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(This server is new! Support it by joining and telling your friends about it!)
Hello and welcome to Big Friendly Gobblers!

This server is made to supply you with all your Vore needs! Be it that you're looking for a nice, comfortable pred to rest with, in or against, or if you're looking for a tasty morsel of any size! Humans are not allowed in, we don't need any of these hairy smoothskins!

Once you join, please make sure to read the rules, since you will need to follow them if you want to keep your place here! Afterwards, contact the owner to get verified!
This is a rp server all based around school, more of the setting anyway, this server’s school RP is gonna be loose and less realistic so it’s more fun and less stressful.

Erp and nsfw content is allowed but it’s not the main focus.

The main focus is having fun, telling some stories in a school setting and meeting new people along the way.

We have many open channels for you to RP in and the flexibility for whatever you wish as long as it follows the rules.

I really do hope to see **YOU** there.
Have a good day
New Era: Fallout is a new server in the New Era RP community. It is where you RP as a custom nation after Nuclear Fallout. It is kind of like strategy games or maybe even a little inspiration from "Old World Blues" mod for Hearts of Iron IV.
Twenty-five years prior to the outbreak, a scientific group made unauthorized tests on volunteers for their project. Their objective was to find a way to make civilization live forever. Their plans went horribly wrong when the test subjects began getting sick and acting wildly, the scientist unable to figure out the problem or a cure. Wishing for the whole shenanigan to be forgotten and no longer their problem, they stored the infected individuals in an underground confinement. Over time they did in fact forget it every happened. Little did they know they'd caused the end of the world. In that time span, the infected worsened and formed as one hideous beast, having so much brute stregth it was able to break free of it's prison. It tore through the streets, taking many lives and spreading the infamous disease.

The apocalypse has been in place for another eleven years, and the year is now 2023. Survivors are doing the best they can to survive, groups forming across the globe. One of the most known groups have been forming and developing over the years. They call themselves The Eternal Order. Who will fall to the infection, and who will live to see another day? Only time may tell.

This is a brand new server that has just recently been completed and ready for invitations! As the name suggests it is a survival based roleplay during a worldwide apocalypse. It is whatever you make it, wether you decide to have rouge characters or ones a part of The Eternal Order. Literacy can vary but we suggest that you are literate for the most part, but not too much that others may have to look up every word of your responses.

To establish the times you receive and give responses, it would be preferred if you let the other person you’re role playing with that you will be unavailable. Real life comes first of course, so no worries if you become busy. If you decide to stay is completely up to you, but we hope that you like the server and give it a try!
Ever wanted to be part of a killing game? Well here's your chance! There will be plenty of chances to make friends in this roleplay server!
Accueillez un RP fantasy textuel !

Seriez-vous capable de traverser le froid des pics enneigés au risque de croiser des trolls ; ou de devenir le nouveau conquérant de Teganswall ? Oseriez-vous aller dans les plaines draconiques pour trouver des trésors tout en sachant que des drakes vous y attendent ? Arriveriez-vous à survivre sur les terres sauvages de l'île de Zhoria ou d'affronter le dragon de la cité oubliée tout en passant dans le village maudit d'Oblivis-Maledicte ? Allez-vous réussir à vous rebeller envers la monarchie de Pelleas ou apporteriez-vous de nouvelles connaissances à Rimordav ? Mais surtout... Terrasseriez-vous Kendall, le sorcier ténébreux ?

Ici, vous découvrirez une communauté qui saura vous intégrer, que vous commenciez au point de départ ou que vous arrivez en cours de route, personne ne sera délaissé. Les histoires seront actualisées au fur et à mesure. Tout le monde aura un rôle important dans cette histoire. Fondateurs comme admins, nous vous promettons de garder le serveur vivant ; le système des events par régions ou events globaux permettra que tout le monde puisse avoir quelque chose à faire ! Et surtout, ce sera dans la joie et la bonne humeur !
Join my in the imagination of playng in the world of warcraft and

-get you imagination to do something
Just have fun guys.
A new Marvel RP server set in 2040 a time where the Avengers, X-men and Fantastic Four are all gone, and the Kree, Skrull and Latverian Empire rule parts of the globe,needs members
Hello and welcome! This is a friendly little server that is welcoming to new people. We are looking for a few new members to spice things up. We have a mix of heavily story driven RPs and less plot heavy, just-for-fun rps. Come and join, we are lax and want to have fun.

