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Gran Hyrulia Historia is a 18+ Legend of Zelda Roleplay Server.

Set ten years after Hyrule Warriors, time itself has weakened and broken due to the war across the ages pulling in heroes and villains from different eras and timelines and even entire regions themselves throwing Hyrule into administrative chaos while Ganondorf breaks his seal in what seems like record time. In these times of chaos, Hyrule needs Heroes more than ever, while Villains see a kingdom ripe for the taking.

Original Characters and AU variations of canon characters are allowed.
"There is a city hiding within the city - a secret well kept by peeling facades and derelict streets, soulless industrial districts and abandoned houses. Normal society turns away from these sights. They go about their day oblivious to what rests right beside their middle-class supermarkets and highstreet boutiques. Protected by glamours that achieve the un-glamorous, magic is flowing in the veins of London. Ink-skinned Goblins, shifters and sorcerers, vampires and fae all mingle where humanity cannot detect them. They lead their own lives in that darkness, some right under the noses of their human neighbors, only truly themselves when they enter the hidden city."

Active Urban Fantasy Roleplaying Group (As of March 2020). We are a small but engaged group looking for more members that like to focus on storytelling and writing. The tone of this RP is dark and serious with fun and warm moments thrown inbetween. There may be mature themes of violence or sexuality (No NSFW).
Drop in to check out the lore. Right now we are focused on keeping things simple and engaging so each new character is meaningfully involved and the story is easy to jump into without too much reading and effort.

Choria is a small village outside of the kingdom of Vasileio in a medieval era. Due to threat of revolution the kingdom has become politically unstable and the towns and villages under their protection have been left to fend for themselves. Because of this many of the towns have become lawless lands and are full of bandits and other dangerous threats. Choria is one such village. It is a village of civil unrest hidden away within a valley of erotic fantasies and adventure. The order is loosely held together by the nobles of the valley however even they have become rather lawless. Slaves, servants, commoners, and nobles alike find adventure and pleasure in Choria however recently the village has become more unstable as a group of bandits has made its home nearby and occasionally raids the village kidnapping people as they see fit for whatever they see fit. It has nobles and commoners both on edge. Some have come to this village seeking adventure, some romance, some simply seek to unwind, while others seek more carnal passions and desires. The choice is entirely up to you.

Here you will have the option to:
Partake in a variety of both sfw and nsfw roleplay activities
Choose a social standing for your character from th following list:
and Commoner
Meet friendly people and chat without worry of innocent ears
Contribute to the growth of the server by offering suggestions or shaping lore
Lots of custom emotes
A chance to influence future emotes by posting the file for it in suggestions
and potentially more to come
⊰ **C O S M I C S E R I E S** ⊱

Welcome to our Central Server! Come join a community mixed with artists, socialites, roleplayers and writers! Share your artwork with the server or show off your amazingly written lore! You can *sell your commissions* or simply stay to hang around and chat!

Do you roleplay? Well, there’s a server for everyone!
Some of our genres include:

✧ Fantasy
✧ Crime
✧ Horror
✧ Mystery
✧ Adventure
✧ Action
*and much more!*

SO COME JOIN US! All of our servers offer:

✦ Variety of staff positions!
✦ A diverse range of roleplay genres!
✦ Friendly, active community members!
✦ Semi-Literate roleplay servers!
✦ Request a roleplay genre of your own!
✦ A category for artists and writers!
Welcome to SaT Hetalia! Here we do Rp, and have fun with it! We would love to have a new person join! We are mainly focused on hetalia, so no other rp channels. We will allow 1ps, 2ps, and Nyos!
Welcome to Avalon, a land of 5 kingdoms filled with mysteries. This takes place after a 5 year war 20 years in the past. A war with twists and turns, ending in peace between the kingdoms and factions........ well.....for most of the kingdoms it became peaceful.

The kingdoms/factions are as followed:

Altea: A kingdom in the northeast, hidden from the outside world with the use of magic to keep out of the 5 year war 20 years ago. Who eventually intervened with their champion to reveal and help fight a bigger threat to the world.

