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-Awesome Gaming Server!

-Frequent Giveaways and Events.
-Gaming Parties.
-Popular Games (CSGO, Unturned, TF2, etc.)
-Friendly (cool) Staff

Here at the Oasis, we are a community of support, a family. Our goal is to have minimum drama and maximum love. Our server is a safe place where we can relax, be ourselves, and have fun. Here at the Oasis, we are LGBTQ+ friendly community that offers a number of channels for different interest, anywhere from art to gaming and gardening to astrology. We’re an adult community, and members must be 21+.

・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. Ohana means family, & family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.
Our server is a friendly and open server meant for talking between people, posting memes and role-playing! There is a bit of everything here so go swing by. We hope you'll meet new friends here and enjoy your stay.
♡ Welcome to B A B E H E A V E N ♡


Babe Heaven is an NSFW server with an aesthetic theme! It's also new, so come and join us and have fun!


♡ What we have in store! ♡

❦ You can share your art, pet , memes, and food in our channel

❦ Cute emojis!
We have a variety of kawaii and sexy
emojis to chat around with!

❦ Self roles!
Custom roles for everyone! Pick your own , gender role, and much more roles we have about 50+ ROLES!

❦ Specific Channels!
Want to suggest something? We got a suggestion channel! Want to send something NSFW? WE HAVE AN NSFW CHANNEL! We have a little bit of everything!

❦ So much more!
Theres more to come! Just stay tuned and chat!

P.S We accept partners

So the purpose of this server is to bring people together and to get to know each other and become friends I guess? I really don't know.. I guess I just made it for fun? I kind of put it together of different servers so if the rules seem familiar then know that I took them from CallMeCarson's discord cult (Don't sue me please)
Chill Lounge is a server with many features!

You can earn money and exp by talking , getting a higher rank and earning some perks ;)

We also have a NSFW Channel
And a role system!

It includes hobbys , games and genders
Ofc this isnt much but its still a beta version so it will be updated in the future^^

Hope to see you soon~
We are a lovely close net community server with a large range of discord channels and 100% server up time for your enjoyment. Furthermore we have a range of Admins and Moderators to make sure you get any help that you need. Finally i hope to see you join us today and we be updating server plugins such as shops etc as we get feedback, as well we have different season so as of 22/07/2019 we are in season one so make sure to catch us now or season 2.
𝐁eing mainly written in absurd pop culture references, Caligoss is a fairly new and yet small community focusing on an all-inclusive and non-judgemental atmosphere - a place for different interest to gather around.

𝐖e are up for topics of all kinds in a guild with growing activity and a staff-team as active as possible and keen to maintain the servers positivity. Our LGBTQIA+, activism and venting chatrooms are private and require specific roles for access, so the members of those communities and allies of those movements can thrive in their own safe environments. This server is rather text-based and also welcomes shy and easily intimidated people into chatrooms with patient and kind members.

𝐍o matter if you're on a journey passing through or even end up as a trusted personality - Caligoss welcomes you to lean back and have some fun with discussions, themed events and bot-play, for as long as you wish. May your stay be rewarding.

♚ ╴ 𝐓able Of Contents:

▸ Building a non-toxic and cozy atmosphere. ┊ Chatrooms for pets, memes, and mental health.

▸ Messing with the bots, such as Sigma, Rythm, Pokécord, Cafe and Mudae ┊ You may waste your time with ridiculous trivia games and music to keep neglecting your responsibilities.

▸ A whole section solely for interests ┊ Including art, literature, games, tv-shows, anime, musicals, conspiracies, coding, science and even more. It's a free chatroom for you, Jim.

▸ A range of general and gaming voice-channels ┊ Including Overwatch, League Of Legends, CAH and other. Let the match begin.

▸ Self-assignable roles ┊ We're talking about Pronouns, Orientations, Hogwarts House, MBTI Personality Type, Moral Alignment, Zodiac, DnD Class and many more. Colour roles for higher ranks!

▸ Regularly hosting small events ┊ Role events, games, listening parties and questions of the day. Yay!

▸ Currently working on: ┊ More regular giveaways and watching parties, frequent reading and sharing sessions.

▸ Watch that poor self-proclaimed Elementalist who created this server drown in perfectionism ┊ That much, that the FFXV soundtracks which he put on as motivational music can be heard at your own desk already, even though it makes him cry inside even more instead.
A fantasy roleplay server featuring a revamp of the basics of fantasy you once knew and twists it into something more gruesome and dark.

What you can expect from this server:
- A friendly and evergrowing community of diverse people to befriend.

- For the roleplayers, the fantasy genre that you once knew gets turned on its head.

- Nearly unrestricted options for character creations and ideas.

- Plenty of fun bots for play around with, including Mudae and SlotBot.

- Welcoming to criticism and suggestions. Because we aren't butthurt twats who oppress fresh opinions from users.

Lore of the server:
Endless Raid, the ultimate goal of all men to conquer.

The Endless Raid began as a streak of white tearing apart the skies, leaving a shattered opening in the sky that spilled forth monsters of all kinds. Some benign. Some malevolent. All of them coming into this world by the masses. This marked the First Era of Grand Gaia. It is also the fastest Era to end, in only 3 days…

The first day, the appearance of what would become the Endless Raid entered the Prana-filled environment of Grand Gaia and caused monsters of all kinds to spill out. Every kingdom across the lands saw this streak, this pure focal point of power that brought forth the bloodiest Era known to the Mortal Races.

