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hi, my name's ashley and this is a fanbase that was suggested among one of my best friends

it's a pretty small fanbase as of right now, though we'd to love meeting new loves at our server
we have ramen memes, a kirby cult, some quality clean memes and lots more including almost 15 bots! truly love to meet new people and see some of what their interests are..
be sure to check out the server and if you do come,
stay hydrated, perfect and remember you're a lovely one :)
A server where Bot Commands run your life!
*Ahem* Hello you Despair lovers, welcome to Danganronpa V4 Despair Overflow, A place where the killing game continues, in the OG location, Hopes Peak Academy! Every Character From the Danganronpa Series is in this! Also Ocs(Original Characters), Also People Can Be Izuru Kamukura Project Ocs. Also..Try Not To Get Killed! Because Its Kill Or Be Killed..! Upupupu!
╔═══════ ೋღ :hibiscus: ღೋ ═══════╗
✜ ωєℓ¢σмє тσ ραяα∂ιѕє ✜
╚═══════ ೋღ :hibiscus: ღೋ ═══════╝
This server is simply a server for BTS fans to join together and make friends!
It is currently a very small and quaint server but we're looking for members to make the server GROW!
✜ We assure you, the people here are very friendly! <3
✜ We have bots that you can communicate and play games with!
✜ And different channels, as well as an art channel where you can show your creativity!
✜ All in all, I hope you join our wonderful server, and..
╔═══════ ೋღ :hibiscus: ღೋ ═══════╗
✜ ωєℓ¢σмє тσ ραяα∂ιѕє ✜
╚═══════ ೋღ :hibiscus: ღೋ ═══════╝
Set in the Black Forest of Germany, on the borders of a lake, lies a secluded camp for those gifted in the magical arts. Nearby attractions include german pubs, hiking, and magical creatures hidden among the flora surrounding the camp. This camp holds the remnants of a comet that once struck the ground there in the early first century, during the times of the Roman Empire and roaming germanic tribes. A village of mages was crushed by the impact of the comet and so a new village, dedicated to housing those worthy enough to train and improve their magical abilities. It evolved into a camp made for those who did not have a place in society.

Spring forward to the year 2018, and the once thriving hideaway for mages and creatures of all magical sorts is now a boarding school for gifted humanoid youths. Adolescents flock to the camp like moths to an open flame.
(One can visit the neighboring village of Neunringen to partake in local festivals as well as enjoy the local pubs or even dive into the marketplace to find that rare item you’ve been seeking.)

While some come to the camp already possessing powers, some may find that the camp itself is key to discovering what potential lay within them. This is where the Black Forest Temple comes in, a cave-like structure set into a large outcrop of granite jutting up from the forest floor. Inside lay eleven statues, representing the different celestial elements each power gets it namesake from. Each is imbued with a crystal from the original comet that crashed over a thousand years ago.

Join this camp for an opportunity to experience magic, drama, romance, and more! Will you use Dark Magic like an angsty SOB, or will you use Light Magic and rain hellfire down upon your enemies?

-Extensive lore
-Very developed powers/magic that's both complex yet easy to RP with if you're new to the whole RP thing
-LGBT+ friendly romances
-Literate roleplay (but always down to teach newbies ;D)
-Active staff or discorders always down to RP
-Plenty of channels for your creative smol hearts
-Constant plot and events to keep RP stimulated!

We keep an eye out for OPness but we have fun. Free form RP for everybody with a developed universe! Don't be worried though, if you join, you won't regret it! We promise.

We boast cool lore and powers for you like Dark Magic, Healing Magic, Telekinesis, Mind Magic, Invisibility & Stealth, and much, much more. Have fun roleplaying with us!
Friendly/No hate community for League of Legends. A great place to meet new people and make new friends and a fast growing community.
Poro Paradise is a League of Legends based discord server. Our main purpose is to help build friendships with a little competition/fun events while on/off the rifts of league of legends.