Abilivia: A kingdom ravaged and destroyed by the 5 year war 20 years ago. It has now become a lawless land after the royal family was overthrown and the castle was destroyed. It is now filled with mercenaries, outlaws, and criminals. Crime rules this land now.

Eden: A heavenly kingdom. Beyond the norm of the mortal land where the other kingdoms are. The land is filled with angels and other beings alike. A kingdom that hasn’t fallen, even with the 5 year war 20 years ago. They are close allies with the kingdom of Altea after their champion informed them of the oncoming threat to the whole world. But this peaceful land is at war with Hell alone, again....there seems to never be an end in sight with their conflicts, peace almost seems impossible for the two.

Hell: Yes I said it. The under worldly kingdom. Beyond the norm of the mortal land lies the kingdom of Hell, where demons, creatures, and monsters roam. It’s not too bad of a place, it is mostly peaceful with the other lands after the 5 year war 20 years ago. But through the peace, conflict arose between Eden and Hell, they both seem to never find eternal peace.

Orcratia (the Phantoms): A fallen kingdom. This kingdom that stayed out of the war, but was ultimately brought into a battle into it in order to end it and it was destroyed. It is now occupied by a group of people called the Phantoms. They now aren’t seen as a kingdom anymore, but as a faction. They work like a wolf pack and are like family to each other. It consists of of bounty hunters who work for the highest bidder, following the rules of their founder. They lack numbers compared to other kingdoms, but they are a skilled faction of people that can contend with the likes of the other kingdoms. Only the rulers of the other kingdoms know about their origins.

This is a fantasy RP where you can side with one of the 5 factions of this land. All kinds of different races are in this land and are considered equal, especially after the war. We openly welcome new RPers so they can learn the ropes. All that is asked is that you follow the rules for RP and the server alike. You may even spectate if you aren’t sure about the RP.

We offer:
Friendly and encouraging staff!
Many different channels for you to RP in and even more to come!
Many different classes for your character to be!!!
Unique Weapons you can create!!!
Chances to become an important character with bonuses!!
Cool weapons you can earn!!
And more to come!!!
We do offer some NSFW channels and an ERP area for those of the age of age 18 and above. And we do ask for patience and time as the server grows and the lore develops. All we need is you and creativity! So come on and join us on this adventure! I’ll also be looking for staff eventually as the server grows, so stay peeled for that.
At the beginning of it, there was a flash of light, then nothing at all.



And then suddenly, there was something.

In the sleepy ghost town of Westerlight, in which nothing seems to happen, a sudden new population of twenty-four joins the sluggish ecosystem. Whispering melodies that seem to stem from nowhere worship those who might have been here previous to you, filling the air with a haunting feel. However, there is no proof those before had ever existed in the first place. Passive scents that fill the air expel aromas of peace, shedding pleasant smells from the thick forest surrounding the town, almost reminding you of home. But you have no home outside of Westerlight, at least not anymore. It suffocates you with its noxious and cozy atmosphere, clutching your chest and begging you to stay.

In the sleepy ghost town of Westerlight, with its mysterious and hypnotizing tranquility, something finally happens to disturb the residents’ drowsy lives.


Danganronpa: Paint the Town Pink! is a mutual killing game set in 1984 between twenty-four residents of the abandoned town Westerlight. You wake up to the humming white noise that rocks you back to sleep in a world where things seem to glitch out and disappear before your very eyes. The peace is lingering, but will it stay forever?

For years the Sunwalkers and Starclan stayed dorment, for the Silver Pools laid still. Until one day the Silver Pools were disturbed once again, by clanless cat's running free, creating a place where it was every cat for themselves, a time when chaos ruled. Blood stained the once pure lands.

Not many looked to their sky for guidance where unbeknownst to them, Deities watched over the newborns warily. Although there were some who did look to the sky, they were the ones blessed with the sight of the silver flecks that streaked over their heads.

