Server has Appeared! This server was made to embrace the art of Roleplaying, and test its limits in storytelling. Regardless of the details, this is a place to have fun.

Welcome To The Oblivion.

A lonely island on a lonely planet in a lonely dimension. It doesn't matter the time period, timeline, universe, kids and adults alike keep ending up here without explanation. Usually its along the lines of "I woke up here please help me!". Before you go screaming know that we have been dealing with this issue for about 2000 years, we know how to handle kids lost from their home dimension... Ship them to the Academy and train them of course!

This year however is special, an event named "The Game" has once again begun, and victory yields a prize named the Ceil Relic. Only few have ever laid hands on this powerful item, and the mystery behind it grows. Perhaps with luck, or wit, you and your friends may win The Game and obtain this mystical artifact.

Tensions are however rising, and a new reign for the future of the Oblivion lurks in the shadows. Lies will always break open, childhood games must end, the age of anarchy is nearing. Enjoy the safety while it lasts...
A Roleplay Server for all your roleplay needs. One line RPs or detailed multi posts, whatever you want.
We do mix DnDs from different themes
This server makes you play a simple version of DnD and not the real one (it's optional if you become a dungeon master if you like making the real one)
Right now we are building our community so please come join us on our quest to make a awesome DnD server!
We swear alot and there's a NSFW channel so if you don't like that then idk what to tell you lol.
roleplay server where there's a secret cult in the woods and crazy teenagers.

Story description-
Walking through the woods, you'd never know how many people would one day call this home, and how many people's lives would be entangled with the strawberries along the mountains.
Though maybe it was more obvious after we ran away.

I didn't think of it, I think, I just set the idea aflame in my brother's head; I can only hope he didn't mean for it to end the way it did.
This server takes place nearly parallel to the events in AMC’s The Walking Dead. New Haven is an underground sanctuary constructed out of a subway network. They are led by the Council, a ragtag group of survivors who brought a dream to life. While their idea seems sound and secure, there are still plenty of dangers that surround them. From the “Zeds”, as some called them, to those within their own walls. Power division within their basic government is unsteady, as now that there are other lives involved, some cannot come to consensus on how to handle their community.
The Walking Dead: New Haven is a free-form, literate roleplay server. Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay!
SoulStruck: A land where Love is the most powerful source of magic

Long ago back before your ancestors ancestors even spoke of love a strange flower, half black and half blue, bloomed ontop of a very tall mountain. This moutain was covered in snow but the flower that bloomed seemed immune. AS Years went by the flower stayed in perfect condition never showing even the hint of decay.

One day a prince with an army decided to concer this mountain. Apon arriving at the top the prince stumbled on the flower he was in awe and ordered his soldiers to deearth it and plant it in his garden so he could look at it everyday. As the guards de-earthed the flower its petals started to sink and turn brown. The Prince quickly told the men to plant it back and the flower grew to be beutiful once more. The Prince despriatly wanted this flower and called apon a witch to transport it down. The witch was shocked when she looked at the flower, she had never seen such a plant. She told the prince that with the plants powerful magic there was only one way to move it to his garden. She would have to link its life to his. He agreed. As the witch cast the spell the mark was imprinted on his sholder it showed a sun and a moon simular to the flower. The witch named this the mark of Soulstruck.
As the prince grew he met a woman and he fell in love. They raised a child together who bore the same mark as his father. When his son was 15 the Prince fell into an illness. The prince beleiving that the flower was the reason he fell in love asked the witch for one more favour, to cast a simular spell on the rest of the villagers and their family line. When casting this spell the villegers all had a mark on their body somewhere that simulated something to lead them to their soulmate.

As generations past a witch in attempt to steal the magic caused a counter defence which gave all that had soulStruck marks a power and also a power multipler if they met their counterpart, fell in love and stayed loyal to eachother.

