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 ⨯ 1k+ members ⨯

🥢 ┊ Welcome to Chanel.✧
─── ∙ ~εïз~ ∙ ───

🥘 — What we offer?

🍱 ⨯ daily activities
🏮 ⨯ crackhead staff and members
🧧 ⨯ k-pop multifandom appreciation
🍜 ⨯ rich k-aesthetics
🍙 ⨯ daily partnerships
🎏 ⨯ and way more
Originally a Planetside 2 outfit founded in 2013, VVarMachine Gaming has expanded into a variety of other PC multiplayer games including Arma 3, StarCitizen, DCS, and more. Tactical team-based gameplay, 18+, hosted in US timezones with a worldwide presence.
We are a very friendly server that will welcome you with open arms.
If you like meeting with new people and having fun,then this server is for you. Friendly,Furry, Yiff, RP, Games and lot of other stuff ^.^
Welcome to the MC Switch Hangout, where we mostly focus on both versions of Minecraft for Switch. But if you have any version of Bedrock, you are also welcomed.
We have gyms, we have Pokécord and other Pokémon bots, and we have giveaways. We are a collector-friendly server that even has a guild for collectors to share Pokémon. We have a friendly and interconnected staff team which will make sure that rules are enforced and people feel welcomed. We have places to flex your Pokémon and we host tournaments from time to time.
『 ✎𝐿𝑜𝒶𝒹𝒾𝓃𝑔..


Equivalent 🌊

➸ Colorful roles 🌈

➸ Helpful staff members 🤍

➸ Non toxic, NFSW 🌱

➸ Giveaways (any Roblox games) ✨ first giveaway starts at 100 members 🧁

➸ Trading channels 🌼

➸ Partners 🧸

➸ Cute emojis, many activities 🎐

Server founded by Vin at 23/1/2020

Join us now! ☃️ 』

Komatsu, petit village essayant de se rebâtir, ouvre de nouveau son portail !

À l'intérieur de ce village, vous trouverez des personnes différentes les unes des autres, et ainsi, pouvoir discuter de ce qui vous chante. Ce village n'a pas de thèmes particuliers, mais il n'y a pas de NSFW. (sauf pour les blagues)

La reconstruction mettra un petit peu de temps avant de retrouver son activité de l'époque, tout dépendra de vous. Si vous êtes de nature à vouloir faire du mal aux personnes, passez votre chemin, un minimum de maturité est attendu.

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de lire cette rapide description ! ^^
Bonne journée/soirée, nous vous attendons. :D

Taking place in December 2022, 10 years after the launch of the OASIS, with it becoming a new way of life for everyone. Gaming, Politics, Social Networking. This is a whole new level of Massive Multiplayer. An Open Source Reality. Take it, and make the online utopia your own.
>>>>Preview of what we have in store<<<<
-Art help and references/tutorials
-Engaging conversations in general chats
-Monthly server contests, art raffles and weekly art challenges
-100% customization on roles (Over a total of 80+ different self-assignable role colors!)
-Toxicity free community
-Super dank memes
-Cool mods and admins
-Many bot games
-Fun polls to waste time
-NSFW and gore art channels
-Lots of original emotes from users in the server
-Art commissions
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-And absolutely 99.99% uncreativity free!
Are you bored and wanted to talk manga or anime with some people in a server?
Then you've come to the right place, here are the things we offer:

♡ Talk to people in different voice chat channels.
♡ Write with people in different text channels.
♡ A selfrole.
♡ Some music bots that you can use in the music voice chat channels.
♡ A fun shop with custom interesting roles.

♢ We also need more staff members, feel free to join this server!
♢ It's sometimes dead but we will chat in it.

☆ We look forward to your appearance!
Wir wollen eine nette, ruhige Community zum schreiben über allerlei Themen aufbauen.
Welcome to DokkanZTraders
This is a Dokkan Battle server and we provide the following
•Trusted Middle Men
•Farming Services
•Team Building
•Pokecord, Mundae, Discord Ball Z, Android 21
•Dokkan/Legends News

La Warriors' Army vous souhaite la bienvenue sur la version 3.1 de notre serveur :D
Que somme nous? Cela n'est pas vraiment défini 🤔 Disons que nous sommes une communauté de communautés 😅 En gros on rassemble le plus de personnes possible pour faire des rencontre afin de conquérir le monde d'internet et créer un réseau d'entre-aide dans tous les domaines. Pour cela nous avons besoin de spécialistes de tous les horizons (sport, gaming, info, art, etc...)
Avec notre commue il y a:
_ une hiérarchie (plus ou moins bien organisé)
_ un bot en développement
_ des events (gaming, dessin, etc...)
_ un Twitter, un insta, un crew GTA, un club league of legends, et bientôt plein d'autres réseaux et groupes de jeu...
_ des partenaires pour aider les petites communautés

