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This server is for social gamers who play social games ☺️ Hotel hideaway, sky, zepeto club cooee, your all welcome! Also witches and demons welcome naturally my doors always open.
Our Community Is Mainly Focussed On Helping People To Get Nitro Who Doesnt Have It. We Do Daily Nitro Drops/Giveaways in General Channel. Also There Is Many Other Events Which Can Help You Get Nitro. If You Think Its Fake?Join And Check Out The Proof And Vouches Channel. I Know you Cant Resist To Not Join,So Come and Join Us Now and Have Fun!!!
~¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ 🔥FireCore🔥¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯~

FireCore to serwer o kontekście ,,Family Friendly,, Jesteśmy otwartymi ludźmi, chętnie zawieramy nowe znajomości oraz lubimy dużo pisać!

Oferujemy 🔥

• Aktywni ludzie
• Pomocna administracją
• Dużo życzliwości
• Konkursy, eventy etc.
• Rekrutację
• Wiele botów
• Różnorakie kanały
• Self-role
• Kanał roleplay

🔥Nadal nie jesteś przekonany/a?
Dostaniesz od nas ciepłe przywitanie!🔥
Welcome to Lovely's!

We are a Romance-based Role-play server, along with sociability.

We hope you stay with us upon our journey of role-playing and server growth!

ERP is allowed

Meme channel

Meme Oc's Allowed

NSFW channel

We also Accept characters from animes and fandoms.
We currently have some from;
Black Butler
Vampire Knight

Contact the owner: Sattire#8647
chillax is a community server that offers rp, gaming, and many other channels
come give us a try idk
Hey~ We are a chill and friendly community, come and hang out whit all of us! Make friends and maybe even more who knows?
Rp as a wolf, fox, elk, deer, cougar, raven, eagle, hare, or a park ranger! Live your life in the beautiful landscape of Yellowstone National Park
A server to come and make friends. Come ane share your content. We have a channel to advertise servers. We also try to host events when we can.
Many species around the world have recently been receiving superpowers... These species are called “Supernatural Beings”. All these supernaturals were taken from their homes and put into a laboratory. The U.S. government hired scientists to study on these supernaturals. The laboratory is as big as the city of Manhattan, with completely unbreakable walls. The laboratory has special rooms for every person, and has supplies shipped to it every month. The laboratory has classes to teach the younger subjects, which teachers are offered a high salary for. As a subject, you are tested on monthly, and as a scientist, you test on these “supernatural beings”. Overall, life is normal, besides the occasional testing.
Feet firmly planted on the ground we look up at a defiant sky, the dome of our existence. We see no fairness there, no sense of responsibility. Some days are dark, angry, bitter spitting rain, hail, fire and brimstone. Others calm, serene with light fluffy clouds as if there wasn't a care in the world. Why? I ask myself are some people drawn towards the former, and others towards the latter.
Welcome To ♡Meet Your Match♡! We Unfortunately Got Nuked At 1k.

≛》We have many channels where you can express yourself and talk with others 😁

≛》 We have experienced owners who have been on Discord for a while and are experienced with bots 🤯

≛》We know how to build a community and will adjust the server to what the members see fit 🤗

Join Meet Your Match!
welcome to almond milk and if your lonely and need new friends because your friends are bitches you should join
.・゜゜・.・゜゜**we are NOT alone** ・.・゜゜・.・゜゜・
**About us**
We are a chill community based around supporting & meeting people with many struggles in their lives, regardless of what it is we are here for you!

**What we offer**

✿ Weekly events
✿ Helping community
✿ Multiple Roles for you to select from
✿ Multiple Channels for you to talk in
✿ Games
✿ Movie nights
✿ Partnerships
✿ Support Channels
✿ Many commands for you to use
and a heck ton more!


We hope we've grabbed your attention. If so, we hope to see you soon!

Link Invite:
Roleplay with immense quality and character development in our canon-based BNHA server, as OCs or even your favorite characters from the canon universe!

Starting just before the Summer Training Camp prior to season 3, Purple caters to more developed and intricate villains, with carefully-crafted plots that you can plan along with us! We pride ourselves on our exclusively thorough audition process, for the sake of quality and ease that we want to bring to our community. Unlike other servers, Purple provides extensive but productive critiques for you and your character even, before you start roleplaying!

So, what's not to love about Purple? Need more convincing?
We highly encourage character development, unique quirks, and community feedback! If quality is what you're searching for, please consider giving our server a chance. Purple strives for a 'family' feel, where everyone in our community is willing to collaborate , help, and inspire each other.

Our server summary:
💜 A supportive and judgement-free community!
💜 A constructive environment where you can develop your writing skills with peer feedback!
💜 An array of dedicated, down-to-earth staff, willing to help with any issue!
💜 OC appreciation and inclusion!
💜 LGBT+ safe spaces!
💜 VILLAINS (Including villlain OCs!)
💜 A place to just hang out with other geeks and appreciate art, fics, and spoilers!

