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Discord Servers na namakailan nag Bumped

We are in need of more members!
here we have good people
and uh
we have a lot of memes
so we’re a general chat, mainly a denki stan,
and we’re always looking for new members!
within joining and asking, you can get a custom role based on your personality!
we’re eventually going to add fun things, it’ll be cool soon
This server is a friendly server that is welcoming to everyone! Whether it be anime, games, or just chatting! Our server is based around something we all love, coffee. We have many channels and events in which we keep you active. Join up!
☕ Cafe Le Bliss ☕

- We are merely a community to strive and create diversity, whether it be talking, sharing interests, hobbies or professionals. We want to make you feel as home as possible. All topics range from Anime, Gaming, NSFW and all other sorts of stuff people might appreciate. Lay back, chill and even find your second family, so please enjoy your stay and simply follow the few and fair discord rules so everyone could enjoy the server equally!

More in depth:
- Active and fair staff
- Friendly community and extremely diverse. (America, Europe, Asia etc)
- Variety of channels and topics (even a games section)
- Get notified about free stuff and server giveaways
- Self-Assignable, seasonal and purchasable roles (via in-server coffee system not irl money)
- Optional: Should you feel generous, donating to our paypal grants you irresistible perks! (one time or monthly)
- NSFW content in dedicated channels

We are currently at 2.3k+ members and growing!
This is a friendly server where we talk about Gwain saga. Come join it will be fun.
🌟 Welcome to The Cat Tree! 🌟
We are a growing community that accepts many unique people from different fandoms! You can find fandoms like Pokémon, Furry, and even Scalies!

We have:
📌 Events!
📌 Fun bots!
📌 Art Channels!
📌 Memes!
📌 And more!

We hope you choose to join us and bring a great experience along with you! ❤️
We are a 16+ DDLG server with over 800 members... and all we need is you! We are drama free and accept all people! From straight to LGBT+ our community has a wide variety! Don't be afriad to stop in! There is also NSFW channels for over 18 members! We have fun bots and fun people! We have a variety of channels and events too! enjoy your stay! You may even earn a special role if you are lucky!
Bird is a server in which everyone is welcome!

We have:
Anime - But no spoilers!
Memes - But no... weird ones.
Friendships - But no... weird ones?
Dating - Ok, just don't be weird.
════════♕ Welcome to “bngtanpersona"! ♕ ════════
About us~
We are a server that welcomes BTS lovers to share their enthusiasm for their music.
We welcome anyone to this server, even if you're not a k-pop lover etc.

What to expect~
✷——————— What to Expect ————————✷
::・゚☆Bias roles
::・゚☆Purchasable roles
::・゚☆Varied K-pop
::・゚☆Staff that are willing to help you
::・゚☆A non-stop growing community
::・゚☆Varied VC and channels
::・゚☆Debates + Venting helpers

✷——————— ————————✷

Join to help us grow <3
Welcome to a bit of Ketchup Gamers!
Who should join?
-Those of you who like Pokemon (battling and/or the series itself). YOU CAN BECOME A GYM LEADER :muscle::skin-tone-5:
-Those who would like to play Minecraft (Windows 10/ Xbox/ PE and PC edition, maybe have our own SERVER) :crossed_swords:
-Those who like to play Roblox (why not?)
-Artist who would like to share their pictures with others. I (might need help with icons and banners) :robot:

Why should you join?
This server, I believe, will grow to become something acceptable. As more players join the more competitive you and other players can get.

What the server has?
This server has many fun a interesting channels, Pokecord, UnbelievaBoat which is a bot that allows you to gain money and buy items and roles from the server shop, Tatsumaki, Mee6 which gives a ranking system for the server, and much more later!
Have you ever wanted to get YouTube subscribers and twitch followers without a subbot? Now you can! You can advertise your YouTube videos and twitch streams all in one place! Custom roles along with friendly staff that are always willing to help.
Brand new discord community for almost anything you can think of!
Meet new people to share your interests with and make new friends!
We have a lot of bots and nice people to chat and play with!
Be yourself and have fun with your newfound friends!
Help us grow this great community!
The Horizon Cafe is a community of chill people who enjoy hanging out during our time off IRL. Our community is more focused on socialization and less on all the things that make other Discord servers complicated. We actively chat, play games, listen to music, watch movies, and more. Come join us and have some fun!
¡Se parte de Daydream uniendote cuando quieras! Comparte con nosotros quien eres y lo que amas.
Daydream no busca ser el servidor más grande ni más complicado, así que mantenemos las cosas simples y amigables, para que en el momento que entres ¡te sientas como en casa!