Poro Paradise also strives to be clean and organized. To make sure we accomplish this we have planned out and scheduled events such as Custom 5v5 Inhouses, Movie Nights, and more. As for bot optimization.. Not only do we include your standard bots for music.. We also have league bots for builds, counters, and updates on new patches!

Poro Paradise is looking for active and friendly individuals!

- We do not discriminate against rank/everyone is welcomed!
- The community is very friendly and higher ranks typically will give tips to help you improve!

We just hit 1000 members and are constantly growing!

*What do we do Offer?

Organized Weekly Custom Inhouses (Mon,Wed,Fri)
Organized Movie Nights - Every Saturday!
Draft Pick, Solo/Duo Queue, 5v5 Flex
LFG Organization for ease of use finding a duo partner
League of Legends Bots to enhance your LoL experience
Pokecord (If you're a pokemon fan)
Steam Group - PubG/Deceit/BlackSquad/RocketLeague (Fun break time from league)
Giveaways for reaching milestones including RP Giveaways/Steam Codes.
Fun Anime/Gif bots for an enhanced experience
Anime Nights
Movie Nights

*Features coming soon!

Tournaments - COMING SOON
Improved Coaching Category within the server - COMING SOON
Scribblio Nights - COMING SOON
Karaoke Nights - COMING SOON

Join Today!
The Astral - a lost place for lost creatures.

There is no sun, no real stars and no moon. But everything stays the same. The rain and snow still come, though cloudless, and the waves still shift. And even as the cliffside ends, as the fog and sea flourish into the darkened abyss, the Lost still come, and the land grows.

- - - - -
Welcome to ‘The Astral’, a place that features a large play space for roleplaying! This server consists of a village, a manor, and a large wilderness, additional to some rooms exclusively just for people to converge, talk and discuss things outside of Roleplay ! We provide over 40 roleplay spaces, though some of them are role exclusive.

We invite anyone that's interested to enter and have a look around!
What happens when Captain America gets tired of fighting? What happens when Tony Stark gets too worn out to put on the suit? Or when the Black Widow can't manage to charm her way out of a sticky situation? Who will be there to step up and fill the shoes of the greatest heroes on the planet? That is when the next generation of heroes must step in and don the title of Avenger in the name of justice and to keep the Earth protected from those whom threaten it.

Welcome to the Avengers Academy where those chosen students study to gain the skills and know-how to effectively perform the duties that are expected of them. The heroes everyone knows and loves are here to guide them along the way, but there will surely be more than a few bumps in the road. Between homework, crushes, and trying to sort out and control their powers these kids have big shoes to fill and a lot of lessons to learn.

The students will have to learn the unfairness of life plus how to take out seven enemies with their bare hands. They will learn what heartbreak is when their crush rejects them and when they lose a comrade.

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Could you stand amongst the world's greatest heroes?
We're just ya' average, chillin' out discord group. We're not the largest community, but we're constantly changing the server for our community's benefits.
Star Kingdom is a community fandom server that encourage a friendly and safe environment for all our member*. We are a new community which focus on MLP, anime, tv shows and gaming. We welcome members from **all fandoms** to join us! Everyone is valuable and means alot to us!
This is a chat for pokemon,dragon ball z,or any other anime server .This server is fun and you get good laughs out of it there is a catagory made for anime , dragon ball z and pokecord, catagorys for popular gancha games.
For the pokecord people we have gyms and the elite 4 with you becoming a champion but it would be a tough run
We have voice chats for even fortnite gamers to chat while playing duos or squads
If you enjoy all those kind of content please consider joining

In the modern ages, the supernatural and the fantastical creatures of myth have retreated to the shadows, but they are still a surprising forefront to the real world. Azrzael Cooperations and Igneous Industries, one ran by the three factions of The Forsaken, The Aqualus, and The Terreus and the other ran by The Ignitus are leading in innovation and occupy Galena, a large city akin to Los Angeles that is a magical hotspot. The wilderness and towns surrounding it are common locations for wandering magic users. Perhaps the supernatural can come into the real world once and for all or will the conflict between them and the Ignitus and the Outcasts bring down the others?

