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Ipinapakita ang 1 - 24 ng 915 mga server
Welcome to WeWantNude, 18+ server but you can talk anime,manga,games,hobbies and more. (-18 not acces to nfws but we accept all members).
New server here you can looking all the porn you want like,
-send nudes... other juste send me some suggestion.
Take the time you need to satisfy yourself and made enjoy the other send us what you want to share. We love porn and love all gender come like you are that all we want. You can also help us and be a donator for 2€ monthly and get a spécial role if you want well see ya on the server and ty.
I play necromancers, so I made a server for necromancy. All races of all classes of all skill levels are welcome. While it is a server founded on my love for Skyrim necromancy, I hope to make the place a good place for all Skyrim fans.
15 ans minimum !!
Bienvenue à l'Aincrad, un discord sur le thème des animes et des jeux-vidéos.
Un server accueillant qui saura vous accepter en douceur et chaleureusement.
Nous mettons un point d'honneur à rapidement expulser les boulets.
Le staff est ouvert et accessible, nous sommes à votre disposition et promettons de vous accompagner à vos débuts chez nous.
Alors !
Bienvenue !
Vieni qui e vota per Minecraft o per Hytale dando la tua preferenza! Ti aspettiamo😉!
Un server in cui divertirsi roleplayando con altre persone!
Bot: Pokecord, OwO, Disboard, MEE6, Dank Memer
If you don't want to play lonely at Roblox come here and search someone who wants play Roblox how you

Hello and welcome to the server, were your bound to have fun

Whether it's to make friends or use the bots, your welcome to join.

We have many bots to help keep the fun going.

We have a friendly set of staff and members who welcome you with open arms and is glad that you are there!!

We have different bots to do different things including Pokecord, Miki, KawaiiBot, Rythm and more

So come on down and have yourself a great time and make some new friends!!!!!
Hey ! Te voici sur le Discord Communautaire 𝑨𝒃𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒍𝒅 !
Ici, tu découvriras une communauté active et soudée, soutenue par un Staff mature et réactif, autour du sujet du jeu vidéo !
Libre à toi de nous rejoindre, et de faire partie de l'équipe !
Its a server for nekos,gaming,roleplay and more!
Currently game events;
Azur Lane Clan
Are you tired of having stable rights and freedoms? Are you sick of not having your entire life controlled by a random number generator? Allow me to introduce, No More Free Will! In this server, everyone’s fate is left to a random number generator that picks events. Everyone has to follow the events, and they apply more than the rules. It’s a fun game! Have a wonderful day!
The Villa, as of writing this, is a small server with a close community of roughly 70-80 members that has transitioned from a Markiplier fan server to a server meant for folks to just hanging out with a brief stint as a gaming centered server.
As we've grown, shrunk, changed, and adapted, we've established our rules and policies as well as who is welcome - everyone. Straight, gay, furry, religious or not, all are welcome, so long as civility reigns.
We're not a NSFW server, though we do have a restricted NSFW category that members must prove they can access.
Bringing you Anime goods in a Kuru way! We don't just talk about Anime, we also talk about games! Join us! For more information please check out the list below:

- Free Nitro on #giveaway!
- We make Discord bots! Programmers will enjoy this server!
- We play games as a group!
- We have stream nights of Anime every now and then!
- And much much more!
welcome to llamas join us to play with me and others. You can advertise you twitch channel. If you are big we send a notification on the server when you are stream. I personally will help you with streaming or if you need to talk to some one I am here
Looking for partners! DM MNGO#0001 (Minimum 50 Members)
(Must remain in server)

Welcome to the Neko Café!🐾
~A place for all to enjoy~

• 440+ Friendly members
• Giveaways, Games & Events ❄️
• Custom Bots 🤖
• Colour Roles 🏳️‍🌈
• LGBT+ Friendly 🏳️‍🌈
• Dedicated Roleplay Channels
• Active Experienced staff
• Currency and Shop System 💰
• Detailed ranking systems/rewards 🥇🥈🥉

We are currently looking into more partner opportunities!
Oi me Hacken, we fashion, we sell crackin and we are Hacken!

We are hackers from all kind of games. We're wholesome people with humor and of course we won't dox people.
In Hacken gang we do alot of memeing and hacking in our server. Sharing hacks together is caring to each other :wink:

Server Information
♡ Active text chat
♡ Meet new friends
♡ Partnerships
♡ amazing Artworks and NSFW
♡ E-dating
♡ Twitch streamers
♡ wholesome community of hackers
♡ Free hacks & sharing hacks from all kind of games
♡ lvl up bots, mini games and bot memes
♡ Self role
♡ 400+ members

Join today ♡
a server for mad lads who happen to be weebs
Hey there, this is a small community which is friendly and small, we assure to protect people and we're all about the love ❤
A nice small server to come and hang out with others, many games to play on here and the people are pretty nice all around

Come, and experience the fun for yourself
Ugh that just server for arts mostly and lazy people so if you one of them join or ...pff idk and idc
Szukasz wyższych standardów niz inne serwery?Lubisz dyskutować o wszystkim? Czarny humor nie stanowi dla Ciebie problemu i masz poczucie humoru?
Dobrze sie składa, o to ze starego PSK powstał nowy serwer, stabilny po aktywny ponad rok, pod nową nazwą. Szukamy aktywnych ludzi, który chcą rozmawiać o wszystkim a nie tylko przesiadywać na owym serwerze. Stawiamy na jakość nie ilość. Lepej mieć 30 aktywnych użytkowników niż 5000 nieaktywnych.

~~ Ciekawe rangi.
~~ Wszechstronna tematyka.
~~ Czarny humor.
~~ Pomoc komputerowa.
~~ Leczymy stulejarzy którzy siedzą w piwnicach.

Serdecznie zapraszamy Szlachciców.
Fate/Grand Order Hub is a nice place to talk about Fate as a series, Fate/Grand Order, discuss strategies, swap user IDs, or just chill. We're open to newbies and veterans alike, and support both JP and NA versions of the game. Of course, you're not limited to just talking about TYPE-MOON franchises. We also have channels for other anime/manga, and games.
Just some sleepy otakus乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ

♡ Anime, Art & Memes
♡ 100 Adorable Emotes
♡ Bi-weekly Competitions
♡ Regularly Scheduled Events
♡ & Much More!

Ditch the body pillow, come nap with us!
Un petit serveur pour que tout les Otaku francophone ce rencontre et se fasse de nouveaux amis. Nous avons un staff amical et à votre écoute, différent rôles qui vous apporteront certain avantage et des accès a des exclusivité.

Nous avons plusieurs salons pour partagé vos mangas, dessins et jeux préférer et peut-être que vous trouverez LA personne avec qui joué des heures et des heures.

Voulez-vous en savoir plus? Venez découvrir par vous-même et faire partie d'une communauté active et en pleine croissance!

Nous sommes impatients de parler avec vous et de vous voir dans notre communauté! 👋