The second day, monsters have started to adapt this world frighteningly fast. The first were common monsters. Goblins, orcs, basilisks. Many more. The next that came were beasts that took an entire squadron of organized soldiers to defeat. Trolls, kijin, giants, elementals, and much more fearsome monsters. Next came the beasts that were heralded as noble creatures. But many of them were far from noble. Dragons that razed kingdoms to the ground, hecatoncheires that tore apart the land with their bare hands, and massive monsters capable of annihilating a small kingdom with ease.

But next…

Next came the one thing that shook the very world down to its foundations.

The one thing that even gods kneel in awe of, and beg for mercy from.

The Dark God; Zevalhua. The being of absolute raw power that froze the world in place as he came from the splinter in the sky, bringing about him an intense wave of true terror.

And the third day, all was strangely at peace. And the Endless Raid came into existence. An enormous tower that eclipsed any other mountain across the land, an incredible work of architecture that pierced the heavens and split the clouds before it across a 3 mile radius. The one thing all beings of this realm and the next did not bother to interfere with.

The world unanimously called this the First Era, marking the beginning of the Endless Raid. Thus, the Second Era began. Thousands of expeditions were sent off to explore this tower. None of them made it past the tenth floor, where the floor guardian resided. An incredibly powerful foe that devastated even the strongest of heroes and was nigh immune to all forms of physical damage. A golem created through the greatest spell using the highest quality materials. This behemoth of a monster was only defeated by a simple Dispel incantation, causing the golem to fall apart and decay to nothing. And the expeditions continued. For hundreds of years, expeditions began to explore the Endless Raid. Each time 20 floors were passed, it marked the beginning of a new era.

However, after the Fourth Era, everything was halted to a stop by the 87th floor. The enemies located on that specific floor were impossible to beat. Even the fabled Hero, wielding his Divine Blade Skybreaker, could not beat the monstrosity that dwelled on that floor. And has been held at an absolute standstill for millennia.

Until now.

Birth of a new generation of Raiders would bring about a revolution in Raiding inside the Tower. New iterations of the heroes that would surpass those of the old and those of the legend.
Welcome to Kawaii Pop!
A purely SFW server filled with tons of cute things and a friendly community!
We Offer:
❥Color Roles
❥Roles where you can be a neko, kitsune, inu, or even a panda!
❥Custom, hand-drawn emotes made by the server owner and tons of bots to have fun with!
❥Level Up system with kawaii rankings
❥Earn bot currency when you chat to buy items in our server shop!
❥Monthly Purges to keep out the inactives~
❥Our community is small but very friendly!
❥We're currently making changes too~
❥We hope you join us and we are looking for some partners to help get us known!

Thank you and help us spread the kawaii!
✨Salut sunt Claudiu fondatorul serverului.✨
⚠In data de 20.07.2019 serverul a fost refacut total acum beneficiind de noi sisteme.⚠
🔻Ce puteti gasi la noi pe server?
🔶Boti facuti special pentru aceasta comunitate✔
🔶Rank-system pe baza activitatii ✔
🔶Economie a serverului ✔
🔶Sistem de protectie anti boti ✔
🔺Deci daca esti in cautarea unui server unde sa te joci si sa vorbesti cu oameni Hype atunci "Hype Town" este varianta potrivita.🥇
Hui loves this is my server :3, I hope you like it. ❤my server contains anything, you can chat about everything and make friends OwO and comunicate with lovely people ^~^, join my server im sure you will like it and everyone in the server will like you too UwU join now and have fuuuun ,love youuu from all of my heart ❤❤❤❤
This is a peaceful place to talk about what’s on your mind and also new! Feel free to introduce yourself and get to know others! Chill and relaxed server that offers channels to discuss anything you feel like talking about! We also have everything you need in a server c:
This is a server for anyone who wants to make friends, probably find some people to play games with, talk about art, enjoy plants, and be around some LGBTQ+ members.

There is an NSFW area but it is not the main focus of the server
Want to meet new people and find someone to talk to? Filled with nice members who won't ignore you. What are you waiting for? Join Optimum today and hop in the text channels or voice calls and socialize with others.
Come and start your journey of making new friends / Get Rewards / Customize Your Avatar With Roles / Text And Chill All Day Long!
Join Giveaways and events / And Have Fun! What Are You Waiting for? Come And Join us today!
(we need mods)friendly server, dont do drugs kids, we do partnerships too if you wanna join for that,andddd um yeah idk what the fuck to say
.・。.・゜✭・ ・✫・゜・。..・。.・゜✭・ ・✫・゜・。..・。.・゜✭・ ・✫
.・。.・゜✭・we are a small friendly community looking to grow・✫・゜・。.
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ we have ♥
▹music bots
▹self assignable roles
▹level ups
𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐟𝐟
I’m also looking for some mods to help me run the server, so if you would like to become one, you can message me

I’d like to get as much people as possible to join my server because I’d like to talk to people etc, so if you don’t have an account please make one lol
╰☆★ The Ethereal ★☆╮

What do we have to offer for you?
ミ★ Well moderated chats
ミ☆ Self-assignable roles
ミ★ Active, friendly members
ミ☆ Partnerships
ミ★ Events such Cards Against Humanity +
ミ☆ NSFW channels
ミ★ Levelled roles which unlock new channels and permissions
ミ☆ A beautiful collection of memes
ミ★ We also have some pretty sweet emotes

Whether you’re a weeb, a gamer or just want some fresh faces to talk to, come and pay our ever-growing and slightly dysfunctional family a visit! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
Welcome to our happy little server, we are welcoming of all people no matter who you are and we would love to have you. Come make some new friends and good memories~❤️.