We feature the following:

◇ A friendly community for all levels of skill at roleplay.
◇ 13 playable races, as of right now, as well as 5 factions.
◇The ability to help us incorporate new species, lores, and conflicts as we go along.
◇A modern fantasy supernatural roleplay with active admins and owners.
◇Plenty of leadership roles for characters available.

Join us and help us expand our world!
Want a server where you can be yourself and meet people? Want a server where you can feel comfortable talking and sharing NSFW? Want a server where people will know who you are? This might be the server for you. Come FLASH with us
Furry server for the best fluffs only.
Prefers mature, civil & active members.
Contains hypers, fat fluffs & vore.
Non-furry profile images are insta-banned.

Searching for more high quality fluffs to take care of here! Got over 130 so far.

Only the best members are kept though, non-furries, unpleasant or inactive ones are going to be removed.

Very active medium sized server averaging between 1,000 & 3,000 total messages most days lately.

Channels for general talking, images, artwork, music, VC & RP are all available.

SFW content is available upon joining, NSFW content is allowed for mature aged members later.

Supports: Friendly fluffs, Pokéfurs, SFW or NSFW art, RP or ERP, most fetishes/kinks such as Fat-Furs, Hyper & Vore.

Denies: Non-furries, advertizing, immaturity, shitposting, depression, memes, bots.
Are you looking for a nice server which welcomes everyone? Well, look no futher! We are Edo Dawn, a chill community server themed around anime. We want the server to be a hub for developing your interests and hobbies, sharing your creations, as well as finding new friends and over all having a good time! We also host weekly events which range from anime watch-alongs to gaming events. We hope to see you soon!

(We are also strong supporters of cute anime girls.)
(A Work In Progress Server) A community chat where all fluffs at any age can come and join the fun~! We have all sorts of fun planned for any fluffs, such as NSFW content, SFW art/Images, Music, Advertisement To other servers, and Assistants! Remember, this is a server in progress. much more Furry content coming soon~! Furries of all kind are always welcomed~!
✞ Sinful edgy meme-based community
✞ PC gaming & mobile friendly
✞ Fun VC conversations nightly (CST)
✞ Nsfw chats fit for the devil
✞ Friendly single Christian boys and girls ;)
✞ Anime weeb trash
✞ Sin repenting
✞ And so much more!

✙Join today and become one of us!✙

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Spookferos Spookferos
Mga Pagsusuri
Great fun!
This small but great server is a great place. Friendly admin, nice members and a cool custom gym bot!
Dad Dad
Mga Pagsusuri
Not all that great once you join.
I just joined today while I was in search of a new place, but as I am writing this review I most definitely have already left this server. The description they posted on Disboard seemed really promising, and I felt those words because I used to be in that same situation with my old servers: tirelessly welcoming new people, making sure there was activity, etc. But as soon as I stepped in, there was already a pointless "argument/convo" between a mod and a partnered member not too far up in the chat. I proceeded to write a short intro about myself and all of a sudden someone underneath my post decided to say "anyone who doesn’t have DM’s are open in their intro" in THEIR intro post. Just because I included it in mine? Which is a safe thing to do, btw. The mod who argued earlier isn't friendly at all (not sure why someone like that is a mod), and neither are some members. I wanted to help this place out as a new member but I guess not. I didn't feel comfortable with the atmosphere overall. They may as well edit their server description and add that "they're super meme-y and toxic" for a server. It's definitely not a community.

[10/10/18 Edit]: The people above me are trying to defend the server with a fake positive review. One of them at least. After they were reading mine, they believe that the main focus in my review was because of an "argument" that I witnessed. That's not really the whole point. No one in that server is mature enough, and it's literally just full of shitposting maymays and young people. The Disboard description they provided tries hard to aim for that "community" aspect, but it's not a community for those who are literally seeking for one where its friendly and you can actually feel respected. It sure is a community for people who are heavily invested in being living memes though. So don't call it a community or act like you want to be a community when in reality, you're not. Just literally change the server description so people won't make the mistake of joining this place. And if you keep it up with this fake act, then I can guarantee that it will push newcomers and OG members away.
yeet yeet
Mga Pagsusuri
Super nice server
Friendly ppl
ardil3sz ardil3sz
Mga Pagsusuri
cel mai blana
da, eu am facut acest review
Cuddles <3 Cuddles <3
Mga Pagsusuri
Great concept. Horrid practice. Server owner, no experience.
Hello. I have decided to write an honest, polite and constructive review of this server.