"Go forth and complete the tasks that you have been given, you will come back when your prophecy is ready to be spoken" The five followers left the cave going to fulfill their task to enlighten the other's who still roam barbarically. The Sunwalkers and the Starclan departed making their way back to the sky. Where they would look over their children and followers with a watchful eye, for generations to come.

That was until the days of black sun. The days where it all fell, peace and order as they knew it crumbled and fell. The Sunwalkers had abandoned their children leaving them without a light to guide them. And in the Sunwalkers absence, the Starclan took over. Becoming more powerful than ever, from the more followers they gained. That's when the words were spread of the Sunwalkers betrayal. The clans worshipping the sun were told to abandon their worship and follow the star but yet they had hoped their Deity would come back to them. They kept their ways and continued to worship the sun.

After all, nothing interesting is ever completely one-sided.
The Island of the Lost (IOTL) is a roleplaying community based loosely off of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series of video games, and heavily based off of the core Pokemon games! Having originated on Google Plus, we have since moved to Discord and remain a friendly place to roleplay and chat. Join the Guild and complete missions, make friends, and earn the elusive title of Master Rank, or join the rogues and go against the Guild. Your destiny is yours to choose on the Island of the Lost!

- Most Pokemon available
- Friendly community and staff
- No NSFW - PG-13 environment
- All writing levels welcome (literate or one-liners), mainly literate
- Server-wide Story Arcs to enhance lore
- Pokecord and MEE6
A city has suddenly lost all forms of adult life. Teens, with no restraints, now roam free, doing whatever and whoever they want. Will you slut your way through this dark time?

Hiiii! I'm Zoey, the owner. I invite you to come and help me grow my ERP server into activity, as it's very slow right now. I promise I have big plans for when I get more members, and are just looking for active rpers. Please, come help me! :(
This is sort of an add on server. If you have a dnd server that doesn’t allow nsfw just go to this one for that medieval action you’ve been craving. We hope to see you soon at the Black Lily!
This server is new ,, but also unique ! Join us ,, and pick a Guild ! Battle monsters ,, Fight in the arena or other players ,, show off some Magic .. maybe even find a romance while you’re adventuring ! Make new friends and have fun ! Join Ellemere : Guild of the Snake ,, Khisfyre : Guild of the Tiger ,, Findara : Guild of the Scorpion or Nethoria : Guild of the Raven . The choice is yours .. 💫

Welcome to **𝐵𝓁𝓊𝑒𝒻𝒾𝓇𝑒 𝐻𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓈𝒸𝒽𝑜𝑜𝓁**, This is a highschool roleplay where you can be anything! *(With certain, limitations.)* It’s a new server so it’s not crazy active yet. Gives you time to settle in and meet the folks in this strange town... This server is not your typical one. It’s, cleaner. We don’t allow NSFW comments or images fly around, we try to keep cussing down to a minimum, there aren’t dozens of channels with no purpose laying around, but most importantly, we care about our members. We will do everything we can to make sure things stay fair and clean, and we will try to make a comfortable place where people can unwind after a long day...
Hul sü Süringard! - Welcome to Suringard!

Suringard is a lore-based group roleplay server with heavy fantasy themes, a narrative driven approach to storytelling, a stress on realism, and a focus on quality writing. Delve into an original universe with many traditional fantasy tropes and themes, find writers who match your quality, and explore a world that will expand over time.

The universe explores many traditional themes of fantasy. You will find spell slingers, brigands, pirates, mercenaries, and all the usual 'classes' usually found in other works. We are not attempting to reinvent the wheel, but rather offer writers a chance to take these archetypes and build upon them to create captivating storylines, vivid characters, and a place where you can explore your writing prowess without overbearingly stringent lore.

The world of Suringard, while not entirely grim, may involve dark themes that may reflect aspects of our real world. Violence is not rare, nor are stark social and economic tiers that are wholly unfair. This is not a server catered toward the more 'anime' sort of fantasy that many others are; this is a place for gritty realism.

This is an 18+ server, with an optional NSFW section. There is a requirement to submit a character and a writing sample, both of which are reviewed prior to approval for entry. Samples must meet a quality requirement.