Join the legion
Be a Warrior
A server for all seeking meaningful and intellectual conversation. Dialogue is a close-knit community for chatters and debaters alike and promotes a free and active exchange of ideas on any topic. This is a toxicity-free server.
( Note: Servers that ban for toxicity may be subject to faked 1-star reviews :P Come see for yourself! )
Un serveur où tu peux enfin trouver des français de ton niveau qui jouent à CS:GO.
Tu peux choisir ton rank, et tes maps en peut-être tomber sur les personnes qui te correspondent !
Fini les croisements de doigts en lançant une game, priant de ne pas tomber sur des cancers.
Nous t'attendons afin d'étendre ce petit discord convivial avec un staff adorable et une communauté merveilleuse !
"War Thunder - Wspólne Granie" to serwer, gdzie znajdziesz ludzi do oddziału, podyskutujesz na różne tematy dzięki kanałom tematycznym, weźmiesz udział w ciekawych, niestandardowych wydarzeniach, a nawet, jeżeli będziesz chciał, dołączysz do dywizjonu xDWGx i odblokujesz unikalne pojazdy!

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norafity gamer norafity gamer
Mga Pagsusuri
Sehr Kompetente Leute
Dieser Server ist wirklich sehr gut für die Leute die eib bissl miteindaner zocken wollen. Ich hatte eine Frage und der Support hat mir direkt beim problem geholfen. Einfach wunderbar dieser Server 1+
the bean the bean
Mga Pagsusuri
fortnite burger
this server is good we hace many funny memes and epic and we are epic so JOIN US or i'll cry and this server has hot anime babes so if you want one join and we do giveaway and free minty pickaxe join now!!!!!!!!!! join the ononanenonaneoneoanenanoanoenaoenanoneonnoaonneaoenoaneonaeoenaoenoaenoaenoaenoanaoenaoenoaenaoeeon server have ave a aonenaoneoaenaenaeonaeonaeonaoenoaneoneaoenaoeaneoenoaneoaneo tastic day or nigt
Mga Pagsusuri
[Jeden z polecanych serwerów przez R3MEZIS]
Powiem tak, nie ma nic do zarzucenia, spoko społeczność, nic nie brakuje, ogólnie polecam.
2 1
Khloe Khloe
Mga Pagsusuri
Needs Improvement
The server needs a lot of improvement including the owner, the owner herself does not follow her own rules and is toxic which I believe is a downside to being owner of any server, the owner may seem nice but actually is not nice once you become her friend. The server can talk badly upon you and it can create a bad atmosphere especially with the drama, and all of that. I don't recommend the server because it's just not what it seems.
Roma Roma
Mga Pagsusuri
Fantastic Community
Hey, admin here. You've probably heard about the server from the other reviews, but I'm here to talk about the community.

When we started this place...2? 3? Weeks ago, we never imagined we'd grow this much this quickly. Every member of this community is a fantastic writer, and more importantly friendly and helpful. When staff is too busy writing critiques or with irl, the members help answer questions, welcome newcomers or offer critiques of their own. This community is one that is supportive, encourages growth and is really something extraordinary. It's everything we ever dreamed of and more.

Thanks guys. Truly, *you* are what makes this server special.

Love, your local dadzawa
bohemia bohemia
Mga Pagsusuri
I was hesitant on joining this server at first because I'm not a social guy, but I don't regret it. The community is actually very welcoming and the environment is friendly. Didn't know I needed this until I actually gave it a shot. Very helpful for advertising!
1 1
🍪Koki_🍪 🍪Koki_🍪
Mga Pagsusuri
The place really is pretty damn chill, especially with the freedom of speech rule because not a lot of discords have that. The mods there a pretty nice but some can be shit lipped ego jerkers but lifes a Bitch get over yourself you Nig***, Your not special. Anyways it's not like most popular discords because its got a different hmmm vibe to it a good one.m
3 3
steph steph
Mga Pagsusuri
Amazing server!!
I have been part of this server for about 4 years and everyone here is so sweet and welcoming! This server is very well organized and a great place to chill and chat with new friends. :') You definitely won't regret joining this server! <3
1 1
Kalibrated Eden Kalibrated Eden
Mga Pagsusuri
Amazing Server
Love this server with a passion and I would not give it up for any other ♥️. Love u Tsukei!!!
IAmRed IAmRed
Mga Pagsusuri
Staff is nice, people who misbehave are given strikes and punished so I'd say overall it's a pretty great server.
3 1
Zizzathan Zizzathan
Mga Pagsusuri
iss fun
iss fun
BigBigCat94 BigBigCat94
Mga Pagsusuri
Definitely the place to be
Very positive atmosphere with great people to meet and talk to. They have a lot going on, from in server ranking systems to channels to fill just about any need. I hope to be able to stick around here for a long time and just enjoy the company, what they have to offer, and just be a part of a great community.