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A new dating server in which you should join to meet that special someone, or
just chill.

This server is MovieStarPlanet related


What we offer

- An easier way to find offers for items you are trading
- Giveaways
- Invite rewards
- Friendly community

Looking for a way to easily share files? Try out this platform! It's completely free :)
Welcome to the logicflame MC network
This network features Factions(1.8.9+), Survival(1.13.2),Prisons(1.8.9+) and Event hosted every Sunday
we have a fun Community, modified gameplay, and a safe environment
We are always making key upgrades to make sure your gameplay is as good as it should be
Moons ago, four clans lived together peacefully: The water clans known as CoralClan and GrottoClan, and the land clans Voidclan and Spireclan. They were in equal balance, their territories prospering and quarrels small. However, this soon changed. Grottoclan and Voidclan had always been seen as the more greedy of the four, wracked with a history of vicious leaders and wrong choices, the two were not satisfied with their territory. They allied together, and attempted to drive the other two clans out.

Despite the newfound alliance between Spireclan and Coralclan, it was obvious that Grottoclan and Voidclan were winning. Starclan was forced to intervene. To restore balance, their territory was cast to the elements. Voidclan's prosperous forests and mountains burned, reduced to ash by a series of wildfires. Grotto, graced by swirling plains and vibrant rivers, was torn up by the sea, flooding their land. The two now had no choice but to take refuge from their ruined territory. This refuge was found underground, in a expanding series of tunnels and caves beneath their territory, which is now where they lay. Anger and desperation stirs in the aftermath of war, and another may just soon be on its way.

Welcome to Divided Isles!
We are a warrior cat roleplay server that takes place on an archipelago, starring two unique tunneling clans and two island clans. Each clan has their own unique powers and magic is woven into this world. We have:
- High Ranks available
- Friendly staff team
- LGBT+ Supportive and runned
- IdleRPGbot and reaction roles
- Powers, magic, and detailed lore!
- New server; constantly expanding community
**Welcome To Mobile Football Gaming**

⚽️ In this server we welcome all people who play mobiles game that are football related!

⚽️ PES Mobile, FIFA Mobile, Soccer Manager, Football Manager, and Dream League Soccer are all games we talk about here

⚽️ We also have lots of bots in which you can enjoy listening to music, playing trivia, and more!

⚽️ Finally, we also have server events such as gaming leagues which will be going on!

Join Mobile Football Games to talk about Football Games you play on your mobile devices!
Der Can Wick Community Discord ist ein Discord Server, welcher für den deutschen YouTuber Can Wick erstellt wurde.
Hello welcome to the cumpeny here we play games 🖥and work📝 together and remember this is not a clan but I hope that you will join and remember you are always welcome here!🎉
En este servidor podrás encontrar una comunidad 0% tóxica;

💰 Hay una moneda en el servidor que se consigue interactuando dentro del servidor de Discord con la cual podrás canjear pavos y otros premios!

🎯 Miles de personas las cuales estarán dispuestas a jugar contigo a Fortnite u otros juegos, muchas salas para entrar con tus amigos, rangos, experiencia, roles, sorteos de pavos y eventos cada día,

¿Qué esperas para unirte? Te esperamos! 🤗
҉҉҉҉҉ 『ɪɴꜰᴇʀɴᴏ』 ҉҉҉҉҉҉

Bonjour/Bonsoir laissez moi vous présenter le serveur de publicités Française __**Inferno 100% Publicitaire **__


¥**Ce serveur permet de mettre en valeur à travers ces salons des serveur Discord ou bien YouTube, Twitch et tous type de propagande via sa multitude de salons pour satisfaire tous les membres .**¥

Nous disposons de** plus de 25 salon pour vos publicités, que se soit pour des publicités Discord ou bien d'autre type

Nous organisons **__de façon hebdomadaire des giveaway et jeu__** pour avoir une ambiance saine, entre nos membres.

Nous sommes ouverts à** tous partenariat ou échange publicitaire** ainsi qu'à des** recrutement au sain de notre Staff**🚨


🤖 §Une multitude de __**Bots**__
🎁 §Des __**Event**__ A des dates annoncée directement sur le serveur.
🎊 §Des __**Give Away**__ toutes le semaines.
🥊 §Un staff mature et impartial [Sinon je les tapes]
🎉 § Un système de Reward pour les plus actif


Nous souhaitons nous expendre et **rentrer dans le top FR des serveur publicitaires **et nous sommes déjà à la moitié du chemin pour __la 10èmes places__, et cela grâce à nos membre actuel, **alors voulez vous rejoindre l'aventure ? **

__**↬Le lien du serveur **__ • 🔑

**¦¦¦Annonce actuelle¦¦¦**
[ évent jeu d'hiver Fini ; Event 500 membres fini ; Recherche staff en cours] ✅
Dies ist der offizielle Discord Server von Valzare.

Was gibt es auf unserem Server?
Neuigkeiten, Minigames, Support usw.

Erkunde selbst und werde Teil meiner Community. Mein Team und ich freuen uns auf dich.
Espace de partage en construction ... Alpha V1.1.4

Intérêts partagés :
- Gaming
- Arts
- Finance
- Musique
- Politique
- Sport
- Adulte.s

Fin de l'instruction ...
Aeternal est un hameau chill et familial. Il accueille le peuple des izan.

Pour rentrer sur le serveur vous devez avoir plus de 18 ans, mais nous sommes tolérants, nous acceptons les plus de 16 ans.

🔑 Attention 🔑
Pour avoir accès au serveur, vous devez avoir le cœur accroché ! Notre serveur dispose d'un système de vérification inédit (mais amusant) : un mini jeu de piste ! Donc si tu n'es pas prêt à consacrer quelques secondes et quelques secondes pour rentrer sur le serveur, ne clique pas (simple conseil pour t'éviter de te faire perdre ton temps).