We are looking for new members to help tell stories or just to hang out!
Welcome to Hazbin Hotel RP
This is a newer server involving the fandoms of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss , so if you’re in one of their fans then come on here to the server! We accept both fandoms here!

This server includes:

- Both Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss fandoms and more!

-Active and fun bots!

- Growing RP channels!

- Staff willing to assist.

- Roleplay AND Exotic Roleplay

- Members willing to friend you!

- Looking for people to join!

We hope to see you here and have fun in Hell!

New Autumn event!

Uh, hello? Hello, hello? Uh, hello and welcome to your new summer job at the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Uh, I'm here to talk you through some of the things you can expect to see during your first week here and to help you get started down this new and exciting career path.

So, first things first. You can Have your own (human or animatronic) oc! This server is not about the lore, its just about fun! you can ship other's (as long its fine with the person you ship) second, a great community and many channels!

Make sure you read the rules and claim a role once you join! And have a great time at the new and improved Freddy Fazbears pizza!

• LGTBQ+ community!
• Amazing place to make friends
• Great roleplay channels
• Fun bots!
• We accept partnerships!

(Any NSFW content spoken/posted in this server will get you banned)
in a world where hero's Zombies and quirks and DIP SHIT's Collide we present to you MY HERO APOCALYPSE where Dumbass People decided to Grab dead people and Stuff Quirks into them until they became rouge and are now invading all of Japan and now most hero's have been turned into Zombies and now Us THe student's/Oc have to help find a cure and help everyone or just loot and riot like 90 percent of all movies
Horizon 7 is a text-based RP that takes place in an alternate version of the Milkyway Galaxy that was created by the last surviving and now a dormant god. In this galaxy, magic exists and has furthered the advancement of human and demi-human society, that was until the great machine wars...

Join us as we embark further into the universe, either under the banner of the Federation, the Horizon or nobody but yourself. There is always a new adventure, a thing to discover and a new threat to defeat within and outside the Milkyway..

We have:

-Public events and server activities!

- A nice story-based RP

-Literate? Semi-literate? With dice? our RP is highly flexible to your style!

-We have event based stories! You can even suggest your own!

- An ever-evolving world fueled by more than 20 pages of lore!

- Plenty of races to choose from! You can even make your own!

- Use magical abilities and classes!

- A kind, little but growing user base!!

See you there, adventurer!
Hogwarts at the turn of the 20th century is an exciting, yet daunting place to be. New ideas and advancements are being introduced, and the buzz of the last century’s success has still not worn off. House tensions are as high as ever, however. And the new headmistress doesn’t quite seem...right.

Dark happenings are hidden here at Hogwarts. It is up to you to decide which side to take. Will you fight against the evil workings coming from within, or will you use your powers in a more nefarious way?

|• What we offer •|

✨50+ roleplay rooms

🌙Dedicated staff

✨Custom emojis

🌙House cup system

✨Varying writing styles - No need to feel pressured to type paragraphs or one liners!

🌙Detailed information and lore
Ey! Yeah you, get over here! The names Ashley Shultz, part of the Shultz family. The year is 1940 and mafia groups are springing up everywhere. Most of the groups stay quite so they can hide from the police, don’t want to get caught do ya? That’s what I though. So just be careful who you talk to and make friends with. The cops are pretty clever, they sometimes pretend to be one of us, not fun. If you want you can join the Shultz family, or you can make your own but good luck. We are probably the best family there is, not to brag. Well, good luck and have fun.**

What we offer:
-Room to grow
-Active community
-Admin spots to fill
-Lots of roleplay!
💥 Chill serveur !
💥 Serveur roleplay sur n'importe quel thème !
💥 Remplis d'adorable personnes actives 🧸