The first thing I would like to mention is that I feel the owner is heavily inexperienced. There is always room for improvement, however, at the present time (17th of August, 2018) I would not recommend this server, nor expect great quality.

Initially, the lack of experience is already conveyed in how the owner has written a false review of themselves. I have compared the Discord ID's between the first review made by HyrionArtz#2768 and the server owner. They are the same. The owner has provided themselves with a 5-star review simply because "Cuz it is my own furry community server. :3". This is a heavy form of misinterpretation in regards to the rating.

The second aspect of the owner having poor experience is evident in the rules they've set:
- It takes 13 different rules that are quite worded to ask members to be respectful. - In two words, I've summed up 13 different things. "Be respectful".
- Rule 6. "Advertisement/Solicitations Advertisement(s) of ANY kind are prohibited.". Rules are enforced to maintain a certain structure within the community. However, there are 3 channels were advertising is ENCOURAGED. It is even ACKNOWLEDGED amongst the rules that forbid it. AND beyond that, the owner ADVERTISES their own social media in the servers #ABOUT channel. #about is meant to be a description of the server and its purpose.

And on a further note, there are several channels utilized as a divider between channels because the owner lacks the ability to categorize channels.

[] Security
The servers rules make a note regarding server radiers. Interestingly, no precaution has been taken to prevent raiders from entering and spamming the server. There is NO member processing. There is NO introduction requirement. It is purely open. As a member (about to leave) this displays the effort of the owner and their staff. And that effort is near to nothing.

Overall, horrible practice and the owner has no experience.
WalkingPixel WalkingPixel
Mga Pagsusuri
I love turtles. Thats it really nothing more to say
Turtles are awesome and i really enjoy the fun we all can have in a community of turtle members :D
Digital Devil Digital Devil
Mga Pagsusuri
Hindsight Is 20/20
Gave this place a shot without checking the reviews first because they are usually pointless and ended up wishing I had. Can confirm it's a waste of time joining. Hopefully others will be smarter than I was and check the reviews.
chartart chartart
Mga Pagsusuri
An Amazing RP Server
The server truly lives up to its reputation as being a literate, lore-driven roleplay server. With multiple classes and races to choose from, there is a great amount of character diversity that adds another level of interest to the roleplay. In addition, there are many engaging events and additions to lore put together by a helpful, supportive staff. Overall, this is the perfect server for those looking for a high-quality place to roleplay in.
Sgil Sgil
Mga Pagsusuri
Best RP server!
Zen University is well made and designed. There's very little I could possibly nitpick. The staff is friendly and there's a blog to help out with anything you need. Please check ZU out, you won't regret it.
៣འ. អ ៣འ. អ
Mga Pagsusuri
Best for Gamers
Most played games and gamers from all around the world in all age, gender, language. A 24*7 active server ✌
Delta ∆ Delta ∆
Mga Pagsusuri
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Momiji The White Wolf? I thought not. It’s not a story the crows would tell you. It’s a tengu legend. Darth Momiji was an Awoo Lord of the wolf girls, so powerful and so wise she could use the Force to influence the midi-awoos to create life… She had such a knowledge of the Awoo side that she could even keep the ones she cared about from not awooing. The Awoo side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. She became so powerful… the only thing she was afraid of was losing her Youkai Mountain, which eventually, of course, she didn't. Fortunately, she taught her wolf girls everything she knew, then her wolf girls awoo'd while she sleeps. Ironic. She could Awoo others from sleep, but not herself.