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KamraXD is my personal server that has game bots meme bots and more bots to play around with with friends
The best part is, you can get free logo designs, Thumbnails for YouTube, Profile Pictures, and other things I can photoshop. and there are lots of bonus perks to earning points which allow you to have access to shouting out your own server or accessing special roles!
We have bots to prevent spam, we have channels to talk in, play bot games in, and post art and memes in!
-a small community but lots of potential.
“At my school we work hard to reform societies worse children by teaching them the importance of discipline and respect.”

-Dr. Vincent Himes

This school is home to the world's worst juvenile criminals. Holding kids from as young as 14 to as old as 19. No one knows what goes down in the school and it seems that no one really cares… but there is one thing for sure... whoever gets enrolled here never leaves.

☮️ JoJo's Bizarre Lounge ♡
A server dedicated to JoJo worship but is open for all discussions.

- Fun bots
- Lots of emotes
- Great and chill community
This is a new server based on hugs. If you are feeling down and you're in the need of some hugs or you just enjoy them, you should join this server. We are LGBT friendly and new members are welcomed with hugs as well uwu <3

Anime themed server.
The clans have to decide to join forces or fight solo with the threat of two legs coming to steal the young and old . If the clans band together they share all land equally if they fight alone they keep their land and fight against the two legs and other clans. How it may go depends on the decisions made. You also have other animals you have to defend your clan against

( you are able to make make a human character here to, they are also inside the rp but it's a majority warrior cat based . All roles are open at the moment )
The year is 850 BBY. The Galactic Republic has ruled the galaxy peacefully for over a century. This era has been designated as the Great Peace of the Republic. Though not all is quiet. Over the years while the Republic has been growing and branching out colonies into the outer rim the system of Mandalore has been in quiet chaos. With Hutts and raiders taking planet after planet. With dark forces operating on the fringes of the system. With Republic colonies and influence branching as far as the planet Mandalore itself the Mandalorian way of life is at risk of being overwhelmed and exterminated. With no legendary Mandalore to rally the clans, the last bastion of the Mandalorians has sent out its last and only fleet. In hopes to restore order to the Mandalorian worlds. Saving their way of life as they know it. Join the fleet and rise through the ranks, prove yourself as a true Mandalorian and leave your mark on the galaxy forever.
The three clans of the New Forest are striving, learning the extent of their Elemental Powers and the ways of the clans. But during the full moon everything goes dark, a quiet settles on the clans. The cats go home confused and they wake up the next morning thinking everything is alright, however it’s not, their powers are weakening and fast. Will the clans who’ve always had Elements to assist them be able to survive without them? Will they figure out why their powers are disappearing?

Welcome to Laws of Nature, a literate warrior cats roleplay server based on the books by Erin Hunter. However these aren’t normal cats, they have Elemental abilities. Powers beyond their dreams. We are a new sever and would love to have to guys join us and help us grow.
✨Hello!! ^^ Good Vibes Inc. is a small, friendly server. ✨
The staff looks out for our members and try to help out in anyway we can! We currently have:
•Music Bots
•A Rant Channel
•Self-Assignable and Color Roles
•Helpful Staff
•Level System
•Pokémon Bot
•Welcoming and Friendly Community

Come and join us and we’ll welcome you with open arms! <3
In a world full of death and crazed ghostly creatures called Dusk, Join one of the last sanctions in the world by adding your own Ocs here to help fill out roles in this cyberpunk fantasy city, including the job to hunt down these Dusk.

Warning: Mature subjects are always active. ( Drugs, violence, and laws)

Let's hop aboard the Crazy Train and take that fucker all the way to Crazy Land. If you have ever been in one of those indoor child play areas with roughly fifty kids running around like Auschwitz after its liberation then imagine that but with hentai, shitty jokes, un-amusing people and shitty depressing life stories. This is T-Posers Hellhole of Autism and much like the child's play area if you show your dick, you will get Banned.

Additional Information:

Discord's recent purge of undesirable servers has shown how they are against anyone right of centre, in response to this T-Posers Hellhole of Autism prides itself in being a bastion for absolute freedom of speech with the only exception being the incitation of violence against an individual and the posting of private information.

That being said the server takes a strong stance against, political violence, terrorism, and illegal behaviour of all kinds. Anyone who believes in these, advocates for these, or engages in these should not join the server.

Enough of the serious talk, What does the server have to offer?

Meet new people. Learn sincerity. Laugh at nonsense. Create art. Read good books. Study history, literature, culture, philosophy, and political science in depth. Engage in self-reflection. Write about it. Think up new possible ways forward that will resonate with intelligent, sane, and well-adjusted people. Stop being cringey internet racists [And no I don't mean 'Racist' in the way leftists use it] and become the man [or Woman] you ought to be while meeting likeminded individuals.
ReadyforRamen has opened up his very own ramen shop. So come on down and meet us and eat some ramen!
First of all, no, this roleplay does not include demons or angels, the name is just there to show the differences between the two species of creatures. Gods rule this world, a very mysterious one for ‘’Hell’’ and two for ‘’Heaven’’. Creatures of Hell are looked down upon by the gods of Heaven because of how savage and rabid they are and Kanopo(one of the gods of Heaven) is currently trying to erase them from the minds of the creatures from Heaven. Hell and Heaven do not know about each other at all and are separated by a belt of three mountains. Hell is like a natural Canadian forest with summer, bugs, storms and etc. Heaven is a beautiful jungle without the bad stuff in a jungle. Hell has two groups of creatures, the Group of Faith who believe that heaven exists and that the god of Hell exists. The Group of Truth doesn’t believe that Heaven or the god of Hell exist. In the jungle paradise that is Heaven, a group of rebels, called Praising Group, are trying to take over Heaven. I am very happy to welcome you all with open arms!
The Nintendo Talk is a community server for all things gaming! We have discussions and fun with all things gaming, such as Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and more! We also have memes, NSFW for your waifus, and more! Join the talk!
**NOBODY TELLS YOU WHEN YOU DIE. It just happens.** Maybe that’s why you are a nobody. You don’t choose how, or when, or who’s hand to die by, but you know *One* thing.