Seguimos las Normas de la Comunidad de Discord lo cual significa que no toleramos el odio ni la agresión entre usuarios.
Join daydream anytime and share with us what you love!
Daydream does not aim to be the biggest server nor the most complicated, so we want to keep things fresh and simple so whenever you join us, you can feel right at home!

Daydream focuses on being chill and social. To do so, we follow Discord's Community Guidelines as well as our own safety measures to ensure everyone can have a nice stay!
Remember To Breathe
☆ ╰(´︶`)╯♡

Hey there! Remember To Breathe (or RTB) is a growing peer support mental health and social server, and with lots of roles, bots and things to do, alongside a committed helper staff ready to assist, it might just become your favorite server. You really will never know until you join!

☆ Kind and thoughtful staff, ready to help at any time. ♡

♡ Ever growing- join our ranks! ☆

☆ a growing shop full of roles and colors, and a fun star currency system to buy them! ♡

♡ Peer support helprooms both vc and text, 24/7, with no judgement ☆

☆ Events! Come participate and earn stars! ♡

♡ LGBTQA friendly, a super accepting environment ready to encourage you to be your best. ☆

☆ Come join us! Become part of the family! ♡
hellou unser Server "Potato-Army" ist relativ neu und auf der Suche nach aktiven Mitgliedern :3 In dem Server könnt ihr euch über Spiele, Anime, euren Problemen und vieles mehr austauschen und unterhalten. Ich hoffe, dass ihr schnell neue Bekanntschaften schließen könnt und das ihr viel Spaß haben werdet, dass können wir euch versichern.
Ihr seid alle herzlich willkommen ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
Warriors is a roleplay discord for fans of the series 'Warriors'. There are many positions open for you to claim including Deputys,Leaders, and Medicine Cats. Come roleplay with us! You can have up to 5 cats. Where your actions provide the plot, what will you decide? The Dark Forest or Starclan?

Discord Server Reviews

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Misfit Misfit
Mga Pagsusuri
The Secret Oasis is super welcoming to anyone new that comes into our server! Fun things are always happening and you will never be alone!
Dreadnought Dreadnought
Mga Pagsusuri
Best WW2 server I've found
It's a great server with active members and good staff. No toxicity and good staff
BOBO (Sad Edition) BOBO (Sad Edition)
Mga Pagsusuri
I love it here! Great members with a positive attitude! Great staff too with a wonderful owner! Streams, games, and more make this server even more fun! 10/10
Maciekj27 Maciekj27
Mga Pagsusuri
good community
Its a decent server that has some funny people and you can play OW with some peps.

It just needs a tornament for every single rank but thats kinda impossible on this server since its just small community
flower flower
Mga Pagsusuri
Great server and amazing community!
This server is very well organized and the people so friendly and welcome. You can learn about so many spiritual topics. Definitely join! 😊
Addy Addy
Mga Pagsusuri
Honestly a great server
The people here are amazing not gonna lie,
They don't give up on you no matter what, and are willing to actually help you.
I would recommend joining the server, I've been in here for like 2 weeks now and it's amazing
TimeForTea TimeForTea
Mga Pagsusuri
I've never felt more welcome than I do in this group. They are all lovely people and the admins are very efficient. Be aware it is 18+, but we welcome you with open arms and intriguing storylines.
1 1
Spongebob Crying Spongebob Crying
Mga Pagsusuri
Really great
We have a fun time talking a lot of nonsense and have an nsfw channel that I can enjoy 👍🏼
Jago9110 Jago9110
Mga Pagsusuri
Really nice atmosphere
Nice Music channel, and several Gaming channels
Stropey Stropey
Mga Pagsusuri
Pretty good furry lewd sever
If you're a furry and love lewds, join up here. Sure it does have some roleplay, but it does really lack in roleplay features including knowing who's descriptive and non-descriptive. So far, the community isn't toxic or cancerous, so that's a good plus.
SweetBabyJesus SweetBabyJesus
Mga Pagsusuri
It's Cozy
Still a really small community, but we're trying very hard to build it up! If you want to join, you'll be very welcome and appreciated!
Kitt Kitt
Mga Pagsusuri
Great, friendly server populated with imaginative people.
I have trouble getting integrated into discord communities, and was nervous about getting back into roleplaying as I've been out of practice, but this one made making friends feel effortless and natural.
Before this, I was struggling to find a server that both offered me the freedom to explore my original characters and had standards that people had to meet. - Those standards aren't too high, just high enough to make sure everyone can contribute equally to scenes.

Drama is non-existent, the mods aren't power crazed, and the writing is tons of fun. It gets the right ratio of seriousness and goofy fun - Something which I've noticed is a rare quality on Discord.

A very well balanced server, and I look forward to spending more time here. The owner is amazing at listening to suggestions from the community and ensuring fairness, so I really can't recommend the Chateau enough.