[ꔊꔊꔊ Pour lire plus ꔊꔊꔊ]
YoungBlood est un serveur de rp tout à fait libre ! Si vous cherchez un serveur rp active et remplis de gens incroyablement gentil, rejoignez le 😌 Vous y trouverez des autos-rôles, un salon pour partager votre art, mais aussi des salons vocaux pour écouter de la musique ou parler avec nos membres 😏

Rejoignez et vous aurez un cookie 😏🍪
Hello and welcome to Filthy Pokemon Den, a server dedicated to the very niche fetish of Pokemon scat RP. It is a safe place where you can discuss your fantasies with like minded people and look for RP's involving Pokemon and scat. We're looking to build a friendly and active community and welcome you to be a part of it.
Welcome to MHA: Original Character Story, where we take place in a story that will be for original characters, to have stories that will be accessible for them and to be able to change the world in their own ways. It will involve Original Characters, and make sure that people will be able to roleplay in the MHA Universe to the fullest. If you think about joining, we also have:
-Active Staff team
-Numerous Roleplaying Channels, with the ability to request more
-Reaction Roles
-Easy to follow Template
-Easy to follow rules
And more
We hope that you enjoy your time here, being able to roleplay in a wonderful universe. We hope to see you there-Staff team of MHA:OC Story.
‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ‿︵‿︵
𝓣𝓪𝓵𝓮𝓼 𝓞𝓯 𝓛𝓮𝓰𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓼
‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ‿︵‿︵

Welcome to Tales Of Legends, Or as the locals call it here. Ellisium, This is one of the many steps to becoming a successful role player in Tales Of Legends. Demons, Angels, Knights, Mages or Orcs, No matter what you choose you will have to fight through snowstorms, large race wars, or even fight dangerous beasts. Explore one of the many capital cities, maybe buy some new gear, stop by a diner, or meet some new friends! No matter what you choose, You won't be disappointed!

This server offers:
✦ A friendly and active community!
✦ Experienced role players, varying from beginner, to veteran.
✦ A dedicated moderation team.
✦ Exiting new events and updates.
✦ Exploration of new places.

...we have all of the above, but not limited to those!
[Invite Link:]
Demon slayer RP: The Apocalypse.

25 years before Yorichii, the demons are the dominant race forcing many humans into hiding. Until the slayers came and withered the demons down, until the Demons developed demon arts. Yet the Slayers adapted, creating breathing styles that would go extinct in later years. Will you join the fight?

That was a quick run down on this Roleplay server's lore.
What we offer:
Fun and nice staff (we're still looking for more!)
Many places to explore and Roleplay at.
and lots of fun?
So if you like Demon slayer and roleplay, then this is the place for you.
(this server is a still a work in progress, join now to get the First arrivals role!)
We are a very friendly server that will welcome you with open arms.
If you like meeting with new people and having fun,then this server is for you. Friendly,Furry, Yiff, RP, Games and lot of other stuff ^.^
Calyptic RP et un RP futuriste en dev

Nous recrutons des personnes qui savent...
scripts, build et faire des animations de personnages sur Roblox studio
Utiliser Blender pour faire des objets et voitures détaillées
Des secrétaires, dev le discord, fond les fiche de recrutement ect ect...

This world has always seemed so boring there was nothing to do and nothing to explore this world had nothing left to offer. So two people a man and women decided to search out and find a new home. And a new home they did find. For this world was unlike any other. The world was filled with mythical creatures and fantasy creatures that have only been seen in legends. Having found this wonderful place they have opened to those who have the courage and belief that they can live with such wonders...


What we offer!:
༄Chat rooms to make friends
~Fun and helpful bots
~Nsfw chats for Hentai or nudes
~Wholesome and sfw chats for you less horny people out there that just wants to chat!
~Self roles and color roles<3
~ Rp and erp channels

THIS IS A NEW SERVER. PLEASE JOIN AND HELP US GROW. we're also looking for staff!

-Sky ❤