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This is the Spook Zone, where everyone is welcomed! This server is a place filled with good vibes and nice people. We mainly focus on games and anime, and we have several events you can join as movie nights, kahoot, music festivals, and etc. Join if you want to have a good time!
This server is just a fun hangout server for my friends and your friends! We have fun , no fights and play together! We all play different games including cs;go , Minecraft and others! No politics unless discussion between two, we accept all communities :D We highly support the primates aka Monkeys
This is the official server of the youtuber Animapping IX

Here we have:
-Good staff
-A decent amount of bots
-Organized channels
-A roleplay we’re working on
-and an art channel.
Chill social server. Great aesthetic and setup, amazing chats -- superb staff. Memes, Nitro emotes. Over 25,000 members. Join us!
Welcome to Anime House!💖💜

Anime House is an Anime/Manga group that intends to bring together all anime and manga fans from all over the world!

We want to keep a good connection to our fan base and take in suggestions and criticism to better ourselves in any way possible!


❗ Simple rules:

★ Do NOT spam. - Spamming on the group wall will resort to immediate kick OR punishment to a "muted" role here in Anime House.

★ Do NOT bully. - Bullying is an ongoing problem online and in real life, putting some one else down will not be tolerated and will resort to kick or potentially put you in a muted role.

★ Do NOT instigate. - Instigating, it can bring about chaos and disturb others in the process, please refrain from causing a scene, thank you!

★ Do NOT advertise. - Please refrain from advertising other groups that are not allied with Anime House, doing so will result in immediate kick!

~ im elle, and i welcome you to my latte store!! ~
--we are a fun and child-friendly community :3--

—— ୨୧・what we offer

✿ game nights, where we play among us and other things
✿ disco parties, where we just scream and vibe to music for absolutely no reason
✿ movie nights, pretty self explanatory!!

the latte store is a small cafe that is still becoming a chain, i would love it for you to join our community!!

~ elle ~
An awesome and welcoming community of 18+ Roblox gamers! It's okay if you play other games too, we would love to have you become apart of the family!
TSB_Cradle is a gaming server supporting all ages, so long as you can act like you aren't a total heathen! we have a small based community all about talking to each other and playing games. Feel free to join we are a friendly server to all the newcomers.
BUZZ into Da Penthouse.

Chill server and drama free. Raiding gets you banned. :)

Don’t join just to leave tyvm. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Join this server if u want. It is a server where u talk about stuff, have fun, and post random things I guess lol. So yeah and cya guys. Have fun!!! ;)
Note: If you want to see NSFW channel pls notify me. Also pls notify me if someone is not following the rules or if admins are abusing their powers. If i am not there then pls notify one of my admins.
VERY VERY VERY new server, based around my twitch channel! were just tryna build a community and make friends
- LOTS of roles
- fun bots (owo, dank memer)
- among us, VC too!
- Minecraft
- twitch streams
- listen to music together!
- movie nights
- game events (, Tetris)
- super chill
- no spam pings we promise!!
lol pls join im despo and its ded asf
to raiders/trolls
- we love u <33
The server formally known as the Skinseed chatroom, has rebranded! We’re now known as Zephyr, a server for everyone, and everything. (Including skinseed)
We're a community of 1.7k+ that is mainly created to make new friends to have disscussions with and chill in your free time.

We offer:
Dank Memer and Pokecord channels
A Rewarding Level System
An non-toxic & Welcoming Community
Cool emotes for you to use anywhere

join to have a good time and talk about gaming,tech,politics etc. we have lots of roles you can self assign according to your hobbies.
Welcome! Our goal is to connect players together to play hypixel bedwars. We are now organizing TOURNAMENTS! Join us for a friendly and active community that supports and teaches each other in order to become better players. All players, whether playing just for fun or competitively are welcome!
❖ Discord City
Tempat yang akan mengisi waktu luangmu dengan berbagai macam hal yang bermanfaat, sharing seputar programming, anime, game, blogger, youtube dan pembahasan lainnya.

Server Discord City Menggunakan sistem Rank dan Level. Silakan Join sampai Rank Grand Conqueror.

Buat sobat yang gagal mendaftar kartu prakerja, jangan putus asa, mungkin sobat bisa ikut gabung di server discord city, kita sharing bareng seputar channel - channel atau situs yang bermanfaat untuk menambah ilmu. saling membantu satu sama lain.

❖ Fitur Discord City
✿ Channel Chat dan Voice Room.
✿ Maskot Bot Discord City [ Filo ].
✿ Channel Wikipedia dari Bot Filo.
✿ Channel Blogger, Youtube, programing, photography, dll.
✿ Bot dan Room Music, bisa mendengarkan musik bersama.
✿ Bot pemberitahu Hari Ulang Tahun para member via bot Filo.
✿ Channel Masukan seputar server dan Bot Filo.
✿ Game Pertanyaan Receh dari Bot Filo.
✿ Channel mathematics, penghitungan (Coming Soon).
✿ Channel Hobby, Art Creator, mobile game.
✿ Bot random dan Gacha anime, pokecord, uno.
✿ Room free Streaming Game.
✿ Server Tertata Rapi.
✿ dan masih banyak lagi.

Mungkin itu beberapa informasi dari server Discord City, kurang lebihnya saya minta maaf, Terima Kasih.
╔═══════ ೋღ 🕯️ ღೋ ═══════╗

Hello, and welcome to Sky Squad! Sky Squad is a small, unofficial sky: children of the light server that's looking forward to meet more sky children and grow our sky family!

We provide:
🕯️ Aesthetic layout!
🌟 100% SFW!
🕯️ Reaction roles!
🌟 Friendly sky children!
🕯️ Heart trades!
🌟 And much more!

☁️ We can't wait to hang out with you in sky!
🌟 See you in sky!

╚═══════ ೋღ 🌟 ღೋ ═══════╝
‗ ❍ 𝒘𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝒄𝒐𝒌 ¡! ❞
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
what we offer:
- Great staff
- Bots
- Growing server
- Meet new people

we hope you join!

This server is about gaming and making friends. You don't have to play any sort of games to join. Fun and loving server looking to grow ☺️
The 📢Free Thinkers Lounge! 🔊
Are you done with all the stupidity and the toxic nonsense going on on Discord? Then The Free Thinkers Lounge is your place to be! This is the place where you can chill out and find fellow Free Thinkers to talk to, debate with and chat about anything that matters to you! Fun and Interesting (Voice) discussions where you could learn something while having fun! 18+ All are allowed!
The K-On Cafe is a fun, sfw server where you can have fun, and meet new friends! We include a variety of channels, and fun things like self roles, bots, and wonderful staff! Come join us today, we think your name should be under online! (P.S the server is NOT complete yet, we have much more fun surprises you can look forward to)
Meisters is a fun server for everyone that is currently growing.

We host nitro drops, robux drops and fun events!

Why not join qt? :)
Hello mga tanga! Welcome na welcome kayo rito sa server na to. Matik na mag eenjoy ka kaya ano pang hinihintay mo? Pasok na!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Ps. 13+ needed bawal bataaa shhh