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Ipinapakita ang 1 - 24 ng 7780 mga server
we are a friendly server with fun members and we usually do things such as play games (mostly league of legends) or hang out together. anyone who's 15+ is welcome!
!!Looking for partners!!

A server among friends that has no strict rules, just dont be an asshole to people for no reason, and dont be a creep to any of the girls/underagers.
Come along, chill out, have a laugh with us and enjoy your time, Simply put do whatever you want.
-Send memes
-look/post at NSFW
-play games with the bots, Enjoy steam key giveaways and more. You can even enjoy updates about games such as WarFrame and overwatch!
A small chill and friendly community aiming to become the best head patting server on discord uwu

15+ only!!
This server is cool and nice we have memes and are the coolest ppl worldwide B)
A fun place to chat, have fun and meet new people, no specific purpose, a server for all of your needs
Все рекомендуем присоединятья
are you looking for a good anarchy server, where you can do almost everything? then join this server! no rules, no "goverment". DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!
The OFFICIAL server for Fresh Panda.

Trade in Save The World, squad up in Battle Royale, and make new friends!

Also includes other games, and is constantly updated with new features, and of course tons of giveaways!
Welcome to Poke World , here u can do alot fun stuff , pokecord , akinator , talk about anime and memes !! We need member to join , we also will be doing some cool event for u guys .. Join now and u will see :3 [ Hope u guys enjoy 🤗 ]
A very friendly, loving community. Everyone is welcome.
Unity is a new community server from 13-17 year old teens looking to find new friends this is not a dating server so all you puberty filled losers can go away.
🏯An amazing community server with 2 main features:
>a cool pokecord community🎏
>a rpg with real person as game master (no bot)🎎
Welcome to Ana and Ronan's chill palace!
This is a server made by two people. You know who they are.
Anyways, like games and just not doing much of anything in general?
Well god damn, you are gonna like this server!
It's a server where you can talk about many games or your choosing, and meet new friends!
We also have a lot of bots for your amusement!
And if you are a filthy sinner, we also have 4 NSFW channels!
2D, 3D, Yaoi, and Yuri!
Christ is watching.
We have over 40 emotes!
We have MUCH, MUCH more, but you'll have to join the server~
We are a small and friendly community where you can talk, chill and of course meet new people,
And maybe even make new friends!
So, why not come and join us?
first off. dont talk to Freg.

This server is everlasting, we managed through the silent moments of the server, to achieve those good moments; We will strive on as a community through each obstacle. We are Everlast!
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💔 @here

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Aesthetic Server

sᴏᴍᴇ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs:
1) ♡ Self-Assignable Roles ♡
2) ♡ Safe, fun community ♡
3)♡ Active ♡
4) ♡ Supports Anime and Gaming ♡
5) ♡ Gamers Welcome ♡
6) ♡ LGBTQ+ Welcome~♡
7) ♡ Supportive, Active people ♡
8) ♡ Staff Applications Open ♡
9) ♡ Growing Community~ ♡
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you said hey
i said hello
how was your day?
you said "better now”with a smile
oh what a cliché
but to be honest it made my day

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A server with a love of magic and randomness. We welcome you with open arms. Narwhal Blast!
Pretty litty server
I have no idea what I am doing, so feel free to be like uhh, can we have more of this or something idk. Im trying. Dm me whenever, and just have fun my bros.
This server is about meeting new people or finding your true someone.