Si tu décides de cliquer, je te souhaite bonne chance et nous espérons te voir très bientôt parmi nous, pour apprécier avec nous les bonnes choses de la vie tel que >insérez ici jsp< !
We're a friendly Gacha community,we share and do fun contents together. Join us help this community grow :D

StandVille is currently in development.
StandVille is a Roblox JoJo game with many of HFTF's aspects. The game will feature many different stands/abilities throughout the entirety of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The map will be quite large and spacious, with lots of room to fight other players. There will also be some areas around the map where players may 1v1, 2v2 or even 3v3 in arenas that vary in size. The combat system won't be gentle to inexperienced players, but not too complicated where its to the point that your brain hurts. In order to obtain a stand, the player must use a Stand Arrow, the method for obtaining certain stands will be changed in the future.

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Afael Afael
Mga Pagsusuri
Un univers simple mais efficace et développé
Un serveur RP avec une communauté actif. Il s'y passe pas mal de chose et le nombre de personnage sont assez nombreux et diversifié. La modération est cool. Seul bémol, il y a parfois une trop grande présence de drama, généralement à cause des autres personnages. Il reste cependant un serveur qualitatif avec un univers bien travaillé et qui évolue constamment. Il est totalement possible qu'un joueur se propose pour travailler le lore et le développer ! Je recommande.
13 araw na nakalipas
TheSkyWinds TheSkyWinds
Mga Pagsusuri
Cool server
Has a nice community, and it isn't too strict regarding the rules about banter. The only thing i find somewhat bothersome is the amount of effort to try and get money out of you. Pretty cool server overall
16 araw na nakalipas
1 1
Buryalive Buryalive
Mga Pagsusuri
Bon server
j'aime beaucoup ce server anglais pour furries, les gens y sont acceuillants et les activités sont bien gérées
38 araw na nakalipas
4 6
Il Lato Perverso dell'Universo Il Lato Perverso dell'Universo
Mga Pagsusuri
Recensione del server da parte di Comodino alias Commodo Aurelio
Se cercate un server in cui fare Roleplay bene e non alla cazzo di cane questo è il posto giusto per voi. La prova di ammissione per essere dei veri e propri utenti è facile ma difficile per chi non ha fatto mai del RP seriamente, permettendo così di avere solamente utenti che sanno il fatto loro. Lo staff è disponibile e gentile, una componente fondamentale in ogni server. I canali del server sono ben ordinati, magari all'inizio si possono avere difficoltà solo per i canali del Roleplay. Ora passiamo alla Role vera e propria:

Il sistema di combattimento di quest'ultima è il migliore che io abbia mai visto all'interno di un server Roleplay. Ogni elemento è estremamente preciso, dai tipi di ferite e tipi di danni fino all'ambiente.

I nemici sono fatti benissimo, mentre il comportamento dei nostri personaggi dipende da noi. Ovviamente fare delle cazzate con il proprio PG comporterà severe punizioni, sia in combattimento che non. Tra i vari PG possono esserci storie amorose e può scappare una trombata notturna(usate il preservativo però, please), ma ciò può avvenire solo se si fa un ottima Role e dopo tanto tempo.

In conclusione come detto già all'inizio della recensione, se cercate un Server Roleplay fatto come si deve questo è il posto giusto!
61 araw na nakalipas
Titi♡ Titi♡
Mga Pagsusuri
global anime très bien
je kiff ce server, il y a plein de personnes sympa et le staff est à l'écoute. Je recommande le server
81 araw na nakalipas
Mga Pagsusuri
Great server
This server is a great server that has all your needs for animal crossing and the community is great. whether you want to trade or you want to play and make friends this server is amazing.
89 araw na nakalipas
lol lol
Mga Pagsusuri
fun and chill
funny memes and great new server also i really liked the dank memer bot. there a what chain which is just weird but ok cursed images are very cursed
192 araw na nakalipas
Geometrican Geometrican
Mga Pagsusuri
Black clover server with topic at hand.
Many Cool knowledgeable people about Black Clover are fit in to this server, that will make talking about your theories or of the manga/anime overall fun, server has very nice and fun BC emotes and is filled with other basic features you'd expect a good server to have, If you read this far there's no way you're not going to come anyways, see you around.

-Server Nitro Booster.
269 araw na nakalipas
dekky dekky
Mga Pagsusuri
Great Server Would recommend!
Yes, this is my server. BUT you should still join because we offer great free advertising! You can even get your server promoted by us! FOR FREE!
377 araw na nakalipas
Christopher Christopher
Mga Pagsusuri
Bad Staff
First of all it says in the rules that racism isn't allowed. There was this member that posted a picture joking about the holocaust. I asked a staff member to remove it, but they refused, and they said that it's okay to joke about that type of stuff.
447 araw na nakalipas
WaterSauter WaterSauter
Mga Pagsusuri
Great Server
Great server, met lots of new, kind, fun-loving people. Everyone's always welcoming and happy when someone new shows up. Would reccomend
561 araw na nakalipas
5 2
KotSerafin KotSerafin
Mga Pagsusuri
One of the greatest!
Definitely an active server! Lots of people, and the earning points system is just amazing! You can actually buy games with the points u earn on the server, isn´t amazing? People there are nice! The administration welcomes new people by theirselfs, wich is really a nice and sweet thing to do!
Would be a 5-star if only there was more people talking in english chat.
Otherwise, I love all the events and people there. c:
You should come by and see by yourself
593 araw na nakalipas