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DISBOARD ay ang lugar kung saan maaari mong ilista/mahanap ang mga server ng Discord .

Mag hanap at sumali ng mga kahanga-hangang servers na naka lista dito.

O pag-login at idagdag ang iyong server kung ikaw ay may-ari ng server 😎

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Discord Servers na namakailan nag Bumped

Nous disposons de 3 grands thèmes de Hentai/Porn qui sont Girl/Boy/Mixte. Dans ces thèmes il y a du Yuri/Yaoi, Cosplay, Furry, Trap, Futa et tout ce qu'il y a de plus basique. Pour se diversifier le plus possible, il y a des channels dédiés au Gaming, Anime et RP NSFW. Si vous êtes un artiste, vous pourrez partager vos œuvres de n'importe quel type qu'il soit.
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A community gaming channel where we bring in all forms of gamers an groups into a single community or server and have fun! Feel free to join us, mingle with us, and play some games with us!
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Urarakasa (Serenity) is a newly made server for furries and even non-furries that include many things such as fursuitings, arts, quote of the day, and so much more. We're looking for staff and active members, so don't be afraid to join! We may seem inactive for now, but we'll grow soon enough!
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We are a Christian server with a high focus on New World Order, deepstate, and spiritual (spiritual warfare, not New Age) topics.
Feel free to join!
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Hey, everyone! Welcome to the Kingdom of Dizune! Here in Dizune, we have all sorts of fun things, such as:
•Face reveal channel!
•Leveling systems!
•Game bots!
•Weeb bots!
•Joke bots!
•Bots that help protect the server ;)
•Several NSFW channels (only accessible through self roles, to allow SFW people to stay SFW)
•Ability to become part of the staff!
•Eagerness to partner with anyone!
•Soon, we’ll be trying to set up a give away system!
•A channel where you can suggest bots, new features, or anything you like!
What's more, you can join and give us your own ideas! Help build this growing server, and become a vital part of the community!
(Oh but wait, I'm not even done! There's more!)
We're also a huge role play server with a fantasy medieval setting.!We have a friendly team of administrators and moderators, and a Help Staff eager to get you started! This server is fun for people of all ages and all levels/tiers of role playing, and you're free to explore and have adventures as you please! Make friends, make enemies, get rich, or go broke. Fall in love or devote yourself to a religion. Join a guild, or make your own! So many choices, and so many ways to do them! Careful though... there's many ongoing events occurring, and some of them bring danger to the citizens of Dizune, especially those who make the wrong decisions....
Join today to see what plots we're coming up with, or just join for a light, casual role play. You can do either, or you can do both! Whatever you choose, you're definitely going to have fun.
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Welcome to Moisoi's Sunny Beach hotel! This server is really new, also meaning that we don't have much activity yet - but really, don't let that put up off. We're all lovely people and I hope you will just stick around and enjoy the fresh sea air and come play volleyball with us 😁

Let's be friends, come check in right on the spot!
2 minuto na nakalipas
The Hangout Spot is a community server established for the purpose of chatting, making new friends, having discussions, and last but not least, having fun!
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This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel.
3 minuto na nakalipas
Welcome to the Hentai World! Where you can dive into our world full of Hentai and other porn! But that's not all! We have much, much more! But it would be easier if we invited you to show you ourselves! What are you waiting for? Come join the fun!
3 minuto na nakalipas
Small tight knit server filled with people that have a knack for chatting, sarcasm, and bad insults. Join now if you’re looking for some new friends, gaming buddies, or possible love interest.. (15+)

Available here:
• Self-assignable roles
• Active people/chats
• No drama
• Simple rules
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3,000+ Members | Hentai & Anime | Self-Assigned Roles & a Leveling System | Waifu Bot & tons of hentai channels to post in.
4 minuto na nakalipas
Zapraszamy na polski serwer poświęcony World of Warships!
Posiadamy kanały tematyczne (oprócz NSFW), boty jak wszędzie które umilają spędzanie czasu wspólnie i jesteśmy otwarci na sugestię pamiętając że to ludzie budują społeczność :)
4 minuto na nakalipas
Welcome to Anime haven! A server filled with friendly people and easy to follow rules. Please make sure to stop by and grt involved with our friendly community ^^ all people are welcome!!
5 minuto na nakalipas
We are a recently set up RPing server with three members at the moment, the server is complete. The owner would really appreciate it if you were to join, all lore and rules are in the server if you would like to know more.
5 minuto na nakalipas
A fun social server with multiple NSFW and R34/RR34 channels!
6 minuto na nakalipas
Welcome to the Advertisement Server! We are for what the name says we’re for.

That’s right, we’re here for advertising your things! You can advertise things like:

-Discord servers

-YouTube channels

-Streaming channels

You can basically advertise anything, as long as it’s not NSFW or a virus link. Have fun getting all of your things known better!
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The greatest server for sharing, making, making new friends, or simply listening to music. A new server, meaning there are many high ranks to give out.
7 minuto na nakalipas
Casual Gaming and chill - We play a variety of games, Looking for active gamer's to join and hang out on a regular basis, this is a social community but aiming to grow into a place where theirs always people to game with and hang out in calls. Buy STEAM KEYS with in server currency. currently 800 members
7 minuto na nakalipas
⚪Join for friendly Roleplaying and socializing.
⚪Approx. 30 channels
⚪Hella dank memes inbound ;)
⚪We got some fabulous NSFW bots, too ;))
7 minuto na nakalipas
Hello welcome to the 💋playroom💋😝 we are a fun,friendly group although some of us may bite a little 😜 . this server is preferable a 16+
7 minuto na nakalipas
A growing discord server with friendly staff and users! Chill out and talk about whatever really.
7 minuto na nakalipas
A cute server with a really nice community! Café themed! Lots of games and fun features! We hope you'll join!
7 minuto na nakalipas
Why have a kingdom when you can have an E M P I R E ? ? ? The Dank Meme Empire focuses on making sure the internet isn't filled with cringe (destroying furries etc.).
7 minuto na nakalipas
Hello lovely we welcome you to our adorable server~

It's addrobale, friendly, cat loving server. Don't worry other animals are welcome too

Come make friends, cuddle in the cuteness, talk to other people about anime and games. Roleplay with others in our roleplay channel. Participate in our events. And the most important thing is to have fun!

We have 🐾
🐾Active owners
🐾Custom color roles
🐾Leveling system (roles have cute names)
🐾Growing server
🐾Cute emojis 💜
🐾Fun bots (Tatsumaki, Mantaro, and more)
🐾Plus more~ (we be happy to read if you have any suggestions)

Come check it out don't be shy. You'll be welcome with open arms~
8 minuto na nakalipas