Now in the Soulstruck realm two kingdoms one like the other battle eachother in spite and feud. A prince and princess lay on oppisite ends of the kingdoms completly and utterly in love. With the two being desendants of the orignal family and some of the few who have met their soulmate and fallen for eachother they remain one of the most powerful forces in the Starstruck realm. They are also forced to stay apart but with rules there are always loopholes...
A nice place where you can share your writing with others, or just read some cool fiction. All abilities welcome, just a fun place to write and learn.
I_Am_Alex shares you his personal story! join today...
A new take on the My Hero Acadamia story line. In Bokuno Hero Acadamia: Europe it takes place in the same universe with the same rules, however in Europe where there are three hero schools you can choose to go to. Or will you ignore becoming a hero all together and become a villain? The choice is yours in this roleplay server!
This is a server started by a guy named Rann, the mansion known as Autumn Grove Residence lays along in Japan, in the outskirts of Tokyo, characters from varied universes (OC or Existing Characters from any sort of media), seem to have lead them to this massive home, romance, friendships, heartbreaks can ensue, anyone can join, whether one thirsts to enjoy a lewd RP, or perhaps a story that contains a plot, either way, we are open to anybody! And yes, we do accept people who doesn't want to RP, but wants to hang around in OOC!
Do you enjoy telling stories and tales of adventure? Well, we got the server for you. Join if you'd like to get your content of art and stories out there, or just stay for the Vapor into the Galaxy series. We are really small right now, which gives you a chance for recognition!
☆☆ Welcome Everyone ☆☆

We're a small yet loving community that welcomes anyone new, we have a dnd style like character sheet along with combat and skills. With friendly staff and amazing members in the server, I'm sure you'll have a great time!

Our server consists of:
 💎 A growing community of 150+ members! open_hands 
nerd nerd . We treat our members with the respect and treat them like a royal blood family. relieved

 💎 We respect and protect our partnered servers as well! shield crossed_swords 

 💎 sparkle Ideal server for Roleplayers! 100 yum 

💎 None Hateful/Toxic Server. & Entertaining Category for those who love havin' fun 24/7 heart smile sparkles.

 💎 A nice place to hang out and role play with all the member's and make a new friend. rose

💎 A pretty hecking chill staff team, if I do say so myself rose

💎 Ability to catch Pokémon with Pokécord.rose

💎 Active roleplay along with our own character sheet, and pick or coustem make your own clan.

 💎 Custom lore, player made quests and jobs, along with people making their own mine plots!

  💎 Events, Currency, Clans, Assignable Roles and Meet new people! Make new friends and reunite with good 'ol friends! hugging hearts wave fire 

  💎 And there is much more! So, what are you waiting for? Come join us and become a part of the Family!

💎 Please don't forget to read the group rules inside this server, and don't invite raid into this server or you will be permently ban off this server

☆ One Piece
☆ Royal Blood Kiñgdom
Are you a Roleplayer? Do you like the TMNT Comic book series and/or Show? Then this server is just for you! The TMNT RP follows by stories and fun RP battles with The Purple Dragons, The Foot Clan, and the Kraang! We're also a great community welcoming any new members with kindness and care! You could also make OC's such as Mutants, Purple Dragons, AND even the Foot Clan! We have friendly staff and a great Owner, no NSFW content, and also FREE PARTNERSHIP! We also have Free Donuts and Cookies.
Hello, and welcome to Storytelling!

Here you can insert stories that you wish to share, but they can't be too long!

You could also just listen to others stories.

We have a few types of genres you'd probably like: Creepypastas/Scary,
Online, Real Life, Made Up, and a few more.

This server is also family friendly, so no bad things!

We would like suggestions as well to improve our experience for the server!

Thank you for taking your time in checking this server, and I hope you enjoy!
A fun community for artists of any type. Whether you draw, make music, poetry, stories, code, program, manga, anime, models, videos, movies, hell maybe your a porn star, i dunno!

whatever it is that you make, this community is here to help you share or see other art.

Community-wide projects may happen with collaboration from multiple of these groups, to form a tighter bond with other parts of our community.

Server creation officially starts whichever comes first,
15 total members
5 different types of creators
3 people each from 2 types of creators