Stop by and take a look for yourself!
You're living the typical high school dream: You've great friends, struggling in school, and a darker side. Evil lurks in the world, and people are mysteriously getting powers. Will you join the evil, or shall you live an average high school life?

- Roleplay as a typical high schooler!
- Early members get important roles
- LGBT+ friendly
- Chill moderators
- Furry Friendly
- 18+ chats
Temptations is a 18+ roleplay hub that caters toward those who enjoy both quality writing and adult themes. Our purpose is to provide members with a space to post their ads, find like-minded partners, and build lasting friendships and storylines with them!

There -is- a quality requirement that must be met prior to viewing or posting ads, ensuring that only those of a certain caliber will be in the pool of partners to find! However, elitism is not our goal, nor do we tolerate it in any way.

In addition to ad posting sections, we also have a section for writing critique/help, writing share channels, and social channels for chatting.
Colimer City is a slice of life esque roleplay server! Our little world is made for everyone, a roleplay world based in reality. We are currently very small, but are excited to meet you! The city and the ghetto, and even a national park. Our staff are open to new ideas, and ready to keep this server a welcoming and safe space for everyone.

⦿ Nonrestrictive RP
⦿ Low-Lore World
⦿ Large range of RP styles
⦿ Open to suggestions
⦿ LGBTQ+ Accepting and Friendly
⦿ Safe space
Before, everything was fine. Students regularly attended their classes each day, some loitered around outside of the building.

But, the principal had a change of heart. He placed the school on lockdown and decided the last person standing, leaves.

What did he mean by that?

He meant that everyone had to kill each other. Your friends were suddenly your enemies and it was now time to shine.

*^What This Server Provides^*

`• A Great Staff
`• Wonderful Rp
`• Exciting Adventures
`• Tons Of Rp Channels
`• OOC Channels
`• ERP is Allowed

And, a good operation system for when your character dies.

(Currently In season 2)
Welcome! This is a fun little place for people to enjoy and roleplay, though the main thing is ageplay! We do lots of roleplays and mainly nsfw, but ageplay is a main thing. Of course, you can roleplay anything Pokémon here but think twice about joining if you’re not into it, just saying. We sure are weird despite cute appearance. And also, before you join, no. It’s not any sort of adult baby weird stuff, alright? So don’t join for that. Please
Some time in the future, God has abandoned us. Following the mysterious disappearance of Lucifer and the Holy Father the lines between Heaven, Hell, and Earth become blurred near to nonexistence. The skies darkened with the Legions of Armored Angels, furious at the Humans for driving Him away. And the ground erupted with the Armies of the Damned as the Demons no longer had anything to hold them back from conquering the Mortal World. The first hundred years of fighting was brutal, but with the emergence of foes also game the emergence of Magic in the world. Beasts of legend roam the wilds and Humans developed the ability to produce effects previously considered impossible, soon the Schools of Magic were taught and the Magic Arsenal helped solidify Humanities place in this terrifying new world.
Make a character or few with our selection of races and classes
Solidify your legacy with our impressionable storyline, and even conquer your own territories
Immerse yourself in the lore of the world, and help to make it grow with the addition of your characters and their actions!
Welcome to the community of Flashing Lights- Law & Rescue.

We are a community based on serious role play and also US based.

We offer the following to our members•••

•Active staff
•Active members
•Serious role play
•Custom bots

Our departments•••

Local police
Sheriff Department
State Police

Accepting applications
« Welcome to Valrose University »

Congratulations, dear student. You’ve been accepted into Valrose University. Enclosed, you will find the information you need.

You must be asking yourself, what does Valrose University offer?

Well, quite a bit.

✕ A slice of life server, with a murder mystery twist. Which can be directly influenced by the students.
✕ Friendly staff, who aim to make your experience the best they can.
✕ Semi-literate to literate roleplay.
✕ LGBTQ+ accepting.
✕ A brand new server, which you can help grow.

So what are you waiting for, dear student? Will you join us this semester?