*Its the end*

*Upon hallowed Hand and the moon that shines thy light upon the graves to which the darkness rises upon tainted bite.
You drink, and drink and drink but yet no satisfaction upon the gaze you cast-
Upon ivory skin replaced peach like tones, to which infection had betrothed. Infinity upon infinity is a second too late.
For the clock stoped working, just like your heart. For when the bloody beast struck, years apart.
To this day you wander, to this day you cry, on thy hands and knees, looking up and begging, asking.*

“What is it like to die?”

Welcome to Las Vegas, land of casinos, gambling and strip gloves and everything is way overpriced. Las Vegas is well known for its nightlife, of course with its stunning Luxor Casino and other things, it’s the ultimate rich place. Good wine, good food, good… eating. The vampires have three rules.
-Don’t turn a child.
-Don’t get greedy
-Don’t EVER risk the safety of the species by giving the human suspicion.

The reason for these rules? To keep the vampires safe. The humans are fine not knowing about about the creatures that roam the night beside them, to which increases as the city gets ever so more… popular. But of course when the vampires struck, the demons had to join in and the werewolves couldn’t help but join in the fun. The amount of supernatural beings is unnerving the council, threatening the last and final rule. Don’t raise suspicion. And of course… some people just don’t bloody care.
A Fresh and New Warrior roleplay that takes place on cursed lands!

Three leaders fought for nonstop war and cats paid the price when Starclan set an everlasting curse on each territory!
!! Explore the jungle with Tangleclan !!
!! Beat the tundra's beastly weather with Glacierclan !!
!! Survive against the heat of the desert in Duneclan !!

Join in on the action and move our server once step closer to interesting plots and awesome contests!
Brand new nitro emote server with 30 Kermit emotes and more to come! There's also bots to waste time on and an NSFW channel.
A group for people interested in hacking, programming, and/or anime. We have a team of great individuals that can help you with many questions you have and will try their best to satisfy your needs. And of course you can forget our loads of anime and weeb conversations and memes.

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Traangas Traangas
Mga Pagsusuri
☆w☆ ☆w☆
Mga Pagsusuri
Fate Aberration
Though the idea of Grand Servants in a grail war seems ridiculous, it's surprisingly an interesting idea and the way they've set up the system makes it so that the other servants actually stand a chance.
As for plot, it's an almost original minus the whole America thing. In my honest opinion pretty good!
Maiko Maiko
Mga Pagsusuri
Strength and fortitude
Alright, so first of all...

The reviews lower than 2 stars are from the people that tried to overturn the server after it was destroyed the first time. Specifically Akini's, they're toxic and fake screenshots to slander people.

Anyway...amazing people and a strong server, regardless of some bad eggs who get banned anyway.
YkrOpChik YkrOpChik
Mga Pagsusuri
Давно шукав щось подібне
sleepymanakete♡ sleepymanakete♡
Mga Pagsusuri
Really nice server!
I've been on this server for a few days and the channels are organized very well. The server feels welcoming and the community is nice!

Not really an important issue but some of the words on the "banned list" are really odd. For an example, "gay" and "lesbian". I know its stated it depends on the context but still weird to see them on there and think its unnecessary as people should use their common sense on ho they use certain words.
Skull Skull
Mga Pagsusuri
Amazing place for get design stuff
If you are looking to get high quality designs stuff this it’s your place.

giveaways and rewards on it to get it also free!
Ps. the quality is very very at high levels!

But also if you are a designer beginner and you need advice or suggestions u will get a great support!

✌️The server got built recently
NERF bastion NERF bastion
Mga Pagsusuri
FUN house of hornynes
PeteyK PeteyK
Mga Pagsusuri
Beats advertisement server ever!
Join this server i love it! the server has over 1000 (1k) members and it is so help full i got loads of more people to join my server from it!
TheKioshi TheKioshi
Mga Pagsusuri
Great server
This server is very active though out the day and also kind, respectful, caring to everyone who joins
UuuuWooo UuuuWooo
Mga Pagsusuri
Really Enjoyable Server
This server is great Lots of people lots of pokemon. everyone is nice and help each other out it is really and Enjoyable server lots of fun.
RM ( God of Destruction) RM ( God of Destruction)
Mga Pagsusuri
Preponderancy Preponderancy
Mga Pagsusuri
An excellent ROBLOX community.
I've been with them for quite awhile now and worked my way all the way up to Administrator; this server is a ton of fun, people are funny & host regularly.