What are you waiting for? Get on in here and join in on the fun!
Remember to go beyond! Plus Ultra!
|| Factions || Post Apocalyptic || ERPs || Modern || Apartment System ||

2025: || Opening Dialogue ||
I’ll make this short and sweet. The good news? The world is in great fucking tip top shape. We’ve got Russia taking over Europe, and reforming the Soviet Union. The United States has been split into two, making the unholy CSA [Confederates Of America], and the DSA [Democratic States Of america]. It’s still unclear who made the Afflicted virus that completely divided the United States. One thing’s for sure though. Our world is completely fucked. Now then. Dismissed.

The ℙ𝕠𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕠𝕗 ℂ𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕔𝕥™ universe is an alternative history plot that shows the United States fallen under an unknown “afflicted” virus, also called syphon filter.
From just being a peaceful civilian that’s taking advantage of the CSA sex slave trade, to being a dedicated soldier and terrorist in the Syrian National Party, or even a scientist running experiments in the Shadow Company Corporation. . .there’s a plethora of activities to do. There are cities to explore, all with dedicated descriptions and channels. What will you do?

|| We offer the following, and so much more ||

✓ IRL gender is IRRELEVANT. Be whatever gender you want. When you want.
✓ Dedicated anti-raiding systems.
✓ Any type of RP lengths are fine!
✓ Leveling system to unlock new roles, ranks, classes.
✓ Apartment and Housing
✓ Classes, Vehicles, Weapons, to explore and use! [air, and land vehicles]
✓ Optional ERPs. Choose the role if you want it or not.
✓ An overall playful active community. Banter encouraged.
✓ Dedicated college student, fight club, and even professor roles
✓ Bounty system, slave system, and even a mission creating system!
✓ A huge range of both human, and non-human (afflicted) enemies to fight.
✓ Coming soon (Stealth scenarios and missions)

So interested? Come in and have a look around.

◇─◇──◇────◇ ────────────── ◇─────◇──◇─◇
Red Cube - Publicitaire 💥
Dans ce serveur discord tu trouveras :

『🔥』Une bonne ambiance

『📡』De nombreux bots

『📋』De nombreux salons de pubs pour tous types de publicités

『🚔』Un staff à l'écoute !

『🎉』Des giveaways !

『❓』Un système de Support & Plaintes !

『🏅』Un grade Premium facile à obtenir !

『🔒』Un serveur sécurisé !

◇─◇──◇────◇ ────────────── ◇─────◇──◇─◇
An RP that takes place within the Fairy Tail universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, that means you get to create your own mage, your own guild and even your own magic!

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samtrapzzz samtrapzzz
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Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad
Asuna_XI Asuna_XI
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One of the best Roleplay servers
The server may be small, but it's given me an enjoyable experience! You can clearly see how neat and well-thought out every function is and the staff are welcoming and often chatting with other members. It makes the server feel safe and homey, and any toxic people are removed after getting enough complaints. The roleplay system is also fantastic, the channels all have clear descriptions and everyone writes in a high quality, it's easy to find someone who can fit your style of roleplay- whether it be paragraphing or one-lining.
snat snat
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fun server
the server is small but it's pretty fun and although there are only 2 people talking in it atm, theyre active af so please join it ! B)
Kanna Kanna
Mga Pagsusuri
Good Server, yes. Review should contain at least 80 characters. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20.
alfpjack alfpjack
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mistykitty is gay
quite frankly, her review is complete trash and the server is nothing like that. And what coke is your dumbass talking about, this is discord not Columbia. I hope your review is a joke cause if you ain't, I diagnose you with LAME. it's terminal
SomeGoodMozzstix SomeGoodMozzstix
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Oof clan review
Oof has good people who work as a team to get things done, aswell as just chilling n skilling. There’s no pressure to do anything, only a brotherhood that shares the same goals and helps each other as the need arises whether it be in game advice or irl, to pk setups, financing in osrs or going on pk/pvm trips, the oof clan is there to help.
Dudu Deschamps Dudu Deschamps
Mga Pagsusuri
Beautiful community and staff
Discord very active and to find partners with whom to talk and learn! I advise you to take a ride!
Swiggies Swiggies
Mga Pagsusuri
Friendliest gaming server I've ever joined
All the people in this server are incredibly nice and friendly with similar interests in games. Haven't felt this great about being in a Discord server in a long time!
༄ Lightツ༄ ༄ Lightツ༄
Mga Pagsusuri
Great server!!
awesome server! totally worth checking out :’)
Mga Pagsusuri
Great place to hang out, community allows you to easily join conversation as long as you're being sincere
Solisterous Discord Solisterous Discord
Mga Pagsusuri
The best review y'all ever gonna see
this server is gay.

that's why you all should join.
Hatsuu 💧 Hatsuu 💧
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Meilleur Server Nintendo.
Après quelques mois d'activité sur ce serveur je vous le conseille vraiment. Il y a une très bonne ambiance, un accueil vraiment top, des personnes vraiment sympa avec qui ont peut vraiment se taper des bonnes barres. Les modos, les animateurs, le travail est présent. Je vous aimes. ♥